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CRDN Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$106.8 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CRDN today is $0.00214 USD.

The lowest CRDN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00214, and the exact current price of one CRDN crypto coin is $0.00213618.

The all-time high CRDN coin price was $0.46.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CRDN with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Cardence crypto currency is #CRDN.

Cardence is 2.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Cardence is $106,808.

Cardence is ranking upwards to #1576 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak during the past 24 hours for #CRDN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Cardence is $754.


The circulating supply of CRDN is 50,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


CRDN has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.



How to Buy ADADAO token on Cardence

Go to Go to Live pools Choose your sale type If you staked more than 50k crdn. Enter iclub sale Else enter ADADAO Private sale Click on sale This page will open Click on connect to connect your wallet Max token allocation tells you how much token you can buy. Go down you will see below screen Enter your Cardano wallet. If valid cardano address system will give green tick else will give you error. Then enter number of tokens you want to buy Then click on buy button You can check amount in BUSD or USDT at bottom textbox. Once you click on buy two confirmation will come to approve your transaction. You can check your purchased token in “Token Purchased” section. How to Buy ADADAO token on Cardence was originally published in cardence on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

ADADAO to hold public sale on on 17th Feb

ADADAO to hold public sale on on 17th Feb Many seasoned crypto analysts have been taken aback by the recent influx of innovative projects to the Cardano space. However, despite the ecosystem’s vibrancy, one of the factors limiting mass adoption has always been an absence of a reputable, accessible, and volatility-free Stablecoin. That’s why Cardence is enormously proud to host the public sale of ADADAO ($ADAO), the world’s first interest-free Stablecoin protocol, which leverages native Cardano assets for the creation of fully collateralized Stablecoins. ADADAO is currently the only Stablecoin project based on interest-free borrowing and is expected to become an integral part of the future Cardano ecosystem. $ADAO is the Protocol’s governance token, which allows holders to vote on important changes, such as adding a new collateral asset type with a unique set of risk parameters, choosing the set of Oracle feeds, triggering an emergency shutdown, upgrading the system, or making valuable suggestions on how to improve the project. $ADAO can also be staked to earn rewards. ADADAO also offers non-custodial vaults, with every $AUSD fully backed by on-chain collateral, and has taken every precaution to ensure the integrity of its solution. ADADAO Protocol combines good governance with careful protocol design (the Liquidation Ratio, Debt Ceilings, Governance Security Module, Oracle Security Module, Emergency Shutd...

Unveiling Gimba Games : The most ambitious metaverse project from the house of Cardence

Unveiling Gimba Games : The most ambitious metaverse project from the house of Cardence - Metaverse games are booming. Play 2 Earn is attracting every crypto enthusiast. Games like Axie Infinity have proven models of allowing people to earn through playing games. NFTs are the new store of value. However, the entire industry is plagued with some issues. Major ones are : 1. Lack of infrastructure for creating NFT based games. Creators are struggling with technology rather than focusing on their art and design. 2. There is a lack of quality games. Blockchain games are sustainable only when it can attract people who are genuinely interested in the game and not because it has a good tokenomics. The game in itself is the most important part of the ecosystem where there is a less focus today. 3. The technology stacks powering the NFT trade is choked. Ethereum is by far the most popular chain but it has very high gas fees and very low output per second. 4. Layer 2 solutions focusing on sidechains are not optimized for NFTs and are not as secure as Ethereum. The blockchain trillema is holding good for sidechains. 5. Quality game development requires a long-term approach. Most crypto projects are focusing on a short-term outlook which is causing a decline in quality of games. Introducing Gimba Games Gimba Games is a revolutionary project to solve the problems stated above. Gimba Games is an ecosystem which incorporates three es...

ADADAO IDO announcement on Cardence platform

ADADAO is a DeFi protocol on Cardano blockchain which facilitates creation of fully collateralized stable coins leveraging Native Cardano Assets. We are starting with ADA tokens only but the governance can decide on addition of more assets as and when required. ADADAO functions as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). AUSD is the stablecoin generated using this protocol. ADAO is the utility and governance token which allows users to decide how the protocol functions and also gives them a share of the fees raised through the protocol. Schedule of IDO development Website Release :10 December 2021 Public and Private Round Snapshot: 19th December 2021 Guaranteed Participation Registration : 20th December 2021 FCFS Round : 21st December 2021 IEO Conclusion : TBA Listing Date : TBA Tokenomics and details of public and private round will be announced soon. ADADAO is also in talks with major crypto exchanges for an IDO and we are supporting the endeavor as we believe that it will bring more hype to the project. A form will be floated soon for suggestions regarding the IDO and how we can make it better. Looking forward to a great journey ahead. Thanks & Regards Obaid Ul Ahad ADADAO IDO announcement on Cardence platform was originally published in cardence on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

How to buy Spin Token on Step by Step guide.

How to buy Spin Token on Step- 1 Go to Step-2 Go to Pools section. Under Live pool you will see two sales. Public sale (for those who staked less than 50k CRDN). Private sale (for those who staked more than 50k CRDN). Step- 3 Click on sale(public or private) as per your eligibility criteria. You will see this page opens Step- 4 Click on Connect button to connect your wallet which you used to stake CRDN. Step-5 This section will show you your allocation after connecting your wallet. Step- 6 Now go to buy section on this page further down and enter the amount of spin you want to buy, you can buy equal or less than your allocation amount. Once you enter the quantity of spin , System will show you amount in BNB required to purchase. Then click buy button to complete the purchase. Step-7 Once complete the purchase go to your tokens section. Claimable tokens tells you the amount of token that you will be able to claim on the listing day 3rd NOV. 30 days after TGE section tells you amount of token that you will receive after 30 days of listing. Note: Claim button will be available on 3rd Nov before which you will not be able to claim your tokens. After claim, tokens will start reflecting in your account. Claim is possible only after listing on 3rd Nov. How to buy Spin Token on Step by Step guide. was originally published in cardence on Medium, where people are continuing the conversat...

Announcement regarding extension of date of launch of SpinADA IDO

Hello Guys We have been working relentlessly with a pretty small team for bringing about multiple things at record breaking speed. It’s been One and a half months so far, and we have achieved many things. In the last one and a half months, we were able to roll out a completely new website which has been praised by the entire community. We rolled out staking and also got it audited from two reputed auditors. Cardence holders have already staked more than 10 Million CRDN which is a record in itself. We were also able to roll out our decentralized presale platform with a completely new design and everyone who saw it has praised the UI/UX which shows that the team has put immense efforts in it. Soon, we will see the first sale going live on the decentralized presale platform. — But - But we are operating with a fairly small team and that too remotely. We could not get time to either hire a team or get an office. But now, we are choking under the workload and it is the call of the hour to slow down the progress and get things in shape before the next sprint. We want to prioritize few things before we proceed further: Hire 8–10 more people in the team with varied experiences like Graphic designers , Content creators , Blockchain developers and Digital marketers. We also want to hire special talent for influencer marketing. Similarly, we need front end developers., We are scouting for office spaces in Kolkata, India a...

Introducing SpinADA : First IDO on Cardence platfrom

Introducing SpinADA : First IDO on Cardence platfrom - Hi Guys We are super excited to announce our first IDO on Cardence launchpad. If you think that privacy is a fundamental right and that it is the call of the hour to create a more anonymous ecosystem around transactions , if you believe that Cardano is the way forward, then SpinADA is for you. Check out SpinADA and see how it secures your privacy by making your transactions anonymous. SpinADA | Private transaction on Cardano — How SpinADA lets you preserve your privacy? - Now Anonymous transactions will be possible on Cardano blockchain. SpinADA breaks the on-chain link between senders and receivers of Cardano native tokens on the blockchain. This gives complete privacy and security in a completely decentralized manner. It uses a Zero Knowledge proof protocol known as zk-SNARK , developed by the good fellows at Zcash, to ensure secure anonymous transactions of Cardano assets on the blockchain. It uses a Smart contract which accepts Cardano tokens and then allows anyone with a proof of knowledge to withdraw those tokens through the use of Cryptographic key notes. When a sender submits a transaction, he receives a Key Note and a corresponding hash is received by the Smart contract. When a withdrawer furnishes the right Key note, it is matched with the hash to output the corresponding submitted tokens. — SpinADA.Cash — IDO Details ( Public Round ) - ...

Cardence Will Enhance its Platform With Multiple Chainlink Oracle Services

Cardence Launchpad announces that it is integrating Chainlink Price Feeds and VRF Cardence is happy to announce that it is integrating Chainlink Price Feeds and Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to bring enhanced functionality to its decentralized presale platform and launchpad. Through the highly secure and reliable market data of Chainlink Price Feeds, Cardence will enable its users to participate in presales using multiple different cryptocurrencies, while the auditable source of on-chain randomness provided by Chainlink VRF helps ensure fair and transparent reward distribution and IDO whitelisting. — Chainlink Price Feed Integration - Integrating Chainlink Price Feeds will be an important step forward for our ecosystem. Chainlink Price Feeds are the most widely used price oracle solution in the smart contract industry, already helping secure tens of billions of dollars for DeFi projects on various blockchains. For our initial integration, we are using three Chainlink Price Feeds — ETH/USD, BNB/BUSD, and MATIC/USD. One of the constraints of traditional presale platforms is that they typically allow purchases using only a single asset. For example, on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one can only use BNB. Similarly, ETH is Ethereum’s native payment token while Polygon’s is MATIC. Cardence is changing this dynamic by using Chainlink Price Feeds for secure and precise crypto-to-crypto conversions at the tim...

Introducing Cardence Incubator Program

Cardence is an ecosystem which supports crypto projects throughout its lifecycle. Apart from other features, Cardence is also an accelerator as well as Incubator for Cardano focused projects. By accelerator we mean that we accelerate the journey of projects from conceptualization to execution. By incubation , we mean that we nurture idea stage projects to prepare it for launch. — Cardence Incubator Program - Cardence is launching its incubator program for idea stage projects. Criterion for selection will solely be based on the idea and the team. Cardence will handhold at every stage of execution. Cardence also intends to have inhouse projects in coming days in order to maximize returns for its stakeholders. Incubated projects will be insured projects ,i.e , Cardence will take responsibility of the project’s performance in the short range and will compensate investors in case prices fall below presale price. Cardence will help these projects in the following : Design of website, Whitepaper preparation, Tokenomics preparation, Community Management, Graphic design and content creation, Development, Marketing plan and execution, Preparation for launch, We intend to lead private rounds in such projects. This round is different from IDO rounds. This will happen in a closed set up and only selected few will be allowed to participate in this. — Eligibility - This is an elite club reserved for those who hold 50...

Cardence is excited to announce its upcoming Airdrop Program, which is set to start from July 28 on…

Cardence is excited to announce its upcoming Airdrop Program, which is set to start from July 28 on CoinmarketCap. Here’s everything you need to know about the Cardence Airdrop program and how to participate in it. Token Name: Cardence Token Symbol: $CRDN Initial Circulating Supply: 15 million Total possible Supply: 50Million Cardence Airdrop Date: From July 28th to August 2nd, 2021 Total Airdrop Tokens — 1000*105 = 125,000 Total Airdrop Value — 100000*0.05 = $ 5000 Participant who successfully completes all the Airdrop steps and follows the rules will be eligible to receive 100 $CRDN tokens in his/her wallet. There will be 1000 winners. Winners will be announced on the basis of whitelisting done from the submissions. — How to Participate? - Please click “Join Airdrop” to submit your BSC BEP20 wallet address. 1) Add Cardence to your CoinMarketCap watchlist: 2) Join the Telegram group: 3) Subscribe to our announcement channel 4) Join the Cardence Official Subreddit: 5) Follow these accounts: (a) (b) © 6) Complete the task: Retweet: and @ three of your friends. (Note: Cardence will select verified users before August 5th. Details of distribution will be updated here .) Cardence is excited to announce its upcoming Airdrop Program, which is set to start from July 28 on… was originally...

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