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DGB Price:
$2.8 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DGB today is $0.00937 USD.

The lowest DGB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00937, and the current live price for one DGB coin is $0.00936674.

The all-time high DGB coin price was $0.18.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DGB with market cap of BTC and how the supply of DGB affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for DigiByte is #DGB.

DigiByte is 8.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for DigiByte is $146,799,490.

DigiByte is ranking upwards to #172 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #DGB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DigiByte is $2,771,569.


The circulating supply of DGB is 15,672,427,727 coins, which is 75% of the maximum coin supply.

Relatively, DigiByte has a large supply of coins, 712 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


DGB is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 26 crypto exchanges.

View #DGB trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #DGB purchase.



DigiByte August Update

August is almost over! The DigiByte community was busy. There were interviews, exchange listings, wallet integrations and even publications to spread education and awareness about the blockchain. It is amazing to see how the community continues to step up and build. Thank you to each and everyone of you. — Milestones/News: - 1.ChangeAngel announced their DigiByte Cashback Program. When you exchange $DGB, you can receive more DigiByte. Check it out if you are interested in finding out more.  — @changeangel_io  — @g0nz0b0ards 2.If you need a rehash of the July DigiByte update, check out Michael Romero’s video. Great way to learn about everything that was going on last month.  — @romero_michae 3.NowPayments announced that businesses can now sell subscriptions in DigiByte. No chargebacks and no banking fees. They also have released an article about how to accept DigiByte donations on Twitch.  — @NOWPayments_io  — @DGBSoCal  — @NOWPayments_io 4.If you want to learn how you can join and get more involved with the DigiByte community, check out the new Get Right with DigiByte video featuring DGBSocal. There was also another interview with the cofounder of ChangeAngel.  — @DGMV_Show  — @DGMV_Show 5.Beta Syndicate Magazine did a wonderful review on DigiByte. Great su...

DigiByte July Update

The month of July has ended, the DigiByte blockchain continues to move forward, and the community remains as hardworking as ever. DigiByte continues spreading awareness, developing, and collaborating with others regardless of market conditions. The community is terrific, and nothing could be accomplished without you. Thank you. — Milestones/News: - 1. Community member Oliver Krilov has released a new version of the Linux Desktop DigiByte installer. Check out his Github directory for more information.  — @oliverkrilov 2.DigiByte was listed as one of the top 10 IOT cryptocurrencies, according to ValueWalk, which is an exclusive publication for hedge fund information.  — @michelle_dgb 3. Invezz Portal, which covers stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies, also had some DigiByte coverage. More and more mainstream news sources are covering DGB and its value proposition.  — @michelle_dgb 4. Oobit has listed DigiByte as one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies to transfer. Great to see this.  — @michelle_dgb 5. Lunarcrush showcased DigiByte for having the highest social engagement in the last 90 days. There were a total of 5.21M engagements! DigiByte was also the coin of the day around the 16th of the month.  — @LunarCrush  — @LunarCrush 6. Community member Olly Stedall continues to refine DigiNodes and put out mor...

DigiByte June Update

Even with the summer here, the DigiByte community continues to push forward with AMA’s, exchange listings and other tools to grow the ecosystem. So much is happening and it has been quite a journey over the past eight and a half years. Thank you to each and every one of you. Onwards and upwards! — Milestones/News: - 1.Development has continued throughout the month and developers are moving forward. Remember, slow is fast.  — @jaredctate  — @DigiByteCoin  — @DigiByteCoin 2.NowNodes continues to provide support to DigiByte via their block explorer and full nodes. Check them out if you have any interest.  — @NOWNodes  — @NOWNodes 3.The DigiByte Awareness Team did AMAs with GetBlock.IO and CoinRabbit to address any questions and provide awareness about the various collaborations.  — @DGBAT_Official  — @CoinRabbitLoans 4.You can view DigiAsset Node Support and see the growing amount of DigiByte nodes. This is great to see. The network becomes even more secure.  — @g0nz0b0ards 5.SwapZone updated the DigiByte page on their website and also provided a nice infographic for people to get an idea about the blockchain.  — @Swapzone_io 6.iDreamNFTs has launched their NFT project via digiassetx. Great to see more NFT projects on the DigiByte blockchain....

DigiByte May Update

May was another excellent month of new projects, listings, development, self custody and wonderful interviews from various community members. The progress continues to be astounding. Thank to you all the developers and folks around the world that support DigiByte and believe in its ethos! Onwards and upwards! — Milestones/News: - 1.Wallet.App has listed DigiByte on its exchange and added the blockchain to their custody wallet, which is EU based and fully compliant. More options.  — @NewCapitalFund 2.BitOasis has added DigiByte to their platform. They are located in the Middle East and North Africa. Folks from these regions have even more options to buy/sell DigiByte.  — @bitoasis 3.NowPayments has a payout solution for where salary bonuses can be paid out in DigiByte. This is fantastic.  — @NOWPayments_io 4.The Qortal Project has added support for the DigiByte wallet via their trade portal. Nice to see various platforms continuing to add the blockchain as there is demand for it.  — @qortal_official has integrated with Shopify, which is a huge player in the payments space. DigiByte gets this exposure as well since supports the project. More exposure is always a positive.  — @LTLovesdigi  — @DigiByteCoin 6.There has been more progress it the 8.22 development. Two major pull requ...

DigiByte April Update

April was the biggest month for DigiByte milestones and news! The amount of interviews, development activity and listings on platforms we tremendous. The effort by all community members has been amazing to see. Let’s take this momentum and continue to keep building. Onwards and upwards! — Milestones/News: - 1.The Universite de Lausanne put an article out which discussing the benefits of the DigiByte blockchain for use by the police in Switzerland. You can read more here.  — @michelle_dgb 2.Community Member Master of Leadership started a Twitter DigiByte community. If you are interested, you can join. It is already 200+ members strong.  — @AmoreLoveAmor 3.NowNodes has a nice article on how to build dApps on DigiByte, DigiByte nodes and other information. Dive into the articles to learn how.  — @NOWNodes  — @NOWNodes 4.DigiCorp Labs via the DigiMetaverse shows has started a new segment called “Get Right with Digibyte.” It contains developer and community updates and all other things DigiByte related.  — @DGMV_Show  — @DGMV_Show  — @DGMV_Show 5.Lifehash has created the LifeHash Evidential Chain solution which secures criminal evidence on the DigiByte blockchain. Fantastic use case.  — @Lifehash_ 6.You can now purchase DigiByte on Binance with a Visa card....

DigiByte March Update

March was a fantastic month full of development items, continued use cases and more mainstream media picking up DigiByte and its benefit in the larger ecosystem. There has been a lot of hard work being put in by the DigiByte community and it is a sight to see! Thank you to all of you and let’s keep pressing forward. — Milestones/News: - 1.NowPayments has put out an article for DigiByte community merchants. Worth a read if you are open to accepting different forms of payment.  — @NOWPayments_io  — @NOWPayments_io  — @LTLovesdigi 2.Developer Renzo Diaz continues to amaze with his work on DigiID, Ledger and DigiAssetX. The community appreciates all his hard work and effort.  — @RenzoDGB  — @RenzoDGB  — @RenzoDGB 3.Community member Olly Stedall has released a DigiByte price app. You can check out more details here and support him by testing it out.  — @saltedlolly 4.Investopedia, which is a major news source has listed DigiByte as an honorable mention. It is wonderful to see larger information sources discussing DigiByte.  — @DGBAlliance 5.ChangeAngel, a huge supporter of DigiByte, has released a mobile wallet on Android and iOS as another way to store your digital assets. They are also using DigiID to login in to enhance security.  — @change...

DigiByte February Update

Another steady month of development, articles and exchange listings for DigiByte. It is amazing to see what the community and developers continue to do month in and month out. Let’s keep the positive energy going. Onwards and upwards! — Milestones/News: - has now provided the ability to deposit and withdraw DigiByte on their platform. This is wonderful news as an exchange located in the United States.  — @DigiByteCoin  — @cryptocom 2.It is great to see Coinrabbit continue to enhance their platform. DigiByte is one of the supported cryptocurrencies on there. You can learn more by visiting their website.  — @CoinRabbitLoans  — @CoinRabbitLoans 3.It is wonderful to see Abra continue to support DigiByte over the years. The platform is easy to use and helps provide a way for folks that want to buy or sell the digital asset.  — @DigiByteCoin 4.ChangeHero has created a new infographic for DigiByte which is a great representation of what the blockchain is about. Awesome job!  — @Changehero_io 5.SwapZone was offering a promotion to reduce fees on their platform for swapping DigiByte. The support from their team has been wonderful.  — @swapzoneio 6.NowPayments has announced that DigiByte can be accepted via eCommerce plugins, which is another great option for merchants to a...

DigiByte January Update

The New Year is here and DigiByte continues to keep making things happen. DigiByte celebrated its 8th anniversary on January 10, 2014. It is a testament to how we continue to be sustainable and here for the long term. The development process is ongoing and there are other great additions that are showing continued growth in the ecosystem. Thank you to all the efforts by dedicated community members to spread the word. None of this would be possible without you. Let’s keep the positive vibes going! — Milestones/News: - 1.Vauld has listed DigiByte on their platform. They have integration with over 200+ assets.  — @digithustle2022  — @VauldOfficial 2.VarenX now allows cross chain swaps and renDGB is included! Another great way to get involved in the Defi space.  — @varenfinance 3.NowPayments did a couple nice articles on how DigiByte can help boost your business and the various value add propositions of the blockchain.  — @NOWPayments_io  — @NOWPayments_io 4.Guarda Wallet put on a giveaway where you can learn more about their services. Great way to continue promoting DigiByte.  — @GuardaWallet 5.Catalyx Exchange, which is a Canadian exchange, has DigiByte available for its users as well. More options available to buy and sell DigiByte!  — @DigiByteCoin 6.SwapZone continues to delive...

DigiByte December Update

What an amazing year! December was loaded with so many accomplishments and developments in various organizations. There are many new faces and functional use cases being built. Truly something special and let’s keep the positive momentum going into 2022! Onwards and upwards! Thank you. — Milestones/News: - 1.Simplehold has added DigiByte to their wallet solution. There are so many different options depending on what a user’s preference is. 2.DigiByte is available on Guardarian now. This is a white label gateway with over 200 assets on there.  — @676543ffff 3.ByBit has added a new USDT/DGB pairing on its exchange. It is wonderful to see the optionality that investors and users can have.  — @DigiByteCoin 4.The Varen Finance team has added DigiByte to their platform. They are utilizing the RenVM platform for functionality. Nice to see more Defi solutions for DGB.  — @TateNakatoshi 5.RoundlyX allows you to track DigiByte NFTs via their portfolio tracker. Nice new feature to provide deeper integration of the blockchain into their platform.  — @RoundlyX 6.Jared Tate discusses DigiByte and the DigiMetaverse. Check it out if you missed it.  — @DigiCorpLabs  — @DigiCorpLabs 7.DigiCorp Labs has announced their second partnership with Liqui Moly Asia Pacific. They will be providing various solu...

Win $DGB in the AtomicDEX Referral Campaign

The DigiByte community is collaborating with Komodo on a special campaign. Participants who sign up to join the AtomicDEX usability testing program have a chance to win a share of $3,000 in DGB and KMD. What Is AtomicDEX? Built by Komodo, AtomicDEX is a non-custodial crypto wallet and cross-protocol decentralized exchange rolled into one app. DGB is one of several popular cryptocurrencies listed on AtomicDEX. In addition to being able to HODL DGB, you can trade DGB and BTC, ETH, BNB, KMD, and other cryptocurrencies. Unlike most decentralized exchanges which use automated market makers, AtomicDEX uses a peer-to-peer network and order books. Users make swaps wallet-to-wallet. Trading on AtomicDEX is powered by atomic swap technology. Prizes: 1st Place — $1,500, 2nd Place — $1,000, 3rd Place — $500 Each winner will be paid 50% in $KMD and 50% in DGB. How to Participate Visit the campaign website to enter for a chance to win and learn more about AtomicDEX. The only requirements are 1. You sign up using your Twitter account. 2. Download AtomicDEX Mobile on iOS or Android and complete the first four tasks. More Chances to Win: After you complete the first four tasks, you can unlock additional tasks for more entries towards the grand prize drawing. Those who attend activities during the two-week campaign will have additional chances to earn entries. Start/End Date: December 13 @ 3:00 PM UTC to December 27 @ 3:00...


These Are the Most Profitable Proof-of-Work Algorithms Since Ethereum Mo...

    Since the transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), ethereum cannot be mined and miners are now dedicating hashrate to different PoW chains. Since ethereum can no longer be mined, the most profitable PoW consensus algorithms are Kadena, Scrypt, and Cuckatoo32. Five days ago, before The Merge, the consensus algorithm Ethash was the most profitable, as the top miner raked in $79.53 per day in profits. Today's top mining rig, with Ethereum out of the picture, accrues roughly $69.41 per day mining kadena.Today's Top 7 Mineable PoW Algorithms Include Kadena, Scrypt, Cuckatoo32, Blake2B-Sia, X11, Equihash, and SHA256 According to the latest data from, the PoW consensus algorithm is no longer the most profitable consensus scheme to mine since the Paris upgrade triggered Ethereum's Merge. Since September 15, Kadena has become the most profitable consensus algorithm this year. Bitmain's application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining rig, the Antminer KA3, gets an estimated $69.41 per day with electricity costs at $0.12 per kilowatt hour (kWh). Miners mine the PoW blockchain Kadena (KDA) and the Antminer KA3 produces an estimated 166 TH/s. Kadena's network hashrate is around 0.21 exahash per second (EH/s) or 212.8632 petahash per second (PH/s). The second most profitable consensus algorithm using an ASIC mining rig is Scrypt, the consensus scheme associated with litecoin (LTC) and dogecoin (DOGE). Besides DOGE and LTC, a handful of other dig... read More

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    The privacy coins monero and zcash managed to see fewer percentage losses against the U.S. dollar this week, in contrast to crypto assets like bitcoin, ethereum, and solana. Seven-day statistics indicate zcash has lost 5.6% against the USD, while monero dropped by 6.1%.Privacy Coins Manage to Stave off Some of This Week's Market Carnage, but Are Still Down 62% Lower Than 9 Months Ago At the time of writing, the entire market capitalization of all the privacy coins in existence is roughly $5.55 billion. Monero (XMR) leads the pack with a market valuation of around $2.64 billion or 47.5% of the entire privacy coin economy. Zcash (ZEC) is the second largest privacy coin in terms of market capitalization as ZEC's overall market valuation today is $789 million. Behind XMR and ZEC, are privacy tokens such as decred (DCR), nucypher (NU), secret (SCRT), horizen (ZEN), ergo (ERG), digibyte (DGB), and beldex (BDX), respectively. Top privacy coin double-digit gainers this week include deeponion (ONION), litecash (CASH), pivx (PIVX), and masari (MSR). The week's top privacy coin losers in terms of percentage losses include tokens like zclassic (ZCL), lethean (LTHN), and phore (PHR). The top five privacy coin crypto assets make up most of the $5.55 billion in privacy coin value, and each token offers different types of privacy techniques. XMR is a Cryptonote token with a blockchain protocol that was not forked from Bitcoin. XMR uses ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, steal... read More

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    As the crypto economy hovers just under $2 trillion in value, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining devices are making decent profits. While ASIC miners can still mine ethereum, a 1.5 gigahash (GH/s) Ethash mining device can rake in $51.58 per day in profits. SHA256 bitcoin miners that can process at speeds up to 110 terahash, can obtain $13.74 per day in bitcoin profits.Crypto Miners Continue to Gather Profits, Top Ethereum Mining Rig Can Get an Estimated $51 per Day in Profit The price of bitcoin (BTC) is still down roughly 40% since the crypto asset's all-time high (ATH) and ethereum (ETH) has lost 37% against the U.S. dollar since the cryptocurrency's ATH. Despite the drop in value, bitcoin and ethereum miners are still making decent profits as both networks have seen their hashrate reach ATHs in 2022. Bitcoin's hashrate has been running high above 200 exahash per second (EH/s) and Ethereum's hashrate is 1.12 petahash per second (PH/s). In mid-April 2022, the most profitable crypto asset to mine between both leading crypto assets is ethereum. For instance, a single Innosilicon A11 Pro ether mining rig, that processes the Ethash algorithm at 1.5 GH/s with electric costs at $0.12 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), can get an estimated $51.58 per day in profits. That mining rig, however, bought directly from Innosilicon will cost the buyer $18,888 or 0.468090 BTC, at the time of writing. A single Innosilicon A10 Pro+ ether mining device (0.7 GH/s) will cost $9,000 or ... read More

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