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Endless Battlefield  


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The last known price of #EB is $0.00000281 USD.

Please note that the price of #EB was last updated over 100 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #EB statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest EB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00000281, and the exact last price of EB was $0.00000280773.

The all-time high EB coin price was $0.26.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of EB with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Endless Battlefield crypto currency is #EB.

Endless Battlefield is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Endless Battlefield is $45.00.

Endless Battlefield is ranking upwards to #2198, by market cap (and other factors).


There is an unknown daily trading volume on #EB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Endless Battlefield is $1.00.


The circulating supply of EB is 16,245,000 coins, which is 2% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Endless Battlefield coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


EB is a token on the Okex Chain blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the EB Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


EB has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #EB trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #EB purchase.



Endless Battlefield 2022 August Contest

We will host EB’s first big on-chain event to thank everyone for your continued support: The Trailblazer’s Glory -Character Card Points Ranking Competition, and The Guardian’s Vault -Big Raffle. We have prepared rich rewards: In addition to a large number of EB, EXP and various limited NFTs, the first place in the event will receive a 10,000U prize! Enjoy! Event time: July 25, 2022 ~ August 26, 2022 24:00 UTC Activities:The Trailblazer’s Glory -Character Card Points Ranking Competition As of 24:00 on August 26, the ranking is based on the total points of all character cards in the player’s account: The One with the highest points will receive the grand prize of 10,000U and 100 lucky draw; 2nd 5000U, 50 lucky draw; 3rd 1000U, 30 lucky draw; 4th 500U, 20 lucky draw; 5th 100U, 20 lucky draw; 6th~10th 50U, 15 lucky draw; 11th ~50th ,10 lucky draw; 51th~100th , 5 lucky draw; The corresponding points of each level of character card are as follows: 1 Level = 10 points 2 Level = 11 points 3 Level = 12 points 4 Level = 13 points 5 Level = 15 points 6 Level = 18 points 7 Level = 25 points 8 Level = 40 points 9 Level = 60 points 10 Level = 100 pointsThe Guardian’s Vault -Big Raffle In order to thank everyone for their support of the event, we will open The Guardian’s Vault -Big Raffle at the end of the Trailblazer’s Glory . Prizes include: Grand Prize:1000U *1 NFT:Dragon`s Fury * 1 NFT:G...

Endless Battlefield Patch Pack v2.0.0

1、Install the Steam game proper first. 2、Download the patch package and unzip it to overwrite the steam game directory. Google Drive Baidu Netdisk link: Weiyun 3、Launch the steam client to enter the game and have fun. File Sha256: d00329e415151966c78f8dc98357b2e43125bfa66c844c8658959ea01de95ab5Come and discover EB,join our community! Website: Twitter: Telegram:

Endless Battlefield PVE version announcement

We’re happy to let you know that EB PVE is coming soon. Thank you for continued support, and we hope you enjoy it!Version update content 1、New PVE gameplay Score by killing bots, giving eb rewards and NFT boxes based on the score. Character card NFT and gun skins have a bonus to the score, increasing the gain per game. PS: 15 seconds protection time after death resurrection 2、New password room 3、New game lobby 4、New firearms skin 5、NFT box Through PVE, PVP get NFT box, consume 20EB randomly open 6EB, 66EB, a variety of rare firearms skin NFT. 6、EB Token Transfer The game’s built-in wallet supports direct transfer of EB Token. 7、Cut other maps in the game body, reduce the hard disk space of 6G.Come and discover EB,join our community! Website: Twitter: Telegram:

Endless Battlefield Patch Pack v1.1.0

1、Install the Steam game proper first. 2、Download the patch package and unzip it to overwrite the steam game directory. Google Drive Baidu Netdisk link: Code: v2ra Weiyun 3、Launch the steam client to enter the game and have fun. File Sha256: 4bb3b6022820b48b01fddef55c677604985e5a8b79f6836701db0643297693cbCome and discover EB,join our community! Website: Twitter: Telegram:

Endless Battlefield Development Log -May 22th,2022

1. FPS Combat Mode What has been done… 1. Modified the economic model 2. Completed Team competition mode 3. Adjusted the ballistic and other special effects 4. Adjusted the settlement layer contract. 5. Completed the preliminary version of the web version shop 6. Completed the reward doubling card function 7. Completed the battle mini-map function 8. Completed the game launcher and automatically update the game function What’s being worked on… 1. Design various types of gun skins 2. Develop personal equipment function 3. Complete character card growth system 4. Optimize the combat hit feedback as well as the tactical action. 5. Add Capture the Flag mode 6. Introduce the Face Customization function. 7. Add the Army Rank system 8. Optimize the built-in shop2.Metaverse Mode What has been done… 1. Changed to the map 2. Completed build system What’s being worked on… 1. Introduce marine vehicles including boats and ships 2. Implement multi-landscapes for planet map 3. Implement plants environment system 4. Implement an animal environment system 5. Implement a triphibian combat system 6. Add architecture style pack in the built-in marketplace 7. Implement a crafting system to support weapons and equipment crafting 8. Support main city construction 9. Implement a planet destructible system to support players destroy landforms and build dungeons 10. Implement an alliance System 11. Implement main cit...

Endless Battlefield Development Log -April 18th,2022

1. FPS Combat Mode What has been done… 1. Wallet authorization. 2. Homeowner purchase time period. 3. New UI. 4. Settlement Signature Voting. 5. Game Settlement.. 6. Solo mode chain version production. 7. Public Test Launch. What’s being worked on… 1. Collect public test data and validate economic models. 2. During the public test, the team competition mode and other contents will be opened one after another. 3. Fix the community submission problem during the public test, and the official release online. 4. Tuned combat combat and tactical movements. 5. Add league game mode. 6. Open the global FPS competition. 7. Gun Skin Mall. 8. Clothing Mall. 9. Personal equipment function, support gun skin and clothing changes. 10. Explore the player-created gun skin NFT feature.2.Planet Metaverse Mode What has been done… 1、Replacement of vehicle details, adjust the action of getting in and out of the car. 2、Fix the character action. 3、Add melee weapons and related content. 4、Add swimming and snorkeling breathing system. 5、Adjust and replace some details of UI. 6、Adjust the small map. 7、Repair some bugs, fix fighter missiles and different particle effects. 8、Add new weapons, fire-breathing guns. 9、Add climbing system. What’s being worked on… 1. Introducing the exploration of Earth’s topography. 2. Introduce marine vehicles including boats and ships. 3. Implement multi-landscapes for pl...

Blockchain Version Endless Battlefield Competitive Mode Open Test Intruction

1. Test Environment OKC Testnet2. Hardware Specification Recommended Specs: GPU: GTX1060 or above, If your PC does not meet the recommended spec, your game experience might be compromised.3. Public Test Date Start time:April 18, 8:00AM UTC; Public test time not less than 15 days,Period to be determined.4. Test Instruction 4.1 Download Game 4.1.1 Search “Endless Battlefield” on Steam platform ( to download the game. Please record the game storage address. 4.1.2 After finishing downloading, go to the Endless Battlefield official website to download the blockchain patch package. Download at: 4.1.3 Download the EB-beta.rar and copy it to the Steam directory (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\EB\EB)folder. Extract the installation package to the current folder and choose to replace all current files. 4.1.4 Launch Endless Battlefield (EB.exe) and choose the BLOCHAIN MODE. During the game, please keep the Steam platform logged in.5. Account operation instruction 5.1 Wallet functions 5.1.1 Create an account 5.1.2 Click the button on the right corner to create/import an account 5.1.3 Click the button to create an account 5.1.4 Enter the account name, password, password hints, select a network, and check “I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy”, then click “NEXT” to create an account. 5.1.5 Your account will be listed on the right panel...

EB 2022 Elite Cup Tournament

We will hold the 1st Elite Cup Tournament! You will have a chance to join the competition as a team and win great prizes!. — 1. Rules, Eligibility and Phase 1.1 Participant Eligibility · A qualified team is composed of a minimum of 4 players. A maximum of 8 players can represent the team to join the match. Teams with less than 4 players can choose to merge with another team with the same number of players. · Each team is allowed to have 4 substitutions. · All players including substitutions can only play for one team during the tournament. · Team members cannot be changed after registration closes. 1.2 Competition Rules · All participating teams will be randomly divided into 2 Zones: Zone A and Zone B. · Matches will be drawn within the Zone and matched teams will compete against the opposing team until Zone’s top 4 teams are selected. · The final 8 teams will then be randomly divided into 2 new Zones: Zone C and Zone D. · Preliminary round winners are selected by winning the best of one. Quarterfinal and semifinal teams are chosen by winning the best of three. The champion and the 2nd runner-up teams are chosen by winning the best of five. 1.3 Phase Registration-> Preliminary A and B Zone Division -> Preliminary Round-> Quarterfinal Round->Semi Final Round-> Final Round -> Champion Team2. Prize pool 2. 1 Team Prize 2.2 Individual Prize3.Notes · EB reserves the right of final interpr...

Endless Battlefield Metaverse Game Key Bindings

Come and discover EB,join our community! Website: Twitter: Telegram:

EB Development Log -As of March 4th,2022

1. FPS Combat Mode What has been done… 1. Optimized 19 maps including town, military base, train station, village, manor, etc. 2. Supported a maximum of 32 players in one room 3. Supported 6 types of competitive battle gameplay 4. Added all elements related to FPS mode 5. Launched in Steam 6. Developed FPS reward settlement smart contract 7. Developed Back-end FPS reward settlement system 8. Developed UE engine module and Blockchain SDK module, low in coupling 9. Implemented basic built-in wallet functions, including creating and importing a wallet What’s being worked on… 1. Add more built-in wallet functions, including authorization and on-chain trade 2. Support adding room passwords function to allow players to create private rooms and held events 3. Support on-chain room creation, rewards settlement, and room expiration 4. Support auto reward distribution after the room is closed 5. Optimize visual effects, sound effects and shooting feedbacks 6. Deploy a new modern style UI 7. Open market for weapon skins, including common, limited edition, promotional and mysterious skins. 8. Open market for character skins, including common, limited edition, promotional and mysterious skins. 9. Implement personal wardrobe function to support weapon skins and outfits alteration. 10. Support multiple chains2.Planet Metaverse Mode What has been done… 1. ...

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