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FILDA Price:
$84.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$752.8 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FILDA today is $0.00389 USD.

The lowest FILDA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00389, and the current live price for one FILDA coin is $0.00389039.

The all-time high FILDA coin price was $2.22.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of FILDA with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Filda crypto currency is also #FILDA.

Filda is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Filda is $752,833.

Filda is ranked #896 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #FILDA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Filda is $84,651.


The circulating supply of FILDA is 193,510,841 coins, which is 39% of the maximum coin supply.


FILDA has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 5 crypto exchanges.

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FilDA Monthly Report

June 2022 — FilDA Operational Monthly Report. — Optimize functions such as wallet connection and network switching.FilDA goes online on REI Network.Added language support for Korean on FilDA.Open the FilDA DAO proposal and prepare for FilDA production reduction and cross-chain.FilDA Supply On The page Product Data:Total deposits and loans:$29,429,498.16Number of current addresses: 145,328Current FILDA circulation: 192,070,823 FILDADAO pool pledge amount: 70,298,287.32 FILDA ($399,407.28)CMC market cap rank: 2997Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1907 In June, the loan agreement interest income for users (USDT):HECO: 41,421.72IoTeX: 60,315.54ESC: 6,920.69Operational Dynamics:On June 7th, FilDA and ONTO held an online AMA. The best questions on Twitter and the AMA site shared 𝟓𝟎𝟎 FILDA. June 9th, $FILDA (HECO) was listed on the Bit.Store app. June 15th, FilDA and REI Network held an online AMA. Following and retweeting gave participants the chance to share 1000 FILDA. Joining the Telegram group allowed participants in the AMA the chance to win 𝟓𝟎𝟎 FILDA. June 23, FilDA launched the FilDA FIP-0012 FilDA cross-chain REI Network plan proposal, including FILDA emission reduction. — About FilDA. — FilDA is a decentralized banking platform containing two fundamental protocols: Banking — Le...

Beta Liquidity Campaign for FilDA-REI

On July 1st, FilDA will launch on REI Network and begin a two-month campaign to raise liquidity.FILDA-REI TokenSupply: 10,000,000 FILDA-REI (Tokens not yet issued)Distribution: 80% for Community Incentives, distributed over 30 months. 10% for Development Team, distributed along with community incentives. 10% for Marketing.Beta Liquidity CampaignDate: From July 1st to September 1st.Rewards: Rewards are distributed in the form of FILDA-REI Points, which can be redeemed. Further details to be announced later. For information on supported assets on REI and how to transfer assets to REI, please visit. Twitter: Telegram: Github:

ONTO Wallet and FilDA AMA

7th June 2022 — AMA Transcription Introduction: — Could you please explain what FilDA is?. — Super quickly — DeFi Lending and Borrowing! In more depth? FilDA is a Web3.0 asset bank, which was launched on January 5, 2021. Since launching last year, FilDA has created over 20 million USD of interest income for deposit users, and the peak value of total deposits and loans exceeded 2.1 billion US dollars. FilDA is a very simple way that allows everyone to participate in a DeFi protocol that promotes ecological prosperity and shares the fruits of ecological development by simply depositing and borrowing. Lending is a lower risk yield opportunity for DeFi users. And borrowing allows for broader strategies to be employed in DeFi. — What are the innovative features of FilDA Finance, in comparison to the projects in the same market segment?. — Thinking about IoTeX here, but the same tenets exist for all chains we support… With such a pleasing start on IoTeX our next target is working to empower tokens and projects on-chain and help users capture more value. This is the core purpose of FilDA, and it is also the part that we will focus on improving in FilDA 2.0. Specifically, in 2.0 we have made the following improvements: 1. In FilDA 2.0, we will start multi-chain deployment and operation. This aspect is to expand the user base, actual platform usage, and it can also help FilDA become a true c...

FilDA Monthly Report

April 2022 — FilDA Operational Monthly Report. — With the participation of the auditing company SlowMist and Shield, the ESC network hacker attack vulnerability was fixed.Full reimbursement for all user losses on the ESC network.Launch the Glide-FilDA double mining pledge pool on the ESC network.Optimize the page display data, FilDA supply and other information. — Product Data:. — Total deposits and loans: $49,729,721.70Number of current addresses: 145,264Current FilDA circulation: 170,881,987 FilDADAO pool pledge amount: 69,267,771.89 FilDA ($778,081.53)CMC market cap rank:3509Coingecko Market Cap:1871 February loan agreement interest income for users (USDT):HECO:46,556.35IoTeX: 145,975.97ESC: 25,066.73 — Operational Dynamics:. — On April 22, the security issue on FilDA-ESC was fixed.On May 02 (UTC), FilDA — ESC restarted and opened deposits and borrowings. Users can obtain $FILDA rewards by staking ELA, BTC, ETH, HUSD and other assets to provide liquidity. — About FilDA. — FilDA is a decentralized banking platform containing two fundamental protocols: Banking — Lending and Borrowing assets (based on Compound) Staking — Locking of assets to earn rewards (based on Harvest) · FilDA Website · FilDA Twitter and Telegram Channel · FilDA GitHub

FilDA Monthly Report

March 2022FilDA Operational Monthly ReportLaunched FilDA lending on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) network.Started liquidity mining and partner joint mining in ESC.Upgrade the SDK to enable WalletConnect for connecting wallets.Adjusted gas fees so FilDA uses a smaller estimate to avoid user misunderstandings.Product Data:Total deposits and loans: $71,241,652,89Number of current addresses: 145,253Current FilDA circulation: 163,666,673 FilDADAO pool pledge amount: 64,893,051.40 FilDA ($880,049.96)CMC market cap rank: 3577Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1929 In February, the loan agreement interest income for users (USDT):HECO: 79,497.91IoTeX: 45,795.32ESC: 35,596.74Operational Dynamics:March 10th, FilDA added the ESC network. Initially, lending services were provided for ELA, BTC, ETH, HUSD and other assets.March 14th, FilDA launched a liquidity incentive program on ESC. Users obtained FilDA rewards by staking ELA, BTC, ETH, HUSD and other assets to provide liquidity.March 16th, FilDA launched the Elastos Smart Chain airdrop activity. The top 200 people who completed the task received 10 FilDA (ESC) airdrop rewards.March 18, the DeFi lending protocol FilDA recently officially launched the Elastos Smart Chain FILDA token and destroyed 10 million FILDA on the HECO chain.March 19th, FilDA issued an airdrop announcement to thank the long term users of ESC who have long supported ecological projects in the Elastos community, and t...

FilDA Post-Exploit Remediation Plan

Details of the FilDA team efforts to return lost funds to users affected by the hack: IOU bonds, 10% fixed APR on stablecoin assets, full reparations for all losses.. — As already stated, the FilDA team is dismayed by the actions of those who sought to disrupt the DeFi efforts of the FilDA protocol on Elastos Smart Chain. Furthermore we fully accept responsibility to correct the engineering that permitted the breach, and we are facing the challenge of ensuring that each affected user has their loss returned to them in full. Finally, this solution has to be managed in a way that permits FilDA to continue. In reality, for the affected users to be “made whole” again, it is imperative that the protocol keeps growing and providing lending and borrowing services to the Elastos community, and those joining the Elastos DeFi journey. FilDA has designed the following plan to provide ESC-FilDA with liquidity to function for Elastos again, funds for the affected users to be recompensed, and a way to reward those choosing to assist in the reparations.FilDA IOU Bond Plan Visit the IOU Bond page here — Quick reference. — Funds raised from IOU bond sales are for compensation and liquidity in FilDA-ESC. The IOU reward is fixed at 10% APR. A reward and repayment of principal will be airdropped to your address each month.Anyone can buy IOU bonds. If you suffered a loss in the exploit, you can voluntarily convert some o...

FilDA-ESC: Remediation and Re-launch

What happened? As stated in the last community update, an exploit was orchestrated by an attacker on FilDA-ESC. The dev team identified the root cause and fixed it alongside the Slowmist team. The hacker’s address is being analysed, traced, and added to the blacklist of security organisations and exchanges. All related functions on FilDA-ESC are suspended. FilDA on other chains remains functional. The total compromised funds add up to 1,677,000 USD.What’s Next? It’s our responsibility for the engineering error, and we are taking every measure to ensure 7 incidents won’t happen again. We have come up with a remediation plan to make our users whole and FilDA-ESC liquid again. An IOU token will be generated as a voucher for account losses. IOU is exclusively for accredited investors and those affected by this exploit. You can purchase an IOU with stablecoins or exchange their debt for the IOU. If all IOUs are assigned, there are no more losses for users, and the platform can re-launch. Join Telegram for more info.Schedule 1. IOU Token subscription: ~7 days 2. FilDA-ESC re-launch: ~14 daysIOU details 1. The total amount of IOU token is 1.68 million, and the face value of one IOU Token is $1 USD. 2. A 10% APR is the compensation to IOU holders by monthly airdrops of FilDA. IOU holders will receive monthly airdrops of USD as repayment of principle. It is expected to repay all debts in three years. 3. The sources of fun...

FilDA Incident: Community Update

At 7:00 PM UTC on Tuesday April 12th 2022, an exploit was orchestrated by an attacker on FilDA-ESC. The dev team immediately began to diagnose the cause alongside our security partners. The cause has been preliminarily identified, and the dev team urgently suspended all deposits and borrowing on FilDA-ESC.Please note that FilDA contracts on HECO, IoTeX, Arbitrum, Polygon and BNB Chain are unaffected by this incident. They remain active and open.Summary 1. Compromised funds: 1,677,000 USD (but could reach up to 2 million USD) 2. It’s our responsibility for the engineering error, and we are taking every measure to ensure such incidents won’t happen again. 3. Getting back the funds is the top priority. People are suffering from this loss. We humbly request the attacker returns the funds. 4. We plan to suspend all operations of FilDA (including withdrawal and repayment) for snapshot at 5:00 AM UTC on April 15th. A plan to reopen the market on ESC and a remediation plan for affected users is being drafted.If you have lost funds please contact us here: funds Compromised Assets:USDC 279,341HUSD 721,673.8BUSD 440,158.353BTC 4.402465184ETH 17.91882523 Chains: (Attacker Address; Balance) ETH: 0x93c3A8051b8ba814eB5FB22d655681720E6a4d74;703,266.3649 DAI80.4495 ETH Heco: 0x93c3A8051b8ba814eB5FB22d655681720E6a4d740.6505 HT24,975 ELA Elastos: 0x93c3A8051b8ba814eB5FB22d655681720E6a4d74...

FilDA Monthly Report

February 2022 — Product News:. — Upgrade the V1 and V2 clearing pages to simplify the manual clearing process.Support HUSD-USDT LP deposits on the HECO network.Deployed and launched on the ESC chain, and opened support for mainstream assets such as ELA, BTC, ETH, BUSD,USDC and HUSD. — Product Data:. — Total deposits and loans: $ 63,054,721,61Number of current addresses: 145,265Current FilDA Circulation: 154,394,928 FilDADAO pool pledge amount: 60,082,460.83 FilDA ($ 835,893.30)CMC market cap rank:3577Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1867 In February, the loan agreement creates interest income for users (USDT):HECO :144,741IoTeX :121,971.5 — Operational Dynamics:. — Recently, FilDA launched a cross-chain Elastos Smart Chain network proposal. Community members will vote on whether to enable the cross-chain service of the chain., FilDA and IoTeX airdrop activities are in progress. Follow FilDA’s official Twitter account, retweet and pin the content on Twitter, like, retweet and @two Twitter friends, join the FilDA Discord channel, fill out the user questionnaire, and select 99 people Divide 2000 FilDA. FilDA Community Discord channel has been created. Welcome to join for more information. F...

FilDA IoTeX Competition

Below are the winners for the recent competition for $FILDA on IoTeX — Lucky number - Twitter name - IoTeX FilDA won. — 1 @QAISERA81327939 15.625 2 @dukunhrc 15.625 3 @Crypto_P2D 15.625 4 @trinusa23 15.625 5 @nidhom_sadewa 15.625 6(Lucky person) @aayushrai11 166.67 7 @airdropnusanta1 15.625 8 @dimsa9 15.625 9(lucky person) @shrey63645200 166.67 10 @CryptoFredy 15.625 11 @Rishabh68701292 15.625 12 @ATIKURR420 15.625 13 @vikram___rajak 15.625 14 @AsifKha61002975 15.625 15 @ankanairdrop 15.625 16 @MrShaw12279134 15.625 17 @gtshivam1 15.625 18(lucky person) @koekoecoco 166.67 19 @Rohitgu59880597 15.625 20 @SahidAbdulloh9 15.625 21 @JayKushu 15.625 22 @akash93892149 15.625 23 @lovercypto 15.625 24 @BantiKnk 15.625 25 @ArifHatzs 15.625 26 @naved75723 15.625 27 @Gyanend47430037 15.625 28 @Mozza173 15.625 29 @rudraja87065979 15.625 30 @junehnin2 15.625 31 @Nanang57227829 15.625 32 @sithu71182416 15.625 33 @ArbikZulkifli 15.625 34 @jamalpandt 15.625 35 @Shopno02 15.625 36 @jueeusa 15.625 37 @Yog5055 15.625 38 @elbaratonr 15.625 39 @KoYe67912933 15.625 40 @Lambu999 15.625 41 @santri1436 15.625 42 @Banaybobby 15.625 43 @SUBHASH2134 15.625 44 15.625 45 @PkyMa3 15.625 46 @reddyvennapusa1 15.625 47 @da_rk_vid , id: 2884232962 15.625 48 @abbaskhoso110 15.625 49 @Realyn20000879 15.625 50 @moshie059 15.625 51 @MesarLaluram 15.625 52 @hannafrango 15.625 53 @jariyak63 15.625 54 @MohdNay506...

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