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Fodl Finance  


FODL Price:
$30.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$221.5 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FODL today is $0.00111 USD.

The lowest FODL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00111, and the current live price for one FODL coin is $0.00110757.

The all-time high FODL coin price was $1.10.

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The code for Fodl Finance crypto currency is #FODL.

Fodl Finance is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Fodl Finance is $221,515.

Fodl Finance is ranking upwards to #969 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #FODL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Fodl Finance is $29,983.


The circulating supply of FODL is 200,000,000 coins, which is 20% of the maximum coin supply.


FODL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the FODL Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


FODL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 1 August 2022. — — “The Markets have to rally before they break”. — It is obvious that since the start of 2022 the markets have been in a Bear cycle, and quite a vicious one at that, but why? Partly due to Macroeconomic conditions suggesting we are about to see a prolonged and serious Global recession, but also rising energy and food prices, the war in the Caucasus and the fall out from the real cost of the supply chain crisis caused by a Global Pandemic are just a few of the factors that have lead us here. This, combined with the fact that many governments, especially the US and the EU, have for the last 14 years (since the 2008 crisis) been printing Trillions of Dollars/Euros to prop up their stock markets and give the illusion to the average pleb that “everything is fine” has lead to finally seeing some of the highest inflation figures in decades not just in the US but across Europe. The current economic landscape looks bleak, to say the least for the average consumer, and people across the Globe are already feeling that there is always too much month at the end of the money. But now more specifically for Crypto, the brutal drawdown seen in the markets since November 2021 is not only because Bitcoin is so closely correlated to the indices (S&P500 + Nasdaq100) and naturally considered a RISK asset but also a result of over-leveraged and under-collateralized...

FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 27 June 2022. — As the Month of June drew to a close it also marked the close of the 2nd Quarter for 2022. This reset was visible on the Bitcoin chart as a short squeeze, caused by the reset of both the Monthly and Quarterly VWAP. This sent the Algos into chaos and as a result, we saw a huge $2500 candle rip through the chart, from around $18,600 to $21,000 causing the most violent short squeeze we had seen in a while, only for the price to retrace almost fully to the point of origin as seen on the chart in Fig.1Fig. 1 HiRes Link Now, even though the overall Higher Time Frame Trend has not changed, and we continue to print Lower Highs and Lower Lows, one huge dynamic has indeed changed as mentioned above, at the time of writing this Bitcoin is sitting comfortably above the Weekly Vwap, and has just reclaimed the Monthly and Quarterly VWAP for the first time in months. While it is too early to say, this could indeed induce some momentum for the bulls going into the 3rd Quarter. The key level of resistance that would indicate such momentum, would be a reclaim of $19,800. This was a previous range /area of balance and so far we have not been able to reclaim that key level. The following chart shows exactly what I expect to happen in either of the scenarios. Reclaim that Key level and the bulls will have a decent run to at least $21,600. Failure...

FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 13 June 2022. — Unwind Following up on last week’s market review, the downward momentum has not paused but indeed accelerated. The continuous selling pressure continues to claim big names in the space, such as 3 arrows capital, Celsius, and others. The main undertone seems to be a clear result of the unwinding of highly leveraged on-chain positions through lending/borrowing DeFi platforms. The surprising aspect of this is upon reading the post-mortem of these events and how poor the risk was managed and how over-leveraged/ undercollateralized some of these firms were. Surprising also is the lack of foresight by both lending platforms and the borrowing entities, considering that Crypto remains one of the most volatile asset classes in the financial spectrum, as it always has been… leading me to conclude that most of these projects were in “Up-Only” mode and in for a quick cash grab. “YOLO approach and deal with the consequences later” type of thing. I mean, how could they not have planned for a bear market? Unless of course insolvency was the originally intended solution. The situation is exacerbated when asset prices fall too close to the liquidation mark stipulated by the lending platforms/exchanges, forcing these firms to choose between 2 scenarios;Selling more assets to cover their positions as per margin requirements, thus creating more sell pressure.Or default and g...

FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 6 June 2022. — Bloodbath As a result of a higher than expected CPI print on Friday last week, the markets reacted negatively, sending the S&P back below the 4000 point mark and dragging most assets down with it… including Bitcoin going imbalanced and plunging back below $25,000, prices not seen since December 2020 CPI (Consumer Price Inflation) statistics are a measure of inflation as consumer prices account for the majority of overall inflation. Rising prices lead central banks like the FED to raise interest rates out of respect for their inflation containment mandate, so a higher than expected figure means that the FED is not doing enough despite already announcing several interest rate hikes starting this week. So what does this mean for Bitcoin and for Crypto in general? It is clear that the “Risk-Off” mood is still very much in full swing as most of the western world is bracing itself for a potential nasty recession, and as long as this continues to be the dominant narrative determined by the policies of central banking systems, continuation is to be expected. So let’s just recap and map out where Bitcoin is right now. — The Path. — Fig. 1 (Hi-Res link) By just adding 2 Simple Moving Averages to the oldest Bitcoin chart in existence ( Bitstamp BTCUSD), a 50 SMA ( Yellow line ), and a 200 SMA ( Red Line ). Despite ...

FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 30 May 2022. — Bitcoin enjoyed a momentary victory lap, by tapping the resistance level mentioned in last week’s market review. The move was supported by a decent bounce at support on the S&P500 and the Nasdaq retrace, which added a little more hope for the bulls that this could be more than just a bear rally. As a result, Bitcoin reached the May VWAP at around $32,000 USD, and failed to reclaim it, thus resulting in a breakdown from those highs and both of the inefficient markup impulses. Upon retracing those impulses, it was time to retest the top of the range to give yet another trade for the bears, who made sure to defend the range highs.Fig. 1 (Hi-Res link) The range EQ (equilibrium) had confluence with the vPoC ( volume Point of Control ) and so the price stalled and ranged around that $29,7k area, engineering liquidity for the next move. At this stage it is unwise to pick a direction, as the range, PoC tends to act like a magnet and price tends to chop around before the real move. The wiser position is a no position and patience is required until the market shows its hand. The ranging continued well into the weekend with no real clue as to where we head next… — The week ahead. — It is clear from the above chart (Fig.1), that the range is very defined on a 4H chart, and that the attempts to breach outside of this ...

FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 23 May 2022. — Following up on last week’s market recap… (please read that if you want to make sense of this one) The relief bounce for equities DID indeed come, as the “whispering winds” had predicted, as clearly nothing new or catastrophic came from the FOMC meeting minutes release. Thus, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq rallied as did most of the TradFi instruments for a much-anticipated relief bounce, after what seemed like a relentless month of selling pressure. Many traders immediately noticed that Bitcoin, did not bounce with TradFi, and in fact, it dropped by around 5% while the S&P + Nasdaq had a 10% markup, smashing through resistance levels printed earlier in the month. This resulted in most CryptoTwitter “traders” calling for the end of the Correlation between our King of Crypto and the King & Queen of indices… These discrepancies are often observed for short periods of time since the beginning of this correlation and are nothing unusual, especially in the lower time frames. It often diverges on Long weekends such as this last one (Memorial Day in the USA today) or simply periods of low liquidity / High Volatility. Now if you want to refer to last week’s market recap, I did mention, below the first chart (Fig.1), and I quote: “This lower distribution boundary (around $28,000) is key for a potential bounce and perhaps the best opportunity to buy B...

How to lend or borrow xFODL on Rari Capital’s Fuse Pools

If you don’t have that many crypto-assets under your name (or want to use the principle of leverage in your favor) then you’re in luck! In today’s guide, we’ll be showing you exactly how to lend the FODL token on Rari Capital’s Fuse Liquidity Pools. Rari Capital offers a wide range of high-yielding, interest rate pools where users can allocate their idle capital, and receive the biggest bang for their investment over time. Now, in case you’re not that familiar with what a ‘liquidity pool’ is… It essentially is a big digital pool filled with crypto-assets where users can trade coins on an hour clock basis; even when there are no buyers and sellers available. Picture it like an actual pool — but instead of having water, it has crypto. They were mainly created to provide traders with an opportunity to flip assets at any given time. As you might know already, sometimes traders can stumble upon the roadblock of not finding anyone to trade their assets with — and that’s the main problem liquidity pools are designed to solve. Now, Rari Capital not only allows users to deposit their crypto-assets in these pools; but also to create different public and private pools where you can lend and borrow assets of your choice. This can definitely come in handy for traders who don’t have that many assets of their own, but still want to capitalize on the many DeFi opportunities available in the sphere. Much...

FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 16 May 2022. — After a volatile and devastating week for many assets across Crypto, this last week was relatively calm, with Bitcoin & Ethereum both slowing down in volatility and finally establishing a range, despite the continuous sell-off in Legacy markets. Some well-needed respite for those risk-averse or less keen to trade volatile events. The Weekly chart on Bitcoin (Fig.1) does not look like a very inviting chart at first glance, but we see some signs that could potentially lead to a relief bounce soon. Two ledges (marked Red & Green) on the Volume Profile mark the boundaries where the price is being currently compressed, both resting at the lower portion of the large volume distribution. The key aspect is that price has tapped the Low Volume Node near $25,000 USD but has so far managed to stay above that and inside this large Volume distribution.Figure 1 Click the link for the Hi-Res chart This lower distribution boundary (around $28,000) is key for a potential bounce and perhaps the best opportunity to buy Bitcoin at the cheapest it has been since last August. But it is unwise to bet directionally at an inflection point such as this one, as the inherent fragmentation of Volume across many Exchanges, means that some of these Volume distributions can be ambiguous and divergent at best. So it is unclear if we are indeed testing support, testing resistance… or both....

FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 9 May 2022. — Carnage Last week was one of the most devastating weeks for Crypto investors I have ever witnessed. I have been in the space since early 2017 and have witnessed many events, such as the Cryptopia fiasco, many hacks on various exchanges and individuals, Bitconnect finally rug pulling + going to zero and many many projects from the ICO era either failing to deliver on their promises or just disappearing into oblivion during the 3-year bear market, but this was different… On the cusp of what many regards as the beginning of a long recession/bear market in traditional finance, and with Bitcoin sitting close to key support levels, the timing couldn’t have been worse for a Top 10 Crypto project to implode. I won’t go into it here, as there are plenty of better-informed people out in the space that can better explain what happened, but the impact felt by the collapse of Terra Blockchain and consequently, its tokens (Luna/UST), is far more reaching than just that project alone. The true extent of the damage is not yet fully known but many other projects were negatively affected by it. The confidence in the space has taken a severe knock and many sceptics are now up on their soapboxes with the old “Told you so” rhetoric tone. Regardless of what happened to that particular project and those who were indirectly/directly affected, Bitcoin took a big hit as well, losing th...

FODL Weekly Market Update

Summary of market movements, w/c 2 May 2022. — I didn’t want to turn this weekly recap into a fundamental based analysis, or a macro view on traditional markets, but it’s undeniable that Bitcoin and Crypto, in general, are still classed as “RISK ASSETS”. Bitcoin remains closely correlated to the NASDAQ and S&P and as long as legacy markets continue to markdown and signal a “RISK OFF” sentiment, it's silly to ignore this overall correlation. So let’s pick up from last week … As outlined in the last weekly market review, the FOMC meeting resulted in a short squeeze/relief rally (even if short-lived) , as a result of a more dovish approach to raising the interest rates. And as I explained, the market's expectancy was a whopping 75bps (¾ %) but Federal Reserve Chairman J. Powell insisted that 75bps is not on the table for now… so the markets rallied, even though the announced 50bps (½ % ) is the steepest rise in interest rate hikes since the start of the Century. This was short-lived and the next day, the blood continued across the board… Meanwhile, the US Dollar keeps rallying and breaking resistance levels not visited for 20 years and the Nasdaq and S&P continue to dump and test support levels. See Figure 1 We can see that the USD is quickly approaching resistance in the 105 area whilst the indices, Nasdaq and the S&P approaching Low Volume areas around 12,200 and 4050 res...

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