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All Time High:
Market Cap:
$11.1 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DOGIRA today is $0.000135 USD.

The lowest DOGIRA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000135, and the current live price for one DOGIRA coin is $0.00013550.

The all-time high DOGIRA coin price was $41.06.

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The code for Dogira crypto currency is also #DOGIRA.

Dogira is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Dogira is $11,129.

Dogira is ranked #1148 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very weak daily trading volume on #DOGIRA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Dogira is $13.00.


The circulating supply of DOGIRA is 82,140,550 coins, which is 82% of the maximum coin supply.


DOGIRA is a token on the Polygon PoS blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the DOGIRA Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


DOGIRA has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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Liquidity Incentives, Gooeys, Dogechain, Social AI; Our Foray into 2023.

It’s a mouthful, and not something you might find yourself easily saying after a night out — but in what might be the first light of a Crypto Spring, Dogira’s 2023 has a lot going on. Among with sharing some updates on our most in-demand news (Gooeys), we’ve seen a heavy focus of questions on two main topics as of late; one being us being a recipient of a development grant from Dogechain, with the second being our suddenly inflated treasury in thanks to our $imgnAI holdings; and of course, what our relationship is (if any) on that front. Firstly though, a quick housekeeping update on our liquidity incentives and staking farms — if you’re currently staked in, please read the below; our current pools’ rewards will be expiring soon! — $Dogira / $GOO Liquidity Incentives & Staking - Dogira Finance launched over a year ago, and our respective staking contracts have emitted tens of thousands worth of rewards; across major bluechip tokens such as Ethereum and Chainlink, alongside partner tokens such as Hanzo, and ApeSwap’s Banana. While Dogira Finance will still remain fully active (and our team will endevour to continue incentivising $Dogira and $GOO holders through this platform), we’ll be targeting a number of changes to our single-staking, and liquidity mining rewards once the current emissions cycle comes to an end. Currently, our $Dogira & $Dogira/$MATIC LP pools are set to expire ac...

Crypto Winter: Building Onwards

To say it’s been a harsh crypto winter to date would be an understatement — Bitcoin has now gone 393 days in a down-only momentum, just shy of the 406 day record set by the 2014/2015 bear market. Many market participants earned their bear market wings (anchors? ..grizzly mitts?) during the 2017/2018 fallout, clocking in at a lesser, but still painful 363 days of Bitcoin trying to find a floor. For many of you, this likely isn’t your first rodeo down to goblin town — but for those of you who have never experienced the pain train before, allow us to be the first to offer our congratulations; very few make it this deep into the markets depths, especially in knowing that there’s never any promises of a floor holding. And of course as Bitcoin stumbles, altcoins often find themselves cliff-dwelling; a fate that was unfortunately shared by Dogira, having now faced a drop from a market cap of $66M (granted, a blow-off top), all the way down to today’s market capitalization of $750k~. That’s around an 89% drop, give-or-take. Gooeys’ $GOO token took a similarly hard hit; initially running for a +800% move mid-bear market, but eventually retracing back entirely as the market continued to capitulate — and little aid offered from the delays to our first game expansion. It’s rare that we comment on price — Dogira Studios’ creation stemmed from the ideals of generating revenue from the products tha...

In the Throes of Adventure | Tar Pit Troubles

Into Stickweave Forest | The Coral Cove Incident Casper sat on the narrow shoreline drumming his fingers in the rough gravel beneath him. The cave mouth behind him leeched the smell of rotting flesh and hot earth, which clashed with the dank seaweed massed on the shoreline, and the particularly salty sea air assaulting the back of his mouth. When Sage, Bentbranch, and Kiyoshi finally dropped down from the slight cliff above him, he stood up, fished a sheet of well-worn parchment from his bag, and flicked it. “Bentbranch, this has got to be the shoddiest Adventure Brief I’ve ever seen!” Bentbranch grinned. “It’s going to be a certifiable adventure!” Casper sighed and read the parchment aloud. “To the Bravest of Adventurers: I have a reliable tip about a particular goodie to be found in the Tar Pits. At its very depths there lies a small bush, and this particular bush bears a Devil’s Pomegranate only ONCE per year. I am far too old to make the journey, and wish to pass this secret onto another. Travel carefully! Reward: What you find on your journey.” Casper paused at the end and shook his head. It had been Bentbranch’s turn to pick their adventure, but the reality of this one wound Casper’s nerves like a Coiler around a coconut tree. He took a deep breath and sobered up — that strange Gooey had proven both competent and useful in the past. Bentbranch just had a very different way of seeing the ...

Dogira : Restructuring for a build-focused Bear Market

Dogira : Restructuring for a build-focused Bear Market - Dogira has always been a development-focused token — in the space of just over a year, we’ve launched a massive array of products that have helped us add legitimate value and innovation into the crypto space. From our first foray into staking pools and on-chain pricing tools, to our in-house NFT Kit, all the way up to launching our first fully on-chain game; and that’s not including our ventures outside of the cryptosphere, in funding and publishing our first free-to-play mobile title. And of course, our development hasn’t stopped there — right now, we’re developing our first major expansion for Gooeys, which makes use of even more in-house tools developed under Dogira; such as our new Web3->Web2 API & Query Caching system. Throughout this time, we also connected and collaborated with some incredible teams — getting to work directly with high-caliber teams such as Chainlink, QuickSwap, ApeSwap, Rubic, and the Blockchain Gaming Alliance to name but a few. When I joined Dogira as a contributor in early 2021, later onboarding as a Dev and eventually moving to Project Lead/Director, at no point would I have believed you if you had told me that we’d accomplish all of this in such a short space of time. We set out to revamp ourselves as a utility-focused studio, and I believe we accomplished that with flying colors. One difficult realit...

In the Throes of Adventure | The Coral Cove Ruins

In the Throes of Adventure | The Coral Cove Incident - Bentbranch peeked over the edge of a short drop off, his blue, tree-like horns wobbling in the breeze. His peach eyes narrowed as he made an attempt to lift Sage with his mind — it, like usual, did not work. “Curled Twig, you dirty liar!” Bentbranch turned to walk back to Casper and Kiyoshi, who were searching frantically for something to pull Sage back up with. “Yeah… Miss Sage is stuck real good.” Bentbranch plucked Curled Twig — his makeshift companion — off his head and tossed the tiny figure into the air. From over the lip of the cliff, the trio heard Sage groan. “Sage, you coconut head!” A pause. “Looks like my Aura Diffuser is busted.” “Does that mean we get to watch you blow up?!” Bentbranch screeched with glee at the idea. “No, but I’ll blow you up if you don’t give me a hand, Bentbranch! Get over here and grab my hand when I launch up.” Bentbranch’s eyes widened at the thought of him and Curled Twig incinerated in an aura explosion. While there was just as high a chance that it heightened his strange affinities, it was just as likely he would be loose goo hanging off the rocks, branches, and oscillating coral structures of Coral Cove. So, he scurried right over. He watched Sage pull a green pearl out of her bag and smash it on the ground. A small whirlwind erupted beneath her and she sailed straight into...

In the Throes of Adventure | Into Stickweave Forest!

The sun peeked just over the horizon and its dull orange glow illuminated the dirt paths of Stickweave Village. At the end of a particular dirt path off the main road — and lined with small, lightless stone lanterns — stood a lonely wooden shack, held together by vines and force of will. Oggin the Fire Sage, with his flaming ears, ornately designed red and gold cape, and shining ring suspended parallel with his back, yawned as he flipped the Questing Board over and pinned the latest Adventure Briefs to it with tiny stone nails. As the sun drifted higher and higher into the sky, the small shack at the end of the path was crowded with Gooeys eager to nab a quest — it was Questing Day after all! Oggin, for one, hated Questing Day. Every overzealous Gooey with the slightest bit of magical training felt like they could take on the world. His own pupil, Meden, hadn’t even undertaken his first quest until he’d achieved the second tier of Fire magic mastery. His peers in the sagely arts rarely agreed with his harsh stances… Which is how poor Oggin had ended up running the Questing Shack. Bets were made. Pride was lost. As it turned out, some Gooeys really did have what it took to achieve greatness with little-to-no-training. However, the mass of wiggling Gooeys before him certainly seemed ill-prepared at best. For the next hour-and-a-half, Oggin initiated the lottery system that governed Questing Day. Eve...

The Humaniquarium New Player Guide: How It All Works!

Ever wanted to have your very own on-the-go pocket bonsai garden? Well, you’re in luck — because Humaniquarium can give you that and more! A portmanteau of “human terrarium,” Humaniquarium is a free-to-play indie title developed by Jupiter Lighthouse Games and published by Dogira Studios. It’s designed around the idea of raising procedurally generated bonsai trees and taking care of the little people who live under them. If this is your first time hearing about the game, welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. If you’re from the Dogira Studios community, we’re sure that you’re hungry for some new info before the game goes live. Join us as we dive into the ins-and-outs of Humaniquarium — from its systems, to early game, and what you can expect as you raise your trees. — Did You Eat the Berries…?. — Your adventure kicks off with a Park Ranger discovering you “conked out” under a tree. From there, you get introduced to the map system that will guide your story progression! Naturally, you’re quickly put to work like you’re one of the park staff (yeesh, someone should probably give the local Parks and Recreation Department a phone call). Players will discover a strange egg, a seed, and a stone. Nothing useful for getting rid of that berry-fueled stupor, but plenty useful for the beginning of Humaniquarium’s gameplay loop. After the seed is planted and the egg is hat...

The Fundamentals of Catalysts and Magics | On Earth and Vigor

Red tinged fur tickled at Presto’s back as he crossed the plateau overlooking Coral Cove. Coral structures towered, twisted, twirled, and bloomed into his view, lightly pulsing as if alive — and the wind struck him as a bit colder than usual for the season. His neon green ears (which shivered a bit every time the wind gusted) and dark purple body were as mismatched as ever, but his royal red cape lined with rare Granzielle fur gave him a fraction more presence and command than he had been able to procure in the past. Although, nobody was around to confirm his gut on that point. Tucked under his stubby arm was a large roll of woven parchment. Having been profoundly embarrassed by the vagabonds who’d robbed him of his ability to meet Princess Amelie at the royal palace upon her awakening, he had set out to create a manifesto of sorts. His disjointed ideas of Gooey etiquette had been largely ignored — as very few Gooeys had time for Presto and his unpleasant voice — but after Sage Oggin kindly directed him to the currently unattended Droplet Society archives, Presto had learned a number of fascinating things: There was a secret path across the ocean to the landmass beyond their shores — something about magics and rules. Yet, Presto had no time for such things, The Droplet Society had secret chambers inside the Tower of Harpsilis in the Owlkin Massif — he’d tried to tell Mushroomhead, but w...

The Fundamentals of Catalysts and Magics | On Fire and Fortitude

On Wind and Flow | On Water and Meditation Don’t breathe, don’t breathe, don’t breathe, don’t breathe! A small rock-body Gooey squeezed his eyes shut, lightly quivering as a shrill scraping sound filled the air — a heaving, jagged shadow looming over him. Usually teeming with amphibious bims, avian shrieks, and herbivore whines, one of the more unsettling aspects of this swamp was the gas that filtered sunlight into an eerie red, and moonlight into a ghastly, yellow haze. Too, there were a number of bizarre creatures that called The Burning Skies home. Leaf Shakers, Swamp Stalkers, and Dragilisks were only the upper crust of this stinking swamp’s secrets. The Dreadful Copse was far more dangerous to a Gooey such as Meden — but not even the Copse dared to birth such sinister beasts as the blind Beast of Blades… the Dragilisk. And it was this particular beast that hunted Meden. Saliva strung from its enormous teeth, and the monster’s jowls slapped softly as its mane of crimson, cacophonous scales flowed against each other at blistering speed. Its claws dug into the boulder it perched on, causing cracks to snake lazily down toward Meden. A large glob of Dragilisk saliva slopped onto Meden’s rocky head. The ground around him bubbled and blarped as his weight pressed down on the bloated patch of marshy soil and pungent moss. How am I going to get out of this mess? Minutes before that accursed bea...

The Fundamentals of Catalysts and Magics | On Water and Meditation

Read the previous chapter: On Wind and Flow Three small Gooeys sat with their eyes closed, each forming a point in an elongated triangle on the sparkling beach. The sea air smelled of sunshine and brine, while waves lapped at the shore playfully. In the distance, a large Gooey flowed forward — almost serpentine in motion — carrying a hefty, sloshing container on her back. The large Gooey arrived at the side of her pupils (and returned to her usual orblike form) and plopped the oversized stone container into the middle of the triangle. Pink and blue dust from the beach coughed into the air and settled on her students’ heads — who remained perfectly still despite the disturbance. “Alri’ goobies! Let us end meditation for the momen’,” the large Gooey was a deep blue color and covered in swirls. Each of the three pupils opened their eyes and gazed at their quirky master. “Sage Nenona… What… What’s that in the bucket,” asked Serge, a yellow Gooey with a metal mask and fin-like ears. “Fish!” Nenona let the statement hang in the briny air without context for a full minute before continuing. “Righ’, so. You are going to swallow — not eat! — these fish, Serge, Kanda, and Rold.” Silence. Nenona blinked slowly. Serge, Kanda, and Rold all stayed put, fidgeting and looking around, waiting for Nenona’s inevitable explanation. “Well, go ahead!” Nenona chirped at her pu...

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