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DEP Price:
$1.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$55.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DEP today is $0.00257 USD.

The lowest DEP price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00257, and the exact current price of one DEP crypto coin is $0.00256970.

The all-time high DEP coin price was $0.08.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DEP with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of DEP at different market capitalizations.


The code for DEAPCOIN crypto currency is #DEP.

DEAPCOIN is 3.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for DEAPCOIN is $55,560,979.

DEAPCOIN is ranked #396 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #DEP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DEAPCOIN is $1,682,889.


The circulating supply of DEP is 21,621,591,119 coins, which is 72% of the maximum coin supply.

DEAPCOIN has a relatively large supply of coins, 178 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


DEP is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

See list of the DEP Blockchain contracts with 4 different blockchains.


DEP is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #DEP trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #DEP purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #DEP, and you can view them on our DEP disambiguation page.




この記事では、PlayMining NFTおよびPlayMiningの各ゲームへのログイン時に必要となる「ワンタイムコード」の設定の切り替え方法について説明します。 ① PlayMining NFTの「ログイン・新規登録」ページ (にアクセスし、登録したメールアドレスとパスワードを入力し、「ログイン」をクリック ② メールアドレスに送付される「ワンタイムコード」を入力し、「送信」をクリック ③ ログイン後、トップページの右上の人物のアイコンをクリック ④ メニューの中から「My Page」をクリック ⑤ 「My Page」のメニューの中から「セキュリティ設定」をクリック ⑥「ログイン時のワンタイムコード認証」をONからOFFに設定を変更 ※変更する時にセキュリティについての警告が出ますので、よく読んだ上で設定変更を行ってください。 ※PlayMining NFTにおいて、この設定変更を行うことで、PlayMining NFTへのログインの他、PlayMiningのすべてのゲームについて変更が適用されます。 ⑦ 「ログイン時のワンタイムコード認証」の表示がOFFになれば設定変更は完了 ログイン時の「ワンタイムコード」設定の変更方法 was originally published in PlayMining on Medium, where people are continuing the conversat...

How to change the “one-time code” setting for login

This article explains how to change the “one-time code” setting required when logging into PlayMining NFT and PlayMining games. Go to the “Login and Sign up” page of PlayMining NFT (, enter your registered email address and password, and click “LOG IN”., 2. Enter the “one-time code” sent to your email address and click “Send”. 3. After logging in, click on the icon of a person in the upper right corner of the top page. 4. Click “My Page” from the dropdown menu. 5. Click “Security Setting” from the “My Page” menu. 6. Change the setting of “One-time code authentication for login” from ON to OFF. *When changing the setting, a security warning will appear, so please read it carefully before changing the setting. *The changes will be applied to all PlayMining games as well as logins to PlayMining NFT. 7. If the “One-time code authentication for login” display is OFF, the setting change is complete. How to change the “one-time code” setting for login was originally published in PlayMining on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

【Important】How to set a password for PlayMining

This article explains how to set up a password, which is required when logging into PlayMining NFT and JobTribes. — [When you login/newly register from PlayMining NFT] - — ■If you already have a PlayMining ID. — “Login and Sign up” page of PlayMining NFT ( and click on “Set Password”., 2. Enter the email address you registered with PlayMining on the “Password Setup” page and click “Send”. 3. You will receive a “one-time code” sent to the email address you entered. Enter the one-time code and the “password” you want to set, and click “Send”. 4. If you see the following message, your password setting is complete. Please use the password you set from the next time you log in. *Please keep your password safe on your own responsibility. — ■If you don’t have a PlayMining ID (New Registration) - Click on “Make a PlayMining ID” on the “Login & Sign up” page of PlayMining NFT.(, 2. Enter the email address you wish to register with PlayMining, agree to the Terms of Use, and click “Register”. 3. You will receive a one-time code in your email. Enter the one-time code and the password you want to use, and click “Register” 4. If you see the following message, the new registration is complete. Please use the registered email address and password you set from the next time you log in. *Please keep your password safe on...

【重要】PlayMining パスワード設定方法について

この記事では、PlayMining NFTとJobTribesへのログイン時に必要となるパスワードの設定方法について説明します。 — 【PlayMining NFTからログイン・新規登録する場合】 - — ■PlayMining IDを既にお持ちの方. — ① PlayMining NFTの「ログイン・新規登録」ページ (の「パスワードを設定」をクリック ②「パスワード設定」のページにPlayMiningに登録したメールアドレスを入力して「送信」をクリック ③ 入力したメールアドレス宛に「ワンタイムコード」が届くので、そのワンタイムコードと、自分が設定したい「パスワード」を入力して「送信」をクリック ④ 以下のようなメッセージが表示されれば、パスワードの設定は完了です。次回以降のログインの際は設定したパスワードを使用してログインを行ってください。 ※パスワードはご自身の責任で安全に保管してください。 — ■PlayMining IDをお持ちでない方(新規登録の方). — ① PlayMining NFTの「ログイン・新規登録」ページ (の「PlayMining IDを作成」をクリック ② PlayMiningに登録したいメールアドレスを入力し、利用規約に同意した上で「新規登録」をクリック ③ 入力したメールアド...

The rewards for “Lucky Farmer” Week 23 — Week 26

The rewards for “Lucky Farmer” Week 23 — Week 26 - *The information on this page is valid from April 17, 2023, 12:00 to May 15, 2023, 7:59 (UTC+8). *On the third Monday of each month, we will inform you of the rewards and other information for the following month. *Please always check the latest information. ■ How rewards are earned in Lucky Farmer In Lucky Farmer, there are three main ways to earn DEAPcoin (DEP) rewards; 1. Daily Play 2. NFT Tasks 3. Ranking 1.Daily Play When playing the game with the farmland NFT set, ‘DEP medals’ are dropped onto the field during Fever Time and when jackpots are won. In addition, a ‘Mega DEP Medal’ is dropped onto the field during Fever Time for 40 combos or more. Players will earn DEP by dropping the DEP medals and Mega DEP medals to the front. The unit price of the DEP amount earned varies depending on the rarity of the farmland NFT. ■ DEP amount per DEP medal ★1: 0.096 DEP ★2: 0.479 DEP ★3: 2.395 DEP ★4: 9.629 DEP *★ indicates the rarity of the farmland NFT. *The actual amount of DEP earned depends on the user’s playing conditions, the number of slots won and other factors. 2.NFT Task Farmland NFTs have NFT tasks. DEP can be earned by completing the conditions of the NFT tasks with the farmland NFT set. There are four categories of tasks, and ‘NFT’ tasks can be challenged by possessing farmland NFTs. ▼ Daily Task Reward : Medals or i...

『Lucky Farmer』Week 23~Week 26の報酬について

※このページに記載している情報は2023年4月17日13時00分から2023年5月15日8時59分(JST)までのものです。 ※毎月第3月曜日に、次の1か月間の報酬等をお知らせいたします。 ※情報ご参照の際は、常に最新の情報をご確認ください。 ■ 『Lucky Farmer』における報酬獲得の仕組み 『Lucky Farmer』では、大きく分けて3つの方法(デイリープレイ、NFTタスク、ランキング)で、DEAPcoin(以下DEP)報酬を稼ぐことができます。 1.デイリープレイ 農地NFTをセットした状態でゲームをプレイすると、フィーバータイム中とジャックポット当選時に「DEPメダル」がフィールドに投下されます。 なお、フィーバータイムは40コンボ以上で「デカDEPメダル」がフィールドに投下されます。 DEPメダルとデカDEPメダルを手前のポケットまで落とすことで、DEP報酬を獲得することができます。 農地NFTのレアリティによって獲得できるDEP額単価が異なります。 ■DEPメダル1枚あたりのDEP単価 ★1:0.096 DEP ★2:0.479 DEP ★3:2.395 DEP ★4:9.629 DEP ※★は農地NFTのレアリティになります。 ※実際に獲得できるDEP数は、ユーザーのプレイ状況やスロットの当選数等により左右されます。 2.NFTタスク 農地NFTには...


いつもJobTribesを遊んで頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 JobTribesプロデューサーの東です。 はじめに、ここ数か月間様々な箇所で不具合が発生し、立て続けのメンテナンスにて、多くのユーザーの皆様、関係者様にご迷惑をおかけしていることをお詫び申し上げます。 また運営体制についても、ご心配の声を多数いただいております。誠に申し訳ございません。 本レターでは、不具合発生の経緯と今後の運営についてお伝えできればと思います。 JobTribesはPlayMiningで初めてローンチしたPlay to Earnゲームであり、リリースから現在に至るまで、多くの機能のアップデートを行ってきました。 特にPlay to Earnゲーム業界は、トレンドやユーザーの皆様のニーズが目まぐるしく変化するため、ご期待に応えられるよう、短期間でのアップデートを繰り返してきました。 一方で、リリース時には想定していなかった機能を急ピッチで導入し続けたことによる「技術的負債」が蓄積された状態となっており、それに起因する不具合が発生している状況です。 今後、安定的な運営を継続的に行うために、システムの全体的な改修及び最適化が必要なタイミングであると判断いたしました...

Producer Letter_Game Environment Maintenance

Thank you very much for playing JobTribes. I’m Higashi, a producer of JobTribes. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our users and related parties due to recent problems and maintenances. We have also received concerns about the operation system, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. This letter aims to inform you about the circumstances and our future management. JobTribes was the first Play to Earn game to launch on PlayMining, and we have updated many features since its release. Especially in the Play to Earn game industry, trends and users’ needs change rapidly, so we have made many updates in a short period of time in order to meet your expectations. At the same time, we have accumulated “technical debt” due to the rapid introduction of features that we did not anticipate at the time of release, which has resulted in the occasional issues. We have decided that it is time to make overall system refurbishment and optimization in order to continue stable operation in the future. Since the JobTribes management team believed that there are still many issues to be addressed in the game experience, and at the same time we have received a lot of requests, we wanted to continue to make further functional updates to the system. The roadmap we previously published is a statement of our intent to do so. However, in developing new functions, the scope of impact on the current environment...

【Graffiti Racer】【ディレクターズレター】Ver2.0新情報

いつもGraffiti Racerをお楽しみいただきありがとうございます。 ディレクターの山本です。 今回のディレクターズレターではVer2.0で新しくなるアビリティ、そして要望の多かった機能について紹介させていただきます。 皆さんに多大なご迷惑をおかけしたアビリティに関しましてVer2.0にするにあたり、各アビリティの効果内容を全て見直し、効果の変更と新たなアビリティの追加、そしてアイコンを一新します。 アビリティの詳細に関しましては次回、改めてご紹介できればと思いますが、修正の方針をお伝えいたします。 これまでパラメーターアップ弱、中、強などがございましたが、この段階分けを全て撤廃しレアリティによってその効力が変わるように調整しました。 そのためレアリティCのキャラクターで発動する「パラメーターアップ」とレアリティSSSのキャラクターで発動する「パラメーターアップ」は効力が異なるところが特徴となります。 また、これまで「幸運」で一括りになっていた天候に対して有効なアビリティは天候毎にそれぞれアビリティを用意すると共に、回避するものと軽減するものなどバリエーションを用意しましたので今まで以上にアビリ...

【Graffiti Racer】【Director’s Letter】What’s new in Ver. 2.0

Thank you for always playing Graffiti Racer. I’m Yamamoto, the director of Graffiti Racer. In this Director’s Letter, I would like to introduce some of the new abilities in Ver. 2.0, as well as some features that have been requested by many of you. We have reviewed the effects of all the abilities that have caused you a lot of inconvenience, and have changed the effects of each ability, added new abilities, and changed the icons for the Ver. 2.0. The details of the abilities will be introduced in the next issue, but here is a summary of the revisions. We have eliminated the levels of parameter up (low, medium, high), and changed the system so that the effects will vary depending on the rarity of the characters. This means that “Parameter Up” activated by a character of Rarity C will have a different effect than “Parameter Up” activated by a character of Rarity SSS. Abilities for different types of weather were previously grouped together under the category of “luck”. However, we have now prepared specific abilities for each type of weather, including those that can avoid or reduce their effects. As a result, users will be able to enjoy the effectiveness of these abilities compared to before. We also have a few announcements to make in regards to the new abilities. We will be returning all “characters” to their “sheets” and “color films” as part of the Ver. 2.0 update maintenance. Please be assur...


DEA Appoints Tatsuya Kohrogi Vice President & Head Of Global Business

    Singapore-based GameFi ecosystem Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) has revealed the appointment of Tatsuya Kohrogi to the role of Vice President and Head of Global Business. Kohrogi will be leveraging his extensive experience to help DEA expand into new markets. Commenting on the company’s latest talent acquisition, DEA CEO Naohito Yoshida notes, 'Tatsuya is a dynamic leader and is highly experienced in building partner relations, creating and implementing leading initiatives and strategies. As we begin to expand our business across Asia, Europe, and North America, we are confident each region will grow under Tatsuya's leadership.' Prior to joining DEA, Kohrogi worked with prominent brands like Meta (formerly Facebook) and SoftBank. In his role as Partner Manager at Meta, Kohrogi’s key responsibilities included building long-term relationships with advertisers and advertising agencies across Japan. During his time at Meta, Kohrogi strategically grew his key partners’ businesses by 200% within two years as well as pushed scaling partner revenues to reach nine-figure annual values in US dollars. At SoftBank, Kohrogi held several titles over his seven-year tenure, including stints in business development, sales management, investment strategy, digital marketing, and co-founding an internal venture. Additionally, Kohrogi trained under SoftBank Group’s CEO Masayoshi Son, learning corporate leadership skills directly from Son, and worked on related... read More

PlayMining NFT Premier Will Host Project B-Idol Music NFTs product By IN...

    Artist collaborations will play a key role in the future of NFT development. For example, Entertainment Asset Pte, Ltd, or DEA, is working with INIMI to launch a digital idol project. In addition, working with a music artist collective will lead to a limited set of music NFTs, ushering in a new era for non-fungible tokens. Project B-IDOL Is Coming Soon NFT technology often revolves around digital artwork, which can be linked to real-world art, although it doesn't have to be. However, non-fungible tokens are not limited to images, as they can also represent video, music, or other files. The Project B-Idol NFT collection will span a limited number of music NFTs, introducing a different take on the non-fungible token concept. The collection results from a collaboration between DEA and INIMI, the music artist collective directed by SUNNY BOY. A collaborative effort will often help reach a broader audience and bring more credibility to a new NFT collection. DEA and INIMI will launch the collection in the summer of 2022 on the BNB Chain. Moreover, users can acquire the assets through PlayMining NFT Premier, the NFT marketplace built by the DEA team. An INIMI spokesperson adds: “It is a great honor for us to participate in the B-idol project. We have always been very interested in the NFT scene, so we are thrilled to have been asked to participate in this project. We wrote this song with a wish to warm the hearts of people who are experiencing tragic events currently going aro... read More


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