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EVER Price:
$260.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$92.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #EVER today is $0.047 USD.

The lowest EVER price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.047, and the current live price for one EVER coin is $0.04716.

The all-time high EVER coin price was $0.38.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of EVER with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Everscale crypto currency is #EVER.

Everscale is 2.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Everscale is $92,731,424.

Everscale is ranking upwards to #356 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #EVER.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Everscale is $260,779.


The circulating supply of EVER is 1,966,388,853 coins, which is 93% of the total coin supply.


EVER is the native coin for the Everscale blockchain.

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EVER is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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A completely new multisig for the best security. Everscale core update

A multisig wallet is secured by a form of digital signature that is generated by multiple signers who are part of a certain trusted circle. This allows a group of people to jointly manage funds in the same wallet. When you create multisig wallets, you can set both the total number of signers and the number of signers needed to confirm transactions. This allows you to create an Escrow account, which is designed to ensure that the transaction terms are fulfilled. Recently, the Everscale core team rewrote the multisig code from scratch. This will help achieve better security and code consistency. The previous version of the multisig code did its job well: there were no critical errors, but it was written a couple of years ago on a very old version of the compiler. The old multisig was formally verified and didn’t cause any serious problems; however, it was complicated for audit companies to verify smart contracts, as formal verification wasn’t possible for the old version. Now, the new multisig code is formally verified, has been through several iterations of tests and code corrections, and is already in production. It’s also got a new feature — deployment with internal messages. Multisig accounts are an essential infrastructure element in a decentralized system — DAOs, treasuries, or enterprises can not be built without them. The old multisig can be updated with the new code, and some wallets’ developers a...

Everscale Gitcoin Elysium Hackathon — Full report on the event and submitted work

Everscale Gitcoin Elysium Hackathon — Full report on the event and submitted work - The third Everscale blockchain-based hackathon ended on November 28, 2022. More than 80 submissions were delivered over the four weeks from more than 120 participants, of which 15 impressive projects made it to the finals. A special feature of the hackathon was the development of submissions taking into account FT and NFT standards and the unique features provided by the Everscale architecture, as well as the use of the tools provided by the hackathon partners. The Everscale Gitcoin Elysium Hackathon is an event aimed at raising awareness and attracting attention to the Everscale blockchain among developers, interface designers, project managers, and enthusiasts, and, of course, at encouraging creative and innovative approaches and extraordinary technical solutions in creating products, applications, and promising ecosystem projects. The event was organized online on the Gitcoin platform, supported by partners and teams from Everscale, Broxus, Qamon, and Ylide. The participants of the hackathon performed well in such bounties as GameFi, Onchain Composability, Wallet-to-Wallet communication, and Decentralized cross-chain applications, and in their projects they demonstrated a number of finished Web3 applications, games, and solutions that improve user experience. The creators of the best projects shared a prize pool of $43,000. We congra...

Everscale — an infinitely scalable network

Everscale — an infinitely scalable network. Its potential, and why it should interest developers - Everscale is a fifth-generation Layer 1 blockchain with unique architecture and is fully open source. The blockchain was originally developed for industrial use and is constantly being improved through the efforts of core contributors and the community. In fact, Everscale can literally scale infinitely, which is the key idea behind its name. In a recent test, 63,000 transactions per second were achieved with 200 validators. Since Everscale can scale linearly, throughput increases proportionally as new validators are added, so even 1 million transactions is not the limit for Everscale. The blockchain is ideal for applications such as decentralized social networks, messengers, and emails, as well as stablecoins and CBDCs, market gamification, and NFTs at industrial scale. And that is indeed the main difference from most other blockchains. On top of that, Everscale has been in production for two and a half years, so it’s a pretty thoroughly tested network with many applications and dApps. At this point, it is absolutely safe to say that Everscale is the best technology in the world for these use cases and beyond. Why is it so interesting to developers? Let’s dive deeper into that. Everscale puts a lot of effort into developing its technology and creating an environment where everyone can easily create new applications on...


​​ — the EVER gateway for newcomers! An elegant way to acquire EVER via the Invisible Bridge feature - The Everscale ecosystem is getting bigger with more users joining the network. For any community members who’ve just come to the ecosystem, there is a great tool to acquire EVER tokens! is an elegant solution for buying EVER coins. Powered by the Yoshi exchange, OctusBridge, and FlatQube, all interactions between the exchange and dApps happen seamlessly via a straightforward interface. Thanks to the Invisible Bridge technology developed by the Broxus team, users can easily interact with different blockchains without even noticing the transactions. Let’s have a look at how to acquire EVER using the website. Go to the website., 2. Click on the “EVER Wallet” button. 3. Connect your EVER Wallet account. That’s the account where you’ll receive EVER tokens. 4. Connect an EVM wallet. That’s the account that will be used for purchasing EVER. You can choose Metamask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet. 5. Choose the input blockchain — the blockchain that will be used for purchasing EVER. 6. Choose an input token — the token that will be used for purchasing EVER. Enter the amount you’d like to spend on purchasing EVER. In the section below, you can see the amount of EVER to be received, the minimum EVER to be received, and the EVER price. 7. Click on...

FlatQube — How to maximize your farming rewards and boost your liquidity to a whole new level!

FlatQube — How to maximize your farming rewards and boost your liquidity to a whole new level! - FlatQube is the first DEX to have launched on Everscale. It is a decentralized AMM exchange using liquidity pools to offer users awesome features such as complete anonymity and automatic pricing with no possibility of price manipulation. The Broxus team have recently implemented some tremendous updates to FlatQube, turning it into DAO and adding new boosted farming mechanics. In this article, we’ll show you how to maximize your farming rewards and boost your liquidity to a whole new level! — Choose the farming pool. — First, head over to Choose the pool where you’d like to deposit liquidity and click on it to start farming. — Get LP tokens. — To begin, we need to deposit LP tokens and start farming on FlatQube. Click on the “Get LP Tokens” button., If you’re using FlatQube for the first time, you need to connect your account and connect the pool to your wallet. And to do this, simply click on the buttons “Connect Account” and “Connect Pool”. For any interactions with FlatQube you’ll need to sign the transaction and type your password. Pro tip: click on the “Remember password”, and it will be remembered for a short time to make an interaction easier. Next, deposit the chosen pair of tokens into the farming pool at a 50:50 ratio. Enter the amount of liquid...

Everscale won the AIBC Europe 2022 Blockchain of the Year Award

The AIBC Malta Summit is one of Europe’s most important events for emerging tech companies and has become a global hub for sharing ideas in business development, blockchain, crypto, deep tech, and AI! It was a massive three-day summit held from November 15 to 18, which is part of a series of global events. It was very symbolic that Alexander Filatov, an initial member of Everscale and CEO of EverX, made the opening speech. Alexander also delivered a presentation entitled “Insights: five trends for 2022 and beyond.” We were incredibly fortunate to have Everscale on Malta, where the event managed to attract over 25,000 delegates, representatives of 400 startups, 400 speakers, and 100 influencers, including technology leaders, experts, investors, regulators, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The Everscale blockchain was also represented by Vladimir Maslyakov, head of the Everscale Architectural Committee and CTO of HyperFlex Studio, who participated in the panel discussion “Why are social media companies nuts for NFTs,” as well as in the discussion dedicated to gaming in the future. The event was full of panel discussions, and the next speaker from Everscale was Michael Gord, CEO of GDA Capital and an Everscale Foundation member. Speakers shared solutions and ideas about the economy of the future, advanced technologies, and developments. In addition to presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, of cou...

EverName — decentralized domain name system on Everscale

EverName — decentralized domain name system on Everscale - The Everscale ecosystem continues to evolve, and new services and products are constantly emerging. Today, we’re going to talk about a fairly new ecosystem product: the EverName decentralized domain name service. EverName is an infrastructure project from the Blockchain Family team. It is a decentralized domain name system based on the Everscale blockchain. In the first three weeks, it sold almost 1000 domains and locked around 300,000 EVER. — Service features. — Besides decentralization, a key feature of the service is that each *.ever domain is a TIP-4 standard NFT, which can be owned, transferred to others, and sold on NFT-marketplaces. The length of domains can be from 4 to 126 characters. Another unique feature is that domains of less than 12 characters in length can only be acquired through an auction with WEVER tokens. Domains of 12 characters or more are available for purchase immediately without any auction. All prices for domain registration and renewal are fixed in EVER. On top of that, all tokens received in this way will be burned. Thanks to EverName, the number of EVER coins in circulation will thus be reduced, bringing value to the EVER tokenomics and the ecosystem as a whole. — How do auctions work?. — Let’s get a picture of how the auctions work. As we said above, all domains shorter than 12 characters can only be...

Everscale & DeFi –the future of decentralized finance and Everscale’s potential

Recently, we had a chat with the Reddit community about decentralized finance together with Sergey Shashev, founder of Broxus and Everscale DeFi Alliance, and Sergey Dzhurinskiy, Everscale DeFi Alliance co-founder and managing director at Warp Capital. Why is DeFi a significant step forward for the crypto industry? Is it already dead, or is this just the beginning of its journey? And how does Everscale fit into the picture? Let’s find out in this article.So many chains and so many projects on each chain? Can all of this survive and find enough funds for each chain to persist with its projects continuing too? There is a large amount of competition in the industry, but that’s not a bad thing. While this can over-saturate the market with solutions, it can also be a catalyst for innovation. However, those who innovate and offer something truly unique will be the ones that prevail. The industry’s first and foremost priority should be to develop something that can improve people’s access to services, not just make money.Liquidity mining has spurred growth in the DeFi market, but increased gas fees and network congestion limit users from taking advantage of DeFi’s full potential. What is the most pressing issue that needs to be addressed? Everscale has low TX fees, so this shouldn’t be a problem. DeFi’s main issue is that exchange services and real users should actively use liquidity. If liquidity sits statically whi...

Qamon — private email service powered by Everscale

Qamon — private email service powered by Everscale - The Internet has tread a great path up to now, from the first email sent to the shift to smartphones, as well as the crypto revolution and the transition to Web3. As the technology develops, people are becoming highly dependent on it in their day-to-day lives. What’s more concerning is that people have gotten used to giving a lot of data and permission to big IT corporations, but endless amounts of data leaks and use of personal information for the corporations’ own benefit and improvement of ad services is leading to fundamental changes in society’s mindset. — Decentralized and encrypted email is already here!. — Luckily, we are able to change that. Decentralized and encrypted email is already here! Qamon is an encrypted, decentralized email service built on the Everscale blockchain. It provides an interface and email experience that is familiar to most users. Qamon email messages are end-to-end encrypted. That means that no one but the recipient can read the content of sent messages. Each message is encrypted one-way for the end user, and no one else has the key to decrypt it except for the recipient. A cipher is created on the sender’s device, and all messages enter the network already encrypted. Only the receiver can decrypt them. That’s the beauty of cryptography: centralized servers and companies do not have access or any backdoors to co...

​​The first batch of LEVER payments is distributed!

We are pleased to announce that the first round of LEVER payments was distributed. The first batch includes distributions on the recent Ever DAO-approved EverConnect proposal, the Bug Bounty program, vesting to new Global Governance members who joined in October 2021, and the remaining vesting distributions that were suspended in June 2021: • EverConnect: 850 000 LEVER • Bug Bounty: 1 000 000 LEVER • =nil; Foundation: 962 500 LEVER • BR Capital: 962 500 LEVER • Broxus: 962 500 LEVER • Everstake: 962 500 LEVER • GDA Capital: 1 000 000 LEVER • GrandBazar: 1 000 000 LEVER • ForkLog: 481 250 LEVER • Kuna: 962 500 LEVER • Minergate: 962 500 LEVER • Moon Team: 1 000 000 LEVER • MTX: 962 500 LEVER • Warp Capital: 1 000 000 LEVER • Korean Community: 1 000 000 LEVER • Vietnamese Community: 1 000 000 LEVER The second round of payments will be made to partners upon submission of their KPI reports and approval via EVER DAO voting. As a reminder, after EVER DAO approved the proposal to issue a LEVER token, the token started to be used as a payment tool for Everscale business partners and contributors with a two-year lock-in/on KPI achievement to avoid pressure on the EVER price. In this way, LEVER provides a more sustainable ecosystem development model. — LEVER token in details. — LEVER is an instrument with a lock against an additional incentive, Subject to positive voting at the EverDAO (i...


Web3-Focused Fund VVF Announces a $5 Million Investment in the Everscale...

    The Web3-oriented Venom Ventures Fund (VVF) invested $5 million in Everscale to aid its expansion efforts. The fund saw the light of day earlier last month after collaborating with the Abu Dhabi-based Iceberg Capital Limited and Venom Foundation. The 'Strategic Investment' According to a document seen by CryptoPotato, VVF's financing aims to support the Web3 industry by solving its scalability issues. It should also help Everscale complete its goal of hiring more developers and increasing the number of projects. The $5 million investments will be sent in stages, depending on the progress and other indicators. Everscale has already displayed intentions to expand its global presence. Its particular goal is to integrate its blockchain solutions in Asia and establish a strong community in the region. Speaking on the matter was Peter Knez - VVF's Chairman and former CIO of BlackRock: 'For us, this is a strategic investment aimed at the technological development of projects and teams around technologies that we focus on and actively develop. In particular, we are talking about the Venom blockchain project and its ecosystem, which is planned to be launched soon and for which Everscale is a potential Layer 2 solution.' Moon Young Lee - Everscale Foundation Board Member - described the investment as a 'milestone' for the two entities.  'The technological capabilities of Everscale are immense, but they have been underappreciated by a wider audience. Now, Everscale will be able to ... read More

Everscale Foundation Officially Launches

    PRESS RELEASE. Zug, Switzerland, September 4, 2022 – The Everscale Foundation has been officially registered as a non-profit organization to facilitate the growth of the Everscale network's ecosystem, attract new developers, and further expand the international community. The Foundation's mission is to remove barriers between Everscale and the external world. Back in late 2021, the Everscale community supported a DAO initiative to create a representation of the network in the real world. By the end of August this year, all the necessary registration procedures had been completed, and the non-profit Everscale Foundation has now officially launched in Zug, Switzerland – the gold standard location for international NPOs. In full accordance with the original vision, the major areas where the Everscale Foundation is starting to perform its duties are as follows: Representation The Everscale Foundation will increase the network's publicity and provide a single entry point for journalists, developers, influencers, government bodies, etc. The Foundation will form professional working groups and develop the required interfaces. These may include PR, GR, and marketing initiatives. Grant Program The Foundation will be the prime destination for qualified projects that want to develop and create their products and businesses on Everscale. Those projects that bring the most value to the network may receive support from the Foundation. These might vary from core infrastructure... read More

Everscale Trail-Blazes Through H1 2022

    With live-tested transaction speeds of 64,000 TPS, infinitely scalable blockchain Everscale is undeniably one of the fastest out there, and if H1 2022 is anything to go by, its development progress is no less rapid. Despite seriously bearish trends in the crypto market triggered in large part by the collapse of Terra’s LUNA token and UST stablecoin, and later compounded by a significant crisis for crypto lender Celsius, Everscale continued to bolster its already considerable advantages at a rate of knots, ticking off plenty of roadmap goals as it went. Listings on major crypto exchanges such as Huobi, KuCoin, and BitMartare a testament to the blockchain’s achievements over the period. Everscale’s transaction costs were already comparatively very low before the recent developments, but Q1, which was still a green one for most tokens and positive for the industry in general, saw the platform’s gas fees reduce to just 0.014 EVER (currently around $0.0014). There was good news for anyone interested in building on the blockchain too, as all necessary documentation for everyone from validators and developers to NFT creators and regular users became available online in the platform’s docs database. Everscale branched out in the first quarter as well, launching its lending protocol, whose users can earn from borrowing and lending wrapped EVER tokens (WEVER) and USDT. On top of that, the team got the Cardano-based decentralized exchange DEXADA off the gro... read More

Core Everscale Developers Broxus to Host Elysium Hackathon in Belgrade a...

    PRESS RELEASE. Broxus, the core development team behind many of the platforms that make up the Everscale network ecosystem, will be hosting its first-ever hackathon in Belgrade, Serbia from July 14-17. The hackathon is the latest development in what has been a remarkable 2022 for the Everscale network. Everscale started off the year with its inaugural EVERPOINT Conference in Bali, Indonesia. The conference was a celebration marking the network's second anniversary as well as its full-fledged expansion into the Asian market. Since EVERPOINT, Everscale's growth has only increased. At the start of this month, the network's native EVER token was listed on Huobi and KuCoin, two of the top 10 digital asset exchanges in the world. In addition, a number of the DeFi platforms powering the Everscale ecosystem have taken off in popularity. Chief among them are Octus Bridge, a multi-network cross-chain Bridge allowing users to transfer assets to and from the most popular networks in DeFi, and FlatQube, the network's most popular DEX with a full selection of advanced features like routed swaps, staking, farming, and a token builder. These platforms have been able to grow significantly due to the technological underpinnings of the Everscale network, the most scalable blockchain in existence. Everscale's scalability makes it possible for users of the Bridge platform to transfer liquidity from network to network near-instantaneously and at fractional costs. Now the team that has develope... read More

Broxus CEO Vlad Ponomarev on Everscale and Developing a Universal Bridge...

    Everscale is the most scalable network in DeFi. With the capacity to process over a million transactions per second, Everscale is able to offer users some of the fastest transaction speeds paired with fractional fees. The Everscale ecosystem includes a cross-chain bridge platform with a unique Universal Bridge mechanism that facilitates liquidity transfers to and from virtually any network, a native DEX with some of the highest APY rates in DeFi on its staking and farming pools, and native wallets. Vlad Ponomarev is the CEO of Broxus. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the technology they are developing: Vlad Ponomarev is the CEO of Broxus – one of the core developer teams of the Everscale network and architects of a cross-chain bridge platform, network-native DEX and much more. Commercial strategy, B2B sales and marketing professional with over 10 years of industry experience. To learn more about the technology visit and join the community on Twitter and Discord. The News podcast features interviews with the most interesting leaders, founders and investors in the world of Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs and the Metaverse. Follow us on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. This is a sponsored podcast. Learn how to reach our audience here. Read disclaimer below.   read More

EverLend, First Lending Protocol on Everscale Network, Kicks off Operati... is a secured lending protocol powered by Everscale. The platform was successfully launched on the 18th of March, 2022 together with its own utility token. The platform facilitates DeFi lending by hosting funding pools with interest rates based on Everscale's asset supply and demand algorithm. is a protocol where users can play the role of provider, borrower, or both, and interact with each other within the protocol to earn or pay flexible interest rates. At its core, it is a secured lending platform that charges interest on the use of funds. The platform has been in development for more than 6 months by the team. Conceptually, EverLend was modeled on the market-leading Compound protocol. One of the goals in creating the project was providing end users with a simple and clear lending platform that would be comfortable to use. At the same time, the development team, together with the advisory team, revised some parameters of the original model (for example, the system security protocols) and finalized them for improvement. In addition, the implementation has been fully adapted to the specifics of the Everscale blockchain. The project was launched on March 18, 2022 at 11 am Korean time (GMT+9). It is important to note that a formal verification process for the project is currently underway in the format of an Everscale Contest. While contracts for the lending platform have already been launched prior to formal verification on the network, lim... read More

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