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CLH Price:
$100.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$574.2 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CLH today is $0.00191 USD.

The lowest CLH price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00191, and the current live price for one CLH coin is $0.00190731.

The all-time high CLH coin price was $0.19.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CLH with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for ClearDAO crypto currency is #CLH.

ClearDAO is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for ClearDAO is $574,242.

ClearDAO is ranking upwards to #2657 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #CLH.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ClearDAO is $100,180.


The circulating supply of CLH is 301,074,306 coins, which is 30% of the maximum coin supply.


CLH is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


CLH has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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ClearDAO Launches Perpetual Futures Marketplace on Arbitrum Testnet

Perpetual Futures — What is Perpetual Futures Trading? - Futures enable traders to gain market exposure without owning the underlying asset. In a traditional futures market, delivery of underlying assets and futures contracts is settled on a predetermined future date, rather than through direct trading (as in a spot market). Trading futures allows profits from both the upside and downside of an asset. Additionally, futures enable the use of leverage. Perpetual Futures contracts allow traders to speculate on the future price of a given asset by buying (going long) or selling (going short) perpetual futures contracts. Perpetual futures contracts are similar to traditional futures contracts, but instead of having a fixed expiration date, they are designed to never expire. This means that traders can hold their positions indefinitely, as long as they have enough margin to cover their positions. — ClearDAO Perpetual Future - — Transaction Mechanism - Allow investors Buy (long) , Sell (short), and Add Liquidity. Long buyers (Short sells )allow investors to profit on price increases (decreases), and can be used for speculation or to hedge existing positions. LPs will be profitable in three ways: First, the loss of the trading party, including the margin forced to be liquidated; second, partial funding rate income obtained through naked position management; and third, the reward for trading fees. — Marg...

ClearDAO Launches Notes Marketplace on BSC Testnet

ClearDAO Launches Notes Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain Testnet ClearDAO announced today that the Notes marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain Testnet is now open to everyone for public alpha testing. ClearDAO, as DeFi-derived infrastructure for multiple blockchain ecosystems, offers a full range of DeFi derivative templates: Options, Futures, Notes (like public funds), Swaps (like CDS and TRS), and Indices (like synthetic assets) to provide developers with underlying protocols and tools to accelerate the development of DeFi markets. Notes are structured financial products with a fixed maturity that a fund manager actively manages to gain profits or capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio. Fund managers can make customizable investments in two underlying assets: options and lending. The option is one of the ClearDAO templates launched on the Clear platform, and lending is done via Venus. Fund managers can issue Notes by setting up customizable investment plans and raising funds from fund subscribers. These notes have durations of 30, 60, and 90 days. Fund managers can issue structured notes for investors to subscribe to during subscription periods. Once the subscription period is over, fund managers will use the USDT funds subscribed to make investment decisions regarding when to lend assets for income and which options to purchase. At note maturity, investors will be able to claim investment returns. Fund mana...

Guide to ClearDAO Notes Marketplace Public Alpha on BSC Testnet

Guide to ClearDAO Notes Marketplace Public Alpha on BSC Testnet In this public alpha, anyone with MetaMask can visit the testnet platform and Subscribe Notes with different investment strategy and different Notes maturity(30,60 and 90 days) by fund managers. Testnet platform link: Fund managers actions: Create structured notes: invest options and lending products.( like Venus on BSC chain), Make investment decisions for investor funds: set up subscribe period and maturity date., View notes performance., View profit and loss., Currently on the Testnet, fund managers are managed by fund managers with senior investment experience. Users can add liquidity into the Notes as subscribers and redeem principal and profits when the Notes are due. — Quick Start Guide - Connect MetaMask to BSC Testnet With MetaMask installed, click on the network selection button at the top of the menu screen, and click “Add Network.” On the next page, fill out the information for each field: Network Name: Binance Smart Chain Testnet, Chain ID: 97, Block Explorer URL:, New RPC URL:, Currency Symbol: BNB, You can find a more detailed guide on setting up MetaMask for the BSC testnet here. Grab Yourself Some Testnet Tokens Visit our BSC testnet platform at Clear ( Click on the “Faucet” button. Enter your BSC wallet address on the next ...

CLH Staking Module is Live on Ethereum Today

The time has finally come, and the most anticipated updated version of the CLH staking module is going live today, beginning at 12:00 UTC, Oct 3rd, 2022. 🚀 CLICK HERE to join the $CLH staking now! 🚀, The staking module is the best place for CLH holders to park their CLH and earn rewards, while the ClearDAO team is working tirelessly to build a diversity of products in the application layer. The earlier prototype of the CLH staking module we introduced back in this spring was then suspended to release for a reason. Based on the feedback from our investors and partners, we have decided to make some changes to make the CLH staking module a gateway to connect startup projects in the ecosystem. The staking module is also updated to provide higher yields for CLH holders who give us their long-term support. This article will cover several unique aspects of the CLH staking module. If you’re curious about how our staking module works and would like a step-by-step introduction to stake CLH, you can read the “How-To Guide” blog post here, or the FAQ for the staking here. — Fixed-Term Staking Pools with No Preset APYs - In the ClearDAO staking module, there are four staking pools with periods of 7, 30, 90, and 180 days, and each has its own floating APY, which changes according to the total amount of staking in the pool. Rewards are distributed to the CLH stakers proportionally to the total amount they staked. Many...

CLH Staking — How-To Guide

CLH Staking — How-To Guide - CLH Staking Pools OverviewNetwork: Ethereum Start Time: 12:00 UTC, October 3, 2022 Total Staking Rewards: 50,000,000 CLH Reward Distribution: 8-year linear distribution Fixed-term Pools: 7, 30, 90, 180 days 🚀 CLICK HERE to join the $CLH staking now! 🚀 Staking Participation Reading this guide to have a quick understanding of how to stake and withdraw in the $CLH Staking Module. If you need a video clip to further see all the details, click here, or see the FAQ for the staking here. (Please note that the images below used for illustration are from a test environment and do not affect $CLH on Ethereum mainnet.) Step 1. View the four pools and stake your $CLH immediately1. Click the “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner, and it will change to cyan if successful;2. Browse four staking pools to see the total staked amount and APY for each pool, and select the appropriate pool and enter an amount;3. Before clicking Stake, please note that “Automatic Reinvestment” is enabled by default. If you need to withdraw your staked amount and return once the staking period ends, please uncheck it;4. Click Stake, and wait for the Metamask pop-up window to confirm the transaction. It will be a while for the blockchain to confirm this transaction, and during this time, the Stake button turns into a circled state;5. Pay attention to the “transaction successful” pop-up window in the u...

A template for the white-label NFT marketplace has now been added to the ClearDAO Developer Guide…

A template for the white-label NFT marketplace has now been added to the ClearDAO Developer Guide, and some thoughts on NFTs with use value - ClearDAO is a DeFi derivatives factory and provides developers with the codebase of white-label exchanges to customize their own derivatives trading platforms. The underlying assets supported by ClearDAO include common coins, fungible tokens, and NFT indices that can be used to develop various NFT derivatives. With the weight of non-fungible tokens growing dramatically, ClearDAO should not ignore businesses related to this space. Therefore, we developed a white-label exchange for the NFTs, a future-oriented NFT marketplace listing popular NFTs today, as well as NFTs with diverse attributes and use cases that we believe will emerge in the foreseeable future. Currently, the underlying code for the NFT trading platform has been added to the codebase, accessed through the ClearDAO Developer Guide. Interested partners are welcome to view and enrich our code and discuss cooperation opportunities with us. This article will first explain why “non-fungibility” starts to matter in the crypto space, following with an overview of NFTs with use value, and then the introduction of ClearDAO’s NFT marketplace template. Fungibility, why bother to discuss? Since DeFi AMM giant Uniswap V3 introduced LP NFTs last year to replace old fungible LP tokens, it has taken the market a long time to underst...

The Premiere of ClearIndex, with NFT Series Indices Released Today

ClearIndex is a set of indices powered by ClearDAO that tracks the value of various assets and replicates their performance. ClearIndex aims to provide stable, integrable and customizable datasets for index-linked products, and to diversify investment targets in the crypto space. Today, we are announcing the official launch of ClearIndex, along with the release of the first batch of indices tracking the value of the NFT series for use by ClearDAO ecosystem partners and all DeFi builders. Click here to jump to our website and see more. What is ClearIndex? The ClearDAO community is no stranger to indices. As early as last year’s testnet contest, we introduced an index tracking prices of BTC, ETH, and DOT as underlying assets of the options. Likewise, we are working on designing and launching indices that are based on a more representative selection of crypto assets and are able to track the performance of the entire crypto market or a specific subset of it, say, per public chain. In addition to the cryptocurrency market, we are also indexing assets in the NFT collectibles market. NFT collectibles are often beyond the reach of ordinary investors, resulting in illiquidity in the market. Therefore, we introduced NFT indices to tackle this headache. By defining different NFT index criteria, we can meet the demand for NFT index funds, NFT fragmentation, or other NFT derivatives, thereby lowering the barrier of entry for most inv...

ClearDAO Launches Development Fund Targeting Ecosystem Growth

We are thrilled to introduce the multi-million-dollar ClearDAO Ecosystem Fund, which launches today. The fund will be fully dedicated to fostering the growth and diversity of the ecosystem around ClearDAO. Grants from the fund will be tailored to the project’s specific needs, including product development, user acquisition, scaling, etc., to give more value to outstanding ecosystem builders. Unlock DeFi 3.0 ClearDAO is building a set of advanced derivative contracts in trading and risk management systems for DeFi 3.0. We believe a mature financial system with decentralized derivatives is the core of DeFi’s next phase. Thus, we are here to commit ourselves to proffer derivative infrastructures and bring the derivatives boom to DeFi space. ClearDAO aims to create a DeFi derivatives ecosystem that allows developers worldwide to easily launch decentralized exchanges and offer unique derivatives based on ClearDAO-powered infrastructure. A mature and sophisticated ecosystem centered on derivatives is under construction to knock on the door of DeFi 3.0. Empower more In addition to financial incentives, ClearDAO also:Provides highly modular and extendable SDKs that support creating a full range of DeFi derivative types, including options, futures, notes, swaps, etc.Introduces market makers and liquidity providers into its ecosystem project to address the main hurdle for new trading platforms, namely initial liquidity.Provides...

Call for more ClearDAO Ecosystem Developers!

We are pleased to share that ClearDAO has received a lot of inquiries and proposals for business collaboration over the past few weeks. Many developers actively participated in and complemented our SDK toolkit demos on Options, TRS, and CDS to construct their derivative products and exchanges. A more robust SDK beta is now available for groundbreaking developer teams. ClearDAO is calling for more cooperation and will provide all necessary technical support. What is the spotlight of ClearDAO SDK? The highly adaptable SDK enables developers to:develop customized derivative contracts of options, notes, futures, swaps, etc.launch exchanges to facilitate the trading of derivative products.set up a quantitative risk database that traders can use for risk management.deliver an appropriate price feed based on reliable oracle recourses. The development team has been continuously tweaking and optimizing the SDK code to support more classes of underlying assets. More derivative templates are under construction to improve the composability and expandability of the SDK. Call for more Ecosystem Developers!🚀 ClearDAO makes building DeFi derivative platforms super easy. For any Web3.0 builder with mid-level coding experience who wants to create their derivative marketplaces, ClearDAO is the solution. Please find the form here which you can fill out and reply to us, or send an email to to deliver your interest in a...

ClearDAO Project Update. Jan-Feb, 2022

The 2022 of ClearDao began with one major listing of $CLH on KuCoin, being the first spotlight project of 2022 chosen by KuCoin. Moving onwards, the ClearDao team is expanding more partnerships and delivering products aimed at providing developers with SDK and tools to accelerate the development of crypto derivatives and marketplaces. Below is a recap of what has happened since the start of 2022.KuCoin launched Spotlight token sale with ClearDao (CLH) KuCoin launched the 18th Spotlight token sale with ClearDAO (CLH) on January 5, 2022 (UTC). The CLH token sale will operate using the proportional distribution model. Spotlight Token Sale Details:Spotlight Hard Cap: 200,000 USDTSpotlight Allocation: 20,000,000 CLHSpotlight Token Sale Price: 1 CLH = 0.01 USDTToken Supported: KuCoin Token (KCS) OnlySpotlight Token Distribution: 10% will be unlocked on the Token Generation Event (TGE), and the remaining 90% will be distributed in 10% batches every 14 days from the 1st distribution.Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 CLHInitial Circulating Supply: 47,374,690 CLH $CLH Spotlight Token Sale DetailsCLH is Listed On KuCoin, and CoinW ClearDAO token CLH was listed on KuCoin on Jan 7th 13:00 UTC. The CLH/USDT trading pair will become available to users of the exchange. ClearDAO is the first KuCoin Spotlight project of 2022.Total over 56m USDT was raised on Gate.io153,013% overraised20,844 participants ClearDAO has raised 3 m...

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