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Defi Warrior  


FIWA Price:
$23.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$138.1 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FIWA today is $0.0000639 USD.

The lowest FIWA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000639, and the current live price for one FIWA coin is $0.00006392.

The all-time high FIWA coin price was $0.00664.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of FIWA with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Defi Warrior crypto currency is #FIWA.

Defi Warrior is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Defi Warrior is $138,089.

Defi Warrior is ranking downwards to #1006, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #FIWA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Defi Warrior is $23,921.


The circulating supply of FIWA is 2,160,226,191 coins, which is 22% of the total coin supply.


FIWA is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


FIWA has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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How To Join Aquapark In The Mera

This tutorial will show you the way to join in step-by-step Hello Meracians!! Are you ready for upcoming game mode “Aquapark” in The MERA? So, this tutorial will show you the way to join in step-by-step. - Step 1: Download the metamask wallet and add it to the extension of your browser and download the app The Mera - Step 2: You need to register and join The Mera on both browsers or App. When you first log in by connecting your wallet (BEP20 Metamask), you will need to create your own character. Let your creative juices flow with all the colorful fashion accessories - Step 3: Afterward, go into the city and move to the “Game Center” building. You will see Aquapark booth in the Game Center. - Step 4: Game arcades are set with different enter fee (Choose one to play) - Step 5: At the game arcade, choose game mode: * Standard: Free to play * Challenge: Need entrance fee to play and earn from other players. All entrance fees will count toward pool reward - Step 6: Choose one of the above 2 modes then click “Find match”. Waiting for players and playing the game. With the above steps, now prepare a swimsuit to chill with Aquapark in The MERA. Stay tuned and we still bring lots of excitement to you! See the video here: — — — — — — — -

[defi Warrior Beta Ver.] Announcement

Dear Value Players/Investors, We hope everything goes well! Our team has been focusing on building the project toward the big vision for a long while since the market went down. As a result, The Mera was launched with new appearance, new functions and exciting journey ahead. Regarding to this, after consulting Advisors and carefully considering all the cases to find the best long term strategy to help grow the project, we decided to close down DeFi Warrior Beta version. The last day of the game will be on 31st of December, 2022 As the appreciation for the support as always, we would like to offer compensation solutions for investors who are in the below cases: - Owning NFT Warrior, CWIG - Directly buying the IWO Midoland package from us 👇Please read the attached file carefully. For details that you need to be explained, please contact the account or By making these moves, we believe that we are on the right path toward our vision upholding those values no matter what the time. We would like to thank each one of you wholeheartedly for for being a part of DeFi Warrior, contributing and supporting in any way. Hope that The Mera could also have you all in this promising journey! Best regards, The Mera Team.

Chill In The Mera — viral With Us!

🔥CHILL IN THE MERA — VIRAL WITH US! - Hello Meracians, - We have a special event for you with a total reward of up to 590$ - You can share your experience images in The Mera game via Twitter or Tiktok. *Note: Special character in mission 2 — can be Chloe, Anna, Sophia, Mark. You can take a picture with them anytime you see them when you are in The Mera! Players need to take a screenshot of the results of the above activities, then share these images on Twitter or Tiktok - Tag account Twitter - Hashtag #themera #metaverse - Follow Twitter The Mera For posts in the form of videos, players can also share on the Tiktok platform with the condition: - Tag account The Mera - The post gets a lot of interaction (give heart and comments) During the event period (3–14 Oct), the form to fill in wallet address + post link will be sent to the community, the user can make many posts, post many times and fill out the form with post links that users are interested in. 💥 For activities that require the presence of many members (activities 1 and 3), the prize will be given to the owner of the post with satisfactory/quality, the right to share or not share the prize with the participating members depends on the winner’s decision) *We will check and select quality and correct posts (based on the criteria of posts that help spread The Mera to many people) to win the prize. Any signs of fraud / unsatisfactory, the decisio...

The Mera— All You Need To Know

🎆 FIREWORKS EVENT — ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW 📍Only 2 days until the Fireworks begin, let’s rewind all the information about this special occasion, Meracians! -Avatar Customize: when login for the first time, you can customize it with your own style. Remember that after you created it, you can not change it while playing - Square Map: This is the map of THE MERA where all the player’s activities. At the moment, players are not able to go into the buildings, but in the next phases, players can interact with the advertisement displays on the infrastructure to earn rewards or in-game items - Chat Function: As we informed you before, a new function was integrated into the game that allows player to send messages directly. There are 3 mode in this chat section: global chat, group chat, and private chat. Check the detail about it RIGHT HERE if you miss the last post - Fireworks Event: Last but not least, the challenging quests are waiting for Meracians! Take a look at THIS POST for all the information about the rules&rewards of our welcome event! 👀 Besides the above activities, we also have extra rewards for active players who join in the minigames during the welcome events. Make sure to follow our Twitter and get ready for it, Meracians!

All Events In The First Week Of October

💥HIGHLIGHT INFORMATION💥 The event series WELCOME TO THE MERA includes Music Night, Money Drop, Fireworks, Chill In The Mera, and exciting minigames! 🥂Music Night: this event will have 3 minigames (from 12:00 to 01:00 UTC), players can try out the new functions in the metaverse like chatting, Dance Moves, random commands,… 💎 Money Drop: To pay tribute to our first citizens, a helicopter will drop free tokens in the stage area. Each player needs to assign to the NPC and confirm with it after that to claim the reward 🎇 Fireworks: This event is a 5-quests list, and each quest will be open in turn from 04th Oct to 09 Oct (00:00 UTC) 🍻 Moreover, during the time of Fireworks event takes place, there will be minigames for online players at the Square 🚀Chill in The Mera (3 Oct — 10 Oct): Besides the minigames, we create missions that require Meracians to share the visual of the THE MERA on Twitter/TikTok with hashtags, feedback about the game,…to earn exciting rewards! — — — — — Follow our Twitter to update the lastest new about the event! Get a move on! Happy to see you at The Mera🧨🧨

Music Night— Minigame Guideline

Beside the dance moves and energetic music, there are also minigames with special rewards in the Music Night Event for you, Meracians! Total reward: 100 USDT Time: 3, October, 2022/ 12:35–13:15 (UTC) 💥RULE - COPYCAT (5$/player): There will be 2 model characters named “Copycat_1” and “Copycat_2” appearing on the main stage and 3 players with the most similar outfit to them will win this reward. You need to take a screenshot and send it to DeFi Warrior Official Group on the Telegram channel to claim this prize - LUCKY DICE (5$/player): The 2 fastest players who use the random command in the chat section and get the correct numbers will win. This game includes 2 rounds: + Round 1: Participants use the command “/random(1,50)” and who gets the number 19 first will win + Round 2: Participants use the command “/random(40,90)” and who gets the number 79 first will win - MERA QUIZ (5/player): 5 different quizzes about THE MERA will show up for 10 seconds in turn on the stage screen. The top 5 players who type the correct answers will be the winners - LOCATE ME! (5$/player): A picture of buildings in THE MERA will be shown on the stage screen. Players need to find that spot, take a screenshot and send it to @TheMera_Support. The first 5 players who finish all the step will get the reward - FAST FINGERS (5$/player): A random character string will be showed on stage and participants need to type it correctly to...

[fireworks Event] — tutorial To Join The Welcome Event

[FIREWORKS EVENT] — TUTORIAL TO JOIN THE WELCOME EVENT - [FIREWORKS EVENT] — STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL Hello, Meracians! Do you have thousand of questions popping in your head about the Fireworks event? So right now we will show you the detailed tutorial of this quest series! Reward: 25,000 eFIWA/quest/player Time: 00:00 UTC, 3 Oct — 00:00 UTC 10, Oct, 2022 — QUEST LIST - - HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD: You will need to complete 5 multiple choice questions to pass this quest. All the quizzes for this mission are related to the Whitepaper of THE MERA and the gameplay of DeFi Warrior. - FIND MERA: In this quest, the letter boxes will randomly spawn on the map and players need to collect all 4 letters of the “”MERA”” word. There will be some empty boxes appear while you’re searching, so pay attention to the collected words on the bottom-right corner of the screen! - GARDEN MAZE 3D: Players need to find the exit of a challenging hedge maze within the allotted time to claim the reward. If you fail, the structure of the maze will change in the next time you play it, so don’t let the memory fool you! - GOLD DIGGER: This time, players must use a metal detector to find all the gold before time runs out. Remember to check your detector, It will give stronger signals when you get closer to gold - SHOOT OFF FIREWORKS: In the last mission, players will use the fireworks claimed in previous quests to shoo...

How To Join In The Mera?

💥 TIME TO BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY! ⁉️ Not knowing how to start in THE MERA? So this tutorial will show you the way in step-by-step Step 1: When you login for the first time by connecting your wallet (BEP20 Metamask), you will need to create your own character. Let your creative juices flow with all the colorful fashion accessories, - Step 2: After creating the character, you can now try the chat function and the dance moves. A little hint that we will have prizes related to these 2 functions - Step 3: Now, you can explore the metaverse and find the NPC to take the quests. You can check out the detailed rules & rewards again right here! 💎 Above are the general steps when you get access to THE MERA, stay tuned and we still bring lots of excitement to you!

Welcome Event To The Mera: The Fireworks!

Hello DWERs, we are excited to announce to you the official information about THE MERA’s welcome event — Fireworks! 🏆 Reward: 25,000 eFIWA/player/quest ( maximum 100 prizes/quest) Time: October 1, 2022 — October 6, 2022 — Rules - This event is a series of 5 quests and the total reward will be equally divided for each quest. One quest will be unlocked every day and only 100 fastest players to complete it will receive the reward., The series include: “Hit the nail on the head”; “Find MERA”; “Garden Maze 3D”; “Gold Digger”; “Shoot off Fireworks”. The detailed tutorial of these quests will be informed to you later, Player will need to find the NPC to start the mission. The position of the NPC is different each day so you must find it when a new mission is unlocked, If you miss the mission of one day, you still can do that mission in the days after, — Note - The quests me be done in order and when you have finished a quest, you can not do it again, In this phase, only players in the whitelist can access to THE MERA and do the quest, If you have any problem while doing the quests, please take a screenshot and send it to @DeFiWarrior_Support, If the number of players who finished the quest has not reached 100, other players still can do the quest in the days after to claim the prize. The maximum reward per quest remains unchange (2,500,000 eFIWA/day), 🎼 Before starting th...

[announcement About Changing Communities Name]

As the project continues to expand, we want to have a name that best represents our vision and our community. Our original project name was DeFi Warrior. Based on feedback from the community and our plans to broaden our product line, we decided it was time to change our current communities to The Mera. However, to avoid confusion for new members joining our communities, as well as those who have little time to access the group, we will change the name step by step. On September 9, we will change our name to THE MERA — DEFI WARRIOR first. Our Communities include Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Youtube, Medium, Tiktok, Instagram, CoinmarketCap. ❤️Thank you for your patience and Follow Our Twitter to update the latest news about THE MERA 👀

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