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DERO Price:
$35.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$35.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DERO today is $2.53 USD.

The lowest DERO price for this period was $0, the highest was $2.53, and the current live price for one DERO coin is $2.52904.

The all-time high DERO coin price was $27.22.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DERO with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Dero crypto currency is also #DERO.

Dero is 5.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Dero is $35,186,682.

Dero is ranked #333 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #DERO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Dero is $35,044.


The circulating supply of DERO is 13,913,038 coins, which is 76% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Dero is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


DERO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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DERO Network Update

Network Disruption Resolution On March 11, 2023 the DERO network suffered a chain split due to issues with developer controlled seed nodes. These nodes act as an anchor for network participants to uniformly sync with the rest of the blockchain network. Since services have yet to be restored, the blockchain remains split, which includes a chain that is stuck (seed nodes) and a heavier chain that has more mining activity. Since DERO utilizes proof-of-work consensus and the absence of our seed nodes, all network participants are left to choose which chain to follow. Together with various esteemed members of our community, we have collectively decided to move forward with the heaviest chain as we continue to restore service to our seed nodes. Below, you will find instructions on how to get your node up and running by using community and foundation hosted public nodes. — Remote Node (Wallets). — The default remote nodes are also down, so you will need to specify a node address when launching your CLI wallet. Instead of using the ‘- -remote’ argument, run your wallet with the following arguments:./dero-wallet-cli-linux-amd64 specify in your connection settings when using Engram. — Daemon (Node). — Run your daemon with the following arguments: CLI./derod-linux-amd64 --add-priority-node= --add-priority-node...

DERO dARCH Event 1 First Round Comes to a close

Now that Round 1 has come to a close, here’s what happened and who won. We’ll go over each winner’s entry and then into the details on what comes next, I hope you’re excited because this is some pretty exciting stuff. Congratulations to all of the winners, let’s go over them individually along with the overall benefit this provides to the DERO ecosystem. In no particular order here were the winning entries. — NFA Set — Apollo - This was built by Apollo along with a class he is teaching to show just how creative people can get with the DERO blockchain and NFAs. This entry was not just a set of NFAs it is a functioning hypothetical service that uses the NFAs. Part of the challenge of the NFA set was to make a set of NFAs that could also have functionality that could be applied to real world use cases. GitHub: Benefit : This goes to show that a service people may want to use doesn’t mean they have to have their personal or private information publicly linked to it. I don’t think people would want to use a service like AirBNB if their rental activity was open to anybody that cared to take a glance. Overall, great Proof of Concept in my book. — Options and Futures — SixOfClubs - SixOfClubs actually built the functionality for onchain options and futures into their dReams platform, it doesn’t use centralized oracles and it appears they are planning to integrate services as well...

Update for the Engram GUI wallet for DERO is full of new features

The DERO Foundation is happy to be announcing some of the new features that are going to be included in the next release of Engram. The Engram Team has been working very hard on all these features so first and foremost I want to thank them for all of their hard work. This next release is truly a home run and I hope you all appreciate it as much I do.Engram GUI Wallet for DERO Now that we have that out of the way, we’ll move on to the fun stuff. We’re going to go over some things that are included and a few things that were removed from Engram. First we’ll start with a list of what was added to Engram in this release. Sending and receiving funds and assets natively — this may be a given for funds but the ability to also be able to send and receive assets is a welcome upgrade for most users. An easy to use GUI interface for this is vital for making DERO NFTs and Tokens easy to use. An Easier UI/UX — Many changes here to make Engram easier to use/troubleshoot, error handling and feedback as well as all common and known issues have been fixed. There has also been some graphical updates that make the wallet feel smoother and make the User Experience just that much better. Private Messaging — Fees for messaging are now lower, more feature have been added and the UI has been improved for a better experience overall. Gnomon Support — Gnomon is a decentralized search engine which is mostly used for se...

DERO dARCH Event 1

DERO dARCH hackathon Event 1 — 10,000 DERO Prize Pool - — Winners of each round receive exclusive dARCH NFA Trophies. — — Categories and Challenges - DERO dARCH Prize Pool and Structure — eSports - — Games. — The purpose of this challenge is to make a game that is not only fun but also utilize the DERO blockchain as part of it’s core functionality. Must use Unreal 5 or Unity game engines. Entries must use at least 2 of the below functions on the DERO blockchain. Among the functions utilized for the game, at least one must use DERO Services via websockets. In Game Items/Assets, Player/Character Information, Player Authentication, Deliverable : Functional game using Unreal 5/Unity and the DERO blockchain as part of core functionality. — Private Competition System. — The purpose of this challenge it to create a way for gamers to create Private P2P competitions while utilizing smart contracts/services to manage them. The competition system does not need to interact directly with the game, only public API information. Users should not be required to be in the same match in order to participate. This approach should allow users to create competitions for any game without installing additional software. Must allow users to create custom competitions with a GUI, Competitions must be able to have at least 2 options for a “win” scenario. (IE. most/least XYZ), Must be able...

Stargate: A Private Decentralized Application Platform

Mainnet ReleaseDERO Stargate: Private Decentralized Application Platform On December 17, 2017, the DERO Project was introduced to the world as the first private smart contracts platform. The goal was to provide an open, fast and scalable blockchain that protects user privacy and security, even when programmable money is used via smart contracts. In contrast to other blockchain projects, DERO aims to create sound money through the fungibility of native coins, but also with assets created through private smart contracts. The technological advancements have changed since inception in 2017, but the project’s mission has not. — Our Mission - DERO is a general purpose, private and decentralized application platform that allows developers to deploy powerful and unstoppable applications where users retain total control over their assets with complete privacy. It is our goal to create a sound monetary framework that will globally safeguard the privacy of all users and empower free markets to thrive with complete auditability. The first goal was to create an open base layer protocol that provided privacy, security, and speed for all users. This resulted in a complete rewrite of the CryptoNote protocol in Golang and the introduction of the first BlockDAG that was capable of mitigating majority hashrate attacks. The team has since been working toward the furthest departure from CryptoNote, which is a completely new privacy-by-def...

Stargate RC2 Testnet Update

October 29, 2021Stargate RC2 Testnet Update The DERO Stargate RC2 testnet will be updated for open testing of some critical protocol changes, which will improve many of the features within our previous releases. The updates are planned for release next week and will include protocol changes, wallet updates, and some much needed solutions to current limitations in the blockchain space. It also marks the furthest departure from our Atlantis codebase that is currently live on mainnet. All of the previous iterations have pushed the limits on how blockchain can protect user privacy, remain secure from attacks, deliver performance suitable for global usage, enable new technologies to be built upon it, and achieve true decentralization. This update will focus on decentralization. A New Era of Decentralization DERO relies in part on Proof-of-Work consensus for securing the network and distributing mining rewards. Currently, many blockchain protocols fight to reduce tradeoffs in efficiency, accessibility, and decentralization, where expending more effort to increase efficiency may place limitations on decentralization. We hope that our solutions challenge the existing inefficiencies of mining and allow everyone to be rewarded for their network participation. It all starts with reducing the carbon footprint of hardware. Efficiency The open source mining algorithm, AstroBWT, was developed to demand much less power from any device used ...

dARCH Event 0.5 — Final Results

ARCH Event 0.5 — Final Results - Here we go! Time to officially announce the winners of the first dARCH Event 0.5! The services category has brought us some more unique and very interesting use cases. Unfortunately on 3 winners can be chosen. — 3rd Place winner — 100 DERO - XMRswap by t3ster This is a decentralized service where users can swap DERO directly for XMR. This service has great potential to become used for users to swap crypto directly. FollowTX/poc_swap_xmr_dero — 2nd Place Winner — 200 DERO - EYE — Decentralized Oracle Service by 89ron This is a proof of concept for a decentralized oracle service which can be used for many different applications throughout crypto. rpod89/eye — 1st Place Winner — 300DERO - DERO Guard VPN by Slixe and Litarvan This service is a decentralized VPN service powered by an open marketplace where providers can sell bandwidth to end users. It has a great GUI interface and it’s no surprise that the community loves it. Also, there is a mobile version coming soon! dero-guard Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see you all for our mainnet event! dARCH Event 0.5 — Final Results was originally published in DERO on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

dARCH 2021 Event 0.5 — Round 1 Results

ARCH 2021 Event 0.5 — Round 1 Results - It’s time to announce the winners of the first round of dARCH Event 0.5! We had great entries from everyone but unfortunately there can only be 5 winners. All 5 of this winners are eligble to compete in Round 2 for their chance to win up to 300 DERO in prizes! The winners of 80 DERO each, in no particular order are as follows : DERO Guard VPN by Slixe A decentralized VPN service that will be supported by marketplace based on Smart Contracts. Source Code: Slixe/dero-guard EYE — Decentralized Oracle Service by 89ron A Proof of Concept of a decentralized Oracle using the DERO service for the dARCH event 0.5. Everyone will use the dummy wallet like a pool of inputs and use the private Operator wallet to send result to the wallet that ask for requests. Source Code: rpod89/eye dM (DERO Message) by Nelbert442 The configuration involves a few pieces such as client services to be ran and hosted locally (similar to a local installation/use of Outlook or other platforms), as well as (V2) a server-side service which will handle unique usernames (V2-pending) and/or other methods for “contact lookup” , but the server service never hosts any encryption/decryption details for your messages (V1 is just dero address). Source Code: Nelbert442/dero-smartcontracts Ckd: Open web services for dApps by sausman The project aims to include a collection of ...

dARCH 2021 Event 0 — Results

ARCH 2021 Event 0 — Final Results - The time has come to announce the winners of the first dARCH 2021 event! We had wonderful entries from all participants but unfortunately there can only be 3 winners. Thanks again to all of the participating devs and the community for your input! Without further ado, here they are! — 3rd Place winner — 50 DERO - DERODice by Nelbert442 Dice rolling game in which you can choose between a 2x and a 10x multiplier (increment by 1s [e.g. 2x, 3x, 4x, … 10x]) and roll high or low. Front end can be found here : Nelbert442/dero-smartcontracts — 2nd Place Winner — 100 DERO - NFT (Public and Private) by Peppinux Public NFT: Keeps track of ownership publicly; on-chain sale and auction systems. Private NFT: doesn’t keep track of ownership publicly, on-chain sale system only. Auction system should be delegated to off-chain service. Peppinux/dARCH-smart-contracts — 1st Place Winner — 150 DERO - HAI Private Stable Coin by 89ron The HAI the Hidden SAI backed by DERO is an attempt to create a hidden stable coin with a colleteral of 25%. rpod89/hai Congratulations to the winners and thanks again for all of your efforts! Hopefully we see you all for dARCH Event 0.5, now running! Check it out below! dARCH 2021 Event 0.5 — Services Only dARCH 2021 Event 0 — Results was originally published in DERO on Medium, where people...

dARCH 2021 Event 0.5 — Services Only

ARCH 2021 Event 0.5 — Services Only - The structure of this event will be very similar to dARCH Event 0. The major difference is going to be that the entries have to use the service model. The total prize pool for this testnet event will be 1,000 DERO — Round 1 - Developers will have 3 weeks to develop and share their service. The first round of judgment is on functionality only, not UX/UI. 5 Winners of 80 DERO each. — Round 2 - All 5 winners from round 1 will progress to round 2 and they will have an additional 3 weeks to further develop their ideas. Their idea must maintain a at least the same functionality as the original POC but new features can be added. 3 Winners as follows: 1st Place 300 DERO 2nd Place 200 DERO 3rd Place 100 DERO Round 1 entries must be made posted on this DERO forum post on or before 7PM UTC, May 1st, 2021. Judges will be the DERO developers and foundation with heavy consideration of input from the community. — Why services? - Services allow developers to use whatever language they choose in order to interact with the DERO network using websockets. This means that developers do not need to use DEROBASIC or DVM in order to create applications or services. More info on the DERO service model can be found here : Dero service model Latest testnet releases : dARCH 2021 Event 0.5 — Services Only was originally published in DERO on Medium, where people are co...

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