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FIDA Price:
$12.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$21.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FIDA today is $0.36 USD.

The lowest FIDA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.363, and the exact current price of one FIDA crypto coin is $0.36335.

The all-time high FIDA coin price was $15.23.

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The code for Bonfida crypto currency is #FIDA.

Bonfida is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Bonfida is $21,919,276.

Bonfida is ranked #530 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #FIDA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Bonfida is $12,669,533.


The circulating supply of FIDA is 60,325,040 coins, which is 6% of the maximum coin supply.


FIDA is a token on the Solana blockchain.


FIDA is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 12 crypto exchanges.

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Bonfida Exclusive: Edition #9

We’re back with the monthly catch-up session #9. We worked on finessing some of our products which included a batch domain name resolver, a new skin for the token vesting program, a simple swap UI and more. $FIDA gets listed on yet another exchange and the Solana Name Service (SNS) broadens its reach in the ecosystem through partnering with 4EVERLAND, YAWWW and Squads protocol to name a few. Here’s your month’s recap in under 5 minutes. Announcements Bonfida x 4EVERLAND: Point your website or Dapp to an SNS domain 4EVERLAND, a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform, has integrated SNS to provide domain name owners with a one-stop SNS + IPFS website hosting service. This allows users to easily deploy websites and decentralized apps and directly point them to a .sol domain. The 4EVERLAND integration highlights the value of SNS in the sphere of Web3 by aiding it in reaching its full potential of censorship resistance and decentralization. For more information and a full guide on the integration refer here: Solana Domain Name NFT Marketplace Expansion: YAWWW This month we further expanded SNS listings on the P2P NFT marketplace, YAWWW. They have created a safe and sophisticated platform for P2P NFT trading which now includes our very own .sol domains. First lending pool on Project Larix Larix kicked off their lending la...

Bonfida x 4EVERLAND: Point your website or Dapp to an SNS domain

Bonfida is excited to announce a new partnership with 4EVERLAND. 4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that provides storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to become the infrastructure for millions of developers and applications that accommodates a smooth transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Excitingly, 4EVERLAND has now integrated the Solana Name Service (SNS) to provide users with a one-stop SNS + IPFS website hosting service. What has 4EVERLAND built over the past couple of months? 1. Cross-chain support for Phantom login on Solana 4EVERLAND first launched on Ethereum and has integrated the Ethereum Name Service to help users deploy websites and use ENS for hosting. Now, 4EVERLAND is expanding into the Solana ecosystem and has integrated the native wallet, Phantom, for log-in purposes. 2. IPFS + IPNS hosting service Deploying an IPFS website has never been so easy. 4EVERLAND enables users to easily connect their Github accounts and deploy their websites with a single click. In addition, they provide each new user with 100GB bandwidth, 4GB storage and 250 build minutes to start the deployment on IPFS. After a successful deployment, users can point a website to an SNS domain by simply appending the website’s CID to a .sol domain name. Moreover, 4EVERLAND combines forces of IPNS + SNS to make IPFS hash records update more efficiently. With IPNS addresses provided by 4EVERLAND, SNS users can...

Bonfida Exclusive: Edition #8

The first quarter of the year has flown by and brings along the time for another Monthly Exclusive. March has been jam-packed with exciting developments and partnerships — so, here we are with Edition #8 to ensure you stay updated. From new and enhanced partnerships with wallets, domain name tokenization, listings on multiple NFT marketplaces, innovative UI changes and many more, makes this month nothing short of eventful. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the latest happenings! Announcements New Partnership Announcement with Slope Finance Bonfida has successfully strengthened a partnership with Slope Finance which delivers a mobile gateway to Web3. Slope Finance hosts two major products: (1) Slope Wallet, the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana and (2) Slope NFT Market and aggregator of the ecosystem’s top NFTs. Solidifying this partnership with Slope Finance brings about important advances:Displaying .sol domain names as collectibles inside Slope walletA direct registration link to the Solana Name Service (SNS) inside the mobile walletIntegrating a secondary marketplace for SNS into Slope NFT MarketAnd enabling auto-approve for all Bonfida’s products Both teams share a similar goal of bringing as much value as possible to the entire Solana ecosystem which we hope to achieve through this partnership. For more information on this partnership please refer here:

Tokenize Solana Domain Names & Marketplaces

Picture this, an NFT with the added advantage of a domain name’s use cases, ready to be listed on an array of marketplaces of your choice. We have made some innovative changes to .sol domain names to tighten our partnerships with marketplaces and enhance the resale ability for our users. As of recently, you can wrap (tokenize) your domain name for it to function like an NFT. These NFTs come with one clear advantage: listings on multiple secondary marketplaces. With this innovation, we have managed to secure marketplaces for NFT .sol domain names on the platforms, FTX NFTs, Solanart, Solsea, Digital Eyes, Alpha Art, Hyperspace & Burnt Finance! To list your NFT, you would simply have to tokenize your domain name on Bonfida’s site and choose your favourite marketplace! Even though ownership of a domain name equals ownership of an NFT, there are some important processes and differences to be noted. Let’s have a look. How to wrap a .sol domain name as an NFT Domain names can be wrapped as NFTs and unwrapped at any time. Once wrapped, the domain name will act like an NFT. In the meantime, the domain name will be sent to an escrow account, until the user decides to redeem it. When the NFT is unwrapped again, the program will burn the NFT and return the domain name to the owner of the NFT. Users can wrap and unwrap their domain names a limitless number of times. Note: Tokenization of domain names is not supported by...

Cashmere Integrates To The Solana Name Service

Bonfida is excited to announce that Cashmere wallet has completed its integration of the Solana Name Service (SNS) to their web based platform. Before we dive into how SNS is being used, let’s find out what Cashmere is: Cashmere is a multisig wallet on Solana. They aim to bring a Phantom-like user experience for managing shared ownership of SPL tokens. Cashmere has won the fifth place in the Convergence Hackathon co-hosted by Serum and Wormhole, and is also one of the participants in Serum’s Accelerator program. — — — — — — — - What does the Solana Name Service integration with Cashmere mean? With this integration, you can simply transfer SPL tokens via a .sol domain name on Cashmere’s web based platform. How would this integration benefit the Bonfida and Solana Ecosystem? It’s great to have projects building multisig wallets on Solana. With the rising demand for treasury management from existing projects and DAO organizations, the product delivered by Cashmere will solve the pain point of managing shared ownership. We believe that integrating the SNS to simplify the payment process will provide great convenience for treasury teams of SOL projects. What does the integration of the Solana Name Service mean for adoption on the Solana blockchain? Having support from Cashmere, the first multisig wallet, provides a strong narrative that the Solana Name Service is the standard for all users on t...

Bonfida Exclusive: Edition #7

We’re back with the Monthly Exclusive: Edition #7! We have lots of news to recap with everything that has been happening this month. A few quick noteworthy mentions include three major Solana Name Service changes, additional $FIDA listings, using your .sol domain name to withdraw from FTX, exciting new partnerships and last but not least the Solana Riptide Hackathon. Without further ado let’s dig in. Announcements Deposit and Withdraw from FTX using the Solana Name Service An undoubtedly first mention is the ability to use .sol domain names to withdraw directly from FTX! This partnership portrays the real value of the Solana Name Service and we couldn’t be happier to share the news with you. For a detailed guide on deposits and withdrawals please refer here: Solana Name Service Change: Unsolicited Offers and More Another big one for the Solana Name Service are the added changes to maximize the potential of .sol domain names on Bonfida’s platform. Along came unsolicited offers, fixed price listings and selecting your favorite domain name. The unsolicited offer function allows users to make offers on domain names not up for auction. Why is this useful you may ask: well, a buyer can now tempt a domain name owner with an attractive bid and owners have the power to realize the demand and value of their domain names. A...

New Partnership Announcement with Slope Finance

Bonfida is excited to announce a new partnership with Slope Finance. Slope Finance is the mobile gateway to web 3, hosting two major product lines: Slope wallet, the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana; Slope NFTs Market, an aggregator of the ecosystem’s top NFTs. Slope aims to shape the user journey of a trustless, self-governing and decentralized world. Over the next couple of weeks, the Slope Finance team will work closely with Bonfida to deliver key features that are highly anticipated by both community’s members. We believe that adding these features into Slope’s mobile app will significantly improve the user experience. Let’s explore what these key features are: 1. Display .sol domain names as collectibles inside Slope wallet Imagine that you can view a .sol domain name like an NFT in your mobile wallet! Many community members have expressed interests in viewing domain names as collectibles inside their wallets, and therefore we have decided to work with Slope Finance to realize this feature. We believe having this feature embedded into a mobile wallet will simplify the experience for users who want to curate their domain names effortlessly. 2. Direct registration link to the Solana Name Service (SNS) inside the mobile wallet Over the past couple of months, we have witnessed huge growth of the Solana Name Service with over 150K registered. Slope Finance was one of the earliest wallets that integrated...

Deposit and Withdraw from FTX using the Solana Name Service

The cornerstone of the Solana Name Service (SNS) is the ease of use when it comes to transacting. It has played a key role in enhancing the efficiency of the ecosystem and as a result has seen considerable growth with over 150K domain names registered. A long awaited missing piece to truly showcase the value of SNS was the ability to withdraw from centralized exchanges using your domain name. Bonfida’s partnership with FTX has now made this a reality: users can directly withdraw from FTX using their .sol domain name. Unreadable wallet addresses can be a source of confusion and a barrier to entry, that .sol domain names will aid in diminishing. How do withdrawals on FTX via .sol domain names work? 1. Get a .sol domain name here 2. It will automatically be linked to your wallet address when claimed 3. When withdrawing from FTX, simply insert your .sol domain name instead of your wallet address as per the example below 4. Withdraw Deposit using your subdomain name: 1. Create a subdomain: Go to your domain page and select “Add subdomain” 2. Search for your subdomain as described in this guide 3. Click on your subdomain and select “Transfer” 4. Enter your FTX SOL address and transfer your subdomain 5. Send tokens to your FTX account using your subdomain. If FTX ever changes your SOL address you will be able to claim your subdomain back and transfer it to the new address. Closing Statement This is a monumental ...

Bonfida sponsors a prize in Solana’s Riptide Hackathon to reward the best integration with the…

Bonfida sponsors a prize in Solana’s Riptide Hackathon to reward the best integration with the Solana Name Service & Jabber Bonfida is excited to sponsor a prize in Solana’s Riptide Hackathon to reward the best integration with the Solana Name Service (SNS) & Jabber. The prize is up to $30,000 USD worth of $FIDA. We’ve compiled a few resources to facilitate integration: What is the Solana Name Service? Solana Name Service Guide: What is Jabber? Jabber’s Documentation Mobile app: Smart contract: Besides the above resources, we have also summarized a few integration ideas to help you get started. We also encourage you to come up with other innovative solutions that bring value to Bonfida and the Solana ecosystem! The Solana Name Service:Better CLI to build webapp + deploy + upgrade on-chain recordsBuild a name resolver that resolves to the IPFS/Arweave website hosted on sol_domain.solBuild a browser or browser extension that resolves IPFS contents hosted on a .sol domain nativelyBuild a SNS manager app (similar to ENS manager app)Build a secondary marketpla...

Solana Name Service Change: Unsolicited Offers and More

Over the past several weeks we have received a lot of suggestions from our community, one of which was a secondary marketplace for .sol domain names. We have evaluated this suggestion and come to realize the core desire: the ability to make an unsolicited offer. We have decided to stay ahead of the game and meet these needs ourselves! Along with this we have implemented the ability to choose your favorite domain name to display. Expect more changes in favor of enhancing the Solana Name Service experience to come soon. Let’s dig straight into what these changes mean Make an unsolicited offer on a domain name​ This change allows users to make offers on all registered domain names and the owner can choose whether to accept it or not. In this way, there would be no need for an auction to take place and buyers can directly make competitive offers to tempt the current owner to sell. The unsolicited offer implementation works much like users are able to do with NFTs on Magic Eden and/or Ethereum Name Service users on Opensea. So, have you been keeping an eye out on your long lost domain name? Now’s your chance: go make an offer! Choose to display your favorite domain name We understand some users may have multiple domain names but only one they frequently use to transact or display their Web 3.0 identity. We want to spare everyone some trouble! With this implementation users can signal to other projects what their favor...


7 Best Solana (SOL) Wallets: Full Comparison (Updated 2024)

    Solana is one of the largest blockchain ecosystems, boasting thousands of decentralized applications. With a vast sea of web3 projects and apps on Solana waiting to be explored, it’s crucial that we pick the right wallet that suits our needs. Whether you're a seasoned user or a newcomer to Solana’s blockchain ecosystem, finding the best Solana wallet (tailored to your needs) is crucial. This guide explores some of the most popular options, as well as their pros, cons, distinctive benefits, and what you should be aware of before creating your new address. Before we dive deeper, however, if you want to find out more about the network and its ecosystem, take a look at our comprehensive Solana blockchain guide.  Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best Web3 wallets for Solana. Comparison of the Best Web3 Wallets for Solana Phantom - The Most Popular Choice Phantom is the most popular Solana wallet in terms of user base (as of writing these lines) — thanks to its multi-purpose design, user-friendly interface, high performance, and low gas fees. This non-custodial wallet is popular among SOL stakers due to its simplified staking process and user-friendly interface. This makes it a preferred choice for over half a million monthly users. It's available as a web browser extension for Brave, Firefox, and Chrome — and it's also available on mobile. The mobile version is intuitive, allowing users to tab between their funds, non-fungible ... read More

Web3 Domain Alliance Announces New Members to Protect User-Owned Digital...

    [PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, United States, 22nd February 2023] Unstoppable Domains commits to not assert against members of the Alliance its patents that are necessary to adopt the Alliance’s interoperability and security standards The Web3 Domain Alliance, a member-led coalition dedicated to improving the technological and public policy environments for users of Web3 naming services, today announced 52 new members including, Rarible, Wyre, Bitdegree, WazirX, and Klever, along with dozens of other naming systems, projects and companies. In order to support the ongoing development of digital identity technology in Web3, Alliance members including Unstoppable Domains will make contributions, including technology, to enable interoperability and security standards. As part of this commitment, Unstoppable has irrevocably agreed not to assert against Alliance members its patents that are necessary to adopt the Alliance’s interoperability and security standards. More information can be found on the Web3 Domain Alliance website. A founding member of the Web3 Domain Alliance, Unstoppable was recently awarded a patent around resolving blockchain domains and aims to support innovation across the Web3 industry through its IP investments. Members of the Web3 Domain Alliance will engage on topics including consumer protection, interoperability of blockchain naming systems, fair and open use of intellectual property in the industry, preventing naming collision... read More

Web3 Domain Alliance Launches To Protect Users' Digital Identities

    [PRESS RELEASE - Lisbon, Portugal, 2nd November 2022] The newly formed member-led alliance will support the development of Web3 domains and work to fight bad actors, cybersquatting and domain collisions in Web3 Today, the Web3 Domain Alliance was formed – a new coalition that aims to promote the technological advancement and interoperability of Web3 domain registries and improve the experience of Web3 users. The alliance will seek to prevent malicious phishing attacks, bad actors impersonating Web3 “top-level domains” (W3TLDs), cybersquatting and Web3 domain collisions. The member-led group includes leading blockchain and Web3 naming players including Unstoppable Domains (.crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .zil, and .blockchain), Bonfida (.sol), Tezos Domains (.tez), Polkadot Name System (.dot), Hedera (.hbar), Syscoin (.sys), and (.klay) that are working together to provide protection for Web3 domain names. This cross-chain coalition includes naming systems across the Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Polkadot, Hedera, and Klayton blockchains. While traditional Web2 domain names are organized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), an American nonprofit organization responsible for coordinating namespace databases, there is no such governing body or alliance in Web3. Web3 domains, such as sandy.nft, nate.hbar or sarah.sol, provide infrastructure that allows people to own their Web3 identity and data ... read More

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