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FOLD Price:
$71.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$18.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FOLD today is $11.17 USD.

The lowest FOLD price for this period was $0, the highest was $11.17, and the current live price for one FOLD coin is $11.17459.

The all-time high FOLD coin price was $105.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of FOLD with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for MANIFOLD FINANCE crypto currency is #FOLD.

MANIFOLD FINANCE is 2.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for MANIFOLD FINANCE is $18,928,150.

MANIFOLD FINANCE is ranking upwards to #483 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #FOLD.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for MANIFOLD FINANCE is $71,070.


The circulating supply of FOLD is 1,693,857 coins, which is 85% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of MANIFOLD FINANCE is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


FOLD is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


FOLD is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Manifold Finance x Eden Network

Teaming up to protect traders around the world. — Protecting traders from malicious bots, together. We’re excited to share that we’re collaborating with Eden Network! After careful consideration and talks with many projects in the MEV space, Eden decided to partner up with us, and we’re proud to have their support. Now the OpenMEV integration on SushiSwap is launched and live, we can finally start bringing protection to tons of users on their favorite dApp. We look forward to working with Eden Network in the future with the goal of giving traders a better experience and protection in ‘the dark forest’. The Manifold team is currently testing the inclusion of Eden as one of the endpoints to send their transactions. To reinforce the collaboration even further, both projects will be performing a $250,000 treasury token swap. For the swap, the price calculation will be based on the 7 day TWAP from CMC values for both tokens: Manifold Finance ( $27.43, Eden Network ( $1.06, With the above calculation, Manifold Finance will be receiving 238,850 $EDEN tokens and sending 9115 $FOLD tokens. — Eden Network. — Eden is a priority transaction network that protects traders from frontrunning, aligns incentives for block producers, and redistributes miner extractable value. When you submit transactions to Eden Network your trades are protected from malicious bots. In tech...

Manifold Community Competition

“So you’re telling me… I can win money by creating memes?”. — Yes! It’s time for a fun community competition! Design Manifold-related memes, sticker packs, or something other creative and win $500 in $USDC! We’ll also have cool prizes for the runner-ups. 1st: $500 in $USDC 2nd: Surprise 3rd: $100 in $USDC How? Show your submission in the comments of this tweet. When? The deadline is the end of this month (October 2021). What? Whatever you want! Memes, cool designs, a video, just let your creativity flow. A Telegram Sticker Pack might give you some bonus points. — NEWS FLASH. — If you’re following our Discourse closely, you may have already seen it, but here are some things to look forward to: Public RPC Endpoint Opens up, Staking DApp UI and Testnet, SushiSwap Integration Deployment, Partnership Announcement Released (we may or may not have disclosed this somewhere already), We have an amazing ‘non-crypto’ partnership coming up! DAO Design and Architecture published, Staking Contracts Deployment on Mainnet, Account Abstraction via private mempool, Grants Program rollout, Community Calls, To find out more about Manifold, head over to our official channels: Website:, Telegram:, Telegram Announcements:, Twitter:, Github:, Email:, Manifold Community Com...

Introducing OpenMEV

Goodbye YCabal and a very warm welcome to OpenMEV. — To our community, we’re writing this update to inform you of our decision to rename YCabal to OpenMEV. The reason we have decided to do so is that we strongly believe that the name OpenMEV is a better reflection of the scope and the capabilities being implemented by the Manifold Project. The new name also represents the fact that the solution set we are building does involve a multi-chain aspect and also makes it directly easier to understand what the solution is all about. For those of you who may be unaware of what OpenMEV (formerly YCabal) is… OpenMEV enables protocols and applications to recapture ‘miner extracted value’ profits. It maintains economic incentives to create a healthy ecosystem and community for all. If you’re interested to learn more about exactly how, check out the OpenMEV website. — SushiSwap Integration. — OpenMEV is already integrated with SushiSwap. Traders are compensated when their trade is processed and within 35 blocks, refunded to them. Protocols can set their compensation rate, creating a distributed market of constant feedback driven by protocol adoption. New to Manifold Finance? Here’s a refresher on how it all works. — OpenMEV. — Whenever you submit a trade on SushiSwap, if your trade is eligible for getting its transaction cost refunded, you will get a notification if it is eligible for a reba...

Manifold Finance — Q3 Roadmap

Manifold Finance — Q3 Roadmap - — 2021. — Moving forward, we’ll be providing updates every month for a 3-month planned roadmap. This specific post will focus on July/August only, and we will update it by the end of July to outline the full three months. We’re dividing our roadmap into four subcategories: General Roadmap, Strategies Roadmap, Governance Roadmap, Community Roadmap, Here’s what we have in store for you in Q3 of 2021!Our plan for expanding and advancing the Manifold Finance ecosystem — General Roadmap - July Initial availability of USD Markets fiat gateway (on-ramp), Multichain relay and arb (limited), Partnership announcement, August YCabal v2 (the non-rebate system), Availability of developer tooling for application integration, Lightweight nodes SDK for integration, Roll out Relayer API (generalized service gateway), Account Abstraction, — Strategies Roadmap - (dev) Nexus Mutual, (dev) Lido, (dev) strategy, Derivatives instrument (in progress)  — We’ll give you a preview of this later this month., — Governance Roadmap - LP Beta program compensation, Miner incentives program, Adoption vote for staking/delegation mechanism, — All of the above proposals are scheduled for August!At least four governance proposals are to be deliberated and voted on by the first week of August. The most important one will be the staking implementation, as ...

Manifold — Community Update #001

Manifold — Community Update #001 - — Transparency Report, June 2021. — Read on for a detailed account of what we have been working on behind the scenes to bring Manifold Finance forward. In this report, we’ll be discussing: News & Announcements, Development, Community, Roadmap and Targets, — News & Announcements. — During the last two months, May and June of 2021, Manifold Finance launched and moved forward our initial version of YCabal. V1 of the strategy is a powerful real-time trading engine designed to recapture end-user trading inefficiencies and refund them back in the form of transactional rebates (i.e., nearly eliminate the transactional cost for user-submitted transactions). Lots of progress has been made, and we expect to reach our target of production deployment by July 20th.We’ve also started our LP Beta Rewards Program. You can read more on that here. For more info on the next update, keep reading. We will be providing monthly transparency reports and bi-weekly updates via blog posts, starting July 20th. In addition, a monthly community call is also to be scheduled at the end of the month. At Manifold, we want to emphasize being as transparent as possible and communicate as frequently as necessary. Suggestions, comments, or questions can be sent through Telegram or via email. — Development. — MEV Search Engine improvements Our MEV Search engine is curr...

Manifold announces one-off LP Beta Program

Exclusively for early adopters. — We’re thrilled to announce something truly unique in this industry…Welcome to Manifold’s one-of-a-kind staking program!Introducing Manifold’s LP Beta Rewards Program — “So, why is Manifold so unique?”. — All projects are not created equally… Manifold was designed to solve a major issue that is impacting the whole ecosystem right now, and it will be effective immediately. Our strategies, such as YCabal, are designed to save you (the consumer) wasted fees while creating revenue in the process. As a liquidity provider, you’ll earn passive yield from fees generated by the YCabal strategy. However, in this Beta stage, we are going to incentivize our community by sharing some of these revenues. Also, unlike standard native token staking, where you would earn more native tokens, you’ll actually receive revenue share in USDC (90%) and XSushi (10%). — “When and how can I start providing liquidity?”. — Our Manifold LP Beta Rewards Program starts June 16th at 12 PM UTC. It will run for about a month and close July 20th, at 12 PM UTC. Simple LP Guide: — Step 1. — Head over to Manifold’s liquidity pool on Sushi., — Step 2. — In order to participate in Manifold’s LP Beta Program, you need to add both $FOLD and $ETH to our liquidity pool. Always make sure you entered the correct contract address for $FOLD, 0xd084944d...

Manifold Finance is LIVE

Our Manifold IDO has concluded!. — We’d like to thank all of you for participating in this! We’re also incredibly grateful to our strategic partners, and the people at SushiSwap, for making this possible! We are incredibly excited to shape the future of DeFi! — “Where can I buy tokens?”. — $FOLD is now listed on SushiSwap!Manifold’s YCabal will also be integrated there in the near future! For details, click here And DexTools:  — make sure to give a thumbs up! If you were a part of our MISO IDO, you can now claim your tokens here!Want to know more about Manifold first? Check out this article! — Token Metrics - Ticker: $FOLD Blockchain Network: Ethereum Max Supply: 2,000,000 Initial Market Capitalization: $1,500,000 Total Raise (All Rounds): $2,650,000 Platform Raise: $150,000 Private Sale Raised: $2,500,000 Price: $2.50 Lock-up: 20% at the TGE, then 20% on a quarterly basis for 12 months Public Sale MISO: $150.000 (50k tokens) Price: $3.00 Lock-up: noneCoinMarketCap: CoinGecko: To stay fully up-to-date, follow our official channels and join our community! Website:, Telegram:, Telegram Announcements:, Twitter:, Github:, Email:, Manifold Finance is LIVE was originally published in Manifold Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation ...

Manifold IDO — Everything You Need to Know

Manifold IDO — Everything You Need to Know - — Here’s how you can get involved. — Manifold’s IDO offering is just around the corner. Before we get into the details, we would like to give our community a special thanks. Thank you for your patience and unwavering support over the past few weeks. We’re now less than five days away from the IDO (which will happen on June 1, 2021). Here’s everything you need to know in order to get your hands on FOLD tokens. The IDO in Numbers: Date: June 1, 2021 Time: 1PM EDT Price per token: $3 Total number of tokens to be sold: 50,000 Maximum per person: $600 or 200 tokens Whitelist Approval: 600 users Please note: The Manifold IDO will be on a First Come First Serve basis and we will be using the Crowdsale Auction Type. For more information on the different auction types and what they mean, you can check out MISO’s documentation here. How to participate Step 1: Head over to the IDO page on MISO to see all the details of the upcoming offering. Step 2: Apply to Join the Whitelist. In order to be eligible for selection, you must do all of the following: Follow @foldfinance on Twitter, Join our Telegram Community Chat, Join our Telegram Announcement Channel, Fill out this form to apply for the whitelist, Note: It is important to fulfill all four of the above requirements to be eligible. Step 3: Once the whitelist closes, 600 whitelist participants who are s...


A Strategy for Gasless Trading on SushiSwap. — — Manifold Finance Overview. — Manifold Finance provides solutions encompassing the middleware market for decentralized finance applications and protocols for both scaling and usability purposes. Part of our mission is helping scale the Ethereum ecosystem, which is where the idea of ‘middleware strategies’ comes into play. Our solutions can be thought of as an ‘APY strategy’ that you might find with something like Yearn Finance, except instead of providing capital (e.g. through depositing into a strategy with Yearn), we create applications that provide services that generate revenue (a prime example being YCabal). — What is YCabal?. — YCabal is an aggregation strategy for scaling layer one using a mix of MEV and smart contract techniques to scale services like SushiSwap for end users. — Why the name, YCabal?. — YCabal gets its name from the original ‘Backbone Cabal’, a scaling solution back in the mid 1980’s USENET days.The cabal was created in an effort to facilitate reliable propagation of new Usenet posts. While in the 1970s and 1980s many news servers only operated during night time to save on the cost of long-distance communication, servers of the backbone cabal were available 24 hours a day. The administrators of these servers gained sufficient influence in the otherwise anarchic Usenet community to be able to pus...


Securing the future of decentralized finance. — We’ve passed the stage where ‘DeFi’ can be regarded as a mere buzzword. Nowadays everyone has access to what was previously exclusive for a select few. Despite the incredible growth we’ve seen in such a short time, there are still plenty of issues, shortcomings, and limitations, as you can expect with such a relatively young ecosystem. Our team has been quietly building behind the scenes with the ideas and execution required to make a seismic impact. The time has finally come for us to show you what we’ve been doing as we begin the process of shaping the new frontier of true evolution. First, let’s start off by duly introducing ourselves. — Manifold Finance. — At Manifold, we build middleware to improve connectivity between layer-1 DeFi products. With our governance system, we allow you to buy into our technology and benefit from the strategies in a way you can generate passive yield while also engaging with the governance process that drives these integrations. From trade execution infrastructure to on-chain protocol extensions, Manifold Finance already has built a scalable stack of DeFi products focusing on enhancing and providing additional functionality to DeFi protocols. Today, we’ll introduce you to the first one. — Redefining Transactions. — You may not know this, but a lot of the bandwidth clogging the network right now has be...

  FOLD NEWS and Samsung to Offer Optimized Crypto Trading Experience on Z...

    Popular digital asset trading platform has partnered with technology giant Samsung to offer an optimized version of its app for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices, including the recently launched Z Fold4. In a statement released Thursday, announced the new update, Version 3.158.1, which features an enhanced trading and analysis experience specifically for Galaxy Z Fold devices. Tailored Trading Experience for Galaxy Z Fold  The new features will allow users to compare a range of tokens simultaneously and more efficiently than on any other mobile device. This latest development makes the first digital asset platform to offer a tailored experience for Galaxy Z Fold devices. The partnership was formed due to the shared vision of both companies to deliver a more engaging mobile experience to their customers. The update and Galaxy Z Fold devices will provide users with an empowered App experience, offering more tools and resources on a single screen. Eric Anziani, President and Chief Operating Officer of, expressed his excitement about the alliance and said: 'This collaboration with Samsung will allow users to experience our app like never before. Together, Samsung and have optimized the App for the large screen experience, taking advantage of the foldable form factor, to bring a more productive way of using the app for the trading and analysis of cryptocurrencies.' Samsung's Crypto Endeavors Samsung ha... read More


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