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DVPN Price:
$267.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$49.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DVPN today is $0.00286 USD.

The lowest DVPN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00286, and the current live price for one DVPN coin is $0.00286079.

The all-time high DVPN coin price was $0.05.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DVPN with market cap of BTC and how the supply of DVPN affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for Sentinel crypto currency is #DVPN.

Sentinel is 2.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Sentinel is $49,468,829.

Sentinel is ranked #415, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #DVPN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Sentinel is $267,896.


The circulating supply of DVPN is 17,292,014,478 coins, which is 65% of the total coin supply.

Relatively, Sentinel has a large supply of coins, 786 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


DVPN is a token on the Osmosis blockchain.


DVPN has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.



Re-Launch of Sentinel’s Stats Page The Sentinel stats page has now been re-launched, offering a clear insight into key metrics involving dVPN nodes as well as dVPN usage trends. Visit the stats page today at: From over 30 different metrics available, 6 real-time metrics and 5 historical metrics have been chosen for easy understanding and straight-forward representation. Given the recent implementation of the on-chain subscription plan, the Sentinel’s growth metrics will represent a strong upwards trajectory and the re-launch of the stats page is extremely timely. In the future the ‘Stats Engine’ will be open-sourced allowing for community members to build their own analytics and dashboards. will soon be updated along with the release of Sentinel’s new website. Key Real-Time Stats Represented Include: 1 — Users Online — The number of unique individual users connected to a dVPN node at this exact time. Every user has a Sentinel account generated for them and the Cosmos feegrant module is being used for account abstraction where the gas for a user’s connection/disconnection on-chain commands are being paid by a subscription plan’s creator. 2 — dVPN nodes online — The number of unique dVPN nodes hosted by the community that are connected to the Sentinel blockchain and available for usage at this exact time. To learn more about hosting a dVPN node checkout: 3...

Sentinel Network Update: 26 September 2023

The community moderation team across the Sentinel Network often receives questions about the activities and progress of the Network. Given the multitude of contributors and teams that are working behind the scenes, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to keep tabs on every individual advancement and update. With this blog post, we aim to shed some light on the many moving parts of this robust and ever-evolving Network. At the heart of the Sentinel Network lies its core offering — the tools and environment for developers to create resilient and secure VPN applications. — Sentinel doesn’t merely offer a single VPN solution. Instead, it provides a toolkit for anyone to create their own personalized VPN service. - — Applications - Meile dVPN, which has had an outstanding debut, is now undergoing a comprehensive makeover. spearheaded by Mathodes, the decision has been made to revamp the UI to enhance the overall user experience across their app offerings, so users will soon see refreshed versions for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android. Mathnodes Telegram: Meile dVPN Twitter: Website: — BasedVPN A recent addition to the Sentinel Network, BasedVPN, a free VPN offering, is currently undergoing significant back-end development. After an initial setback, it has been accepted once again to be listed on the Apple App Store. See our previous blog post that e...

Introduction of On-Chain Subscriptions and Time Based Payments- Sentinel’s Biggest dVPN Protocol…

Introduction of On-Chain Subscriptions and Time Based Payments- Sentinel’s Biggest dVPN Protocol Upgrade yet - In this blog we discuss Sentinel’s latest protocol upgrade, its significance, as well as the commands required to make use of it and easily create the foundation stones for running your own dVPN application on Sentinel Sentinel’s biggest upgrade to its bandwidth protocol has now been implemented into effect. The Sentinel ecosystem is now entering a new paradigm as this protocol upgrade allows for the effortless creation of dVPN applications built on Sentinel. This protocol upgrade brings two critical changes: 1) Introduction of ‘Time Based Payments ’ 2) Introduction of on-chain ‘Subscription Plans’ With this protocol upgrade, community hosted dVPN nodes are able to price their bandwidth services at a monthly rate (or any custom time period) for an unmetered amount of bandwidth usage (unlimited). dVPN applications can aggregate these nodes and upsell their services, essentially locking tokens with nodes and paying them in-order to add them to a ‘subscription plan’, while pricing unlimited access to a ‘subscription plan’ at a flat monthly rate for the end-user. Instead of merely facilitating p2p transaction, dVPN applications built on Sentinel can now do exactly what centralized VPN applications do which is to pre-pay for bandwidth and then upsell the bandwidth to the user. — What are ti...

BasedVPN — A new free to use decentralized VPN built on Sentinel

BasedVPN — A new free to use decentralized VPN built on Sentinel - — Download BasedVPN Today!. — *Connecting to a node may take up to a minute or more. This inconvenience for users will be completely removed with the new protocol upgrade which allows for users to connect instantly to on-chain subscriptions without tokens being locked for every node that is connected to BasedVPN is now available on Android and its APK file can be downloaded from the BasedVPN website at: BasedVPN Website: Download Link: Users can opt to wait for up to a few more days at maximum for BasedVPN to get accepted onto the Google Play instead of downloading the APK file. — How does BasedVPN work? - BasedVPN is a beautiful in its simplicity and ease of user access, the complexity of wallet management and connection authorization is abstracted away. An account on Sentinel’s dVPN focused layer-1 chain is created for each user however users do not have to access their account and the account is automatically authorized to lock tokens with nodes and pay for bandwidth once a user has selected a desired location. User’s accounts are being pre-filled with tokens by the BasedVPN application developer. BasedVPN has integrated both Wireguard and V2Ray nodes into the application, and makes a decision on the user’s behalf on which is the best node to connect to based on the user’s country (e....

Meet the 3rd live dVPN-integrated application built on Sentinel

‘Fast Private Browser’ is the third white-labelled application built on Sentinel. This simple android application includes a browser which allows users to connect to dVPN nodes hosted by Sentinel community members for free. In the future this application will monetize from advertisements and use these proceeds to pay dVPN node hosts in the Sentinel ecosystem. Download the application today: This application will most likely not work in nations with strict internet policies such as China or Iran as this application is built on Google Firebase which is blocked by these various nations. Future versions are planned to include a bypass. — Who created this application?. — The developer of this application is ElQube Tech which is an Android app studio which owns mobile apps that have a cumulative download of over 80 million.,in%20the%20last%2030%20days. ElQube also owns RynVPN which is a popular centralized VPN that has nearly 10 million downloads. The Fast Private Browser is an application that paves the way to the onboarding of real centralized VPN applications into the Sentinel ecosystem. — How does this dVPN solution work?. — The process of connection is a simple 1-click process where a user is connected to a random node that is hosted by a Sentinel community member. The ‘Fast Private Browser’ dVPN is currently connected to a digital on-chain subs...

dVPN Merit Based Validator Re-Delegation

Over 2 years has elapsed since the launch of Sentinel’s Cosmos based Hub and a merit based validator re-delegation process will now commence involving a significant re-delegation of DVPN token to validators who have added value to the ecosystem as well as the dVPN network. All validators should use the following Forms link to submit information required for decision making during the upcoming merit based re-delegation process. — Ecosystem Update: - The Sentinel dVPN ecosystem is now on the verge of experiencing exponential growth with the upcoming hub upgrade which revises the current networking protocol to allow for digital subscription creators to add paid nodes to an on-chain subscription package that can be subscribed to by users. Combined with in-built account abstraction in Cosmos with the assistance of the feegrant module, dVPN users can now connect and disconnect to nodes in a subscription with no requirement to pay fees in DVPN token or to lock any DVPN tokens given that the subscription creator is directly locking tokens with dVPN nodes and paying for the transaction fees themselves. After several years of work on the protocol layer the dVPN protocol is now robust and scalable and we will be seeing a significant increase in bandwidth consumption and activity with the ease of creation of white-label applications enabled by the upcoming update. — Merit Based Evaluation: - Validators are not o...

SOLAR Labs and Meile dVPN join forces to improve codebase and launch an easy-to-use tool kit on…

SOLAR Labs and Meile dVPN join forces to improve codebase and launch an easy-to-use tool kit on the Sentinel Network. - 20 June 2023 — SOLAR Labs and Meile dVPN have announced their alliance in a significant leap forward within the decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN) space. This newly formed coalition aims to align all code commits of the Sentinel codebase onto one unified Github repository. The Sentinel Network is an integral part of the thriving Cosmos ecosystem and is one of the most active blockchains in terms of transactions and code commits. However, due to the decentralized nature of Sentinel, these commits are often dispersed across several GitHub repositories from contributors. Recognizing this fragmentation as an opportunity for growth, SOLAR Labs and Meile dVPN, two leading contributors to the Sentinel Network, have decided to tackle this challenge. Together, they will align all the commits to the Sentinel codebase on Sentinel’s dedicated GitHub repository, to create a more manageable and efficient development environment for contributors and users. This alliance aims to produce a streamlined and cohesive product — The Sentinel White Label SDK. This software development kit aims to drastically simplify creating a personalized decentralized VPN (Virtual Private Network). “The collaboration between SOLAR Labs and Meile dVPN will unify the dVPN white label structure and create a cohesion from...

Retroactive Node Rewards and Restarting the Node Incentive Program

This blog post marks the announcement of the restart of the Sentinel node incentive program and the distribution of retroactive rewards to dVPN node hosts. The node incentive program was temporarily suspended last year in the month of August due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the program is now ready to be restarted in anticipation of more consumer demand to dVPN services built on Sentinel. Community members can host either Wireguard based nodes or V2Ray based nodes in order to earn incentives in the form of dVPN tokens. To host a dVPN node checkout : The dVPN node docker image can be downloaded from (Wireguard/V2ray packaged in the same release): Releases · sentinel-official/dvpn-node Node Hosting is about to get much easier with a dedicated community-made node hosting client that is set to be launched in the coming weeks. — A Review of previous Bandwidth Incentives before Suspension - Previously, the Bandwidth incentive program’s criteria largely revolved around incentivizing node hosts based on the amount of bandwidth used from the specific node host. Unfortunately a significant amount of the rewards were being earned by malicious participants who were employing various tactics of gaming the system. The most simple method of a malicious participant is to consume bandwidth from their own dVPN node. Providing incentives for dVPN nodes based on bandwidth usage is difficult unless there is a...

Launch of Sentinel’s Interactive dVPN Node Map — The Launch of Sentinel’s New Interactive dVPN Node Map - We are excited to announce the launch of Sentinel’s new interactive map representing Sentinel dVPN nodes as well as active nodes which are hosting Handshake Network resolves (HNS). This map also allows for users to filter between a view of Sentinel nodes which are supporting the Wireguard protocol, and the V2Ray protocol. The code for this project will be soon made open-source and the interactive node map will turn into a community-built utility where contributors are free to fork and improve the map in terms of not only its design but also functionalities. Visit the interactive node map today at: map.sentinel.coView nodes by continent, country and city — Handshake Resolvers on Sentinel - Handshake is a decentralized naming system that is built on top of the Handshake blockchain. It is designed to replace traditional domain name system (DNS) by allowing anyone to register and manage top-level domain names without the need for centralized authorities or intermediaries. Handshake resolvers are nodes on the Handshake network that are responsible for resolving domain names to IP addresses. With nearly 100 Handshake resolvers currently being hosted in the Sentinel ecosystem by dVPN nodes, Sentinel contributes to a large percentage of HNS resolvers hosted worldwide. At this point of time only dVPN nodes supporting Wireguard are able to also h...

Introduction of more user-friendly payment structures for bandwidth from dVPN applications built on…

Introduction of more user-friendly payment structures for bandwidth from dVPN applications built on Sentinel - This publication covers: An Overview of Current Payment Structure of ‘Pricing per GB’, New Subscription Payment Structure to be Introduced, Reintroduction of ‘Free dVPN’, — Overview of Current Payment Structure of ‘Pricing per GB’ - Currently, all payment for bandwidth provided by dVPN nodes is priced in terms of Token/GB. Currently there are two tokens enabled for payment for bandwidth on the Sentinel hub which are DVPN and DEC (Decentr). Any IBC token can be integrated for payment and more tokens including stablecoins in the IBC ecosystem will be added soon.dVPN Nodes in the USA on the Solar dVPN Application (1 dVPN = 100 gems) The current payment structure of paying a certain fixed number of tokens per GB of data (from the provider) is not as user-friendly as compared to subscription based payment structures which are the payment structures that almost all successful centralized commercial VPNs employ. Currently the minimum pricing for bandwidth is set at 100 dVPN per GB with the implementation of the latest chain upgrade. This pricing can be amended through community-led proposals. Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation The traditional subscription based payment structure used for almost all commercial VPN applications provides users with the benefit of unlimited bandwidth, this is due to th...


Embr Releases Checkout to Future-Proof Trust in Web3 Payment Experiences

    Embr is an all-remote corporation building a global Web3 fundraising infrastructure, and Checkout is the first of many product releases focused on moving startups and creators into a new era of the internet. Web3 has the potential to rewrite the future of economic opportunity for innovators and investors everywhere. Still, crypto first-timers and veterans alike often suffer through long, error-prone processes when purchasing digital assets. Embr Checkout eliminates all friction from the current state of token purchases, enabling people to buy tokens with nothing more than a credit card and email. Its Web2-esque design creates optimal experiences where buyers no longer need crypto wallets or assets to back disruptive technology projects they believe in. Checkout embodies the enterprise-grade security of Web2 financial rails with Embr Verified, the Web3 equivalent of PayPal verified. All projects are screened for AML by Sentinel Protocol, an AI/ML-powered threat intelligence program that protects the assets of first-class service providers like Samsung and Coindesk. As part of Embr's verification program, all project founders are KYC'd, and project liquidity pools are checked in real-time to ensure they're locked with sufficient liquidity. If they're not, any transactions are blocked as a safeguard measure. Optimized for everyone, Embr Checkout takes multi-chain navigation, analog contract address entries, and gas fee and slippage calculations out of the equation for an... read More

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