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DXD Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$18.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DXD today is $374 USD.

The lowest DXD price for this period was $0, the highest was $374, and the current live price for one DXD coin is $374.49791.

The all-time high DXD coin price was $1,006.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DXD with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for DXDao crypto currency is #DXD.

DXDao is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for DXDao is $18,204,718.

DXDao is ranked #465 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak daily trading volume on #DXD.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DXDao is $251.


The circulating supply of DXD is 48,611 coins, which is 33% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of DXDao is it's exceptionally low supply of coins, as this supports higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


DXD is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the DXD Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


DXD is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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DXdao Month in Review | August 2022

Swapr release plus DXstats overhaul - The Swapr squad did not take August off and was busy shipping a whole bunch of new features. A proposal to update the Swapr.eth ENS to Swapr Beta v15 passed on August 22nd. The release adds the 0x API to Swapr’s eco-router, meaning traders can come to Swapr’s front end and instantly get quotes from CoW protocol, Curve v2, Uniswap v3, 0x API — plus Swapr. There is also an expansion of the eco-bridge, which gives allows users to use Socket, Connext, Arbitrum or Omnibridge to bridge across Gnosis Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum One and Ethereum mainnet. Check out all of the new features in the release notes. August also saw a major overhaul to DXstats.eth, with an ENS update proposal passing on August 7. Load times are improved considerably and there is also a new dashboard page for looking at Swapr across all three of its chains. There is also a new farming section to give Swapr users insight on where the freshest yields are. And on top of everything, it got a little beauty makeover. More in the release notes.DXstats makeover The Swapr team has also been teasing an exciting upcoming initiative. Swapr Expeditions is a series of on-chain tasks that users will be able to complete to win prizes and learn about Swapr in the process. Elsewhere in Swapr land, the community is discussing what to do about SWPR token emissions as it passes the one-year mark. — Nimi blazes a new incubation...

DXdao announces “Operation Decentralization”, A podcast for DeFi, DAO’s and everything in between.

DXdao launches “Operation Decentralization”, establishing the importance of decentralization for both individuals and projects alike. DXdao has always been the outlier. It has often made difficult decisions and faced frequent challenges in order to operate in a decentralized way. This approach to operations doesn’t come easy and can be challenging to communicate, often adding additional confusion to an already difficult topic. DXdao is now creating the opportunity to propagate its vision through “Operation Decentralization”, a podcast full of vibrant discussions and deep dives into the topic we love so much; Decentralization. Operation Decentralization’s (#OpDe) debut episode will host CoW Protocol, a project with whom DXdao shares a long history and which serves a critical role in the DeFi community. CoW Protocol is an extremely powerful and effective trading protocol that uses Batch Auctions as its price finding mechanism in order to facilitate its peer to peer trading via Coincidence of Wants (CoW). It can tap into your favorite AMMs and DEXs when no CoW is found, while still enjoying full MEV protection.Join us on Twitter for the inaugural episode! Episode 1 will be recorded for a formal upload, but can also be viewed live on Twitter! Join us August 18th, 2022 at 15:00 UTC/5:00pm CEST/ 8:00am PST. Link: Recently DXdao’s AMM Swapr integrated CoW Protocol directly into the Swapr Eco Router. It was ...

DXdao Month in Review | July 2022

3 Years of on-chain Governance - July is always an important month at DXdao because it’s the month the community celebrates the launch of DXdao governance. This July 14 marked the 3rd year since the first proposal was submitted to DXdao. The community marked the occasion with a 3 year anniversary POAP as well as a celebratory post going over highlights on DXdao’s history and the great strides made in year three.3 Years! DXdao started as a radical experiment in decentralization, because governance power would not start with insiders. Instead, governance power was distributed in a staking period to 399 Ethereum addresses. From these humble beginnings, DXdao launched the DXD token and now manages a series of DeFi and governance products. Over the past year, DXdao’s reputation-based system, which is non-transferable, got a new name — “soulbound” as the rest of the crypto space realizes the pitfalls of token-based governance. Year three of DXdao was also the first time that many community members met in person. This has helped further DXdao’s brand in the Ethereum space as well as build strong connections within the DXdao community that enable better cooperation throughout the year. Year three also furthered the fractionalization of DXdao with the emergence of squads within DXdao as well as the first product token for Swapr. Lots more in the full post! — Infinite Hackathons - ...

DXdao surpasses three years of on-chain governance

DXdao celebrated three years of on-chain governance, commemorating the submission of the first proposal on July 14, 2019 with a special edition POAP for DXdao community members. As one of the oldest and most active DAOs, there is a rich on-chain history of governance of DXdao and its products during bear, bull and now again bear markets. DXdao continues to be a radical experiment in collective governance. Amidst calls of new forms of economic system, DXdao is operating with a non-capital based form of governance power and exploring the future of how work is done and institutional power is curbed. — Decentralized origins - DXdao was spawned through a collaboration between Gnosis and DAOstack, who wanted to build a DAO that was decentralized from the beginning and one that could “scale to be the largest organization in the world”. The two jointly launched dxDAO but did not want to be founders and did not set up any legal entity specific for dxDAO. Instead, governance power in DXdao (Reputation) was distributed to 399 Ethereum addresses around the world. These addresses had participated in the initial staking period either by locking up ETH or ERC20 tokens, trading on the DutchX protocol or in exchange for GEN, DAOstack’s token, which is needed for holographic consensus, DXdao’s quorum management tool. — Core tenets - Decentralization has been the driving force of DXdao since its launch and as reaffirmed in ...

DXdao Announces Infinite, A Collection of Hacker-first Hackathons.

Infinite Hackathons Genesis Edition, Bogotá Colombia, 7–9 October 2022. — Welcome to the Infinite. What can be done to make a hackathon unique, educational, and, well, enjoyable? How can you drown out the noise and concentrate on buidling? Infinite Hackathons intends to answer these challenges by hosting the first hackathon devoted solely to hackers, led by a group of long-term Ethereum and decentralization maximalists. Infinite arose from an innate desire to provide the industry with a special type of hackathon — a more intimate experience where hackers can come to learn with minimal interruptions. Hackers will be able to unleash their innovative and creative energy while avoiding distractions, inefficiencies, and other unnecessary fuss. With countless hackathons to weigh in on, the Infinite squad has drawn on this wealth of knowledge and experience to bring you Infinite Genesis Edition, a first-of-its-kind, hacker-first hackathon. — What Makes Infinite Genesis Edition Different? - Focus and Fun. Infinite Genesis Edition is solely dedicated to providing the greatest experience possible for hackers, with every aspect of the hackathon considered through their perspective. The venue, hacking process, judging system, mentorships, and rewards have all been meticulously planned to provide the greatest hacking experience possible. Infinite Genesis Edition has opted not to seek outside sponsors in order to minim...

DXdao Month in Review | June 2022

June was a wild month in crypto markets, but despite the turbulence the DXdao community kept its head down and kept building. — Swapr Odyssey and Beta V13 - The Arbitrum network has prepared a fun community engagement event titled “Arbitrum Odyssey”. Users were required to vote on-chain for their favorite project in each bracket, ultimately resulting in 7 weeks of fun interactivity and rewards for your favorite Arbitrum projects. The best part? Swapr has clinched its seat at the high table, beating out community powerhouses Yearn Finance, Frax Finance and Future Swap. The Swapr community is incredibly excited for the opportunity, being featured on week 6 alongside Dodo. Odyssey participants will be urged to complete some special tasks on Swapr Arbitrum to become eligible for a Swapr branded NFT and continue their journey through the cosmos. Want to learn more or follow along? Head on over to the Odyssey discussion channels in the Arbitrum Discord. Rumor has it, Arbinauts may be the first to partake in Swapr’s own journey through time and space…🤫 — Audits, Audits, Audits - DXdao’s DeFi and governance products may manage billions of dollars one day, so it is paramount to ensure their security and audit the underlying smart contracts. This has increased over the last two months with a major audit from Sigma Prime for DXgov’s guilds smart contracts as well as audits for the v1 version of Carrot. Car...

DXdao Month in Review | May 2022

DXgov one step closer to a complete DAO product suite - The DXgov squad, which builds governance products for DXdao and other DAOs, has been hard at work on a host of initiatives focused on secure, decentralized governance. The squad is currently reviewing an audit of the smart contract for its Guilds governance structure, a lightweight ERC20 governance system. Once completed, a new front-end will be integrated and be ready to use by any project looking to upgrade their governance from the Snapshot + multisig model. The first to use Guilds — still brainstorming names — will be Swapr. SWPR token holders will have the ability to launch liquidity mining campaigns and manage their own treasury. There have also been some developments on the DXdao governance side of DXgov. DXvote, a decentralized front-end that enables governance on Ethereum mainnet, Gnosis Chain and Arbitrum One, is moving towards a two-pronged approach for its governance applications. The legacy application remains the most secure way for REP holders to govern DXdao, but a new application — based off of work done for the Guilds framework — will be built that will be usable by DXdao or any other DAO. There is lots more in Ross’s DXgov Q2ish Report & Update. There are also whispers of a new DXgov branding effort. — Swapr Celebrates Important Milestones - This May featured several very important milestones for Swapr; the squad to...

DXdao Month in Review | April 2022

ETHAmsterdam - What a week! DXdao descended upon Amsterdam in April and participated in a wide array of conferences, meetups, hackathons, and parties. The energy in Amsterdam was palpable with many excited about the upcoming merge, questions about L2 and scalability as well as the rise of MEV, but running through all of those were questions about governance.A fun ETHAmsterdam collage. The week started at The DAOist Global Governance Gathering, where DXdao was a patron sponsor and hosted an in-conference nail salon. DXdao contributors Sky, Melanie, and Chris were speakers at the event. Sky did a workshop on Carrot, while Melanie sat on a panel about best practices for HR in Web3. You can check out Chris’s talk at the GGG on How DAO Sovereignty Evolved. At the Schelling Point Conference, Sky presented on the Carrot Awareness Activation Campaign that DXdao launched in Amsterdam. The initiative leveraged Carrot, a platform for programmable incentives, to try and spread awareness and attract major followers to DXdao’s Twitter. DXdao contributors handed out flyers with a QR code to receive Carrot tokens that would pay off if a certain milestone was met — getting major Crypto Twitter Personalities to follow @DXdao. Sky has a great write-up in the forum reflecting on the learnings from the Carrot Awareness Activation Campaign. There were lots of other highlights of the week from a DXdao-Yearn panel at the Livepeer event to D...

DXdao launches first-ever KPI-based Awareness Mining campaign using Carrot.eth

A $50k KPI-based Awareness Mining campaign set during ETH Amsterdam week. — During the week of Ethereum’s Devconnect week in Amsterdam, a Carrot.eth campaign focused on increasing the Twitter following of DXdao will run amongst the Ethereum community. A $50,000 activation will be launched on Carrot.eth with the goal to create a fun, engaging experience using Carrot tokens that can generate community awareness of DXdao and its products Carrot and Swapr while seeking to achieve a marketing goal benefiting the DXdao community. — Background - Many communities have a hard time driving behaviors or achieving targeted goals among their communities. To help solve this, DXdao built Carrot, a simple way to create and deploy community incentive campaigns, to easily align the economic interests of communities and protocols. Launched in 2021, Carrot is an easy-to-use platform that allows projects to create community-driven programmable incentives. Carrot has been used for smarter next-generation liquidity incentives, aka Farming 2.0, and also in a partnership grant agreement where KPIs affect the grant payout. The DXdao community is now introducing a novel use of Carrot to incentivize increased awareness of DXdao and its products called Awareness Mining. — The activation has a number of goals:. — Increase the number of people that are aware of DXdao, Carrot.eth, and Swapr.eth, Get Carrot tokens into the hands o...

DXdao supports The DAOist’s GGG22 in Amsterdam

The cultural evolution needed to enable a decentralized world of DAOists. — DXdao and The DAOist DXdao has been an early supporter of The DAOist, sponsoring events in Paris and Lisbon, and is excited to continue this tradition with the first edition of The DAOist’s Global Governance Gathering, which takes place in Amsterdam on April 18–19. DXdao passed an on-chain proposal to sponsor the Global Governance Gathering — or GGG22 as a Patron Sponsor. The DXdao community looks forward to engaging with other DAOs and exploring the latest developments in decentralized governance.GGG22 The DAOist believes the era of DAOs is in its infancy and that DAOs are more than just a technical and organizational revolution. They are supporting a vision where DAOs enable a lifestyle characterized by purpose, ownership, collaboration, and openness. GGG22 aims to bring together leading DAOists to share experiences, deepen connections, and set a shared agenda for the DAO space. GGG22 will take place on Monday, April 18th, and Tuesday, April 19th in Amsterdam. — On the Agenda - The first day, “DAO Operatives Playground”, is an intimate conversation focused workshop style event with limited access. It is specifically geared to active and experienced DAO contributors, “DAOplomats”, with the aim of bringing them together to get to know one another more intimately. Affording attendees the opportunity to expand their netw...

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