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EVOX Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$16.8 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #EVOX today is $0.00765 USD.

The lowest EVOX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00765, and the current live price for one EVOX coin is $0.00764860.

The all-time high EVOX coin price was $0.87.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of EVOX with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Evolution crypto currency is #EVOX.

Evolution is 1.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Evolution is $16,753.

Evolution is ranking downwards to #1569 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak during the past 24 hours for #EVOX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Evolution is $65.00.


The circulating supply of EVOX is 2,190,351 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Evolution coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


EVOX has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #EVOX trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #EVOX purchase.



Evolution 2.0 Launch

Hey, sssst, don’t tell anyone, but Evolution 2.0 just launched ! Nothing special just that now we use asynchronous core architecture with features like scalability which is needed these days and we know that users like hybrid blockchain to secure the network even more with PoS so hybrid blockchain (pow/pos) it is then. Also don’t tell anyone that now every EvoX user can become their OWN bank with just a simple push of a button located in the new EvoX GUI wallet, you should try it out! Merchants don’t look here, but if do so, you’ll find a privacy coin that can be used with a new feature, auditable wallets, why not? Wallet address too long? Hmmm, now every EvoX user can register a wallet with an alias to fit his needs. Oh oh, forgot to say but if you need p2p contracts just to be sure that all goes as planned, take a look at your EvoX GUI wallet. If you’re as excited as we are about all this new features come over to our website and check out our project. Evolution Project you all for support all this years!

Giveaway !

Giveaway !!/ Join us on Giveaway and vote for EVOX, celebrate listing on CoinMarketLeague


Evolution Project (EVOX) now more then ever needs a team. If you want to be apart of the Evolution team project and you like crypto world as much as me, now is your chance ! Project needs people in any domain, currently the project is maintained by one man (ArtFix) If u got some skills like: - coding - advertising - marketing - content graphic designer - or if you are a quick learner and you like crypto and willing to learn more you can now be part of Evolution project team to move on in this crypto world. For more information about anything feel free to contact me. Social media links and email can be fount on official website Try to contact me on discord, telegram, email, i`ll answer faster in those 3

Dont Miss !

Dont Miss ! #Privacy coins looks good and people rly like them. $EVOX #randomARQ With price and volume gaining don’t miss your chance join now !!! low supply


📢 New version 2.0.3 Evolution Electron Wallet is out with some bugs fix, fixed also the error when u click on transaction that send to bad link to explorer domain, zmq now works in pool and daemon wallet. Check it out. 😎 ✅ OPEN YOUR WALLET FOR AUTOUPDATE More updates will come. Stay tune.

News, Updates about Evolution

The good news come, domain migration is in progress same as new site look, mean time we have listed Evolution [EvoX] on SouthXchange in 9 pairs so anyone can enjoy there favorite pair. Have a look.  — @Evolution_EvoX More news and updates will come soon. Stay tune.

Launching in less then 6 hours

#KuangEX launches #Evolution (EVOX) and invites you to participate in the transaction to share 10,000 EVOX And open EVOX / USDT trading Time: 10:00, April 16, 2020 (UTC + 8) @Evolution_EvoX $EVOX Be ready.

Evolution Project

Welcome to Evolution Project blog. News and update will be post here. In privacy we trust.


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    Bitcoin mining is one of the most rewarding ways to participate in crypto, as it supports the network and earns Bitcoin through mining. However, in today’s competitive landscape, it is incredibly hard to successfully mine a block, let alone build and maintain a Bitcoin node. Despite this, GoMining is making Bitcoin mining more accessible for people across the globe who might not have the resources to build their own Bitcoin mining farm. GoMining is a Bitcoin mining company whose core mission is to make Bitcoin mining easy and accessible for everyone. They do this through their flagship product, the GoMining NFT, which offers daily mining rewards. Through their tokens, GoMining has consistently provided stable mining rewards to stakeholders over the last two and a half years. The number continues to grow, with over 2,000 unique NFT holders increasing daily. More recently, in collaboration with MMA legend Khabib Nurmagomedov, GoMining launched the Khabib NFT collection, a limited set of NFTs that have incredibly strong computing power and high energy efficiency. Now, GoMining is elevating its branding and tokenomics. With its latest ticker update, GOMINING, the team made three major updates that will improve both the demand and supply mechanics of the token. Let’s dive in and learn more about the new GOMINING token. Introducing GOMINING GOMINING is the official token for the GoMining ecosystem, and it is used both to pay for mining fees and for distributing rewards... read More

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    On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the Genesis Block on a small server in Helsinki, Finland, and received a reward of 50 bitcoins, which marks the beginning of crypto mining. From CPU to ASIC In Satoshi Nakamoto's initial vision, BTC mining could be performed using CPUs installed on PCs. During its infancy, Bitcoin remained obscure and offered no value. It wasn't until 2010 when Bitcoin enthusiast Laszlo Hanyecz argued that GPUs could perform more computations per second than CPUs and tried to use GPUs for mining, and he was correct. After Hanyecz shared his GPU mining code with the community, Bitcoin saw its first hashrate surge by 20,000 times, from 6 MH/s in January 2010 to 120 GH/s in December 2010. What's interesting is that Hanyecz, who introduced GPU mining, was also the one who started Bitcoin Pizza Day. Hanyecz earned plenty of bitcoins through the GPU mining approach he invented and spared no efforts to promote the crypto. For instance, the guy bought two pizzas with 10,000 BTC, giving real value to the new currency for the first time. The appearance of GPU mining and the surging BTC price led to a mining arms race, and miners were constantly seeking new ways to improve their hashrate. In 2011, someone shared the code of FPGA mining machines on GitHub, which started a new era dominated by specialized mining rigs. In 2011, the Bitcoin hashrate rose from 116 GH/s at the beginning of the year to nearly 30 TH/s at the end of the year, a nearly 300X growth. 201... read More

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    CBDCs are an investment to protect the fiat-based monetary system. Cash is on its way out, and its share as a medium of payment will significantly reduce in the coming years. For central banks to stay up to date with modern developments and public demands, they must develop CBDCs. These remarks were made by Cecilia Skingsley, First Deputy Governor of Sweden’s central bank Sveriges Riksbank at the European Central Bank’s (ECB) Forum on Central Banking at Sintra, Portugal on Tuesday, media reports said. “I see it as an evolution of the central bank role, rather than a revolution… I think cash will disappear as a payment method, that’s for sure,” she said. CBDC Interoperability Concerns The Swedish central banker, who was seen as the front-runner to head Sveriges Riksbank till recently,  suggested that CBDCs may not provide a complete solution to cross-border payments because of a lack of agreement and unanimity on critical issues between governments. Talking about the future when most countries will have launched their CBDCs, she said interoperability or their interaction with each other can be complex. “We have to think about different levels of interoperability…. It's going to be jolly hard for everybody who wants to be part of that to agree on governance and supervision and the like,” she opined. Lack of Agreement on CBDC Linking Stressing that CBDCs should work together for smooth cross-border transactions, global... read More

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    According to a report by wax, 75% of online gamers want to exchange virtual assets for a currency that they can use on other platforms and in real life. In the past, players could only play online games for the fun of it; there was no way for them to convert that thrill to 'earnings.' The virtual world (that includes games) was utterly distant from the physical world. Cryptocurrency has become a 'game changer' in recent years, creating an avenue for players to collect and trade the collectibles they've earned while playing games, and has ushered in a new era in the gaming industry widely referred to as GameFi. In this article, we would look at The Wasted Lands, a blockchain-based metaverse game set in the post-apocalyptic world,and how it intends to propel the GameFi industry with its recent listing on Kucoin amongst other things. The Wasted Lands Gaming Metaverse The Wasted Lands is a pioneer sci-fi game to integrate multiple exciting gaming elements into its role-playing gameplay within a post-apocalyptic metaverse, The Wasted-Verse. With distinctive gaming features revolving around its metaverse ecosystem such as Match 3 Puzzle RPG, Racing and Shelter Building game, The Wasted Lands is fully equipped to provide an engaging player experience. The Wasted-verse’s avatar NFTs collection allows players to morph into their own unique game personas and start exploring this fantasy world, which further enhances their immersion in the game. The Wasted Lands will be one of t... read More

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    The rise of blockchain technology has led to a paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and cryptocurrencies allow for Play-to-Earn mechanics that let players earn revenue through in-game activity, turning the traditional Pay-to-Play model on its head. The King is dead, long live the King! Play-to-Earn games are one type of blockchain game in which players earn unique NFTs through in-game advancement. In blockchain gaming, players have complete control over their digital assets. In traditional games, the player may lose access to their collectible items if the server is shut down. However, blockchain gaming allows gamers to trade their items, sell them, or potentially use them across different games. The Play-to-Earn industry is on the rise. According to Forbes, Play-to-Earn games are generating billions of dollars through transactions involving NFTs. Popular games such as Axie Infinity, owned by the Vietnam based company Sky Mavis, boast 2.5 million daily active users. Axie was the first Ethereum based NFT game to reach 1 billion USD in sales last August. The major game studio Ubisoft also incorporated NFTs in its latest release, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. With the introduction out of the way, here are the top Play-to-Earn games to look out for in 2022. Apeiron A cross between god-game simulations and card-based Action Roleplaying Games (ARPGs), Apeiron has many perks that put it high on the list. Inspired by classic god games such as Populous, B... read More

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