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EYE Price:
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The last known price of #EYE is $0.23 USD.

Please note that the price of #EYE was last updated over 230 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #EYE statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest EYE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.227, and the exact last price of EYE was $0.22664.

The all-time high EYE coin price was $2.59.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of EYE with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Behodler crypto currency is #EYE.

Behodler is 2.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Behodler is not available at this time.

Behodler is ranking downwards to #21536, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak daily trading volume on #EYE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Behodler is $896.


The total supply of EYE is 9,892,251 coins.

Note the limited supply of Behodler coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


EYE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


EYE has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #EYE, and you can view them on our EYE disambiguation page.



State of Behodler Ecosystem

Created using OpenAI’s DALLE2 — A time traveler’s guide to Behodler. — In recent times, the progress reporting of Behodler has been fragmented across many different platforms, according to their relevance to the update. Github is the best place to view the actual coding in progress but a great deal of informal discussion on Telegram and more formal debates in Discord have taken place. Occasionally articles are published but not always through Medium. The monetary policy paper was of a technical nature and so was distributed as a markdown document. Consequently to speak about what’s new in Behodler is a difficult topic. New from who’s perspective? Some in the community are completely up to date and need no refreshing while others feel as though the last thing to happen was the announcement of an audit with C4. So rather than outline what’s new since a nebulous sense of last time, we’ll give an overview of how things stand now and what more needs to be done by breaking the update into categories. — PyroTokens. — The current version of PyroTokens that is live on the Behodler site as of today does not interact well with the UniswapV2 Router. They also cannot be used with UniswapV3 because fee-on-transfer tokens are not supported. Since Limbo is going to make use of Uniswap pairs that often will include PyroTokens, it would be unfortunate if users were thwarted from minting such pairs through a...

September 2022 Update

Audit. — Behodler’s WatchPug audit was a success! This exercise reviewed the fixes for the C4 Limbo audit and audited PyroTokens v3 and PyroLoans. Fortunately, new findings surfaced through the audit, allowing for changes to ensure a robust and secure Limbo. In further good news, no significant architectural changes are needed. Still, some code reordering is required to improve gas optimisations, support various token types and, most importantly, protect Behodler from known attack vectors. Once the final audit report is published, the findings will be shared with the community. Limbo Monetary Policy Whilst this analysis tends to be technical, it offers detailed justifications for the community to use as guidelines once Limbo is on mainnet. Having the smart contracts audited was beneficial to address potential exploits and bring along new concepts, enabling a more feature-rich Behodler ecosystem. CliffFace — protects Behodler from impermanent loss death spirals. The CliffFace contract can place a lower floor on the price. If the price drops below this level, any additional minting steeply raises the redemption rate. The end-user experience is that selling on Behodler results in very high slippage when the price falls below this floor. The sales ram up against the cliff face of slippage so that the AMM doesn’t lose TVL through an impermanent loss death spiral. Whether for fast rugpulls or slow decli...

Limbo brings EYE to life

lt;update: PR for feature mentioned in this article> If you’re not new to Behodler, you’ll know the economic value of Scarcity: in short it’s the liquidity token for the AMM with a supply that grows slower than liquidity. The more widespread its adoption, the more it burns like a star flaring into existence. And of course PyroTokens have an obvious appeal as the value accrual mechanism for trading fees on Behodler. When Flan’s price converges on Dai, PyroFlan will converge on becoming a thriftcoin, that is a stablecoin with yield. And the existence of Flan will signal an end to the typical chicken-and-egg liquidity problem facing all AMMs which means SCX will enter a new phase of growth. And with SCX growing in potency, Flan naturally becomes more liquid. But what about EYE? Why hold EYE? If Flan and SCX resemble binary neutron stars spinning ever faster around a common centre of gravity, through the mutually complementary effects of Limbo and Behodler, have we forgotten all about EYE? Has EYE been left out in the cold? Is there no point in holding EYE? Not exactly… This article finally reveals the cryptoeconomic firepower of EYE. The downside of reading this article is that if you’re an SCX maximalist, you may be left wondering whether you should start leaning more towards EYE. — At a glance: a birds EYE view. — EYE is the universal governance token for all the DAOs that will ever exist within ...

Development Update — Team testing! — 6th April 2022

Development Update — Team testing! — 6th April 2022 - The team has been granted access to the Limbo micro-app testnet, sneak peek above! Simple and elegant Progress: Limbo micro-app has been deployed and configured with Ropsten, complete with UI! This was delivered to the team for the final round of testing before public details are announced. At this stage, the stand-alone UI covers the Limbo pool migrations and perpetual staking, as well as some of the flash governance features — however not the fully featured LimboDAO. Ropsten Limbo pool migrations do migrate and perform what is expected to a Ropsten deployed Behodler. This version of Beholder is currently only available for smart contract interaction. In due time, UI will support Ropsten so testing will be a more user-friendly experience. What to expect next, in no particular order: Integrate the limbo micro-app UI into the Beholder Apps container, Configure the current beholder UI to support Ropsten, LimboDAO UI development, Team to continue testing and provide feedback, Public access to testnet, Invites to public testnet for wider space, TheGraph: As per our last article, a migration is needed from old to new TheGraph services. Migration is underway and progressing well, no major event to report. Development Update — Team testing! — 6th April 2022 was originally published in Behodler Liquidity Engine on Medium, where peop...

Behodler Development Update — 22nd March

Behodler Development Update — 22nd March - C4 Audit: The code4rena audit contest is drawing to a close. Overall this was certainly a positive endeavor albeit the effort required internally was heavily underestimated. The preparation prior to the audit, in particular, formatting the smart contracts in NatSpec and the review process of submitted issues took priority during the month of February. In total 39 wardens contributed to the contest, which yielded 33 unique vulnerabilities, 31 gas optimisations, and 10 non-critical recommendations. Of these vulnerabilities, 7 received a risk rating in the category of HIGH severity, 14 received a risk rating in the category of MEDIUM severity, and 12 received a risk rating in the category of LOW severity. A detailed breakdown of each finding will be made available shortly. At the time of writing, the mentioned report is under review. Behodler has learned from the audit process with C4, and we’re confident that future audits will be a smoother journey. Ropsten Testnet: Deploying Behodler and Limbo to Ropsten Testnet has not been without its challenges. In a counter-intuitive way, one might see why “Test in Prod” is the go-to method — it is hard to replicate mainnet deployment, all the various protocols, and on-chain activity in a testnet. Regardless, the intent was clear, and a number of technical challenges needed to be addressed in order to proceed. Ropsten Node. V...

Behodler is a DeFi 2.0 Powerhouse

So, what is DeFi 2.0? Just another bit of terminology, marketing lingo to stand out and be on the cutting edge, for Behodler it is simply a way to define the next stage of DeFi that attempts to fix the existing weaknesses and leverage the strengths of the current ecosystem. Below we’ll outline the existing challenges faced in DeFi, and outline Behodler’s unique solutions as an answer. Scalability: Eth fees are too damn high! The fees involved with traditional L1 AMM swaps make a large portion of DeFi inaccessible to the average user. Our medium-term answer to this is our unique single-contract architecture. This allows Behodler to be extremely gas efficient, on average, gas costs on L1 swaps and general operations will be approximately half that of existing major DeFi protocols. Our longer-term answer to this is Layer 2 Behodler, which is an exciting prospect, not only for Behoblins but for DeFi as a whole. Liquidity: In DeFi, liquidity remains mercenary. Behodler is no exception to this, although with all things considered Behodler is in its infancy. Through the regular forced burning of our universal liquidity token, Scarcity, Behodler’s liquidity floor is constantly rising. Our inbuilt incentive mechanism ensures that as Behodler grows and grows, so too will the rate at which its liquidity floor rises. With time, we will have deeply liquid pools across all of our listed tokens, making trading on Behodler an extreme...

Limbo Dev Update part 2 of 2: Pyrotokens

“I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor.“— Gandalf, Lord of The Rings. — The cause for deflation. — The most difficult concept to grasp in economics is the seemingly simple process of monetary inflation. — Inflation doesn’t just undermine our savings; it warps our culture.. — There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose — John Maynard Keynes. — Inflation doesn’t just affect our policies; it dominates our politics.. — “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” — Mayer Anselm Rothschild The reason Bitcoin exists and the reason EIP1559 burns a base fee is because there’s a widespread belief in the cryptocurrency community that inflation’s opposite — deflation — would undo and overturn the subtle evils of inflation, that all the hidden forces would be laid bare and that our cultural desire to save, to HODL, would bleed away inequality faster than class-warfare-promoting-early-morning-talking-heads can pontificate. This goes beyond the narrower cause of DeFi which is to decentralize and democratize the means of finance. A truly deflationary economy doesn’t...

AMA with Justin Goro — 27/9/21

AMA with Justin Goro — 27/9/21 - The following is a transcript of an in-house AMA with Justin Goro held on the Behodler Discord on the 27th of September 2021. Happy reading! Sp000ny asks, “Moving forward, will there be a way to create and manage a liquidity pair on behodler itself or will we continue to use Uniswap for this?” Justin Goro: Thanks, JoshC for organizing this AMA at such short notice, and thank you to everyone who submitted! Your response was huge. It’s great to be on home turf again and I think it’s appropriate as we started this journey together with a discord AMA and now we’re about to fly into all that was promised. To quote a great Sith Lord, “The circle is complete”. Now onto the first question: This is the type of question that would be well supported by graphics but let me give it a verbal shot. Liquidity pairs are ubiquitous in Defi as most AMMs copy the Uniswap model. There are others such as balancer that allow groups of up to 8 tokens at a time or Curve which also allows a handful of like tokens. Let’s call the generalized notion of clustering token liquidity in one contract a group. So as examples, a uniswap group has 2 tokens and a balancer group is anywhere from 2 to 8. Because groups are logically isolated, they require routing techniques to allow traders to swap tokens from one group into another. On the other hand, isolated groups offer security advantages because if one ...

Flan Genesis Update 1.5 of 2

TL;DR to bootstrap Limbo, Flan will need to target the DAI price instead of a synthetic LP; Flan liquidity will be seeded on more than one external AMM. The previous dev update was the first in a two part series on the upcoming economics of Limbo, starting with the Flan Genesis event. Since then, local simulations have yielded some interesting implications for the migration and pricing of Flan. Before getting to that, it’s worth highlighting the salient points for discussion from the previous update: Nominal price target of Flan: On each migration, Flan would be priced such that its price would be the same as the SCX price if SCX were priced like a traditional LP token. To calculate this number, take total value locked(or TVB in Behodler lingo since the tokens aren’t locked but merely bonded to a curve) and divide it by the SCX total supply. We take a few shortcuts as approximations: simply take the DAI reserve balance of Behodler and multiply it by the number of bonding curves to get the total dollar value of TVB. The deeper liquidity on Behodler gets, the more accurate this approximation will become., Flan liquidity seeding of external AMM: When Flan is first created, half of it’s initial supply seeds Behodler, generating SCX. Then approximately 25 SCX is paired with the remaining Flan and used to create a Uniswap LP pair., After much deliberation, both of these points need revising. This article explains what tho...

How to enter Behodler’s weekly no-loss prize draws

Pooltogether is a fantastic initiative for liquidity mining. For those out of the loop, we now award weekly no-loss prizes on two separate pools: EYE/SCX, and EYE/ETH. $1000 worth of EYE is awarded every single week to a lucky liquidity provider in each pool (totaling $2000 worth). Due to the relatively low amount of liquidity committed thus far, the Behodler x Pooltogether pools have one of the highest EVs (expected value) out there at the moment, and it should certainly be taken advantage of by the community. Providing liquidity and interacting with Metamask is something that some people can do in their sleep, for others unfamiliar with the process, it can be quite a daunting task. In this brief guide, we’ll make it easy for you by outlining the steps, and telling you exactly what you’ll need to get in on this lucrative liquidity mining operation. — What you will need:. — A wallet with access to the Ethereum blockchain, ETH in your wallet with enough gas for multiple transactions, Either EYE/SCX or EYE/ETH in your wallet with equal amounts in value, A can-do attitude and a burning desire to win EYE every week, — Step 1: Choosing a Pool!. — For EYE/SCX liquidity provision click here. For EYE/ETH liquidity provision click here. For EYE/SCX LP, you can skip right past the Uniswap step and save gas by getting it on directly. — Step 2: Follow the prompts.. — Firstly, c...


Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Bulls Eye $38K Amid Stiff Resistance

    Bitcoin's price on November 24, 2023, reflects a steady rise in value, standing at $37,903. Over the past 24 hours, BTC has fluctuated between $36,972 and $38,078, with a trading volume of $17.41 billion, signaling strong market activity to end the week. The crypto asset's market capitalization is currently coasting along at $737 billion.Bitcoin The technical indicators present an optimistic outlook for bitcoin (BTC). The oscillators, including the relative strength index at 62 and the Stochastic at 83, currently indicate a neutral stance. However, the commodity channel index at press time at 123 suggests a growing momentum. This combination of readings implies that while the market is not in an overbought or oversold condition, it is gearing up for some more potential price movements. Moving averages unanimously signal optimistic sentiment as well. The exponential and simple moving averages across different time frames (10, 20, 30, 50, 100, and 200 days) all suggest an upward trajectory for BTC's price for the time being. This alignment across various time frames points to a strong and sustained bullish trend, reinforcing the positive sentiment among traders. Bitcoin chart by TradingView new TradingView.widget( { "width": "100%", "height": "400", "symbol": "BITSTAMP:BTCUSD", "interval": "D", "timezone": "Etc/UTC", "theme": "light", "style": "1", "locale": "en", "toolbar_bg": "#F1F3F6", "enable_publishing": false, "container_id": "tradingview_1247e" } ); T... read More

Some Solana Traders Eye Bitcoin Spark Amid Impending Launch

    Binance has become the apple of the US regulator's eyes after FTX fell in the last quarter of 2022. The US Department of Justice went after the exchange, seeking compensation worth $4 billion to resolve a years-long battle between the two entities. In an announcement earlier this week, the exchange agreed to pay a fine of $4 billion, while its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, agreed to step down. It's interesting to see if this can have a beneficial impact on the company's native token - Binance Coin (BNB), and some other ongoing token presales in the meantime. Binance SEC Battle - Will BNB Go Up? Binance and SEC have been on a rampage against each other since the collapse of the FTX Exchange. The two entities have unfolded drama in the industry despite shifting market sentiments from bearish to bullish. Binance has remained stoic despite allegations made by the SEC's concerns about Binance's operations. This was until a few days ago, when the US Department of Justice announced that they had reached an agreement with the exchange. According to it, Binance has to pay a fine of some $4.3 billion, while CZ had to step down as a CEO. The move sent ripples, but now experts are wondering if this can turn into a positive. The question now is what the implications would be on coins like BNB and potentially some new presales like Bitcoin Spark. Bitcoin Spark's Launch is Approaching Bitcoin Spark community members are already close to reaping massive profits from a project that is still under dev... read More

Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Slips 4%, Traders Eye Critical Support ...

    Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, experienced a downturn on Friday, dropping 4.7% against the U.S. dollar. Over the previous week, it has seen a decline of 6.6% in its value. The trading dynamics on November 17, 2023, showcased a complex blend of factors influencing ethereum's market behavior.Ethereum Ethereum's market cap of $236 billion and significant trading volume ensured its stability amidst market fluctuations. The 24-hour trading spectrum reveals vigorous activity, with ether's price fluctuating between $1,942 and $2,061. The relative strength index (RSI) positioned at 55.4, suggests a balanced market atmosphere. Yet, the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) reading at 75.4 points towards a bearish trend, highlighting the intricate nature of the market. The analysis of ethereum's moving averages projected an overwhelmingly positive trend. The exponential moving averages (EMAs) and simple moving averages (SMAs), across different timelines, predominantly indicate an upward trajectory, with values stretching from $1,720.2 to $1,982. This trend signifies a solid foundation of buying interest within the past week and hints at the potential for the upward trend to persist. Ethereum chart by TradingView new TradingView.widget( { "width": "100%", "height": "400", "symbol": "BITSTAMP:ETHUSD", "interval": "D", "timezone": "Etc/UTC", "theme": "light", "style": "1", "locale": "en", "toolbar_bg": "#F1F3F6", "enable_pu... read More

Bitcoin Predictions To Keep An Eye On As Price Reclaims $34,000

    Bitcoin has once again reclaimed $34,000 even as the euphoria around the possibility of a Spot Bitcoin ETF being approved soon. Following this, there is the need to look at the predictions of certain analysts who have weighed on the future trajectory of the flagship cryptocurrency from its current price action.  Where Is Bitcoin Headed From $34,000? In a post shared on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, the CEO and Founder of trading platform MN Trading, Michaël van de Poppe, stated that the crypto was fighting $34,700 as resistance and that if it were to break out from that level, the crypto token could rise to as high as $37,000 to $38,000.   Still interesting to keep an eye on #Bitcoin. Fighting $34.7K as resistance, through which a breakout there should lead to $37-38K. On the other hand, areas between $32.6-33.1K, if we get there, areas of longing. Corrections are usually quite swift in upwards trends. — Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) October 26, 2023 He also seemed to suggest that $32,600 and $33,100 were key support levels to keep an eye on as he labeled them “areas of longing.” Another crypto analyst, CryptoTony, projects that Bitcoin could still spike up to $36,000 before “rejecting and letting the range begin.”  $BTC / $USD - Update Still looking for that spike up to $36,000 before rejecting and letting the range begin. I will be long while we are above $30,000 personally... read More

These Are The Altcoins To Keep An Eye On: Santiment

    Data from Santiment shows that several altcoins have registered an increase in address activity, which may make them worth keeping an eye on. Bitcoin Cash & Other Altcoins Have Observed A Rise In Active Addresses As explained by the on-chain analytics firm Santiment in a new post on X, some alts are seeing rising activity despite the cooldown that the overall cryptocurrency sector has observed in the past couple of days. The indicator of interest here is the 'daily active addresses,' which keeps track of the total number of unique addresses of any given coin that are interacting on the blockchain in some way every day. The metric accounts for both senders and receivers. By 'unique,' what's meant here is that any address participating in transaction activity on the blockchain is only counted once, regardless of how many transfers it may be involved in. This restriction helps provide a more accurate representation of the actual activity on the network, as just a few addresses making hundreds of transactions can't skew the metric by themselves. When the value of the indicator is high, it means that there are a large number of unique addresses taking part in transaction activity right now. Such a trend implies the blockchain is receiving a high amount of traffic currently. On the other hand, low values imply not many users are interacting with the network, a possible sign that interest in trading the cryptocurrency is low at the moment. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend ... read More

Bitcoin Price Spikes Over 4% as Bulls Eye Return to $30K, While Bitcoin ...

    The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has jumped 4% over the past 24 hours, hitting the $28,300 level. Investors are increasingly buying more BTC as belief grows that the coin could be heading for another test of the vital $30,000 resistance zone. Meanwhile, new presale crypto Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) has just surpassed $320,000 in early funding – with some analysts speculating that it could be primed for significant growth before the end of the year. Bitcoin Breaks $28k as Bulls Eye Return to $30k Bitcoin has closed green in five of the past six days, marking the coin’s best run of form since the first week of August. Price has crossed through both the 20-day and 50-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) with ease, showcasing the high level of investor demand in the market. More importantly, BTC has broken the resistance zone at $28,000, which was last tested on August 29. Now, investors and analysts are suggesting that BTC could return to the $30,000 level, where the coin struggled throughout most of July and early August.’s Bitcoin sentiment indicator has jumped to a value of 0.531, indicating that investors now feel increasingly optimistic about the coin's near-term prospects. This is backed up by the Crypto Fear & Greed Index, which now sits at 50 – away from “Fear” territory for the first time in over a month. Growing Optimism Around “Uptober” Could Fuel BTC Gains The recent spike in Bitcoin's price can be attributed to... read More

Bitcoin Traders Eye Bullish Silver Lining in Looming US Government Shutd...

    Numerous reports foretell an imminent U.S. government shutdown, given the anticipated failure of a spending bill to secure passage by Saturday evening - a measure meant to sustain operations till mid-November. On the cusp of this shutdown, bitcoin (BTC) has been on an ascent, catching the eye of many. Coinshares analyst Luke Nolan notes a buoyant sentiment among some traders, who view the government's looming closure with a favorable lens.Bitcoin Rides the Wave of Uncertainty as U.S. Braces for Government Shutdown The U.S. government could shut down this weekend if Democrats and Republican policymakers can't come to an agreement on spending. Currently, there's a bill on the table that aims to extend the government's pay until mid-November, but a number of Republicans and Kevin McCarthy, the current House of Representatives speaker, are not budging on negotiations. The two chambers find themselves at a deadlock, and should the bipartisan proposal aimed at averting a shutdown fail to gain approval by midnight on Saturday, the government will be compelled to close its doors. On Friday, Coinshares analyst Luke Nolan told Barron's that certain market participants harbor the belief that the impending shutdown will serve as a bullish catalyst for bitcoin and the broader crypto economy. 'Some participants view the possible government shutdown as bullish for cryptocurrencies, as it plays directly into the narrative of non-sovereign currencies not being affected by government procedur... read More

Crypto Companies Eye European Expansion While Some Plan to Make an Exit

    The cryptocurrency industry is transforming significantly due to heightened government regulations, particularly in the United States. Many US-based crypto companies, especially exchanges, are considering strategies to shift their operations abroad, which includes exploring new markets and contemplating relocating entirely out of the country. In contrast, Europe has become an attractive destination for crypto firms seeking a more favorable regulatory environment. Several companies like eToro, Galaxy Digital, and Ark Invest have announced plans to expand their operations into Europe. eToro Receives Expansion Approval into EU eToro, a multi-asset investment platform, has recently received approval for its registration under the CySEC CASP (Crypto Asset Service Provider) Register. This milestone enables eToro to provide regulated cryptocurrency services across all European Union (EU) member states through a single entity, eToro (Europe) Digital Assets Ltd. The regulatory framework facilitating this expansion is anticipated to be in effect by December 2024, coinciding with the EU's Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) implementation. Before commencing operations under this new regulatory framework, eToro will obtain the necessary authorization from the competent authority, CySEC. Dr. Hedva Ber, Deputy CEO at eToro, said this registration signals that they are 100% ready to embrace a new era for crypto once MiCA comes into effect next year. Ber further emphasized that as a g... read More

A Lehman Opportunity — Distressed-Debt Titans Eye Huge Returns in ...

    Prominent distressed-debt moguls are diving into the FTX bankruptcy claims arena, seizing debts at bargain prices with aspirations of lofty profits. This year, Silver Point Capital, Diameter Capital Partners, and Attestor Capital have acquired over $250 million in FTX claims, court records reveal.Report Says $250 Million in FTX Claims Acquired by Investment Heavyweights FTX debt's market has been supercharged as attorneys unearth assets. Some of these claims are now trading north of 30 cents on the dollar, noted Bloomberg’s Jeremy Hill this Thursday. The untapped market for bankruptcy claims lets investors snag unpaid claims at slashed prices. Bankrupt entities like FTX often see their claims bought for mere cents on the dollar. Based on insights from Claims Market, FTX claims hovered around 33% of net worth as of September 15, 2023. This is slightly below the claims linked to the bankruptcy of crypto lender Celsius Networks, which have traded at about 34 cents on the dollar. Meanwhile, claims from Genesis Global Capital are fetching around 50% of their total value, according to “People made careers off of Lehman and Madoff — I think people see FTX as a Lehman or Madoff” opportunity Thomas Braziel, an investor in bankruptcy claims told Bloomberg on Thursday. His reference pointed to debt trades from the collapsed Lehman Brothers and the notorious Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Bernie Madoff. Braziel further mentioned: The guys that ar... read More

XRP Price Jumps 8% as Traders Eye $0.55 Level, While Bitcoin BSC Nears $...

    It has been a positive week for XRP (XRP) investors, with the token’s value rising 8% since last Wednesday. XRP now looks to be heading for its first bullish weekly close since early August – and traders are eyeing the $0.55 level as a potential short-term price target. Meanwhile, viral presale crypto Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) continues to gain market traction, nearing its soft-cap funding target of $3.96 million. XRP Price Pushes Back Above 20-Day EMA Amid Sustained Bullish Surge It's been a tumultuous year for XRP, primarily due to the uncertainty surrounding Ripple Labs' ongoing legal battle with the SEC. However, investor uncertainty is waning slightly, with XRP posting two green daily closes in a row, pushing the price back above the 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). XRP is now hovering around the $0.515 level – with investors hopeful that the price can push up to $0.55 to tap the wicks created in August. This positive momentum has been brought about by XRP's rejection of the support zone located at $0.47, which was tapped on September 11. Since then, XRP has closed bullishly in 6 out of the past 8 days, marking the token’s best run of form since mid-July. Daily trading volume for XRP is up slightly, while the token’s market cap has increased to $27.4 billion, positioning it as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency globally. Only time will tell whether this bullish momentum can be sustained, but XRP investors are enjoying a much-needed repriev... read More

VISA's Stablecoin Payments On Solana Propel SOL To 5% Gain, Bulls Eye Pr...

    Payment giant VISA has significantly moved in the digital currency space by expanding its stablecoin settlement services to the Solana (SOL) blockchain.  According to recent announcements, the company aims to enhance the capabilities of traditional payment systems through this pilot program, which is currently in the testing phase.  This initiative is expected to improve cross-border settlement speeds and offer a modern option for clients to send and receive funds through Visa's treasury.  In collaboration with merchant acquirers Worldpay and Nuvei, this expansion reinforces Visa's commitment to staying at the forefront of digital currency and blockchain innovation, according to VISA’s head of Crypto, Cuy Sheffield.  VISA Expands Stablecoin Settlement Services To Solana Solana, a blockchain platform known for its scalability, has been chosen by VISA to extend its stablecoin settlement capabilities. With Solana's existing support for Ethereum (ETH), VISA is leveraging the strengths of both platforms to facilitate efficient and secure transactions.  Per the announcements, VISA aims to enhance cross-border settlement efficiency by leveraging stablecoins such as USDC (USD Coin) and utilizing the global blockchain networks of Solana and Ethereum.  This integration allows users to benefit from the advantages of Solana's blockchain, such as fast transaction speeds and low fees.  Furthermore, integrating VISA's stablecoin settlement services ... read More

XRP Price During Next Bull Market: 3 Things to Keep an Eye Out For

    As the crypto market continues evolving, investors eagerly anticipate the next bull market. Among the coins poised to make a significant impact is XRP, the digital asset associated with Ripple Labs. Given its distinctive attributes and significant potential for widespread adoption, it is crucial to monitor three key factors when assessing XRP's price trajectory in the upcoming bull market. Regulatory Developments Having regulatory clarity regarding crypto, especially XRP could greatly impact its price. Ripple Labs is currently engaged in a legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the classification of XRP as a security. A favorable resolution to this dispute could propel XRP's value upward. Conversely, an adverse ruling could dampen investor sentiment and potential price gains. In a recent statement, John Reed Stark, a former SEC official, hinted at the possibility of more crypto-friendly policies and increased regulatory clarity in the event of a Republican victory in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. Technological Advancements Technological advancements within the Ripple ecosystem will also shape XRP's price during the next bull market. The integration of new features, such as the implementation of the Flare Network for smart contracts and interoperability with other blockchains, could significantly enhance XRP's utility and demand. These improvements could position XRP as more than just a cryptocurrency, appealing to a broader ... read More

Bitcoin Sell-off Could be in the Offing, 4 Crucial Dates to Keep An Eye ...

    The US government has been very critical of the crypto space, especially over the past few months. Its upcoming actions could trigger potential sell pressure in the near future, even as investors currently do not exhibit any bearish behavior. Prominent analytic firm, CryptoQuant, has identified four important dates - 26 May 2023, 7 August 2023, 19 October 2023, and 30 December 2023 - as there may be extra selling pressure from the United States government's Bitcoin holdings on those days. The latest blog post pointed out that the first batch of Bitcoin holdings was sold by the US government on March 14th, a week after the transaction to an exchange on March 7th. Approximately 41,491 bitcoins will be sold in four other batches throughout the year, according to its analysis. The 73-day interval between the first batch sale and the next date is crucial since it depicts a possible pattern in the sell-off strategy. Bitcoin broke several crucial levels this year as the market sentiment improved compared with 2022's apocalyptic and scandal-filled downturn. The rebound has been promising so far, but such a sale could have a negative short-term impact on BTC prices, allowing short sellers to profit. 'Dividing the number of days in a year by the number of batches gives 73 days, which is exactly the day the first batch was sold. Will there be a pattern in the sale of the remaining batches every 73 days or is it just a coincidence? Only time will tell.' Bitcoin miners are also seeing ... read More

Vital Levels To Keep Eye On As Cardano Price Begins To Retreat

    The Cardano price has rallied significantly over the past week and secured more than a 24% gain. Over the last 24 hours, the coin slipped 2%, indicating that it could not sustain its weekly gains. Following a significant price increase, the technical outlook indicates that the altcoin's price will trend lower. This correction might continue over the subsequent trading sessions; however, the ADA daily chart has pointed towards a bullish pattern. This translates to the reading that ADA could attempt to rise on its chart after a brief retracement. As Bitcoin continues to post appreciation in the last 24 hours, many altcoins are attempting to rise on their charts, but some altcoins are also struggling under their crucial resistance levels. The accumulation of Cardano took a dip on the daily chart, indicating a fall in demand for the altcoin. This fall in demand is a result of the Cardano price correcting itself. Despite a fall in demand, buyers continued to have the upper hand. The market capitalization of Cardano increased, indicating that the bulls were still around. For Cardano to stop its downward movement, the coin has to sustain itself above the $0.28 price line. Cardano Price Analysis: One-Day Chart ADA was trading at $0.30 at press time. The coin recently fell from the $0.31 mark due to the daily loss on its chart. Overhead resistance for the Cardano price was at $0.33; a move above will help ADA recover significantly. On the other hand, ADA has to remain above the imme... read More

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Keep An Eye On This Week – Post-Christma...

    It has been a roller coaster ride for crypto investors this 2022. This month, total crypto market capitalization fell from around $2.2 trillion at the start of the year to approximately $850 billion. Several high-profile bankruptcies this year exacerbated the precipitous decline in valuation. The market for cryptocurrencies is still consolidating, with the majority of assets unable to make large gains. Despite the current crypto winter, cryptocurrencies remain by far the most profitable asset class for investment, with the ability to recover losses and hit record highs in the long run. Currently, investors anticipate that the cryptocurrency market will strive to end the large sell-offs in 2023. A lengthy crypto winter tends to test the patience of investors, but it is one of the finest opportunities to purchase good cryptocurrencies at a discount. Meanwhile, there is continued curiosity in how particular crypto assets will end 2022, as their price movement will provide insight into what to expect in the following year. Here are five cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on for the week of December 26. Bitcoin (BTC) The year has not been kind to the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization. Since the start of 2022, bitcoin has lost more than 60 percent of its value. Because of this, over 50% of BTC investors are currently losing money, causing the market to crash. Nevertheless, a number of evidence imply that bitcoin will make a strong... read More

Solana (SOL) Struggles As Investor's Eye Bonanza Price; Is $5 Possible?

    SOL's price struggles to reclaim the key demand zone of $20 as the price trades around $13.5 SOL's price remains weak as bears dominate the market; the price fails to break and close above $20 with so much uncertainty in the market SOL's price trades below get the 50 and 200 Exponential Moving Averages as the price continues in bearish movement (EMA) Solana (SOL) continues to trade below $20 after facing rejection due to the FTX fiasco and the current market downtrend affecting the price to a low of $13.5. In the high timeframe, the price of Solana (SOL) looks weak, with a probable result of a downtrend movement compared to an upside. Despite the relief bounce and uncertainty surrounding the crypto market, the FTX fiasco continues to act as a catalyst for the market to bottom out. The Domino effect of the FTX saga and other large investors has stalled the market, as it has yet to make a significant move, raising concerns about the market's direction. (Data from Binance) Solana (SOL) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Despite the relief bounce across the market, with the price of SOL rallying from a weekly low of $11 to a high of $14.5, the crypto market remains uncertain and turbulent, affecting the price of Solana (SOL) the most. Many altcoins are struggling for survival, trying to stay afloat as the prices of altcoins continue a downward price movement.   With so much news of a capitulation imminent for all crypto assets coupled with the FTX and other crypto pro... read More

Bitcoin Price Recovery; Vital Levels To Keep An Eye On

    Bitcoin price bounced off the $15,400 price level and staged a recovery over the past day. In the last 24 hours, BTC has been moving sideways after claiming the $16,000 price mark. Since the coin is trading sideways at the moment after the recovery, Bitcoin awaits a breakout. The coin will have to move above the $16,600 mark in order for the bears to be invalidated. Now that Bitcoin is closer to the aforementioned price resistance mark, there could be a chance for BTC to move to the $17,000 price zone. Buyers need to step up in order for the coin to move above the $16,600 price mark. The coin's technical outlook confirms that it is trending upward on its chart. The buying strength has, however, remained low despite an uptick on the one-day chart. Bitcoin Price Analysis: One-Day Chart Bitcoin was priced at $16,500 on the one-day chart | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView BTC was trading at $16,500 at the time of writing. After Bitcoin broke past the $15,400 price level, the coin registered positive buying action. This has contributed to the coin's price rising above the $16,000 mark. The crucial price zone remains at $16,500, and a move above it will be a point of bullish momentum for Bitcoin. BTC's overhead resistance was at $17,000, and a move above that could halt bulls at $17,600. BTC will reach a psychological level of $18,000 if it rises above $17,600. The amount of BTC traded in the previous session was green, indicating accumulation. Technical Analysis Bitcoin displayed up... read More

Binance Coin Loses $270 Support As Bears Eye $200; Will Bears Push Harde...

     BNB's price continues to hold strong as the bull refuses to give in to the FTX fiasco as price trends are above $260.   BNB's price continues to look weak as bearish market sentiments increase, with things looking uncertain for most traders and investors.  BNB's price looks weak and continues to trade below the daily 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as bulls attempt to reclaim the region. The price action displayed by Binance Coin (BNB) has not met expectations, with the price showing so much price action in recent weeks, rallying to a high of $390. Following the collapse of the FTX effect affecting small crypto projects like Genesis as the market continues to look weak on each passing day signifying the bottom is not yet in, leading to the price of many altcoins, including Binance Coin (BNB), battling for survival. The Domino effect of the FTX saga on investors has left the market at a standstill as the market has yet to make a major move after previous weeks saw the price of BNB struggling to hold above $250. (Data from Binance) Binance Coin (BNB) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The past few days have been filled with so much turbulence in the crypto space as many altcoins have struggled to show strength after losing their key support holding off price decline. The current uncertainty surrounding the market has resulted in reluctance on the part of traders and investors to make altcoin purchases leading to more sell orders than buy orders as the ... read More

Russia and Cuba Eye Cryptocurrencies for Settlements Amid Sanctions

    Both facing sanctions, Russia and Cuba are looking into alternative options for cross-border payments, including cryptocurrencies, a Kremlin advisor has unveiled in Havana. Moscow is already developing a mechanism for crypto settlements to circumvent financial restrictions imposed over its invasion of Ukraine.Crypto and Ruble Considered for Payments in Trade Between Russia and Cuba The governments of Russia and Cuba are considering the use of Russian rubles and cryptocurrencies to facilitate bilateral cooperation against the backdrop of sanctions imposed on both nations. The news comes from a statement made by Boris Titov, commissioner for entrepreneurs’ rights under the Russian president, who visited Havana. Russia’s business ombudsman arrived in the Cuban capital during the 38th edition of the Havana International Fair. “All of us, Cuba and Russia, are under sanctions, the dollar turnover is the main financial mechanism that exists in the world for mutual settlements, but today mechanisms are being developed at the level of national governments to change the situation,” Titov told the Tass news agency. He further elaborated that several options are currently being discussed, including settlements in rubles. But the Kremlin official also noted that business is often quicker to adapt and find its own ways to make payments, including through cryptocurrencies and private clearing schemes. Feria Internacional de la Habana (FIHAV 2022) is held Nov. 14 &nda... read More

Polygon Shows Strength As Bulls Eye $1, But There Is A Key Issue Pending

    MATIC's price shows strength as it bounces from a downtrend range price rallied to a high of $0.95 with eyes set on $1.  MATIC faces a major issue break and holds above 61.8% Fibonacci value and trends higher to a region of $1. MATIC's price remains strong on the daily timeframe above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as the price aims for more rallies. The price of Polygon (MATIC) has been one of the standout performers during the past few weeks that saw the price of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other altcoins struggle to hold their key Support, the price of Polygon (MATIC) showed strength holding above and bouncing off that region of $0.77 away from this support area. The past few days have seen the crypto market has looked more decent, with the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) showing some great price movement in recent times. MATIC's price is rallying from $0.83 to a region of $0.95 as the price aims to take the market by its horn. (Data from Binance) Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart In recent times, Polygon has struggled to regain its bullish momentum; despite the uncertainty that has befallen the crypto space, the price of MATIC held its ground as price defended its key support area of $0.77.  MATIC's price had struggled to replicate its rally that took the price of MATIC to an all-time high of $3 before it faced rejection to trend higher. After trading in a range for weeks as the price continued to look difficult to tra... read More

Big Day For Bitcoin As Investors Eye ECB And US GDP Numbers

    The Bitcoin price has woken up from its Snow White slumber over the past two days. As NewsBTC reported, the price rally started shortly after the Dollar Index (DXY) showed weakness and suffered a sharp setback. For much of 2022, Bitcoin and the dollar index were inversely correlated. While the DXY was rising relentlessly and all fiat currencies around the world were depreciating, the USD was gaining massive strength. However, this trend was also extremely negative for the Bitcoin price, as a strong USD meant a weak Bitcoin. The inverse correlation was seen again on Tuesday. A prolonged period of weakness for the DXY could thus mean further momentum for the bitcoin market, which has a short-term bullish bias. In this respect, today (Thursday) is an important day for the Bitcoin market, as both the European Central Bank (ECB) will report on its future policies and the American GDP figures will be released. Bitcoin Price At The Navel Of Central Banks Within the DXY, the dollar is currently near a more than one-month low against a basket of currencies in which the Euro has a weighting of 57.6%. The decline comes after speculation increased that the U.S. Federal Reserve will move to less aggressive rate hikes to mitigate recession risks. Rodrigo Catril, senior currency strategist at National Australia Bank, told Reuters that fundamentally, there are factors that are still favoring the U.S. dollar: rate differentials and the fact that the Fed still has more work to do. However, in... read More

TA: Ethereum Avoids a Major Downtrend, Bulls Eye Crucial Breakout

    Ethereum started an upside correction above $1,250 against the US Dollar, following XRP rally. ETH could gain bullish momentum if it clears the $1,400 resistance. Ethereum started a recovery wave above the $1,250 and $1,300 levels. The price is now trading above $1,300 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $1,385 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair could recover further it clears the key $1,400 resistance zone. Ethereum Price Recovers Ethereum managed to stay above the $1,220 support zone. ETH started an upside correction above the $1,250 level after ripple’s xrp started a strong upward move. Ether price was able to clear the $1,260 and $1,280 resistance levels. There was a break above the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $1,420 swing high to $1,220 low. It is now trading above $1,300 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. It seems like the price is trading in a positive zone above the $1,320 level. On the upside, the price is facing resistance near the $1,380 level. There is also a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $1,385 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The trend line is near the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $1,420 swing high to $1,220 low. Source: ETHUSD on The next major resistance is near $1,400 level. A clear break above $1,400 might start a decent increase towards the $1,450 le... read More

Bake Token (BAKE) Cracks Double Gains As Buyers Eye A Feast At $0.4

    Bake token (BAKE) has struggled to break above the key resistance level of $0.29 as the price has remained in a range. For weeks, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fluctuated between $19,500 and $20,000, with the price stalling on the next movement. Most altcoins, including Bake token (BAKE), have struggled to break out of a downtrend as a result of this choppy movement. (Data from Binance) Bake Token (BAKE) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  BAKE has struggled to replicate the bullish move that saw the price rally to $2 in recent months, creating the excitement of a bull run. After falling from an all-time high of $9, BAKE has struggled to stay afloat as the price keeps dwindling with no sign of a major bounce. With the current indicators, BAKE could be poised to rally from its weekly low of $0.2 to around $0.4. The price of BAKE is facing resistance at $0.29; if the price of BAKE flips this region, we may see the price surge higher. If the price of BAKE maintains this bullish structure, we could see the price of BAKE breaking off of its first resistance at $0.29 with more buy volumes.  Weekly resistance for the price of BAKE - $0.29-$0.4. Weekly support for the price of BAKE - $0.2. Price Analysis Of BAKE On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily BAKE Price Chart | Source: BAKEUSDT On Following the formation of a bullish pattern, the price of BAKE struggled to break above the symmetric triangle formed, as it broke below the bullish pattern, sending the price of BAK... read More

Fantom Keeps Close Eye On Possible 20% Slide This Month

    Fantom (FTM) has been moving on a brisk bullish pace at a particular range for four months now following a sharp descent in May. FTM price is up 2.21% Token moving bullish but has slipped mid-range in the past couple of days Bears poised to dominate, buying spree not advisable at this point However, it seems the price has abated and moved below the range’s mid-point as seen in the past couple of days. FTM is now bracing for a potential 20% drop in the next few days. September also looks generally bearish for Bitcoin as it ebbs and could go further down in the coming days. With Bitcoin slipping below its fail-safe range, Fantom is likely to follow through and shave off some value. According to CoinMarketCap, FTM price is trading at $0.2519 or a spike of 2.21% as of press time. FTM Shifting From Support To Resistance On the daily chart, Fantom’s midpoint was spotted at $0.32 with its range going from $0.45 to $0.2. In August, FTM was seen to be slackening with level shifting from support to the resistance zone. Evidently, the mid-point was also breached and the RSI also dropped below the 50-mark showing a bearish movement. Chart: On the hourly chart, it seems that FTM’s volatility has weakened. The price gripped the $0.28 key support zone as it jumped off the same level. At this point, the bulls look weakened with FTM drawing a huge candle tilted downwards. Meanwhile, Fibonacci retracement levels are pegged at $0.256 and $0.261; respectivel... read More

Ethereum Bulls Eye Critical Resistance Level Ahead of the Merge, Here's ...

    Despite pushing the price higher earlier in the week, the bulls have lost momentum as the days went on. As the date of the Merge approaches and the Ethereum market grows hotter, speculation about the future of the price has reached its peak. Technical Analysis By Grizzly The Daily Chart The formation of lower highs and lower lows suggests a bearish structure. The recent bullish leg stalled when it reached the resistance of the 20-day moving average line (in yellow). However, the 100-day moving average (in white) accompanies the asset as support. If the buyers are to initiate another increase ahead of the Merge, they should push the price above $1,720. Positive sentiment will dominate the market in the short term if this occurs. Alternatively, the support zone is between the horizontal line at $1420 (in green) and the MA100, which lies at $1500. A break and close below this zone would kill any hopes of starting a bullish rally. In conclusion, the bearish presence remains strong until the price goes above $1720. Also, having the cryptocurrency drop below the mentioned support could trigger future cascades. Key Support Levels: $1420 & $1300 Key Resistance Levels: $1720 & $2000 Daily Moving Averages: MA20: $1616 MA50: $1650 MA100: $1500 MA200: $2124 Source: TradingView The ETH/BTC Chart Against Bitcoin, the bears are selling above 0.08 BTC. This caused a fake breakout. More strength from buyers is evident, although they need to clear the horizontal resistance at 0.082 BTC (in red... read More

Ripple Price Analysis: This is The Next Level XRP Bulls Eye

    Following our most recent Ripple price analysis, XRP successfully maintained the significant 30 cents support area and went through a higher low. However, we will need to see a higher high over the next short term to form a bullish structure. Technical Analysis Technical Analysis By Grizzly The Daily Chart On the daily timeframe, buyers are attempting to dominate the market. By adding the Fibonacci Retracement levels to the following chart, the resistance zone between 23.6% (in purple) and 38.2% (in yellow) can be considered the first major challenge for XRP. This zone ranges between $0.45 to $0.6. Considering the deep crash that has occurred over the recent months, breaking this area may not be easy because the strong supports have turned into resistance during the drop. On the other hand, if $0.3 breakdown, then $0.24 is the next significant support level. Key Support Levels: $0.30 & $0.24 Key Resistance Levels: $0.45 & $0.60 Moving Averages: MA20: $0.33 MA50: $0.36 MA100: $0.50 MA200: $0.63 The XRP/BTC Chart On the BTC trading pair chart, the 100-DMA (in blue) is currently acting as support. Bears have managed to correct 14% of the mid-June bullish trend downwards. The intersection of the daily 50-day MA (in yellow) and the horizontal support at 1500 SATs (in green) can be marked as a possible area for support. If the latter level is maintained, there is a high chance of seeing the 1700-1800 SATs level get retested. Key Support Levels: 1500 SATs & 1250 SATs Key R... read More

Troubled Crypto Hedge Fund 3AC Reprimanded by Singapore's Monetary...

    On Wednesday, it was reported that the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) was liquidated by a British Virgin Islands court and following the alleged liquidation, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has reprimanded 3AC for misleading regulators. Furthermore, reports claim that liquidators in Singapore are attempting to seize the properties owned by 3AC co-founder Su Zhu and his wife.Monetary Authority of Singapore Accuses 3AC of Misleading Regulators and Exceeding AUM limits The troubled crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital Ltd., otherwise known as 3AC, seems to be facing issues from regulators in Singapore. Since 2012, 3AC was a well known crypto hedge fund that was started by two former Credit Suisse traders - Su Zhu and Kyle Davies. However, after being quite successful, 3AC allegedly invested heavily into Terra's LUNA after Zhu insisted that crypto companies 'don't want to be blown out during a supercycle.' It is assumed that one issue 3AC dealt with was an investment of $200 million locked luna classic (LUNC) which is now worth less than $1K. "You don't want to be blown out during a supercycle"@zhusu on @UpOnlyTV with @cobie and @ledgerstatus - Gabriel Haines.eth (@gabrielhaines) June 30, 2022 'There is speculation that the massive losses of [LUNC] caused them to use more leverage to earn it back - Also known as 'Revenge trading,'' one account explained on June 16. Two weeks ago, The Block's Frank Chaparro cited sources that ... read More

Solana Broke Its Nearest Support, Vital Trading Levels To Keep An Eye On

    Solana has fallen on its chart over the last 24 hours by 2%. Over the last 24 hours, there has been strong bearish influence on SOL's price. Currently the coin has found support on the $34 level. The market also has been taken over by the bears, Bitcoin has been hovering around the $20,000 mark for the last 24 hours. Other market movers have also retraced in their respective charts. Technical outlook of the coin continues to point towards negative price action suggesting that price of Solana can fall further. Selling pressure in the market has started to mount indicating that price of SOL could again take a dip. The global cryptocurrency market cap today is $977 Billion with a fall of 0.2% over the last 24 hours. Since, Solana has now fallen beneath the $40 mark, SOL could now be prone to further fall. Solana Price Analysis: One Day Chart Solana was priced at $36 on the one day chart | Source: SOLUSD on TradingView SOL was trading at $36 on the 24 hour chart. Further retrace from the current price level will push the coin to $34. Overhead resistance for the coin stood at $38, if buying strength returns then SOL could attempt to revisit the $38 price level. If SOL manages to remain above the $38 mark for a substantial amount of time then $44 could be possible on the chart. If Solana fails to hold itself near its $34 support line, it could drag itself down to $26 in just a matter of sometime. The amount of the altcoin traded was in the red indicating bearishness and increased ... read More

Can Dogecoin Slide Further? Key Technical Levels To Keep An Eye On

    Dogecoin remains bearish at the time of writing as it just broke below its immediate price support line. Broader market weakness can be attributed to the price fall. Major market movers have displayed choppy price action. Over the last 24 hours, Dogecoin lost 2% and in the last week, it declined by 8%. The global cryptocurrency market cap was at $1.93 Trillion as there has been a decline of 0.2% in the last 24 hours. The meme coin has been facing tough resistance at its immediate price ceiling. Buyers have also decided to lay low as a reason the coin continues to fall prey to selling pressure. Constant fall in buying pressure has pushed the coin to break its immediate support level and eye its next price floor. Dogecoin Price Analysis: Four Hour Chart Dogecoin just broke below the price support level of $0.134 on the four-hour chart. Image Source: DOGE/USD on TradingView Dogecoin was trading for $0.1324 as it breached its support level of $0.1345 at the time of writing. The coin has been bearish and it has been trading in a descending channel that is considered to be negative. A continued fall in prices could push DOGE to $0.1279 marking a 4% fall. If the coin is unable to stay on the above-mentioned support line, it could trade near the $0.1190 level. Trading Volume was seen in the red and the bar was smaller than the previous trading sessions, suggesting a sell-off on the charts. Immediate resistance for the coin was seen at $0.1537 and the coin continued to face rejection... read More

TA: Why Bitcoin Price Could Eye Strong Recovery Above $41.5K

    Bitcoin is correcting losses and trading above $41,000 against the US Dollar. BTC could gain bullish momentum above $41,350 and $41,500. Bitcoin remained well bid above $39,250 and started a fresh increase. The price is now trading above $41,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There was a break above a connecting bearish trend line with resistance near $40,000 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair could gain pace if there is a clear move above the $41,500 resistance zone. Bitcoin Price Eyes Upside Break Bitcoin price remained well bid above the $39,250 support zone. BTC formed a base and started a fresh increase above the $40,000 resistance zone. The bulls gained strength and were able to push the price above $40,500. There was a move above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the main drop from the $43,415 swing high from the $39,240 low. Besides, there was a break above a connecting bearish trend line with resistance near $40,000 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. The pair even broke the $41,000 resistance zone and settled above the 100 hourly simple moving average. An immediate resistance on the upside is near the $41,350 level. The 50% Fib retracement level of the main drop from the $43,415 swing high from the $39,240 low is also near the $41,350 zone. The next key resistance could be $41,500. If the bulls able to clear the $41,350 and $41,500 resistance levels, the price could accelerate higher. Source: BTCUSD on Tradin... read More

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