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ERSDL Price:
$5.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$868.3 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ERSDL today is $0.00197 USD.

The lowest ERSDL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00197, and the exact current price of one ERSDL crypto coin is $0.00197226.

The all-time high ERSDL coin price was $1.76.

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The code for UnFederalReserveToken crypto currency is #ERSDL.

UnFederalReserveToken is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for UnFederalReserveToken is $868,338.

UnFederalReserveToken is ranking downwards to #1544 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small volume of trading today on #ERSDL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for UnFederalReserveToken is $5,083.


The circulating supply of ERSDL is 440,275,683 coins, which is 97% of the total coin supply.


ERSDL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


ERSDL is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Effectively Immediately unFederalReserve Enters Hibernation Mode

For Immediate Release — Today Residual Token, Inc. dba unFederalReserve is pausing new work on all its business lines and projects, including ReserveLending, ReserveFunding, ReserveLending+ and ReserveStaking until further notice. The company will seek a buyer for its software and intellectual property during this period. Unfortunately, regulatory uncertainty as evidenced by the Treasury department’s DeFI risk assessment, poor global economic conditions, and weak company performance have led the team to this decision. “The community is strong, the products are great, but unFederalReserve has been unable to secure long-term funding or generate enough revenue to offset the month-to-month operating costs,” said Howard Krieger, co-founder of unFederalReserve. “I think we also have to take the various government entities at their word when they lay out the specific concerns that they will target through enforcement action.” Effective in the near term, supplying and borrowing on ReserveLending will be disabled. The company will keep the website operational for as many months as funds will allow so that the ReserveLending users have time to manage their positions accordingly. Please note that the Company has no control over the supplied or borrowed assets, nor does it know the identity of nor have means to contact any borrowers about their loans. Should the website become disabled, the smart contracts comprising th...

Development unWrapped: Q1 2023

Credit to Welcome unFederal agents and newcomers, 2023 is turning out to be a great year for collaboration with other Web3 projects, and we have lots of awesome things planned for our line of products. This year, we’ve enjoyed increased subscribers and content viewing on Youtube and Twitter throughout the year, reinforcing the belief that the general public’s appetite to truly displace centralized banks is getting hungrier. The market witnessed the protocol layer from 2012 to 2017 and the “dev layer” from 2018 to today. Now, markets want to see the application layer and that is where we play best. We see the bank closures, impending recession and disruption to traditional credit markets as positive indications that innovative solutions that find value by reducing costs of capital will gain more and more traction. We are concerned about the ability of innovators to fund and stay solvent in present conditions, but are optimistic that good projects will find the funds they need to survive, and the good ones, like unFederalReserve, will thrive. In the first Development unWrapped of the year, we’ll look at: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interest Rate Models on ReserveLending, Introducing ReserveStaking and Staked ETH as Collateral, QuickTake Content Program, ReserveLending Adding Other Country’s Stablecoins, ReserveLending+ Adds New Stablecoins Supporting International Banking, As we approach our sixth ...

unFederalReserve — Roadmap 2023

unFederalReserve — 2023 Roadmap - — TL;DR. — The $eRSDL community thanks you for your support, Growth: Expand use cases of ReserveLending liquidity pools, Goal: Buy and burn eRSDL 3 to 4 times in 2023, Be Smart: Save cash and be smart about with whom to partner, Continue to be the best in crypto for U.S. regulatory compliant DeFI., — Introduction. — unFederalReserve’s goal is to lower costs of capital by means of its blockchain-based banking software products. We provide technology and thought leadership that allows your business to offer a U.S. regulatory compliant means to share and move assets and other information securely and quickly. Software licensees implement our solutions for a variety of reasons; whether that means fulfilling an altruistic vision, gaining market share by lowering lending rates or increasing profitability by making electronic information transfer more efficient. We are agnostic to their ratonale because our focus is on making the software work reliably and continue to deliver on our five core principles: Safety, Courtesy, Inclusion, Efficiency and Experience. Our live products, like ReserveLending, have successfully handled over $700 million in cumulative transaction volume representing close to 31,000 individual and specific transactions over the course of the last 18 months. Our institutional pool-to-peer lending software, ReserveLending+, with the help of our...

unFederalReserve — 2022 Year in Review

unFederalReserve — 2022 Year in Review - Courtesy of Incubella The Emperor Has No Clothes is a great children’s story that reminds us to approach opportunity with healthy skepticism. Unfortunately, entering 2023 major headlines in mainstream media, when there are crypto headlines at all, tend to solely focus on the amounts of financial damage caused by crypto’s bad actors, faulty software, attacks and mishaps. Where the mainstream media fails us is in its lack of inspirational stories around how decentralization has improved the lives of others. While Coindesk (“congrats on FTX scoop Ian”), Cointelegraph, and the Block have done their part to inform us of true advances in use case and adoption of the technology, we need more advocates in senior positions of power. As a company, we advocate for greater participation in local, state and federal government by crypto hodlers and industry stakeholders (e.g. accountants, advisors, journalists, etc.) As with most challenges the governments around the world face, we do not need regulation creation, but rather regulation enforcement. All major global powers have at their disposal the legislative tools and laws in place to deal with data privacy, banking, money-handling, alternative asset brokering and investment. We would like to see U.S. judges (and judicial systems globally) leverage those extant positions and opine on digital cases directly by making verdicts or let...

3 Permission-less Trading Strategies in a Bear or Flat Market

Courtesy Bilal Sanchez — Before Getting Started…. — … understand the RISKS! We describe ways multiple, independent permission-less dApps can be used in combination to capture value in falling markets. We are software engineers and former bankers, but we are not financial advisors, traders or experts on making money in any market condition. Please keep in mind our lack of expertise as you consider using these tools as described. If you follow the steps in this article you can lose value and there is significant risk throughout crypto industry that is not considered in this article, including but not limited to regulatory risk and technology risk. — Background. — This article is for folks who use Metamask, Wallet Connect or other wallet applications where the user holds the keys. If you swap, stake, lend or borrow from places like Compound, AAVE, ReserveLending, Maker or Curve, then this article is for you. The reality of permissionless, self-custodial crypto finance is that tools can be combined to generate passive income, tie actions to observed market data independent of user actions, and be just as safe as holding the assets in your own wallet (earning nothing, lol). The challenge is finding the set of providers whose tools can be used together to:Increase your purchasing powerProtect against price movements while you are away from your keys, andMaximize your preference-based return. Using a...

Mid-Term Election and FOMC Meeting — November 2022

Mid-Term Election and FOMC Meeting — November 2022 - FOMC Meeting In his letter to the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors sent earlier this week, U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chair Sherrod Brown put the focus on job preservation. “It is your job to combat inflation, but at the same time, you must not lose sight of your responsibility to ensure that we have full employment … We must avoid having our short-term advances and strong labor market overwhelmed by the consequences of aggressive monetary actions to decrease inflation.” So herein lies the issue with which the FOMC struggles. The Fed is attempting to cool an overheated economy by making everything more expensive. Making things more expensive does not, in and of itself, reduce inflation. In fact, the opposite is true as consumers continue to purchase necessary goods and services as prices initially rise and while credit is available. Instead, what happens, eventually, is that consumers run out of money, stop buying the more expensive things or are prevented from buying things by tanking their credit, and the economy gets cast into a recession meant to ultimately lower prices. But it’s on that way down that we feel the real pain. From the below graph, we see that in times of recession (as indicated by the greyish area), consumer debt tends to plummet as people lose jobs, as they max out existing credit lines and as credit issuers begin tightening their...

ReserveDAO S.A.F.T Proposal

! — VOTE LINKS AT END OF ARTICLE — ! Disclaimer: This article was created for the ReserveDAO community and does not reflect the statements, opinions or representations of Residual Token, Inc., its management or affiliates. This article is for information purposes only, and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation of any security tor any other product or service by Residual Token, Inc or any other third party regardless of whether such security, product or service is referenced in this article. Furthermore, nothing in this article is intended to provide tax, legal or investment advice and nothing in this article should be construed as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any investment or security or to engage in any investment strategy or transaction. Residual Token, Inc. does not represent that the securities, products or services discussed in this article are suitable for any particular investor. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy, security or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. You should consult your business advisor, attorney, or tan and accounting advisor regarding your specific business, legal or tax situation. Hello ReserveDAO community, This has been a great week for us at ReserveDAO (RSRV) as we were able ...

A Degen’s Guide to FASB’s Crypto Project

BACKGROUND On October 12, 2022, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) announced a crypto asset accounting and disclosure project update. Any FASB guidance for reporting the fair value of crypto and crypto derivatives will become the global standard or at least the standard which others base their standard upon. The clarity FASB’s position provides will impact many aspects of the crypto-verse, because by codifying how and when value is reported, extant oracles and other methods may become unreliable or obsolete in the eyes of large, institutional players and retail hodlers; this is true even in the case of thinly traded cryptos where observed price action may not be indicative of a true fair value. As with any guidance, nothing is coming out that entirely answers questions around what tools can be used to derive value nor the facts and circumstances that must be considered for fair value reporting purposes. Some considerations will likely not apply in the ‘real world.’ An example of such variance to ‘real world’ values is the use of blockage discounts. We know from using swap tools that price slippage when transacting large amounts is real. Fair value reporting under Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 820 — Fair Value Measurement excludes considering the impact of large trades on the price of an asset, so right away, any value reporting under this new guidance will not encapsulate the factors tha...

ReserveDAO Dev Update

Greetings ReserveDAO Community, As a follow-up to recent announcements made in the Telegram group, we would like to present ReserveDAO’s first DEV update! Our early steps towards “Buying a Bank” are exciting and the daily increase in mission awareness is inspiring! $RSRV is one-step closer to becoming a reality as whitelisting is now in full effect! The bank ReserveDAO buys will serve crypto-native and crypto adjacent institutions. Creating a safe harbor for them involves solving an interesting set of puzzles; namely, security, ease-of-use and regulatory compliance. Persistent, negative macroeconomic global conditions and increasingly sophisticated attacks on blockchain infrastructure are formidable headwinds. The global economy is still getting over COVID-19 supply chain issues, high energy prices due to geo-political events, and of course, the rising of interest rates from central banks around the world as they try to fight off inflation. (Editor’s note: Central Banks are fighting inflation by making it more expensive to buy things. Hmm.) These challenges will not deter us, and in fact, present an opportunity to display ReserveDAO’s use case across decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi). Meanwhile, new regulations and rulings put forth by varying regulatory groups offer more clarity on how DAO’s should operate. Our community approach has clearly been the right way to go with the SEC’s ...

unFederalReserve Update: Dev Progress, 3rd Open Market Purchase, Roadmap 2022

Dear unFederalReserve Agents and the $eRSDL community, There has never been a more exciting yet challenging time for the digital asset industry. The broad market de-valuation of risky assets is surprisingly not the result of a crackdown from regulators, but a combination of central bankers’ moves to purposely slow the economy, nagging post-COVID supply chain issues and the Ukrainian-Russo War. While specific crypto regulation hangs like a sword of Damocles over the industry, the reality is that most bona fide projects are playing within the rules of the system or at least trying to behave. There are systematic challenges fitting the square peg of crypto into the round hole of traditional asset handling, but from where we sit, if you try to do the right thing, the regulators will work with you. There are still, unfortunately, scores and scores of rugpulls, false projects, scammers and paid-marketers (and market makers) creating hype-driven, meme projects, and LARPing founders doing what they can to extract value from naïve investors. If you are new to crypto, take 1 YEAR and study the space (e.g. the tech, the terminology, the players, the news). Keep in mind that centralized exchanges that derive revenue from trading are still compelling projects to hire market makers to create artificial volume, as they themselves, lever up to create fake volume. Be warned, trust but verify, and remember that every TG message, CT action, 4...

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