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GAFI Price:
$151.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #GAFI is $8.90 USD.

Please note that the price of #GAFI was last updated over 170 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #GAFI statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest GAFI price for this period was $0, the highest was $8.90, and the exact last price of GAFI was $8.89907.

The all-time high GAFI coin price was $440.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of GAFI with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for GameFi crypto currency is #GAFI.

GameFi is 1 year old.


The current market capitalization for GameFi is not available at this time.

GameFi is ranking upwards to #13190 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #GAFI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for GameFi is $151,811.


The total supply of GAFI is 15,000,000 coins.

A highlight of GameFi is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


GAFI is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


GAFI has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Introducing Guild Hub: New

Introducing Guild Hub: New Feature on the Mission to Embrace An Authentic Gaming Guild Community - To maximize gamers’ opportunities to play and profit from gaming, operates a unique feature for the guild’s activities in its ecosystem: Guild Hub. Guild is no longer a new concept in the gaming industry. They exist in almost every top gaming community, professionally and amateur. Along with the development of gamefi and metaverse, this mechanism opens the door for many traditional gamers to explore the blockchain world. However, in the early era of blockchain gaming development, there are difficulties for guilds and gamers to set foot in, unlike the way they work in traditional games. Guilds face challenges in reaching out and recruiting members. At the same time, gamers find big barriers to learning, adjusting and preparing entry money to access the game. The considerable demand for community connections has motivated to form the idea and build up a unique feature for users interested in guilds activities: Guild Hub. Visit official Guild Hub: — 1️⃣ WHAT IS GUILD HUB? - Guild Hub appears to be the destination where presents to users descriptions of valuable gaming guilds in the blockchain industry, and updates on their scholarship programs. With Guild Hub, the team set the primary goal to be the intermediary party between guilds and ga... & League of Kingdoms: Co-creating Positive Changes for The Future Of Game Finance officially welcomes League of Kingdoms (LoK) to its ecosystem of gaming and metaverse as a long-term partner, aiming to build and embrace the connection between the two communities. — The great motivation of both - In 2021, the blockchain industry witnessed substantial growth in game finance and the crypto community’s metaverse adaptation. Many play-to-earn projects have been introduced, promising an excellent future for early gamers and investors who joined the launch. However, there is a significant gap between visions and reality. Developing a functioning game is a long and complicated process, especially with the cryptocurrency factor. The blockchain gaming industry is going through big challenges with implementing a balanced in-game economy and building an authentically strong gaming community. Sharing concerns and seeing potential in each other, and LoK decided to join forces with a view to supporting the game’s full lifecycle. Both are heading toward finding practical ways to develop and promote the projects on the crypto markets. — Upcoming collaborations - Both teams will soon present their co-marketing support by sharing news & events on social media. With the participation of LoK in the ecosystem, the two communities are expecting to embrace this close connection for long-term cooperation., as a well-known center for play-to-earn projects launch, wil... and NFTb: Partnership to Improve Marketplace Experience for Owners of NFT Game Items is excited to announce the official partnership with NFTb. This collaboration is promising to bring a significant change to the liquidity flow of digital assets on the two marketplaces. The remarkable growth of gamefi & metaverse created a great change in the NFT markets in the last two years. There has been an incredible increase in the quantity and price of digital assets categorized as NFT game items, recorded on different launchpads and secondary marketplaces. However, as gamefi & metaverse are still in their early days of development in the crypto world, there come difficulties for the communities to keep up with changes & chances in this potential field. First is the adaptation of NFT collectors towards game items on the market. As a well-known busy marketplace for NFT trading, NFTb soon provided their users with the Gaming section, where creators list NFTs that are items from game & metaverse ecosystems. A huge customer base of collectors is now starting to discover more about NFT game items, and they expect a more seamless process of browsing & trading to begin their journey. Second is the NFT liquidity access available for play-2-earn gamers. team figured this out through the diverse customer base of gaming enthusiasts and investors on their marketplace. As being in connections with many projects’ communities, they see users’ concern towards the use case of NFTs. The team...

Kingdom Quest Joins The NFT Race With Blind Chest INO ft. Special Airdrop Campaign is excited to announce the Blind Chest sale event for KingdomQuest, launching on April 16, 2022, with special rewards for users. Kingdom Quest is a metaverse of game finance. Its ecosystem contains 4+ games, including puzzles, farming, battle, hunting, and more. The game is known for its remarkable difference: the 4 games — 1 token mechanism launching on Avalanche blockchain. Kingdom Quest NFT — Hero can be used across their games in one ecosystem, providing long-term values for the owners. As the users can use the same NFT for many activities in the metaverse of Kingdom Quest, the NFT value is well expected to be kept in balance and steadily rise after each game is released.Kingdom Quest’s beta test gameplay, April 12, 2022. In this collaboration with, Kingdom Quest offers their Blind Chest NFT for the first time. Unboxing 1 Blind Chest, you will receive 1 Mystery Chest. Unboxing 1 Mystery Chests, you will receive 1 Hero. Trading market: GameFi Marketplace. Dig into more information about Kingdom Quest via the links below: Website | GameFi Hub | Discord | Telegram Channel | Main Chat | Twitter | Facebook | — 💴 Special Airdrop campaign:. — 600 slots to receive 1000 $KGC tokens, Drop date: 7 days after TGE — updating, Click to apply: — 1️⃣ POOL DETAILS - — 📦 CHEST DETAILS. — Total: 5000 Blind ChestPrice: 10 BUSD/Blind ChestPur...

A Chance to Meet Sentient Pets in MetaSpets: An Upcoming IGO Project on

An appealing game with adorable but strong pets will land on shortly. Let’s have a look at the article below to understand more about the project and its collaboration with the launchpad. — Project Overview - MetaSpets is a turn-based idle role-play game taking place in a magical post-apocalyptic. Users have chances to interact with sentient pets which can become their companions and guardians to wander into this fantastical world. MetaSpets is now listed on GameFi Hub. Viewers can watch the project’s trailer video and images to have a more thorough understanding of the gameplay. 👉 Watch here: The world of MetaSpets includes more than 60 different kinds of pets with skillful abilities. They will accompany gamers on the whole journey for survival. Gamers will take care of their pets and take them into battles. Once winning over opponents, gamers and their pets will obtain precious awards. There are plenty of game modes in MetaSpets such as Boss raids, PvP, PvE, or Guild Wars. Gamers are rewarded tokens and other prizes when participating in each gameplay. They can equip these valuable items for stronger skills and health, or trade them in the marketplace. Learning from other games’ weaknesses and strengths, the MetaSpets team will focus on creating a unique product for users’ brand new experience. The game is designed to be easy to earn, highly accessible, entertainin...

Introducing XANA Where Metaverse Technology Operates on Native Sidechain

XANA — a brand new Metaverse project will launch its IGO on Are you wondering why we collaborate with XANA? Let’s have a look at the article below. — Project Overview - XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. It is compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains, and already adopted by major institutions and global brands. XANA has not limited to a specific network thanks to its native Sidechain solution which can be bridged to any major chain. Thus, users from various ecosystems can adapt to XANA without any difficulties. Furthermore, XANA enables the beginning of real mass adoption since it can work even on the middle-end smartphone. It is now already ready to launch on Android and iOS. — Easiest Ways to Earn in XANA Metaverse - Play the game, XANA Metaverse will build and introduce plenty of play-to-earn games to users. Thus, they can earn income from immersing themselves in these interesting games. Trade virtual assets, Users can have various chances for future demand. XANA offers lots of appealing virtual assets so that users can easily trade for interest. Especially, the land is the most significant one. Host virtual events, Users can take part in and try to be metaverse influencers thanks to their impressive activities. Being renowned people in the metaverse, they have opportunities to gain income and many more valuable things. &mda...

Be the Hero of a Real Sci-Fi Game: Epic War.

Be the Hero of a Real Sci-Fi Game: Epic War. Let’s Welcome a New IGO Project on Launchpad! - Epic War is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) and social network. Gameplay features various environments, plenty of separate units, and an active in-game economy with over 1 million transactions daily. Additionally, it includes a persistent chat system with public channels, private messaging, alliance warfare, and cooperation. ➡️ See more details about Epic War on GameFi Hub and enjoy gorgeous images and video: Epic War is also a team-based shooter game combining diverse elements based on blockchain technology. Players will act as heroes with the ultimate mission to save the planet Kepler-22B. They can experience the role-playing of dramatic battles with teammates and earn in-game rewards. The project commits to bringing the most fascinating experience thanks to its meticulously designed characters and appealing gameplay. It also aims to make a groundbreaking 3D real-time strategy battle with Metaverse multi-devices (PC, mobile, VR) and multi-chain technology (BSC, Solana, Near, and Polygon). If players want to explore new worlds, epic battles, and become the creator of NFTs, Epic War is for you. Let’s wait for us! Epic War IGO and its special event will be unveiled shortly. Keep track of our communication channels and be the first one to join. Check our Epic War’s offici... and NFTrade Partner for Liquidity Development of NFT Gaming & Metaverse Assets

Since 2021, the world has witnessed the greatest growth of NFT. These non-interchangeable digital items are considered “the future of the metaverse”. As people recognize the value and potential of NFT ownerships, users’ demand for NFT trading activities is constantly rising. Focusing on liquidity improvement of NFT in gaming, metaverse collectibles, and in-game assets, and NFTrade decided to join hands to improve trading activities of NFT gaming assets. Users of both platforms are expecting to seize the opportunity to play and earn in the crypto world. — The considerable barrier: Liquidity access of NFT gaming and metaverse assets - Besides the impressive trading volume in 2021, NFTs are facing controversy over their actual use case and ownership in life, indeed. NFT gaming assets, on the other hand, have an outstanding advantage: being the tools for owners to actively and passively secure their income from game finance. Challenges come when NFT gaming items become harder to keep track of. Some people keep them for gameplay; some list them on the game market; some list them on secondary markets for resale. This complication makes it hard for NFT traders to reach the offers they find. Liquidity access becomes a barrier for NFT gaming assets to optimize their advantage and grow in the crypto world. — A new feature is coming to solve the problem - Sharing the point of view on this problem, GameFi....


Welcome GameFi members, This recap is for those who could not join the AMA GameFi with ASPO WORLD hosted on April 04th, 2022. We are so glad to introduce our partner, DRUNK ROBOTS project Ms. Ekaterina Belash, Media Manager of Drunk Robots provided information about the project’s features, some special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc. The AMA included 3 segments: Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro, Segment 2: Twitter Questions, Segment 3: Live Community Quiz, Winners shared a pool prize of $300 Below is Section 1: Guests and Project introduction - Host: Hey Everyone! We are going to have an AMA with DRUNK ROBOTS which is going to start now! Hi @Elvea, how are you today? - Ms. Ekaterina Belash: Hello, everyone! Glad to be here. How are you? - Host: Thanks, I’m good and happy to meet you. Hope you are excited to our AMA session. Let’s begin Let’s begin with the first question: First of all, please introduce to community yourself, we are eager to know about you. - Ms. Ekaterina Belash: My name is Kate and I’m a Media Manager in Drunk Robots, a very special, fun and crazy game. That’s a great introduction! So what is DRUNK ROBOTS? What will it serve? - Ms. Ekaterina Belash: Drunk Robots is a play-to-earn game and it serves the idea of spending time in a fun and pleasing way with an opportunity to earn) We’re here to bring irony, humor and reduce stress. And the last questio...’s New Version is GOING LIVE!’s New Version is GOING LIVE! — An All-in-One Centre for Gaming World Has Come - Beta version, published on February 14, 2022, has received mass concern and experience from users. We have spent time listening to the community to innovate our products. On April 01, 2022, we released’s official version. It is expected to bring users the best features and experience. ➡️Experience’s Official Version here: — Overview of’s significant benefits in the Beta version - User experience and performance improvement, We have established some new features, such as Homepage, INO auction, and made a mass update in the GameFi Hub (former Aggregator), INO, and Staking section. ➡️Refer to this article for more information: HERE Mobile-friendly design and compatible capacity with multiple devices, This version is equipped with a mobile-friendly design and is compatible with various devices. Besides laptops and desktop computers, users can experience all the features of’s new version on their smartphones or tablets. Also, compatible features on mobiles enable users to gain a practical and satisfying experience even on the go. — Updated Features in the Official Release - Along with several characteristics enhanced in the Beta version, the team has updated and introduced various new features. Users now can enj...


Polkadot-Based GameFi Ajuna Network Bags $7M for Ecosystem Development

    Polkadot-based decentralized gaming platform Ajuna Network has raised $7 million from industry investors through private and seed funding rounds. The platform intends to use the fresh capital to develop its network and suite of tools, integrating better game engines and off-chain game operators. Ajuna's goal is to enhance gamers' experience through blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ajuna Network Secures $7M in Funding According to a press release shared with CryptoPotato, the private round, which took place first and was led by Asian blockchain-focused venture capital (VC) firm CMCC Global, raised $5 million. Through the investment, CMCC Global has joined a growing list of investors, including Animoca Brands, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and Signum Capital, backing Ajuna's parent company, BloGa Tech AG. Commenting on the private round, Charlie Morris, Founding Partner of CMCC Global, said: 'We are thrilled to be leading this funding round into Ajuna. The platform empowers studios to incorporate immutable digital assets into their games, resulting in powerful new experiences for gamers. We are excited about the upcoming releases on Ajuna and look forward to supporting the team as they take blockchain gaming mainstream.' The seed round was announced this month and raised an additional $2 million. The round was led by blockchain-focused VC Fundamental Labs. Cedric Decoster, CEO of Ajuna Network, said: 'We are ecstatic by the support of our new investors led by CMCC Globa... read More

Metacade Presale Pasts $5M as GameFi Investors Tend to Buy MCADE Tokens

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, 2nd February 2023] The Metacade presale is selling out fast, with stage 3 coming to a close after just 12 days. The presale of the play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse arcade saw its previous rounds sell out within 4 weeks, raising $2.7 million but this has been dwarfed in comparison to the third stage selling out at lightning speed and bringing the project to raise past $5 million in just several days. Metacade is set to deliver the ultimate blockchain gaming experience, merging the worlds of gaming and crypto in a seamless and exciting way. Development of the P2E arcade is well underway and platform designs have already been shared with the ever-growing Metacade community on the arcade’s Twitter page. 157.5 million tokens will be available in stage 4 where investors may purchase tokens before the next presale round, which will see the token price increase to $0.016. Russell Bennett, Head of Product for Metacade, said: “Investor confidence in the project is high and token demand is continuing to increase. We know that the Metacade project has solid fundamentals, a strong team, and the power to make waves in the GameFi industry - it’s clear that crypto and GameFi investors have caught onto this too.” With incredible momentum already behind the Metacade project, it will not be long before the presale tokens sell out and MCADE is released on exchanges. The token will be listed on both centralized and decentralized exchang... read More

Top 5 GameFi Cryptos To Watch This February

    With so many sharp twists and turns happening in the blockchain and crypto space, the GameFi space is getting robust now more than ever. Evidently, experts say that 2023 is the 'build phase' for GameFi and it is set to explode in the next couple of months. Considerably, blockchain games are seen to have doubled since last year. In fact, in 2021, blockchain games were able to amass as much as $476 million in revenues. The year 2022 was also a phenomenal year for the play-to-earn (P2E) industry.  Here Are The Top 5 GameFi Cryptos To Watch This Year Avalanche (AVAX) Avalanche is known for its scalability and security. It’s also a winner in terms of customer experience compared to other blockchain platforms. It is an open-source platform that allows users to build and release their very own decentralized applications (dApps). It clearly tops the list when it comes to the platform of choice due to its smooth, speedy, and secure transactions which also increases the demand for AVAX tokens. At the time of writing, AVAX is trading at $19.55, up 8.3% in the last seven days, data from Coingecko shows. Metacade (MCADE) Metacade has an obvious edge being the first-of-its-kind metaverse arcade ever built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It has a massive P2E potential. Its goal is to ultimately morph into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which will start in the Q2 of this year and end in Q4 of 2024. With the strong roadmap and long-term potential of Metacade, a... read More

New Caesarverse Game Disrupting GameFi Market With Multiplayer Gladiator...

    Gaming has long been touted as one of the most appropriate use cases for blockchain-based technology. Integrating a distributed ledger into the game's engine would enable gamers to own their experience instead of having to rely on a third-party provider to safe keep it for them. Moreover, assuming title over in-game assets would also enable users to freely trade and swap them, putting a lot more meaning into spending countless hours on progressing characters. Over the past year and a half, blockchain gaming is finally starting to see some considerable interest, although a lot of the projects lack multiple features to even compete with traditional gaming. But others are working tirelessly to change this. CaesarVerse, a Roman-themed open-world game set to incorporate Real Time Strategy (RTS) elements, is creating something new in the lucrative GameFi market. The $9 billion GameFi market is expected to grow to $75 billion by 2031 at a CAGR of 23%. While most games are focused primarily on rewards, CaesarVerse is offering educational components that will serve in the sense of practical utility, such as university students who want an immersive experience to truly understand this era. It also attracts Web3 gamers interested in group combat in a classical context. Most existing games offer this only in sci-fi or fantasy environments. CaesarVerse To Offer Novel Multiplayer Combat One of the reasons MOBAs are the most popular game genres of all time is due to the 5vs5 gameplay. It ma... read More

Avalanche Looks To Capitalize On GameFi Segment – Will This Give A...

    Avalanche (AVAX) peaked at $20.31 on November 6 as it gave its best to recover from the bearish trend that engulfed the broader crypto market towards the tail-end of October and the opening days the current month. However, on November 12, the cryptocurrency experienced a severe price correction that pulled it all the way down to $12.51. The following day, the altcoin made an immediate bounce-back as it reclaimed the $15 marker. After that, Avalanche was once again on a downward trend that made it struggle to even just climb at $14. At the time of this writing, according to tracking from Coingecko, the 20th ranked digital currency in terms of market capitalization is changing hands at $13.50. Over the last seven days, the asset has declined by more than 15% while during the past 30 days, its value dropped by 14.4%. As it turns out, even an impressive growth in GameFi segment of the blockchain space is not enough to stop the bleeding for AVAX.  As Crypto Market Suffers, Avalanche Notches Growth Elsewhere According to data shared on Twitter by Avalanche Talk, 10 GameFi projects running on the AVAX blockchain tallied significant increases in volume over the past week. Province was the top gainer, posting an impressive 1,481.77% increase in volume in just a matter of seven days. Owloper (290.98%) was at second. Rounding up the top five were Dragon Crypto (279.76%), Hoppers Game (118.39%) and Step App (91.87%). Meanwhile, RaceX (68.42%), Crabada (44.02%), XANA Metaverse (43.3... read More

Gamefi Project Oasys Aims to Grow Blockchain Gaming in Japan Through YGG...

    Oasys, a gaming-oriented, Japan-based Web3 project, is partnering with YGG, a blockchain gaming guild, to grow blockchain gaming in Japan. The partnership encompasses the use of YGG resources to promote gaming projects built on top of the Oasys ecosystem, giving developers from all over the world an opportunity to get into Japan's gaming market. Oasys Aims to Open Japan's Gaming Markets to Developers Worldwide Oasys, a gamefi-oriented blockchain (with 'gamefi' meaning basically the intersection of gaming and finance), is aiming to leverage its stance as a Japan-based project to offer resources for foreign developers to access this significant gaming market. On Nov. 2, the company announced a partnership with YGG, a gaming guild, that will allow products built using Oasys' services to enjoy specific marketing and promotional help to improve the performance of these products in Japan. The goal of Oasys is to grow the blockchain gaming ecosystem in Japan, which is one of the leading gaming markets in the world. According to the 'Global Markets Report 2021,' made by Newzoo, Japan is currently the third largest market in gaming revenue around the world, behind China and the U.S. The sector registered gaming revenues of $22.9 billion in 2021, with 75.62 million players actively enjoying these experiences. Oasys founder and CEO Daiki Moriyama reinforced the importance of Japan as part of the future of blockchain gaming. On this, he stated: As the third largest gaming market i... read More

RealFevr Raises €10 Million to Build the Ultimate Web3 GameFi Sport...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Lisbon, Portugal, 31st October 2022] The Web3 Portuguese startup is boosting the Sports GameFi & NFT space through product and market innovation, including solving the speculative and utility issues in the digital collectibles industry. Since 2021, RealFevr has released its token ($FEVR), launched the first soccer video NFT marketplace, closed partnerships with organizations such as Liga Portugal, Portuguese Football Federation, Torino FC and Beach Soccer Worldwide, and signed multiple world-class athletes. RealFevr has sold out all its NFT collection pack drops to date. Packs have featured moments from players such as RealFevr Global Ambassador and shareholder Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Ibrahimovi?, Di María, Ronaldinho, Cantona, Totti, and others. RealFevr, one of Portugal’s fastest-growing startups, announced that it has raised a €10 Million funding round. The round is led by global sports investor ADvantage, with participation from Semapa Next, Shilling Capital Partners, APEX Capital, and the professional football player Sérgio Oliveira. The investment will further accelerate RealFevr's international expansion, acquisition of new intellectual property rights, and launch the world’s first Trading Moments Game: FEVR Battle Arena, set to be released in the coming weeks. Since 2021, RealFevr has launched the world’s first soccer video NFT marketplace, announced IP partnerships with international sports p... read More

NFT, GameFi Sectors Show Optimistic Trends: DappRadar

    Despite starting on a promising note, the global macroeconomic environment influenced and adversely impacted the crypto market, which sustained several damaging corrections. The same could be said for the NFT market. However, new data suggest that the NFT business continues to be in great demand. High Demand for NFTs In Q3, the NFT trading volume climbed to $2.71 billion and was down by 67% from the previous quarter. But there has been an 8.3% increase in the sales count from Q2. This was revealed by the latest edition of the DappRadar Industry Report. The NFT trading volume soared by 10.4% in September alone compared to the previous month. Furthermore, the sales count increased by 21%, which was indicative of the fact that the NFT business continues to be in great demand. The overall drop in trading volume, on the other hand, may have been contributed by the decline in the values of the cryptocurrency market. The report also revealed that NFT trading volume on Ethereum has nosedived by 76% from Q2, but the number of NFT trades increased by 11%. Solana's NFT trading volume has witnessed an uptrend of 96% from the previous month but was still 63% down from Q2. Driving the latter's growth was the launch of the y00ts collection, which gave Ethereum NFTs a run for their money. It managed to eclipse NFT giant OpenSea volume charts even after one month of the launch and raked in 435,000 SOL or nearly $15 million in secondary sales. Alongside y00ts, Renga happens to be yet another c... read More

Blockchain Game Splinterlands Reveals Gamefi Platform Sold 10 Million Pa...

    On Wednesday, the team behind the blockchain game Splinterlands announced that it reached a new milestone after the project sold more than 10 million packs from the fantasy-themed battle game's Chaos Legion series of cards. The achievement follows the project's recent partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association and Warner Music Group.Play-to-Earn Game Splinterlands Sells More Than 10 Million Packs of NFT Playing Cards The play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game Splinterlands has announced the project has sold more than 10 million packs stemming from the game's third major card expansion series, Chaos Legion. Splinterlands is a game that leverages cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to enhance online collectible card tournaments. The Splinterlands cards or NFTs can be purchased and sold via secondary markets and in order to start playing, new users need to obtain a 'Summoner's Spellbook.' The Chaos Legion series cards went on sale eight months ago on January 17, 2022, and there were only 15,000,000 packs minted. The Splinterlands project says that the cards' limited availability after the 10 million sold, marks the cards' 'homestretch' in terms of what's left. Splinterlands co-founder and current CEO, Jesse Reich, said the team was pleased with the Chaos Legion sales achievement, and the co-founder detailed the Splinterlands team looked forward to more expansion. 'The successes are coming like a flood these days, and we are thrilled,' Reich remarked on Wedn... read More

New Study Names Gameta as the Gamefi Project With Highest Monthly Subscr...

    The latest data from Coin 98 Analytics shows the Web3 gaming platform Gameta as the top-ranked gamefi (the intersection of gaming and finance) project after it garnered 1.85 million recorded subscribers by September 28. The data also shows that the top five gamefi projects alone accounted for more than 70% of September's total gamefi subscribers in the top 20. Most Popular Project on the BNB Chain According to Coin 98 Analytics' latest rankings of the leading gamefi projects, Gameta, a Web3 gaming platform, topped the list with 1.85 million subscribers as of September 28, 2022. The project's phenomenal rise to the top spot means Gameta, which reportedly began September with 80,000 active daily users, now has subscribers that dwarf those of the more established gaming platform Axie Infinity. Before being revealed as the gamefi project with the highest number of subscribers, Gameta, according to one report, was already the most popular project on the BNB Chain. 'Gameta [is] still the number 1 game on BNB Chain. I'm keeping an eye on this project, very promising. I also love their NFT [non-fungible token] art, it's so clean,' one Twitter user wrote. Axie Infinity Outside the Top Five Alien Worlds, which touts itself as the number one blockchain game, occupies the second spot in Coin 98 Analytics' latest top 20 rankings, with 759,000 subscribers. Solitaire Blitz, which had 465,000 subscribers, came third, while Benji Bananas took the fourth position with 407,000 subscribers. Wi... read More

Game On: 10 GameFi DAOs You Need to Know About in 2022

    Players have always been the lifeblood of games, whether we’re talking about the retro arcade titles of the 1980s or immersive modern metaverses like Alien Worlds and Decentraland. And yet, until recently, players lacked organizational strength and clout: gamers were seen as the grunts on the ground who kept the enterprise moving, yet had little influence when it came to decision-making. With the advance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations – DAOs – that is finally starting to change. Systems governed by smart contracts and code, but designed to reflect the will of the people, DAOs are empowering an entire generation of gamers, content creators and entrepreneurs, all of whom can make their presence felt in their chosen web3 ecosystem. Gaming DAOs tap into the wisdom of the crowd to help players better monetize their endeavors in virtual reality, as well as manage and leverage a war chest of NFT assets. Some DAOs are even going a step further, financing promising gaming ventures on their own to rival the established tech giants of old. Below are 10 of the most talked-about gaming DAOs operating in the web3 space today. 1. GameDAO The memorably named GameDAO aims to enrich the gaming space by uniting players, content creators, GameFi investors and eSports organizations under one roof. In its constantly evolving ecosystem, participants can come together to form collaborative clans that pursue common objectives, whether that involves crowdfunding a new game... read More

GameFi Platform BinaryX Launches Strategy Game CyberChess With $500K Pri...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, 23rd September 2022] BinaryX, a GameFi development platform, announced today the launch of CyberChess, one of the first free-to-play, play-and-earn auto chess strategy games in the P2E dominant GameFi space. CyberChess offers people on Web3.0 new entry points into the world of GameFi. $500,000 worth in BNX Prize Pool and Heroes Giveaway for CyberChess Launch To celebrate the launch, BinaryX will commence Season 1 of Ranked mode battles, where players will stand a chance to win up to $500,000 USD worth of prizes in the first 8 weeks of launch. Over the same period, BNX airdrops will be announced and given away via Discord and Twitter. To get a headstart, players can also stand to receive additional 2 heroes and 2 skills when they enter the code '4morechess' under the settings option in the game menu. New Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn Model As a free-to-play, play-and-earn web3 game, CyberChess differs from most play-to-earn games, and is designed to allow players to start playing the game without having to make an initial investment. When new players connect to the game for the first time, they can summon 5 free heroes and 2 free skills to start participating in matches with other players. Players can also recharge or make in-game purchases to summon new heroes and acquire new skills. This model lowers the barrier to entry for players new to GameFi and allows players to enjoy the game for its own sake, potentially earning in-game tokens in ... read More

GameFi as a major achievement of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) movement

    July 15th was a music milestone. Ten years ago in Summer 2012, the release of “Gangnam Style,” catapulted South Korean singer and rapper, PSY to stardom as the song instantly became a global hit. Captivating listeners with catchy lyrics and an animated music video featuring the iconic horse-riding dance, Gangnam Style hit the unprecedented 1-billion views mark on YouTube just 159 days after its premiere. The song’s immense popularity and rapid global reach quickly thrust Korean pop culture into the international spotlight, a phenomenon known as the “Hallyu” or Korean wave movement. The phrase emerged to encapsulate South Korea’s influence in exporting its popular culture, media, and even cuisine into the global cultural economy. U.S. President Barack Obama even referenced the Korean Wave in a 2012 state visit to the East Asian nation. Hallyu Gains More Momentum Amid Work By Plenty Of Korean Creatives And Innovators Plenty of Korean artists continue to follow in the footsteps of PSY in shifting the global music scene. K-Pop acts like BTS and Blackpink remain massively popular and are considered positive examples of South Korea’s cultural exportation. In early August 2022, Blackpink announced details of their performance in Abu Dhabi in early 2023 as part of its “Born Pink’ world tour. Hallyu’s also made waves within gaming. Some may even argue that games built the foundation for the Korean Wave due to the popularity o... read More

As Axie Declines, Other Blockchain Games Emerge as Leaders in the GameFi...

    In spite of what has been a difficult downturn for the cryptocurrency market, blockchain gaming is proving its longevity for the future through projects showing clear resilience and emerging as new leaders in the space. Axie Infinity (AXS), whose pet-themed trading blockchain game catapulted to notoriety during the economic shutdowns of 2020, has continued its painful descent over the weekend, with active users contracting to under 60k. As noted in an exhaustive Twitter (TWTR) thread covering Axie’s market shift, these numbers are in stark comparison to the 3 million player high at Axie’s impressive peak. Axie’s revenue has also decreased from $17 million/week to $11,000/week, and only 10 new Axie holders are joining the community per day. The mint to burn ratio has also hit a critical point, with the Axie “breeding” market suffering as a result.   Splinterlands (SPS), the worldwide leading gaming Dapp, however, continues to onboard hundreds of users a day, bringing in steady revenue and growing its player base, even while many other Web 3.0 projects, like Axie, struggle. Active gameplay remains consistent, seeing anywhere from 250k-450k daily active users. Splinterlands continues to update key aspects of the platform, release new updates and interact with their community on a weekly basis, locking in their firm place in the number one spot of the blockchain gaming vertical and setting their sights on rivaling the mainstream gaming industry... read More

G-Link: GameFi Platform is Gateway to Web 3.0

    To many, Web 3.0 can be intimidating to enter. G-Link makes blockchain mobile gaming accessible and brings Web 2.0 gamers into Web 3.0 through fun F2P P2E games. Nascent potential for P2E gaming Once a golden investment opportunity, the traditional gaming industry has slowed down and become crowded. Meanwhile, blockchain gaming is a sunrise industry with exponential growth potential. The revenue from gaming-related NFTs was US$4.8 billion in 2021, or around 20% of total NFT sales. In the same period, venture capital firms invested over US$4 billion in blockchain gaming to capture market share from traditional gaming, which is projected to have a value of US$268 billion by 2025. Accessible gateway to Web 3.0 games Designed to be beginner-friendly, G-Link’s mobile blockchain gaming platform will allow gamers, game developers and investors to interact directly, and together create a better Web 3.0 gaming community that surpasses the limits of traditional gaming. Newcomers need no knowledge of Web 3.0 and only have to register for a simple account like in Web 2.0, making it easy to get started in Web 3.0 and access any games on G-Link’s platform. To begin with, G-Link will be releasing 4 casual to mid-core mobile P2E games in 2022: Kartopia, a racing game; Card Master, a strategic collectible card game; SPE Colony, a simulation kingdom-building game; Coin Fishing Frenzy, an arcade-type fishing game. At the same time, G-Link is in talks with over 10 developers to onbo... read More

The Red Village Announces $6.5M Seed Round Led by Animoca Brands and Gam...

    PRESS RELEASE. 3 June, 2022 - Sydney, Australia: Play-and-Earn game The Red Village has announced $6.5M in seed funding from some of the world's leading blockchain investors, including Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures Fund, to create an immersive dark-fantasy ecosystem targeted at traditional gamers. Animoca Brands is the global leader in gamification, blockchain, and metaverse projects, with a portfolio of more than 170 investments in NFT-related companies and decentralised projects that are contributing to building the open metaverse. These projects include The Sandbox, the world's premier metaverse and Phantom Galaxies, the AAA-quality open-world science fiction shooter. Animoca Brands' extensive network and industry expertise will help position The Red Village among the top blockchain projects globally. The Red Village comprises two game modes; Tournament mode (which is currently live and playable in beta and supported by a thriving community), and an expansion of the ecosystem known as The Red Village: Darklands, currently under development by Animoca Brands' subsidiary Blowfish Studios. The new funding will be partially used to build the immersive, dark-fantasy expansion, which draws inspiration from traditional titles such as RuneScape, Diablo, Skyrim, Elden Ring, and The Witcher. 'The true catalyst for the mass adoption of the blockchain will be the onboarding of traditional gamers into the metaverse through high quality, immersive ecosystems with stro... read More

Why Are GameFi Projects Crucial Contributors To Crypto Adoption?

    The gaming industry is pegged to hit the $200 billion mark by 2024 and is constantly outperforming expectations. Play-to-Earn (P2E) is trending in GameFi, besides being a significant catalyst for crypto adoption. According to Triple-A, the total revenue from blockchain gaming has risen from $321 million in 2020 to $1.5 billion in 2021. Blockchain-based games have attracted 1.22 million unique active wallets (UAW) in Q1 2022. Popular titles like Axie Infinity and Decentraland accounted for 22,000 of those. The promise of decentralized ownership, inclusive decision-making procedures, and attractive financial incentives are the primary factors drawing gamers to P2E. GameFi’s success has been a massive push for crypto and blockchain’s acceptance and legitimacy, propelling adoption. GameFi — Gaming That Pays for Real GameFi combines gaming and finance, as the name suggests. It is the financialization of video games using blockchain-based methods to let users monetize their gaming experiences. Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a primary feature of this model. Traditional games have centralized business models where producers retain the maximum profit share, whereas in-game assets aren’t interoperable. Gamers thus have little or no way to monetize grinding or in-game achievements. Moreover, gaming studios have the final say over the game’s development trajectory, the supply of in-game assets, and their use cases. On the other hand, P2E games adopt the principle of ... read More

Award-winning Crypto Game Stonk League Introduces GameFi Player Rankings

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] StonkLeague, an NFT crypto game in which players earn and can obtain verified reputations, is pleased to announce the release of GameFi Player Rankings. The rankings have been designed to allow gamers, investment advisors and finfluencers to build valuable, verified reputations in the crypto gaming and DeFi markets through an automated crypto index strategy and dynamic leaderboard of retail traders. Through the fast-growing fantasy gaming genre, StonkLeague investors gain access to a live trading interface with real trading data on digital assets. Reduce the Risk of DeFi for Debutants and Pros People are entering the investment markets at a younger age, and an increase in investors are being introduced to investing through the rapidly growing blockchain sectors, namely gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). Yet, as more DeFi, NFT and gaming metaverse platforms are introduced, not only the rewards, but also the risks rise. Increasingly, these investors are turning to “financial influencers” on social media platforms for advice on how to navigate these markets and pursue their earnings opportunities. However, until now, there was no way to measure the performance and rate the credibility of this community. The DeFi and gaming industries have lacked a “Morningstar” to provide data-driven analysis and insights. StonkLeague: Top-of-the-morning Fantasy Crypto Gaming Platform StonkLeague provides a platform where fin... read More

How is Superhero NFT Wars Merging Gamefi and SocialFi

    Gaming has been one of the fastest expanding entertainment sectors, surpassing Hollywood. The $200 billion industry has reigned supreme for decades, unifying more than 40% of the world's population. However, the emerging GameFi sector is bringing a massive transformation to the gaming business. GameFi leverages blockchain technology and has recently altered the course of gaming’s history. This online gaming paradigm takes on new meaning while also offering gamers an interactive gaming experience. Furthermore, with the emergence of NFTs and the metaverse, it is evolving into something more robust and exciting, namely SocialFi. SocialFi combines Social and Finance. Blockchain solutions like crypto and NFTs power the new social economy. Creators can monetize their social impact directly. From Entertainment to Earning: The Gaming Evolution Video games have been around since the early 1970s. The emergence of gaming consoles was the first significant development in this space. However, significant technological improvements occurred with the debut of the Sega Dreamcast. which was the first significant development in this space. Gaming’s original purpose was to bring friends and families together for a good time. However, with the introduction of internet gaming, gamers moved from playing for fun to boosting their competitiveness globally. And this gave birth to some of the earliest eSports leagues. Then came the smartphones that disrupted the gaming industry. The ease o... read More

GameFi Project ArchLoot Provides NFT User Builder for Creative Playabili...

    PRESS RELEASE. Singapore, May 3, 2022 – NFTs have disrupted the gaming industry with their unique benefits. It has been gaining popularity as many have welcomed the advent of play-to-earn (P2E) for considerable rewards, with also disquiet over the unwelcome intrusion of commerce into the escapist world of gaming. Web3 games are supposed to consist of two things people crave - entertainment and the possibility of making money, with the scales not tipping to either end. Shaking work-to-earn off from play-to-earn space is undoubtedly an urgent mission for all builders. Launched in 2022, ArchLoot intends to provide an ideal practice of blending playability and sustainability with profitability in the new era of GameFi 2.0. Using the lessons learned from play-to-earn development, the game has been balanced and enhanced, keeping the core elements of what made the P2E model attractive, while incorporating interactive NFT technology that could not be implemented in any other games before. Bridge UGC with NFTs ArchLoot is an adventurous RPG. User-generated content, in this case, users' design of in-game avatars, is the heart of the game. Gamers can customize and battle with their very own monster. Over hundreds of mix-matchable parts (all NFTs), including torso, head, upper limb, lower limb, and accessories, make for endless customization options. The assembling happens in a particular 'evolve' builder in the game. Here you can stretch, scale, and place these parts anywhere, an... read More

Leading BSC GameFi Projects Announce Massive $30,000 Airdrop Campaign

    It was recently announced that 15 leading GameFi projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will host a coordinated airdrop with over $30,000 for participants. The participants include PlanetSandbox, Deathroad, MechMaster, AMAKUNI, MetaStrike, Rise of Defenders, Kingspeed, Ancient Kingdom, My Master War, Metaxiz, Heroes & Empires, Etermon, Hydraverse and Animverse. In total, $30,000 worth of crypto assets is up for grabs. Rewards are made up of governance/utility tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and so-called hero boxes, and a total of 100 winners will be selected to share the prize pot. On average, total prizes from each project are roughly $2,000, with many split between multiple tiers. To be in with a chance of winning, all users have to do is follow each of the projects on Twitter, log their entry here, and enter their BEP20 wallet address. Entries must be logged by 11.59 pm on April 27. BSC Bonanza Binance Smart Chain is carving out a reputation as the go-to GameFi network. Last December, the network teamed up with gaming giant Animoca Brands to launch a $200 million investment program to incubate GameFi projects building on BSC. The network now supports over 500 gaming dApps according to DappRadar. For retail users around the world, BSC is an attractive alternative to ERC-20 assets as it boasts low transaction fees while maintaining speed and effectiveness. For this reason, many GameFi projects have built on BSC as a way to provide fair access to users around the world, wh... read More

Platypus to Release GameFi Edition and Yield Boosting NFT

    [PRESS RELEASE - Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 14th April 2022] Platypus is launching their gamified interface in May of 2022, under the name Platopia. Within the Platopia realm, utility NFTs can be minted and traded to catalyze superior yield performance. Platypus is already leading the race with its novel AMM, genius algorithm, and innovative concepts, and the launch of its GameFi will transform how users interact with decentralized exchanges. As they deep dive into the world of GameFi, it is crucial to note that Platypus is not solely turning into a GameFi. Users still have the choice to use the original interface that made Platypus the dominant stableswap it is today. Welcome to the world of Platopia Starting out in a desolate snow land after an apocalypse, Platopia is going to be a city-building simulation game where players can stake their crypto assets and earn rewards in a fun and creative way. The first phase in Platopia’s roadmap is a gamified interface, and a full-on world of interactivity will be released in the future.   The most revolutionary part is the yield-boosting NFT. It will change how liquidity providers earn returns with various features and advantages. Yield Generating NFT As users of Platypus would already know, their voted escrow PTP (vePTP) is a token that rushes liquidity providers’ returns forward to a voluminous APR that reaches up to the hundreds. Platypus NFTs add even more spice and spark, and there are only 10,000 of it to be minted... read More

Artyfact: A Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse Aimed at Disrupting the NFT Indust...

    Metaverse is one of the hottest topics in the crypto industry right now. In simpler terms, it is a concept used to describe a virtual world where people can interact with each other like they do in the real world. The possibilities of the metaverse are endless, and there are multiple virtual worlds, with each one having its own unique purpose. Some metaverses are designed for a single purpose, while others are multi-functional, covering activities such as gaming, concerts, learning, etc. Gaming metaverses have become more popular than ever, and they involve trending concepts like GameFi, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Web3. Today, there are many first-generation projects, but the lack of high quality graphics, modern integrated games, and other opportunities enhances the development of next-generation metaverse projects. Artyfact is just one of the projects aiming to change this narrative. In contrast to platforms developed earlier, Artyfact is the first metaverse built using Unreal Engine 5, a tool believed to be able to deliver the most advanced, real-time photorealistic visuals and otherwise immersive experiences. Artyfact offers multiple earning opportunities to gamers, avid NFT collectors, artists, influencers, brands, and other interested participants. What is Artyfact? Artyfact is a metaverse project that aims to revolutionize the NFT market using two major areas of its virtual world. The Artyfact metaverse is divided into urban and gaming areas. Urban areas are parts... read More

MOBLAND and Wormhole Introduce GameFi 2.0 Multi-Chain Metaverse Ecosyste...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, 7th April 2022] MOBLAND, the first-ever Mafia-themed Metaverse has announced a partnership with Wormhole, the largest cross-chain interoperability protocol to build GameFi 2.0 cross-chain bridging solution. All the while, MOBLAND’s Mafia-as-a-DAO governance system has been the #1 NFT collection on Binance NFT (all-time volume) for 4 months running. The cross-chain solution by MOBLAND and Wormhole is accomplished in close collaboration with Nduja Labs, a laboratory for decentralized projects and publisher of Everdragons2, a play-to-earn cross-chain NFT blockchain game. The partnership will introduce a first-of-its-kind technology that utilizes a novel method of cross-chain communication to enable an almost sharding-like mechanism. Players will be able to stake MOBLAND’s SYNR governance token and in-game NFT assets on the Ethereum network and mint in-game assets cross-chain on BSC and multiple other chains. The first implementation of this GameFi 2.0 solution will occur in Mobland and Everdragons2 which will bring the seamless transfer of value and information to both Metaverses across multiple chains. Built in collaboration with Wormhole, MOBLAND’s players and NFT owners maintain ownership of the in-game assets across all chains. In the case of generic NFT bridges, when an NFT is moved to a destination chain it is minted in a newly generated contract that the bridge itself controls. This takes the power away from the ass... read More

GameFi platform and play-to-earn guild, Polemos closes $14M seed round

    Polemos, a GameFi application and play-to-earn guild, today announced it has closed a US $14 million seed round at a $100 million fully-diluted valuation, establishing it as one of the fastest-growing entrants to the GameFi sector. Funds will go to further developing its proprietary tech platforms, which will facilitate the lodgement and leasing of NFTs, data analytics, and educational resources for scholars, as well as investment into new play-to-earn games and growth of the team. Contributors to the round include Delphi, QCP, Framework, Golden Tree, IOSG, and LD Capital. Notable high net worth backers include the founders of COTI, Tokemak, Sushiswap, and Altered State Machine. Polemos anticipates significant growth in 2022 with the release of a series of high-quality games it will be supporting, including Illuvium, MonkeyLeague, and Fancy Birds. AAA-produced NFT game titles will increasingly drive gamers to the blockchain through platforms and guilds like Polemos. “Polemos’ vision is to become one of the world’s leading DAOs and bring tens of millions of global digital asset providers and gamers together inside a unified GameFi ecosystem. With the growth of our platform, we expect to soon see thousands of guild members playing the most popular play-to-earn games.” - Sascha Zehe, Co-Founder of Polemos Late in 2021, Polemos released a whitepaper that revealed its strategy to build the world’s first GameFi platform to enable any individual or gr... read More

Capture the Latest Opportunity: How ViaBTC Capital Picks the Promising G...

    Lately, the crypto market has been hit by certain short-term impacts as a result of Anton Nell and Andre Cronje’s departure from crypto. As the market pins its hope on new projects, investors are also in an urgent search for promising projects. ViaBTC Capital, a rising star in crypto investment, has started to invest in new crypto categories starting from late 2021. It has focused on GameFi, a small category that may promise huge returns. Analyzing on-chain/off-chain indicators and the gaming fundamentals, ViaBTC Capital is looking for the next hit in GameFi. New opportunities amidst current tensions Although the market now remains sluggish, some promising GameFi projects are still emerging. Turning challenges into opportunities, ViaBTC Capital is exploring a new crypto category with great potential. At ViaBTC Capital, investment strategies are never confined to the immediate interest. Instead, the institution focuses on long-term development. For example, from a long-term perspective, it helps cryptocurrencies capture the spotlight in global finance, which brings both challenges and opportunities. The same also applies to the GameFi market. Though 2022 is still waiting for the appearance of phenomenal projects with worldwide impact, the GameFi category is merely a start from the viewpoint of the entire gaming market. Along with the progress of technologies such as blockchain, AR/VR, the Internet of Things, and the metaverse, GameFi mechanisms will grow more diversified... read More

MetaBlaze: New GameFi Token Designed as Bridge to the Metaverse Future

    The use case of blockchain has gone beyond just being the backbone of cryptocurrencies. The technology is disrupting many industries, such as the online video gaming field. For nearly 50 years, gamers were at the mercy of conventional corporate structures as they only played games for entertainment and relaxation. However, blockchain has changed that narrative. GameFi projects now offer gamers the opportunity to earn rewards in cryptocurrency while doing what they do best, thanks to blockchain concepts like NFTs and Play-to-Earn (P2E). For clarity, the term GameFi was derived from the words 'game' and 'finance.' It uses the P2E model and combines blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and game mechanics to create a platform that allows players to earn in the process of gaming. But this is only just the beginning. The massive surge in play-to-earn blockchain games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has fueled interest in the Metaverse, a term used to describe a virtual world where people can socialize, work, play, and earn using avatars. Interestingly, as the GameFi market continues to grow, more projects are emerging, creating more earning opportunities with a blend of blockchain gaming, NFTs, and Metaverse. One such project is MetaBlaze. What is MetaBlaze? MetaBlaze is a decentralized metaverse ecosystem that is building a robust network of value-added utilities to help users maximize their metaverse investments. The platform is integrating several emerging trends within the digital ... read More

GameFi platform metaENGINE raises $4M in seed funding ahead of its v1 re...

    metaENGINE, a first-of-its-kind blockchain gaming infrastructure platform, today announced the completion of a $4 million seed funding. The seed ound was co-led by Lemniscap and Jump Crypto with participation from Polygon Studios, Blockwall, blufolio, Insignius Capital, Future Fund, CoinDCX Ventures, Efficient Frontier, Maelstrom, and other leading VC funds and prominent angels. The $4 million in fresh capital will assist in further development of the metaENGINE platform ahead of its upcoming v1 release, slated to go live during Q3, 2022. Over 25 GameFi projects are set to join the platform at its launch, with more details to be unveiled in the coming weeks.'No other engine combines a publishing platform, MMO networking, and blockchain tools — such as crypto wallet integration and NFT minting — all within a single platform. The interest shown by major blockchain VCs and the broader GameFi developer community serves as an encouraging vote of confidence and bodes well for our forthcoming v1 release.” - Alex Shalash, CEO & Co-Founder at metaENGINE Ready for v1 Release metaENGINE has built upon two decades of experience in the development and deployment of massive multiplayer online (MMO) game engine HeroEngine. This expertise in operating a leading real-time, scalable, and cloud-based development platform secured successful licensing agreements with Electronic Arts to develop “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, Zenimax to develop “The Elder Scrolls... read More

GameFi – Play Hard, Earn Hard

    DeFi DeFi (Decentralized Finance) burst into 2020 with resounding success, rising from a combined $900M market cap in January 2020 to $253B by the end of 2021. DeFi offered true decentralization of finance by automating transactions through the blockchain. DeFi also provides optional yet lucrative features such as staking. However, the cryptocurrency market moves quickly, with innovation always one step ahead. As 2022 began, Google search trends started to slow down for DeFi, with GameFi growing in popularity. GameFi GameFi expanded upon this by building DeFi and blockchain features onto the foundation of a game. These features capitalized on the growing population of professional gamers, E-Sports, Twitch streamers, and YouTubers. Previously, Esports streamers made income playing and competing in a game – Hobby becoming a career. This profession was not without faults. Professionals would be subject to the rules and popularity of their platform, strict advertising criteria, and trending games. Thus, GameFi was born. Using DeFi, control is taken away from centralized companies and back into the hands of the investor. From the first-time investor to the professional gamer – GameFi welcomes all to take control of their assets and accrue wealth. An example of this is NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs are assets turned into holdable tokens. Due to this, DeFi features such as staking and renting, become usable on NFTs. Therefore, rather than money squandered on a virtua... read More

3-month-old Stealth Singapore GameFi Startup Raises Seed Funding of $2.7...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Singapore-based game finance (GameFii) blockchain startup, Ethlas, announced on Feb. 15 that it has secured $2.7 million in seed funding from investors such as Sequoia Capital India, Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia, Global Blockchain Innovative Capital, Venturra Capital, Play It Forward DAO, Blockchain Space and executives from Grab, Coinbase and CoinMarketCap. The hitherto stealth start-up has also unveiled the identities of two of its four founders: American Gennady ‘Ari’ Medvinsky and Singaporean Elston Sam, both of whom have worked in top tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Grab and Airbnb. The identities of the other two founders — one of whom is a very senior executive with a big tech firm — will be disclosed in due course. The three-month-old Ethlas is the first GameFi startup founded in Singapore to have secured serious investor money, underlining the confidence that VCs have in this fledgling tech startup that first launched quietly in November 2021. Built on the Polygon blockchain, Ethlas has chalked up over 100,000 crypto-wallet users globally and scored some 3 million gameplays on its platform as of end-January 2022. The rapid scale that Ethlas used to achieve product-market fit has been one of the key reasons for its seed fundraising success. “Komo” NFT minted As part of its product roadmap, Ethlas will mint its first series of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) called Komos. Modelled afte... read More

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