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The last known price of #CND is $0.00102 USD.

Please note that the price of #CND was last updated over 230 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #CND statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest CND price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00102, and the exact last price of CND was $0.00102268.

The all-time high CND coin price was $0.36.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CND with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Cindicator crypto currency is #CND.

Cindicator is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Cindicator is not available at this time.

Cindicator is ranking downwards to #19818 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak during the past 24 hours for #CND.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Cindicator is $79.00.


The total supply of CND is 2,000,000,004 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


CND is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


CND is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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The Ultimate Guide to Stoic’s Long-Only Crypto Strategy

In its first 12 months, Stoic’s strategy made +2,193%, beating Bitcoin and other benchmarks. If you’re new to crypto, you might even think that this looks too good to be true. There is no magic: Stoic’s long-only portfolio systematically takes advantage of the opportunities in the altcoins market. In this post, we’ll show how Stoics selects its portfolio, how it rebalances, reviews its performance, and its approach to risk management. — How Stoic Selects Assets for The Portfolio - At a high level, building an investment portfolio consists of answering two questions: Which assets should it hold?, What share of the portfolio to put into each asset?, The optimal answers to these questions should achieve the maximum potential return with the lowest risk of drawdowns. One time-tested approach that works in the stock market is to build a diversified portfolio that aims to replicate the market as a whole. Think the S&P 500. This is known as a capital weighted portfolio. The share of each asset in the portfolio equals the share of the asset’s capitalization to the total market capitalization. The alternative is to try to follow the trends. This is known as momentum trading. The basic idea is to identify assets that are going up in price and are likely to continue to go up. Then sell these assets once the probability of further price increase is lower than the probability of a correction. To find and exploit th...

The Year 2031 Forecasts for Altcoins From Hybrid Intelligence

This year’s bull run brought cryptocurrencies back into the spotlight. Although the media, institutional investors, and most retail investors focused on Bitcoin and ETH, altcoins generated even gains. Yet long-term crypto watchers know that this is just the beginning. Cryptocurrencies and decentralization are a massive trend that is still in its early stages. In this post, we present a mid-term view from Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence. While it shouldn’t be taken as financial advice, it summarizes the views from a broad selection of crypto watchers. — How the forecasts are made - Hybrid Intelligence is based on collecting forecasts from 180,000 analysts registered on Cindicator’s platform and then assigning weights to their answers using Machine Learning models. The resulting indicators have demonstrated average accuracy of 61% since 2017. For these forecasts, the Cindicator team created questions about the year ahead:The overall value of the altcoins market is around 1 trillion USD on August 10. What will be the maximum of altcoins market capitalization (in trillions USD) until August 10, 2022? And also asked about the next 3 years:The overall value of the altcoins market is around 1 trillion USD on August 10. What will be the maximum of altcoins market capitalization (in trillions USD) until August 10, 2024? And finally, 10 years from now:The overall value of the altcoins market is around 1 trillion U...

Hybrid Intelligence Rocks: 61% Accuracy Since 2017

In 2015, Cindicator started developing Hybrid Intelligence. The original goal was to test the idea that groups could create better forecasts than experts. Since then, Hybrid Intelligence has reached consistent accuracy of over 60%. The current implementation of Hybrid Intelligence is now its fifth year. Its track record is approaching the coveted 5-year mark, required by most hedge funds. In this post, we share a detailed update on the accuracy of Hybrid Intelligence since Q1 2020. — How Hybrid Intelligence works - Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence combines forecasts from tens of thousands of analysts in the Cindicator app and then applies AI to this data. AI or more precisely Machine Learning models take into account the individual track records of each individual analyst. Some of them have been on the platform for years and have produced thousands of forecasts. Several factors drive analysts to create forecasts by answering questions on the platform. For some, the main motivation is the desire to test and refine their analytical skills instead or before risking real money in trading. Some users just want to try to get a reward in CND, distributed at the end of each month: so far Cindicator has paid over $1 million in rewards. For others, it’s the competitive element. And some make forecasts because it’s fun. This combination of human and machine intelligence produces indicators with stable accuracy. — Av...

“Set and Forget”: 80% Win-Rate Options Trading With Macro Sentiments, Just 30 Minutes a Week

Options aren’t the most beginner-friendly trading instruments. First, you need to wade through your broker’s interface even to find options. Then for each stock, there are usually dozens of call and put options with different combinations of strike and expiration dates. And the so-called “options Greeks” might make it look like no less than rocket science. Even testing the waters with the first options trade might be too intimidating for novice traders. Luckily, there is a community of subscribers to Macro Sentiment Indicators. While the indicators themselves are a complex data tool, the subscribers came up with probably one of the easiest option trading strategies. Even complete beginners can use it, spending just 30 minutes a week. In this post, we’ll review what Macro Sentiments are, explain the strategy, and will go over the results. — What are Macro Sentiment Indicators - Macro Sentiment Indicators track the sentiment of thousands of users registered on the Cindicator collective intelligence platforms. This is done through six weekly questions to users. After that, Cindicator’s Machine Learning models assign different weights to each answer, taking into account the user’s previous track record and other factors. The resulting six weekly sentiment indicators are numbers between 0% and 100%: Employment situation current (ESC), Employment situation future (ESF), Economic conditions current (ECC), ...

Top 3 Crazy Crypto Stories

The last couple of years have been really crazy for the crypto industry. Rapidly changing trends, volatility, the discovery of crypto millionaires, many outstanding projects — this is what fills this ambiguous world. Today we will share some of the most extraordinary stories from the crypto community. Looking for 7500 Bitcoins During spring cleaning in 2013, a man threw an old hard drive into a dumpster, which quickly ended up in a local landfill in Newport, Wales, UK. He did not know then that there was a wallet with 7,500 bitcoins on that hard drive. At the moment, it is more than 323 million dollars. As soon as Howells realized his fatal mistake, he began a desperate search for a hard drive in the city dump. For the past eight years, a man has been rummaging through piles of garbage in the hope of finding the coveted HDD. Howells announced a reward of £1 million to anyone who helps him find the hard drive and intends to donate a quarter of the amount that can be earned from the sale of cryptocurrency to the fight against coronavirus. He has already agreed with NASA specialists to help him recover the information on the disk. If the hard drive is found, the chance of data recovery using NASA equipment is relatively high — up to 90%. Tricky Key While some lose their bitcoins, others find them and become millionaires. This happened to a Reddit user named BitcoinHolderThankU (BHTU). In January 2021, he managed ...

AMA Recap: CND+ and STOIC Token

On December 22nd, we conducted an AMA session on our Youtube Channel. Nodari Kolmakhidze, Chief Financial Officer at Cindicator, provided important information regarding the upcoming CND+ program, Stoic Token release, and our plans. In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarize the most interesting points. — Part 1 — Stoic Token and CND+ Program. — What does Stoic do? We provide everybody with strategies that were previously available only for the world’s richest. Right now, it’s only a portfolio strategy available. We will add a long-short strategy (we call it the meta-strategy), a so-called fixed-income strategy, etc. These are in the final stages of testing though, it will take some time to release them. Last year in December, we had about $3 million in deposits on users’ accounts. Now it’s $115 million — we grew 40 times. Next year we’re aiming to grow ten times. The whole year we have been thinking about how to link Stoic to CND in a proper way. We had different ideas like providing discounts for holding CND, etc. Then we figured out that there’s a better option: we should create a new token for the STOIC product (as it has a different use case and metrics). In May, we created a private group with top token holders and community members — the CND Club. We outlined two ways to develop the ecosystem (discounts for holding or airdrops of new tokens) and the CND Club supported the...

Stoic AI App Users to Get Airdrop

Users of Stoic, the crypto trading app with AI, will get an airdrop of STOIC, the new utility token that will unlock access to exclusive trading strategies. Current users will get a retroactive airdrop based on fees paid in the app and new users will be able to ‘mine’ tokens at an increased early bird rate. Stoic is an app that lets anyone connect their cryptocurrency exchange account to hedge fund-grade trading strategies based on AI and quant research. Stoic’s current long-only strategy launched in March 2020. Since then, the strategy returned 1,758%, beating Bitcoin and most other benchmarks. As of December 2021, over 12,700 users connected Stoic to their Binance exchange accounts holding over $115 million worth of cryptocurrency assets. The new STOIC token will be used to unlock unique features in Stoic, as well as secure allocations in sophisticated trading strategies with limited capacity. “With the STOIC token, users will be able to experience the next generation of trading. The long-term vision is bold. In the future, instead of using exchanges, people will just connect to algorithmic trading strategies like Stoic. They will save time on research and trading while easily placing bets on different market inefficiencies, or getting smart exposure to various market segments. This token will unlock access to our next set of cutting-edge quant strategies. And it’s a great way to give back to our early users. With...

Metaverse, NFTs, and DeFi: 3 Game-Changing Crypto Trends

NFTs. Decentralised Finances. The metaverse. You’ve probably heard these terms, but what do they mean? Let’s figure it out. — DeFi: A breakthrough in Fintech. — In 2021, the DeFi concept has grown exponentially. Having started the year at $ 21.55 billion, the total value locked (TVL) made more than x10, reaching $284 billion by mid-November. Second-layer solutions make transactions faster and cheaper, and cross-chain bridges allow funds to be moved securely between different blockchains. All of these innovations increase liquidity and motivate developers to create progressive financial products. Experts advise paying attention to two areas — liquid staking and second-order protocols, the basics of which are easy to understand even for beginners. — NFT: Value Creation. — As the NFT continues to gain popularity around the world, many industries are incorporating the latest technology into their core offerings, such as luxury brands, sports associations, games, and many more. By the way, the main volume of the NFT market now consists of two main areas — collectible items and gaming NFTs. P2E projects generate other crypto trends, such as the acquisition of utility assets, virtual real estate, and metaverse. At the same time, NFTs remain the most difficult to invest due to the non-obviousness of the intrinsic value of assets. — Metaverse: The New World. — Next on the list o...

The Decentralized Internet — A Quick Guide to Web 3.0

The Decentralized Internet — A Quick Guide to Web 3.0 - — What is Web 3.0, and how did it come about?. — At the very beginning, there was Web 1.0, and experts call it the read-only era. During this period, the Internet was dominated by static sites. Slow internet connection types prevailed, so media files were infrequent. The protocols were decentralized and community-driven. Most of the value was based on users and developers. With the advent of the high-speed Internet, it became possible to share information quickly, so this was the start of the era of Web 2.0. The essential feature of this stage is the emergence of social networks. Most of the influence has been gained by several corporations such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. Devirtualization replaced general anonymity. The Internet is now undergoing another revolution as it moves to Web 3.0, which combines the decentralized, community-driven spirit with cutting-edge functionality. Besides artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D graphics, blockchain and its underlying technologies are the driving force behind the next generation of the world wide web. These features can completely transform the modern Internet, make it transparent and secure, and facilitate the transition from traditional systems to alternative technological services, including cryptocurrency. It is expected that Web 3.0 will be a revolutionary event not only in people’s daily l...

Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Projects to Watch for 2022

The metaverse was the hottest tech trend in November. The renaming of Facebook had a massive force to discuss this topic and led to increasing interest in the tokens of the gaming metaverse. Projects like Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA) showed multiple growths over the last month. Metaverse is a concept of a diverse, permanently operating virtual 3D space where people can interact with each other and with digital objects through their avatars, using virtual reality technologies. The development of this crypto sector gives rise to great prospects for both the gaming industry and decentralized finance. This article will outline the top 3 metaverse crypto projects with fascinating concepts. Star Atlas Star Atlas is a large-budget sci-fi metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. The game is focused on space exploration: conquering territories, fighting for resources, politics, and much more. Progressive game engine provides cinematic quality to the game visuals, making the players feel like they are actually in space. The internal ATLAS token is used in the metaverse as a currency for buying and selling NFT tokens. You can also use ATLAS to purchase POLIS, the in-game currency required to control certain aspects of the game. For example, POLIS may be needed to manage a new world. With this currency, you will be able to issue ordinances and improve your community. Bloktopia Bloktopia is a Polygon-based metaverse built as a...


USDC Issuer Circle Valued at $9 Billion, Aims to Go Public by December 2...

    Circle Internet Financial is a finance firm that's best known for being the issuer of the second-biggest stablecoin by total market capitalization - USDC. Now, the company reports that it's valued at a whopping $9 billion. According to a press release from today, February 17th, Circle is now valued at $9 billion. The company announced that it has terminated its existing business combination and agreed to a new deal with Concord Acquisition Corp, ticked CND on the New York Stock Exchange, and representing a SPAC (special acquisition company.) Based on the new agreement, the value of Circle is set at the above number - up 100% from July 2021, when it was originally determined to be $4.5 billion. The release reads that the increase reflects improvements in the company's financial and competitive position. Speaking on the matter was Jeremy Allaire - Co-Founder and CEO at Circle, who said: Circle has made massive strides toward transforming the globale conomic system through the power of digital currencies and the open internet. [...] Being a public company will further strengthen trust and confidence in Circle and is a critical milestone as we continue our mission to build a more inclusive financial ecosystem. Making this journey with Concord under our new agreement is a strategic accelerator. Morever, the release revealed that the new agreement has an initial outside date of December 8, 2022, but it could be extended to January 31, 2023. The new publicly-traded business is ex... read More

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