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FOX Token  


FOX Price:
$13.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$27.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FOX today is $0.10 USD.

The lowest FOX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.096, and the current live price for one FOX coin is $0.09567.

The all-time high FOX coin price was $1.63.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of FOX with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for FOX Token crypto currency is #FOX.

FOX Token is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for FOX Token is $27,200,690.

FOX Token is ranked #520 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large during the past 24 hours for #FOX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for FOX Token is $13,462,373.


The circulating supply of FOX is 284,327,847 coins, which is 28% of the total coin supply.


FOX is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


FOX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #FOX, and you can view them on our FOX disambiguation page.



Single-sided Staking with ShapeShift and Idle Finance

ShapeShift is excited to announce our complete support and integration with Idle Finance, a decentralized protocol that aims to unlock the power of decentralized finance as a one-stop source of yield. Partnering with Idle Finance marks a new chapter in our FOX family’s ability to earn an even more diverse array of yield offerings with various risk strategies on our open source, community owned, and free web app. Preceding this integration with Idle Finance, we developed a single-sided staking abstraction layer to streamline the integration of new protocols一such as Idle Finance一with similar UI/UX to our Yearn integration. This partnership is the next step in providing users access to more yield-generating protocols and opportunities than ever before. — What Is Idle Finance?. — Idle Finance is a decentralized protocol that offers yield automation and risk tranching infrastructure for DeFi. From institutional and DAO treasury managers to high-net worth individuals, a vast range of liquidity providers use Idle to optimize capital efficiency and tailor their risk exposure to personal needs. Idle Finance allows users to algorithmically optimize their digital asset allocation across leading DeFi protocols, whether they want to maximize it via Best Yield or keep tabs on their risk/return profile via Senior and Junior Perpetual Yield Tranches. Idle boasts three yield products: Best Yield一their flagship yield auto...

The App That Goes “Moo”: ShapeShift Integrates CoW Protocol, DEX Aggregator of Aggregators

ShapeShift is excited to announce our integration with Meta DEX aggregator CoW protocol. Users can now buy and sell tokens using gasless orders, settle peer-to-peer transactions among users (cutting the DEX and associated slippage and gas fees out of the equation) and enjoy increased MEV protection. CoW protocol aggregates 0x, 1inch, and ParaSwap and all AMMs, so trades are routed through whichever mix of liquidity pools will result in the best final rate. After you’ve approved a token for transfer, trades are executed using signed messages一you never need to pay ETH gas fees to trade again. And it makes a mooing sound when you execute a trade — who can argue with that? Better known as CowSwap after Coincidence of Wants (COW), the economic phenomenon where users with opposite trades are matched peer-to-peer, ShapeShift is one of the first platforms to integrate CowSwap’s innovative approach to trading to provide the best user experience and rates for users. — How Does CoW Protocol Work?. — CoW protocol matches trades via batch auctions for a variety of on-chain liquidity sources. Trades can be settled via underlying on-chain AMMs directly or via DEX aggregators, depending on which pool/path offers the best price or has the most liquid venue for the trades within a batch. It is thus essentially acting as a DEX aggregator of aggregators. Before finding the best price for a trade from available on-chain ...

ShapeShift Enters Convertible Bond Market with HourGlass and Arbor Finance

DAO-friendly financing enabling Web3 borrowing via tailor-made bonds Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are gradually gaining traction in the Web3 space and beyond as many are beginning to explore possible ways of contributing to one. While DAOs have significant operational benefits such as organizational transparency, decentralization, and ability to utilize a wide variety of assets to operate, there are some challenges DAOs must still overcome. — Financing Difficulties for DAOs - Being in their infancy, DAOs face difficulties with raising funds and financing. It is a known fact that most DAO treasuries have high concentrations of their native token一some relying heavily on selling their governance tokens to fund operations. This puts direct sell pressure on the token price, potentially affecting long-term holders. Some DAOs一such as ShapeShift DAO一do not have a legal business registration due to their decentralized nature. Therefore, they are unable to secure credit via traditional forms of financing. Since the majority of DAO’s assets are cryptocurrencies (and often more “risky” assets such as the native token of a protocol), traditional banks do not accept such assets as collateral when applying for loans. This is where HourGlass and Arbor Finance come in — offering permissionless debt-based financing via convertible bonds. This form of financing allows DAOs to secure the funds they need ...

ShapeShift Releases New and Improved Mobile App and Migrates Legacy Users

Migrating all users to the new open-source web and mobile app marks significant milestones in the journey to complete decentralization for the ShapeShift community As most of our loyal users know, ShapeShift transitioned to a DAO in July last year. This has proven to be an amazing journey, allowing us to offer so much more to our users, such as more options for buying, trading, investing, managing your assets, and the convenience of our new, open-source app. To move a step closer toward complete decentralization, we had to make sure everyone had the ability to experience the expanding DeFi universe from anywhere in the world. The new mobile app support and user migration greatly expands the flexibility, mobility, and features users can access when interacting with the decentralized world while providing them with the sleek interface everybody loves! In addition to the new web and mobile app, the ShapeShift team is migrating users from our legacy apps一i.e, and the former mobile app一to the new completely open-source web and mobile app. — New Mobile App and Migration. — Already have the ShapeShift app installed? No problem! To make this migration as easy for our legacy mobile users as possible, we have packaged all the functionality of into native iOS and Android apps. These are available for download from the respective app stores. This also supports the broader efforts to ...

Leveraging THORChain for Multi-Chain Swaps

ShapeShift Integrates THORChain Into Open-Source, No KYC Web and Mobile App In April 2021, ShapeShift announced cross-chain swaps via THORChain, enabling users to exchange native (unwrapped) Bitcoin for Ethereum and Litecoin for the first time. THORChain had solved the problem of cross-chain trading by building bi-directional bridges between blockchains at the protocol level in a permissionless, non-custodial manner — and ShapeShift was the first major exchange to integrate with it and offer THORChain trading to users. ShapeShift founder Erik Voorhees announced the integration on his Twitter back in 2021 saying: “Native (unwrapped) Ethereum in native (unwrapped) bitcoin out. A $5,000 trade, no intermediary, no custody, and no KYC. Shapeshift today launched decentralized cross-chain trading, by integrating THORChain (which also launched today),” he added on April 13, 2021. Additionally, the Shapeshift founder published a comprehensive blog post about the technology. — No KYC, Multi-Chain Swaps. — Since decentralizing into a DAO and releasing our new open source web app, we knew that we wanted to continue offering this awesome capability to our users, who will now be able to use the ShapeShift web and mobile app to trade to/from the native assets that THORChain supports. The protocol currently supports swaps between seven major ecosystems: bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), binance coins (BNB), dogecoin (DOGE), ...

Popular UTXO Based Coins — DOGE, LTC and BCH — On the ShapeShift App Today!

Popular UTXO Based Coins — DOGE, LTC and BCH — On the ShapeShift App Today! - — We Are Pleased to Offer Some of the Most Popular Assets on Our One-Stop Web App. — We are excited to announce support for Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on our open source, free, no KYC web app. Our users wanted us to enable these assets on our web app, and we listened. You can now send and receive these cryptocurrencies by simply connecting your favorite wallet and transacting with these popular UTXO based cryptocurrencies, among thousands of other in-demand assets. Let’s explore them in a little more detail. — Litecoin. — Litecoin is one of the highest market cap coins, which has found a place in many crypto-asset portfolios. Litecoin was actually a fork of Bitcoin back in 2011; it is built on some of the most original blockchain technology. It is a diversifying coin with much of the same upside potential as Bitcoin, but differentiates from Bitcoin by being more usable on a day-to-day basis for smaller, quicker transactions. — Dogecoin. — The people’s cryptocurrency! Created in December 2013, Dogecoin is a copy of Bitcoin (more precisely, Litecoin) that features the Shiba Inu dog. Dogecoin attracted people who liked the idea of crypto but were not particularly serious about it (though still wanted to participate). Unlike Bitcoin, its supply isn’t limited — cur...

ShapeShifting Internationally

The ShapeShift DAO stays true to its name, as it has shapeshifted into a Web3 melting pot where many international communities have found a DAO to call home. We strongly believe in lifting people up by providing equal access to opportunity, success, and information. We ensure that the global information and community that ShapeShift curates is held to the same transparent and inclusive standard that core contributors experience. To assist with this, the community voted to form an Information and Globalization Workstream to focus on growing and nurturing our international community. Since decentralizing in 2021, we have rapidly accelerated the spread of information relating to all things ShapeShift to more places than ever一in over eight languages! With the information stemming directly from ShapeShift official channels, we have found that bringing quality and easily digestible content about our FOX ecosystem and its community has allowed us to better inform, inspire, empower, and collaborate with people worldwide. We are continuing on this trajectory through two new updates to the ShapeShift web app, bringing even more features to our global FOX fam: faster language updates and native currency options. — Diversifying Our Community Through Infrastructure - — Faster Language Updates. — supports a broad scope of languages and includes eight different languages for users to choose from. Our ...

Avalanching to More Chains with ShapeShift is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all things DeFi. From being able to connect to our app with 200+ wallets (including Metamask, WalletConnect, and xDefi), to having the ability to buy and sell with the industry’s leading on and off ramps一now, it has never been easier to use Avalanche seamlessly alongside some of your favorite chains. Using a unique consensus mechanism unlike any other chain, Avalanche is a relatively new, multi-blockchain network that offers our users lightning-fast transaction times and low fees while maintaining a robust network. Integrated with our sleek UI on our web app, users can now interact with more than 5800+ tokens on 4 (and counting) chains. — Why Use Avalanche on ShapeShift?. — Unlike other DApps, you won’t have to switch chains on your wallet to view the wide variety of opportunities available on our platform. All of our earning options can be sorted and viewed regardless of what chain is active in your wallet, allowing you to have the ultimate multi-chain experience you deserve. Upon selecting an opportunity, you will be prompted to switch to the active chain (if required) before proceeding with transacting. Don’t have any $AVAX in your wallet? Have no fear! You will be able to on/off -ramp $AVAX with some of the best rates with our partners Gem and Banxa. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, thanks to our existing 0x integration supporting Avalan...

Connect to ShapeShift with WalletConnect v1.0

The ShapeShift DAO is excited to announce that we have integrated WalletConnect v1.0 to! With our mission to become the single-source app for all things DeFi, we are excited to offer support for WalletConnect一arguably the most inclusive wallet integration to date. In the top right corner of the app, you can now see your actively connected wallet, 0x, or ENS and view your on-chain transactions from your WalletConnect wallet. — How to Use WalletConnect with ShapeShift. — When you first enter, you will be prompted to connect your wallet. With this integration, you will now see WalletConnect in the top right corner as an option, which is compatible with ETH and EVM-compatible wallets. After selecting WalletConnect from the list of wallet options, you will need to scan your QR code or paste your bridge connection link into your wallet to create the connection. After seeing a “successfully connected wallet” message, you will be able to see your ENS or 0x wallet identifier in the top right corner of the app. Congratulations; you are now connected to and able to explore the DeFi universe! — About WalletConnect. — WalletConnect is an open source Web 3 protocol with a decentralized messaging backend that enables a wallet to connect and interact with another wallet or DApp using a QR code or deep link. The protocol establishes a remote connection between two apps and/or ...

ShapeShift Launches “Alpha” Version of the New Open-Source Web App

The true opt-in experience incorporating Pendo — an analytics tool for tracking, analyzing and creating guided user journeys. ShapeShift is excited to announce the launch of “Alpha”, a new version of our open-source web app that provides analytics and user input to the DAO so that we can continue to provide the best user experience. This new version utilizes Pendo and allows ShapeShift to offer an all-in-one platform for tracking, analyzing, and creating guided user journeys. This is a truly opt-in version of the ShapeShift you know and love. Users have the choice to participate in the alpha version to help us learn how to serve them better, and in turn, they will gain helpful resources to navigate the DeFi landscape as well as early access to new features. No personal identifiable information will ever be tracked. — Community Compromise. — Analytics are extremely important for any software application provider to evolve the user experience and inform product decisions. Yet, ShapeShift has a firm commitment to ensuring user privacy — one that we highly respect. After lengthy discussions and feedback from the community, an idea was born. We are now providing two versions of our new open-source web app: one called “Alpha” (the true, “opt-in” experience) and the fully “Private” version that collects no data of any kind (and is used by the majority of our users). Integrating Pendo into “...


Fox News Reporter Reveals Differing Views on SEC's Approval of Spot Ethe...

    Fox News reporter Eleanor Terrett has revealed differing opinions among stakeholders regarding the potential approval of a spot Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). While certain issuers are optimistic, suggesting that the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs might compel the SEC to greenlight Ethereum-based products, possibly in the late summer, others argue that the agency's stance on ETH is leaning towards rejection due to substantial internal resistance within the SEC. Conflicting Views on SEC’s Approval According to Terrett, one issuer who has already obtained approval for a spot Bitcoin ETF expresses confidence that the successful launch will influence the SEC to greenlight Ethereum ETFs. However, another source paints a more pessimistic picture, stating that there is a 'hard no' at the SEC, with internal resistance to the idea. Reporting on the timeline for a potential $ETH ETF approval has turned up a plethora of different takes from ETF issuers, investment management firms and sources close to the @SECGov. One $BTC Spot ETF issuer with an ETH Spot ETF application says they’re confident the… — Eleanor Terrett (@EleanorTerrett) January 23, 2024 A third source speculates that the approval of Ethereum futures ETFs and BlackRock's track record in getting ETFs approved could pave the way for spot ETH ETFs to launch by the end of the summer. When questioned about SEC Chair Gary Gensler's stance on Ethereum as a potential security, the source suggests tha... read More

BONK Sees Big Losses as Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Meme Coin Shows Major Gains

    Memecoin mania reaches new levels, and the hottest projects right now are all memcoins. Substantial capital inflows into Bitcoin ($BTC) might be the starting pistol for the beginning of the wildest eighteen months the industry has seen. Memecoins investors, however, are famously picky. While Bonk ($BONK) suffers some serious losses, one new memecoin competitor has shown strength and continuous gains. What is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Every once in a while, a presale breaks onto the scene and starts generating buzz. Galaxy Fox seems do be doing just that. This P2E / meme hybrid takes the best of the two genres to create an explosive speculation vehicle underpinned with financial incentives, a runner game, and the potential of passive income for all holders. Breezing into its sixth presale stage and already selling over 2 billion tokens, Galaxy Fox’s time to shine has come. Each presale stage comes with a price leap for token holders thanks to the dynamic pricing mechanism. Introducing staking rewards has been the keystone of this success, and even more interesting is the tokenomics model underpinning these rewards. Memecoins always introduce a deflationary element, and burning tokens helps their value appreciate by reducing supply. Galaxy Fox takes the classic burn strategy as part of its deflationary angle and supercharges it with its taxation system. On-chain buy-and-sell taxes fund staking payouts, meaning that $GFOX stakers earn a native yield on a deflationary asset. Onbo... read More

BTC Tanks on ETF Report FUD as Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Presale Tops $2.3 Milli...

    The Bitcoin price took a sudden and unexpected nosedive on news of a possible ETF rejection, based on a report from Matrixport, dragging down most of the altcoin market along with it. Prices have since recovered slightly, with $BTC currently trading at the $42,900 level. Yet the surprise news and subsequent crash is a stark reminder of the unpredictability and volatility of the crypto market, where basically anything can (and sometimes does) happen. Crypto cycles generally follow a straightforward pattern: three years up, one year down. 2022 was a down-only year, 2023 was a year of recovery, and 2024 should be a highly positive year if the past repeats itself and if what most analysts seem to believe is true. But that doesn’t mean the road to a bull market isn’t without some big bumps and hiccups, as past markets have also shown. In any case, overall sentiment remains high, and Bitcoin ($BTC) is still trading close to the $45k level for the moment despite the market shake-up. As the New Year began on highly bullish momentum, euphoria washed through markets, and open interest spiked. Traders rushed into opening overleveraged positions and got burnt. However, in the long-term, this pull-back likely represents nothing more than a blip on the radar and a healthy wash-out of leveraged longs, as the wind direction has clearly reversed. Presale funding remains strong, including the Galaxy Fox presale, which has topped $2.3 million. Galaxy Fox’s ($GFOX) presale fund... read More

Fox Business Reporter Casts Doubt on Early January Spot Bitcoin ETF Appr...

    Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terrett believes the sentiment surrounding a spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF approval in early January is low. It's worth noting, however, that despite Terrett's perspective, a considerable number of analysts expect the approval of such products during the same period. SEC is Reviewing Changes to S-1 Filings In a post on X, Terrett highlighted that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently in the process of reviewing changes to the S-1 filings for spot Bitcoin ETFs. While the @SECGov is surely unpredictable, it would surprise me if approvals were to happen tomorrow. From what I understand through conversations I’ve had with issuers, the SEC still has to review all the changes made to the S-1s filed on Thursday/Friday AND make comments on… — Eleanor Terrett (@EleanorTerrett) January 1, 2024 Terrett mentioned the SEC is expected to inform issuers of the final Form S-1 filing date after completing this review, a notification that could come within the next 24 to 48 hours. The timeline aligns with the approval schedule observed for Ethereum (ETH) futures ETFs in October of the previous year. The Fox Business reporter stated that a Tuesday or Wednesday approval seems tight, given that SEC staff has been off since Friday. However, she expressed anticipation for an exciting two weeks ahead. Bitcoin ETF issuers have advanced discussions with the SEC, focusing on critical details. The regulator's deadlin... read More

Galaxy Fox ICO Smashes $2M with P2E, NFTs and Staking – Can it Cha...

    In the fast-paced ecosystem of meme coins and play-to-earn (P2E) tokens, one name is making waves – Galaxy Fox. This isn't just your typical meme coin but a movement—a force with a mission to redefine the crypto universe. Its Galaxy Fox's upcoming ICO soared past $2 million. Galaxy Fox: More Than a Meme Coin Galaxy Fox is not content with being just another meme coin. It also aspires to take a prominent place alongside major meme tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. But what sets it apart is its dual identity. It’s a full utility meme coin that seeks to rival leading P2E tokens like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity. What makes Galaxy Fox shine in the crowded crypto galaxy is its unique blend of opportunities. It's not merely about token ownership but about earning residual income through strategic avenues like staking, P2E gaming, and $GFOX token utilization. The Galaxy Fox Gaming Experience At the heart of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem lies an exhilarating Web3 endless runner game, transcending the boundaries of traditional gaming. Here, players aren't just chasing thrills — they're earning $GFOX tokens based on their in-game prowess. The top 20% of players each season will receive rewards that they can exchange for $GFOX. The strategic advantage? The coolest NFT assets. These unique collectibles provide temporary attribute boosts, turning the gaming experience into a tangible avenue for potential financial rewards. With the upcoming release of 3,000 unique N... read More

Bitcoin Reaching $1 Million 'Isn't Out Of The Question:' FOX Anchor

    Fox Business anchor Charles Payne is a Bitcoin (BTC) investor – and he sees the price of one coin potentially soaring to $1 million. In a newly published interview, the financial program host weighed the pros and cons of investing in stocks versus Bitcoin and explained why he thinks the government may conspire to capture it. What Is Bitcoin’s Potential? In a Thursday episode of the Coin Stories podcast, Payne argued that stocks, unlike Bitcoin, give shareholders exposure to a “great business” and let them partake in building the capitalist system that upholds the United States. Bitcoin, however, may have a greater upside. “It can potentially go to a million,” he said. “But also, it has the ability to revolutionize what has become overbearing government intervention, government interference,” he continued. Payne claimed such government interference may invite state backlash, with politicians attempting to “usurp” the crypto movement with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Such currencies act like fiat but in digital form, directly issued and controlled by a central bank, and are often promoted by Bitcoin’s harshest critics. So far, Western nations appear generally opposed to CBDCs due to privacy concerns and a lack of trust in the central bank. Should citizens reject it, Payne fears the state may force them to use it. “I want to see Bitcoin prevail, and I think eventually that it will,” said Pa... read More

Whats Next For Galaxy Fox Presale As It Passes $1 Million Milestone

    In the ever-evolving landscape of the upcoming ICOs, Galaxy Fox has emerged as a noteworthy player, recently achieving a significant milestone by surpassing the $ 1 million mark in its presale. As it advances to the next stage, the pertinent question arises: Could Galaxy Fox potentially outperform industry heavyweights? In this article, we delve into the dynamics of Galaxy Fox's recent achievements and explore the prospects that set it on a trajectory to challenge established key players in the crypto market. Galaxy Fox: More Than Just a Memecoin Galaxy Fox isn't just your run-of-the-mill cryptocurrency. It's a P2E token that lets users have fun playing games and earn $GFOX while at it. But what sets $GFOX apart is its deflationary nature. The 'token burn' mechanism decreases its supply over time, potentially increasing its value. Imagine making money while having a blast in the crypto world. In addition, Galaxy Fox has a memecoin vibe. It's not all just serious business but adds a playful touch to the crypto scene. But that's not all. It’s diving into the NFT world, boasting its marketplace and a unique NFT Collection. It's not just about transactions but about building a thriving digital art community. Galaxy Fox has reached a significant milestone – $1 million in its presale! This isn't just a number but a testament to the growing number of enthusiasts putting their trust in the project. With its unique mix of gaming, deflationary mechanisms, and community invo... read More

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Outlook and Potential, Some Investors Eye Galaxy F...

    In the wild crypto market, where giants like Dogecoin have long dominated the stage as the best meme coin to buy, a new player is trying to compete – Galaxy Fox. As the Galaxy Fox presale blazes past the $900 and quickly approaches the $1 million mark, some investors stand at a crossroads, reevaluating the once-unquestionable allure of Dogecoin. It's worth taking a closer look at the current sentiment for Dogecoin, one of the top 10 altcoins, and also exploring Galaxy Fox, the newcomer that’s making a name for itself as one of the more interesting meme coins to watch. So, let’s jump right in. >>VISIT $GFOX PRESALE read More

Bitcoin Goes on a Rollercoaster This Week, Galaxy Fox Presale Hits $850K...

    In the late hours of Sunday evening, at a time when few people were paying attention to the market, the price of $BTC suddenly took a sharp nosedive – crashing down to the $40K level in just a matter of minutes. The crash might not have caught everyone by surprise because many were expecting it, but it ended up liquidating a total of $283M in long positions in the process. Although the price quickly recovered to the $42K level, the swift move was a veritable bloodbath, shaking the confidence of some novice investors who had yet to experience the wrath of a sudden crypto market turn to the downside. Close observers of the market weren’t surprised by the pull-back, as technical indicators have been flashing warning signs for weeks now. After eight consecutive weeks of green candles, a price correction was all but inevitable. More Pain to Come vs. Finding Safer Waters The only questions that remain now are – will the downside correction continue? Are there alternatives while the market uncertainty plays itself out? As to the first question, there are a few possible scenarios. First is that $BTC stands right up, dusts itself off, and takes off running again, pulling altcoins along with it for another wild ride past $50K. Option two is the market spending a good week or two simmering and correcting, allowing over-bought conditions to reset and filling the CME gap at $39K before starting the next leg up. Lastly, this may be a green light for full-blown altseason ... read More

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Presale Closes in on $700K Amidst Bitcoin's Blazing Ra...

    Headlines have been dominated recently by the news that Bitcoin soared past the $43k barrier, after months of consolidating in the $30K region. Crypto is known to be an industry where there's no shortage of options to diversify a portfolio, regardless of what the investor's risk appetite is. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a new altcoin that brings forward a deflationary model and a wide range of utilities, so let's have a look. >>VISIT $GFOX PRESALE>VISIT $GFOX PRESALE read More

Some Investors Pounce on the Chance to Buy Into Galaxy Fox Meme Coin Bef...

    In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, one name is gaining recognition as an interesting crypto to watch right now among many investors and enthusiasts alike: Galaxy Fox. The Galaxy Fox meme coin isn't your run-of-the-mill digital currency. It's a game-changer, blending gaming, NFTs, and staking in a way that's got some investors ready to ride the wave. What Makes Galaxy Fox Stand Out? Galaxy Fox is not just a currency - it's a playground. At its core is a play-to-earn Web3 game dishing out $GFOX tokens to gamers. It's not just about holding; it's about getting involved in a vibrant ecosystem. And hold onto your hats. 3,000 of the coolest NFT collectibles representing Galaxy Fox characters are up for grabs during the token presale. These are tradeable, providing yet another avenue for investing. Now, here's the hook – Galaxy Fox has a nifty token burn mechanism. It's like magic as it takes $GFOX tokens out of the game, potentially making the remaining ones more valuable. With a total creation cap of 5 billion tokens and 70% up for grabs in the public sale, it's the scarcity factor that could drive up the price of $GFOX over time. Cracking the Code: Galaxy Fox Tokenomics Diving deeper into the numbers game, 10% of the tokens are reserved for competitions and prizes, spicing up community engagement. Another 10% goes into nurturing the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, ensuring it's not a one-hit-wonder. The remaining 10%? Well, that's a fair distribution between team tokens... read More

Crypto Firm MoonPay Partners With Fox, Universal Pictures to Introduce N...

    The cryptocurrency payments start-up MoonPay joined forces with Fox Corporations, Universal Pictures, and Death Row Records to launch a non-fungible token platform. The feature, called HyperMint, will allow companies and individuals to mint millions of digital collectibles a day by employing blockchain technology. MoonPay Enters the NFT Universe In a recent interview for CNBC, Ivan Soto-Wright - CEO of MoonPay - revealed that HyperMint's primary goal is to enable agencies, enterprises, and large brands to join the NFT sector by releasing their own digital artwork. 'The potential of NFTs goes beyond collecting; it's the utility. You can essentially program anything into these NFTs over time, which is why we decided to focus on this new product offering. That's really making this shift possible; to go beyond collectability and program utility into these NFTs, and there needs to be enterprise-grade tooling,' he commented. The executive also argued that the initiative will be particularly beneficial to MoonPay's partners - the movie studios Fox Corporations and Universal Pictures and the American record label - Death Row Records. Founded in 1991 by Dr. Dre and other musicians, Death Row has released albums of rap icons, including 2Pac and Tha Dogg Pound. Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg bought the label, intending to revive its past glory. For its part, MoonPay allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using bank transfers, credit cards, or mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and... read More

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