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DCR Price:
$2.0 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DCR today is $14.64 USD.

The lowest DCR price for this period was $0, the highest was $14.64, and the exact current price of one DCR crypto coin is $14.64188.

The all-time high DCR coin price was $250.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DCR with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Decred is #DCR.

Decred is 7.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Decred is $229,564,325.

Decred is ranking downwards to #149 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #DCR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Decred is $2,035,229.


The circulating supply of DCR is 15,678,614 coins, which is 75% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Decred is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


DCR is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 18 crypto exchanges.

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Decred Journal — June 2023

Decred Journal — June 2023 - Artwork by @Exitus Highlights of June: Decred core software v1.8.0 was released, unlocking new consensus voting options and features., DEX v0.6.2 was also released, preparing for the new consensus votes and deploying many other improvements., Voting started for the two new consensus proposals (change subsidy split and proof of work hashing function) once the upgrade process had progressed sufficiently in early July., Funding for development of decentralized mesh architecture for DCRDEX was approved., Contents: · Upgrade and Vote on New Consensus Changes! · Core Software v1.8.0 Release · DCRDEX v0.6.2 Release · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Events · Media · Markets · Relevant External — Upgrade and Vote on New Consensus Changes! - Everyone is encouraged to upgrade to the latest core software version to be able to vote on the two new consensus changes and follow the chain after they activate, if approved. To stay synced with the network, it is important to upgrade even if you don’t intend to vote in favor of the agendas. For a refresher on Decred governance, consensus changes, and hardforks that don’t split the network, check out the docs. You can learn about the latest consensus changes in the following documents: Change PoW/PoS Subsidy Split to 1/89 and Change PoW Algorithm to BLAKE3 proposal, DCP0011: Change PoW to BLAKE3...

Decred Journal — May 2023

Decred Journal — May 2023 - Image: Cyberstorm by @Exitus Highlights of May: DCRDEX v0.6.1 has been released, with DigiByte support and important fixes for LTC and ZEC., The Decred Vanguard proposal was approved and the community-driven social media outreach program has already started., Bison Relay has been making progress, with a first version of pages being merged as well as the merchant tools for Stores., Contents: · DCRDEX v0.6.1 Release · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Events · Media · Markets · Relevant External — DCRDEX v0.6.1 Release - This DEX release features: Initial DigiByte (DGB) support (requires a full node wallet running alongside), Important fixes for Litecoin (LTC) and Zcash (ZEC), Rate of an order in Your Orders table is easier to see now, Chart candle size is now remembered and the default size changed to 1 hour, Get the latest DEX client as a standalone app, or as part of Decrediton, or install it from Decred’s custom Umbrel App Store. As always, we recommend to verify the files before running. — Development - The work reported below has the “merged to master” status unless noted otherwise. It means that the work is completed, reviewed, and integrated into the source code that advanced users can build and run, but is not yet available in release binaries for regular users. — dcrd - dcrd is a full node implementati...

Decred Journal — April 2023

Decred Journal — April 2023 - Image: Untitled by @Exitus Highlights of April: Decred DEX saw a major new release shipping around 8 months of dev work, including ETH and USDC trading., v1.7.7 of the core Decred software has been released, featuring optimizations and bug fixes as well as ta feature allowing Decrediton users to vote on individual TSpends., Another new Bison Relay release deployed many of the improvements to UX and onboarding., Contents: · Core Software v1.7.7 Release · DCRDEX v0.6.0 Release · Bison Relay v0.1.7 Release · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Events · Media · Markets · Relevant External — Core Software v1.7.7 Release - Highlights of the v1.7.7 release: dcrd got a few optimizations to use a bit less bandwidth and CPU in certain scenarios., dcrwallet got many bug fixes and performance improvements for SPV mode, ticket buying, and mixing. In particular, this benefits heavily-used wallets that contain many transactions., Decrediton gained voting for individual TSpend transactions, redesigned launcher views that educate the user while the wallet is loading, redesigned Trezor views, an upgrade to DCRDEX v0.6.0 with ETH and USDC trading, and a number of bug fixes., Visit the GitHub release for the full list of changes and downloads. As always, we recommend to verify the files before running.Image: New launcher views — learn about De...

Decred Journal — March 2023

Decred Journal — March 2023 - Image: Untitled by @Exitus Highlights of March: A proposal was made and approved to change the block subsidy payout from 10/80 PoW/PoS to 1/89, as well as change the algorithm to exclude specialised hardware., Bison Relay v0.1.5 was released and v0.1.6 RC1 is already out as well., DCRDEX 0.6 is being beta tested and release candidates are appearing., Decred Journal was one of four proposals to be approved for the month, with three for specific aspects of DCRDEX development., Contents: · Proposal to change PoW algorithm and reduce PoW rewards · Bison Relay v0.1.6 Release Candidate · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Events · Media · Markets · Relevant External — Proposal to change PoW algorithm and reduce PoW rewards - A major change is coming to Decred’s consensus and economics. A proposal has been submitted to further reduce the Proof of Work share of rewards from 10% to 1%, increase Proof of Stake rewards from 80% to 89%, and change the mining algorithm from BLAKE-256 to BLAKE3. This will remove all currently mining ASIC hardware from the network with the goal to fix the price discovery of DCR. As of writing the proposal has been approved. Next steps will be to implement new consensus rules in code, release a new version of core software, let the network install it and let the stakeholders vote to activate the new rules. All of ...

Decred Journal — February 2023

Decred Journal — February 2023 - Image: Decred Birthday Cake Highlights of February: Decred passed the milestone of 7 years in operation., Decred DEX saw a v0.5.9 bugfix and polish release, and there are extensive reports of heavy dev progress, v0.6 is getting close., Bison Relay v0.1.4 was released, improving UX, and an Oprah tipping bot is now operating on BR., The Timestamply redesign is now live., The ticket price saw a sharp drop followed by epic upswing, which took it to a new all time high., Contents: · DCRDEX v0.5.9 Release · Bison Relay v0.1.4 Release · Development · People · Governance · Network · Outreach · Events · Media · Markets · Relevant External — DCRDEX v0.5.9 Release - v0.5.9 was released with v0.6 just around the corner to enable automatically deployed Docker images for Umbrel. However, there are many other fixes in this release that were backported from v0.6 development: Improved client database compaction to save disk space., More accurate swap fee estimates., Protections against zero fee swaps., Improved performance., Cleaned up logging., Fixed about a dozen edge cases., Full release notes and standalone DEX app downloads can be found here. Hashes and signatures are included that allow for verification that downloads have not been damaged or modified by third parties. — Bison Relay v0.1.4 Release - Bison Relay received another quality of life update with v0.1...

Decred Journal — January 2023

Decred Journal — January 2023 - Image: Decred Owl by @OfficialCryptos Highlights for January: A remake of the Timestamply site to facilitating timestamping on the DCR chain has been approved for funding and is already available to test., 8 proposals were published on Politeia and by publication time voting has concluded for all of them, 5 were approved and 3 rejected., Bison Relay received a quality of life update with many fixes and improvements, v0.1.3., Contents: · Bison Relay v0.1.3 · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Events · Media · Markets · Relevant External — Bison Relay v0.1.3 - New v0.1.3 release has brought many bug fixes and quality of life improvements discovered during early community testing. AppImage builds are now available for Linux users. Get the latest release at the new download selector or directly from GitHub. Head to the Bison Relay section for a detailed list of changes in v0.1.3 and beyond. — Development - The work reported below has the “merged to master” status unless noted otherwise. It means that the work is completed, reviewed, and integrated into the source code that advanced users can build and run, but is not yet available in release binaries for regular users. — dcrd - dcrd is a full node implementation that powers Decred’s peer-to-peer network around the world. Modified the method that prunes expired tran...

Decred Journal — December 2022

Decred Journal — December 2022 - Image: Bison Relay artwork by @saender December’s highlights: Bison Relay was introduced and launched, this innovative privacy-enhancing and spam-resistant messaging network uses Decred Lightning Network to attach costs to messages and deter spam, and is now open for use., The Lightning Network node count and capacity increased significantly following Bison Relay launch, as new users opened channels and started paying for messages., DCRDEX v0.5.8 was released with new advanced options., Contents: · Bison Relay Launch · DCRDEX v0.5.8 Release · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Events · Media · Markets · Relevant External — Bison Relay Launch - Bison Relay is a new peer to peer social media platform with strong protections against censorship, surveillance and advertising. Messages are end-to-end encrypted to ensure only the intended recipients can see the contents. There are no accounts and metadata is minimized so that server operators cannot see message contents, sender, receiver, or which chats user participates in. Built-in payments allow content monetization via paid content access or tipping. Initial release comes with the following features (incomplete list): Direct chats, Sending files, Group chats, Making longer posts with Markdown and images, Commenting on posts, News feed with content from users you are subscribed t...

Decred Journal — November 2022

Decred Journal — November 2022 - Image: Untitled by @Exitus. November’s highlights: There were new bug-fixing releases of Decrediton (v1.7.6) and DCRDEX (v0.5.7)., The big crypto news in Nov 2022 was the unwinding of the FTX fraud, with their ceasing to process withdrawals leading to a wave of contagion which affected a number of high profile exchanges and funds. These events should make the non-custodial and “proof of reserves” advantages of DCRDEX more salient., @dcrtimestampbot on Twitter has been re-activated following the successful approval of the proposal to fund it. This comes after the high profile use of the Decred chain for timestamping in the Brazilian national elections concluded in October, where Lula and Haddad, the former Mayor of São Paulo, timestamped their plans for governance on the Decred chain to combat fake news., Contents: · Decrediton v1.7.6 Release · DCRDEX v0.5.7 Release · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Events · Media · Discussions · Markets · Relevant External — Decrediton v1.7.6 Release - This release fixes a few issues with the DEX (module updated to v0.5.6), plus 1 fix for Windows: DEX: Fixed processing of certain Bitcoin Taproot transactions., DEX: Fixed wallet unlocking in some mixed Decred wallet setups., DEX: Fixed misleading sync status in built-in Decred wallets., Fixed domain name resolution using alternative D...

Decred Journal — October 2022

Decred Journal — October 2022 - Image: Untitled by @Exitus Highlights of October: Decred Core software v1.7.5 and DCRDEX v0.5.4 patches were released., The Decred timestamping service ( was used to timestamp political campaign documents for candidates in the Brazilian elections., has received another round of updates, including the new News page where you can find all the latest Journal issues., Monde PR’s services were retained for another year after a successful proposal with 66% approval rate., Contents: · Core Software v1.7.5 Released · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Media · Discussions · Markets · Relevant External — Core Software v1.7.5 Released - Highlights of the v1.7.5 release: dcrd got UTXO cache updates to improve its robustness, optimize it, and correct some hard to hit corner cases that involve a mix of manual block invalidation, conditional flushing, and successive unclean shutdowns., dcrwallet gained a method for importing public keys to watching-only wallets, and gRPC methods to command VSPs how they should vote on treasury spends. Fixes include: signrawtransaction now respects the private keys passed to it, auto ticket buyer no longer attempts to mix change if the server is unknown, and the list of nodes discovered from seeders is no longer limited to a deprecated SPV version. Finally, this release enforces ...

Decred Journal — September 2022

Decred Journal — September 2022 - Image: Artwork by @OfficialCryptos Highlights of September: DCRDEX v0.5 public release made permissionless self-custodial trading more accessible with numerous improvements, including more wallet options that don’t require full blockchain download., LTC trading pairs went live on, website received a batch of updates including 4 updated translations., Decred Lightning Network node count and capacity are on the rise., Contents: · DCRDEX v0.5 Released · LTC Trading Enabled at · Development · People · Governance · Network · Ecosystem · Outreach · Events · Media · Discussions · Markets · Relevant External — DCRDEX v0.5 Released - DCRDEX v0.5.3 was the first publicly announced release in the v0.5 series. v0.5 makes trading more accessible, stable, and convenient. Major changes since v0.4: Built-in lightweight DCR wallet. Using dcrwallet or Decrediton in SPV mode (not full node) was already supported, but now no external wallet software is even required to trade DCR. However, users should continue with their existing Decred wallet software that has all the governance features that makes Decred great., Using Electrum wallets for trading BTC and LTC. Electrum wallets have weak privacy but they are very popular and easy to use, so more people can potentially trade on DCRDEX now., DCRDEX can now work with mixed account configurat...


Decred blockchain introduces new cross-chain, SPV-based wallet: GoDCR

    Decred (DCR), a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a strong focus on community input, today announced the launch of GoDCR, a cross-platform GUI wallet built using Golang and Gio. GoDCR has privacy-preserving Simplified Payment Verification (SPV), which is an enhanced privacy feature not commonly available in lightweight wallets. Privacy-preserving SPV does not share personal transaction information with other nodes, significantly increasing user privacy. Users also have access to StakeShuffle, Decred’s opt-in privacy system with post-quantum secure mixing. The feature provides powerful protection for the privacy of mixed coins against quantum computers. Running on a smaller footprint, GoDCR is accessible on operating systems that don’t support Electron, notably the BSDs. In addition to the advanced privacy features, the wallet also has ticket staking with auto ticket buyer; proposal voting; consensus rule agenda voting; basic wallet ops, and message verification. “Our goal is to improve the usability and accessibility of Decred for people all over the planet. Our next focus is to get GoDCR running on mobile. This will enable us to consolidate four different projects (dcrios, dcrandroid, dcrlibwallet, godcr), into a single UI design and code repo.” - Steven Wagner, Senior Contributor at Decred Future versions of GoDCR will include DCRDEX with a bitcoin wallet, as well as enhanced restores (hex), and further user-interface enhancements. GoDCR is the la... read More

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