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ETHA Lend  


ETHA Price:
$50.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ETHA today is $0.08 USD.

The lowest ETHA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.078, and the exact current price of one ETHA crypto coin is $0.07808.

The all-time high ETHA coin price was $2.87.

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The code for ETHA Lend crypto currency is #ETHA.

ETHA Lend is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for ETHA Lend is $1,850,705.

ETHA Lend is ranking upwards to #794, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #ETHA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ETHA Lend is $50,499,005.


The circulating supply of ETHA is 23,701,826 coins, which is 79% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of ETHA Lend coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


ETHA is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


ETHA is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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ETHA Lend Weekly Report #53

Welcome to the 53rd segment of our weekly newsletter series. As with all previous weeks, this sprint was hectic and productive. We are closing the final deployments, frontend fine-tuning, and tests to prepare for the flagship launch — multichain deployment on Avalanche, the new compounding eVaults, and volatile asset eVaults. So without further ado, let’s look at these developments in detail. — Summary: - New eVault migration, Subgraph, Scripts, Global Diamond Adapter contract, — New eVault Migration - We’re preparing to migrate the new eVault and masterchef contracts on AVAX. The idea behind this migration is to redeploy all existing and new eVaults as well as a new masterchef smart contract to distribute ETHA rewards for ETHA Lend users on AVAX. Currently, we have successfully completed the following tasks from the migration tasklist: Set up parameters in contracts;, Set up eVault parameters, Tested eVault reward harvesting performance, In the upcoming weeks, we will be working on the remaining tasks, including — upgrading the subgraph to the new eVaults, strategizing the eVault launch sequence, setup automated harvesting for eVaults, setting up the old vault migration script (frontend), and more. — Subgraph - The subgraph has been successfully deployed on AVAX, and the backtesting data confirms that it’s performing as per expected standards. We also appended the new vault data enabling the frontend to calculate eVault earnings. Since the new subgraph implementation is more optimal, the goal is to redeploy the subgraph on ETHA Lend Polygon to enhance performance, app accuracy, and loading time. — Scripts - We modified the adapter repo to allow for more optimal distribution and tracking of weekly ETHA rewards. — Global Diamond Adapter contract - The global diamond adapter is a new and more efficient smart contract for eVault data fetching. This new contract will essentially act as a handy tool to fetch all relevant data from the protocol and other protocols integrated within the ETHA Lend ecosystem. Since new changes were made to the eVaults, we also had to update the adapter contract. — Community Updates - Members of the ETHA Lend team were invited to an AMA to Blitz Labs. We had a great time discussing all things new and upcoming on ETHA Lend! In case you missed the live AMA session, you can still catch up with the transcript here: And that’s a wrap for this week’s report. Until the next report, join our discord to keep up with updates in real time! Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub ETHA Lend Weekly Report #53 was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

AMA Recap with Blitz Labs

Core contributers, Chester and Danny — recently participated in an engaging AMA session with Blitz labs. In this AMA, the founders elaborated on the most recent developments on the ETHA Lend protocol, including governance, veETHA, upcoming vaults, and other key details. We’ve prepared a transcript for those of you who missed the live session to stay in the loop with everything discussed during the event. Moderator: Okay, let’s start AMA! Today, we’re going to talk with ETHALend, DeFi, Decentralized Lending Protocol. Moderator: For the answer to the questions & interviews, we invited @ETHAlend, Co-Founders of ETHALend. Moderator: Thanks for coming,@ETHAlend. We would like to thank you for being here for AMA. Chester: Hi, guys thanks for joining! A short intro about myself: My name is Chester, and my responsibilities at ETHA Lend lie in the Product development of the protocol. I have always been deeply involved with the finance industry professionally, thus, began a joint vision of ETHA Lend, a yield optimizer for the all-inclusive DeFi experience Q: Before we start the AMA, we want to ask a basic question about ETHALend to help users understand what the project is about. First of all, please briefly introduce what ETHALend is, and Inspiration behind ETHALend. A (Chester): ETHA Lend is a chain-agnostic yield optimizer. The protocol vision began abstracting the deep complexity in DeFi, to provide an easy access point for users with different experience levels to enjoy real yields based on their risk-reward appetite. As a part of ETHA Lend V1.0, we launched several flagship product synergies, including the eVaults — users earn yields in volatile assets without exposure and earn LP rewards and a share of the revenue. We also launched the ETHA Smart wallet, a unique olive branch to web 3 wallets, facilitating meta transactions and making the overall UX more seamless and secure. Lastly, came the lending/borrowing markets that has been discontinued by now that allowed users to supply their assets to multiple lending protocols, utilising the moving averages extracted from on-chain data. This solution provided users more predictable interest rates, since the interest rates for lending protocols change every block, based on the activity of the protocols. Since then, we have innovated and improved and had the time to evolve and determine where the protocol’s future was headed. The journey so far, coupled with the feedback from our community — gave birth to the next iteration of ETHA Lend — V2.0. Q: We heard ETHA Lend V2 launched not so long ago. Can you please tell us more about the new benefits it offers users? A (Danny): The new iteration of our protocol emphasizes user experience, maximized yields, security and interoperability. The protocol is now fully decentralized and community-owned. We have revamped our tokenomics under the veToken model to introduce the veETHA token. ETHA governance portal and the veETHA token were launched recently. One of our goals for 2022 was to increase yield returns and reward diversification for our users. ETHA Lend V2.0 achieves that via the new generation of vaults, underlying complex, multi-focal yield optimizing strategies. These advanced vaults will launch by the end of the year. We have also refactored the V2 UI to ease deploying the protocol on several EVM-compatible chains. As part of the 2022 roadmap, the protocol will soon go multichain on the most enterprising networks such as Moonbeam, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Harmony, Fantom, etc. Q: Can you please tell us more about the veETHA token? A (Chester): veETHA token tightly couples the incentives and rewards on the platform to long-term ETHA token holders and protocol users. Users receive the veETHA token by vote locking their $ETHA token for a specific period on the governance portal: Locking for a longer period grants participants more voting power in the form of veETHA for each ETHA locked. Users can lock their tokens for up to 3 years. You can deposit $ETHA tokens directly from the ETHA smart wallet or your Web 3 wallet. More ETHA locked for veETHA means — more voting power and a share of protocol revenue in order to incentivize participation. Q: veETHA token is an attractive mechanic for users who are long on the ETHA token and want to participate in the growth of the ETHA Lend protocol closely. On that note, how can ETHA token holders influence the future direction or take part in decision-making on the platform? A (Danny): Now that ETHA governance is live. Users can leverage the governance forum and ETHA snapshot page to share proposals on how they want to direct the protocol’s future. For example, a user can share a proposal underlying a new eVault strategy/asset they want to launch on the protocol. And if the proposal passes with a maximum of Yes votes, that strategy will be implemented in the protocol. There are several possibilities that governance unlocks for protocol users! We’re excited to see how the community governs the future of ETHA Lend, and here are the platforms that can help them do so: Governance Forum — this portal is built on top of discourse, allowing community members to submit proposals and participate in forum discussions to discuss the ETHALend protocol. You can access the forum here👉 Voting Portal — this portal is built on top of a snapshot and allows community members to submit proposals and subsequently vote on those proposals. Every veETHA holder is entitled to vote, and a user is given a number of votes equal to their veETHA balance at the time of voting. You can access the voting portal here👉 protocol.eth Q: You mentioned that ETHALend abstracts complexities in DeFi. Can you please elaborate on what complexities user experiences in DeFi today? What is the current problem for liquidity providers and market makers in DeFi right now? A (Chester): In the current DeFi space, where new technologies and new yield-earning strategies increase at a rapid rate, determining the most optimal strategy is not easy, not just for the average but also for the degens and gigabrains. At this point, it’s not about experience or technical knowledge but the amount of time and effort you’d need to navigate the expansive landscape of yield opportunities. I’ll use an example to paint a better picture: Suppose you are a new user in DeFi, and you are excited to bag massive yield farming returns that your Crypto Twitter can’t stop talking about. After a few hours of hunting for alpha on Twitter, you learn that the AAVE v3 platform recently launched a liquidity mining program on the Optimism network. You think this program could effectively fetch yield as a market making — you could increase your yield by depositing while also reducing your borrowing cost. Then should the reward earned from borrowing exceed the borrowing interest rate, you would receive yield just for borrowing on the platform. In excitement, you immediately hop on to the AAVE protocol and begin estimating your risk/reward ratio, and you decide to make your deposit into 3 stablecoins — DAI, USDC, and USDT. As you sit there proudly earning rewards, you realize the situation is not as simple as it appeared at first glance. You realize there are several issues: Changes in interest rates could cause your borrowed amount to grow relative to your deposited amount, eating into your profit margin and possibly resulting in liquidation. You realize that because you can deposit and borrow any of the three currencies (DAI, USDC, USDT), there are hundreds of possible sequences of deposits and borrows you can perform, and it is not clear which one(s) are optimal. You also realize that the deposit, borrow, and reward rates constantly change, so “guessing” the optimal strategy would be exceedingly tricky. To further complicate matters, gas cost, swapping costs, and your deposit amount would also need to be accounted for in determining an optimal strategy and rebalancing frequency. ETHA Lend’s eVaults, smart contract wallet, advance yield booster eVaults, and seamless UI solve these issues effectively. Q: It almost sounds like eVaults sort of deliver higher-than-average yields to users but in auto-pilot mode!? Are you developing new vault models for users with higher risk/reward appetites or want to engage in more arbitrarily complex strategies? A (Danny): You said that very well — ETHA Lend yields are indeed on Auto-pilot mode. Yes, we’re planning to launch on the high-yield strategy vaults. We’ll release the details on the same shorty. So stay tuned to our socials, which are Telegram: Twitter: Moderator: This session is a Live Question session! We are going to have the community’s live questions in this session. Question 1: How far along are you with your roadmap, and what should we expect in the next weeks and months? A (Chester): So far we have been moving at a good pace with regards to the accomplishments of the targets we set. There are a few features that are pending that should conclude by Q4. We intend to release before the year ends an updated Roadmap for 2023. More related to the roadmap can be read here: Question 2: They said that it provides easy access for users with various levels of experience. Can beginners use the service easily? A (Danny): We intentionally build our platform with an consumer centric approach to enable the on boarding for various user groups Further information and details can be found here: Question 3: There are still many people unfamiliar with DEFI Do you have any plans to attract these people to ETHALend? A (Chester): In the next phase of our protocols journey we envision to vertically integrate our solutions to serve neo-banks or even traditional retail banks. The idea here is to provide better alternative savings solutions to consumers that don’t necessarily want to interact directly with DeFi and it’s complexity Moderator: Thanks for coming here and having time for AMA 🙂 Please say goodbye to our community members and share with us if you want to say anything! A (Danny): Dear Blitz-Labs community, thanks for letting us participate in today’s AMA. We really enjoyed it, we wish you all a nice evening and enjoy your holidays! Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub AMA Recap with Blitz Labs was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

ETHA Weekly Report #52

We’re extremely close to one of the many core milestones — ETHA Lend going multi-chain on Avalanche. With that bit of alpha, let’s dive in. — Summary: - Multichain deployment on Avalanche, Governance, — Multichain deployment — Avalanche - We’re a fraction away from finalizing ETHA Lend on AVAX — all registry and logic contracts were already deployed, including 4 vaults of varying strategies (2 compoundings and 2 volatile asset strategies) for testing. We also fixed the backend to receive accurate data for the AVAX vaults. Besides the dummy eVault deployment and testing, some of the backend integration we’ve been working on include: setting up AVAX RPC, updating adapter contracts to fetch vault information, creating subgraphs, etc. With the backend progress, we’re also making headway with front-end integrations for ETHA-AVAX. Last but not least, the Avalanche subgraph was also deployed, currently, it fetches data similar to the My Portfolio section. We’re working on optimizing the subgraph. — Governance and veETHA - As for governance, we have already tested a dummy proposal on snapshot and integrated the script for the number of rewards distributed to veETHA token holders. We have also redeployed the logic contracts and set up veETHA and multi-fee distribution parameters. — Community Updates - We also work on new partnerships and campaigns to bootstrap upcoming launches. We are aware that our community members are eagerly waiting for a new contest. As promised, the contest will be hosted once the flagships we have been working on for months are ready to be shipped. New Community Challenges Loading 👀 Maybe nothing, maybe alpha 👀 And that’s a wrap for this week’s report. Wish you, folks, a happy weekend, and we’ll be back with ETHA weekly report #53, soon! Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub ETHA Weekly Report #52 was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

ETHA Weekly Report #51

Welcome to the 51st segment of our weekly newsletter series. In this quick round-up of the dev progress on ETHA Lend, we cover smart contract codes, battle-testing new eVault strategies, and frontend fixes. Before we dive in — as a gentle reminder — we’d love to hear your feedback on the development process, new ideas, or any thoughts on the future of ETHA Lend. We encourage you to share your ideas and plan for the protocol’s future via the governance forum! — Summary - New contract code, New Vault testing, Frontend, Community updates, — Vault Testing - We’re testing 4 compounding strategies and 3 volatile strategies for the new Vaults. In total 3 requirements specifically related to assets and withdrawals were identified, and we’re currently addressing these issues. — Frontend and Page loading Bug Fixes - With the upcoming ETHA ecosystem in general, we are creating products that do not overcomplicate DeFi. We aim to achieve that with easy-to-use products that do not confuse protocol users and instead provide a seamless experience in every single interaction. As we move this product forward, there are opportunities to add more depth without creating confusion. One of these areas of constant improvement is the front-end, which we are constantly optimizing. We fixed several bugs on the governance page, including rewards claims and metric display issues. We are now also working on addressing the factors that occasionally cause the app, in general, to load slower. — Community Updates - We’re also working on launching a new contest as we prepare for the launch of a very exciting project for our community. And that will be a wrap for this week’s report! We’ll be back with report #52 next week. We can’t wait to hear what you think! Share your thoughts on the future of the protocol on the Governance Forum. join the ETHA Lend Discord and Telegram, follow us on Twitter, Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub ETHA Weekly Report #51 was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

ETHA Weekly Report #50

Welcome to the 50th segment of our weekly newsletter series. It’s been a while since the last dev report — we’ve made significant progress, not just in terms of the protocol development but also growing the network, developing new marketing strategies, and preparing the ground to bring fresh exposure to the ETHA ecosystem. We’re back with several key updates for our community and a renewed motivation to share the weekly dev logs consistently. Thank you for your patience and support! Let’s dive in! — Summary: - Governance Page, Multichain development, New eVault types, Bug Fixes, — Governance Portal - Now that the ETHA Lend Governance Portal is live, we’re constantly working on identifying new parameters to make the UX more seamless. We’re adding new key metrics such as Total APY, locked veETHA balancers, denomination of rewards in native assets and USDC, etc. We’d also add a function for the claim page to refresh every 20 seconds when you navigate to the “Claim” section. — Multichain Development - We’ve covered a lot of ground in terms of the backend for multichain support while also catching up with front-end integrations and testing. Backend and Smart Contract: The RPC for AVAX has been set up. We’ve updated the adapter contracts to fetch vault integration. Testing on dummy eVaults deployments and deployed registry and logic contracts successfully. Frontend integration: The chain ID detection for selective smart contract usage, information fetching from the backend, and contract updates to fetch data from across all supported chains. — New eVault - Progress on new eVaults included API analysis to render eVault types accurately, adding new Vault stats to the dev AP, and fixing reward APY for the new eVaults. Once backend integration is complete, we can cover more ground on front-end updates. We have also developed a new compounding eVault strategy, for which we will be adopting a large chunk of the code from the existing eVailts but adapting it to a new interface required by the strategy. In terms of testing, we have successfully tested the new Harvester V2 contracts and the stMATIC Curve Vault contracts. Currently, writing new tests on new eVault parameters, including user deposit, harvesting, auto-investment, and withdrawals. Last but not least, we’re deploying the roadmap for the latest compounding vault, including — contract testing, functions to check vault health, static code analysis, swap paths, reward assessment, implementing ERC-4626 vault standard, merging with the main branch, finally, smart contract audit. — Bug Fixes - Re-evaluating the reward calculation model after removing wMATIC array from the eVault from the reward. Adding support for more Curve vaults beside the 3pool mechanics. And that’s a wrap for this week’s report! We’ll be back with log #51 next week! Stay tuned! Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub ETHA Weekly Report #50 was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

The Governance Portal is Live!

We’re extremely thrilled to announce that the much-awaited Governance portal is finally live! As part of this launch, the veETHA contracts, ETHA Lend voting contracts, and the fresh new governance portal have been deployed. Lock your ETHA here today👉 — What is veETHA? - veETHA token tightly couples the protocol’s success with the protocol and its long-term supporters by providing utility to the ETHA token. veETHA promotes long-term support over short-term speculation and enhanced composability with other protocols More ETHA locked for veETHA: More voting power, And a share of protocol revenue in order to incentivize participation, — Vote Locking - The way to acquire veETHA is to lock your ETHA token up for a certain period of time. Locking for a longer period grants participants more voting power in the form of veETHA for each ETHA locked. Users can lock their tokens for up to 3 years. To start locking your ETHA, you can visit the new governance portal. ETHA holders can lock their tokens for up to 3 years to maximize their veETHA voting powers. BONUS FEATURE: You can use your Web 3 wallet (MetaMask) balance directly or your ETHA Smart wallet balance to vote lock ETHA for veETHA as shown in the image below: — Increase lock Amount - Once you’ve locked a desired amount of ETHA, you can increase the amount locked to receive more veETHA. You can do this on the Governance Portal in the “Increase Amount” section, and this section will appear only when there was some ETHA locked initially. — Increase veETHA Lock time - Once you’ve locked a desired amount of ETHA, you can increase/extend the lock time on the same page under the “Increase Time” section, as shown below. — Early Unlock - The veETHA contract allows users to redeem their stake earlier for a redemption fee. There is a 50% redemption fee for early unlocks. All collected fees will be redistributed to the remaining veETHA lockers’ pro-rata. — Decentralizing the ETHA Governance - The end game of ETHA Lend protocol has always been to create a platform that serves millions of normies as it does for OGs, Degens, and dorm room quants. To accomplish this goal, we believe it is best to decentralize the protocol and do it as early in its journey as possible so that community has a say in stewarding it. Together ETHA and veETHA will help steward the development of the protocol and review community feedback on key parameters. It will also align incentives between ETHA participants and unite all protocol users under a single umbrella. Governance Forum — this portal is built on top of discourse, allowing community members to submit proposals and participant in forum discussions to discuss the ETHA Lend protocol. You can access the forum here👉 ETHA Governance Portal How does the Governance Portal work? If you’re new to discourse, once you’ve set up your account and joined our discourse page, you can view several different sections here. These sections include — Ideas and Improvement, ETHA Lend Improvement Proposals, and more. You could browse through any of the sections and look at several topics and threads that have been created for members. There are also guide topics to help you create new proposals and pointers on participating in discussions under the Guides and resources section — gov.ethalend.orgc/guides-resources/10 Voting Portal — this portal is built on top of snapshot and allows community members to submit proposals and subsequently vote on those proposals. You can access the voting portal here👉 protocol.eth ETHA Lend Voting Portal How does the voting Portal work? Voting on snapshot is quite simple and straightforward. Once a proposal has received sufficient support during the temperature check phase in the governance forum, it will be moved to the voting on snapshot. Every veETHA holder is entitled to vote, and a user is given a number of votes equal to their veETHA balance at the time of voting. — Looking forward - We believe this new chapter in the protocol’s journey could unlock a positive flywheel for the community in delivering more sustainable and long-term utility for ETHA holders. We’re excited to hear your feedback and witness the robust community participation driving the platform’s future direction! Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub The Governance Portal is Live! was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

First Anniversary of the ETHA Lend Protocol!

On the 17th of July was the first anniversary of the protocol launch of ETHA Lend, and we’ll be celebrating this event with you, our beloved community! What is a birthday without a few fun little games, eh?! Well, we never come unprepared! Join the ETHA Birthday competition and hop on a mini-quest — HERE And of course, there’s no birthday without presents? RIGHT? So…that’s why we’ll be gifting the top 5 participants a prize — keep reading for more info:**** — 📅Time: - ETHA Birthday Competition begins on July 17th, 2022, at 4 PM UTC, The Competition ends on August 2nd, 2022, at 4 PM UTC, The Competition lasts for 16 days, — 📝Rules: - The essential rule of this event is to complete the quest to unlock your birthday presents!, General queries related to this competition can be discussed on the official Telegram Chat or Discord., — 🏆How to Win: - Wining is the easy part! Remember to have fun and complete all your quests — HERE! That’s it! And in case you’re the alpha ETHA fren, a few happy birthday alpha memes would grant you some bonus points. Here comes the juicy part…🥁 — 🎁Prize: - We will reward the top 5 ETHA frens who have completed their quests and have the highest swap volume. The top 5 winners will receive $300 each in USDT as rewards. 🐤 Feel free to share your birthday greetings and messages to ETHA Lend on Twitter, and we’ll make sure to catch all of your valuable messages and retweet them! When you’ve got a community as great as ours, you’d flaunt it too! 🥂Cheers to you…the community that makes ETHA Lend and to a long and fulfilling journey ahead! Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub First Anniversary of the ETHA Lend Protocol!🎂 was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

ETHA Weekly Report #49th — UI, Governance, eVaults, Multichain

ETHA Weekly Report #49th — UI, Governance, eVaults, Multichain - Welcome to the 49th edition of our weekly newsletter series. Bear markets are for buildooOOOrs, and we have been doing just that. This product update includes updates on our major functionalities, including the governance page, eVaults, protocol integrations, and the latest community developments. — Summary - UI — Atomic Design, New eVault Strategies, Multichain, Bug Fixes, Governance, — New Vault Strategies - Tranche 1 strategies for the boosted vaults are being audited at the time of writing this report. Once the audit concludes, we’ll be a fraction away from launching the advanced eVaults. In the upcoming posts, we will release more details on how the vault strategies work and a more specific launch timeline. — UI - We have successfully tested the responsiveness and performance of the new UI. We’ve readjusted the order of Staking and eVaults for better accessibility. The governance page is ready, and we are implementing it on the front end. More details on governance and veETHA will be released, along with detailed guides on participating. — Multichain - As new chains continue to appear and gain traction, we recognize that ETHA Lend needs to cater to the growing needs of its present and future users. We have been actively monitoring and analyzing chains that we believe have momentum and longevity. As such, we have identified several chains with varying degrees of development, focusing on one specifically for one first MCML venture…where we believe has the potential to unlock new possibilities. We will reveal the chain in the following announcements. Keep your eyes on the socials. — Bug Fixes - We fixed several identified issues while working on certain key features, including the minimum deposit period for withdrawals. And that will be it for this week, folks. So far, we’ve been building and preparing for the next chapter of ETHA Lend… Now we are ready to launch the promised flagships, and many new future plans are coming to the surface. As we update the roadmap for Q3, we’re excited to see how the upcoming launches play out for our community. Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub ETHA Weekly Report #49th — UI, Governance, eVaults, Multichain was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

ETHA Weekly Report #48 -Welcome to the 48th edition of our weekly newsletter series

Since the market ATH in November 2021, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency has decreased by 60%. This could be viewed in two ways — a downturn that will eventually pass or a ripe time for teams to build, reassess, and prepare for long-term opportunities. As we continue building tools and features for ETHA Lend, we focus on developing the most cohesive platform available. Without further ado, let’s dive into the dev log! — Summary - UI, Unit Tests, New eVault Strategies, Governance Page, — UI - We’re building the dApp’s UI around a robust mental model for interface designs called Atomic design. It will allow us to re-organize the code, maintain a clean separation between content and structure, and the ability to shift between abstract and concrete. We have implemented the design on all target items and are now running UI responsiveness and performance tests. — Unit Tests - We’re currently unit testing for Big number values, encoding functions, and more. Unit tests are being performed on governance, veETHA, protocol fee distribution mechanic, and the new vaults. Why you ask? ​​The main agenda is to ensure that each unit (smallest piece of code) is performing as expected! — New eVault Strategies - We’re making significant headway into the new and advanced ETHA vaults. Internal tests on vault contracts were successful, and we’ve sent it forward for an external smart contract audit. Once that’s accomplished, we will merge the contracts with the main branch and conduct an internal code review again, keeping security our first priority. — Governance Page - The governance module has been extensively tested, and after some configurations and UI adjustments, it will be deployed to the Mainnet very soon! — Food for thought - If you are an ETHA fren, you must be used to hearing the canonical tagline — “ETHA Lend is a DeFi Yield Optimizer.” Let’s pause and recoup on that concept. Hint — it has more to do with data analytics and subgraphs. Let us know your thoughts on that — how do you define sustainability in the context of yield farming? And that will be it for this week’s report, folks! Many ETHA V2 flagships are getting ready for launch. Governance, veETHA, and new Vaults…these functionalities will bring a completely new wave to the protocol and community. We’re excited to see it unfold! Until then, let’s stay enthusiastic and safe! Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub ETHA Weekly Report #48 -Welcome to the 48th edition of our weekly newsletter series was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

ETHA Lend Weekly Update #47 — UI, New Vault, Governance, and More!

ETHA Lend Weekly Update #47 — UI, New Vault, Governance, and More! - Welcome to the 47th edition of our newsletter series. Before we get to the dev log, we’d have a message for you: Since our last update, the market has seen events that will go down in history — not (in our view) as a collapse of a thriving ecosystem, but as the resilience of crypto and DeFi. When LUNA/UST imploded, it brought concerns of a contagion…is this the end of crypto? Here’s how we see it — the Terra ecosystem was valued at ~$50B, but its collapse remains contained, the rest of the system functioning and full of vitality. In 2008, a global financial services firm of similar valuation as that of Terra went bankrupt, and with it took down the rest of the economy. The global CeFi ecosystem fell to its knees — bruised it simply bailed out — Using trillions of taxpayer’s money. And that’s the beauty of DeFi……there is no contagion here whatsoever. Agreed that volatility is scary, and the downcycle is not just agonizing this market…the broader market is worse. Stocks and S&P 500 seem to be crumbling. Nobody can say for sure how long this downcycle with last, but what’s for sure is that we’ll make it to the other side, and we’ll come out stronger than ever if we focus on what matters — BUILDING & INNOVATION. Long live crypto!🙌 With that, let’s dive in… — Summary - A Message to our community — zoom out!, UI, Implementing a new vault standard, Privacy Policy Page, New Vault strategies, Governance Page, QuickSwap QiDAO, — UI - We’re working on optimizing the UI for the different sections of the app page, including — the deposit/withdrawal modal, portfolio info, invested/unused section, activities page, staking list, eVault list, transaction view, and more. We’re working on a Privacy policy page for the website. — New eVault Strategies - We’ve successfully tested (internal testing) the strategy and contracts for the new vaults. Current work-in-progress include static code analysis, smart contract coverage, and audit (external). We’re already establishing new partnerships and collaborations on the marketing side to leverage suitable innovation/tooling for the new vaults and bring even more exposure to the functionality. — New vault standard - We are working on implementing the ERC-4626 vault standard into the new ETHA vaults. Fragmentation in DeFi has been a consistent and debilitating issue, and it has resulted in complicated scenarios where the average user might remain unmindful of the risk they are undertaking. Often users are left to manage their assets and allocation individually, which is cumbersome and unintuitive. We believe that this flaw in design needs to be solved at the protocol level, and the introduction of ERC-4626 Tokenized vault standard — gives ETHA Lend an opportunity to strike new ground. By leveraging the new standard, we can make ETHA vaults a highly composable and diversified lego in DeFi. — Governance Page - Following up on the previous weekly report, we have completed development on the different governance functions, including boost locking veETHA, reward claim, increasing veETHA lock time, etc. Currently working on the emergency withdrawal function. We’re close to launching the governance page and are excited to see how this new chapter unfolds. And that’s a wrap for this weekly report. And once again, WAGMI, folks! Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub ETHA Lend Weekly Update #47 — UI, New Vault, Governance, and More! was originally published in ETHA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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