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DEFIT Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DEFIT today is $0.10 USD.

The lowest DEFIT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.098, and the exact current price of one DEFIT crypto coin is $0.09802.

The all-time high DEFIT coin price was $1.36.

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The code for Defit crypto currency is also #DEFIT.

Defit is 2.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Defit is $3,437,688.

Defit is ranking upwards to #1180 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very weak volume of trading today on #DEFIT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Defit is $91.00.


The circulating supply of DEFIT is 35,071,596 coins, which is 70% of the total coin supply.


DEFIT has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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DEFIT | Dev Update April 2022

Dear community, OMG!!!! What did we just experience? The true power of community in #web3. In a matter of days, we flipped several large projects backed by largest crypto funds and VC firms holding millions of tokens with billions of supply. Well we are not quite the same. DEFIT started by a team of visionaries coming together to create what is now known as the Move to Earn segment. We were early and now the world is ready. Were they really the first? See by yourself. Side note: They created the category 3 months later. Our vision from day 1 was make the world move. Motivate people to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. But not only, we wanted to create a complete ecosystem powered by the DEFIT token. Giving DEFIT more use cases and value than any other simple reward token out there. We articulated this vision into 3 strategic priorities below. By creating a complete marketplace where health and fitness professionals and sport apparel brands could reference themselves and offer their services to our community we would be able create the World First Fitness Marketplace built on a tokenised economy. Imagine the potential….“People spend about $1.5 trillion a year on consumer health and wellness products and services.”There are an estimated 370K fitness instructors and trainers in the US alone and more than 3.5M globally.Even after the pandemic, 70% of online exercisers plan to maintain or increase their digital fitn...

DEFIT | Dev Update February 2022

Dear community, Our project is 10 months old! And we are proud. Proud to be writing this article today, with confidence, about where we are and what the future holds for us. Proud to be more than just alive, but thriving and striving to build the future of digital fitness and Web3. Proud to continue building strong foundations while countless other projects launched and died within the same lifespan. Other projects whose only value is to speculate on a price rise and then dump on less sophisticated and unsuspecting n00bs. Projects whose sole existence rely on a mere promise of a moonshot. DEFIT is different and DEFIT is here to stay. Our team is working relentlessly regardless of market conditions to execute and deliver our vision of building a Global Fitness Web3 Community powered by its native token. And we are in pole position to achieve that. From this month onwards, we’ll post monthly updates to keep you better informed of our progress and let you share the word with others.Market bites — Wellness, an Ever Increasing Market. — People spend about $1.5 trillion a year on consumer health and wellness products and services — and they plan to spend even more in the future. Source: — The Rise of the Fitness Creator. — When gyms shuttered and the industry went digital, fitness p...

DEFIT Stands with Fitness Industry During COVID-19 Surge

DEFIT Community, COVID-19 has changed the way we function in our daily lives. Due to the pandemic, businesses have shut down, virtual classes have taken over, and fitness enthusiasts now rely on digital applications for their workout routines. The traditional world is changing; therefore, we must prepare ourselves to Gymnasiums and fitness centers worldwide have been debating when the right time is to re-open. However, with new mutations of the Delta Variant, there is rather a massive wave of disappointment. According to, there are currently 242,262,922 Coronavirus cases detected. With numbers growing per day, it becomes more difficult to determine whether the fitness industry will be back to its traditional methods any time soon. Although COVID-19 has negatively impacted the fitness and health industry, states in its Gym & Fitness Impact Report, “The importance and benefit of living a healthy lifestyle have not stopped with the spread of COVID-19, but has instead changed dramatically. Americans seeking to reduce stress and stay fit looking for creative new ways to exercise and stay active at home.” DEFIT is founded on the philosophy of making others’ lives- not easier, but better. Built on the Blockchain and driven with strong fitness fundamentals, DEFIT surfaces as one of the only functioning fitness tokens in the space. With the fitness industry struggling to contin...

DEFIT Emerges with New Plans on the Horizon

DEFIT Community, The cryptocurrency industry is growing at an impressive rate as technological innovations constantly emerge. With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more mainstream, the modern world naturally expects technological advancements to step up their game. Although several dApps (DeFi applications) and blockchain protocols have been successful thus far, the fitness industry still lacks a bridge to blockchain which will facilitate the mass adoption revolution that we anticipate. DEFIT is leading the fitness and health revolution; in the past month, we introduced a Ferrum Network token bridge and its Polygon and Quickswap launch. Although still in the early stages, DEFIT will continue to be the construction that supports the digital fitness How can $DEFIT advance mass adoption? “Mass adoption means governments globally have created an enabling environment for blockchain and cryptocurrency to flourish or adopted the technology in their practices, whether it’s blockchain-as-a-service for intergovernmental transactions, BTC or ETH-based futures contracts or central-bank issued digital currencies.” — CoinTelegraph Mass adoption requires a majority to be on the same page. For a traditionally centralized structure to enable decentralized systems to transform, a convincing blockchain protocol has to function as the bridge. $DEFIT connects blockchain users to the present fitness industry and vice ver...

DEFIT Releases New Staking Pools on Polygon Network!

DEFIT Community, Following the recent successes of DEFIT’s migration to Polygon Network, the launch of the token bridge with Ferrum Network, and Quickswap listing, DEFIT has further released new staking pools for its users.OVERVIEW OF DEFIT Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is a multichain cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum and Polygon Network. DEFIT aspires to become the #1 cryptocurrency for the global sport and fitness community through its upcoming integration within the 360Wellness marketplace for consuming health and fitness products and services. The DEFIT tokens implement a Proof-of-Stake model to reach consensus. Proof-of-Stake models enable owners to put up their tokens as collateral, enabling validators to dedicate their cryptocurrencies. This means users may also get to stake their tokens to generate a high yield for locking their tokens for a specific period.OVERVIEW OF NEW STAKING POOLS The two staking pools launched with the cooperation of Ferrum Network and justified through the Polygon Network are Hustle & Muscles pool and the Iron Edge pool. Hustle & Muscles STAKING CAP: 1,200,000 90 DAYS MATURITY REWARDS: 78% APY MINIMUM CONTRIBUTION: 100,000 DEFIT Mandatory lock: 30 Days | Early rewards 20% APY Staking contribution closes in 7 days. Important note: Hustle & Muscles staking pool has a minimum contribution of 100,000 DEFIT.

DEFIT Partners with Ferrum Network to Launch Top-Notch Token Bridge Solution for its Community

DEFIT Community, We are excited to announce the official launch of our Cross- Chain Token Bridge solution in partnership with Ferrum Network. Following the successful deployment of DEFIT on Polygon, DEFIT partners with Ferrum Network to offer our community an easy-to-use, secured, and fast token bridge solution to swap DEFIT between Ethereum and Polygon Network. The DEFIT Bridge is now live and fully operational. Visit the official bridge here. You can now access the Ferrum bridge and swap your DEFIT tokens from one chain to another in minutes by completing an easy five steps process.Connect your wallet to the bridge, enter the DEFIT tokens you’d like to swap, and then approve the transaction. Notes:Make sure you have selected the appropriate network you want to swap from in Metamask.Have sufficient ETH on the Ethereum network in your wallet to validate the transactionHave sufficient MATIC on Polygon main net in your wallet to claim your DEFIT 2. Once the transaction is approved, hit the swap button and confirm the swap. Notes:You will need some ETH on the Ethereum network in your wallet to proceed with the transaction fees.A 1% swapping fee is applied. The fees collected are split 50/50 between DEFIT and Ferrum Network to support the operation and maintenance of the bridge. 3. Within minutes, and worries-free, the swap is completed. The next step is to switch your network to Matic main net to claim your DEFIT tokens....

DEFIT Launches on Polygon Network and is Now Tradable on Quickswap

ttps:// DEFIT Community, We are excited to announce that DEFIT is now live on Polygon! Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Being one of the largest blockchain networks, Polygon attracts a range of audiences with its economical gas fees and accelerated block deployment time. This integration with Polygon enables DEFIT to complete another milestone and progress with its roadmap of objectives and plans. With DEFIT now being multichain with Polygon, users may experience the adaptability and scalability of alt chains. This milestone has significant importance as we strive towards delivering our vision to bring the Fitness World onto the Blockchain. We are integrating a DEFIT wallet at the heart of the 360Wellness ecosystem, allowing people to consume Health and Fitness products and services (E.g., live fitness classes, yoga, meditation, PT sessions, purchase of sports products and accessories, etc.) globally via cryptocurrency payments in-app. DEFIT plans to offer a fast, secured, low-transaction-fee payment alternative to traditional payment gateways such as Apple, Google, and Stripe API payment integration. We are pioneers in the space and paving the way to crypto mass adoption by a Trillion Dollars industry. $DEFIT launched 11.5M total supply available on Polygon In conformity with our recent community DAO Vote, we have removed 1.5M DEFI...

DEFIT Leads the Fitness Industry Towards a Bright Future

DEFIT Community, With Blockchain technology empowering many creative innovations and new world products, DEFIT is joining the early train to transform the future of the fitness industry. Presently, Blockchain has impacted many sectors of technology and will continue to only expand in a matter of time. The rapid evolvement of Blockchain technology can persuade the involvement of the fitness industry to thrive in its many benefits. DEFIT is revolutionizing the world of health and fitness by bringing the fitness industry onto the Blockchain. The DEFIT token is built to support the mission of mass adoption into cryptocurrencies and its usability within the fitness industry. Here are some highly-valued benefits of the $DEFIT token:Data PrivacyAffordabilityUse of CryptocurrencyElimination of third-party intermediariesE-Commerce SupportIn-App Gamification What does the future of fitness look like? Regarding COVID-19 and its negative effects of indefinite lockdowns and lifestyle restrictions, more people are compelled to perform their daily activities remotely. With many companies changing their availabilities, gymnasiums and fitness centers are expected to change their ways of operating. According to IHRSA (The Global Health and Fitness Association), “more than one out of five fitness facilities had already closed permanently by June 2021”. The downfall of health and fitness businesses demanded a modification within the traditi...

DEFIT Releases New Litepaper 2.0!

DEFIT Community, We are happy to announce the release of our Litepaper 2.0! THE DIGITAL FITNESS INDUSTRY PROCEEDS TOWARDS A SIGNIFICANT REVOLUTION with DEFIT’s objectives in line with being the #1 digital fitness DEFIT had come a long way since its rebranding a few months ago. With new updates appearing on the horizon, the DEFIT team is ready to take things to the next level. With the recently announced Litepaper 2.0, DEFIT explains in-depth- strategic initiatives, use cases, policies, and opportunities.Litepaper 2.0 Highlights: Strategic Initiatives DEFIT aims to make exercising more convenient, accessible, and affordable. The 360Sports team has developed a global platform that enables users to mitigate time constraints and increase convenience by offering seamless integration of live virtual classes. Solutions DEFIT is a first- of- its- kind of cryptocurrency that can bring the dedicated fitness world onto the blockchain. By providing the fitness industry with its digital currency, $DEFIT can offer a more reliable, secured, and transparent way of payment accessible to anyone from anywhere. Currently, over 1 billion people in the world cannot access banks, which leaves a considerable percentage of the population without a chance to have financial access. Without access to a personal banking system, many goods and services become unattainable. However, on the other hand, there are almost 5 billion pe...

DEFIT Hosts Airdrop Giveaway and Leads as #1 Cryptocurrency for Digital Fitness

The DEFIT team has announced some significant updates for both the $DEFIT digital currency integration as well as its parent digital fitness application, 360Wellness. With the team working hard behind the scenes, DEFIT’s ambitious plans and objectives are in action! First and foremost, the $DEFIT Airdrop Giveaway is now LIVE! The Giveaway will take place for one entire week, starting from 9th of July 2021 to the 16th of July 2021.Enter Giveaway! To qualify for the giveaway, users must sign up and complete the tasks — with each additional tasks rewarding extra submission (s). NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. To enter the DEFIT Giveaway, please visit here. As a recap, in the month of June, 360Wellness was featured on Tech Times as an upcoming rising fitness app. The article summarized the importance of the application’s integration of digital fitness and blockchain technology.“Many Blockchain-based applications have been previously designed to address issues in the traditional health and fitness industry. Unfortunately, they are yet to see the light of day because they failed to meet all of the requirements a modern user demands. 360Wellness is revolutionizing digital fitness. Without adopting blockchain in all essential areas, the idea of creating a fair economy can never be realized.”— Tech Times Following Tech Times’ feature, DEFIT was also gi...

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