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Dego Finance  


DEGO Price:
$3.8 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$30.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DEGO today is $2.15 USD.

The lowest DEGO price for this period was $0, the highest was $2.15, and the current live price for one DEGO coin is $2.15247.

The all-time high DEGO coin price was $33.23.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DEGO with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Dego Finance crypto currency is #DEGO.

Dego Finance is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Dego Finance is $30,483,896.

Dego Finance is ranked #394 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #DEGO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Dego Finance is $3,782,042.


The circulating supply of DEGO is 14,162,304 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Dego Finance is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


DEGO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the DEGO Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


DEGO has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 9 crypto exchanges.

View #DEGO trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #DEGO purchase.



SecondLive x DEGO Outfit NFT Mystery Box Giveaway

Event IntroductionAbout Event DEGO teams up SecondLive to launch its metaverse outfits in SecondLive world! The users will get a chance to open the DEGO NFT Mystery Box by completing specific tasks. DEGO outfit collections, including tops, bottoms, and shoes are hidden to be found by you!⏰ Event TimeWhitelist Campaign 12:00 July 19 to 12:00 July 26, UTCNFT Mystery Box Claim Period 12:00 July 28 to 24:00 Aug 4, UTC📖 Mystery Box Distributions The top 30 referrals will be whitelists directly and another 570 users will win the spots randomly. (600 NFTs in total). Gleam participants share the privilege to claim and open the NFTs. Details of the DEGO Outfit NFT distribution:200 DEGO shorts200 DEGO shoes200 DEGO T-shirt ***The remaining NFT Mystery Boxes will open for all Gleam participants to mint if any are left after the mint is due (12:00 July 28 to 24:00 Aug 4, UTC). . The event is based on a first-come-first-served basis.***🚥 How to Join the Campaign It only takes a few steps to join the campaign: Dego Finance Dego Finance is an NFT+DeFi protocol and infrastructure with two functions: The project acts as an independent and open NFT ecosystem drawing users to the blockchain space. The NFT Suite offers services covering the full NFT lifecycle, enabling anyone to issue NFTs, participate in auctions, and trade NFTs. Recent...

Dego Finance Uniform Design Competition: What to Wear in Dego Metaverse? You Decide!

Metaverse Branding Programme — Create Tailormade Metaverse Uniform for Web3 Projects Dego Finance collaborates with SecondLive to kick off its Summer Vibes — Fashion Design Competition the first partnership. The competition will invite creative designers to customize exclusive uniforms for Dego Finance. All submitted works will be reviewed directly by Dego Finance and the winning design will be used as Dego Finance's official uniform in SecondLive Metaverse. SecondLive, a 3D virtual Metaverse, aims to gradually build a parallel metaverse based on Web3. Part of the ecology it envisioned includes brand spaces and virtual merchandise specifically designed for each project partner.About the Competition — I. Introduction. — Contestants can create summer-themed outfits (including tops, bottoms, and shoes) for Dego Finance using the SecondLive Avatar Editing Tools (Gobeti). Contestants should design one outfit for men and one for women. There are no artistic style or approach restrictions, but please do not submit any illegal content. — II. Rewards. — The total $2000 DEGO rewards are sponsored by Dego Finance. There are three levels (prize/winner):First Prize (1 winner): $550 DEGOSecond Prize (2 winners): $300 DEGOThird Prize (5 winners): $100 DEGOCreativity Prize (7 winners): $50 DEGO — III. Rules. — Theme: All works submitted should be on the theme of Summer Vibes. All the ...

To DEGO Community: New ERC-20 and BEP-20 Smart Contract

Dear community members: After the recent hacking incident, we worked with EtherScan team and some of the hacker’s addresses have been marked. Currently, a certain amount of DEGO tokens are still in the hacker’s possession(but cannot be liquidated in major exchanges since the lockdown). In order to shield users from potential damage to markets, DEGO Finance has updated the ERC-20 and BEP-20 smart contracts.The new DEGO ERC20 smart contract has been deployed and can be found here: new DEGO BEP-20smart contract has been deployed and can be found here: to claim the new DEGO tokens: The DEGO Finance team is working with its partnered exchanges to organize the swap with them. If you hold DEGO on an exchange, please keep an eye out on their announcements, or contact your exchange to check when and how they will do the swap. We are very grateful to all those who helped us and walked with us in this pickle. We’ll keep all of you updated on the latest developments.About DEGO Finance DEGO Finance is an NFT+DeFi protocol and infrastructure with two functions: The project acts as an independent and open NFT ecosystem drawing users to the blockchain space. The NFT Suite offers services covering the full NFT lifecycle, enabling anyone to issue...

Dego Republic Strikes Back — DEGO Token Migration

Dego Republic Strikes Back — DEGO Token Migration Dear Community, We will implement DEGO token migration at the block height of 14340334 (Ethereum chain)/15853612 (Binance Smart Chain). And then, we will open the collection of new tokens. It has been a while since we were hacked. We have been investigating with relevant organizations and recovering the corresponding token during this period. There are already some clues, and we are still recovering. We’ll keep all of you updated on the latest developments while working on a solution for remedy. Whether the stolen funds can be recovered or not, We carry on.DEGO New Token ContractWe will implement ⅘ multisig systemAdd blacklistAdd contract suspension featureDestruction of DEGO: The transfer and destroy fees will be 0%-20% of the transfer amount after the migration is completed. — New DEGO Multisig Address. — Binance Smart Chain dego-admin-bnb: 0x02825c0a0A328356060d93b6Fff167d8BD1c7905 dego-team-bnb: 0x14A5A080151aCB60F60e581Ce36B6D4fbf56c309 dego-reward-bnb: 0xed355Cab6Cb0d1F88b25f091E57aa57f911a2e3Ethereum Chain dego-admin-eth: 0x2546BF7283D0FA3E511A3C3D1A8C75523Abd4e1e dego-team-eth: 0x60c83ABB01e8E023BF887dc36E0A030642298a28 dego-reward-eth: 0x72A7E0764A06697d8755048Ccec37A37106e4798 — About hackers issuing additional tokens. — The tokens stolen by hackers have flowed into the secondary market and cannot be reset. We will not migrate t...

To DEGO Community: Summary of the Event After a Thorough Investigation and Efforts

Dear community members: As you have probably heard about the recent hacking incident, we would like to summarise this event after a thorough investigation and efforts working with all partners like security experts and exchanges.What happened? At 3 AM UTC 10th/Feb/2022, we detected abnormal change of DEGO price on DEX and centralised exchange too. The team looked into this anomaly and quickly concluded there has been a well-organised hacking event from approx. 11:29 PM UTC 9th/Feb/2022, targeting DEGO team addresses hosting DEGO tokens and DEX liquidity (DEGO/ETH, DEGO/BNB). 1. The hacker has drained DEGO pairs liquidity provided by the team on UniSwap and Pancake Swap, subsequently stealing 2613.40 BNB, 378.76 ETH and 492,316.41 DEGO tokens. 2. The hacker also hijacked DEGO’s Minting contract and minted a total of 1,185,164.71 DEGO tokens. 3. For ETH and BNB, The hacker used Tornado.Cash to mix funds. For DEGO tokens, The Hacker liquidated 1,288,233.59 DEGO tokens through an instant exchange service (DEGO Price fell by 12.90% from $4.42 — $3.85 by 12 PM UTC 9th/Feb/2022), which operates accounts on centralised exchanges and offers No-KYC service. Some of the proceeds were converted to BTC and XMR and sent to the following addresses: bc1qtjy0gy0s4pkhf0xs9lu5xqx9zn9f7p0awmc3zg bc1qr3cvm5a7m8azxj8605e45enehfkm0y9yvnhrs4 bc1qm049eph90d9dtkt4g4xcsazerz5kpc0daah6fc bc1qf3w6ce6hafpcf4r4kkksq5g9880epa5prpm5qu bc1qn0z2zl...

DEGO Monthly Report in September ( from September 1 to September 30)

In September, DEGO team has made productive progress. We will endeavor to make a breakthrough in October. Please read our Monthly Report for the details. — Events and Partnerships - 1. D-Verse (DEGO Metaverse) presale officially launched on September 27th and D-Verse NFT is a pass to the future Gamefi. D-Verse NFT Minting ended at 12:00 PM, 29 Sep. (The ONLY access to mint D-Verse NFT). All D-Verse holders will share exclusive rights of DEGO metaverse in the future. 2. DEGO co-organized with in the “BeyondTheBigBang”, the first anniversary of the BSC event, and supported a giveaway worth 100 $DEGO. 3. DEGO officially launches in BSC DeFi Space, $2000 worth $DEGO airdrop distributed. 4. DEGO was listed by WazirX exchange on September 14th. 5. DEGO and Bull Wallet have reached a strategic partnership on September 15th. DEGO finance will be a featured dapp on Bull Wallet. 6. DEGO and SecondLive have Reached a Strategic Partnership on September 25th. 7. DEGO was listed by STEX.COM on September 1st. 8. DEGO added to iMe Wallet and are available for swapping, sending, and storing. 9. D-Verse secondary market opened at Treasureland on September 29th. — Other News - 1. DEGO is one of the most innovative projects over the past year by Binance Smart Chain.  — @BinanceChain 2. DEGO is one of the top 10 #DeFi Dapps with the Highest Social Signal. (Featured by CryprtoRank) 3. DEGO is among ...

Join the D-Verse NFT Presale, Grab a Ticket to DEGO Metaverse!

Hooray, D-Verse (DEGO Metaverse) officially launches! In the space of Degoland, D-Verse NFT will play a crucial role in the incoming DEGO gameplay. Apart from the trading feature, D-Verse NFT holders will enjoy the governance in D-Verse, and share the potential priorities in the gamefi and metaverse in the future.Details of D-Verse Presale D-Verse Presale will consist of two rounds from 12:00, 27 Sep, UTC ( 24-hour clock). Round one will be exclusive for whitelist users. Public sales will open after whitelist round. — ⏰ Timeline:. — Round One: Whitelist sale (12:00–12:30, 27 Sep, UTC) Round Two: Public sale (After 12:30, 27 Sep, UTC) — 🎯 Venue: — (the ONLY Access to mint D-Verse NFT) — 💰 Price:. — NFT price will change with the purchase ranking, see the chart below: When a number of NFTs are sold at a specific price, NFT minting will start at a higher price in the next range until all 6 phases are sold out. Each phase is based on a first come first served basis. For example, you are the №488 buyer in the presale round, you will mint a D-Verse NFT at the price of 0.08 ETH.📚 Tutorial to Mint a D-Verse NFTVisit 2. Click “Connect Wallet”. Make sure it’s connected to the Ethereum network. 3. Click “MINT”. 4. After the gas settings interface pops up, click the “Confirm” button. Please be noted that all operations on-chain consumes g...

D-Verse NFT Whitelist Event Officially Kicks Off, Do Tasks, 1000 Whitelists to be won!

D-Verse (DEGO Metaverse) NFT Whitelist Event Officially Kicks Off, Do Tasks, 1000 Whitelists to be Won! Hooray, D-Verse (DEGO Metaverse) is coming! The world calculus rules are generated. And players are coming to enter the D-Verse. All the elements of the metaverse will be made and constructed by players. Thanks for your long-term support to DEGO Finance, we decide to release a whitelist campaign with Treasureland to both communities. A total of 1000 whitelist places for the pre-sale of D-Verse NFT. All whitelist addresses will be privileged to join the pre-sale of D-Verse.Whitelist Distribution (1000 in total): — — Loyal DEGO holders:. — Top 100 DEGO holders on chain will be enrolled into whitelists automatically (Calculation time of snapshot: 12:00 Sep 13th) — — Whitelist campaign: Click here. — Rules:Join D-verse whitelist campaign and complete the tasks.Whitelist spots: 900 participants randomlyTop 10 referrals will win $20 each in DEGO ⏰ End: 12:00 UTC, Sep 13th Note: Users are required to join DEGO discord. We will increase 100 spots for every 1000 members increase in DEGO, 900 spots in total. We will announce the whitelist on Sep 14th. Details of pre-sale will be released soon. Stay tuned!Notes:This pre-sale is on the Ethereum chain.The whitelist can participate in this pre-sale in advance.A whitelisted address can mint ONE D-verse NFT ONLY.Users being caught cheating or u...

Hashkey Interview with DEGO Ambassador Xavier: Interpretation on Financial Innovation of NFT

This interview article was originally published by Hashkey:. — “The expert in the interview, Xavier of DEGO China Ambassador, is a senior Dapp and NFT player in the circle, with years of experience in the field of NFT. In the interview, we ask 22 questions exploring some financial innovation applications of NFT to outline a blueprint of the future development of NFT.” “Nowadays, most NFTs are artworks, but there is much room for utilization of NFT in the financial sector. 1. Scarlett: Artworks are usually not traded frequently, and NFT artworks generally lack liquidity. Why do most NFT projects still follow the path of artworks and collectibles? Xavier: After the short-lived prosperity of CryptoKitties in 2017, NFT did not come into the spotlight again until the end of 2020. Now, the NFT industry is still in a relatively early stage. The first NFT project that attracted people’s attention is CryptoKitties. The success and popularity of CryptoKitties then left a stereotype that artwork is the right path for NFT development, and NFT is naturally associated with art, collectibles, cards and scarcity. As a result, most subsequent NFT projects copy this model. This is quite normal. 2. Scarlett: Today, many NFT projects of artworks and collectibles are launched and developed based on well-known IP. What do you think of this development path of NFT+IP? Xavier: I think there is a bubble in the combination of IP and...

DEGO Monthly Report in August ( from August 1 to August 31)

In August, DEGO team has made productive progress. We will endeavor to make a breakthrough in September. Please read our Monthly Report for the details of events, partnerships, and other news. — Events and Partnerships - 1. Welcome to DEGO’s birthday party! Together with our partners TRIAS and COCOS, a total of 4 mining pools worth $600,000 will be launched. The Pool Mining Campaign will be launched on 19 AUG and 50,000 DEGO, 5000 TRIAS, and 60,000 COCOS will be ready for mining.  — @dego_finance 2. DEGO had an AMA with CoPuppy on August 5th. 3. CCTIP and DEGO reached a strategic partnership on August 9th. CCTIP is a multi-chain supported and Project-friendly wallet trusted by millions of users. CCTip listed DEGO in their wallet. 4. DEGO had an anniversary NFT design campaign with Treasureland from August 13 to Sep 3.  — @TreasurelandNFT 5. DEGO celebrated its first anniversary and launched an online carnival on August 19th. Read More — Other News - 1. DEGO is the NFT project in “NFT DAILY Weekly Performance Of Most-traded NFT Projects”. (Provide by NFT Daily) 2. DEGO is one of the top coins by price performance in 2021 on August 4th. (Provide by CryptoDep) 3. DEGO was listed by LBank exchange on August 9th. 4. Binance had added DEGO to the list of supported assets on Savings, a value-added service to Binance users who hold idle digital assets. Users can Earn Up...


DeFi Project Dego Finance Hacked: Exploiters Reportedly Drain Over $10M

    Dego Finance was hacked on February 10. Shortly after, it joined forces with prominent cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, and to close deposits of its native governance and equity token, DEGO. The protocol also urged Uniswap, Poloniex, PancakeSwap, WazirX, etc., to do the same to mitigate the losses. Dego Finance Hackers Withdraw $10M Dego Finance's official Twitter handle claimed that its own address providing liquidity on popular decentralized exchanges - Uniswap and PancakeSwap - was compromised. As a result, DEGO pairs liquidity provided by the team was drained. The DeFi platform also urged the hackers to come forward and communicate with it. 'We’ll keep all stakeholders updated on the latest developments, as well as talk to reputable security teams on how to identify the hacker and retrieve loss. We would ask the hacker to come forward and communicate.' According to the blockchain security and analytics company Peckshield, the exploiters withdrew more than $10 billion from Dego Finance as well as from GameFi Incubator Cocos-BCX. The company's data showed that funds from 13 addresses were drained, which belonged to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Cronos. The exploiters withdrew more than $10 million from @dego_finance & @CocosBCX ! The illegal assets are currently here ETH&BSC: 0x118203b0f2a3ef9e749d871c8fef5e5e55ef5c91 Here is the drained wallets list: — PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) February 10... read More

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