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Crust Network  


CRU Price:
$944.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$34.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CRU today is $1.29 USD.

The lowest CRU price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.29, and the exact current price of one CRU crypto coin is $1.29476.

The all-time high CRU coin price was $178.

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The code for Crust Network crypto currency is #CRU.

Crust Network is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Crust Network is $34,561,915.

Crust Network is ranking downwards to #382 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #CRU.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Crust Network is $944,711.


The circulating supply of CRU is 26,693,642 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


CRU is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


CRU has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 11 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #CRU, and you can view them on our CRU disambiguation page.



Crust Network to be integrated into the Apillon Web3 development platform

With Crust’s serverless hosting and storage services, developers and their apps’ users will benefit from stable and secure storage and faster data processing. The vision of the Apillon platform is to accelerate Web3 adoption by making blockchain technologies easily accessible to every developer and enabling plug-and-play use of selected Polkadot parachains. — DStorage, one of the vital Web3 building blocks. — One of the services initially available on the platform that will allow developers to build highly efficient Web3 projects is decentralized storage, powered by Crust Network.“Leading the way towards a decentralized future, Apillon partners with blockchain technology providers to equip builders with key features to easily transform their ideas into blockchain-based projects.”— Matjaž Sobočan, CEO of Apillon Crust Network is a versatile, multi-purpose blockchain that makes decentralized storage of massive amounts of data possible and functional while prioritizing data privacy and user data ownership. With the integration of Crust into the Beta release of Apillon’s Web3 development platform, developers and their apps’ end-users will be able to use Crust’s decentralized file storage and hosting services seamlessly. — What does Crust Network bring to the table?. — Through Apillon’s partnership with Crust Network, developers will gain easy access to serverless services of metadata...

Shardeum: Get native access to Web3 storage solutions using Crust Network

We are thrilled to announce our partnership between Shardeum and Crust Network! Crust Network provides developers, builders, and end-users of the Shardeum ecosystem with seamless and fully native access to web3 storage solutions via IPFS. Users can leverage Crust’s web3 cloud infrastructure and services for any data storage use case, ensuring the best user experience possible. With Crust Network, developers building on Shardeum can store their data long-term using a decentralized, versatile, and purpose-built storage blockchain that delivers truly decentralized file storage and hosting capabilities for the entire Web3 ecosystem. Empowering privacy and data ownership, Crust Network enables dApp hosting, NFT metadata storage, encrypted file storage, and much more across a wide range of blockchains, all 100% native and live on IPFS. To learn more about how you can use Crust Network in your projects, please visit: Source: Shardeum: Get native access to Web3 storage solutions using Crust Network was originally published in CrustNetwork on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Crust Weekly Stats. | Jan. 18th, 2023

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | Discord Crust Weekly Stats. | Jan. 18th, 2023 was originally published in CrustNetwork on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Crust Network collaborates with Arbitrum to provide decentralized storage solutions for all…

Crust Network collaborates with Arbitrum to provide decentralized storage solutions for all Arbitrum users and builders - We are pleased to announce that Crust Network partners with Arbirum, Ethereum’s leading layer 2 scaling solution, to provide IPFS based decentralized storage solutions for all Arbitrum users and builders. From now on all Arbitrum users and developers can enjoy more than 750,000 TB decentralized storage capacity via Crust Network provided by more than 1,700 individual nodes. All storage services are accessible in the most native and easiest way possible through our dedicated storage smart contract deployed on the Arbitrum One network. Via this smart contract users can place on-chain storage orders to store their data and files with Arbitrum ETH. Contract address: 0x6E9469673257E21B3E75bb9292c9aB009bc481D4 For more info on how to leverage Crust Networks storage services natively from Arbitrum please refer to our cross-chain storage documentation: What exactly does Crust Network bring to Arbitrum? Crust Network fundamentally provides a package of comprehensive decentralized storage solutions for both Web3.0 end users and developers. Crust Files — a lightweight and open-source Web3.0 application that provides decentralized storage space for storage users. With crypto wallet sign-in and just a few clicks, you can have your files or folders uploaded and pinned to IPFS (for guaranteed ...

Crust Network x Relation Labs | Collaborate to integrate Data Storage solution

Crust Network and the Relation Labs team are pleased to announce that Relation Labs will use Crust Network’s data storage API service to access Relation One’s social DApp. Pictures and videos of users chatting with their friends will be uploaded to the IPFS network, ensuring more stable and secure data storage. Relation One (originally IC One) is a social DApp aimed at the user experience, a one-stop social DApp that supports P2P chat with on-chain friends, allows users to create group chats, and performs Dao governance. It currently supports login via MetaMask wallet or IC Identity and is expected to open the login portal for Polkadot wallet at the same time by the end of March. It will undoubtedly provide Web3 users with more diverse ways to express themselves in chat and greatly enhance their product experience. As more and more DApps are moving to multi-chain scenarios, Relation Labs’ data storage needs will increase by magnitude in the future. A decentralized storage network provided by Crust Network will ensure that Relation’s data storage needs. Relation Graph(originally IC Graph) is the underlying core engine that runs through the Relation One support implementation. It’s a Rust implemented graph database that enables efficient Relation data querying. It supports data services such as N-degree relational recommendations, content subscription push, and even business intelligence and behavioral trend predicti...

Robonomics & Crust Networks Strategic Partnership Announced!

We are happy to announce that Crust and Robonomics have started collaborating to bring resilient data storage infrastructure to robotics and smart devices. This partnership means there will be much deeper integration between the Crust and Robonomics parachains on Kusama, as well as an interesting new approach for cross-chain collaboration to simplify the user experience. There are two main objectives that we are looking to achieve together: 1) The resilient storage of data that comes from Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics devices. Currently, the Robonomics parachain uses IPFS both on our robotics controllers and centralized pinning services to make it persistent. Having access to Crust’s decentralized pinning service will offer users cryptographic proofs of storage in many redundant storage locations. 2) Decentralized hosting of dApps. This is something that was not available before, and as a result, Robonomics dApps had to be hosted by traditional cloud providers or using owned hardware. With Crust, dApps can have decentralized hosting, which guarantees that services will remain available. The fact that developers can create services with no single point of failure, that will remain available for users globally, is extremely important for robotics and any physical world deployments in general. Robonomics team has already started exploring Crust Network and has been impressed by the diligent approach to documentation. Y...

New Crust Community Rewards Program Rewards!

Crust Network is opening a community rewards program in order to directly reward those who interact with the community and Crust’s social media accounts! Unlike the Open Community Program, the Community Reward Program will be open for anyone to join including non-Crust token holders. The ultimate goal of this program will be to increase the activity on Crust Network’s social media accounts, and spread the word about Crust! The following article will dictate how the Community Rewards program will work, the rules you must follow, and how to join! — How does it work: - Every month we will give out a “Best Crust Community Member” award, and we will host separate smaller random contests each week. Examples of random contests may be solving a riddle, competing in a Crust meme contest, or a reward for the best Crust twitter space. The Best Crust Community Member award will go to the members which are most active in the community. We will use a website called Crew3 to track the statistics of each member, and those who are on the leaderboard will win! The number of winners and the amount of money you can win will change depending on how many people participate in the program. If there are too many participants we can increase the prize pool and number of winners so that the likelihood of winning remains the same. — Rules for the Best Crust Community Member Contest: - 1. To join the Best Crust Community Member mo...

Crust Weekly Stats. | Nov. 15th, 2022

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | Discord Crust Weekly Stats. | Nov. 15th, 2022 was originally published in CrustNetwork on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Peaq partners with Crust to bring decentralized data storage to Economy of Things

With the integration, developers building on peaq can leverage Crust to host decentralized applications and tap into its data storage marketplace. November 15, 2022 — peaq, the Web3 network powering the Economy of Things (EoT), announces its partnership with Crust Network, the Web3 data storage protocol. The integration opens a vast array of new opportunities for developers building on peaq, enabling them to leverage Crust’s functionality of decentralized data storage as part of their decentralized applications (dApp). While geared toward handling transaction data, blockchains are not ideal for storing large datasets and heavyweight digital assets, such as entire usage histories of vehicles. This represents an array of challenges and potential vulnerabilities for Web3 builders. For example, if a dApp’s frontend is hosted on a traditional Web2 server, it can face the same risks as a usual Web application. With the Crust integration, developers building on peaq can leverage the network to process and store various data assets for their dApps in a decentralized manner. Crust enables them to leverage a variety of storage solutions, such as the peer-to-peer Interplanetary File System, for a variety of use cases, which include: Hosting dApp frontend in a decentralized manner. This solution enables the builders to make the interface connecting the user and the blockchain more resilient and accessible., Hosting and handling...

Maxwell Apps front-end and blockchain explorer services will be terminated on February 4, 2023

Currently, due to the stable operation of the Crust mainnet, Crust Maxwell has achieved the purpose of functional testing before Crust mainnet launch. The DCF Foundation plans to terminate the Maxwell Apps front-end running and blockchain explorer services on February 4, 2023. In order to avoid inconvenience and loss to all community members, please transfer your assets to the Maxwell address before February 4, 2023. For the remaining undistributed CRU block rewards and assets that users have not transferred till February 4, 2023, please pay attention to the proposal of the Crust mainnet Governance module. Thank you community members for your long-term support for Crust! About Crust Network Crust Network is essentially an IPFS incentive layer protocol and a substrate-based blockchain that builds a decentralized storage network of Web3.0 ecosystem. Funded by DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation), It is designed to build a decentralized cloud ecosystem that values data privacy and ownership. Website | Wiki | GitHub | Medium | Discord | Telegram Maxwell Apps front-end and blockchain explorer services will be terminated on February 4, 2023 was originally published in CrustNetwork on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Storage blockchain Crust Network to launch External Adapter on Chainlink

    Crust Network, a decentralized storage protocol based on IPFS that delivers file storage and hosting, today announced that it is launching an External Adapter on the Chainlink Network, the foremost decentralized oracle solution. Through Chainlink, smart contract developers are easily able to access IPFS-based decentralized data storage for their applications and seamlessly pull that data from IPFS. By extending the storage capacity for apps beyond the limited block space available on-chain, developers can build more advanced DeFi, NFT, and social platforms. Chainlink + Crust Network Crust Network supports a wide range of use-cases including serverless dApp deployments, accelerated content delivery, and general off-chain data storage for NFTs, user data, and documents. For example, storing an NFT collections’ market cap, price floor, and specific valuations of each NFT enables developers to build advanced dApps that support NFT-based synthetic assets, lending and borrowing collateralized with NFTs, and buy now, pay later NFTs. The Crust Network is currently supported by 4,200+ nodes around the world that provide a total of 1500+ PB storage capacity. Since the launch of the Crust mainnet in September 2021, the network has filled over one million storage orders. Crust Network makes it easy for smart contract developers to securely store data off-chain on IPFS and retrieve it through an IPFS gateway via Chainlink. “The industry-leading Chainlink Network is the best wa... read More

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