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DERC Price:
$433.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$6.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DERC today is $0.13 USD.

The lowest DERC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.128, and the current live price for one DERC coin is $0.12770.

The all-time high DERC coin price was $27.27.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DERC with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for DeRace crypto currency is #DERC.

DeRace is 1.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for DeRace is $6,303,555.

DeRace is ranked #571 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #DERC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DeRace is $433,314.


The circulating supply of DERC is 49,361,219 coins, which is 41% of the total coin supply.


DERC is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the DERC Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


DERC has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 5 crypto exchanges.

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Friday Development Update: Part 64

Another busy week has passed by in a blur and now it’s time for the brand new DeRace development update. So let’s dive into the accomplishments made by the DeRace team so far!🤿 — 🏁 DeRace API 1.0 - Only a few more days left until the public launch of DeRace API 1.0 🤯 This week our developers have finalized the back-end logic and the functionalities for the DeRace API 1.0. The API documentation is almost completed too, which is showing step-by-step functionalities of the API itself. The only thing that is left to run the final tests and we are good to go! DeRace API 1.0 is dedicated to community builders to enable creation of various tools within the DeRace metaverse, which includes racing, NFT horse analysis tools and so much more! New community tools are going to increase the player involvement and steadily grow our community and ecosystem. If you are a builder, apply for API 1.0 access here 👇 — 🏇 Hippodrome management system (HMS) - This week we have also advanced building the Hippodrome Management System. Our game developers have finalised the logic for hippodrome manager, created a working custom race creation system and designed the basic UI/UX for the HMS console.DeRace Hippodrome Management system: custom race creator (work in progress) The Hippodrome Management System is opening up new opportunities for race management, generation and custom race creation. In the near futur...

DeRace System Update: Rebalancing Horse Equipment NFTs

Blanket NFT breeding cool-down decrease recalibration - Through the DeRace community’s feedback and the sequential investigation from our developers, we have noticed a disbalance in the NFT blankets of higher than Common tier (Common tier blankets not affected). More specifically, the breeding cool-down decrease was disbalanced for Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary Blanket NFTs which created a situation where the Common items of the same level had higher cool-down reduction compared to rarer items. To rectify it, our developers are going to synchronize the data for all the Blanket NFTs to ensure that the correct breeding cool-down reduction stats are shown. The breeding cool-down reduction time is not changing for the Common Blankets at all (it remains as it is currently), while it is marginally increasing in players’ favour for higher rarity items. Table below shows the harmonized breeding cool-down reduction and the additional boosts according to the Blanket NFT level and tier 👇 The correct breeding cool-down decrease parameter is going to show up immediately after the Blanket NFT recalibration has been completed from our side. In case you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team on our Discord or Telegram — About DeRace - DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, e...

DeRace LP Staking on UniCrypt: Wave 5 Reward Winners

🥳 DeRacers, as the Wave 5 LP staking on UniCrypt has already ended, it’s time to reveal the reward winners! — 🏇 Jockey NFT* winners: - 0xef68e5e4c76390dd9e42aca592b0ca0d1cfe0983 0x17966f7e987a42d00a633fa0219fded049682406 0xd0d06e1bd3cff785b59ce9f495eaa88dd4158e2e 0x512daf3a6b8d1ec4306cf7fc220a938ee9cf0a6d 0x13322049dc1aa34a236ef7491c9f2172f39e65f3 0x7d76062133a5269c5b379f660c72f104fe1a3f55 0xbe8ff483ecfd15a8af7ad742916a34c421e2d16f 0x2be220b3c4f07888bc0b40906dd290f05382a2f0 0xc26e1a868aded2b6652b7fa4121311c503f0fa37 0x9f9fb91023f2f8691ede36ea3a51699d85b5ef20 0xe9e4993aa434d1e7cb64db6a57507ae37257d4b6 0x2067103dddb2c76fe8ca4430f9206d5ce47b030d 0x94d22478fc70887cd67f4af65d379694e277e523 0x88ee8bdef56d5bb6a8db3aba02ad8aa0f8e1a3a1 0xf842485c5d10fb64a307737ec1f86261f5aa38ce 0xb5f089f77328061af7332c435b3b8d9aa772a408 0x6ca59f023a3f535a6eb6e9497680a9da068abeb1 0x6dfd1642bea5b6d4a6de6837f0221f53bd2ee960 0xf83a0f31f4b97d7586cbf5b78153d41fc2b50b0e 0x045779d02df51ea2afb59747f197e531c08832ca 0x46873b1adadc2f87c375abf1da9d7b8b87dda6ea 0x887894aef733daf823bb3c8f421905aa217c619d 0xd237d3b488dcddbd85408d2e879988f97ac81280 0x2717e78c4879491d6d720a9646502bed86c4989a 0x4967f87c1ea4c3c69587cfd3762b6a3153ee34c7 0xe39ba4bedad7e0ce54cf597439516f40194a335f 0xec0aa8de2a6c7b9bedfd51204b2933ac377e9c94 0x66d3b01b8873b1382eed4dda115a7ce79964939d 0x4de4fbb301332db6547c4c1fea88a919d941f3ad 0x5a3ddd7dcd6a1c09fd78da3225913e8af343c972 0xe245266...

Friday Development Update: Part 63

Another week has come to an end with the DeRace team accomplishing a number of milestones throughout it. Our developers have improved the Missions’ feature to ensure smoother player experience, upgraded the UI/UX design for DeRace mobile, continued working on API 1.0 & finalized modelling the terrain for our upcoming wintery hippodrome. Let’s dive into this week’s achievements!🤿 — Missions feature improvements - Community asked, and we delivered! We have taken into account the DeRace community feedback to improve the Missions’ feature for easier task tracking and our developers have completed it during this week.DeRace Missions feature: players get rewarded with Sugar Cubes for accomplishing daily/weekly/monthly missions Players can now complete their missions more efficiently as we have added an additional mission tracker which specifies which exact furlongs have been run. Just hover the cursor over the specific mission, such as “Run all tracks available on all surfaces”, and all the completed tracks will show up.Mission reset timer improved: reset for all missions starts at 1am utc and takes up to 20 minutes to be completed We have also synchronized the Missions’ timer, which resets at 1am UTC: players can now see the accurate time left until the mission reset. So don’t forget to check your horse’s missions before joining the races to collect as much Sugar Cubes as possible! Sugar addiction ...

$DERC LP Staking on Unicrypt: MASSIVE In-game Rewards & Unbelievable APR!

The Wave 6 of $DERC LP staking on UniCrypt brings FRESH and MIND-BOGGLING rewards’ pool! 🤯 — Step effortlessly into a brand new DeRace LP Staking Wave and get rewarded handsomely!💰. — Our ultimate DeRace staking farm on UniCrypt allows $DERC holders to stake their LP $DERC-$USDC tokens on ETH Network. Great news for the current $DERC LP stakers on UniCrypt — you don’t need to restake your tokens anymore 😉 Just subscribe to our brand new $DERC LP farm, relax and make your $DERC work for you! — Brand new stakers can stake their tokens in the farm below 👇. — $DERC LP farm: New Farm Contract Address: 0x46c274a57300F06fC2d913cF4dFfFb99AD87b85d — 🔥 Stakers will share the LEGENDARY reward pool of: 🔥. — 💰 UNBELIEVABLE $DERC APR reward: 200 000 $DERC tokens are locked in the liquidity provider pool as a reward for participants🤯 — 🍀 Stakers’ lottery: - 🏇 15 brand new Jockey NFTs * 🍬 20 Sugar Boxes 🦄 15 DeRace Jockey Club avatars which opens the door to Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club and grants a part of a DJC hippodrome 🗝 10 NFT Chests and 10 NFT Keys of random tiers — 🏆 Top stakers’ reward: - 🏇 Top 30 stakers will each receive brand new Jockey NFT * No more gas fees when unsubscribing from a reward pool and subscribing to a new one, with the new generation UniCrypt farm we can just top up the rewards...

Friday Development Update: Part 62

Another week has passed in a blur and it’s Friday again. You know what it means, right? It’s time for another weekly update to track our development progress 😉 So without the further ado, let’s jump into it! — 🚀Brand new features LIVE - This week the DeRace team has launched the first massive feature update which has completely revamped our metaverse! TONS of new interconnected features have elevated the gameplay to provide players even more immersive, exciting and rewarding in-game experience.DeRace mission feature: players collect missions & get rewarded Sugar Cubes and XP In first MASSIVE feature batch we have released the main in-game elements which increase player immersion into the metaverse through: Completely revamped game economics, Fully functioning Sugar Cube (in-game reward unit) mechanism, Missions and achievements, NFT Chest mechanics, NFT Key feature, Horse XP & level system, NFT burning mechanism, NFT horse wearables, Races with a generic NFT Jockeys, Even though we have just launched a number of new features our development team keeps on building: race API and a number of other features are already in the works! Exciting times await ahead!🥳 — 🌎 Interactive open world - The DeRace metaverse has just got even more immersive! A part of our revamped gameplay launch includes complete redesign of our UX/UI design as well as the release of interactive DeRace’s open wo...

In-game Mechanics of DeRace Horse Equipment NFTs

Prepare to fully immerse yourself into the DeRace metaverse as the introduction of the horse wearable items is just around the corner 😉 Horse equipment NFTs are almost in the game! Besides expanding the gameplay and adding an additional layer of engagement into the ecosystem! 📢 NFT stable owners, master the inner workings of the DeRace horse equipment to give your NFT horses additional advantages on the race track and so much more! — What are horse equipment NFTs? - DeRace horse equipment are in-game utility NFTs that build the immersive game mechanics and open new gameplay opportunities 🏇 Just like in real-live horse racing, players can use different equipment combinations to enhance their experience on the racetrack and so much more!Players can choose various horse wearables to equip their horses DeRace NFT horse wearables include 10 equipment items such as saddle, saddle pad, stirrups, bridle, horseshoes, protection boots, blinkers, earnet, lead and blanket. Each one of the assets have a different effect on the hidden NFT horse parameters which are speed, stamina, reaction time (focus) or breeding cool-down. DeRace NFT horse equipment have both visual and inherent parameters which they differ in: Asset type: Horse wearables come in different types such as saddles, horseshoes, saddle pads and others. Each asset boosts different hidden parameters depending on the type of asset but they also might debuff so...

Friday Development Update: 61

One more busy week has passed by. So without further ado, let’s go over what the DeRace team has accomplished so far! — 🏆 Tournaments - Great news to all the competition junkies: tournaments are taking shape before our eyes! With the batch 1 features fully completed and ready to launch, our development team has focused on what to come next. And one of the upcoming features that everyone is excited about is tournaments.Tournaments’ feature within the DeRace ecosystem We have already finalized the logic for the tournament generation via the hippodrome management system and the basic looks and functionalities of the feature. Now what’s left is to complete the back-end part for the tournament creation, polish its looks and we’re good to go😁 — 🏁 Race API - One of the highly-anticipated features by the DeRace community — race API — is coming to life step-by-step. This week our development team focused on creating the base logic for the race API feature which will support the DeRace community to build and integrate a number of different tools. This feature will open up the possibility for authorized 3rd party services to register players’ horses into races on their behalf for more automated race accessibility. We are also planning to launch an additional NFT horse API which allows to collect the different data from the selected horses. Exciting times await ahead!😉 — 🔥 NFT bu...

Friday Development Update: Part 60

Another Friday, another DeRace development update! This week the DeRace team launched the newest turf hippodrome, upgraded the race viewer, completed 5th hippodrome concept art and optimized mission reward payouts among other things. Let’s dive into it! — 🌸 New turf hippodrome launched - The time has come: Sakura Path hippodrome is open for racing!Sakura Path hippodrome is now live Our newest hippodrome unlocked new track lengths on the turf surface. Races in Sakura Path hippodrome vary from 2 to 8 furlongs in length. With its release we have fully covered all the possible track lengths on the turf hippodrome. Time to test your NFT horses on the newest track. Remember, the stamina consumption is the lowest on the turf surface which means that even horses with lower stamina parameter can show their true colours😉 See you in the hippodrome! — 📸 Race viewer got a new look - Not only have we released a new hippodrome, we have also upgraded the race viewer!Race viewer improvements Say goodbye to the old viewer: players can now enjoy the races with a close-up of the racetrack and follow the performance of their horses easier than ever. Each camera angle was adjusted separately to ensure the best results: while some cameras zoom racetrack more than others, it’s players prerogative to choose whichever they prefer more. And with a thrilling tournament feature just around the corner, this improvement is a...

Exclusive DAO Maker Racing Starter Pack: Sale Mechanics

Whitelist for the exclusive DAO Maker Racing Starter Pack NFT sale has been closed and the final list of wallets have been revealed. The next step for the whitelist winners is to contribute for their Public Round whitelist spot at DAO Maker which will be open from October 28 12:00 UTC and will be closed on October 30 12:00 UTC or once all whitelist spots are filled. After the contribution winners will get the access to mint DeRace NFT for 350 USDC. You can find all the sale and redemption details below👇 — Racing Starter Pack NFT sale mechanics 🏇 - Sale of the exclusive DAO Maker Racing Starter Pack NFTs will open on 31st of October, 12 PM UTC, on OpenSea for the whitelisted wallets ONLY. Each wallet will have a dedicated NFT asset assigned to it which can be acquired via OpenSea for 350 USDC on the Polygon network. Whitelist winners will have exactly 7 days to make the purchase of the dedicated NFT asset. We will share the list of the assets which are assigned to the whitelisted wallets on DeRace NFT Research Page on DAO Maker on 31st of October, before the sale launch for an easy one-click access to the NFT Packs 👉 — Racing Starter Pack NFT redeem - DeRace NFT Racing Starter Packs can be redeemed on starting from November 8. Owners will have to connect their wallet to and deposit the Pack NFT into their in-game wallet. Once the Racing Starter Pack NFT is deposited ...

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