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DeepBrain Chain  


DBC Price:
$752.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$9.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DBC today is $0.00295 USD.

The lowest DBC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00295, and the exact current price of one DBC crypto coin is $0.00295215.

The all-time high DBC coin price was $0.67.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of DBC with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for DeepBrain Chain crypto currency is #DBC.

DeepBrain Chain is 5.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for DeepBrain Chain is $9,446,869.

DeepBrain Chain is ranked #549, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #DBC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for DeepBrain Chain is $752,100.


The circulating supply of DBC is 3,200,000,000 coins, which is 32% of the maximum coin supply.


DBC is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #DBC, and you can view them on our DBC disambiguation page.



DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #131 04.01–04.15(2023)

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members, Please see below for the latest update on the project. I. Product Development Progress GPU Cloud Platform: Cloud game platform wallet display page optimization and testing;, Cloud game platform wallet registration function testing;, Continue to improve the wallet login logic;, Added a communication interface between the client and the go service on the cloud game platform;, Modification of the rental logic of a single GPU on the GPU cloud platform;, Distributed Computing Network: The API for dbc integrated diskless console has been launched;, Worked on the basic communication test optimization of the websocket module of the service program;, Cloud game function development, increased user login and device registration related interfaces;, Cloud game service program: the basic framework (IPC/WebSocket/Logging and other modules) has been set up,, Worked on the login process of docking the front end and the Go server;, Cloud game client shell: added support for caching;, The usage of the remote control SDK is being debugged;, DeepBrain Chain Mainnet: The mainnet is upgraded to V2.5. It contains more than 10 function updates, including:, (1) Parameter changes on the chain: Council election cycle changed to 120 days;, Computing power rental per unit changed to 60%;, The staking module penalty delay time has been changed from 28 days to 14 days;, The penalty will no longer be a...


深脑链愿景:成为全球最大的高性能算力网络 尊敬的深脑链全球社区成员, 请看以下过去兩周项目进展。 — 一、产品开发进展 - GPU云平台 云游戏平台钱包展示页面优化和测试;, 云游戏平台钱包注册功能测试;, 继续完善钱包登陆逻辑;, 云游戏平台添加客户端和go服务之间的通信接口;, GPU云平台单卡租用逻辑修改;, 分布式算力网络 dbc 集成无盘控制台的API已经上线;, 服务程序的 websocket 模块基础通信测试优化;, 云游戏功能开发,增加用户登录及设备注册相关接口;, 云游戏服务程序: 基本框架(IPC/WebSocket/Logging等模块)已搭好,对接前端和 Go 服务器的登录流程;, 云游戏客户端壳子: 增加对缓存的支持;, 远程控制SDK的用法调试中;, 深脑链主网 主网升级到V2.5.包含了超过10项功能更新,更新内容说明:, (1) 链上参数变化: 议会选举周期变更为120天;, 单位算力租金变更为60%;, staking模块惩罚延迟时间由28天变更为14天;, 下线超过10天不再自动添加惩罚,改为机器主动上线时添加;, (2) 新增功能: 添加议会成员定期奖励功能:议会首席,及另外前两名的议会成员每月获得奖励;, 议会首席:可通过council — prime 进行查询;二三名是除prime之外的其他当选议会成员按backing stak...

11th DBC Council Meeting on April 6th, 2023

AIGC Feng: The purpose of the AIGC competition is to expand DBC’s application scenarios and bringing in more users, DBC is ready for such an event. Lee: The AIGC competition will need a Committee, which consists of 5 teams. The product technical team, the marketing & PR team, the finance & support team, the ecosystem team and the judge panel team. Each will have their own responsibilities and budgets will be distributed to them. We urge DBC Council members to consider joining the Committee to contribute and, we hope that this process will further activate our Council so that as a DAO, DBC’s governance can be improved. DeepLink Feng: DeepLink’s next function to be launched will be the function for users to share games on their computer with other people using DeepLink, and earn revenue. See below roadmap: April 21st-28th support DBC wallet; April 28th — May 5th support equipment listing; May 12th- 19th support NFT; May 19th — June 2nd support ios system and game sharing; June 2nd — 30th support individual computer and Internet Café computer sharing. Korea Working with the top chain Internet Café in Korea and planning to launch 500 GPUs in the first DBC data center in Korea. Vietnam Andrew is currently helping traditional Internet Cafes to transition into Cloud Internet Cafes. The biggest issue in Vietnam right now is there aren’t enough GPUs, DBC founder, Feng, will be in Vietnam after his...

DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #130 03.16–03.31(2023)

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members, Please see below for the latest update on the project. I. Product Development Progress GPU Cloud Platform: Added login logic to the cloud game platform;, Optimized the Galaxy Race page;, Added wallet data access on the cloud game platform page on-chain;, Cloud platform single GPU rental logic optimization;, Distributed Computing Network: dbc released version, which added the function of controlling the power on and off of Cloud Internet cafes through bare-metal nodes, fixed a bug;, Cloud Internet Café has released the alpha.2 version, and at the same time modified the bug that the front-end and back-end data are inconsistent;, Compiled the docker image of the Cloud Internet cafe console, and updated the cloud Internet cafe documents;, Developed the self-starting service program of the cloud game platform;, DeepBrain Chain Mainnet: On-chain upgrade of DBC mainnet v2.4;, Upgraded the upstream dependency of some modules of the DBC mainnet to polkadot-v0.9.37;, Implemented some cloud game back-end service APIs;, II. Marketing Progress The DBC computing power mainnet has been officially launched, and as of March 31st, 2023 Singapore time, the GPUs in the computing power mainnet have reached 1,987. Other latest data on-chain are: there are 7 computing pools participating, total computing power value reached 591,228.89, these GPUs have pledged a total of 208,635,000, GPU renta...


深脑链愿景:成为全球最大的高性能算力网络 尊敬的深脑链全球社区成员, 请看以下过去兩周项目进展。 — 一、产品开发进展 - GPU云平台 云游戏平台添加登录逻辑;, 优化银河竞赛页面;, 云游戏平台页面链上钱包数据接入;, 云平台单卡租用逻辑优化;, 分布式算力网络 dbc 发布 版本,增加通过裸金属节点控制云网吧开关机的功能,修复一个bug;, 云网吧发布 alpha.2 版本,同时修改了前后端数据不一致的bug;, 编译完成云网吧控制台的 docker image,更新云网吧的文档;, 开发云游戏平台开机自启动的服务程序;, 深脑链主网 DBC主网v2.4链上升级;, 升级DBC主网部分模块上游依赖到polkadot-v0.9.37;, 实现部分云游戏后端服务API;, — 二、市场进展 - DBC算力主网已经正式上线,截至新加坡时间2023年3月31日,算力主网内的GPU数量为1987;其他链上最新数据为:共有7个算力池参与,总算力值达到591228.89,这些GPU共质押208,635,000 DBC,GPU出租率达到67.68%,累计获得租金收入达3,035,537,837 DBC,详情请见官网, 3月16号,SWFT AllChain Bridge全面支持DBC主网币、DBC(ERC20)、DBC(BSC),链接, #BitMartOffTheChain #AMA 回顾 ;链接, 越南的网吧正在测试连接到 Deep...

DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #129 03.01–03.15(2023)

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members, Please see below for the latest update on the project. I. Product Development Progress GPU Cloud Platform: Optimization of the wallet display page of the cloud game platform;, Added wallet login and registration functions to the cloud game platform;, Improved the wallet login logic;, Distributed Computing Network: dbc integration of diskless console API is being further tested;, Modification of the bug of inconsistent data in the front and back end of the diskless console;, Completion of the implementation of the Windows system tray functionality;, Worked on websocket module base communication for service applications;, DeepBrain Chain Mainnet: Added storage migration to fix problems that may arise when reporting;, Added phased destruction of rents: upon reaching 2,500 GPUs 50% of rents will be destroyed, pending council and referendum votes;, Added council reward functionality and testing;, Addressed issues that may cause exhaustion of block limits when upgrading;, II. Marketing Progress The DBC computing power mainnet has been officially launched, and as of March 15th, 2023 Singapore time, the GPUs in the computing power mainnet have reached 2,003. Other latest data on-chain are: there are 7 computing pools participating, total computing power value reached 593,814.02, these GPUs have pledged a total of 210,235,000, GPU rental rate reached 67.34%, and accumulated rental income...


深脑链愿景:成为全球最大的高性能算力网络 尊敬的深脑链全球社区成员, 请看以下过去兩周项目进展。 — 一、产品开发进展 - GPU云平台 云游戏平台优化钱包展示页面;, 云游戏平台添加钱包登录,注册功能;, 完善钱包登陆逻辑;, 分布式算力网络 dbc 集成无盘控制台的API,正在进一步测试 ;, 修改无盘控制台的前后端数据不一致的bug;, 完成实现了 Windows 系统托盘功能;, 服务程序的 websocket 模块基础通信;, 深脑链主网 添加存储迁移,修复举报时可能产生的问题;, 添加分阶段销毁租金功能,达到2500卡销毁50%租金,等待理事会和公投投票;, 添加议会奖励功能及测试;, 处理升级时可能会造成耗尽区块限制的问题;, — 二、市场进展 - DBC算力主网已经正式上线,截至新加坡时间2023年3月15日,算力主网内的GPU数量为2003;其他链上最新数据为:共有7个算力池参与,总算力值达到593814.02,这些GPU共质押210,235,000 DBC,GPU出租率达到67.34%,累计获得租金收入达3,025,963,373 DBC,详情请见官网, 3月1号DeepBrain Chain 受邀参加 BitMart 交易所主办的AI&Blockchain 技术融合讨论,活动链接, 3月1日,知名大V BSCDaily 报道DBC 过去24小时涨幅排名BNB Chain 生态第三...

DeepBrainChain Roadmap of 2023

Q1: 1. Support the inference deployment of ChatGPT-like large models 2. Development and launch to support the short-term pledge rental mode of gpu servers 3. Support online bare metal scheduling GPU server Q2: 1. Development and launch of cloud Game cafe system 2. Support the short-term pledge rental mode of gaming computers 3. Develop and launch a diskless system, support gpu server to run in diskless mode 4. Improve bare metal scheduling of GPU servers Q3: 1. Develop distributed training deployment of large ChatGPT-like models 2. Improve the cloud Game cafe system 3. Improve the short-term pledge rental mode of gaming computers 4. Develop a dual-mining mechanism for aleo and other similar ZK projects Q4: 1. On-line ChatGPT-like large model distributed training deployment function 2. Continue to improve the cloud Game cafe system 3. Continue to improve the short-term pledge rental mode of gaming computers The video link is as follows:

Attention DeepBrain Chain Community

We have some exciting news to share with you! The highly-anticipated DeepBrain Chain roadmap is set to be released in just a few short hours! This roadmap will provide valuable insights into the future of DeepBrain Chain and showcase the team’s vision for the coming months and years. We understand how important this is to our community, and we are thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for the future of DBC! Stay tuned for the official release, and don’t forget to spread the word to your fellow DBC enthusiasts. This is a major milestone for our community, and we want everyone to be a part of it. Thank you for your continued support of DeepBrain Chain. Let’s make this roadmap release one to remember!

DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #128 02.16–02.28(2023)

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members, Please see below for the latest update on the project. I. Product Development Progress GPU Cloud Platform: Helped HaibaoCloud to further upgrade the single GPU rental logic and pages;, Modified the dbchian main website home page jump, modified the website single GPU rental function;, Added DeepLink cloud game client-end embedded web pages;, Tested the interaction between DBC and DeepLink client;, Modified the dbc cloud platform bugs;, Modified the dbchian main website banner display;, Further optimization of cloud game and cloud Internet cafe functions;, Distributed Computing Network: Writing cloud game client-end design documentation;, Writing front-end configuration debugging C++ and JS interaction function design documents;, Increased the interface support for short-lease GPU;, Continue to optimize the cloud Internet cafe function;, DeepBrain Chain Mainnet: Mainnetupdate: machine dropout penalty is unified to be added when the machine comes online again;, Fixed the problem that the machine cannot continue to receive the remaining rewards after performing the exit action;, Fixed the problem that when a machine is rented by the same renter several times and the current renter’s record of the machine is cleared at the end of the first rental;, Fixed the problem of incorrect return of committee pledges without consensus when the machine is online;, Added some migration func...

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