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Goose Finance  


EGG Price:
$28.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$476.3 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #EGG today is $0.036 USD.

The lowest EGG price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.036, and the current live price for one EGG coin is $0.03623.

The all-time high EGG coin price was $133.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of EGG with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Goose Finance crypto currency is #EGG.

Goose Finance is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Goose Finance is $476,324.

Goose Finance is ranking upwards to #939 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #EGG.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Goose Finance is $27,962.


The circulating supply of EGG is 13,147,885 coins, which is 98% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Goose Finance coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


EGG is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


EGG has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #EGG, and you can view them on our EGG disambiguation page.



Goose Vault — Goose Share and Goose Dollar

Goose Vault — sGoose and Goose Dollar If you haven’t read about the Goose Vault, please read it first A lot of people asked about the Goose Dollar and our team has come up with more ideas to accelerate this funding. As mentioned in the previous article, Goose Dollar is backed by1 BUSD. The initial funding is 2 million USD supported by Goose Finance’s team wallet. We came up with sGoose where you put down 1 dollar and get 1 sGoose Token. This 1 dollar will then be used to mint Goose Dollar for Vault users. You will then take this sGoose token to stake into a profit-sharing farm. Currently, we are looking at 10% of the Goose Dollar profit will be shared among all sGoose holders. The purchase price of sGoose: $1 (fixed) The selling price of sGoose: $0.9 (fixed) The purchase price and selling price may be increased in the future if the funds grow larger, but the gap will always stay at 10%. Goose Vault — Goose Share and Goose Dollar was originally published in Goose Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Goose Vault — You stake, We Stake Too

Goose Vault — You stake, We Stake Too 2 million USD will be added to accelerate the Goose VaultGoose Vault Goose vault is similar to other auto-compounder sites where you can auto-compound tokens like Pancake-BNB LP or BUSD-USDT LP to get higher APY. Usually, those sites will mint a platform token to you and you can hodl or sell as you like which involves lots of risks and price fluctuation. HERE COMES THE DIFFERENCE! We are now proposing a new leverage system where Goose Finance provides you funding to invest. When you stake onto any farm in the Goose Vault, you will be given Goose Dollar backed by $1USD. You can then take this Goose Dollar and stake it into selected Goose Dollar farms. For each Goose Dollar staked, Goose Finance will then stake 1$ for you into this farm. We take the risk, you take the reward.Goose Dollar tokenomics Goose Dollar’s total supply will always be the same as the total amount of BUSD in the Goose Dollar Vault. So the initial minting will start at 2 million Goose Dollar backed with 2 million BUSD. The minting will depend on the remaining unbacked BUSD, therefore a larger amount of BUSD remaining will increase the minting speed. For Goose Dollar farms, it will have a different fee involved, as we bear the risk of losing money. Stable coin farms will have a higher profit ratio compare to higher risk like Pancake farms. For stable coin farm, we are looking at 60% of the profit from Goose Dollar goes to the user, 30% goes back to the Goose Dollar Vault, 10% goes to the platform as fee. For normal auto-compounding farms, around 1% of the profit will be sent to the Goose Dollar Vault, 0.5% as platform fee, 1.5% on egg buyback. When more people stake, the goose vault grows larger! So more Goose Dollar will be minted! Goose Vault — You stake, We Stake Too was originally published in Goose Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Goose Finance first month recap

A month feels like a year in crypto. Goose Finance was launched around one month ago, and we have been through so much this month. We tried our best to innovate in the BSC-space, and Goose Finance raised to the top #3 app on BSC. Firstly, we would like to thank all the goosers for the support. Secondly, we would like to highlight some achievements we have done in this month.Removed Rugpull code This was one of our major improvements in the BSC chain, and we see a larger decrease in rug-pull projects as people can diff-check the contracts to spot out any malicious code. There have been 166 sites that forked Goose in 1 month compare to Pancake’s 124. Therefore we think Goose Finance is something people are interested in. There were even a few sites that promote themselves as the best Goose Fork.Layered Farming Layered farming has created some turbulence for Goose Finance. As this is an innovative feature, the community will need to understand and learn the strategy. The main focus of Layered Farming is to burn eggs and provide a high-risk, high-reward farming place for Degens to participate. Layered Farming has already burnt over 80,000 eggs which were worth 4 million USD. I wouldn’t say layer 1 or 2 were a success, but layer 3 is closer to our optimal goal, which the focus should be on the Goose House. Furthermore, layer farming isn’t everything Goose Finance has got, it is only a feature to battle against the inflationary pressure.Setting max price cap for exchange Our team also innovated on having a max price ceiling that overrides the slippage setting for the exchange to prevent the price fluctuation from affecting users. Upcoming roadmap After adjusting the layered farming a few times, we now move onto our next major item on our roadmap, IFO and Goose Vault.IFO Our first IFO with will be held from 26/3 to 28/3. Typhoon enables private transactions on Binance Smart Chain. You can already use their site below. Typhoon’s Website: Vault We will release the Goose Vault a week or two after the IFO. We have the basic contract ready, but we are still reviewing it right now, as we were too busy polishing the layered farming and working on the IFO. To know more about the Goose Vault, please refer to this blog: farming sharding We are proposing a new GGX sharding system for our layered farming, in which goosers can input a batch of 10/100 GGX of any layer and reward you 70 of any other layer. The chance of getting a particular GGX layer will depend on the amount of GGX available on the dev address, which holds 9.09% of the circulating supply.Algorithmic Coin We are creating an algorithmic coin that uses egg to farm, which should be interesting, but we are not disclosing the details too much until it is ready to launch.AMM Exchange Although I talked about this on the AMA before that we are trying to steer away from AMA for a period of time, we might be wrong about the timing. We have discussed internally that we already have enough power and bullet to start paving our road to becoming an AMM at this point. We are not saying we can do it in a short time but not a long time as well. We are aiming to have our own AMM at the start of May.

The Honeytrap (A Story about a Migrator behind Timelock)

An analysis on the rugpull On Feb 28 at around 3AM UTC,, another one of the latest Goose clones executed a rug pull. Transferred all of the staked funds to their own pockets. This one caught a lot of people off guard because on first glance, it seemed everything was under timelock protection, including the migrator function that was added back in. Many in the community was left confused as to how they managed to bypass timelock protection to execute this rugpull. So as always, let’s take a dive into what really happened.Background Story forked from the Goose MasterChefV2 contract, an upgraded version of the original Goose MasterChef with added re-entrancy protection that was recommended by the CertiK audit, which seems extra safe. But then on top of that, they re-introduced the migrator code that existed in the original PancakeSwap/SushiSwap MasterChef, an abomination that has wrecked havoc way too many times in the recent weeks. Interestingly, they did not actually use the migrate function to execute the final rugpull, atleast, not directly.EPIC COMMENT They told everyone that the migrator was not here for rugpull, and assured everyone that the fact that it is protected by timelock is proof of that. Any prudent user would check and indeed be able to see that the setMigrator function is behind timelock, and the current migrator is indeed empty. However, this was just a smoke screen and they have already covered their tracks in this scam.The Method When we analyse the decompiled attack contracts used to pull off the final rugpull, we can see that the“transfer” function was called on the attack contract for every pool, which then simply called the basic 3rd party token transfer and moved funds from the MasterChef to the dev.basically translates to: token.transferFrom(chef, dev, token.balanceOf(chef)) If you know some basic solidity, you will know that this 3rd party token transfer requires an “Approval”, a signed allowance that gives a speific 3rd party the permission to transfer the tokens. So we know that MasterChef must have given approval to this attack contract some how. Here is where the migrator comes into play. All this happened before everything was released to the public, and the devs covered their tracks afterwards.The RundownDeploy MasterChefSet Migrator to Attack ContractCall migrate function on each pool, even without any tokens already staked, this call still grants an infinite amount of allowance to the current migrator, which is the Attack Contract.Set Migrator back to 0x0000000 (this covers up their tracks that something fishy already happened)Transfer MasterChef ownership to Timelock At this point, to an outsider’s eyes, everything looks normal and protected by Timelock. Little do they know, the backdoor is already wide open and the fruit is just waiting to be picked. All that is left for the dev to do is to wait until the TVL is juicy enough for the picking. The Attacker Contract has infinite allowance to the funds staked into MasterChef and can access all the funds anytime. The rest is history. WHAT ABOUT Goose Finance? Goose Finance is trying to create a cleaner environment for people to yield farm. We have removed the Migrator backdoor. We cannot migrate the assets therefore your assets will be safe with us. We stress this over and over again, if you see the migrator function, it is a HUGE red flag. Even if it is behind a timelock. Join Goose Finance on Telegram: Website: Finally also a shoutout to the guys at the group DEFI Audit & Research that asked us to help look into this rugpull case: The Honeytrap (A Story about a Migrator behind Timelock) was originally published in Goose Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Layered Farming — In more details

Layered Farming — In more detailsIntroduction: Layered farming is one of the many methods coming up to battle the inflation of the $Egg token. We are not just copying from other sites but inventing our new method, therefore we came up with this layered farming + incubator system. You may ask, will it be enough? No, it’s impossible to have just 1 feature and create enough deflationary pressure to keep Eggs going, but we do not stop here. So let’s go into details about Layered farming. We came up with the layered farming idea because we saw there are so many clones out there but people are super afraid of rug pulls and major dumps etc, and might lose all their assets. So we were thinking, why don’t we provide such a casino/playground for them to enjoy those high APY thrills? So in short, layered farming is for those who chase for high-risk high reward, imagine a new on our site every 7–10 days.Details: Token: So let’s start with the token itself. We are naming it Golden Goose X, (GGX), where X represents the layer, which will start at Layer 1. We are calling the Egg layer as Genesis Layer. Each layer will have its own token, GG1, GG2, and GG3, etc… They will be automatically generated every 7–10 days (still being determined, but most likely will be 7 days). The current ETA will be around 1/3 to 3/3. We have already finished writing the contracts and working on the Front-End now. We might not be able to finish the audit on this system as Hacken has 2 weeks of delay and we are still waiting for CertiK’s reply. We will most likely launch without auditing with following reasons:If there is an exploit, it will only be affecting layered farming, therefore anything in the genesis layer will be safeThe contracts that we used for staking funds are very similar to the ones in the genesis layer. Therefore we are confident that staking funds are safe.Waiting for a full audit might require a week or more, if there are any changes required, we will apply those changes on Layer 2. Layers: Each layer will be similar to a new site, where there will be particular liquidity provided at the start. We are currently setting the starting price of Golden Goose at $10 (this will be modified in the future if required). There will be GGX-BUSD and GGX-BNB LP pool, plus single token pools for users to farm. LP pools will have no deposit fee, whereas the single token pool will have a 4% deposit fee. Farming Pool Deposit fee: The deposit fee will be divided into 3 parts. 60% will be automatically swapped into BUSD and then buyback Goose and burnt. 30% will be automatically swapped and injected into the Goose House. 10% will be sent to a developer address. Incubator: The Incubator is a $Egg burner. It will have a very high multiplier (currently set at 60x (The total multiplier of all pools are150). The deposit fee will be 20%, which will be directly burnt. To ensure the APR is high for the Incubator, we will apply a MAX CAP of 50,000 eggs allowed in the incubator. People can unstake anytime if they want. Goose House: As we are trying to give value to hodling the GGX, we are adding a goose house in which users stake Goose to get BUSD (which is injected from the 4% of the transaction fee). The actual amount of BUSD giving out per block is still being experimented with (because we are innovative…), therefore the APR may or may not be attractive but we will continue to observe and see if we need to make any changes to that. Layer X-1 Goose Transform Incubator So you may ask, people might dump GG1 when layer 2 comes out! We are adding this GG1 -> GG2 incubator where there will be a % of the deposit fee (most likely 20% as well) to stabilize the price of GG1 during the start of layer 2. FAQ: Q: How long will a layer last? A: Forever Q: Will this layered farming able to solve the whole inflation problem in Egg? A: No, definitely no. We are adding more innovative features to solve this issue, and one feature will not be enough.

Incubator — Layered farming (Unique Burning Mechanism)

Incubator — Layered farming (Unique Burning Mechanism) We have more news about the incubator that we are working on! We hope to launch it in 1–2 weeks. Why we came up with this idea? It was because we saw people getting rug pulled every 2–3 days and it really made us lose faith in humanity. Therefore, we came up with this perpetual automated farm generator that gives high APY! Like my previous blog, we are giving you a way to APE SAFU perpetually.What is layered farming? We all know that Golden Egg has to solve the inflation problem like $CAKE, and we came up with this layered farming system. Every 14 days, a new layer “Layer x Goose” token will be launched, and Goosers can ape-in to enjoy the high APY with a low Circulating supply token. (Initial minting is still needed to provide liquidity) So what is it so special? Goosers can stake Eggs (Genesis Layer) into the incubator in any layers to generate the corresponding “Layer x Goose” Token PERPETUALLY. The number of Eggs able to stake into the incubator WILL BE FIXED AS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Also, the Eggs WILL BE BURNED. This fixed amount of staking ensures the benefits of Goosers who staked Eggs into the incubator, in other words, to prevent more people staking into the pool diluting the APY/Goose reward. These layers will be on FOREVER, therefore, you can stay in the oldest layer to farm as long as there are profits. The farms and nests will be similar to eggs, where you stake “Layer x Goose”-BUSD LP token to generate more “Layer x Goose”, or single token. Layered farming WILL NOT generate Eggs. *Updated on 19/2 There will be Goose House where you will be able to stake the “Layer X Goose” to get ACTUAL TOKEN (Currently decided as BNB). This BNB will be purchased automatically through 75% of the 4% of transaction fee in the layered farms. This is to bring actual value to “Layer X Goose” In conclusion Goosers who wants to enjoy high APY plus gamble (like into new swap sites), can enter the Layered farming with SAFU environment. Goosers who wants to enjoy lower APY but the stable price can hodl the eggs. Layered farming will cause the eggs to be burnt, therefore pushing the price of eggs higher.

Another one bites the Rug

The infamous “Migrator” strikes againSite went down immediately and is now 404 Just an hour or so after launch, CroissantSwap rugged with about 1M TVL. They did it using the infamous “Migrator” that exists on many of the PancakeSwap forks. It took everyone’s staked assets and swapped them for a mock token “boo”.They decided to be jerks and gave everyone some boos on top of stealing their assets This is why the Goose team has been outing the “Migrator” code so much in our previous posts. This is a blatant backdoor, we keep trying to educate everyone about it. If the contract contains the “Migrator”, it takes 0 technical skill to execute the rug. Migrator is the number one red flag, and having no time lock is the second red flag. Never invest your money into a farm that contains the “Migrator” or is not behind a time lock. WHAT ABOUT Goose Finance? Goose Finance is trying to create a cleaner environment for people to yield farm. We have removed the Migrator backdoor. We cannot migrate the assets therefore your assets will be safe with us. Our message to other yield farm devs: REMOVE THE GOD DAMN MIGRATOR! You need to help stop the spread of it which causes so much FUD for our sector. Join Goose Finance on Telegram: Website: Another one bites the Rug was originally published in Goose Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Goose Finance — Unique burning mechanism — THE INCUBATOR

Goose Finance — Unique burning mechanism — THE INCUBATOR What we are trying to solve in this yield farming system is that the token inflation gives a disadvantage to latecomers, but Goose Finance is here to provide you the best platform to invest into!Layered farming — INCUBATOR We saw that there has been a lot of people searching for new farms to ape into but always scared that there are rugpulls & dumping. We came up with a new plan to launch new farms every 14 days for people to ape-in perpetually, at the same time, solve the inflation issue. We are proposing a layered farming, THE INCUBATOR. If you saw the film inception, there are different layers of the world. We are creating layered farming. One new layer token, Layer “X” Goose, will spawn every 14 days. There are two ways we might proceed.IDO will happen 1–3 days before the layer farming starts. The conversion of IDO is to bet set at 1:3(To be confirmed). All the pledged Layer 0 eggs will be burnt. The initial liquidity price of layers will be set at around 2x of the price of IDO.Pledge Layer 0 Egg into a nest that cannot unstake and generates Layer “X” Goose forever.Omega Lottery Burning Mechanism 1) All farms have a 4% burning fee when you stake 2) 75% will be used to purchase Golden Egg and inject into the lottery pool 3) 20% of the lottery pool (burning fee + lottery ticket cost) will be burnt We are working on additional burning mechanism which further reduces the circulation of the supply of tokens. Join Goose Finance on Telegram: Website:

IceCream Meltdown!

How one underscore and cheeky devs lost people’s fortunes (Goose is safu, no cheekiness here allowed) As you may have heard by now, IceCreamSwap just got dumped. The IceCream devs claims that this is an external theif exploiting a bug in their contract code. One might wonder if this really is a hacker or a well staged planned exit. Eitherway, we are interested in what really happened right? Like most current yield farms, our contract code mostly inherits from the SushiSwap MasterChef, maybe each with a little flavor of their own. Now IceCream decided to be cheeky, they added an additional admin address that could make changes to the farms/pools without going through time lock. (Why would you do that right?)NO RISK OF RUG PULL? This meant that the account address named “governance” here, can make any changes to the pool settings. Here is how the “hacker” dumped the tokens.Update all public pools to have 0 multiplier (except the one the hacker is staking in, which is most likely a private or hidden pool)Update Cream Per Block to largest possible numberHarvest Now one might ask, how did a “hacker” become the admin? Well, that is due to a “bug” in their code. A single underscore, that left a door wide open to anyone to become the admin.msg.sender == _governance will always be TRUE when setting admin address to the caller! That one underscore in _governance, made sure that any caller is free to set their address as the admin. WTF. There are just so many suspicions with the IceCream contracts. Just the fact that they added an extra back door to update settings whilst bypassing time lock is already super red flag. What makes it extra suspicious is why the other msg.sender == governance code is correct in the other 3 functions, and wrong in the only 1 that mattered. It really makes one wonder, if this “bug” was just a disguise for a planned dump exit. So, now the biggest question: Is Goose safu? Goose puts security and legitimacy in the highest regards. We do not try anything cheeky. Our contract has one and only one owner that can edit any settings, and that is the time lock. No cheeky governance backdoor, no migrator backdoor. Removed all unneccassary code. Keeping it simple and transparent. Happy farming. IceCream Meltdown! was originally published in Goose Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Goose Finance — First to remove Rugpull Migrator Code

Goose Finance — First to remove Rugpull Migrator Code Remember the PopcornSwap rug pull? We are not talking about devs dumping their tokens on the market. We are talking about stealing everyone’s staked assets. Almost all the forks from PancakeSwap inherited a back door called the “Migrator” that allowed the dev to take all the staked assets in the farms. Yes, I’m not joking, PancakeSwap can really take all your staked assets if they really wanted to. I’m not suggesting they will, but its in their power to do so.The “Migrator” backdoor on PancakeSwap This was a legacy feature that came from SushiSwap on Ethereum because they needed to forcibly “migrate” Uniswap LPs into their own SushiSwap LP. It was already a pretty douche move on SushiSwap’s part to be honest. For what ever reasons, PancakeSwap decided not to remove this backdoor also. And now evil devs like PopcornSwap used this “directly forked from Pancake” excuse to dodge due diligence checks. Its extra ironic because theres an explicitly remarked comment on the migrator code that says: “Can be called by anyone. We trust that migrator contract is good.” WHAT ABOUT Goose Finance? Goose puts security and legitimacy in the highest regards. We have removed the Migrator backdoor. We cannot migrate the assets therefore your assets will be safe with us. Join Goose Finance on Telegram: Website: Goose Finance — First to remove Rugpull Migrator Code was originally published in Goose Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Nestree Introduces NFT Aggregator Beta Service to Help Improve Usability...

    PRESS RELEASE. Nestree is a blockchain-based community messenger that is incentivized in nature. It is also a messaging platform that specializes in the development and revival of diverse communities by exposing them to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In 2022, Nestree will deploy an NFT Aggregator Service (Beta). Nestree has evolved into a specialist platform for NFTs, a fast developing asset class. Moreover, by connecting with multiple worldwide platforms, the team hopes to increase the utility value of the EGG token. Understanding NFT Aggregators Several NFT markets have recently emerged throughout the world. This has resulted in knowledge asymmetry and fragmentation, particularly in relation to NFTs. Thus far, the world has seen a tremendous quantity of knowledge and cash come into the NFT sector, but we've also seen an equal amount of bogus and malevolent information flood in. In fact, the greatest crypto fraud case (worth approximately $4 million USD), happened relatively recently in February. Therefore, as the scale of the NFT industry rises, so does the necessity for honest and precise information collection and dependable analysis. The NFT Aggregator's business model is hence built on offering a service which collects and shows information on freshly issued NFTs in one place, independent of the trading platform on which they are traded. Nestree's NFT Aggregator Nestree is an NFT-specific platform that enables NFT collectors and investors to examine all of ... read More

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