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Fantom Maker  


FAME Price:
$43.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$110.6 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #FAME today is $0.000214 USD.

The lowest FAME price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000214, and the exact current price of one FAME crypto coin is $0.00021382.

The all-time high FAME coin price was $0.11.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of FAME with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Fantom Maker crypto currency is #FAME.

Fantom Maker is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Fantom Maker is $110,571.

Fantom Maker is ranking downwards to #2892, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #FAME.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Fantom Maker is $43,829.


The circulating supply of FAME is 517,120,000 coins, which is 86% of the total coin supply.


FAME is a token on the Fantom blockchain.


FAME has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #FAME, and you can view them on our FAME disambiguation page.



FantomMaker and Halvings Capital unite to Create IKIGAI

The Community-Centric Hub for Crypto Investors. - FantomMaker IDO launchpad for crypto projects, and Halvings Capital, a community fund that invests in crypto startups in seed and private sale stages, are excited to announce a key partnership that will create a unique hub for the crypto community. The new Discord HUB, called IKIGAI, will centre around the community and reward active participation from its users. The alliance is a strategic move that will create a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that combines the strengths of both companies. FantomMaker’s proven track record of launching successful projects and Halvings Capital’s expertise in identifying and investing in promising startups will now be combined to provide users with access to a wide range of quality projects. The Japanese word “IKIGAI” means a “life purpose” or “raison d’être.” Ikigai refers to defining your personal meaning of life in relation to your talents, passions, and profession, as well as what you can give to the wider world. One of the key features of IKIGAI is its unique system that rewards active participation from users. To gain access to the Discord channels, users have to burn $FAME tokens, which are the native tokens of the FantomMaker ecosystem. The burning of tokens ensures the constant reduction of the $FAME token supply, which in turn will increase its value due to its scarcity. Access to the IKIGAI Discord Server is through a u...

ChainPort Token Distribution

We are approaching ChainPort TGE after waiting a few months. The total raise in Fantom is approx. 100,000 FTM around $150,000. As you know the move to collect FTM tokens came just a few minutes before the IDO launch (planned in USDC) This occurred due to a developer’s change to avoid bugs being caused by the network. However, the swap in Stable coins never took place, as in the following days after the IDO, FTM tokens dropped by -25%/-30%, leading to a negative exchange price compared with the amount collected. At the time of writing FTM price is $0.24 — about -80% We were surprised by the sudden market crash, but we firmly believe that our choices are made solely in the interest of our community and the success of the FAME Project.Given these considerations for $PORTX IDO, we decided to keep FTM price set at the exact time of purchase (price from Blockchain) for each participant. We will act in this way to safeguard users’ funds and our community. Fantom Maker will compensate for the loss by using the treasury, part of the team’s tokens and liquidity. You will find your allocation in the link below. LINK: ALLOCATION SHEET❗️Tip to easily search your wallet address•Windows press “CTRL” + “F” while you are on the sheet to open the page search bar, copy your wallet address and place it in the search bar which will look for your wallet on the sheet.•Mac press “COMMAND” + “F” while you ar...

Fantom Maker Updates & Burn

Community Updates. — It’s been an exciting four months for Fantom Maker, and Today we’re looking to provide you with an update on our most exciting releases as well as a new use case for $FAME Stake-Holder and the announced huuuuuge BURN!🔥 The market turbulence has shaken investors, injecting fear and indecision, however, it allows us to work with more emphasis and focus on platform developments. Furthermore, the recent Proposal ($UST adoption on Fantom) approved by the Terra community is a major boost proving that we are on the right track! — 500,000 $UST Proposal for Adoption on FTM Opera. — “Not So Degenerate Proposal: Road to Efficiency” That’s how the proposal for UST adoption on Fantom was outlined by the Terra community, The proposal allocates $500k for UST LP farms — the allocation is intended for 10 Launchpad projects over the course of 1 year (i.e. $50k/project). For better alignment of interests, liquidity incentives will only be allocated to launchpad projects that allocate the highest emission to $UST pools, and integrate UST into our platforms. Proposal — 1014 FantomMaker will also be accepting UST as purchasing currency for launchpad presenting a new use case for $UST across Fantom Opera Network. Fantom Maker Team are extremely proud that our proposal has passed with 84.58% votes! We are very thankful to Terra Community, th...

Fantom Maker x Creaticles

Partnership Announcement We are very proud to announce our strategic partnership with! Creaticles is a first-of-its-kind custom NFT-request platform that connects talented creators with businesses and brands. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in content platforms, crypto and blockchain technology, Creaticles is the platform to request NFT assets for any project or occasion. The CRE8 team has just announced the integration of Fantom as part of the multi-chain expansion. Creaticles & Fantom Maker join forces for the promotion of new projects on the Fantom Maker launchpad through contests based around community-generated NFT creations! Learn More about Creaticles Website: Twitter: Telegram: WEB TWITTER TELEGRAM ANN.CHANNEL TELEGRAM OFFICIAL GROUPFantom Maker is designed to be the strongest yield product on Fantom blockchain. Fantom Maker ties traditional yield farming with launchpad opportunities, creating a single platform to both farm and participate in the best Fantom launches. The launchpad is a tierless system. Every holder will get a part of the allocation of the projects. This ensures a flattened but assured yield for all.

ChainPort & Fantom Maker Giveaway

To celebrate our first IDO with Non-holder allocation we will giveaway $2500 of $FAME Tokens — $2500 of $PORTX Tokens for 50 Top users that will promote Fantom Maker and Chainport via social. Top 50 promoters will not only get a chance to participate in ChainPort IDO but will also receive $50+$50 each of $FAME & $PORTX tokens as airdrop!Please note that we will personally check the Gleam entries. Selected users will have the opportunity to purchase $PORTX allocation on Fantom Maker Launchpad.A % of total Launchpad allocation will be reserved for Non-Holder and distributed via social task promotion (Gleam Campaign) for the most active supporters!Even if you are not a $FAME holder, you will get a chance to participate in IDOs by promoting ChainPort And Fantom Maker on social media.This guarantees access to projects with no risk required.How TO PARTICIPATE IN ChainPort IDONon-Holder Allocation YOU NEED TO JOIN THE PROJECT’STwitter ​FAME- ChainPort ​- TG — ANN — TG — a non-custodial wallet address (e.g Metamask No Exchange Wallet) to participate in IDO & receive PrizesLike, Quote the tweet & Tag 3 Friends and Use #FAME #PORTX #IDO (LINK)Have a great engagement with your post Unleash your creativity, quote or comment...

ChainPort IDO

Fantom Maker IDO #3: ChainPort IDO Registrations: Starts: April 3rd — 13 UTC Close: April 4th — 13 UTC IDO Date: Starts: April 4th — 15 UTC Close: April 5th — 22 UTC Token Purchase — $USDC Non Holder Allocation: Starts: April 5th — 15 UTC Close: April 5th — 22 UTC Gleam Campaign For detailed information about Allocation Staking and platform FEES please consult this articleA % of total Launchpad allocation will be reserved for Non-Holder and distributed via social task promotion for the most active supporters! Even if you are not a $FAME holder, you will get a chance to participate in IDOs by promoting ChainPort And Fantom Maker on social media. This guarantees access to projects with no risk required. Hey, Fantom Makers it’s time to join $PORTX token sale! As per our philosophy, we want our projects to improve the growth and expansion of Fantom Network. ChainPort is an innovative blockchain bridge that provides custodian-level security with real interoperability and an easy-to-use interactive interface. Backed by big names in the industry, the ChainPort team has delivered noteworthy performance: +300 Tokens ($400M Value) ported so far from different chains and reached over 450M TVL at its peak. ChainPort leads the way in creating bridge security and permissionless porting, nurturing projects’ abilit...

Fantom Maker Launchpad Features

Are you ready to get into the Fantom Network Revolution? Fantom Maker is at the launchpad on the forefront of Fantom’s startup boom! What makes Fantom particularly exciting is the level of wealth distribution in its boom. A wealthy, large addressable market of retail attracts founders, developers, and entrepreneurs who want to develop a wide array of solutions. This is fertile ground for an ecosystem launchpad. Notably, a launchpad played a primary role in the diversification events of all other layer-1. Fantom Maker is a flagship Fantom launchpad, with combined functions of token sales, NFT offerings, and yield farming, open for everyone! — How the Platform Works. — Allocations guaranteed for everyone: Our creed is the community. As we did with Halvings before, we will now propose to do it again with Fantom Maker. Community first. In the projects launched on Fantom Maker, even smallholders will have the opportunity to buy IDO allocations.How? In the following way Fantom Maker offers guaranteed allocations for all token holders. Like other launchpad platforms, users holding more tokens will get larger allocations, however, we operate on a scaling system that distributes each allocation proportionally among $FAME holders based on the size of their holdings. Thanks to this system, Fantom Maker allows even smallholders to receive allocations, helping to minimize barriers to entry while allowing everyone to parti...

Fantom Maker X Excalibur Exchange

Fantom Maker IDO #2: Excalibur — $FAME holder Snapshot!. — Hold your $FAME and get a spot on Excalibur Liquidity Events $FAME holders (Snapshot) buying tiers, as follows0–9999 $FAME up to 4k Allocation10k-100K $FAME up to 7.5k Allocation100K+ $FAME up to 15k Allocation Users need to HOLD $FAME to take part in IDO. ( No stake Needed) A snapshot will be taken at a random time, $FAME Holders will be whitelisted to join Excalibur Token fair launch.Random snapshot will be taken before 5th March 23:00 UTC Excalibur’s fair launch initial liquidity event Start: March 5, 2022 End: March 8, 2022Hold $FAME in a EVM Wallet (Metamask)$FAME Centralized Exchange holder will not be counted!!! During the Fair Launch , you will contribute with FTM and receive $EXC-$FTM LP tokens in the equivalent value of the investment.Excalibur Exchange — Introduction. — Excalibur is a Fantom-native DeFi development. Its core products include the first-ever referral-sharing & revenue-sharing AMM, pluggable liquidity, and project-owned liquidity. The project is pluggable to any web media, meaning any website on Earth can turn its traffic into traders, earn referrals on it, and share its earnings to the Excalibur treasury. It’s on-platform DEX is supported by the powerful Terra community, with 13+ million votes giving platform UST grants for user incentives, as covered on Binance news.1st DEX On Fantom with custom Swa...

How to Buy $FAME on Spookyswap

Hey fantom Makers!! It’s finally happening👻 $FAME Trading will begin on the 4th of March (Friday), 14 PM UTC $FAME will go live on Spookyswap & Gate Link: How to buy $FAME on SpookySwap? $FAME Contract Address (Fantom FRC20): 0x904f51a2e7eeaf76aaf0418cbaf0b71149686f4a If you already how to buy on DEX, you can go direct to spooky by following this Link: For those who aren’t familiar with DEX: Follow these Guidelines to know how to buy $FAME on SpookySwap! We recommend using a MetaMask wallet, HERE you can find an explanatory guide on how to set up your MetaMask wallet for Fantom Opera Network. — 1 — Go to: — — 2 — Press ‘Connect Wallet’. — — 3 — We recommend using MetaMask Wallet. It works smoothly with Fantom Maker Launchpad. — — 4 — Press on the token you want to start “FROM” — $USDC/$USDT in this case, you can find it in the list. (Trading pair TBA). — — 5— Press on the token you want TO swap (Second Field) — and enter token Address. — — $FAME Contract: 0x904f51a2e7eeaf76aaf0418cbaf0b71149686f4a. — — and ADD Token.. — — 5 — Confirm and continue. — — 6 — Enter an amount and Buy $FAME. — DONE!!! Now You’re a $FAME holder ready to j...

Fantom Maker Fair Token Launch on Copper!

How to Participate in $FAME Token Launch Auction on Copper. — Fantom Maker will hold an Auction on Copper starting on February 28th, 14:00 UTC. All raised auction funds will be used to create deep liquidity for $FAME LP token (Locked Lp and Market Making) We wanted to choose a way that would enable fair price discovery, allow everyone to participate, and not benefit bots or large whales. The Auction aims to decentralize token ownership, and this will be an opportunity for everybody to get their hands on $FAME tokens. A 5% of the $FAME total supply will be added to the LBP pool and at the conclusion of the sale, purchased tokens will be unlocked without vesting. This will allow auction participants on Copper to find a fair price at launch and not exposed themselves to the price of previous fundings rounds. There is no minimum or maximum purchase limit, no KYC required, and no regional restrictions. Copper Launch provides an innovative solution for token auctions that is decentralized, permissionless, and hence is able to be used by all. Copper Auction is a token launch mechanism, enabling wider token distribution while preventing bots from front running and whales from dominating the launch. Copper Launch works by utilizing the balancer pool approach of an unequally weighted pool that then seeks to obtain equilibrium over time. In effect, this causes a decaying price only if no buys are completed over time. It’s ...


Elon Musk Is First in Line as Ukrainian NFT Museum MetaHistory Launches ...

    Elon Musk is the first inductee into the Ukrainian NFT Museum MetaHistory's Hall of Fame, but he will not be the last. Some other famous inductees include: Mila Kunis, Elton John, Jared Leto, Jim Carrey, and Benedict Cumberbatch.The Hall – MetaHistory's Hall of Fame Since the start of the war in Ukraine many businesspeople, artists, and politicians have shown their support for the country, but some of them stood out especially. MetaHistory, Ukraine's NFT museum, now wants to commemorate those individuals on the blockchain. The team of MetaHistory released the 1st part of its collection of artworks on March 30 to great success, collecting $800k from the sales – 100% of which goes as a donation to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the project's official supporter. This week, they're launching The Hall of Fame, a special selection of NFT portraits of people that have helped Ukraine in its time of need. These people provided goods and services, supported Ukraine behind closed doors, and used the power of their art to draw attention to the cause and collect donations. These artworks aren't for sale, they are an expression of gratitude – similar to how paintings were presented to royal families and famous scientists in the past. A difference is that NFT-based artworks will stay on the blockchain forever. Ukraine's supporters are quite literally writing history through their deeds. Who are those people? MetaHistory's team picked them based on h... read More

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