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EURS Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$13.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #EURS today is $1.08 USD.

The lowest EURS price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.08, and the current live price for one EURS coin is $1.07600.

The all-time high EURS coin price was $2.63.

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The code for STASIS EURS crypto currency is #EURS.

STASIS EURS is 4.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for STASIS EURS is $13,225,116.

STASIS EURS is ranked #1097 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak during the past 24 hours for #EURS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for STASIS EURS is $196.


The circulating supply of EURS is 12,291,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of STASIS EURS is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


EURS is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the EURS Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


EURS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #EURS trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #EURS purchase.



Redefining Crypto On/Off-Ramp Experience with Sellback 2.0

STASIS rolls out a major overhaul of its featured service The cryptocurrency field develops by leaps and bounds and takes no coffee break even during the winter months or bear markets. STASIS, the leading euro stablecoin issuer, was always considered a company that spearheaded its market direction. We at STASIS believe that making crypto on/off ramp as convenient and flexible as possible is part of our mission. Over the past years, we have collected extensive feedback, worked out bugs, and improved certain features based on numerous insights and suggestions from our clients and businesses we work with. To satisfy the needs of our customers in a hassle-free experience, we took another extra mile and developed a new Sellback system for a faster, easier, and more efficient user journey within the crypto realm. In a previous iteration, we were not satisfied with certain roadblocks that caused inefficiencies throughout the system. The new version of our featured service has the same functionality but a much richer UX. Sellback 2.0 includes multiple improvements to Sell/Buy, KYC and API that solve previous design shortcomings. Let’s explore the main features. Firstly, say goodbye to the old Sellback system. The newly-developed Web app features an all-in-one integrated web portal! We have also totally redesigned the UI to make navigation more straightforward. Moreover, with the introduction of new blockchains, it’s now possibl...

Stablecoin Digest #4'2023

Your guide into the summary of last week’s events in the crypto Dear STASIS community and clients! The crypto realm grows by leaps and bounds. We decided to reinvigorate our weekly news bulletin to inform you of the most impactful events last week. Read about the most important news and analytics of DeFi, stablecoin, and the crypto regulation sector. Market overview The enthusiasm-propelled bull momentum has stalled as market participants play a waiting game to figure out the next move. Obviously, Aptos token has made all the change, growing to almost $20 in momentum. However, the blue chips, alongside the altcoins, didn’t make any big moves last week, and the future is still uncertain. Many traders patiently await a FED decision in February before taking their game to the next level. As the stablecoin adoption continues, Moody is developing a scoring system for stablecoins. Moody’s, which also provides credit ratings for publicly-traded companies, is working on a strategy to score up to 20 stablecoins based on the quality of their reserves attestations, according to a report from Bloomberg, citing a person familiar with the plans. The project is in its infancy, however, and won’t be issuing official credit ratings, another person told Bloomberg. However, the relative quietness of crypto grounds proved to be fruitful for several luring high-profile scams. You can read about it in detail below. Stay safe, use non-cust...

Stablecoin Digest #3'2023

Your guide into the summary of last week’s events in the crypto Dear STASIS community and clients! The crypto realm grows by leaps and bounds. We decided to reinvigorate our weekly news bulletin to inform you of the most impactful events last week. Read about the most important news and analytics of DeFi, stablecoin, and the crypto regulation sector. Market overview Another week, another story. Digital assets continue to conquer users’ minds and wallets despite all odds. While the signs of economic stress are everywhere and economic downfall is looming on the horizon, crypto is making all the difference and headlines once again. Cryptocurrency markets surged and managed to regain the $1 trillion market capitalization mark over the last weekend amid a record number of short liquidations contributing to the surge. Nearly $500 million in shorts, or bets against higher prices, were liquidated since Friday to mark the highest such levels since October 2022 as indicated by data from Coinalyze shows. Will the trend continue or result in another downfall a week later, remains to be seen. Other industry news was not positive, though. Bloomberg Intelligence suggests that the decline in S&P 500 profit projections has been falling until 2023 and might not be over yet. This narrative is unlikely to change soon. Silvergate Capital reported a net loss of $1 billion for the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency lender Genesis h...

Stablecoin Digest #2/2023

Your guide into the summary of last week’s events in crypto Weekly Stablecoin Digest is back! Dear STASIS community and clients! The crypto realm grows by leaps and bounds. We decided to reinvigorate our weekly news bulletin to inform you of the most impactful events last week. Read about the most important news and analytics of DeFi, stablecoin, and the crypto regulation sector. — Market overview - The second week of January ended up with unexpected relief for crypto investors, as major digital currencies and altcoins saw double-digit gains closer to the weekend. The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index reached an index score of 52. Bitcoin and Ethereum climbed over $21K and $1.5K respectively and the whole crypto narrative stepped out of “Fear” zone for the first time in 3 quarters! However, the market sentiment is still red and there is a high chance of walking into another bull trap. While many speculate about the potentiality of the bull market’s full-fledged return, it’s worth noting that crypto is still going through the phase of maturity and is clearly correlated with the S&P and TradFi markets. Therefore, we see a situation where several quarters of potential recession are looming ahead. The savings rate has collapsed to 2.2% ,meaning that population of the U.S. and many first world countries are short of savings. The last time it was so low was in 2006–2007. Substantial drop in consumer spending is a...

EURS: The Best Fiat-Backed Stablecoin to Buy in 2023

Your right pick in the crypto universe Have you been hurt by the crypto market events during 2022? It was all about fallen hope, broken promises, and failed ideas along with insecurity, uncertainty, and a loss of trust. Many projects and prospective coins layered the graveyard of the cryptocurrency foundation, just to further fuel the exodus to the once-undervalued good old fiat-backed solutions. Algorithmic stablecoins now feel so last year. Moreover, in the event of the decay of Terra’s, 3AC, and a group of other former crypto headliners, STASIS-issued stablecoin gained more clients than in the previous year. 2023 started with volatility and won’t be easy on all levels, but the safe stablecoin harbor of EURS is always open for stability seekers. Shielding from volatility, opacity, and rugpuls has never been so vital before. Recent events reinforce the need for transparency, and the XDC community is one of the few crypto communities that has quickly recognized this. The crypto titanic is sinking while the stablecoin yacht is floating well We’ve witnessed the downfall of crypto titans. In such conditions, users can’t escape a rising feeling of paranoia every time going on a crypto journey. Unshakable fortresses began to crumble and eventually fell into oblivion, dragging their leaders into the abyss. The cryptocurrency industry just fell into the same trap brought by the conflict of interests inside the colossus of...

Stablecoin Digest #1'2023

Your guide into the summary of last week’s events in crypto A comeback of the Weekly Stablecoin Digest! Dear STASIS community and clients! The crypto realm grows by leaps and bounds. It’s becoming increasingly challenging not to miss out on what really matters. We decided to reinvigorate our weekly news bulletin to inform you of the most impactful events last week. Read about the most important news and analytics of DeFi, stablecoin, and the crypto regulation sector. — Market overview. — The first week of January didn’t bring a wind of change to the crippled market. FUD continues to stay strong, and many sources on crypto Twitter advise people to buckle up and prepare for the worse. The S&P has stopped falling for the moment, but whether we have some solid ground for a local bull run still remains to be seen. Let’s start with some numbers: Digital assets saw inflows totalling $433m for the whole of 2022, the lowest since 2018, when there were inflows of only $233M;, In a year when Bitcoin prices fell by 63%, a clear bear market precipitated by irrational exuberance and an overly hawkish FED, it is encouraging to see investors on the entire still choosing to invest;, 2022 saw the emergence of short-investment products, which saw inflows of $108M; they remain a niche asset that represents only 1.1% of total Bitcoin AuM., Meanwhile, data from Nansen suggests that ETH enjoys staking demand as 15.87 m...

Stasis In 2022

A YEAR IN REVIEW Take a sneak peek at what we’ve been up to! Another milestone, another New Year tree, another holiday gift run during the rush hour… Traditions and places of celebration may vary, but it’s still an ultimate break for everyone to have a stop and refresh, sum up achievements, and make new plans. Then the circle starts again. It’s been such a whirlwind of a journey, and we are extremely grateful to all of you for supporting us throughout the last turbulent year. Amazing to see how EURS evolved, how far it’s come, and the impact it has on the stablecoin arena. Let’s check the snapshot of some of our top highlights for the last year! — STASIS key milestones in 2022. — EURS emissions exceeded 100 million, 20.000 Stasis Wallet downloads, 250.000 EURS transactions, 15+ Listings in CeFi and DeFi platforms, 50+ articles and quotes in global media published in total, New Sellback service developed, Enabled real-world use cases, Added support for XRP, XDC and Polygon blockchains, — Technology - Magicians at the STASIS tech team were proud to come up with multiple achievements: Main development: Added support for Algorand blockchain (Android), Added support for Polygon blockchain (Android), Added support for Ripple blockchain (Android), Multi-chain balance for EURS token on different chains (Android), Added support for Bitcoin SegWit addresses (Android), Added Wrapped BTC token (Andr...

STASIS 2022 Q4 Milestones Report

A glimpse into the past Welcome to Month in Review, where the team behind STASIS & EURS shares updates from the past month and thoughts on critical events and issues in the cryptocurrency, DeFi & stablecoin space. Sign up to receive it here. About the STASIS Newsletter Your inner circle might often ask you: what’s your final destination in the crypto space? New information is raining cats & dogs in crypto. If you want to stay tuned for what’s going on in this chaotic realm and not get overwhelmed with confusing information of all sorts, please subscribe to our newsletter! Read past issues The Disappointing Tale of Uptober & Moonvember. Will it continue? Autumn was perceived to be the locomotive of the crypto industry that struck back. This idea was going strong until the end of last year, but 2022 was all about the different atmosphere and narrative. We witnessed quite a few record-breaking bull runs in the industry over a few years back. Wealth was pouring into the crypto realm from all possible sources, making many basement dwellers multi-millionaires and garage startups — unicorns. With the continuous shaking of the market, it’s become more evident that the cryptocurrency train exists in the same reality as the other realms like TradFi, and eventually, it stumbled across the same trap. The downfall of FTX was the very Lehman Brothers in the crypto world. A new bearish “narrative” is being...

STASIS Wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear Community! The STASIS team wholeheartedly congratulates you on the upcoming Christmas and New Year. We sincerely wish you pleasant and refreshing holidays! Modern life is all about the right timing. Every 12 months, we make a brief stop, slowing down a bit to recollect and celebrate specific milestones, open a new chapter in the book of our lives, having higher expectations and beliefs for a better future. 2022 was a bumpy road for all the companies in the crypto sector. Nevertheless, we’re proud to stay strong and not only overcome the circumstances but also go the extra mile when others fall halfway to the finish line. We are pleased to report that in the event of tightening regulations, the path taken by STASIS turned out to be the right one. Compliance and transparency have become defining factors once again. With the tightening regulatory environment in Europe and stricter AML rules, STASIS continued to remain the pinnacle of transparency within the stablecoin sector. STASIS transacted historical volumes of EURS this year, which was a sign of trust in our stablecoin after the collapse of Terra, FTX, 3AC, and a bunch of other companies that used to be considered pinnacles of the crypto field. This fall for the entire crypto community has become a real growth driver for our company. We at STASIS believe that taking the high road in business defines the companies that succeed despite all odds. Moreover, we witnessed...

STASIS Brings the Largest Euro Stablecoin to XDC Network to Boost Web3 Payments

Malta, December 7, 2022 — STASIS, the issuer of the largest euro-backed stablecoin, has completed XDC Network integration for its EURS, enabling the XDC community to advance their crypto journey into stablecoins. Turbulence is a familiar feeling to dwellers in the crypto realm. In a record-breaking bear market, even trusted companies lose crowns and go bankrupt, while stablecoins and ecosystems can fail in the blink of an eye. Recent events have only strengthened the need for transparent solutions that keep users as risk-free as possible. The time for EURS to shine on XDC has come. Given that the global user base has just started climbing their learning curve in understanding the risks behind cryptocurrency products, many stablecoin companies have tried to penetrate the market with various models, struggling to achieve notable adoption. If you’re up for a crypto journey, start not only with trusted, but transparent solutions. By 2022, the STASIS-issued EURS has cemented its place as the most reliable asset in the euro stablecoin segment and even beyond for users, businesses, traders, merchants and pretty much everyone else involved in the cryptocurrency domain. The combination of specific qualities makes the STASIS-issued stablecoin stand out from the crowd. The deep research conducted by the project team clearly shows why EURS is a superior multichain asset after facilitating a study on the euro stablecoins. Being fo...


XRPL to Provide Tech Basis for at Least Six Stablecoins

    Stablecoins are among the core focus areas for applications on XRP Ledger. As of Q4, 2022, development teams in various regions across the globe are building stable cryptocurrencies using it as a technical platform. Stably, Stasis, Novatti, who else? Anonymous cryptocurrency expert who goes by @WKahneman on Twitter shares the digest of the most promising stablecoin project on XRP Ledger. Recently there have been a number of stablecoins announced on the #XRPL. Any others of note? Stably (USDS) Stasis (EURS) Xago (XUS) Palau (USD?) Novatti (AUDC) — WrathofKahneman (@WKahneman) October 8, 2022 Most of them are not only using XRP Ledger for its software but are also actively collaborating with Ripple Inc. in engineering and marketing. For instance, Stably USD (USDS) is being developed by Seattle-based Web3 project Stably. As covered by U.Today previously, they decided to expand its product to XRPL in early September. Euro-pegged stablecoin EURS by Stasis can be unveiled in mainnet as soon as Q4, 2022, per the previous statements of its team and Ripple. XUS stablecoin by South African platform Xago is already on its way to XRP Ledger's mainnet. Palau rolls out its CBDC together with Ripple Besides that, XRPL-based products are building stablecoins with unusual assets. For instance, Germany-based Novatti Group Limited is going ... read More


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