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FINN Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$83.6 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FINN today is $0.00130 USD.

The lowest FINN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00130, and the current live price for one FINN coin is $0.00130436.

The all-time high FINN coin price was $0.80.

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The code for Huckleberry crypto currency is #FINN.

Huckleberry is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Huckleberry is $83,603.

Huckleberry is ranking upwards to #1097, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak today for #FINN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Huckleberry is $50.00.


The circulating supply of FINN is 64,095,613 coins, which is 64% of the maximum coin supply.


FINN is a token on the Moonriver blockchain.


FINN is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Appendix: AMA Recap with CLV

My dear Huckleberry friends, Last Thursday, August 4th, Huckleberry officially launched on CLV, an EVM-compatible Polkadot parachain. To mark this momentous occasion, your ol’ friend Finn was lucky enough to be invited by the team at CLV to take part in an AMA in their official Telegram channel. This proved to be the perfect opportunity to introduce our humble community-driven DEX and lendin’ platform to an entire swath of new drifters on CLV! Here is a full recap for those who couldn’t make it! You can find the original record here. AK: — Hello everyone — I hope you are all having a wonderful day and welcome to today’s AMA session with the amazing Huckleberry. 🤩 — Today we have a really special guest with us, and I would like to welcome the Founder of Huckleberry, Finn. 🙌💥 Finn: — Thanks! Hi everyone! I’m really so excited to be here! Thanks for having me! AK: — Welcome aboard and we are delighted to have you here with us. 😊 — So let’s start with the introduction first. 🚀 — Can you give a brief introduction of the Huckleberry project and the team behind it? Finn: — Absolutely! Let me start by introducin’ myself to all your fine people! — Please call me Finn. I am the founder of Huckleberry — a DEX (and lendin’ platform!) that is just launched on CLV. I have been in blockchain for a very long time actually. I’d say I first dipped my big toe in the waters in abo...

Appendix : How to bridge $FINN from Moonriver to CLV

Appendix : How to bridge $FINN from Moonriver to CLV My dear Huckleberry friends, Finn here! With the launch of Huckleberry CLV just around the corner, I have taken the liberty to prepare a special guide to demonstrate the process you need to follow to bridge your $FINN from Moonriver to CLV. As you all already know, $FINN can be moved between chains usin’ Wanchain’s secure bridge. Conveniently, Wanchain supports both Metamask and CLV Wallet. Naturally, you’ll need to have your wallet set up to connect to both Moonriver and CLV. Here’s a guide showin’ you how to connect your wallet to Moonriver. Here’s one showin’ you how to connect Metmask to CLV. And with that…let’s get to it!Usin’ Metamask: Movin’ $FINN from Moonriver to CLV — 1 — Visit Wanchain’s bridge and click “Connect to Wallet” at the top of the page. Select Metamask.. — — 2 — Select $FINN from the dropdown menu, then set Moonriver as your “From” chain and Clover P-Chain as your “To” chain.. — — 3 — Enter your “Recipient” address and the amount of $FINN you want to move crosschain. Click “Next”.. — — 4 — Confirm that you didn’t enter an address belonging to a centralised exchange as the “Recipient” then double check the transaction details. Once you are sure there are no problems, click “Confirm”.. — — 5 — Sign the transact...

Chapter 13: A field of clovers

My dear Huckleberry friends, It is not always the nature of drifters to climb mountains. Life is often best enjoyed horizontally; eyes pointed towards the sky. But every now and then, a glimmer catches the eye, and a drifter is forever changed. A drifter choosing to leave the safe confines of the river echoes an explorer’s need to climb mountains. We are drawn to the unknown much like an explorer yearns to stand on higher ground to gaze upon wonders even farther into the distance. It is with this in mind that I am happy to announce that Huckleberry will officially launch on CLV on August 4, 2022.The mountain’s four-leaf clover As you all know, though Huckleberry experienced early success and became the first-and-only platform on Moonriver to offer a fully-fledged, in-house DEX and lendin’ platform, the community of drifters voted for a multichain strategy. Ultimately, you all decided that Huckleberry should launch on CLV — and EVM-compatible Polkadot parachain. Here is a list of important dates to keep in mind:August 1, 2022: $FINN tokens can be bridged from Moonriver to Clover using WanchainAugust 4, 2022: Huckleberry launches on CLVAugust 5, 2022: Ol’ Finn, Huckleberry’s founder, will join an AMA hosted in CLV’s official TelegramAugust 11, 2022: Reward multipliers for Rivers on Huckleberry Moonriver will be reshuffledAugust 11, 2022: The first set of Rivers will begin dischargin’ $FINN rewards on Hu...

Chapter 12: Thatcher’s Reservoir Version 2

My dear Huckleberry friends, Much has happened in the past couple months. Due to sustained choppy waters on our dear ol’ Moonriver, the Huckleberry drifters demanded a change in course. Followin’ a hotly contested Governance vote, we have collectively decided on a destination: Clover 🍀. And while I will have much more to share about our plans for Polkadot’s most promisin’ EVM-compatible parachain, today remains about Moonriver. First, let me just say it outright: just because we are deployin’ our community DEX (and lendin’ platform!) on Clover, it does not mean we are abandonin’ Moonriver. We will continue to support our original home to the best of our abilities. Case in point? Thatcher’s Reservoir Version 2. Released in late December 2021, the original Thatcher’s Reservoir marked the dawn of a new era for Huckleberry as we became the first platform to offer a fully-fledged, in-house DEX and lendin’ protocol on Moonriver. At the time, we teased that an upgraded version with extra rewards and liquidity incentives for lendin’ AND borrowin’ was comin’. Well, the time has finally arrived! Beginnin’ today, any drifter who either lends or borrows assets on Thatcher’s Reservoir will receive $FINN rewards.Some important detailsTotal supply: 1,000,000 $FINNTime horizon: 3 yearsEmissions: Decreases every 6 months. Each 6-month period emits about 75% less than the previous period.Period 1: 304,128...

Chapter 11: Huckleberry and Alphadex team up!

Greetings my Huckleberry friends! After workin’ alongside each other in the background to try and help grow and improve the Moonriver ecosystem, Huckleberry and AlphaDEX are officially partnerin’ up to promote both communities and build a long-lastin’ relationship that will benefit users of both respective platforms. As part of this partnership, Huckleberry and AlphaDEX will support each other with marketin’ and development. Both projects share a mutual vision to build great products while puttin’ our users first.Benefits for Drifters & Alphas Many cross-token giveaways, farming opportunities, and stakin’ protocols that reward both $FINN and $ROAR can be expected in the coming weeks. Not to mention potential NFT drops and an amazin’ Moonriver tradin’ competition. It is incredibly excitin’ to embark on this journey together and many great things will come as a result of this partnership. This is only the beginnin’ of what we’re capable of doing together and much more can be expected in the future, as we help grow the Moonriver ecosystem together and make it a better place for all users.About Huckleberry Huckleberry is your community driven AMM crosschain DEX and lendin’ platform built on Moonriver. It is a special project designed for people who are willin’ to cross rivers, networks and blockchains to see the world and experience all that it has to offer! Huckleberry is built by and for drifters...

Chapter 10: Airdrops Part 3

My dear Huckleberry friends, In early-January, noticin’ that 40% of all $FINN was staked in Tom’s house, I issued a challenge to all you drifters. I gave you all a one-week deadline and said if you all rallied together and made it so that more than 50% of all $FINN was staked in Tom’s house, three things would happen:Tom would donate 9000 $FINN to Tom’s House — which he did;I’d increase the reward multiplier on Stake $TOM Earn $FINN — which I did; andI’d organise a brand-new Airdrop aimed at Thatcher’s Reservoir, Huckleberry’s lendin’ platform! Well, you did it! And ol’ Finn always keeps ‘is promises.The long and short of itA total of 200,000 $FINN, or 0.2% of the max supply, will be distributed.The Airdrop has two components:50,000 $FINN will be shared between all drifters who deposited funds into Thatcher’s Reservoir, proportional to their deposits, weighted over time. The snapshot for this portion of the Airdrop has already been taken and covers everythin’ from the launch of Thatcher’s Reservoir to just before this announcement.150,000 $FINN will be shared between all drifters who borrow assets from Thatcher’s Reservoir, proportional to the amount they borrow, weighted over time. The snapshot for this portion of the Airdrop will cover everythin’ from the launch of Thatcher’s Reservoir to February 7th. Eligible drifters can begin claimin’ the Airdrop beginnin’ at 10:00 A...

Chapter 9: Governance

My dear Huckleberry friends, Since the launch of Huckleberry, we have made great strides in creatin’ value for all drifters. We minted a token, called $FINN, with a unique Passive Sailin’ function that made it so everyone could earn just by holdin’. We deployed a DEX, whose trading fees were shared with all holders. We designed $TOM, a staking receipt for $FINN that always increases in value. We launched a lendin’ platform, whose protocol fees were all donated to Tom’s House. Not to mention the ongoing stream of risk-free Shore Excursions that let you earn tokens — includin’ $FINN! — with zero risk. But despite all this, one important feature remained missin’… until now. As each and every one of you know, Huckleberry was always envisioned as bein’ a drifter-driven endeavor. As such, it is with great pride and joy that I announce that the first iteration of Huckleberry’s governance platform is online and operational!How does Huckleberry’s Governance work? Huckleberry’s Governance platform is based on Snapshot’s decentralised voting system. The platform allows any drifter to create proposals and vote usin’ their $TOM tokens. $TOM held in wallets and $TOM staked in Shore Excursions are all included. $TOM supplied to Thatcher’s Reservoir, Huckleberry’s lendin’ platform, will not be included to avoid the risk of double voting (i.e., someone could lend and borrow $TOM. If both sides wer...

Chapter 8: Thatcher’s Reservoir

Greetings my Huckleberry friends, In my previous life, I had the pleasure of meetin’ and learnin’ from all sorts of different characters. These people inspired me to make Huckleberry a brand-new kind of community driven AMM crosschain DEX where every single feature — from $FINN’s Passive Sailin’ rewards to Tom’s House — creates value for each and every one of you. One of the most impactful people in my life was the one and only Judge Thatcher. I remember he always fought for my well-bein’ and safety, and even helped ol’ Tom and I invest the money we earned goin’ on Adventures and Excursions. With Judge Thatcher in mind, I have somethin’ a little different to share today. It is with great excitement that I can share that Huckleberry’s highly-anticipated decentralized lendin’ platform — called Thatcher’s Reservoir — has officially launched! The launch of Thatcher’s Reservoir marks the dawn of a new era for Huckleberry as Huckleberry becomes the first platform to offer a fully-fledged, in-house DEX and Lendin’ protocol on Moonriver. Thatcher’s Reservoir is based on both the Compound and Banker Joe protocols.What can you do with Thatcher’s Reservoir? Thatcher’s Reservoir offers everyone the ability to deposit or borrow against whitelisted assets. Combined with Huckleberry’s decentralized exchange, it enables the deployment of a variety of high-level DeFi strategies —...

Chapter 7: Huckleberry and Beefy team up!

Greetings my Huckleberry friends! Finn here! In the weeks since I last wrote, thousands of drifters around the world have set sail and uncovered many of Moonriver’s mysteries. One interesting development has been the discovery of a variety of wildlife on Huckleberry’s shores: RivrDoges, RivrKittys and now… RivrCows?A Huckleberry Cowmoonity For those new drifters who might not be familiar, Huckleberry is a community driven AMM crosschain DEX built on Moonriver, where every single feature is designed around creatin’ value for $FINN holders. This is seen in everything from our high-APR Rivers, risk-free Excursions and the $FINN token itself. $FINN has a special feature called Passive Sailin’, where 1% of every FINN transaction is shared among all $FINN holders. 100% of Huckleberry’s DEX fees are given to users. And for those drifters who might not be familiar with Beefy:Beefy Finance is a Decentralized, Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. The main product offered by Beefy Finance are the ‘Vaults’ in which you stake your crypto tokens. The investment strategy tied to the specific vault will automatically increase your deposited token amount by compounding arbitrary yield farm reward tokens back into your initially deposited asset. Despite the name ‘Vault’ suggests, your funds are never locked in any vault on Beefy Finance: you can alwa...

Chapter 6: Tom’s House

Greetings my Huckleberry friends! Finn again! As most of you are aware, I am perfectly content passively sailin’ on Huckleberry’s many rivers. But sometimes, even I must admit, that it is nice to take small shore excursions to explore all that Moonriver has to offer. As such, I am happy to announce to you all that Huckleberry’s Excursions, or single-sided $FINN staking, is just around the corner!Tom’s House Tom is one of my closest friends. By visitin’ Tom’s House, all drifters can stake $FINN to receive $TOM. Because this is single-sided $FINN staking, there is no impermanent loss. Because the pool of $FINN backing $TOM continually grows thanks to both Passive Sailin’ and a portion of Huckleberry DEX fees, $TOM has the potential for never-ending growth (Tom always was one to come up with imaginative schemes)!Excursions After countless hours sailin’ Huckleberry’s Rivers, some drifters might feel the need to take a short excursion ashore to discover the plentiful mysteries of new surroundings. Huckleberry’s Excursions lets drifters stake $TOM to earn $FINN or other projects’ tokens. $TOM makes these kinds of single-sided staking pools feasible since $TOM is not subject to Huckleberry’s Passive Sailin’ function. In other words, $TOM transactions are not subject to a 1% reflect. This also makes $TOM more suited to certain day-to-day activities, such as formal governance, that will come to Huckleberry ...


SOLD OUT Synthopia NFT Drop & Updates

    Listen up, degens Summer’s out, and it is time to gear up for another season of Web3 and NFTs. Team VESA has enjoyed the refreshing (too much so at times) weather of our native Finland and some interesting connections and projects have immediately sprouted. Currently, VESA is in Switzerland for a top Web3 conference with the fastest growing crypto ecosystem in the world, Crypto Oasis, but more on that a little later. First, it’s time to give a shoutout to a friend who is a fellow pioneer in the scene with a sold out project VESA is an advisor for. Link to project Selling out was just the beginning. Fusing art, culture, music, gaming, film, and AI, 'SYNTHTOPIA' is a creation of DESTABILIZED, an art collective founded by creative industry veteran 'QVANTVM', with contributions from Scott Page, renowned for his work with Pink Floyd, and a network of strong partners who have contributed to award-winning AAA games, music, and films, from Cyberpunk 2077 to Batman, Warner Bros, HBO, Universal, Netflix, and Disney. SYNTHTOPIA Rewards Of course, the project offers a range of rewards to its holders, categorized into different tiers based on the number of NFTs held - from TRAILBLAZER (1-4 NFTs) to PROMETHEUS (200+ NFTs). Each tier unlocks a unique set of benefits including but not limited to discounts on merchandise, special roles on Discord, exclusive access to events, earning passive income, and having a major influence over the project's direction. For example, TRAILBLAZ... read More

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