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Deri Protocol  


DERI Price:
$29.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$10.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DERI today is $0.021 USD.

The lowest DERI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.021, and the exact current price of one DERI crypto coin is $0.02134.

The all-time high DERI coin price was $0.67.

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The code for Deri Protocol crypto currency is #DERI.

Deri Protocol is 3.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Deri Protocol is $10,336,228.

Deri Protocol is ranked #691, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #DERI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Deri Protocol is $28,990.


The circulating supply of DERI is 484,336,527 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


DERI is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 5 other blockchains.

See list of the DERI Blockchain contracts with 6 different blockchains.


DERI is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Deri Protocol Monthly Report for September 2023

Highlights: 1. Deri Protocol has initiated governance votes to determine the first and second i-chains for Deri V4. The results indicate that the first i-chain will be Arbitrum, followed by zkSync Era. 2. A new feature, the Funding Fee Chart, has been introduced. It provides both historical and real-time funding fee data for all derivatives on 3. Deri Protocol has added new trading symbols, including BTCUSD-24000-C, BTCUSD-24000-P, ETHUSD-1400-C, and ETHUSD-1400-P, provinding traders with more options for trading. 4. Deri Protocol has received a nomination for Innovation Excellence at BNBChain Ecosystem Catalyst Awards, recognizing its contributions to the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem. 5. Deri Protocol has launched the ‘Deri x Arbitrum Odyssey’ campaign. A. Project Progress Deri V4 continues to make significant progress. We’ve initiated governance votes to determine the first and second i-chains for Deri V4, with Arbitrum securing the first position and zkSync Era the second. Additionally, we’ve introduced Deri V4’s groundbreaking d-chain, empowering cross-chain innovation. For a deeper understanding of Deri V4’s architecture, we invite you to explore the details in our articles: Introducing Deri Chain: Empowering Cross-Chain Innovation, A Deep Dive into the Deri V4 Architecture, Furthermore, Deri V4’s architecture fosters unified liquidity, providing enhanced DeFi trading experiences for our user...

Deri V4: Where All Liquidity Fragments Converge for Enhanced DeFi Trading

In the rapidly-evolving world of DeFi, capital efficiency is not just a catchphrase — it’s a vital component. Deri V4, with its innovative architecture design, pioneers this shift by effectively addressing the challenge of liquidity fragmentation. Unified Liquidity via Deri V4 Architecture Consider this: when liquidity providers contribute assets, no matter their preferred i-chain, those assets are pooled into one unified pool. This singular pool then serves all traders, regardless of the i-chain they opt for. Such an arrangement amplifies capital efficiency and ensures traders direct access to a deeper liquidity. To help illustrate this, picture Alice and Bob as Liquidity Providers, with Charlie as the trader. Alice adds 1000 USDC via i-Chain1, while Bob contributes 2000 USDC via i-Chain2. With Deri V4 architecture, these amounts virtually merge to a pool with a total liquidity of 3000 USDC. This unified pool is then available for Charlie to trade against, no matter which i-chain he choosees to trade. However, please be aware that the unified pool represents a virtual amalgamation of the liquidity from various i-Chains. Physically, the liquidity remains on the respective i-Chain where it was initially added. In a nutshell, Deri V4 represents a vision where fragmentation is a thing of the past, and liquidity, irrespective of its origin, converges to offer users an unparalleled trading experience. To delve deeper into ...

A Deep Dive into the Deri V4 Architecture

In our previous posts, we provided a brief introduction to Deri V4’s i-chain and d-chain architecture. In this article, we aim to explore these components in greater detail, making it understandable for users, including liquidity providers (LPs) and traders. We’ll demystify the flow of information and actions between i-chains and the d-chain, all while highlighting the robust security measures in place. Let’s start by revisiting the fundamental concept: i-chains are the requesting interfaces for users while d-chain processes the requests from all i-chains. When you use Deri V4, you interact with i-chains and don’t need to worry about the technical details. Now, let’s dissect Deri V4’s architecture from a user’s perspective, making it straightforward for anyone to grasp. For Liquidity Providers Meet Alice, a liquidity provider. Adding liquidity to i-Chain 1 (which could be, e.g. Arbitrum, BNB Chain, zkSync Era, or zkEVM, etc) is a breeze for her. She initiates the “add liquidity” request on i-Chain 1, and that’s it. If Alice wishes to remove USDC, she simply requests “remove liquidity” on i-Chain 1. The following figures illustrate the interaction. For Traders Enter Bob, a trader. The processes of adding and removing margin is shown in the following figure. If Bob aims to short BTCUSD, he initiates the trade on i-Chain, and the request action is likewise relayed to the executive engine for processing. ...

BTCUSD-24000-C/P & ETHUSD-1400-C/P Everlasting Options listed on Deri Protocol

BTCUSD-24000-C, BTCUSD-24000-P & ETHUSD-1400-C, ETHUSD-1400-P everlasting options are open for trading in Deri Protocol BTCUSD-24000-C: BTCUSD-24000-P: ETHUSD-1400-C: ETHUSD-1400-P: Everlasting Options Specs: Symbols: BTCUSD-24000-C、 BTCUSD-24000-P、ETHUSD-1400-C、ETHUSD-1400-P Base tokens on BNBChain: BUSD, USDC, USDT, XVS, BNB, BTCB, ETH, LTC, SXP, XRP, DOT, LINK, DAI, ADA, CAKE, TUSD, TRX, MATIC Base tokens on Arbitrum: USDC, ETH, WBTC, DAI, LINK Base tokens on zkSync Era: USDC — About Deri Protocol - Deri, your option, your future! Deri is the DeFi way to trade derivatives: to hedge, to speculate, to arbitrage, all on chain. With Deri Protocol, trades are executed under AMM paradigm and positions are tokenized as NFTs, highly composable with other DeFi projects. Having provided an on-chain mechanism to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently, Deri Protocol has minted one of the most important blocks of the DeFi infrastructure. Website | Twitter | Github | Telegram| Discor

Deri AMA Recap on September 11th, 2023

On September 11th, Deri launched an AMA. Let’s watch the detailed & complete AMA recap below: The AMA Entrance: OxAlpha: Hello, everyone. Recently we came across quite some questions regarding Deri V4, hence we hold this special AMA to address them. Frist of all, the first Deri V4 i-chain final vote result is out: Arbitrum. So when the development is completely ready, we will deploy on Arbitrum to make it our first i-Chain! And don’t forget the nomination for the second i-chain is ongoing: Thank you for the community’s participation. All right, now let’s get to the questions! Q: What are the differences between i-chain and d-chain? We only get one d-chain, while we’ll have many i-chains? A: That is correct. There is only one d-Chain, which is a dedicated AppChain built and run by the team. It’s an L3 chain built using Arbitrum Orbit. However, d-Chain is the engine — LPs and traders don’t interact with it directly. Instead, LPs and traders interact with Deri V4 via the smart contracts deployed on the i-Chains, which could be any public layer 1 or layer 2. We can choose to deploy the i-Chain smart contracts on Arbitrum, BNB Chain, zkEVM, or zkSync, so on and on. That is why the community needs to choose which public layer 1s or layer 2s to deploy the i-Chain smart contracts (to make them i-Chains in this context). From a user’s perspective, presumably one would choose (i.e. vote ...

Introducing Deri Chain: Empowering Cross-Chain Innovation

We’re excited to unveil Deri Chain, a Layer 3 rollup (Orbit Chain) built on Arbitrum. Deri Chain, abbreviated as d-Chain, serves as the dedicated AppChain for Deri V4, forming a core component of Deri V4 architecture. Deri Protocol x Arbitrum d-Chain will launch as an Orbit Chain, settling to the public Arbitrum layer 2. The Deri Chain testnet is already operational, which settles on the Arbitrum Goerli testnet. Harness Arbitrum Orbit has yielded significant benefits for us : To launch a decentralized Orbit chain powered by the Nitro tech stack, To progressively decentralize your applications and incrementally adopt the properties and security assumptions of Ethereum’s base layer, To continuously integrate improvements made to the Arbitrum Nitro stack (the code that powers the nodes that support Arbitrum’s L2 and Orbit chains), Empowering cross-chain innovation d-Chain plays a pivotal role in moving towards a cross-chain future. While i-Chains handles all the user requests, d-chain processes the requests from all i-Chains. Enhancing Trading Experience By executing the main logic on d-Chain, Deri’s Layer 3 (L3) infrastructure, the protocol significantly improves transaction processing times. Traders can enjoy faster order execution and trade settlements, providing a seamless trading experience. Additionally, the reduction in gas costs ensures that traders can engage in derivatives trading without being hindered b...

Deri Protocol Monthly Report for August 2023

Highlights: 1. Deri Protocol revealed an innovative architecture of d-chain and i-chain in upcoming Deri V4. 2. Deri Protocol launched two new features’ Limit and Stop Market Orders’. 3. Deri announced the partnerships with BinaX Protocol. 4. 372k DERI token were burned in August. A. Project Progress Lead-up of Deri V4: There is an incredible architecture of d-chain and i-chain in Deri V4, which can be a great innovation in Defi. The new architecture will take capital efficiency to a higher level through cross-chain. Discover more: Adhere to the implementation of decentralization, Deri launched the nomination of the community’s preferred potential i-chain candidates for Deri V4’s first deployment.Next,governnce vote will be carried out for confirmation, which aims to shape V4 with Deri community together. To optimize user experiences, Deri launched two new features,Limit and Stop Market Orders on Details of the features: B. Ecosystem/Community Partnership: Deri Protocol x BinaX Protocol: BinaX is a decentralized binary options protocol based on ZKP that allows users to earn returns by predicting market trends. BinaX is built on zkSyncEra and uses the StarkEx trading engine to achieve low gas and high transaction speed. The cooperation aims to make zkSync Era the preferred network for derivative trading. Deri’s Live Stream/AMAs: Deri participated in Router Protoco...

Deri AMA Recap on August 31st, 2023

On August 31st, Deri launched an AMA. Let’s watch the detailed & complete AMA recap below: The AMA Entrance: OxAlpha: Hello everyone! Nice to see you all again. Let me start with briefing the recent updates. The recent improvements & updates of Deri include: Deri V4 lead-ups:, ① Discover the incredible architecture of our d-chain and i-chain in Deri V4, a great innovation in Defi. The new architecture will take capital efficiency to a higher level through cross-chain. Get more: ② The Deri team is now soliciting ideas from all community users: Which chains do you want Deri V4’s i-chain to be deployed? Fill the form to nominate your preferred chains before September 4th: You can find out more details here: It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form. I hope that the community will actively participate in the construction of Deri V4. Your input shapes the future of our V4 ! 2. New feature: The feature ‘Limit & Stop market orders’ that the community has longed for are finally online. Freed traders from staring at the market. Try: The usage guide: This is something the community has been waited for a long time. Sorry it takes so long. But finally here it is! 3. New listings: ETHUSD-2200-C ETHUSD-2200-P 4. New partnerships: Deri Protocol x BinaX Protocol: BinaX is a decentralized binary options protocol...

Shaping Deri V4 Together: Your Voice, Your Choice

In the dynamic world of decentralized protocols, Deri V4 is at the forefront of a revolutionary movement in cross-chain derivative trading. With the ability to be deployed across multiple i-chains, Deri V4 isn’t just about decentralization, it’s about giving our community a say in how it all unfolds. As we set forth on this exciting journey, we’re turning to you, our community, for your insights and opinions. Together, we’re charting the course for the future of Deri V4’s i-chain deployment. We strongly believe that the real strength of any decentralized ecosystem lies in the diversity of ideas from its community members. That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you, our valued community, to share your thoughts on the potential i-chain candidates for the first deployment of Deri V4. Your expertise and opinions will be pivotal in shaping the path of Deri Protocol’s growth. To create an inclusive process of decision-making, we encourage all community members to put forward their nominations for the first i-chain deployment. You have until September 4th to share your suggestions and preferences. Your input during this time will be instrumental in helping us make well-informed decisions. Submit your nominations here: Once we gather your valuable nominations, the Deri team will kick off the first i-chain governance vote. This voting step, a major element of our community-focused approach, will pave the path fo...

Deri V4 Architecture: i-Chain and d-Chain

Deri Protocol has already established itself as a multi-chain derivative trading platform on networks like Arbitrum, BNBChain, and zkSync Era. However, the challenge has been that these deployments are isolated. This isolation means that capital isn’t used as efficiently as it could be, because: The liquidity pools on different networks are isolated so we end up with many fragmented and relatively small liquidity pools., Any trader is trading against the relatively small liquidity pool on the network from which the trade is initialized., Enter Deri V4 — the next step in cross-chain decentralized derivative trading. With Deri V4, the liquidity on different networks are unified into one liquidity pool. Thus users can seamlessly trade against the liquidity distributed across different blockchains. Imagine trading from your favorite blockchain network and enjoying the much better liquidity consolidated across many networks. That’s the power of Deri V4. What makes Deri V4 stand out? It’s all in its innovative architecture,which consists of two main components: a requesting interface and an executive engine, implemented as two groups of smart contracts. The requesting interface,also known as the “i-chain” (with “i” signifying interface), serves as the pivotal entry point for user interactions. It adeptly handles a wide range of user requests, from traders initiating orders and managing margins to liquidity pro...


Binance Labs + BNB Chain now accepting applications for the 5th MVB Acce...

    Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program, the incubation program designed to support builders on BNB Chain, a community-driven and decentralized blockchain, is now accepting applications from projects for its fifth cohort: Uncharted Territory. MVB is the program behind several successful projects on BNB Chain such as MCDEX, Biswap, Deri Protocol, and WOO Network. MVB V seeks to support projects with a defined vision, plan, and team. There will be two pools in the program: incubation and investment. Any selected projects will be guaranteed 6-8 weeks of a curriculum including mentorships and fireside chats with market leaders. BNB Chain is the largest smart contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and active users. The ecosystem has more than 1,300 active dApps across multiple categories such as DeFi, Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT, and more. Since its launch in 2020, BNB Chain has processed more than 3 billion transactions from 163 million unique addresses, reaching a daily transaction all-time high (ATH) of 16.26 million in November 2021. “MVB V will attract a wide range of developers across key segments such as infrastructure, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, and Metaverse, driving project development and innovation within the BNB Chain ecosystem. It connects founders with our extensive network of industry leaders and investors in the crypto space, and makes it possible for current and future cohort-mates to collaborate closely. Overall, MVB strives to offer ... read More

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