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Dafi Protocol  


DAFI Price:
$216.5 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #DAFI today is $0.00411 USD.

The lowest DAFI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00411, and the exact current price of one DAFI crypto coin is $0.00411447.

The all-time high DAFI coin price was $0.21.

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The code for Dafi Protocol crypto currency is #DAFI.

Dafi Protocol is 2.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Dafi Protocol is $3,883,549.

Dafi Protocol is ranking downwards to #696 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #DAFI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Dafi Protocol is $216,526.


The circulating supply of DAFI is 943,875,141 coins, which is 42% of the total coin supply.


DAFI is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the DAFI Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


DAFI is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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DAFI Reveals New Hybrid Exchange

TLDR: DAFI — The Internet of Trading & Staking A brand new breed of exchange to open up the gates for the masses to enter the realm of DeFi. DeFi security and power — CeFi UX and familiar feel, You control your funds — only you have access to your crypto, No chance of rugpulls — every asset is fully collateralized 1:1, New DAFI Utility — earn DAFI plus fees in all major tokens, Super Staking for every project — unlock the true power of SS, Refer your friends — get trading fees and reap rewards, Q2 2023 — DeFi for everyone, — The Start. — Almost 2 years ago, we set out on our mission to reinvent protocol rewards. We introduced Super Staking, which revolutionized the way that rewards are distributed for protocols. Super Staking gives massive benefits for new and nascent projects — it encourages long term holders and makes sure that they are properly rewarded, whilst countering inflation and creating a resilient, strong, and adaptable token economy. It’s no secret that the tides of the crypto markets have created rough seas for a lot of projects — many nascent projects have delayed their launches, and many existing projects are finding new ways to survive the storm. Super Staking was and is an innovative success — and it has formed an incredible basis for DAFI to build on. A new form of Super Staking will be implemented into the next st...

More Chains, More Products, More Adoption

Switch to $DAFI — Same Chains. Better Rewards. We want to thank our DAFInauts for their ongoing support! Through 2022, we’ve focused on enhancing our products and expanding the utility of Super Staking by onboarding more partners and completing more integrations.Now, it’s time to set our mission statement for the months ahead. Over the months ahead, we’re setting out to bring even more adoption to Super Staking and to roll out new products that will expand the reach and impact of DAFI Protocol. The goal is to make a real impact on the blockchain space with continued innovations. — Super Staking V2.1 - With the upcoming launch of Super Staking V2.1, we plan to further build on the success of Super Staking. We will add Customizable Lock Periods with Reward Multipliers and DAFI Token Burns, which will permanently remove $DAFI from the circulating supply and bring more on-chain demand. — Super Staking on Solana and Avalanche - We also plan to bring Super Staking to even more chains. Scaling Super Staking means that we are going to power projects across the Solana and Avalanche ecosystems to have a sustainable token economy through the integration of Staking 2.0. Consequently, the expansion of synthetic dTokens rewards through the crypto universe will bring even more $DAFI buybacks. — LP Staking - New products that center around Liquidity Provisioning Staking are also underway. We are going to dece...

DAFI Protocol Partners With KOLnet to Integrate Super Staking

Switch to $DAFI — Same Chains. Better Rewards. TL;DR:DAFI Protocol and KOLnet are partnering to introduce an improved staking model.The new system will issue network-pegged synthetic $KOLnet tokens.These synthetics are designed to create a self-sustainable token economic engine. We’re delighted to announce that DAFI Protocol has teamed up with KOLnet to expand the utility of synthetic dTokens. 🤝 The go-to marketing platform aims to build a reward distribution program that aligns with the network’s long-term success, making circulating supply reactive to market conditions. Introducing dKOLnet tokens also creates a new realm of opportunities to attract key opinion leaders and empower them to amplify protocol adoption to new audiences through crowd marketing.👨‍🚀💫 Fortifying Initial Marketing Offerings with dTokens DAFI Protocol partnered with KOLnet to help the blockchain startup adjust its circulating supply autonomously to encourage user acquisition and long-term commitment. Integrating dKOLnet rewards into this developing economy aims to suppress the effects of supply shocks while driving liquidity into the ecosystem. KOLnet provides a new way to raise funds for decentralized applications at any point of their lifecycle through Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs), connecting audiences through key opinion leaders who have a dedicated interest in the projects’ success. As it collects private round ...

DAFI Protocol Development Update

DAFI — Same Chains. Better Rewards. Our galaxy-class developers, academics, and industry experts continue building on the DAFI thesis regardless of the market conditions. We’re focused and dedicated to reshaping the crypto universe by translating network demand-volatility into token supply-volatility. Our main goal is to strengthen new and existing decentralized economies through a more robust and elastic token distribution model that lessens the impact of low network activity. 💥 We’re making significant strides toward improving our Staking 2.0 plug-and-play economic module by adding unique features to benefit adopters as well as users. The upcoming Super Staking V2.1 enhances rewards for long-term hodlers and adds deflationary properties to any decentralized network.💎🙌 Locked-In Period We want to incentivize long-term holders with greater rewards for their commitment to the protocol. Users will have the ability to select their locked-in period in Super Staking V2.1. The longer you decide to stay in a SuperPool, the higher the APY multiplier would be for your dTokens. Therefore, those who commit to the network for an extended period are guaranteed extra incentives. This model helps build a community of strong hands, consequently reducing the risks of supply shocks and spiraling reflexivity events.💰💫 Unique Multiplier The longer you commit to the protocol, the higher rewards are distributed. For examp...

How NFT Projects Can Integrate DAFI’s Programmable Rewards

Programmable rewards that adapt to on-chain activity. DAFI Protocol developed a Staking 2.0 plug-and-play economic module, which translates network demand-volatility into token supply-volatility. Essentially, rewards distribution programs fluctuate and change in quantity depending on the market conditions. Network incentives contract when market demand declines to prevent supply shocks and expand when market demand increases to promote long-term commitment. Programmable rewards, in the form of dTokens, aim to improve any decentralized network in the blockchain industry by autonomously adjusting circulating supply in a bid to encourage user acquisition. They are designed to be highly customizable as the demand multipliers behind them can be tailored for specific needs. For instance, the number of new addresses, the activity on the network, or the number of Twitter followers, to name a few, can be mixed together to create a more complex dTokens rewards program. Decentralized networks can even create multiple dTokens, each with its own demand multiplier, to support different initiatives and a wider number of applications. If you’re an NFT project that was tokenized, then implementing dTokens is essential for your token economy. You can reward token holders depending on social media growth or the number of NFTs minted, creating a sustainable rewards model that further incentivizes holders as the community grows. For NFT project...

How UST Could Have Been Saved

The cryptocurrency market has faced unprecedented times. At DAFI, we feel for those impacted, and wish to share a proposal to prevent such an event from happening again, like it did with the Luna Foundation Guard and Anchor. The solution that we propose involves an improved staking model. DAFI is a Staking 2.0 protocol. Its first product, Super Staking, enables the ability to create a consensus of rewards. But first, let’s explain what this means! It is simply the ability to economically align users and stakers for the long-term success of the network. In other words, Super Staking creates a reward economy where there is a greater incentive for those that choose not to exit the network and for those that choose to support the network when the demand has declined. Both of these issues have severely impacted UST, the algorithmic stablecoin backed by LUNA and LFG’s reserves. Before we dive deeper, let’s explore what Super Staking is, and how it is vital for the continuous growth of the cryptocurrency industry. DAFI Protocol creates synthetic rewards that are pegged to network demand. These rewards fluctuate and change in quantity depending on the market conditions. Essentially, staking rewards decrease when the market demand declines to prevent rewards inflation and multiply when market demand increases to promote long-term commitment. Super Staking establishes a peg between the protocol’s growth and the token inflatio...

DAFI Protocol to Power Quidd, the World’s First Digital Collectibles Marketplace

Learn More About DAFI, here! TL;DR:DAFI Protocol teamed up with Quidd to bring programmable rewards into the NFT universe.The world’s first digital collectibles marketplace will introduce synthetic dQUIDD rewards to incentivize digital art collectors, creators, and developers.Quidd is well-positioned to encourage user acquisition and long-term commitment with a self-sustainable token economic engine. We’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with Quidd to bring our Staking 2.0 economic module to the NFT sector. The world’s first digital collectibles marketplace aims to create a self-sustainable ecosystem to incentivize digital art collectors, creators, and developers with synthetic dQUIDD rewards.Programable Rewards for Digital Collectibles Market DAFI Protocol has created an intelligent token distribution model that can be plugged into new and existing NFT ecosystems. By integrating synthetic dToken rewards, decentralized economies make circulating supply reactive to market conditions in a bid to encourage user acquisition and long-term commitment. Programmable rewards are essential in the NFT sector to bolster the qualities that contribute to the financial utility of digital collectibles. Quidd plans to take advantage of Staking 2.0 to give more power to $QUIDD holders. The new monetary policy powered by DAFI is designed to align incentives across ecosystem participants, empowering collectors and making ...

DAFI Protocol Transparency Report (8)

Super Stake TL;DRWe’ve launched our native cross-chain bridge, dBridge, to bring $DAFI to BNB Chain and allow for the creation of new SuperPools.We secured two strategic partnerships that will help expand the adoption of our Staking 2.0 technology.More than 1,675,000 $DAFI were distributed in Super Staking as network adoption translates into more significant rewards. DAFI Protocol’s Staking 2.0 technology now runs on multiple low-cost and high-speed networks, thanks to our recently launched dBridge. We believe that our cross-chain bridge will enable more decentralized economies running on different blockchains to integrate programmable rewards. As our synthetic dTokens become widely available, we continue making significant strides to help entrepreneurs and developers build a self-sustainable token economic engine.Cross-Chain dBridge Now that the blockchain universe has witnessed the true power of Super Staking, it was time to bring our protocol to other networks. Our team of developers, academics, and industry experts have worked together to create our own native cross-chain bridge, enabling our community to use $DAFI on BNB Chain. Likewise, some of the most renowned auditors ​​have reviewed and verified dBridge’s code to make sure it’s bulletproof. With dBridge live on mainnet, the goal now is to reinvent every decentralized economy by maximizing incentives and kick-start a new era of Staking 2.0. dBridge gets u...

DAFI Protocol Partners with SolanaPrime to Bring Staking 2.0 to Solana

Programmable Rewards for the Solana Blockchain TL;DRSolanaPrime has integrated DAFI Protocol as one of the main offerings in its IDO platform.Funders and developers launching projects on SolanaPrime will be able to plug and play DAFI’s Staking 2.0 technology from the get-go.$DAFI holders will gain exclusive access to support the future of blockchain. We’re so excited to announce a new strategic partnership with SolanaPrime to help nascent DeFi, GameFi and Metaverse dApps build a sustainable economic engine from the get-go. The fundraising platform will offer DAFI’s Staking 2.0 plug-and-play module to founders and developers before TGE. SolanaPrime is going to play a role in DAFI Nova, giving $DAFI holders an opportunity to support some of the hottest IDOs launching on the Solana blockchain.Sustainable Tokenomics for Long-Term Success DAFI Protocol partnered up with SolanaPrime to give founders and developers the tools to make circulating supply reactive to market conditions via Staking 2.0. New projects and IDOs are going to be able to select a range of factors, such as price, transaction volume, and liquidity provisioning volume — just to name a few — as the key indicators of network demand. Such an elastic feature-set is critical to synchronize the relationship between token reward distribution methods and the self-healing capabilities of the network. Ramiro Gamen, SolanaPrime’s co-founder and head of...

Quick Steps to Bridge ERC-20 $DAFI to Binance Smart Chain

We’re very excited to announce that dBridge is now live on mainnet! It is a fast and secure cross-chain bridge that supports $DAFI on multiple high-speed and low-cost blockchains. The DAFI dBridge enables dafinauts to bring their $DAFI tokens across from the Ethereum network to Binance Smart Chain and vice versa. It was built by taking a security and speed-focused approach, with an architecture that involves Merkle-proofs and roots to validate transfers on more than one blockchain. Two bridge contracts are in place on the sending and receiving chain, with a listener watching over the events on both chains. More importantly, our dBridge represents a massive step towards our mission of reshaping every protocol’s rewards. It makes Super Staking compatible with Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon, enabling developers the freedom to build a sustainable economy on the blockchain of their choice.Quick Steps to Bridge ERC-20 $DAFI to Binance Smart Chain (BSC): Our dBridge couldn’t be more simple to use. Still, we’ve created this quick guide to help you understand how you can quickly transfer your ERC-20 $DAFI from the Ethereum network to Binance Smart Chain and vice versa.BEP-20 $DAFI contract address: 0x4e0Fe270B856EeBb91Fb4B4364312be59F499A3F Step 1 — Go to [] and click on [Connect Wallet]. Step 2 — Choose between [Me...

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