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DEHUB Price:
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The price of #DEHUB today is $0.00107 USD.

The lowest DEHUB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00107, and the current live price for one DEHUB coin is $0.00106634.

The all-time high DEHUB coin price was $0.06.

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The code for DeHub crypto currency is also #DEHUB.

DeHub is 1.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for DeHub is not available at this time.

DeHub is ranked #15249 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown today for #DEHUB.


The circulating supply of DEHUB is 3,787,894,324 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


DEHUB is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


DEHUB has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on probably at least one crypto exchanges but we don't have this data.

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Tokenomic Update & LGE Guide

All you need to know about the V3 Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) and DeHub tokenomic upgrade. TLDR; LGE launchpad listings ready and just waiting for the artwork on our marketplace. As planned, we are commencing on the 24th with time & wallet limits now set, 4 tiers for the token sale revealed as well as the new built in referral programme for all of our marketplace listings going live with the public GLE., We’re going to a clean, contract of the original ERC20 standard on the BNB Blockchain with no taxes, triggers or limits now we are at revenue generation/scaling stages. Below we detail how we intend to best implement the intentions of the now removed functions., Our V3 LGE will occur directly on our marketplace. We built it to act as a dual utility token and NFT minting protocol. Users buy tokens and mint an NFT simultaneously. This model provides extra clarity & transparency to the sale process while helping build further positive feedback loops and emotional hooks with community members further rewarding supporters. We will be opening it out to new projects of the highest quality that can provide major value to our battle hardened community. As each sale comes with a tradable NFT, we have a simple way to provide even further future utility on top of your acquired token allocations adding a new dynamic to token sales. DeLabs LTD will be injecting $100,000 into the relaunch and further undisclosed sums in uti...

Novum Principium

It’s time for a new beginning… - For those that missed the V1 to V2 upgrade, it was quite the event and it happened to lead to some major growth too. On our current contract, the triggers have de-calibrated & clogged and it could take months to resolve, if ever. Remember this is custom code we built from scratch, every single line, to suit our tokenomic design & not even Certik out of all our audits detected any potential issues with the triggers. This gives us an incredible opportunity to come together, start fresh with a relaunch of the token and under an improved contract that will never get stuck again. This time, nobody needs to claim or do anything, an instant like for like airdrop will commence on listing day so just kick back, relax and enjoy whatever V3 may bring. While we work on fixing the old contract to remove the liquidity, we can offer an incredible opportunity to generate a new liquidity pool and yield for our holders. Ticker: $DHB Total Supply: 8,000,000,000 Total Burned: 4,212,105,676 Circulating: 2,154,403,105 Initial Market Cap: $1.7m Private LGE: 0.0008 (+75%) Public LGE: 0.0009 (+55.5%) Listing: 0.0014 Release/Emissions: 0% as only reflections or taxes tradable. Vested tokens: 0 VC Unlocks: 0 Date: Commencing 24.09.22 LGE = Liquidity generation event, not a presale, as 100% of all funds is going into the pools across Pancakeswap & Gate. The first LGE is only open to existing DeHub ho...

Updates & AMA

An overview of what’s occurring in the ‘hub To kick things off, we’ve partnered with TikTok Star Lawrence Choto to film content for his channels as well as a documentary we are currently producing. With nearly 1m followers and averaging hundreds of thousands of views per post, we’re incredibly excited to get Web3, NFTs & DeHub out in the public eye. In similar ideology to Binance partnering with Khaby Lame, we feel this works especially well for us as Lawrence is known for inspirational, educational and thought provoking content often centred around random acts of kindness. Truly fitting to our ethos in the community we’ve built as well as the entire crypto industry so we couldn’t think of a better partner at this stage given our previously discussed plans for UK & global high streets, stations & centres. We’ve also partnered with BSC Daily for a learn to earn & long term marketing campaign starting September which will also see us featured in all their future posts about the BNB ecosystem and project sectors. As one of the biggest news and media outlets on the BNB chain, this is another super exciting partnership we’ve been working on for a while and they’ve built up strong partner channels such as Play to Earn Daily we’ll also be working with. Highlights of the week include the Travladd spaces with Verasity & StrikeX. As discussed live on air we’re working on integrating VRA’s a...

Let the games begin…

Major updates on our new win-to-earn games, raffles, taxes, rewards, LCFC & the promising future for all in the hub.DeRaffles are back after previous winners walked away with NFTs from icons such as Damien Hurt2 NEW P2E GAMES RELEASE We’re delighted to release our new range of win-to-earn games starting with our biggest hitter yet “Whack-A-Schiff” where you simply whack notorious bitcoin bear Peter Schiff to collect as many points as you can. First week prize pool will be 1,000,000 DeHub ~$1,000 to kick start the occasion. Is there anything more satisfying than whacking Peter Schiff in the face every day during a bear market? The answer is yes, of-course, you can get paid for it too. Simply play for your share of generic free rewards or win for an even higher stake by finishing in the top 10. Every Friday at midnight, scores are reset and the top 10 in that week will share the generated fees in that week for each designated game. Our cosmic endless flapper “Rocket Blaster” is scheduled for official launch for next week and will come with its own 1,000,000 prize pool so get practicing and enjoy the test beta on the arcade now.LCFC MINT LCFC Mint is live for only 1 month from 07/31/22–08/31/22 followed by a mass cremation for all un-minted chads and instant reveal (must let Tio know). Your chads will not only grant you access to all the clubs, events & d’apps we build in the network but you also get spec...

“Many talk about it, but not many are actually doing it…”

Bridging the physical and digital worlds, that is. The concept has become a cliche and a bit of a meme in this space as many claim to be building real-world integrations, yet so few are executing or releasing any d’apps. So it is with great pleasure we bring you two major announcements on this fine summer’s eve… 1) Our physical NFT marketplace is now officially in live Beta! We’ve coded an innovative smart contract that allows us to change each NFT’s status once the physical item has been delivered. This allows you to trade its full value should you not claim the asset and opens up entirely new trading, buying & collecting experiences. We will open source this innovation, making this tool available to all builders in the Web3 space as we are confident it will be essential for any NFT commerce solutions. Bridging the physical and digital world: Many talk about it, but not many are doing it. 2) Raffles are back with a major bang on the marketplace! We (DeLabs LTD) have acquired a 6-bedroom family home in a highly desirable village in South Hampshire with a retail value just below $1,000,000, which we are raffling off on our marketplace! The raffle is live, and you can enter here with only $11 BUSD per ticket. That’s right, one of you has the chance to win a family home or a life-changing sum of money! Why is this Physical NFT marketplace needed in the NFT space? Until today, users have resorted to highlighy ...

DeHub Establishes DeLabs LTD & UK Headquarters Due to Favourable NFT Stance by HMRC.

Our new UK Hub, 10F Dragoon House, Hussar Court, West Side View, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO77SF In response to recent changes in the regulatory stance of the UK government heralding the jurisdiction as an upcoming NFT hub for businesses, we’ve taken steps to register a new company here under the name of DeLabs LTD. This entity will oversee all NFT operations from the UK and adds to our Philippine SEC-registered HQ with more global offices pipelined as we expand. Supporting announcement The Marketplace beta is done and ready to launch on July 7th. Why not June? Although we are ready to go, CTO Alex is due to attend a wedding overseas and wants to ensure he is here in case of any issues arising around the launch. Given that we’re launching in a retail environment where customer service is paramount this decision makes a world of sense. Something we can improve on is communicating delays more effectively but as always discussed please keep up to date on our Dynamic Litepaper. Teaser for next announcement We’ve just partnered with a promising metaverse project who want our streaming, gaming & shopping d’apps in their (already built) virtual world. The main focus here will be on our licensed content and PPV events as well as the NFTs on our marketplace. You will be able to roam the metaverse as your chads or even drive around in your Lamborghini. We’re working closely together on the LCFC game and we’re already s...

A Whirlwind of a Week

If you’re still here, reading this and actively seeking new opportunities in the space, chances are you’re going to make it… Eventually. On a range of metrics such as RSI or consecutive down trends, we are in the worst bear market in the history of our beloved blockchain era. Much of it is due to lending and borrowing protocols, over-leveraged traders & egotistical billionaires playing cat and mouse. This does provide us with generational buying opportunities, but please stick to your investment game plan and avoid over-leveraging yourselves. Things could still get worse before they improve and nobody knows what is coming besides the ones in control. In the past month, we’ve seen the collapse of Luna, one of the largest stablecoins on the market at the time, 3AC, one of the largest hedge funds in the world managing $18b in assets at their peak. Now we’re hearing about potential insolvency at Celsius across our headlines and Twitter feeds. The outlook is bleak market-wide with Coinbase, Tesla and other leading companies announcing cut double-digit cuts to their workforces. Binance on the other hand is steamrolling ahead with growth and we’ve applied to all of their incubation programmes including Most Valuable Builder (MBV) Binance Labs. We’ve also tapped into the Philippine market and will begin to expand our reach across the region with plans for Puso, Raceline & other organisations to utilise DeHub’...

Town Hall Update

06.06.22 It’s another another big week for the team over here. Let’s kick off with the highlights:Marketplace: A public demo and litepaper release are now live. Almost all of the back- and front-end are now built, and the beta launch date is set to Imminent. ⏳ The exact date remains TBA, but we’re confident it will be JUNE. We are 99.9% beta ready and preparing to bug and stress test this week.Streaming d’app: Fresh content is coming imminently, along with a mini UIX upgrade release, both are set to launch simultaneously with the marketplace this month. The full UIX experience is being built from the ground up and as any builder knows this can take months to years. Iterative improvements like the upcoming release will help to improve the experience for new visitors that we expect to attract in numbers (details on campaigns to follow below).Perhaps you noticed our Co-Founder Indi performing for millions at the Queen of England’s pad on Sunday night? Indi is currently working closely with leading pop star Mabel at prestigious and wide-reaching events including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and the Primavera Festival, sponsored by Binance. Indi continues to build major connections across the entertainment and global ticketing industry space for us, dancing her heart out and networking the entire way.Developments Gaming In the short term, we can all look forward to more arcade fillers branded in DeHub ...

Wen Lambo? Sooner than you may have thought.

We are honoured to announce our new strategic investor & utility partner “Raceline” in Bristol, UK for an undisclosed 5 figure sum being DCA’d over an unspecified period dependent on market conditions. The best part? It’s literally a Lambo dealership… Website: View here if your IP is blocked: Autotrader or Google Why this is our highest value partner yet, besides the 8 figure car show room. Raceline is a luxury supercar & custom van production factory and dealership in Bristol, UK. The dealership is owned by Jantzen Nutt, our new strategic investor and exclusive Web3 partner who was quoted as saying “I don’t know much about this coin stuff, but I know it’s the future of everything and my kids would get it. I’d easily drop millions into this when I understand it all and see it working.” This was said as he committed to his first 5 figure investment in Puso shares and $DEHUB tokens with an arsenal of Lamborghinis, Ferraris & McLarens perched menacingly in the foyer. Raceline has around 30 supercars we can exclusively list on our marketplace which launches imminently, but it gets even better… Jantzen is a long term business associate and friend of our co-founder Fred Dunaway and has a massive network of partner dealers, suppliers & customers who happen to collect supercars. All of these will now be onboarded onto the DeHub network too, as every single purchase at Race...

DeHub is Bringing Bouts to the Blockchain, But Why Decentralise Pay-Per-View Events?

DeHub will soon become the first blockchain-based project to produce a consistent programme of top-tier Pay-Per-View Fight Nights, set to launch in January 2022. With legacy providers already operating in this space, what are the advantages of a more decentralised PPV model? Imagine being able to vote on Fight Night themes and participants, and to overrule questionable judging decisions. Visualise dynamic audience voting during a bout, where fighters in the cage can see how the audience rank their performances in real time. DeHub PPV events promise to introduce innovations that are devised by fighters with their audiences in mind. All of this is made possible by wresting power from vested interests and establishing a shared and mutually beneficial economy between athletes and their fans. The current digital media environment is often described as an ‘attention economy’ that incentivises businesses to extract the maximum time and data from their users in return for advertising revenue. DeHub’s PPV offering will be part of a transparent and secure ecosystem where viewers do not need to give up any data to watch or attend the events. Interruptions via online forms and advertising are left behind in DeHub’s streaming utopia where audiences are rewarded for their attention rather than bombarded with ads. DeHub is also innovating in the streaming space to position audiences in a more direct relationship with the events th...

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