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FCL Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FCL today is $0.019 USD.

The lowest FCL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.019, and the current live price for one FCL coin is $0.01896.

The all-time high FCL coin price was $1.30.

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The code for Fractal crypto currency is #FCL.

Fractal is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Fractal is $4,791,762.

Fractal is ranked #1169 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak during the past 24 hours for #FCL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Fractal is $181.


The circulating supply of FCL is 252,749,305 coins, which is 54% of the maximum coin supply.


FCL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


FCL is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Fractal X Gnosis: A strong collaboration to expedite DID adoption

We are excited to announce that Fractal DID technology has been deployed on Gnosis — one of the first Ethereum side chains! With the integration of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) into the Gnosis ecosystem, Fractal is demonstrating its commitment to supporting the platform and providing users with a seamless experience when switching between decentralized applications. — Navigating the Gnosis Network: A short guide to its ecosystem. — Gnosis Chain is the Ethereum sidechain which serves as the primary infrastructure for the Gnosis DApp ecosystem, consisting of protocols, vaults, and various other projects. One of the key benefits of Gnosis Chain is its smooth integration with Ethereum, enabling EVM compatibility with its beacon chain architecture. Additionally, Gnosis Chain is secured by a vast network of over 100k validators, which are distributed globally. This diverse set of validators, combined with community governance, helps maintain Gnosis Chain’s neutrality. Fractal DID provides developers and end-users with a seamless way to leverage Gnosis network benefits. — Next-Gen dApps: The Power of Fractal DID in the Gnosis Ecosystem. — Leveraging Fractal DID provides users with an efficient solution to access various dApps on the Gnosis ecosystem. With Fractal’s cutting-edge technology, users only need to complete the KYC process once for any dApp, and they can immediately start using other dA...

DID use Cases: Generating value with Real World Asset Tokenization

1. Introduction - As a critical time for the cryptocurrency market dawns, tokenization is poised to be one of the most transformative developments yet. Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization is a novel concept that has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about investments and propel the crypto industry into the mainstream. Offering a more transparent, efficient, and accessible way to invest in a variety of asset classes, RWAs are a rapidly growing trend across various business verticals including real estate, art and even the space economy. In this article, we explore the current issues with traditional financing, the onset of DeFi, the revolutionary potential of Real-world Asset and the Fractal identity solution to the efficient management of the RWA ecosystem. Let’s dive into the details! — 2. Why is traditional financing no longer the norm? - Centralized financing or CeFi — a system that has been in place for centuries — has been the backbone of the financial industry and asset management. However, its antiquated processes have left many individuals and companies feeling left out in the cold. From the creation of investment products to the distribution of profits, the entire process is often controlled by intermediaries such as banks, brokers, and lawyers. This centralized control has resulted in a lack of transparency, limited access for retail investors, and a high investment risk. Thus cre...

Fractal & Outlier Ventures: Helping Startups Succeed in the Evolving Web3 Landscape

How to empower Web3 founders for long-term success? In this interview Fractal and Outlier Ventures explore their collaboration for Web3 identity infrastructure and acceleration - — Introduction - For Web3 founders looking to succeed in their journey, it’s important to have a reliable infrastructure. In this interview with Fabio Maffioli, Head of Accelerator Programs at Outlier Ventures we explore how the collaboration between Fractal and Outlier Ventures has helped Web3 founders to focus on their core offerings, allowing them to set strong foundations for long-term success. In 2021, we partnered up to build a “frictionless ID for the metaverse”. How? By providing identity solutions for the teams onboarding into Outlier Ventures, mainly focusing on compliance and KYC/KYB. Today, Outlier Ventures is the world’s leading Web3 accelerator, and Fractal plays a key role in its due diligence process. — Questions and Answers - Fractal: Welcome, Fabio! There are few players shaping the ecosystem as much as Outlier Ventures. Has the ecosystem evolved in the way you expected it to? Outlier Ventures: In some ways, it has, but in others, it has not. In 2019, we drafted a thesis called The Open Metaverse OS, where we outlined the necessary tech and steps to build an Open Metaverse. While the concept of the Metaverse gained a lot of interest in recent months, mainly through NFTs, gaming, and DeFi, there was also a lot of...

Fractal & Polygon ID: A Powerful Duo for Decentralized Identity Adoption

Fractal and Polygon ID are collaborating to make decentralized identity adoption a reality in the Web3 blockchain ecosystem.. — — 1. Introduction - Fractal has teamed up with Polygon ID — a decentralized, self-sovereign identity infrastructure for Web3 that is powered by Polygon. As part of the collaboration, Fractal will work to power Polygon ID’s KYC/AML processes and user onboarding. Together, Polygon ID and Fractal will work to pave the way for a full-fledged solution covering all parts of value creation in Web3 identity verification. The collaboration aims to move decentralized and digital identities beyond the Proof-of-Concept stage into mass adoption. Let’s dive into the details! — 2. Tapping into the massive Polygon Ecosystem - — 2.1 Polygon Ecosystem. — Polygon operates as a cryptocurrency and blockchain scaling platform built on Ethereum and enables different Ethereum compatible blockchain networks to connect, build scalable user-friendly dApps and benefit from ​​additional features. — 2.2 Polygon ID. — To better empower users Polygon ID was launched in 2022 as an on-chain identity verification system that enables “self-sovereign, decentralized and private” digital identities on the blockchain. Powered by zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptography, Polygon ID leverages the Iden3 protocol and aims to put users firmly in control of their data, by providing scalable an...

Fractal x Binance: Introducing Decentralized Identity to the Binance Ecosystem

We are thrilled to reveal that Fractal was implemented on Binance Smart Chain, the world’s leading smart-contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users. By integrating DIDs into the BNB ecosystem, Fractal is supporting Binance and making it easy for users to switch between dApps. — Leveraging the Potential of Binance Smart Chain - Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network developed by Binance, which is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. BSC is a high-performance blockchain that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This makes it easy for developers to create and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. The Binance Smart Chain is created to deliver fast, low-cost transactions and is also interoperable, which means that it has the ability to connect with other blockchain networks. These interoperability features offer significant opportunities for developers and end users to take advantage of, and Fractal DID can make it even easier to seize these opportunities. — Fractal DID for Binance ecosystem: A Game Changer for dApps - Previous implementations of Fractal ID were limited to specific platforms. However, by implementing DIDs across the entire Binance ecosystem, it enables access to unique features for dApps on the Binance Smart Chain that are not available in other crypto spaces. — Un...

Fractal — 2022 Year in Review

Fractal — 2022 Year in Review - Going back to our roots. Empowering a human-centered web3 space — Key Points - As we slowly reach the end of 2022, we wanted to wish our community a Happy New Year and celebrate with you a successful 2022! We are proud to say that we have set the cornerstone to realize Fractal’s initial vision of creating a better Web3 for everybody. And to do that, we took a step back to focus on establishing grounds for decentralized identity solutions that progress both businesses’ and users’ experiences. With these solutions, we were able to grow our user base to reach ~973k users, and empower like-minded businesses and ecosystems to grow their own user base, provide them with seamless experiences, and maintain their compliance with data privacy regulations without risking their reputations. Here, we celebrate with you our 2022 successes: We went multi-chain and are now natively on Polygon, Avalanche, Gnosis with more to come soon, User growth grew to 973k users with a Fractal ID which more than half are verified (proof-of-personhood or KYC) making us the largest DID provider in Web3 from what we can see, “Sometimes when it feels like we are moving backwards, we are setting ourselves up for a big jump. I believe that this jump is ahead for decentralized identity in 2023. We needed to feel again why we are building decentralized systems in the first place. We needed to be reminded that...

FCL Staking Program: Step-By-Step Guide in 2022

We are happy to announce that the FCL Staking Program is going to be live on 15.12.2022. A total of 21K FCL tokens will be allocated daily for staking to maximize your FCL rewards and boost your growth. In this step-by-step guide, we will explore all the details of the Staking Program, including: How FCL Staking works, Where can you stake your FCL, What FCL tokens can you stake, Pool size, What you need to stake your tokens, Staking FAQs, Here’s what you need to know! — How does the FCL Staking Program work? - As all staking programs work, FCL staking aims to reward our community and those who believe in our growth by providing them with the opportunity to increase their growth and maximize their earnings. — Where can you stake your FCL? - FCL staking will be available on SushiSwap dApp on Gnosis chain. Therefore, you’ll need to have FCL on Gnosis chain, and you can do that either by: Transferring FCL to Gnosis through the FCL-Gnosis bridge, Swap xDAI for FCL on the dApp, and for that you will need to have xDAI that is available on exchanges, or on Sushi., To start staking, all you need to do is: Connect your wallet, Then go to Earn menu, Choose FCL / XDAI pool 4, Add liquidity to SushiSwap 1, Enter the amount you wish to stake, Once done, reward details will show up at the bottom of the pool page — Planned rewards - The currently planned amount of FCL for staking rewards is 2M FCL for ...

FCL Bridge On Gnosis Chain

We are excited to announce that the FCL bridge will go live on December 6, on the Ethereum, Gnosis, and Substrate blockchains finally enabling FCL owners to move their tokens across these blockchains. As we announced in our recent roadmap article, Fractal will enable you to do just that in a seamless experience where you can specify the chain you want to convert from or to, define the amount of FCL you want to move around, and provide you with secure, cheap, and fast transactions of your FCL tokens. — Bridging FCL to different blockchains - The first phase of the bridge will enable you to conduct your swaps via a website that we will share with you on the launch day. In the background, our engineers have been working hard to provide the ability to mint/burn tokens for each chain. In turn, this provides you with a seamless and safe way to bridge your FCL. The bridge can specifically allow you to convert your FCL: From Ethereum ERC-20 FCL, To and from Substrate native FCL, To and from Gnosis ERC-20 FCL, — Why Gnosis? - Building a secure bridge is challenging. And along the way we experienced technical setbacks and delays when building the FCL Bridge. We are aware that you, the community, have been waiting for it, but that couldn’t come at the expense of a fully operational bridge that actually works. One of those setbacks was the event with Acala, where the bridge was thought to go live first. Here we learn...

Bot Free Web3 Games: Why Gamer Uniqueness Is Important

Play-to-earn and GameFi Web3 platforms are standing out as the major emerging sectors in the gaming industry, with some reports estimating that the Web3 gaming industry will grow to reach ±$125 billion by 2025. However, recent reports indicate that ±40% of Web3 gaming users and traffic is composed of bots. The same report also shows that ±$200 million are being stolen each year from Web3 games by multi-accounting and automation fraud. In turn, these bots and sybil attacks can drain the play-to-earn liquidity pools, and steal the opportunity from the real gamers. Here, we explore how uniqueness provided by decentralized identity can protect platforms from bot and sybil attacks, and how that can be done in a privacy-preserving way. — What is Web3 gaming? - According to a survey by Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), 62% of gamers would be more likely to invest in digital assets if they were transferable between games, and 84% of developers would create in-game items for the same reasons. As Web3 games are games that use NFTs, decentralized ledgers, smart contracts, or are built on the blockchain, this differentiates them from traditional gaming apps by enabling interoperable ownership of in-game assets and making these assets interoperable across different games. As in traditional games, users can own digital assets (e.g. skins, tokens, rewards) in Web3 gaming. However, unlike traditional AAA games which tend to lock us...

Decentralized Identity Use Cases: DIDs For Safe On & Off Ramps

On and off ramps, also known as crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto exchanges, are the first platforms that users visit to onboard into the crypto ecosystem. As these platforms advocate for decentralization and privacy, they may not require KYC for onboarding, making them quite attractive for criminals to cash in and cash out while maintaining anonymity. In turn, this makes these platforms vulnerable to regulatory lawsuits, compromising the sustainability of the platform and its users, and standing as an obstacle in the way of mass adoption. Here we explore how on and off ramps work, challenges of anonymity and criminal activities on these platforms, and how decentralized identity can add a layer of security to on and off ramps, establishing balance between data privacy and platform security. — What are on and off ramps in crypto? - On and off ramping is the process of exchanging cryptocurrency with fiat currency and vice versa on certain exchange platforms that enable this service. On Ramping is the process of exchanging fiat currency for cryptocurrency (e.g. you have 100 USD and exchange it for 100 USDT), whereas Off Ramping is the opposite process; exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat (e.g. you have 100 USDT and exchange it for 100 USD). Ramping is considered the first step any user needs to take to start their cryptocurrency growth journey. — Why is identity important for on and off ramps? - Pseudo-anonymity i...


Could A Litecoin Fractal Foretell A New Bull Trend In Crypto?

    The cryptocurrency market continues to feel the darkness of crypto winter, but it could be Litecoin bringing the blossom of a new bull trend, according to a an eerily similar fractal found in LTCUSD daily price charts.  The fractal pattern developed following the most recent pullback, and appears to have a similar structure to a major bull market breakout. Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel for cryptocurrencies? Hawkish Fed Dims Litecoin Rally, But A Fractal Gives Hope After a stellar month leading the market with 40% returns for November, Litecoin has given back nearly half of that thus far in December.  LTC had been on a tear, outperforming top coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and clawed its way closer toward making it back into the top ten cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap.  But the greater market pullback stemming from a hawkish Fed meeting this month, caused a failure to liftoff in Litecoin.   However, the discovery of a price action fractal in LTCUSD could suggest this recent pullback wasn’t necessarily a failure, but a refueling of sorts — before taking off in an even stronger rally.  Comparing Price Action Then Vs Now: Will Bulls Get A Break? The fractal begins on Black Thursday in March 2020 — a black swan event few saw coming. Litecoin rebounded and the fractal formed.  Unlike Bitcoin, which made a lower low during the FTX, LTCUSD hasn’t, and instead has followed the same pattern from 2020 al... read More

How the $35M Fractal Just Raised Could Rock the NFT Space (Op-Ed)

    The announcement came on April 1, but it was no joke. Neither was the amount raised, $35 million USD, a tidy sum. Justin Kan dropped a hint of what was ahead for Fractal last month, tweeting, “Yeah, I built Twitch, it has millions of users & gaming NFTs are way bigger.” Ten days before launching the NFT marketplace on Dec 30 last year, Fractal announced the launch, and by the time it went live, the Fractal Discord had accumulated some 107,000 followers, according to Kan in an interview with GamesBeat. Paradigm and Multicoin Lead $35M Seed Round Along with Menlo Park, California-based Andreeson Horowitz, Solana Ventures, Coinbase, Animoca Brands, Play Ventures, Position Ventures, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, Crossover, Shrug Capital, TerraForm CEO Do Kwon, Tim Ferriss, and the founders of Ramp along with many others joined the round. Kan, however, took to Twitter to remind stakeholders in the Fractal and NFT community, as well as any start-up entrepreneurs looking on that, “it’s not the size of your seed round it’s what you do with it.” With the crypto market in bloom with echoes of NASDAQ in the late 1990s, it’s an important admonition for both crypto-investors and startups. Here’s what Kan says Fractal has in the works with the fresh infusion of private capital raised three months from launching: “Crypto never sleeps. We’re building stuff super fast, very product-driven, it feels like we’re defining how value&rs... read More

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