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ELF Price:
$2.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$66.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ELF today is $0.12 USD.

The lowest ELF price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.123, and the current live price for one ELF coin is $0.12279.

The all-time high ELF coin price was $2.77.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ELF with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for aelf is #ELF.

aelf is 4.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for aelf is $66,854,545.

aelf is ranked #232 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #ELF.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for aelf is $2,430,011.


The circulating supply of ELF is 544,480,199 coins, which is 62% of the total coin supply.


ELF is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


ELF is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 16 crypto exchanges.

View #ELF trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #ELF purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ELF, and you can view them on our ELF disambiguation page.



aelf Official Website Updated to v2.1.0, Adding a New Page for Ecosystem

A better website with an individual ecosystem page displaying all the DApps. — In September 2021, aelf upgraded the domain of its official website from to Now, around one year after the launch of this new site, aelf has advanced much more from where we started. With hackathons attracting dozens of excellent projects and multiple tools upgraded to support a better ecosystem expansion, aelf urgently needs a better official website. To meet aelf communities’ demands for an up-to-date, better-organized, and more versatile website, aelf team conducted a thorough inspection of the whole site and made considerable changes to its layouts and structure. Apart from the optimization of UI, the description of aelf and all the infrastructures & developer tools were also updated, so as to make them more accurate and easier to understand. As a growing number of projects are deployed onto aelf’s Testnet and Mainnet, a new ecosystem page was added where users can explore and developers can submit their works. Moreover, internal and external links were better organized, making it possible for users to go to all aelf-associated sites through one click. Along with the website update, whitepapers also had their revisions. Here are what you need to check out! — An Overview of aelf Ecosystem. — The “Ecosystem” page displays all the projects already deployed on the Mainnet and projects going live soo...

aelf Monthly Digest — September 2022

elf Monthly Digest — September 2022 - — aelf is a high-performance layer-1 blockchain network built on cloud computing.. — Dear aelf Community Members, Welcome to the third episode of aelf Monthly Digest (September 2022). This report provides an overview of aelf’s development progress including tech and product updates, growth of the ecosystem, and events in the past month. September witnesses another round of upgrades of aelf networks, including explorer, NightELF wallet extension, and contracts. With two system contracts upgraded and one new contract deployed, aelf network has strengthened its security and enriched its features. In terms of ecosystem growth, a total of 11 projects have been deployed onto aelf Testnet. These projects have met their hackathon prize-claiming standards and received their awards early this September. — Technology: - Contracts Upgrade: aelf team upgraded Token Contract (AElf.Contracts.MultiToken) and CrossChain Contract (AElf.Contracts.CrossChain), and deployed a new NFT Contract (AElf.Contracts.NFT). Change logs are as below: Complement events aelf System Contract Add transfer_transaction_id property to CrossChainReceived event of Token Contract., Add ParentChainIndexed and SideChainIndexed events to Cross Chain Contract., Token Contract supports everyone to initiate “receive tokens” in cross-chain transfer. Of course, the sender will actually get the tokens Add...

aelf Monthly Digest — October 2022

elf Monthly Digest — October 2022 - — aelf is a high-performance layer-1 blockchain network built on cloud computing.. — Dear aelf Community Members, Welcome to the 4th episode of aelf Monthly Digest (October 2022). This report provides an overview of aelf’s development progress including tech and product updates, growth of the ecosystem, and events in the past month. October is a month of steady growth, laying the foundation for future upgrades and launches. Major changes occurred on the Testnet of aelf’s official website, with its text updated, layout optimized, and content better displayed. What’s more, a new page and new portals were added. The whitepapers were also updated. In terms of tech and product, aelf explorer was upgraded one step further, catering to the various needs of users. — Technology: - aelf Explorer v1.2.2 Upgrade: aelf explorer v1.2.2 perfects the UE by making data easier to find, sort, and use. What concerns users the most is shown on separate pages and real-time value calculation is done by the explorer. With these, users can obtain important info at a glance., aelf Official Website v2.1.0 Update on Testnet: Texts of the website are updated, from the description of aelf and developer tools to other vital info. The overall layout is optimized, displaying infrastructures and adding clickable icons. More internal links are added and the UIs are adjusted for different dev...

aelf Explorer v1.2.2 Released

Info about Accounts, Contracts, and Tokens is better organized. — To better support ecosystem growth and cater for the various needs of users, aelf explorer had three grand upgrades in a row. This time, it released v1.2.2 where page layouts are further optimized. Accounts can be sorted by their ELF balance while contracts by the date of their last update into the top 1,000. Besides, detailed info about each account, either address or contract, is categorized by their characteristics into transactions, transfers, contract, events, history, etc. Moreover, the account balance is calculated in both ELF and real-time USD. Below you can find out how to use these functions. — How to check account info. — Select [Blockchain] at the navigation bar and click [Address] in its dropdown menu, and then go to [Top Accounts] to view the top 1,000 accounts. Users can click any account to get an overview of its info. Accounts are comprised of addresses and contracts., Info of addresses is shown under the title [Address] and the [Overview] section presents the total address balance both in ELF and in USD. Users can also switch among [Tokens], [Transactions], and [Transfers] to view their respective info., Info of contracts is shown under the title [Contract] and the [Overview] section presents the total contract balance both in ELF and in USD. Users can also switch among [Tokens], [Transactions], [Transfers], [Contract], [E...

aelf Explorer v1.2.1 Released

With a well-structured site comes the user-friendly experience. — Right after the explorer was upgraded to v1.2.0 and had several key optimizations, aelf decides to take a step further and optimize the layout of some of the frequently-used pages. With explorer v1.2.1, the homepage now gives a more straightforward display of vital info and subpages have a concise yet informative structure that helps users find data easily. Also, related sites have been reorganized so that users can access the communities or tech docs with ease. Below is a step-by-step guide that will familiarize you with the more user-friendly explorer. — How to search on the homepage. — On the landing page, the layout is optimized and modulized so that key data about the network are available at a glance, including the current block height, the number of transactions or accounts, rewards, etc. You can enter addresses, Txn hashes, or block heights in the search box and search for their info. On the upper-left corner of the page, the real-time price of ELF token is displayed, alongside its 24h % change. — How to check block info. — Select [Blockchain] at the navigation bar and click [Block] in its dropdown menu, and then go to either [Blocks] or [Unconfirmed Blocks] where you can see the list. Select any block height from the list to get an overview of this block or the transactions included. — How to check transaction i...

Tutorial: aelf Web Wallet — How to Get Connected and Manage Your Assets(Chrome)

Tutorial: aelf Web Wallet — How to Get Connected and Manage Your Assets(Chrome) - — aelf Web Wallet helps manage your assets in aelf ecosystem. — As a key component of aelf’s ecosystem, aelf Web Wallet enables users to manage their on-chain assets and initiate transactions. The wallet supports multiple aelf networks including MainChain, SideChains, and stores different types of tokens, from the native token ELF to all sorts of resource tokens for development purposes. aelf Web Wallet is frequently used together with NightELF extension wallet (hereinafter referred to as NightELF) so that users can have a smooth user experience while interacting with various applications. They are both used on Chrome, yet cater to different needs. aelf Web Wallet is often used when you want to manage your aelf wallet and assets in it (like initiating transfers)., NightELF is often used when you visit a site that requires you to log in with your aelf address., For the sake of convenience, you are recommended to register your aelf wallet through NightELF first and connect it to aelf Web Wallet. If you haven’t downloaded or don’t know how to use the NightELF extension, please read this tutorial. — Step-by-step instruction on how to use aelf Web Wallet - — Connect to NightELF Extension. — You can connect your NightELF to aelf Web Wallet through this portal. Click [Browser Extension] to connect and you wil...

aelf Contracts Upgrade, September 2022

Token Contract and CrossChain Contract Upgraded, NFT Contract Deployed. — aelf is consistent in our pursuit of a more versatile and inclusive blockchain ecosystem. To better support DApps and infrastructures in aelf ecosystem like NFT, cross-chain bridge, etc., aelf team upgraded multiple contracts this September, including Token Contract (AElf.Contracts.MultiToken) and CrossChain Contract (AElf.Contracts.CrossChain), and deployed a new NFT Contract (AElf.Contracts.NFT). The proposals for these upgrades and deployment have been approved by aelf’s BPs (Block Producer) and released. Details are now available on the MainChain governance page/ SideChain governance page. Below are the proposal IDs for your reference. — MainChain AELF Proposal IDs:. — 298df4e49382f6d5b35c79af4ee4937ff3cd813c6da604353aca0033131d051e b305e38098ab0ee06589041679f452db8dce754f3e737175b531630f5686b077 e10399a73c1a96bf97d0ec1aae0f82b2faeca0e4a7131b9cfe8ce3d4a577fd86 — SideChain tDVV Proposal IDs:. — 7c686d6bb56a5d119915f8ea313dffc647b6195e8e1ffc5bc0e4bf6c321225a3 3665e6568b102f2ffcf7f0d3add52deb527f69f93a84fe10baf036fb3f95b3ed c9f7df50df1f16eef55c8607f00ade4487660fa44a86f2ca294decd756c71b54 We appreciate the support and trust from our communities. aelf promises to constantly upgrade the code and optimize our contents so as to provide the best blockchain services to all of our users, developers, and partners. aelf Contract...

aelf Extends its Mainnet Token Swap to December 9, 2022

The swap portal runs for another 3 months and the tutorial is renewed.. — It has been one year since aelf commenced the Mainnet Token Swap. Mainnet ELF token is the passport for community users to participate in aelf’s governance. It can be used to pay transaction fees and purchase resource tokens that developers need. Mainnet ELF holders can stake and vote for nodes via aelf explorer and enjoy their rights as aelf ecosystem contributors. The official swap portal on aelf’s site supports ELF holders to exchange their tokens from networks like Ethereum and BSC to aelf Mainnet. The swap is set at the rate of 1:1, keeping the total supply unchanged. Besides this portal, 6 of the top-tier exchanges have supported Mainnet ELF: Binance, OKX, Huobi Global,, UPbit, and Bithumb. This means that users can withdraw Mainnet ELF from any of these exchanges. Meanwhile, with Binance, withdrawal and deposit are supported in all four networks (AELF, ERC20, BEP2, and BEP20). Responding to the community’s needs, aelf team decides to extend the swap portal for another 3 months till December 9, 2022. Below is how you can complete a manual swap via this portal. — Swap Tutorial - — Install Wallets:. — To send ELF from other networks, make sure you have any of these wallets: MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet;, To receive Mainnet ELF, please install NightELF extension wallet. Follow this tutorial if ...

Prize-Giving for aelf Hackathons, 11 Projects Eligible for Awards

The first batch of projects have claimed their prizes.. — Ever since the commencement of aelf’s hackathon program at the end of 2021, tons of innovative and practical projects had been brought to aelf community. By now, aelf has successfully hosted two hackathon events: Top of Oasis (metaverse-themed) and Legend X (Web3.0-themed), and attracted around 500 teams or individuals to the grand feasts for global developers. In the end, more than 20 excellent projects competed to the last stage and won awards of some kind. For a full list of all the hackathons’ winners, please read our articles Top of Oasis Award Winners and Legend X Award Winners. With these two events, interesting ideas were incubated and some had already been brought into reality. As promised before, aelf would distribute prizes to those who have completed deployment and met their own award-claiming criteria. The prize-givings were set at September 1st and December 15th, offering a greater degree of flexibility in the schedule for the winning teams to complete their work. By September 1st, we are thrilled to see that 11 projects have met their claiming conditions. Hence, prizes have been distributed to the first batch of aelf ecosystem contributors, among which, there might be the next game changer for blockchain or even the network as a whole. — Hackathon Prizes - — Allocation of Grant Pool - Thanks to the design of separated Mainnet and...

aelf Monthly Digest — August 2022

elf Monthly Digest — August 2022 - — The monthly update of aelf — episode 2.. — aelf is a high-performance layer-1 blockchain network built on cloud computing. Dear aelf Community Members, Welcome to the second episode of aelf Monthly Digest (August 2022). This report provides an overview of aelf’s development progress including tech and product updates, growth of the ecosystem, and events in the past month. August is productive in terms of tech and product upgrades, with aelf Mainnet, explorer, NightELF wallet extension having different degrees of optimization. With respect to ecosystem growth, part of the hackathon projects have completed their deployment onto aelf’s Testnet and there are more to expect in the coming months. — Technology: - aelf v1.2.1 Upgrade: aelf v1.2.1 has upgraded the naming policy of JSON response to UpperCamelCase (capitalizing the first letter of every key) and it is now consistent with earlier versions., aelf Explorer v1.2.0 Upgrade: The latest version of explorer has split the navigation bars, changed the website color scheme, removed the pop-up for wallet login, and simplified the contract management system. Please try it here., Homogeneous Cross-Chain Live on Testnet: aelf’s cross-chain bridge is under development and its homogeneous cross-chain function is now on Testnet., Optimization of Web Wallet: aelf’s web wallet has thorough optimization of its ...


The Inaugural aelf Node Election Crowned With A Grand Success

    In the past 2021, we were impressed by many memorable spots, the boiling of meme coins, the emergence of NFT, and the popularization of Metaverse. Behind the flourish of everything, one thing is limited addressed - public blockchains have mostly evolved to their ecological expanding stage. In fact, we've seen DOT initiate the parallel auction, SOL's technical innovation,  LUNA's independence, and many more. Among the public chain projects, one historically temperate-developing project drew unprecedented attention from the public - aelf. With the start of its mainnet token swap in September, aelf has upgraded and rebranded to a new version from tech to marketing. Internally, as the completion of the Trail of Bits audit, aelf mainnet has upgraded to its v1.1.1 equipped with the more decentralized and more secured blockchain mechanism. Externally, the team has launched re-designed its website, collaborated with exchanges for many marketing campaigns, holding the Top of OASIS hackathon, and moany. And most significantly, aelf has completed its first stage node election with 17 reputable nodes invited to its mainnet. The elected nodes have subsequently started to contribute to aelf ecology with their own network. The node election was initiated on November 18th, 2021, and concluded on time, with a long-running duration of xxx. The 17 qualified nodes include the world's leading trading platforms represented by HuobiPool, OKEx Pool; as well as industrial-leading digital asset m... read More

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