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DEP Price:
$1.9 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$54.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DEP today is $0.00537 USD.

The lowest DEP price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00537, and the exact current price of one DEP crypto coin is $0.00536726.

The all-time high DEP coin price was $0.08.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DEP with market cap of BTC and how the supply of DEP affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for DEAPCOIN crypto currency is #DEP.

DEAPCOIN is 2.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for DEAPCOIN is $54,095,446.

DEAPCOIN is ranked #317 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #DEP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DEAPCOIN is $1,865,616.


The circulating supply of DEP is 10,078,776,811 coins, which is 34% of the maximum coin supply.

Relatively, DEAPCOIN has a large supply of coins, 458 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


DEP is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

See list of the DEP Blockchain contracts with 4 different blockchains.


DEP is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #DEP trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #DEP purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #DEP, and you can view them on our DEP disambiguation page.




PlayMining横断で盛り上がろう!. — 「PlayMiningオリンピアン」企画についての詳細はこちらをご覧ください! 競技内容が決定! 2/1(水)のYouTube配信 にて競技内容が決定いたしました。 各競技の詳細およびスケジュールは後日公開いたします(実施は2月中旬〜3月末を予定)。 ① JobTribes 真の実力が試される!PvPランキング! ※3月に開催される通常ランキング戦を利用しての競争または、オリンピアン限定の直接対決のトーナメントのいずれかを検討しております。 ② Lucky Farmer 週のランキングで勝負! ※オーナーランキングまたはレギュラーランキングポイント数で競います。 ③ Cookin’ Burger 俺が凄腕シェフだ!神業プレイ動画対決! ※twitterのいいね数とdiscordのスタンプの合計で競います。 ④ 麺屋ドラゴンラーメン 最高のラーメンポイントを叩き出せ!ポイント対決! ※1週間で作る7杯のラーメンの合計ポイントを競います。指定タグのボーナスあり ⑤ Graffiti Racer -A>シンプルにレース対決! -B>目指せ塗り絵職人!塗り絵フィルム売上対決! 上記の2つを実施いたします。 ※Aは、指定週のWeekly Race HARDでの競争を予定しています。 ※Bは、指定...

The competitions have been selected & the call for Olympians is now open!【PlayMining Olympians】

Let’s have fun across PlayMining!. — Find out more about the PlayMining Olympians project here! The competitions have been selected! The competitions were decided in a YouTube broadcast on Wednesday, February 1. ( The details and schedule of each competition will be released at a later date (scheduled to take place from mid-February to the end of March). 1. JobTribes Test your true skills, PvP ranking! *We are considering either a competition using the regular ranking competition to be held in March or an Olympian-only tournament for head-to-head battles. 2. Lucky Farmer Compete in the weekly rankings! *Compete on the number of owner rankings or regular ranking points. 3. Cookin’ Burger I’m the Awesome Chef! Gameplay Video Showdown! *Compete on the total number of twitter likes and discord stamps. 4. Menya Dragon Ramen Hit the highest Ramen Points! Point Showdown! *Compete on the total points of the seven ramens you make in a week. Bonuses for specified tags will apply. 5. Graffiti Racer -A>Simply, Race Showdown! -B>Be a Coloring Master! Colored Film Sales Showdown! Both of the above competitions will be held. *A will be competing in the Weekly Race HARD for a specified week. *B will be competing for the total sales of colored-in Films in the specified period. The above competitions will be held and the following points will be awarded according to the rankings. 1st place: 16pt 2...

[Project B-idol] Rin’s Biography

The idol saved my life. An idol who supports someone, I think is the BEST! — ▼ INDEX. — Profile, Cartoon, Famous scene, Discography, Short Novel, Gallery, — ▼Profile. — Name : Rin Birthday : March 3rd Favorite food : Wagashi (Japanese sweets) Image color : Red (Pink) Voice Cast (Japanese) : Arisa Aihara — ▼Cartoon. — Rin : I’m Rin! Rin : I’m proud of this baby hair that I got from my mother!! Sophia : Looks like it can even slice a radish… Amelia : Munch munch — ▼Famous scene. — Rin was admitted to the academy of her dreams in order to become an idol. With her natural cheerfulness that attracts people, she becomes friends with Amelia and Sophia, who are also aspiring to become idols. As a child, Rin and her sister Mimi were involved in a water accident. She was saved by “Job Lord: Pop Star”, whom she thought to be a fantasy being! Rin is still unaware of the astonishing power that she sometimes shows. Youran was the first to recognize Rin’s potential. — ▼Discography. — — ▼Short Novel. — [Project B-idol] Episode of Rin — ▼Gallery. — [Project B-idol] Rin’s Biography was originally published in PlayMining on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

[Project B-idol] Rin’s Biography

私はアイドルに命を救われた 誰かを応援するアイドル、私は最高だと思う! — ▼ INDEX. — プロフィール, ヒトコママンガ, ハイライト, ディスコグラフィ, ショートストーリー, ギャラリー, — ▼ プロフィール. — 名前:Rin (リン) 誕生日:3月3日 好きな食べ物:和菓子 イメージカラー:赤(ピンク) 声優(日本語):愛原ありさ — ▼ ヒトコママンガ. — — ▼ ハイライト. — アイドルになるべく念願の学院に入学したリン。人を惹きつける持ち前の明るさで、同じくアイドルを志すアメリアとソフィアと仲良くなる。 幼少の頃、リンと彼女の妹のミミは水難事故に巻き込まれた。そんな彼女を救ったのは、創作の中の存在と思われていた「職業神:アイドル」だった! リンがときおり見せる驚異的な力にまだ彼女は気づいていない。そのリンの潜在能力を、ヨウランはいち早く察知した。 — ▼ディスコグラフィ. — — ▼ ショートストーリー. — [Project B-idol] Episode of Rin — ▼ ギャラリー. — [Project B-idol] Rin’s Biography was originally published in PlayMining on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding t...

[world Flags] コミック配信開始!配信書店リストはこちら

2040年、上空に突如出現した穴から人類の敵が降臨した。 またたく間に地球上を恐怖と嘆きで満たした略奪者。人類は彼らを「ブリガンデ」と名付けた。 圧倒的な脅威の前に絶望する人類の最後の希望。 対ブリガンデ専用の討伐部隊、フラッグアーマーを身にまとう戦士たち。 彼らを人々は「旗本」と呼ぶ。 — ▼INDEX. — 配信電子書店, あらすじ ・第1巻 ・第2巻 ・第3巻 ・第4巻 ・第5巻 ・第6巻, 登場する旗本, — ▼配信電子書店. — Amebaマンガ Apple Books auブックパス BOOK☆WALKER COCORO BOOKS comico dブック ebookjapan GooglePlayブックス HeartOne BooKs honto ギャラクシーコミック(ギャラコミ) iコミック★らんど Kindle LINEマンガ LINEマンガ無料連載 pixivコミック Reader Store いつでも書店 エルラブ モビぶっく クランクイン!コミック コミックシーモア まんがセゾン スキマ スマートブックストア セブンネットショッピング ゼロコミ どこでも本屋さん ひかりTVブック フジテレビオンデマンド ブックライブ ブックライブ!コミック マンガBANG! モビぶっく ラクラクコミック 楽天Kobo 紀伊國屋kinoppy 電子書店コミスト 漫画全巻ドットコム — ▼あらすじ. — —...

『麺屋 ドラゴンラーメン』2月の各種報酬について

皆様第一回ラーメンバトルアリーナにご参加ありがとうございました! 今回は2月の各種報酬についてお伝えいたします! ■ 累計ラーメン販売スコアのリセットについて 2月1日3:59(JST)をもちまして1月度のDEAP報酬が終了となり、新しく2月度のDEAP報酬に切り替わります。 1月に獲得した「累計ラーメン販売スコア」はリセットされますのでご注意ください。 ■ 2月度のラーメン販売報酬について 2023年2月度の「累計ラーメン販売スコア」に対するDEAP報酬は下記となります。 毎月30日間を基準として計算を行っておりますため、2月のラーメン獲得ポイントの販売スコアが1月度の販売スコアよりも到達しやすくなるよう調整しております。 ・集計期間 2023年2月1日4:00(JST)~2023年3月1日3:59(JST) ■ 第二回ラーメンバトルアリーナの期間について 第二回ラーメンバトルアリーナは下記の日程にて開催を予定しております! 細かいルール、調整などについては改めて告知いたします。 ・開催期間 2月15日メンテナンス終了~2月22日メンテナンス開始まで ■ ラーメンバトルアリーナのDEAP報酬について 引き続きラーメンバトルアリーナは「Tier滞在報酬」と「Tier毎のランキング報酬」の二...

“Menya Dragon Ramen” February Rewards

Thank you all for taking part in the first Ramen Battle Arena! This time we will inform you about the various rewards for February! ■ Resetting of Total Ramen Sales Score The January DEAP rewards will end at 2:59 (UTC+8) on February 1, 2023 and will be replaced by the new February DEAP rewards. Please note that the “Total Ramen Sales Score” obtained in January will be reset. ■ Rewards for Ramen Sales in February The DEAP rewards for the “Total Ramen Sales Score” in the February 2023 period will be as follows: The calculation is based on a monthly period of 30 days, so the Ramen points earned from the sales score in February will be easier to reach than the sales score in January. ・Period From February 1, 2023, 3:00 to March 1, 2023, 2:59 (UTC+8) ■ The duration of the Second Ramen Battle Arena The Second Ramen Battle Arena is scheduled to be held as follows! Further notice will be given regarding detailed rules and adjustments. ・Period From the end of maintenance on February 15 to the start of maintenance on February 22 ■ DEAP rewards for Ramen Battle Arena The Ramen Battle Arena continues to offer two types of rewards: “Tier Retention Rewards” and “Ranking Rewards”. The calculation conditions are different for each, but by playing the Ramen Battle Arena, you can earn both rewards, so please participate with the aim of obtaining high rewards! Thanks to your patronage, the rewards for February, ...

『Lucky Farmer』ブースターアイテム仕様変更について

1月30日のメンテナンスにて『Lucky Farmer』のブースターアイテムの仕様を変更いたしました。 ブースターについての仕様と変更内容についてご紹介いたします。 ■ ブースターについて 「ブースター」というのは「DEPメダル100%ブースター [★1~★4]」のことを指し、こちらと同じレアリティの農地NFTにセットすることで、フィーバータイムやJACKPOT当選で出現するDEPメダルを入手した際に得られるDEAPcoin(以下、DEP)の獲得量を100%増加させるアイテムです。 所持しているブースターの個数に応じて獲得できるDEPの獲得量が加算されます。 なお、ブースターは農地NFTと同様に使用する度に耐久値が減少し、0になると消滅します。 ※ブースターはゲーム内のショップから購入可能です。 ※ブースターは最大9999個まで所持可能。 ※ブースターと農地NFTのレアリティが異なると効果はえられません。 ■ ブースター仕様の変更について 同一レアリティのブースターを一定数以上使用している場合、農地NFTの耐久値の減少を軽減するようになりました。 DEPメダル100%ブースターを50個~99個使用した場合 ⇒50個~99個使用中のブースターアイテムと同じレアリティの農地NFTは、耐久値の...

“Lucky Farmer” Change to the Specification of Booster Items

On January 30th, the specifications of the “Lucky Farmer” booster item were changed during the maintenance. Below is the information on the specifications and the changes of the booster. ■ About the Booster A “booster” refers to the “DEP Medal 100% Booster [★1-★4]”, and when set to the same rarity of the Farmland NFT, it increases the amount of DEAPcoin (hereinafter referred to as DEP) obtained during fever time and JACKPOT winning by 100%. The amount of DEP obtained increases according to the number of boosters possessed. Please note that the booster’s durability decreases with each use and disappears when it becomes 0. Boosters can be purchased from the in-game shop, Up to 9999 boosters can be possessed, The effect of the booster will not be activated if the rarity of the Farmland NFT and the booster is different., ■ Change to the booster specification When more than a certain number of boosters of the same rarity are used, the reduction in the endurance value of Farmland NFTs is now reduced. When 50 to 99 DEP Medal 100% boosters are used. ⇒Farmland NFTs of the same rarity as the 50–99 booster items in use will have their amount of endurance value reduced at 90%., When 100–199 DEP Medal 100% boosters are used. ⇒Farmland NFTs of the same rarity as the 100–199 booster items in use will have their amount of endurance value reduced at 80%., When more than 200 DEP Medal 100% boosters are use...

Overview of the “Cookin’ Burger” 7th Season Period & Rewards and Rankings

We are pleased to announce the period and rewards for Season 7 of the open beta version of Cookin’ Burger. ■ 7th Season Period Monday, January 30, 11:00:00 (UTC+8) — Monday, February 27, 10:59:59 (UTC+8) ⇒ Payday: Monday, March 6 *The seasonal switchover of Cookin’ Burger will be preceded by maintenance, so the actual start time will be when the maintenance is completed. ■ Estimated DEP Rewards for Each Rarity in the 7th Season In “Cookin’ Burger,” the amount of DEP you can earn depends on the rarity of the shop NFT you use. The following is a list of the rewards for each rarity of shop NFTs for 7th Season. [ Estimated DEP rewards by rarity ] ・Food cart (Secondhand ) :1.08~2.70DEP ・Food cart (Economy):16.14~35.25DEP ・Food cart ( Deluxe ):90.05~174.25DEP ・Food truck (Secondhand):258.22~324.66DEP ・Food truck (Economy) :484.34~676.30DEP ・Food truck (Deluxe) :1084.54~1566.68DEP *The amount of DEP that can be earned depends on the user’s playing skills, so the above amounts are only estimates. *Please note that the reward amounts may be adjusted or revised periodically. ■ Ranking By ranking high in the game, players will be able to earn DEP or in-game items. In the last week of the season, rankings will be generated for the highest score per play in the three categories (part-time staff, food cart and food track) and the rewards will be determined according to the results. Part...


DEA Appoints Tatsuya Kohrogi Vice President & Head Of Global Business

    Singapore-based GameFi ecosystem Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) has revealed the appointment of Tatsuya Kohrogi to the role of Vice President and Head of Global Business. Kohrogi will be leveraging his extensive experience to help DEA expand into new markets. Commenting on the company’s latest talent acquisition, DEA CEO Naohito Yoshida notes, 'Tatsuya is a dynamic leader and is highly experienced in building partner relations, creating and implementing leading initiatives and strategies. As we begin to expand our business across Asia, Europe, and North America, we are confident each region will grow under Tatsuya's leadership.' Prior to joining DEA, Kohrogi worked with prominent brands like Meta (formerly Facebook) and SoftBank. In his role as Partner Manager at Meta, Kohrogi’s key responsibilities included building long-term relationships with advertisers and advertising agencies across Japan. During his time at Meta, Kohrogi strategically grew his key partners’ businesses by 200% within two years as well as pushed scaling partner revenues to reach nine-figure annual values in US dollars. At SoftBank, Kohrogi held several titles over his seven-year tenure, including stints in business development, sales management, investment strategy, digital marketing, and co-founding an internal venture. Additionally, Kohrogi trained under SoftBank Group’s CEO Masayoshi Son, learning corporate leadership skills directly from Son, and worked on related... read More

PlayMining NFT Premier Will Host Project B-Idol Music NFTs product By IN...

    Artist collaborations will play a key role in the future of NFT development. For example, Entertainment Asset Pte, Ltd, or DEA, is working with INIMI to launch a digital idol project. In addition, working with a music artist collective will lead to a limited set of music NFTs, ushering in a new era for non-fungible tokens. Project B-IDOL Is Coming Soon NFT technology often revolves around digital artwork, which can be linked to real-world art, although it doesn't have to be. However, non-fungible tokens are not limited to images, as they can also represent video, music, or other files. The Project B-Idol NFT collection will span a limited number of music NFTs, introducing a different take on the non-fungible token concept. The collection results from a collaboration between DEA and INIMI, the music artist collective directed by SUNNY BOY. A collaborative effort will often help reach a broader audience and bring more credibility to a new NFT collection. DEA and INIMI will launch the collection in the summer of 2022 on the BNB Chain. Moreover, users can acquire the assets through PlayMining NFT Premier, the NFT marketplace built by the DEA team. An INIMI spokesperson adds: “It is a great honor for us to participate in the B-idol project. We have always been very interested in the NFT scene, so we are thrilled to have been asked to participate in this project. We wrote this song with a wish to warm the hearts of people who are experiencing tragic events currently going aro... read More


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