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Experimental Finance Token  


EXFI Price:
$97.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$8.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #EXFI today is $0.09 USD.

The lowest EXFI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.090, and the exact current price of one EXFI crypto coin is $0.09024.

The all-time high EXFI coin price was $13.72.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of EXFI with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Experimental Finance Token crypto currency is #EXFI.

Experimental Finance Token is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Experimental Finance Token is $8,711,122.

Experimental Finance Token is ranking upwards to #1142, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #EXFI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Experimental Finance Token is $97,711.


The circulating supply of EXFI is 96,532,256 coins, which is 88% of the maximum coin supply.


EXFI is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Introducing Oryy

The most trusted platform to manage digital assets on the Flare Network - Oryy is a deterministic deployment of the Gnosis Safe multisig platform. Multisig is a critical piece of infrastructure for every EVM-based blockchain. Most crypto assets are stored in single key wallets, often referred to as externally owned accounts (EOA). Examples include Metamask, Bifrost, Ledger, etc. These wallets are secured with a 12-word “seed phrase” which is most often transformed into a private key for the user. If the private key is compromised in any way, assets held in the wallet can be stolen. Whether they’re being used by individuals or businesses, externally owned accounts are not a secure way to manage crypto funds. If an employee goes rogue or an individual is careless with their private key, the funds in the compromised wallet or contract are gone forever, and the wallet can no longer be used. Oryy is a better solution for the storage of crypto assets on cold or hot wallets. Oryy was not on our initial roadmap. However, as a result of collaborative research with our academic arm into industry-wide exploits, we concluded that multisig wallets were necessary to secure our ecosystem and deploy critical infrastructure like the APY Cloud and FLRWrap bridge securely. Oryy generates a smart contract wallet that requires a minimum number of owner addresses to approve a transaction before it can occur (M-of-N). If for example...

NFT Migration Guide

This guide is only for the current holders of the Samurai and Delorian NFTs on the Ethereum network.. — Before you begin the burn process, make sure that you are connecting with the account that contains the Samurai or Delorian NFT(s). Please make sure you have enough ETH to pay the gas fee for the burn transaction. At the time of writing, gas fees were below $2. MetaMask was used for this tutorial but other wallets may also be compatible. It is recommended that you perform the burn process through Rarible. Songbird equivalent NFTs will only be sent to addresses which have performed the Migration process. Visit and select Profile., 2. Select ‘View Profile’. 3. Find the NFT you wish to burn and click the NFT’s ‘…’ menu icon. 4. Select the ‘Burn’ option. 5. Enter the amount of NFTs you wish to burn and select ‘Burn tokens’. 6. Confirm Transaction 7. Once the transaction is confirmed, select Close and Continue. 8. Copy your address. If for some reason you cannot access Rarible to perform the Burn transaction, then you can send your NFT to the Null address below and use the Txn Hash of that transaction to complete the Migration process. 9. Open and enter your Address. 10. Select the Burn Txn Hash 11. Copy Txn Hash 12. Open the FLR Finance NFT Migration Form: 13. Enter the username registered for your preferred media platform (this is optiona...

Pushing the boundaries with NFTs

THE FLRDROPS ARC:. — Ever since Bitcoin’s Big Bang in 2009, the crypto-space has seen a great expansion which doesn’t seem to be losing its momentum. In this article, we will be exploring some of the ever-expanding possibilities that can be achieved with NFTs. Fractionalisation Have you ever been priced out of an NFT you would liked to have owned? Most people can’t afford to buy expensive works such as a Bored Ape, but the possibilities offered by fractionalisation can make future artwork much more accessible to all. Not only will fractionalisation of artwork broaden ownership, but will also allow collectors to diversify their portfolios. A fractional NFT is a whole NFT that has been divided into smaller pieces, allowing more people to own a piece of the same NFT to put it simply. The NFT is fractionalized using a smart contract that generates a set number of tokens linked to the original NFT. These fractional tokens grant each holder a percentage of ownership and these fractions can be traded or exchanged on secondary markets. The ERC-721 & ERC-1155 standards can generate unique non-fungible tokens, the ERC-20 standard is used to mint altcoins and other fungible tokens. Fungible tokens are interchangeable, meaning that each unit has the same utility and intrinsic value. As such, you can deploy a smart contract to generate multiple ERC-20 tokens linked to an indivisible ERC-721 NFT. Anyone who holds any of t...

Composable NFTs

THE FLRDROPS ARC:. — A composable NFT (ERC-998) is a non-fungible token that can own or be owned by other non-fungible and fungible tokens. The ERC-998 token standard is an extension of the ERC-721 standard. It enables ERC721 and ERC-20 tokens to own other ERC-721 tokens and ERC-20 tokens. This allows for the amalgamation of assets into a family tree-like structure of parent and child. It also allows for transferring of the entire tree hierarchy. So if a composable ERC-721 that has ERC-20 tokens/collectibles linked with it is transferred, the ERC-20 tokens/collectibles will also be transferred along with it. Composable NFTs will prove to be useful wherever combinations are required. Gaming characters or avatars linked with collectibles, or digital art linked with social currencies, or even a mix of those two. The combinations made possible by the ERC-998 token standard broaden the scope for new implementations and use cases, while the flexibility of being able to choose specific combinations of token types keep the contract size minimal. Specifications: There are 2 methods of creating composable NFTs which are Top-Down and Bottom-Up. 4 combinations can be achieved using ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens: Top-Down composable tokens record information about their child tokens. Any ERC-721 token can be transferred into a top-down composable token. Similar to that of a folder, you can store and transfer tokens in and out of it....

Wrapped NFTs

THE FLRDROPS ARC:. — Before we get into Wrapped NFTs, let’s take a quick look into wrapped tokens as there are similarities in the ways in which wrapping expands their capabilities. The best example of a wrapped token is wrapped ether (WETH), but seen as though Flare utilises the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), we can substitute ETH for SGB or FLR as a more familiar example. SGB is the native token of the Songbird network and it is required to pay transaction fees. Beyond that and trading, it’s use is pretty limited. The ERC-20 standard is a technical standard for issuing tokens like EXFI and SFIN on the Songbird Network. This token standard isn’t compliant with the native token standard for SGB, so providing liquidity to an SGB/EXFI LP smart contract would not be possible. To make SGB ‘smart’, it needs to be wrapped into the ERC-20 token standard to become compatible with ERC-20 tokens issued on the network. Essentially, wrapping a token is converting its interaction standards for another set of standards. Wrapped NFTs can also expand NFT utility and functionality beyond that which is offered by the ERC-721 token standard and that of the Composable ERC-998 standard. The ERC-4799 standard enables designating ownership of a Wrapped NFT to someone else while the original NFT is held in escrow via smart contract. Similar to that of SGB when you wrap it, SGB is held in a smart contract and you are presented with ...


THE FLRDROPS ARC:. — Curation is the process of assembling, managing and presenting a collection. Where art is concerned, the endeavour of creating a gallery involves research into artworks, collaborating with artists, organising and exhibiting their artwork within your Gallery. An Art Gallery is similar to that of a flower garden. You want to create a pleasant environment for aromatic roses and opulent magnolias to blossom. Curation specifically allows you to design your own garden and select which flowers you would like to grow within it and also to filter out any weeds. For the Curator, the content and presentation of their Gallery is of utmost importance. Marketplaces can be overgrown with weeds and fake plants, so quality over quantity should be an essential element of focus when curating artwork for your Gallery. Although art is subjective, it is important to remember that curation isn’t just a matter of taste. Curators need to establish a good rapport with artists and be knowledgeable about the art that they are presenting in their gallery. Artists and Curators share a mutual relationship in that they can both add value to one another. A successful artist can add value to a Gallery and an up and coming Artist can gain value from having their work included in a successful Gallery. Curation also adds important value for the collector. When FLR Drops introduced the first public minting contracts to Songbird, it...

Phygitals Part 1

THE FLRDROPS ARC:. — Phygital is the term used to describe the combination of a physical and digital product. Phygitals are not specific to blockchain technology, but blockchain technology has expanded upon their usefulness in sectors such as retail and supply chains. This expansion also flows into the world of art. Just as NFT’s can attribute scarcity, provenance and authenticity to digital artwork, these attributes can also be applied to physical artwork and play a major role in adding value for artists. FLR Finance, as well as artists in collaboration with FLR Drops, will be able to list physical items in the form of a Phygital token or a combination of tokens. There isn’t any functional difference between a Phygital NFT and a digital art NFT, but there is an obvious difference in receiving ownership of a physical item. To claim the physical item, the collector who purchases a Phygital NFT would have to prove ownership of the NFT or redeem it. The collector would also need to provide some contact and delivery details to the seller in order to receive the item. This is strictly an exchange of information between buyer and seller. FLR Finance will not be an intermediary in the sale or exchange of Phygitals between buyers and sellers and will not be accountable for issues that may arise between buyer and seller. This feature will be implemented into FLR Drops via a plugin that allows for personal information to b...


THE FLRDROPS ARC:. — One of the keys to the success of the FLRDrops platform is the addition of high-value NFT Art. When high-value NFTs change hands, the fees generated benefit the entire ecosystem. These assets are necessary for protocols such as PawnFi to create efficient NFT lending markets on the Flare Network. It’s obviously very difficult to create a CryptoPunk or Bored Ape level community, but we believe through Phygitals (Digital NFTs backed by a physical item) we’ve created a model worth exploring. Phygitals have the potential to bring high value real world assets onto the FLRDrops marketplace. FLR Finance will be introducing a number of Phygital NFTs. We initially planned to distribute our Phygital NFTs through auctions, but have instead decided to use a new feature we will be bringing to Drops: Raffles! Raffles have several advantages over auctions which we believe will drive large volumes and demand for high value Phygitals to be created on Songbird and Flare: Raffles don’t price out most ecosystem participants if the NFT is sought after, Raffles don’t have price cap relative to one large user’s appetite, While purchasing more tickets may increase the odds of winning, even players with one ticket may win, Every raffle ticket purchased generates ecosystem fees, feeding the APY Cloud, As the price of an auction rises, fewer users can afford to place a bid. Each successive bid reduces the abili...


THE FLRDROPS ARC:. — Scammers are always searching for and creating new ways to steal your digital assets. With the increased growth of the crypto space in recent years, there has been plenty of fraud opportunities. 14 billion USD worth of crypto tokens fell into the hands of fraudsters in 2021 alone. If you are interested in crypto, DeFi, or NFTs, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. In this article, we will highlight common crypto scams, how to spot them, and how to avoid falling victim to them.The main objective of a scammer is to get access to your seed phrase. If anyone is asking you for your seed phrase, it is a scam! There are two major attack vectors: The exploitation of Software Vulnerabilities., Social Engineering — Phishing., — Exploitation of Software Vulnerabilities - Software, such as operating systems, web browsers, and other applications, often have security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Software developers are always looking out for vulnerabilities to “patch” — that is, develop a solution that ‘patches’ the issue, which is implemented in a new update. However, sometimes hackers or malicious actors spot the vulnerability before the software developers do. While the vulnerability is still exposed, attackers can take advantage of it. Therefore, it is always good practice to install all security updates as they become available. Outdated software may c...

Samurai & Delorian NFTs

The Path To Migration. — With the approach of FLR Drops Songbird launch, we know many in our community are eager to learn more of the plans for the Samurai and Delorian NFTs. In this article, we will cover the plan for bringing these NFTs to the Songbird Network in preparation of unlocking their utility! — DFLR Competition Rewards - As discussed here (, the winners of the DFLR competition will receive their NFT rewards on FLR Drops on Songbird. The current collection of 750 Semi-Rare Samurai on Ethereum will be burned and re-minted through the Drops platform, where they will be transferred to the original winning addresses. The Super Rare Samurai NFTs which are currently owned by FLR Finance, will likewise be burned and reminted on Songbird to be transferred to the original winning addresses. The Rhodium Necklace winners will be rewarded separately, as their reward will be one of the first usecases of the new Phygital Redemption process! — Existing Ethereum Samurai NFTs - All current holders of the UR and SR Samurai NFTs on Ethereum will have the option to redeem that NFT for the same NFT on Songbird. The redemption process will require that the holder burn the current NFT on ETH and send us the burn transaction for verification. Once verified, we will mint the replacement NFT on Songbird and transfer that NFT to the address which executed the burn. Full instructions on how to complete...


Flare Finance News on EXFI, Farm Pools, Loans and CAND

    This week brought some big changes to FLR Finance. We introduced three new time-locked Farm pools and…we implemented the technical and economic fix for FLR Loans! Time-Locked Farm Pools Three new time-locked pools were introduced to FLR Farm: two EXFI pools with 90 and 180 day lockups, and one EXFI/SFIN LP pool with a 90 day lockup. SFIN reward rates for these pools are boosted by 1.5x (90 days) and 1.75x (180 days) compared to the corresponding unlocked pools. These rewards accumulate in the same manner as for regular FLR Farm pools and will be directly claimable at any time.Adoption of these new pools has been quick, with over 2.4M EXFI being locked so far between the two EXFI pools and 60% of the EXFI/SFIN LP tokens being locked as well. EXFI Loans On January 21, 2022, the FLR Finance EXFI Loans platform, which mints the Canary Dollar stablecoin (CAND) from overcollateralized asset positions, experienced a price feed attack. Due to the low external market liquidity, fast on chain transaction speeds, and low transaction fees, attackers were able to purchase a relatively small amount of EXFI on the MEXC exchange to pump the EXFI price to $15 during the window in which the Loans price feed took a price snapshot. This allowed EXFI Loans to mint CAND at a highly inflated rate. When the price of EXFI on the exchanges immediately corrected back to the real price these loans were left in a very undercollateralized state, leading to their liquid... read More

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