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Content Value Network  


CVNT Price:
$2.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #CVNT is $0.93 USD.

Please note that the price of #CVNT was last updated over 100 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #CVNT statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest CVNT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.934, and the exact last price of CVNT was $0.93431.

The all-time high CVNT coin price was $4.87.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CVNT with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Content Value Network crypto currency is #CVNT.

Content Value Network is 5.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Content Value Network is $4,671,555.

Content Value Network is ranking downwards to #1204 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small daily trading volume on #CVNT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Content Value Network is $2,723.


The circulating supply of CVNT is 5,000,000 coins, which is 1% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Content Value Network coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


CVNT has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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AMA Recap: CVNT Mainnet Starts The Next Era

1. To begin with, we ask today’s guest to briefly introduce himself and the CVNT public chain, and the current stage of the project?. — Hello, everyone, I am Neo Wang, the head of CVN Foundation. CVN Foundation is a public chain development team after 4 years. Those who know us probably know that we upgraded from CWV1.0 public chain and merged with the original CVNT of YYeTs, and then changed our full name to CVN conscious value network. CVN (Conscious Value Network), as the underlying facility of the blockchain Web 3.0 world, completed the upgrade of consensus, governance and storage solution at the end of 2020, adopting the original VRF consensus master chain, overlaying PoSt consensus, and supporting both traditional HTTP interface and IPFS file transfer protocol. Relying on an efficient, secure, low GAS fee, relatively more decentralized and more credible main chain, it can provide a stable mainnet, technical support and developer tools for DAPPs and more decentralized application developers on the ecological scene application platform. Thus, every user/developer can equally enjoy the value of the feed, and its excellent high-speed road network can also smoothly carry all kinds of rich functions (applications) running. This largely improves transmission quality and provide a complete PoST time-proven decentralized storage solution that enables large user volumes of high-frequency-used decentralized DAPPs, and ena...

CVNT public chain: Web 3.0 + Decentralized Storage + Rich Application Scenarios

Where there are needs, there are markets and capital. In physics, singularity refers to a point of both existence and nonexistence, where space and time have infinite curvature and end. Classical general relativity theory predicts that singularity is definitive but as theories are not applicable anymore at that point, it cannot be described what exactly will happen. The singularity theory was proposed by the American futurist Raymond Kurzweil in his book, The Singularity Is Near. Before we dive into this singularity theory, we have to understand AI. The industry classifies AI into three types according to its level of sophistication: weak AI, strong AI, and super AI. AlphaGo Zero is a weak AI. Although it is very powerful in the eyes of the public, it can show its intelligence only in limited areas and with certain established rules. If you ask him to draw or write articles, then you will find it is nothing more than a piece of junk. In the Singularity book, Raymond Kurzweil records and traces the trajectory of human history, arguing that the progress of technology and the evolution of civilization show the a similar pattern as exponential laws. In the last 1 million or even billion years ago, nothing happened. But for the past 250,000 years, many epoch-making events have occurred, such as the birth of man 100,000 years ago. In terms of technology, if you look back at human’s history, nothing happened in the first 1,000 o...

CVN Weekly Report_Apr_the third week_2021

Technological Progress Till Apr. 18, the development of the mainchain is below:Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main increase of the data governance process.The manager of storage node have been completed.The design of chain governance architecture have been completed.The transaction record on the block browser has been updated. Project Activities 1. The blockchain project BXH incubated by CVN is about to start the Global Ambassador Program. BXH puts community opinions first. The plan aims to discover high-quality users through online activities, competitions and other forms, and maximize the role of the community. While promoting and improving the further development of BXH, it also strengthens communication and contact with users. And bring more vitality to the community. 2. The blockchain project BXH incubated by CVN will soon launch the BigBang combustion mining function. Using the BXH burning and destruction model to obtain high-quality project tokens can make BXH possess deflationary attributes, and it also allows community users to get more early opportunities to participate in high-quality new projects. 3. In order to solve the problem of blockchain server congestion, CVN creatively adopts a four-layer technical architecture namely the basic technical layer, the consensus layer, the protocol layer and the application layer. Among them, the basic technical layer includes CVN, fast-slow dual chain, shard, lay...

CVN Weekly Report_Apr_the second week_2021

Technological Progress Till Apr. 11, the development of the mainchain is below:Code has been submitted 50 times, with the main optimization of data structure and clarification of data storage relationship logic.The document merging process and document verification process have been improved.The contract code update and contract data analysis have been completed.The transaction record on the block browser has been updated. Project Activities 1.CVNT is expected to start the super validator node election at the end of April. After the election, it will start super node mining and hardware mining machine storage mining. The mainnet will be upgraded simultaneously, and the CVNT public chain will be used as the public chain of the Ethereum layer 2. The VRF mainnet superimposes PoST space-time proof decentralized storage, and jointly builds an IPFS storage ecosystem. At the same time, the PoST space-time proof algorithm of the CVN mainnet will support the IPFS protocol. There will be a total of 201 super nodes in the main network, of which 1/3 will be selected as super nodes for accounting each time a block is generated, and the remaining 2/3 will be used as validator nodes for verification. 2. On April 8, the DEX platform project BXH, which was invested and incubated by Neo Wang, the managing partner of the CVN Foundation, conducted an AMA event on the Deep Chain Finance platform. Biki founder Winter and IDC Capital founder Wesl...

CVN Weekly Report_Apr_the first week_2021

Technological Progress Till Apr 4, the development of the mainchain is below:Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main optimization of fragmentation rules and file fragmentation verification;The file download authorization process and file download merge process have been improved.The contract code audit has been completed.The transaction record on the block browser has been updated. Project Activities 1. Neo Wang, the managing partner of the CVN Foundation, participated in the AMA live broadcast event held by Jinse Finance as an incubator at 14:00 on March 30th, and introduced his investment incubation BXH to the center at the event. In the future, Neo Wang will also organically integrate BXH’s decentralized financial advantages with CVN’s main chain ecology, so that the two can generate greater ecological value. For more details: 2. The Bicc platform token BSS has officially launched the decentralized trading platform, and the BXH/BSS liquid mining pool has been opened. Up to now, APY exceeds 700%, and users who hold BSS can flow in BXH liquidity mining to obtain more holding income. For related announcements: 3. The CVN hackathon is already in the preparatory stage, and the long-term third-party development interface is currently being prepared. For more details, please follow the official announcement, stay tunes! https:/...

CVN Weekly Report_Mar_the last week_2021

Technological Progress Till March 28, the development of the main chain is below:Code has been submitted 40 times, with the main optimization of file upload and download interface;The authorization contract and authorization circulation security audit have been completed;The code review has been completed;The transaction record on the block browser has been updated; Project Activities/ Ecology Construction 1. On March 23, CVNT held an AMA event with BLock Talks community. Founder of CVN, Neo Wang, was invited to participate and gave meticulous answers to the hot issues of CVNT that everyone was concerned about, and put forward the future concept of CVNT development. Neo Wang stated that CVNT will always continue to improve the existing blockchain issues and continue to move towards real decentralization. CVNT is committed to solving the problems of low performance, poor security, high development difficulty, and excessive reliance on gas fees for existing blockchain applications. CVNT is also committed to the performance scaling and decentralized storage of distributed applications, creating a value network of distributed storage and video (content) transmission consisting of multiple user nodes. Compared with other projects, strong financial strength guarantees the risk tolerance and project reputation of the CVNT project, and promotes the expansion of the ecosystem, technology upgrades, application platform innovation, and...

CVN Weekly Report_Mar_the third week_2021

Technological Progress Till Mar. 21, the development of the mainchain is below:Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main optimization of file upload and download interface;The authorization contract and authorization transfer interface have been improved.The space cost calculation interface has been completed.The browser contract analysis and data statistics interface have been completed.The transaction record on the block browser has been updated. Project Activities 1.CVNT has been listed on Huobi and Matcha Exchange. The upgraded CVNT pioneered the VRF+DAO consensus algorithm, opening the era of Web3.0. The VRF consensus algorithm originally developed by CVNT extends the maximum number of nodes to 2100. The VRF-based random function not only ensures the fairness of the block-producing nodes during operation, but also enables the system to defend itself when it is attacked by malicious networks which provide users with a huge security guarantee. On this basis, the addition of DAO contract governance enables CVNT to truly implement the entire project in a decentralized manner. All project-related decisions will be jointly decided by the community, and will not be affected by any centralized organization or individual, and there is no need for any centralized organization or individual to carry out the trust endorsement of the project. CVNT creatively designed the two-half private key mechanism. The core management team...

CVN Weekly Report_Mar_the second week_2021

Technological Progress Till Mar. 14, the development of the mainchain is below:Code has been submitted 50 times, with the main accomplishments of file contract data analysis and contract call interface definition.The functions of fast file retrieval and resumable uploading have been completed.The file data space organization has been completed.The transaction record on the block browser has been updated. Till Mar 14, the development of RR dVod has come to an end, and version 2.0 is currently being designed and structured. The 1.0 public beta version will be released at a scheduled time for users to use. Project Activities 1. On March 9, the upgraded CVNT token which was switched to the CVN was launched on the Huobi and MXC Matcha trading platforms. CVNT new economic model after the “token swap” upgrade this time introduces capital, absorbs multiple resources, and forms a more flexible mechanism. As the first project in the world to introduce the traditional financial “increasing capital and expanding shares” method for “coin swap” upgrade, its brand-new economic model has laid a solid foundation for the evolution of CVNT to Web3.0. The capital strength and strong pull, value capture and decentralization are two breakthrough advantages of CVNT’s new economic model. CVNT pioneered the VRF+DAO consensus algorithm, which merges the consensus of DAO’s community governance and chaining mechanism into the consensus...

CVN Weekly Report_Mar_the first week_2021

Technological Progress Till Mar 7th, the development of the mainchain is as follows:Code has been submitted 50 times, with the main accomplishments of defination of the price rules for space and time of file storage.The design of file space cleanup has been completed.The design of file migration has been completed.The transaction record on the block browser has been updated. Till Mar 7th, the development of RR dVod is below: PC:The bug of the file upload tool has been fixed.The number of concurrent downloads for a single task has been adjusted. Mobile:The file storage name has been modified to prevent errors caused by the same file name.The problem that the download cannot be started after the task is occasionally paused has been fixed. Project Activities 1. CVNT mainnet swapping work for CVN community users has started on March 4th. At the same time, CVNT deposits and withdrawals has suspended at 13:00 (GMT +8) on March 4th. CVNT/BTC and CVNT/ETH exchange pairs were reopened at 11:00 (GMT +8) on March 9th. CVNT (ERC20) will be swapped to CVNT(Mainnet) at a radio of 200:1 once the migration is completed. For more details: 2. On March 4th, BICC.Pro has completed the maintenance of FIL wallet, and re-developed the deposit and withdrawal function of FIL token. For detailed announcement: 3. This week, many media outlets conducted in-depth analysis and p...

The upgraded CVNT: the first currency of Web 3.0

On March 4, Conscious Value Network (hereinafter referred to as: CVNT) officially opened the Huobi mainnet mapping. According to the official announcement, CVNT will be exchanged according to “old currency: new currency = 200:1”. It is expected to reopen CVNT/BTC, CVNT/ETH trading at 11:00 (GMT 8) on March 9th. Through this switch and upgrade, CVNT has completed the conversion from ERC 20 equity tokens to public chain native tokens, and has higher independence and autonomy. At the same time, through the concerted efforts of global technical personnel, CVNT has also made breakthrough progress on the landing of Web3.0, and completed the new upgrade of VRF consensus algorithm + DAO governance + decentralized storage + scenario application platform: 1. VRF+DAO. It is a real decentralized practice that breaks through the difficult problem of blockchain Web3.0 landing. 2. Decentralized storage. CVNT’s decentralized storage is superimposed on PoSt. In addition to supporting the traditional HTTP file transfer interface, it also supports the IPFS file transfer protocol. In the future, it will work with Filecoin to support a more decentralized IPFS. 3. Scenario application platform. It completes the BaaS developer platform and independently develops a decentralized video content distribution platform and player lifecloud based on the Renrenyun fast broadcast product. On this basis, a personal privacy data storage management syst...

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