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DOT Price:
$0.1 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$9 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DOT today is $6.34 USD.

The lowest DOT price for this period was $0, the highest was $6.34, and the exact current price of one DOT crypto coin is $6.33654.

The all-time high DOT coin price was $55.07.

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The code for Polkadot is #DOT.

Polkadot is 3.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polkadot is $9,064,566,323.

Polkadot is ranked #16, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very large volume of trading today on #DOT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polkadot is $130,924,546.


The circulating supply of DOT is 1,430,523,414 coins, which is 98% of the total coin supply.


DOT is the native coin for the Polkadot blockchain.

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DOT is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 93 crypto exchanges.

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Staking Update: Q1 2023

The following updates were written by the Staking Team at Parity Technologies. See the full list of regular staking updates here. To learn more about staking and participate, check out the staking page here! — Staking data - — Stake in nomination pools - Over the past three months, the number of members in nomination pools has steadily increased, signaling that the community considers nomination pools a good alternative to direct nominations. — Fast unstake - Polkadot’s fast unstake has been used over 30 times since its release and at the time of publication. — Core development - In this section, you’ll find explanations of the major code contributions to the staking system. — Permissionless reward claim in nomination pools - A major update from the past two months has been the ability for pool members to allow anyone to claim their unclaimed rewards. Moreover, we are proud to see that this feature was not contributed by a core member of the team, but rather by an external contributor! Thanks to Doordaschon! PR#12608 related to this work is merged, and it will go into an upcoming Polkadot release. Stay tuned for more updates about this on the staking dashboard side! — Nomination pool commission is now merged - Commission is now a feature of the nomination pool pallet and will soon be live on the Polkadot runtime ( PR#13128). It is now possible for a nomination pool to have a commissio...

Let’s Talk Polkadot OpenGov (Part I)

The current Polkadot governance model was designed with the ultimate goal of ensuring consensus and automatic enactment of any changes based on community decision. Composed of three collectives that have ensured that necessary legislation is initiated (Council), discussed and enacted successfully or rejected (Democracy module), and executed in a speedy way if urgent (Technical Committee), Polkadot stakeholders have worked in coordination for more than two years discussing and stewarding the network’s direction. Since the very first governance proposals were put up for discussion, the community already began thinking about alternatives and possible new designs to counteract some identified weaknesses in the model. Many community members have already identified the lack of participation as its weakest point. Others felt that the Council was the weakest aspect, arguing that, even if Council were to grow in number, this form of representation had no place in a decentralized on-chain governance system. Many community members, despite being able to delegate voting power and use conviction voting, also noticed a low representation of smaller token holders. Following the recent launch of parachains and the completion of Polkadot’s multistage launch process, in the coming weeks, the community will have the opportunity to vote on a proposal for the first major changes to Polkadot’s governance design, proposed first for deployment...

Polkadot 2022 Roundup

This year, while the industry slid headlong into yet another crypto winter, the Polkadot community was busy building and launching the largest and most diverse ecosystem of layer-1 blockchains in the world, with several core technologies rolled out to propel the ecosystem forward into 2023. With enough happening in the Polkadot ecosystem in 2022 to practically fill a book, it’s no easy task to sum up the past year of activity around the core technology and broader community, but as we move forward into 2023 let’s look back at some of the most important trends and milestones for Polkadot in 2022. — 💥 The birth of Web3’s leading ecosystem - The Polkadot community is no stranger to delivering great technology through difficult years, and 2022 was certainly no exception. In just over 1 year since the launch of parachains in late 2021, Polkadot has become the largest and most diverse ecosystem of purpose-built layer-1 blockchains and apps, and the only one fully secured by a shared, network-wide validator set and benefiting from secure, trustless cross-chain interoperability. To date, 74 parachains have won an auction on Polkadot or Kusama, and are already supporting an ecosystem of well over 300 unstoppable applications according to best estimates. In total, around 550 projects are either launched or under development for Polkadot, a rather impressive start in the network’s first full year with live parachains. ...

Nomination Pools are Live! Stake natively with just 1 DOT.

Stake natively on Polkadot easier than ever and with as little as 1 DOT thanks to this new scalability feature for Polkadot’s staking system. Nomination pools are a new feature for Polkadot’s staking system that allows users to pool their DOT tokens together on-chain to nominate validators and receive rewards, significantly improving the system’s scalability. Now, anyone with as little as 1 DOT can receive rewards for staking natively on Polkadot. Coupled with the recently launched Polkadot Staking Dashboard, the new user-friendly staking app that recently came out of beta, nomination pools lower the barrier to entry for participation in staking directly on the network and simplify the staking process. Now, users with less DOT and those looking for a more passive staking experience can stake directly on the network. Crucially, these updates also reduce the incentive to stake through third-party services and intermediaries. By cutting out the middleman and staking natively (directly on the Relay Chain) DOT holders can help keep Polkadot secure and decentralized while receiving competitive rewards of up to 18%*. Native, protocol-level nomination pools also represent a major innovation in the broader blockchain industry, where stakers with less tokens are often disadvantaged and staking pools typically necessitate relying on intermediary services. — The need for nomination pools - From the beginning, Polkadot’s N...

First Parachain Successfully Migrates from Kusama to Polkadot

On October 3rd, KILT Protocol made history by becoming the first parachain to accomplish a full migration from the Kusama Relay Chain to the Polkadot Relay Chain. Besides marking an important technical milestone, the migration also represents the first instance of a parachain taking the upgrade path from Kusama to Polkadot. This demonstrates an important use case for the ‘canary network’ model pioneered by Polkadot, giving Web3 projects a place to stress-test their technology in a real-world environment and mitigate risk before upgrading to a more stable production network. Polkadot’s technology stack helped make the historic transition from one network to another possible. Kusama has always been a natural starting point for teams building in the Polkadot ecosystem. As Polkadot’s canary network, it provides an experimental proving ground for Web3 innovation. It’s a space for teams to roll out novel features and see how technologies will perform under live network conditions before they’re deployed to the more secure, stable environment of the Polkadot Relay Chain, helping mitigate risk and providing the right conditions for parachains to evolve and mature. Some projects have used Kusama as a network for experimentation on new ideas, where they can move fast and break things. Many teams have also used it as a pre-production environment, running a parachain on each network and using their Kusama parachain to deploy,...

Polkadot Roadmap Roundup

By Rob Habermeier, Polkadot founder As the Polkadot Community comes into the last quarter of 2022, we at Parity Technologies would like to update the community on a number of important development topics we’ve been working on. These bridge a number of categories: parachain scalability, parachain development, relay-chain governance, cross-chain communication, common-good parachains, bridging to other ecosystems, and staking. We’ve been hard at work on delivering the code for these features and upgrades and look forward to having them accepted by the Polkadot community. — Asynchronous Backing - Asynchronous Backing is the first set of major optimizations to Polkadot’s parachain consensus protocol since its launch on Polkadot in December 2021. Scalability is a huge topic in the blockchain ecosystem, and the goal of Parity and the Web3 Foundation as protocol designers is to meet the demand of parachains by providing each parachain with a large increase in block capacity. If Asynchronous Backing is enabled by the network, the block time of 12 seconds for parachains will be shortened to 6 seconds, which will mean lower latency and faster finality for transactions executed on parachains. Furthermore, the parachain blocks themselves will be allocated more time for execution, meaning that they get even more throughput. Asynchronous Backing is a large upgrade spanning the runtime, the networking protocol, and the logic of c...

Polkadot DevCamp Intake #2

Your path to parachain engineering starts here - Following hot on the heels of the hugely successful first Polkadot DevCamp in May, and to meet demand from new prospective applicants, we are delighted to announce that the second edition of Polkadot DevCamp has been slated for this fall and will take place online. All our educational materials have been updated to take account of a rapidly evolving ecosystem and we start with an opening ceremony on November 1st. — What does Polkadot DevCamp Intake #2 offer? - Our curated online education program brings together Polkadot experts to help developers hit the ground running with the Substrate technology stack. Polkadot DevCamp Intake #2 will provide an initial module on Substrate, Polkadot and how to use Rust within Substrate. We then introduce FRAME and Polkadot’s Runtime Development before providing you with a strong understanding of Substrate tooling, smart contracts and interoperability. — What is the timeline for Polkadot DevCamp Intake #2? - Applications Open: September 26th Applications Close: October 23rd Opening Ceremony: November 1st DevCamp duration: November 7th — 30th Closing Ceremony: December 5th The opening ceremony brings participants together for the course ahead and people have the opportunity to get to know each other even better at a social event two days later. The course itself kicks off on November 7th and certificates will be awarded...

Sub0, the Polkadot Developer Conference, comes to Lisbon in November

Important information - The sub0 conference will run on November 28th and 29th as an in-person event in Lisbon, Its main program includes a range of keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and workshops, with community-organized side events happening on both days., You’re invited! Sub0 is open to all skill levels — ranging from developers already building using Substrate and other parts of Polkadot’s tech stack, to those who are curious and new to the ecosystem., Tickets are free and available soon (sign up for updates below)., The highly anticipated 2022 edition of sub0 is happening soon. This year’s event has increased in scope, bringing together the diverse developer community already building on Substrate, Polkadot’s framework for building custom blockchains, as well as everyone who’s interested in learning about blockchain development in general. Sub0 creates the ideal knowledge-sharing environment for accelerating the evolution of Web3. The program line-up features Polkadot developers from around the community, including from Parity and Polkadot parachain teams. There will be separate content for experienced devs and those new to the ecosystem. Learn about the Polkadot tech stack, Substrate, Web3, blockchain and walk away with a clear understanding of the ecosystem. Or dive into technical topics, build during workshops, see new blockchain SDK tools, and hear about the latest developments on Polkad...

Nomination Pools are Live on Kusama!

With the release of runtime v0.9.22, nomination pools have been added to the Kusama runtime. Adhering to the tradition of the Polkadot ecosystem, Kusama is acting as the canary network here and is receiving this update first before Polkadot. As usual, some degree of chaos is expected. Nomination pools are a scaling solution for Polkadot’s NPoS system, specifically to assist accounts with fewer tokens to stake directly on the relay chain(s) rather than needing to go through a third-party service. In short, pools are a collective nomination scheme. Any account can create a pool, with some initial deposit which is used as the pool’s stake. Members can join the pool and increase the stake of the pool. Each pool is a single nomination from the point of view of the staking system. The pool creator has control over managing the pool, including deciding which validator the pool (and consequently all of the members of the pool) select.Pool Incentive Proposal To incentivize the use of nomination pools on Kusama, there’s an ongoing governance discussion on Polkassembly initiated by @kianenigma to support the creation of tips to reward early participation in nomination pools. The tip, if approved, will transfer some funds to the pool reward account, which will then be claimable by all pool members at that point, pro-rata. This is to create an extra incentive for prospective pool operators to operate a pool, and for members to join ...

Polkadot Relayers 2022

Great things happen when incredible people work together, and that’s what Polkadot Relayers 2022 is all about. In association with Tribe, Polkadot Relayers 2022 is a program bringing together developers and entrepreneurs to create a conducive and engaging platform for innovative ideas to come to life. Apply Now What can Polkadot Relayers 2022 offer? Through the program, participants willMeet like minded peers passionate about contributing to Web3Connect with mentors, who will guide participants to refine ideas and scale their business modelsParticipate in workshops with industry experts to learn more about Polkadot and trends in Web3Pitch to potential supporters and apply for grant funding to grow their business Who can participate? Polkadot Relayers 2022 is designed for both developers and non-technical entrepreneurs who have an interest in Web3 and are hoping to be a part of the Web3 ecosystem. There are no geographical restrictions for participants. When will the Polkadot Relayers 2022 take place? Applications for the Polkadot Relayers 2022 are open from May 23rd until June 24th. Selected applicants will go through an interview process and will be informed via email when the application has been approved and confirmed. An opening ceremony on August 2nd will then bring participants together for the course ahead. The course itself kicks off on August 2nd and runs until November 11th. Participants will then showcase ...


Crypto Price Analysis June-15: ETH, XRP, ADA, DOGE, and DOT

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Dogecoin, and Polkadot. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum lost its bullish momentum this week and closed it with a 4.4% loss. Sellers took over the price action and pushed this cryptocurrency to the key support at $3,500. However, this pullback could turn out to be a normal retest, considering the massive breakout after the ETF confirmation. As long as buyers hold the price above $3,500, there is no reason to be too worried. Looking ahead, this is the second time ETH has been rejected by the $4,000 resistance this year. Once this correction ends, a third attempt at breaking this key level could be successful. Moreover, the price continues to make higher lows on the weekly chart, which is bullish. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) After XRP was rejected by the resistance at 54 cents, the price entered a deeper pullback. For this reason, this cryptocurrency closed the week with a 4% loss, and the bias is bearish in the short term. Buying interest seems unlikely to return to XRP until that key resistance is broken. Volume and momentum favor sellers right now, but buyers could return at the 43 cents key support. Looking ahead, XRP is in a difficult situation. It failed to make a higher high in 2024, and as long as this doesn't change, it seems unlikely that this cryptocurrency will capture the market's attention. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) This year, ADA's price action was more exciting compared to XRP as it reached 80 ... read More

Polkadot (DOT) In Freefall: Will It Recover Or Hit Rock Bottom?

    Polkadot (DOT), a prominent player in the blockchain ecosystem, is currently experiencing a dramatic decline, prompting a bearish alert. The cryptocurrency is in freefall, with its price plummeting towards new lows. A combination of market-wide volatility, negative investor sentiment, and regulatory pressures fuels this sharp downturn. As DOT's value continues to erode, investors are advised to brace for further losses and reassess their strategies in light of these bearish signals. In this analysis, we will dive into Polkadot's price prospects with the help of some technical indicators focusing on the 1-hour and the 4-hour timeframe. DOT Price Still Actively Bearish DOT's price on the 4-hour chart did a retracement after a break from the previous bearish triangle wedge and began to drop again. Although the price currently is attempting to move up, the reality is that it will continue to drop afterward. The formation of the 4-hour Composite Trend Oscillator also suggests that the price of DOT may still drop as the signal line and Simple Moving Average (SMA) of the indicator are currently trending close to the oversold zone. Also, on the 1-day chart, DOT is attempting a bullish move below the 100-day SMA after dropping a bearish candlestick on the past day. Based on the 1-day price formation, it can be suggested that this bullish move that DOT is making is just on a short-term note. Lastly, the 1-day Composite Trend Oscillator on the daily chart signals that DOT's price is s... read More

Is the Worst Over for DOT or More Pain to Come? (Polkadot Price Analysis...

    Polkadot's price has been consolidating sideways near the critical resistance region around the $6.5 threshold. A slight bullish reversal might occur in the short term due to the potential heightened demand near this pivotal level. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart The daily chart shows Polkadot’s bearish momentum faded after reaching the substantial support region of $6.5, an important level in recent months. This pivotal support is accompanied by substantial demand, which could potentially overcome the ongoing supply. However, the price is trapped within a critical and decisive range, bounded by the $6.5 support and a multi-month dynamic descending trendline. As the range narrows, an imminent breakout will likely determine the price's next move in the short term. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-hour chart, Polkadot experienced a substantial increase in demand near the crucial $6.2 mark, leading to an impulsive surge toward the short-term local resistance of $6.8. However, the price then faced selling pressure, resulting in a retrace. The $6.8 local resistance serves as the last supply zone before the initial breakout of the wedge pattern, and the recent rejection from this level indicates a valid pullback to the broken level, highlighting the ongoing bearish sentiment in the market. Despite this, the price appears confined to $6.2 support and $6.8 resistance. A breakout from this range will likely clarify the upcoming price direction. Source: ... read More

Polkadot Ecosystem Recap: Some of the Recent Major Developments

    TL;DR Polkadot has partnered with Heroic and introduced Deloitte's KYC credential solution through the Polimec Protocol. The community also plans to allocate 3 million DOT tokens to support DeFi activities. Despite these advancements, Polkadot's cryptocurrency DOT has declined by 10% weekly, but some analysts are optimistic about its future potential. What's New Around Polkadot? Polkadot continues to make waves due to significant advancements related to its ecosystem and important partnerships.  Earlier this month, the open-source games launcher Heroic teamed up with the blockchain protocol. As a result, the Polkadot brand will be incorporated into the Heroic jersey design and live stream overlays. 'This collaboration will also bring a fresh wave of excitement to the esports community with fan activations, community-engaging events, exclusive prizes, giveaways, and much more,' the announcement reads. Shortly after, Polimec Protocol (a decentralized, community-driven funding platform) introduced Deloitte's 'groundbreaking' know-your-customer (KYC) credential solution to Polkadot as a DF grantee. Those credentials are built on Kilt Protocol (one of Polkadot's parachains) and leverage advanced infrastructure capabilities. Last but not least, the Polkadot community plans to allocate 3 million DOT tokens (equaling almost $20 million at current rates) to support DeFi activity in the ecosystem. One million assets are supposed to be distributed to liquidity mining incentives, ... read More

Red Alert For Polkadot (DOT): Double-Digit Drop Sparks Investor Fears

    Polkadot (DOT), the self-proclaimed 'King of Interoperability' and once a darling of 2021's bull run, is currently trading around $6.42, a far cry from its November 2021 peak of nearly $60. A flicker of optimism about DOT remains despite the general bearish outlook, as technical analysis points to a potential price turnaround in the horizon. Falling Wedge Hints At Bullish Breakout Technical analysts are a breed known for their fascination with squiggly lines and cryptic patterns. However, for some Polkadot investors, these lines might hold the key to future gains. Enter the 'falling wedge,' a bullish reversal pattern identified by prominent analyst WorldOfCharts on DOT's 12-hour timeframe. $Dot Forming Falling Wedge Incase Of Successful Breakout Expecting Move Towards 11-12$ In Coming Days #crypto #Dot #Polkadot — World Of Charts (@WorldOfCharts1) June 12, 2024 This pattern, characterized by converging downward trend lines, suggests a weakening of the downward momentum, potentially leading to a price surge upwards. The point of convergence for these lines acts as a critical juncture, where a successful breakout could propel DOT's price towards the much-desired $11-12 range. DOT Price At A Glance Polkadot (DOT) currently holds the 14th rank in the cryptocurrency market. With a circulating supply of approximately $10.87 billion DOT and a market cap of 1.44 billion DOT, its value has increased by $0.06 in the past 24 hours. Over the last 7... read More

Bitcoin Struggles at $67K as Polkadot (DOT) Tests $6.5 Resistance (Marke...

    The cryptocurrency market has been trending sideways for the past few days, following the considerable declines from earlier in the week. It appears that traders are now looking for a direction, and major cryptocurrencies trade around important levels. Let's start with Bitcoin. Bitcoin Struggles at $67K Bitcoin's price seems incapable of moving past the $67K definitively, having dropped toward it earlier in the week. At the time of this writing, BTC is right around that level, trading at a 1% loss for the past 24 hours. Source: CoinGecko As seen in the chart, the price did attempt to move above $68K yesterday, but the sellers intercepted the move and prevented any further increase. The predominant action remains rather choppy, catching many over-exposed leveraged positions and liquidating them. In fact, around $110 million worth of leveraged positions were wiped out throughout the past 24 hours alone, with BTC accounting for almost $30 million of that. This is what the liquidation heatmap looks at the time of this writing: Source: CoinGlass Altcoins Also Unable to Progress The altcoin market is also failing to progress, with most of the cryptocurrencies from the top 100 by means of total capitalization unable to chart any gains. Source: Quantify Crypto Solana is down 2.6% and currently trading below $15, while XRP fell below the critical level of $0.5 and is now down 1.5%. Polkadot, albeit down 1.4% on the day, is now testing the important $6.5 level, and if it breaks to the ... read More

This Important Polkadot Metric Drops Along the Price, What Does it Mean?...

    Polkadot has recently reached a crucial support region near its previous major swing low of $6 after facing a significant rejection. The price is now experiencing slight fluctuations, which may lead to increased market volatility. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart The daily chart reveals that after a notable 17% drop, Polkadot's price has settled near the $6 support zone, aligning with its prior major swing low. This area is filled with demand, and the bearish momentum has diminished upon reaching this threshold. The cryptocurrency has entered a period of slight fluctuations with minimal volatility, indicating a struggle between buyers and sellers at this critical level. This action suggests that the existing demand might dominate the supply in the short term. Hence, a temporary period of sideways price movement appears imminent before either side gains control and initiates the next significant move. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-hour chart, Polkadot's price experienced substantial selling pressure after breaching the lower boundary of a multi-month ascending wedge pattern, accelerating the bearish momentum. Upon reaching the crucial $6 support region, heightened buying pressure emerged, leading to slight sideways movements. Nevertheless, the price is currently forming a symmetrical triangle pattern, indicating a lack of clear momentum. As the price approaches the narrowest range of the pattern, a breakout in either direction will likely determine ... read More

GBM Auctions Hosts First Charity Bid-to-Earn Auction for Polkadot Ecosys...

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, June 12th, 2024] GBM Auctions has announced the completion of the first charity Bid-to-Earn auction for the Polkadot ecosystem. The event, which was hosted on the Moonbeam Network, raised over $92,000 for charity and showcased the GBM’s novel bidding mechanism. On May 16, GBM Auctions commenced the week-long auctions that saw three unique Polkadot-related items offered to the public: physical copies of the Ethereum Yellow Paper, the Polkadot White Paper, and the JAM Gray Paper, each signed and annotated by Dr. Gavin Wood. Bidders used the native Moonbeam token GLMR for bidding, with funds from the event going to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal charity. The auction utilized Moonbeam’s scalable architecture, which supports fast bidding and low gas fees. In the process, it demonstrated the versatility of the unique auction format pioneered by GBM Auctions. With a Bid-to-Earn auction, every bidder earns an incentive in the event of being outbid. This provides incentives for greater bidding volume, helping to raise more funds for the project in question. In the process, it ensures that all participants make something from the sale, including the bidders who are eventually outbid. Hugo McDonaugh, co-founder of GBM Auctions, shared his thoughts on the success of the auctions:“We are delighted with the outcome of the auctions and they surpassed all our expectations. The auction results prove just how powerful our GBM Bid-To-E... read More

Polkadot Crashes Toward $6 But Some Remain Optimistic, What's Next? (DOT...

    TL;DR Polkadot (DOT) is trading at around $6.37 amid a market correction, with analysts predicting a potential rise if it surpasses key resistance zones. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates the asset might be poised for an upward trend, with current levels suggesting it is not overbought. Bears Might Get Disappointed Polkadot's DOT is yet another cryptocurrency heavily affected by the ongoing market correction. It currently trades at around $6.37 (per CoinGecko's data), representing a 2% decline on a daily scale and 14% on a two-week basis. One popular analyst who touched upon the asset's downtrend is the X user Yakuza. He claimed that last week's volatility interpreted DOT's bullish mode but argued that 'the party isn't over yet.' The analyst outlined an important resistance level of approximately $7.90, which might be followed by a substantial ascent above $13 if overcome.  'The bears are putting in extra hours to make sure we don't scale these ranges before Q3. They'll be extremely disappointed,' they added. For their part, Block Diversity revealed entering the DOT ecosystem as an investor. The analyst hopped on the bandwagon when the asset was worth $4.90 and then increased the exposure when the asset reached $7.50 and subsequently dipped to $6.20. The X user stated that the stash will be kept for the long run: 'Messed up average buy approx $6.3. I am keeping this heavy bag for the long term. No sell in sight. PS: This is one of my biggest spot positions, f... read More

SubQuery Network Launches First Decentralized RPCs for Polkadot and Kusa...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore City, Singapore, June 11th, 2024] Web3 infrastructure provider SubQuery Network has announced the launch of two new RPCs for the Polkadot ecosystem. Available for Polkadot and Kusama, they are the first decentralized RPCs to be made available on the Substrate-based networks. SubQuery provides web3 infrastructure for almost 200 networks. The SubQuery Network is a globally distributed network of decentralized indexers and RPC providers. These allow dapps to access fast and reliable blockchain data on demand without introducing centralized points of control. Teams building on Polkadot and Kusama can now utilize SubQuery’s decentralized RPC (Remote Procedure Call) nodes following their deployment. SubQuery COO James Bayly said: 'We are thrilled to be the first to provide decentralized RPCs for Polkadot on the SubQuery Network. Our node operators are already running RPCs and other nodes in multiple ecosystems, and, having emerged from the Polkadot ecosystem, we’re ideally placed to support Polkadot developers with their infrastructure.' The Polkadot RPCs that have been deployed for the Polkadot relay chain and Kusama are operated by more than 30 independent Node Operators. The provision of decentralized RPCs is integral to enabling blockchain projects to operate efficiently and draw data from multiple sources. RPCs are pivotal for communication between blockchain nodes and external entities, facilitating data retrieval, smart contract interac... read More

What Can We Expect from the Polkadot Price in the Near Future? (DOT Pric...

    Polkadot buyers were unable to surpass the critical resistance at $7.5, resulting in a significant 7% decline due to increased selling pressure. The cryptocurrency has now reached a decisive support level, and the upcoming price action will be crucial in determining Polkadot's future trend. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart A detailed daily chart analysis reveals that Polkadot buyers failed to reclaim a key resistance zone over several weeks. This zone includes the 100-day moving average at $7.6 and the price range between the 0.5 ($7.4) and 0.618 ($7.8) Fibonacci levels. The resistance is accompanied by substantial supply, likely stemming from aggressive short positions in the perpetual markets. This intensified selling activity led to a 7% plunge in Polkadot’s price, indicating bearish market sentiment. However, the price has reached a crucial support zone near the $6.5 level. This range is filled with demand and could counteract the prevailing selling pressure and halt further declines. If this pivotal support is unexpectedly breached, the bearish trend will likely continue in the mid-term. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-hour chart, Polkadot's price had formed an ascending wedge pattern during the recent multi-month consolidation phase. After facing rejection at the significant $7.5 resistance level, the price declined sharply, breaking through the lower boundary of the wedge. This breakout led to the liquidation of numerous long positions, ... read More

Polkadot Allocates $14.4M to Boost DeFi with Hydration

    [PRESS RELEASE - Gibraltar, Gibraltar, June 10th, 2024] Polkadot’s leading DeFi project - Hydration, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded 2 million DOT (equivalent to $14.4 million) tokens from the Polkadot treasury. The funds have been earmarked to bolster the liquidity and trading efficiency of Hydration’s single-sided liquidity provisioning platform Omnipool. The allocation of the DOT tokens is twofold. One million DOT will be spent over the course of one year to attract fresh liquidity to the Polkadot ecosystem, with initial rewards for Liquidity Providers (LPs) ranging above the 200% APY mark. Thanks to the single-sided LP design of the Hydration Omnopool, users will start receiving rewards after providing a single asset and joining an incentives farm, with various assets being incentivized including native stablecoins, DOT, BTC and several ecosystem coins. The remaining one million DOT will be injected directly into the Hydration Omnipool itself, with the goal of supporting the creation of a robust, accessible layer of native liquidity to benefit the broader Polkadot 2.0 ecosystem over time (Treasury Proposal #730). The capital adds to an existing 690k+ dot (AND 560k+ vDOT) already LPed into the Hydration Omnipool. Hydration co-founder Jakub Gregus said, “This generous allocation from the Polkadot treasury marks a pivotal moment for Hydration. With this welcome injection of liquidity, we are able to significantly deepen our liquidity, which... read More

Three Important Polkadot (DOT) Price Predictions to Watch

    TL;DR Polkadot's native token, DOT, is currently priced at around $7.20, showing a modest 2% weekly increase, despite a booming cryptocurrency market. Analysts, including Michael van de Poppe and Crypto Thanos, predict a potential bull run for DOT, with targets up to $17, driven by fundamental growth, improved use cases, and advancements in AI and gaming. DOT's Next Target While the cryptocurrency market has been booming lately, Polkadot's native token - DOT - has not recorded as substantial gains as most of the leading assets. Its price currently stands at around $7.20 (per CoinGecko's data), representing a 2% increase on a weekly scale. DOT Price, Source: CoinGecko Many well-known analysts, though, remain optimistic that DOT is yet to experience a bull run, praising its merits. One example is the X user Michael van de Poppe, who claimed that the coin 'is doing great in fundamental growth.' He believes the moment is perfect for investors to enter DOT's ecosystem, envisioning a 130% rally toward $17. However, he added, the price must first overcome the 'crucial resistance' at $9.30. Crypto Thanos and il Capo of Crypto also gave their two cents lately. The former assumed that DOT is 'still in accumulation range' and 'is improving their use cases day by day.' The analyst has high hopes for it based on several fundamentals such as 'radical change in the use' of the token, 'supersession of the old model of parachain auctions,' reduction of inflation via the burning of fees, an... read More

'Moonrise' Initiative Signals Next Phase in Evolution for New-Look Moonb...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, June 5th, 2024] Ambitious 2024 Roadmap Includes 8x Improved Throughput, zkAuth for Web2 ID, Major Grants Moonbeam Network, a smart contract platform for building cross-chain connected applications, announced the ‘Moonrise’ initiative anchored by a 2024 Product Roadmap that includes the introduction of parallel processing to improve throughput by 8 times, upgrading ecosystem integration, improving the developer and user experience, and more. Moonrise signals the next phase in evolution for Moonbeam and canary network Moonriver, which is incorporating Axelar bridging technology. More than two years since its mainnet launch in January 2022, Moonbeam is well-established as the leading solution for integrating networks such as Polkadot, Ethereum and the broader EVM ecosystems. The 2024 Roadmap demonstrates Moonbeam’s dedication to continually improving its cutting-edge performance and experience for developers and users. The Moonrise initiative is reflected in a comprehensive rebrand of Moonbeam’s look, underscoring how Moonbeam is more than a chain. It’s a hub for developers, Web3 enthusiasts, interoperability supporters and more. “We’re beyond excited to reveal Moonbeam’s new look in conjunction with our ambitious plans for 2024. This year we are implementing improvements, upgrades and announcements to all facets of the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks,” said Aaron Evans, Head of Ope... read More

Introducing Mandala Chain, The Polkadot L1 Targets 10M+ New Wallets in I...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Bali, Indonesia, June 5th, 2024]Mandala Chain: Real World Utility & Adoption, Starting in Indonesia Mandala Chain, a Polkadot parachain that seamlessly integrates government and enterprise applications with public and retail sectors, has released details on their initial partnerships and use cases. The inaugural use case, IDCHAIN, is in collaboration with the entity overseeing Indonesia’s top-level .id web domain. This initiative aims to introduce over 10 million new wallets, significantly impacting digital identification in Indonesia. IDCHAIN: Pioneering Digital Identity Solution IDCHAIN, built on top of Mandala Chain, is designed to create secure digital identity infrastructure on the .id domain, allowing users to store identity documents and interact with government and enterprise portals. The implications of this are profound. Indonesia’s second-level domains (government) and (business and banking) currently have over 100M active unique users. IDCHAIN turns these second-level domains into web3-enabled portals that prompt users to create their digital ID when interacting. Applications include banking, healthcare, insurance, and academic institutions - revolutionizing multiple economic sectors across SE Asia. IDCHAIN forms a crucial data infrastructure layer for Mandala Chain that will support a host of new use cases. Several pilot projects have already been secured that will leverage the technology stack for other DApps and L2s to... read More

This Needs to Happen for DOT to Finally Break Above $8 (Polkadot Price A...

    The $7.5 significant resistance region recently halted Polkadot's bullish momentum, resulting in a 12% decline. Nevertheless, DOT's price action hints at the continuation of the mid-term consolidation stage. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart A detailed examination of Polkadot's daily chart reveals an uncertain sentiment, with the price showcasing a prolonged period of sideways action within the range bounded by the $7.5 resistance and the $6.2 support, lacking clear momentum. This consolidation stage indicates an equilibrium between buyers and sellers, confirmed by the RSI indicator hovering around the 50 mark. Recently, the price faced rejection around the critical $7.5 resistance level and the significant 100-day moving average, leading to a notable decline. However, in a broader context, the price will likely continue consolidating within the decisive range marked by the $7.5 resistance and the $6.2 support. A definitive breakout from this range is imperative to set the direction for a sustained trend. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-hour chart, Polkadot’s price failed to reclaim the crucial resistance region defined by the 0.5 ($7.4) and 0.618 ($7.8) Fibonacci levels, leading to a notable rejection and initiating a bearish retracement towards the lower boundary of the ascending wedge at $7. Upon reaching this decisive support threshold, the price encountered slight buying pressure and demand, resulting in a minor reversal. However, the momen... read More

Polkadot Enhances Decentralization in Ecosystem Growth With the Launch o...

    [PRESS RELEASE - HK, HK, June 5th, 2024] Web3 Foundation, the entity supporting the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem, has awarded a grant to PolkaPort East. The Decentralized Futures (DF) grant is designed to help further decentralize Polkadot while spearheading technical, community, and broader ecosystem adoption. PolkaPort East is an independent entity leading investor relations and growth initiatives for Polkadot centered on Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. The DF grant from the Web3 Foundation is the first such award to be received by an organization working in Asia. The grant will support PolkaPort East’s goals of leading investor relations and growth for Polkadot in the region. Its mandate also includes promoting Polkadot and its technology, and acting as a key regional driver of capital into the ecosystem. Max Rebol, co-founder of PolkaPort East and CEO of Harbour Industrial Capital, a Polkadot-focused VC fund, said: “The launch of PolkaPort East comes at a crucial moment for Polkadot. It represents a critical step towards increasing the network’s decentralization while strengthening the ecosystem’s strategic position in Hong Kong. Thibault Perréard, also a co-founder who heads up strategy for Bifrost, a leading Polkadot parachain added: “With the support of the DF grant, PolkaPort East will be tapping into the thriving innovation hubs of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area while engaging and fostering relationships with local gov... read More

Talisman Wallet Launches Quests App to Gamify Users' Rewards Experience ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - New York, United States, June 5th, 2024] Talisman, the ultra-secure multi-chain crypto wallet, has today announced the launch of Talisman Quests, a gamified experience designed to drive user engagement and education in the Polkadot ecosystem. Having recently operated in beta, Quests compels crypto users to create a profile and progress through different levels by accumulating experience points (XP) and unlocking rewards. This progression is gamified with twists, turns, and a hidden story that gradually unfolds as users amass more XP. “One of the biggest barriers to blockchain adoption is understanding where to start and how to go about navigating the sometimes dizzying world of web3,” said Jonathan Dunne, Co-Founder & Head of Technology at Talisman. “With our new Quests app, we are making onboarding fun as well as rewarding, incentivizing users to explore all of the interesting projects and apps this space has to offer.” Users can earn XP through a variety of means, including: Wallet Mining: Simply holding tokens in your wallet generates rewards that correspond to the token type (staking activities also provide XP multipliers). Rewards can be claimed every four hours Quests: Completing cross-ecosystem missions helps users earn XP, boosted points and rewards Referrals: Earning 5% of any friend’s total XP when they sign up using your referral link Each month, Talisman will also release a new top rank, continually pushing the &ldq... read More

Polkadot (DOT) Ecosystem Recap: The Recent Advancements

    TL;DR Polkadot Blockchain Academy launched its fifth cohort in Singapore to nurture developer talent with 184 lecture hours and 18 experienced instructors. Polkadot recently introduced Asynchronous Backing for better block validation and partnered with Founder Institute for a Web3 cohort. Despite those advancements, DOT's price remains steady at around $7, with mixed future predictions. The Latest Update According to a document shared with CryptoPotato, Polkadot Blockchain Academy (PBA) unveiled its fifth cohort in Singapore towards the end of last month. The initiative aims to nurture developer talent in the region and deliver a learning experience for the participants.  The cohort is led by 18 experienced instructors, and as such, students can expect top-tier guidance throughout the program. The project features 184 lecture hours, providing participants with a deep understanding of Polkadot and blockchain technology in general. Some modules include Smart Contracts, Governance, Economics, and Polkadot-SDK.  Commenting on the initiative was Pauline Cohen Vorms - CEO and CO-Founder of Polkadot Blockchain Academy - who described Asia as 'a dynamic market for blockchain and especially for Polkadot.' 'Some of our strongest projects, contributors, developers, and founders are based in Asia. It's an important region that is ideally suited to the establishment of PBA's fifth cohort to educate, seed knowledge, and help graduate a new wave of talent,' she added. Another re... read More

Polkadot Blockchain Academy Launches Fifth Cohort in Singapore to Nurtur...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, June 4th, 2024] Polkadot Blockchain Academy (PBA) has announced the launch of its highly anticipated fifth cohort in Singapore, commencing on May 20, 2024. A leading institution in blockchain education, PBA aims to nurture developer talent and advance the Polkadot ecosystem. Building on the success of its previous programs, the fifth cohort in Singapore promises to deliver an enriching learning experience for participants. With the support of 18 experienced instructors, students can expect top-tier instruction and personalized guidance throughout the program. The upcoming cohort will feature approximately 184 lecture hours, providing students with a deep understanding of blockchain technology and Polkadot. From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for success in blockchain development. Modules include Economics, Governance, Smart Contracts, and Polkadot-SDK. Pauline Cohen Vorms, CEO and CO-Founder of Polkadot Blockchain Academy, said: “Asia is such a dynamic market for blockchain and especially for Polkadot. Some of our strongest projects, contributors, developers and founders are based in Asia. It’s an important region that is ideally suited to the establishment of PBA’s fifth cohort to educate, seed knowledge, and help graduate a new wave of talent.” As part of its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, PBA is pioneering a synchronous remote le... read More

Is Polkadot Preparing For A 100% Surge And Spike Above $20?

    Polkadot, the interoperable blockchain, remains one of the largest and most popular networks in the top 20. At press time, DOT, the platform's native currency, is 14th, ahead of Tron and the NEAR Protocol. However, despite recent gains, it is still down 87% from all-time highs, undeniably facing a brutal market correction. Even with this bearish sentiment, a wave of optimism is building around DOT's future. Taking to X, one analyst thinks not only will the coin shake off weakness but will surge, rallying to over $20 in the coming months. This confidence, the analyst said, will be primarily because of crucial developments in the broader Polkadot ecosystem. Eyes On Polkadot 2.0, Better On-Chain Governance Of the many, the analyst thinks the upcoming Polkadot 2.0 upgrade will be a game-changer. Already, Polkadot is interoperable and scalable. However, once the new upgrade comes into play, the platform's developers expect the network to be more interoperable, scalable, and with better governance. Specifically, to address scalability, they will eliminate the Parachain slot auction and introduce the concept of coretime. This feature will give developers more flexibility. Instead of bidding and locking resources in the auction, they must purchase block space dynamically as needed. This will improve resource allocation, leading to more accessibility and efficiency. Additionally, Polkadot developers are introducing the OpenGov system for more decentralized governance. The object... read More

Calm Before the Storm: DOT Ready to Rally to $9? (Polkadot Price Analysi...

    Polkadot’s price has been consolidating over the past couple of months, following a steep decline in early April. Yet, things might be changing for the better. Technical Analysis By TradingRage The Daily Chart On the daily chart, the cryptocurrency has been range-bound inside a rising wedge pattern. This is a classical bearish reversal or continuation pattern that would be validated if the price breaks it to the downside. Meanwhile, the market has also been hovering around the 200-day moving average, making gradual higher highs and lows. Therefore there is also a considerable possibility for DOT to break the pattern to the upside and rally toward the $9 resistance level. Yet, everything depends on the direction of the breakout from the pattern. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart Looking at the 4-hour chart, the price action inside the rising wedge pattern becomes much more clear. DOT has tested both the higher and the lower boundary of the channel multiple times now. It is currently rebounding from the lower trendline and gaining momentum to move toward the higher one. If successful, the pattern is likely to get broken this time, and a new bullish wave might begin. However, if somehow the price crashes to the downside, a decline toward the $6 level and lower would be highly probable. Source: TradingView Futures Market Analysis By TradingRage Polkadot Binance Liquidation Heatmap While Polkadot’s price is slowly making higher highs and lows around the $7 level, ta... read More

DOT Price Is at Critical Juncture With Potential Retracement to $6 in Si...

    Polkadot recently encountered significant selling pressure at a key resistance region, encompassing the 100-day moving average and the crucial $7.4 level. This resistance has led to a potential continuation of the bearish retracement. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart A detailed examination of Polkadot's daily chart reveals a bearish sentiment, with the price being rejected after a period of sideways movement around the critical $7.4 resistance level and the significant 100-day moving average. Sellers appear to be dominating the market, with a continued bearish retracement towards the $6.5 threshold looking increasingly likely. However, in a broader context, the asset remains confined within a decisive range marked by the $7.4 resistance and the $6.5 support. A definitive breakout from this range will likely set the direction for a sustained trend. The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-hour chart, Polkadot buyers have been unable to overcome the crucial resistance region defined by the 0.5 ($7.4) and 0.618 ($7.8) Fibonacci levels, facing intensified selling pressure. This selling activity has led to a notable rejection, initiating a bearish retracement towards the lower boundary of an ascending wedge at $7. The price is currently struggling against this substantial support, and if sellers succeed in breaking below the wedge’s lower boundary, an impulsive bearish decline toward the $6 support region is imminent. In summary, Polkadot is at a critical juncture. A failure to... read More

Crypto Price Analysis May-31: ETH, XRP, ADA, SHIB, and DOT

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Shiba Inu, and Polkadot. Ethereum (ETH) This week, Ethereum has moved sideways with a modest 1.5% price increase. Bulls tried to take ETH above $3,900, but they were stopped despite the few attempts. It appears that the resistance at $4,000 will require more time to be broken. As long as the price continues to move sideways under the key resistance, the asset has a good chance to eventually break this level and make new highs in 2024. Looking ahead, the overall trend remains bullish, and another attempt at $4,000 could follow in June. Right now, there is good support at $3,700 and $3,500 should sellers push more. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) XRP continues to disappoint without any major moves. The price is at a similar level to last week and is still to break the key resistance at $0.54. Until that happens, it is unlikely for market participants to return to Ripple's native token. Buyers tested the resistance three times since April and every attempt was rejected by sellers that came back to push the price lower. This shows buy momentum is weak. Looking ahead, XRP needs a decisive move to bring back attention and interest, otherwise market participants will most likely chase the next meme coin that is in the spotlight. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) Cardano closed the week with a 3% loss and continues to struggle with the resistance at $0.46. Last week, there were hopes the price could turn this level in... read More

Bears Seem in Control, Is DOT About to Drop Toward $6.5? (Polkadot Price...

    A constant consolidation near the substantial resistance region of $7.4 indicates an ongoing battle between Polkadot buyers and sellers. Nevertheless, the market is in a critical spot, with the upcoming price action shedding light on DOT’s future prospects. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart A detailed examination of Polkadot's daily chart reveals an uncertain market state, as the price has been hovering around a crucial resistance marked by the $7.4 level and the significant 100-day moving average. Additionally, the RSI indicator has been consolidating near the 50 threshold, signifying a balance between buyers and sellers in the market. Currently, the market is in a decisive position, with participants expecting a short-term rejection towards the $6.5 threshold. However, an unexpected surge above this critical resistance region could trigger a massive short-squeeze, increasing bullish momentum. The 4-Hour Chart The 4-hour chart shows a prolonged, slight ascent, with the price forming an ascending wedge pattern. This well-known pattern, following a steep decline, typically indicates a potential continuation of the initial bearish trend if breached from its lower boundary. Currently, DOT is struggling with substantial resistance, bounded by the 0.5 ($7.4) and 0.618 ($7.6) Fibonacci retracement levels, failing to surpass them. Given the muted price action and lack of bullish momentum, Polkadot is expected to experience a pullback, targeting the pattern’s l... read More

Polkadot (DOT) Price Prediction: Analyst Sparks Bullish Frenzy With $10 ...

    Polkadot (DOT) has captured the attention of investors and analysts alike with its recent upward momentum. Currently trading at $7.41, the cryptocurrency has exhibited robust performance metrics that hint at further gains on the horizon. Market analysts, including the renowned Crypto Yapper, are predicting a potential surge to $10, underpinned by strong technical indicators and bullish market sentiment. A Solid Technical Foundation Crypto Yapper’s analysis highlights a critical breakout from a consolidation pattern, with Polkadot successfully retesting its previous resistance levels, now acting as support. DOT has broken out of its consolidation pattern and is now experiencing a fantastic retest. According to Crypto Yapper, the prior resistance has changed to support, opening the door for higher pricing. This technical setup is often seen as a precursor to substantial price increases, suggesting that Polkadot is well-positioned for a bullish run. $DOT Perfect Retest ! After breaking bullish out of the consolidation pattern, we are now seeing a beautiful retest. The previous resistance is turned into support and #DOT can now aim for higher prices. I expect #Polkadot to be trading around the $10 soon ! — Crypto Yapper (@CryptoYapper) May 26, 2024 Further reinforcing this optimistic outlook is Polkadot's position above the 200-day simple moving average (SMA), a key technical indicator used to assess the long-term trend of an asset. Tradi... read More

Here's Why Polkadot (DOT) Might Rally Toward $10: Analysts

    TL;DR Polkadot (DOT) has risen 10% over the past two weeks, currently trading around $7.50, with expectations for further growth. Key metrics suggest moderate momentum, indicating potential for continued price increases. DOT's Next Potential Move Polkadot's native cryptocurrency has experienced an uptick recently, registering a 10% price increase on a two-week scale. Currently, it hovers around the $7.50 mark (per CoinGecko's data), with numerous analysts envisioning a further pump in the near future. DOT Price, Source: CoinGecko One example is the X user Crypto Yapper, who claimed that DOT's price has broken out of a specific consolidation pattern and is 'now seeing a beautiful retest.' The entrepreneur suggested that the asset's previous resistance has 'turned into support,' meaning it can now aim for higher targets. 'I expect Polkadot to be trading around the $10 soon,' the analyst forecasted. The X user Block Diversity chipped in, too, predicting a price rally to almost $14 as long as DOT trades above the major resistance level of $6.90.  Other analysts recently giving their two cents on the matter include Crypto Thanos and Crypto Tony. The former assumed that the $6-$7.50 range was 'for accumulating only,' setting $10 as the next goal.  Crypto Tony touched upon the topic last week when DOT's value stood at less than $7. Back then, the analyst said they were looking for 'a safe ent... read More

These Are the Next Support Levels for DOT if Bulls Fail to Overcome $7.5...

    Polkadot has struggled to reclaim the critical $7.5 resistance region and the 100-day moving average at $7.4. Yet, the current bullish momentum appears insufficient, suggesting a possible short-term consolidation near this pivotal level. Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart A detailed examination of Polkadot's daily chart reveals that after a resurgence of demand near the $6.5 support level, the asset experienced a bullish surge. This movement brought DOT to a critical resistance zone defined by the 100-day moving average and the static level at $7.5. Breaking out from this key price range could attract more demand, leading to a sustained bullish movement. However, the current price action around the $7.5 mark indicates fading bullish momentum. Buyers are facing significant challenges pushing the price beyond this resistance. Therefore, a sideways consolidation or slight rejections is likely before the next decisive move. In this scenario, the $6.4 level will be the primary support in the mid-term. The 4-Hour Chart On the 4-hour chart, the bullish momentum decrease is evident upon reaching a significant resistance zone, with the price failing to breach its prior swing high. This critical resistance range is bounded by the 0.5 ($7.415) and the 0.618 ($7.821) Fibonacci levels. However, forming a potential double-top pattern near this resistance suggests a possible short-term rejection. Should buyers overcome the substantial resistance at $7.8, the next target would be t... read More

DOT Stopped at Key Resistance Level of $7.5, Is There Another Decline Co...

    Polkadot’s price is still moving rangebound, following its significant decline in April. On a more minor scale, the asset has declined by more than 3% in the past 24 hours, in a move perhaps fueled by the developments around the SEC and the recently approved spot Ethereum ETFs. Meanwhile, the broader market is currently in a critical spot. Technical Analysis By TradingRage The Daily Chart The DOT price has been consolidating inside a flag pattern over the last month and hovering around the 200-day moving average. With the $6 level holding firm, the price is trying to break above the 200-day moving average around the $7.5 level. The higher boundary of the pattern is also being tested. If the price successfully breaks above these obstacles, a new bullish run toward the $9 level and even higher would be probable. DOT came close to doing so this week, but the bears provided strong resistance at the $7.5 level. The 4-Hour Chart Looking at the 4-hour chart, the recent consolidation inside the large flag pattern becomes more clear. The price has recently been rejected from the higher boundary of the pattern. With the RSI dropping below the 50% mark, the momentum on the 4-hour time frame has shifted bearish. Therefore, a retest of the lower trendline seems possible in the short term. Futures Market Analysis By TradingRage Polkadot Binance Liquidation Heatmap While the Polkadot price has been undergoing a long consolidation, analyzing the futures market metrics can yield valua... read More

Crypto Price Analysis May-24: ETH, XRP, ADA, SHIB, and DOT

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Shiba Inu, and Polkadot. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum just had one of its best weeks after its price exploded by almost 30%. It came on the news that an ETF approval was imminent, which was confirmed a few days later. Now, the price is consolidating around $3,800. The current resistance is at $4,000 and represents the high from February when the bears intercepted the market moves. However, with the ETF approved, the next attempt to break this level may be successful. Looking ahead, ETH's price action has turned bullish, with significant buy interest from market participants. This could easily see this cryptocurrency make new highs this year. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) XRP seemed indifferent to the Ethereum ETF news and continues to move sideways under the key resistance at $0.54. The expectation is that more altcoins will seek an ETF in the future, and if that happens for XRP, it may lead to a similar price action. However, the company behind it needs to resolve its SEC lawsuit first. This cryptocurrency closed the week with a 3% price increase but is still looking for a trend. It nearly reached $1 in July 2023, but the price has failed to return to those levels since. Buyers simply don't have the strength to push higher right now. Looking ahead, XRP requires a catalyst to rekindle interest. If the price breaks above $0.54, buyers could become interested again. The current support is at $0.48. Chart by TradingV... read More

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