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DODO Price:
$3.8 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$49.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DODO today is $0.13 USD.

The lowest DODO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.130, and the exact current price of one DODO crypto coin is $0.13022.

The all-time high DODO coin price was $7.89.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DODO with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for DODO crypto currency is also #DODO.

DODO is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for DODO is $49,767,780.

DODO is ranked #314 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #DODO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DODO is $3,782,272.


The circulating supply of DODO is 382,184,952 coins, which is 38% of the maximum coin supply.


DODO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 5 other blockchains.

See list of the DODO Blockchain contracts with 6 different blockchains.


DODO is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 16 crypto exchanges.

View #DODO trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #DODO purchase.



DODO Labs Quest Challenge

In honor of DODO’s 2nd anniversary, DODO has teamed up with Quest3 to bring you an exciting new challenge! This event, known as the DODO Labs Quest challenge, is open to all CommanDODOs looking to have fun interacting with the DODO platform while receiving exciting rewards! — Contest Rules - The DODO Labs Quest challenge will run from September 30th, 2022 at 12:00 SGT, to October 7th, 2022 at 11:59 SGT. To participate, go to DODO Labs and click on the “Quest Board” to read the event rules and sign up for the event via the Quest3 event page. Once you’re signed up, clicking on the Quest Board will display all the quests available for you to complete. These quests include: Join the DODO Discord, Trade tokens on DODO, Stake LP tokens, Full quest descriptions are available on the DODO Labs Quest Board. — Rewards - If you complete at least one quest, you will automatically a DODO 2nd Anniversary Memorial badge on Quest3. Complete at least three quests to be eligible to claim a limited edition NFT. After the snapshot is taken on October 7th, click on the Incubator on the DODO Labs page to claim the NFT. Don’t delay — there are only 2000 such NFTs available on a first come, first served basis! The DODO team is so excited to celebrate our 2nd anniversary together with you — so come join the fun! And remember: #JustDODOIt! — Welcome to the DODO Zoo! - Official Website: FAQs: d...

DODO Scrapbook: 2021–2022

Greetings, CommanDODOs! It’s been an exciting year for the DeFi sphere — and for DODO’s community. This September marks DODO’s second anniversary. We’re proud to report that, throughout the year, the DODO ecosystem continued to grow stronger than ever, with a number of new features and enhancements that offer our users the best possible trading experience. Here are some of our favorite moments of the last twelve months. Enjoy! — DODO Deployed on Six New Blockchains - We deployed the full suite of DODO’s decentralized tools on six new blockchain networks: Aurora, Avalanche, BOBA, Cronos, Moonriver, and Optimism. Deploying on new chains is critical to DODO’s multi-chain strategy, which grants all of our users access to the best assets across the DeFi ecosystem. As DeFi moves increasingly towards interoperability, cross-chain compatibility is more important than ever. DODO’s high capital efficiency supports this multi-chain approach, allowing us to quickly bring liquidity onto new blockchains without heavily relying on external liquidity migration. On top of that, DODO’s low-slippage trading and minimized impermanent loss also make integration with new blockchains quick and easy. — More than 150,000 Followers on Twitter - Maya the DODO bird made a lot of new friends this year! We’re pleased to report that the @BreederDODO Twitter account surpassed 150,000 followers. If you haven’t already...

集权还是去中心化?MakerDAO 的治理迷雾

1. MakerDAO 的发展 - 在稳定币 DAI 概念公布后的第六年,今天的 MakerDao 协议仍然是以太坊链上最成功的 DeFi 应用之一。 和创始人 Rune Christensen 在 2015 年 3 月留在以太坊 Reditt 上的长帖 《Introducing eDollar, the ultimate stablecoin built on Ethereum》中的计划一样:Maker 基金会(Maker Foundation)在以太坊上创建了一个 DAO 并发行与美元挂钩的稳定币。基金会的主要职责是指导项目的开发和管理工作,作为 CEO 的 Rune Christensen 也在不断引领着蓝图的实现。 2018 年 9 月,基金会通过提案;第二年 MCD 上线,即可以从 Maker Governance 批准的各种加密资产中生成稳定币 DAI。DAI (以前称为 SAI)是以太坊上的稳定币,也是加密世界中第一个由 DAO 管理的稳定币。 MakerDao 以 DAO 治理提供了创新的解决方案,打开了加密货币的金融新机会。加密货币市场波动剧烈,中心化稳定币如 USDT、USDC 等不断与监管作战,去中心化稳定币 DAI 打开了新模式。第一个突破口是 DeFi Summer 的繁荣,市场对稳定币的需求激增,DAI 更高的透明性。第二个突破口始于 Terra 的崩盘。 截至 9 月 14 日,根据 CoinGecko 数据,DAI 流量量约 6.38B。这些流通中的 DAI 证明了人们想要更多的访问权限、更多的机会和对自己财务的更多控制权。数据来源:Coingeck...

Dodo 两周年纪念日!

DODO 2 周年纪念日! - 对于 DeFi 领域和 DODO 社区来说,这是令人兴奋的一年。在过去的一年中,DODO 的一些主要里程碑包括: 超过 850 亿美元的总交易量。, 接近 1500 万笔的总交易笔数。, 180 万令人难以置信的用户,而且还在不断增加。, 还有更多…, 今年九月是 DODO 成立 2 周年。我们可以很自豪地说,在这一年里,DODO 生态已经比之前任何时候都更强大。这其中包括部署了一些新功能以及功能优化,进而为用户提供了最佳的交易体验。请继续关注一系列的文章,这些文章将涵盖过去一年的统计数据、产品和功能,以及用户的反馈。 为了庆祝这一难忘的时刻,我们还计划在未来的 3 周内举办一系列活动。这些活动旨在向我们优秀的社区成员表示谢谢,并庆祝过去一年所有的事情! — DODO Labs. — 时间:9月26日-10月7日 嘘…!DODO 推出了一个实验室,我们邀请你去探索它! 当你探索 DODO 实验室时,你将能够与实验室中的元素互动,找到线索和复活节彩蛋,包括一个任务板。任务版将显示多个任务,随时可以完成。我们已经与领先的探索平台 Quest3 合作,为社区带来难忘的链上探索体验。 这些任务将在整个周年庆典期间解锁,包括一些成就任务,以表示我们对过去一年使用该平台的 D...

DODO’s 2 Year Anniversary!

DODO is turning 2, can you believe it!? Greetings, CommanDODOs! It’s been an exciting year for the DeFi sphere — and for DODO’s community. Some of DODO’s major milestones over the past year include: More than $85 billion in all-time trading volume., Almost 15 million total transactions across the platform., 1.8 million incredible users and counting!, And many more…, This September marks DODO’s second anniversary. We’re proud to report that, throughout the year, the DODO ecosystem continued to grow stronger than ever. This growth has included the deployment of a number of new features and enhancements that offer our users the best possible trading experience. Stay tuned for a series of articles that will cover the past year’s statistics, products and features, as well as feedback from our users. To celebrate this memorable moment, we are also planning on hosting some events during the next 3 weeks. These events are designed to say THANK YOU to our wonderful CommanDODO community and celebrate all things DODO! — DODO Labs - DODO in the lab! When: Sept 26th — October 7th Shhh…! DODO has launched a lab, in secret — and you’re invited to explore it! As you explore the DODO labs, you will be able to interact with the elements in the labs, finding clues and easter eggs, including a questing board. This board will display multiple quests, ready to be completed. We have partnered with...

Can Crypto Liquidity Services Survive without its Business?

Chinese Version 中文文章 Throughout history, every QE by the Fed will bring countless opportunities and result in high inflation. The total market value of the crypto market exceeded 3 trillion US dollars, yet now dropped to less than 1.4 trillion US dollars. The market again confirmed Arthur Hayes’ point of view: crypto has primarily benefited from the Fed’s Quantitative Easing (QE) after the Covid-19 pandemic, yet, it is the most sensitive in reaction to Quantitative Tightening (QT). For retailers, the actual liquidity of assets is way more important, especially in crypto. The collapse of Luna /UST and the accelerated flight of liquid assets caused by interest rates hike led the discussion on liquidity is getting louder and louder. — DeFi’s Need for Liquidity Incentives - Why does liquidity matter? Liquidity refers to an asset’s ability to transform into another (i.e, a means of payment) without loss of value, and currency is the most liquid asset. As the name suggests, all crypto-currencies rely on liquidity to operate. Protocols and platforms with deeper liquidity can run more efficient transactions; liquidity will be the most direct form of monopoly moat over time. This is even more true in DeFi, where liquidity pools consisting of liquidity providers (LPs) directly drive markets. Defillama data shows that the total value locked of DeFi protocols has dropped by 60% from ATH I...

Dao 的治理历史与演变

治理(Governance)释义:“在政治学领域,通常指国家治理,即政府如何运用治权,来管理国家、人民和领土,以达到延续国祚和让国家发展的目的。在商业领域,又延伸到公司治理(corporate governance),指公司等组织中的管理方式和制度等。”— — Wikipedia DAO 是建立在区块链上,将治理规则以智能合约形式编码的去中心化自治组织。比特币社区作为第一个去中心化自治组织,被视为 DAO 的起源;也有观点认为 The DAO 作为第一个由智能合约运营的社区,才称得上是真正意义上 DAO 的鼻祖。写入智能合约的规则,在条件满足时能自动触发执行,既提高了执行效率,也使得治理更加透明化。然而,链上治理也并非完美无瑕,一些未被定义的不当行为,也可能被相关利益者利用。去中心化治理并不意味着完全的链上治理,例如以太坊社区属于链下治理的范畴。Vitalik 认为对于底层区块链来说,链下治理是绝对可行的。同时,链上与链下的混合治理形式也被广泛采用。 不拘泥于治理形式,提高治理公平性、规避治理攻击,使社区能长久健康地发展,才是去中心化治理需要探讨的方向。本文就 DAO 发展至今的基础设施建设,去中心化治理面临的困境,以及不断完善的改进措施做一个完整的梳...

The DODO Journal #26 (Aug 16, 2022 —Aug 31, 2022)

Welcome back to another issue of the DODO Journal! In this issue, we’ll explore some exciting partnerships and proposal implementations. — Highlights -  — @BreederDodo DODO is one of Binance’s partners for the Binance Lite Referral Program. Invite your friends to join Binance Lite, share the details on social media, and earn DODO tokens as a reward! See the tweet embed for more details. EyesFi Airdrop  — @BreederDodo DODO has partnered with EyesFi to airdrop 10 free whitelists and 20 pre-sale whitelists. Engage with the tweet to participate in this exciting giveaway! — Community Governance - 14th DODO Buyback and Distribution Completed  — @BreederDodo The 14th platform fee buyback and distribution was completed on August 22, 2022, with a total revenue of $73,159.70 USDT, of which $54,869 USDT were used to buy back 395,833 DODO tokens, which were transferred into vDODO contracts for distribution to all vDODO holders in the form of vDODO tokens. An additional $18,290 USDT have been transferred to the Community Vault. Implementation of Passed DIPs Underway  — @BreederDodo DODO is actively implementing the DIP titled “Proposal to Increase the Number of Signers Required for the DODO Treasury Multisig”, which was accepted by the community. Meanwhile, in order to further decentralize DODO, we have allowed community users with 100k DO...

Dodo 运营双周报 #26(2022.8.16-8.31)

1.社区活动 - DODO 代币成为币安 Lite Referral Program 的奖励代币,参与活动将有机会获得 DODO ;,  — @BreederDodo DODO 与 EyesFi 达成合作,空投了 10 个免费白名单和 20 个预售白名单。同时,在中文社区举办主题为【EyesFi 的 Like2Earn 玩法将如何通过”Gamefi+Socialfi“ 引爆 NFT 市场?】的 AMA 活动;,  — @DODOCN — 2.社区治理 - 2022 年 8 月 22 日 DODO 完成第十四次平台手续费回购和分配,总收入为 73,159.71 USDT,其中 54,869 USDT 回购了 395,833 DODO,并已将所有已回购的 DODO 转移至 vDODO 合约,以 vDODO 的形式分配给所有 vDODO 持有者。另外 18,290 USDT 已转入社区金库。,  — @DODOCN DODO 正在积极实施已经通过的“增加 DODO 国库多签人数的治理提案”。同时,为了让 DODO 进一步去中心化,我们允许持有 100k DODO 或 1k vDODO 的社区用户提交治理提案,提案达到投票要求, DODO 团队将会实施。, DIP Implementation Updates — 3.DODO 研究院 - DODO 研究院邀请 Bill@billtheinvestor、Rick@rickawsb、Gary@gary_yangge 探讨 Tornado Cash 事件背后隐含的信号;,  — @DodoResearch DODO 研究院解析了 @CoinMarketCap 和 @Footprint_Data 联合发布的 《2022 年上半年 GameFi 行业报告》;,  — @Dodo...

以太坊里程碑:The Merge 影响解析

💡 目录 The Merge 的基本背景, 对于 ETH :走向可持续通缩、数字债券叙事, 对以太坊链 :节能、安全性、去中心化程度和技术风险, 对于MEV :MEV 依然存在,加剧验证者收益不平等, 对于 Staking 赛道:ETH 资产属性凸显,利好质押市场, 其它:ETC 利好、矿工迁移, 当我们谈论分叉和 ETHPoW, PoS 后的监管之争与审查风暴, 以太坊合并可以说是 2022 年整个加密货币社区最值得期待的事情。以太坊从工作量证明到权益证明的转型不仅是一个技术上的更新,更是一个共识意识形态的转变。合并迫近,CT 以及各方研报对以太坊合并的进程和之后影响的讨论愈发的热烈。本篇文章旨在从内部性和外部性两个角度来梳理合并对以太坊的深远影响。同时,文章的后半部分将包含对分叉话题和监管话题的全景讨论。 在开始我们的论述之前,对于 The Merge 的一些基本背景先进行厘清: Merge — 以太坊从 PoW 向 PoS 的转型 — 是以太坊向打造安全,可扩展,去中心化,可持续发展网络迈进的重要里程碑。, 从宏观来看,The Merge 就是为了使以太坊网络变成强有力的处理层和数据可用性层,作为基础设施为 rollup 提供服务,同时也为分片奠定基础。, 从技术上来看,The Merge 意味着于 2020 年上线由 PoS 平行运行信标...


Uniswap V3 Based 'Universe Finance' Reveals Plans of Launch

    PRESS RELEASE. Universe Finance has stated that its IDO will begin on the 15th of February and will run till the 18th. Universe Finance wants to provide the finest Uniswap V3 active liquidity management platform on Ethereum and Polygon. What can Universe Finance offer? Security is one of the most problematic things when it comes to the DeFi sector. Several assaults have disabled various protocols and stolen countless funds from so many investors within the past ten years or so. Universe Finance believes that security is key and it has hence strived to become extremely safe by deploying mechanisms that enable it to prevent flash loan assaults, sandwich attacks, price oracle manipulation, attacks on private keys, and also excessive contract authority. Universe Finance utilizes extremely limited parameters as well as a multi-signature scheme in addition to white hat hackers, a real-time risk management system, an audit report and a private vault. To provide an even safer overall experience, Universe Finance employs a backtesting platform and active LP management quantitative methods along with different vaults like the leveraged vault, smart vault and the hedge vault. The team claims that Universe Finance's top priorities are security and being able to offer fantastic returns on investments, a consistent source of income, minimal expenses, risk grading, and a simple method to generate income via Uniswap V3. What advantages can Uniswap V3 provide? Universe Finance picked Uniswap ... read More

Binance Backs WOO Network With A $12 Million Strategic Investment

    Binance is the largest exchange platform in trading volume within the crypto industry. Through its user-friendly interface, the exchange has over 20 million users. In addition, the platform supports several cryptocurrencies that would boost an investor’s portfolio. In its move to enhanced performance and services to customers, Binance has a strategic investment of $12 million through its venture capital arm. The investment is in a liquidity platform, WOO Network. This liquidity platform connects users to exchanges, DeFi networks, and other institutions. Binance Labs, which kicked off in 2017, has committed relationships through early-stage investments in several companies. Also, Binance took part in bigger fundraising rounds like the $10 million Series C fundraising round for Figment, a crypto staking company. Thoma Bravo was in the lead of this fundraising project. Through a press release, Binance Labs Investment Director Peter Huo put forth his reactions to the company's investment. First, he acknowledged WOO Network’s remarkable impact on the entire crypto ecosystem using its features and functionality. Also, he mentioned the Network provision of zero-fee trading through on-chain and off-chain and deep liquidity. Furthermore, Huo expressed his company’s excitement through its long-lasting relationship expansion. The Binance Director commented that the company uses the investment to explore its collaborations further. Binance Invests in WOO Due To Impressive Growth WO... read More

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