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CHI Price:
$17.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CHI today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest CHI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.064, and the current live price for one CHI coin is $0.06397.

The all-time high CHI coin price was $0.67.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CHI with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for XAYA crypto currency is #CHI.

XAYA is 3.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for XAYA is $3,331,871.

XAYA is ranked #748 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #CHI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for XAYA is $17,386.


The circulating supply of CHI is 52,085,799 coins, which is 67% of the total coin supply.


CHI is a token on the Polygon PoS blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the CHI Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


CHI has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #CHI, and you can view them on our CHI disambiguation page.



Hiro Capital Invests in Soccerverse

Games, digital sports and technology venture capital fund Hiro Capital recently announced their investment in Soccerverse Ltd, the company that produces the massively multiplayer online football management game Soccerverse. The pairing of Hiro Capital and Soccerverse Ltd is ideal as the goals and visions of the two companies are well aligned. Hiro Capital aims to make the world a better place by investing in and fostering both digital and physical games and sports companies that bring new, positive technological innovations to the market. Hiro was founded in 2019; its partners are Luke Alvarez, Cherry Freeman, Sir Ian Livingstone, and Spike Laurie. Hiro’s staff roster is a veritable A-Team of some of the most experienced experts in the gaming and sports technology space. Soccerverse fits into the Hiro vision for positive games that are a force for good in society. The Soccerverse team has focused on merging the worlds of online gaming with blockchain technology and the many benefits that blockchain brings with it. This new investment in Soccerverse will help propel the game into the limelight of both football/soccer management simulation games and blockchain games. Funds will help facilitate further and faster game development, and improve gameplay extraordinarily. Soccerverse is a football management simulator built using the Xaya blockchain SDK which allows for the game to be fully decentralised (on-chain) whilst having ...

SME Rebrands as Soccerverse

Soccer Manager Elite has now officially been rebranded as Soccerverse and will be developed by a new entity, Soccerverse Ltd, fully dedicated to driving the project forward. The brand is a better reflection of how the game has evolved and will continue to evolve in the future. At its inception, “Soccer Manager Crypto” very quickly changed its name to “Soccer Manager Elite” prior to its first announcement. However, as the development and planning progressed, SME evolved into much more than just a football management game. In order to make the game more fun, immersive and accessible to soccer fans and crypto enthusiasts alike, we have increased the scope and depth of this cutting edge football management simulator. Each club and player is a fractionalized NFT and DAO. Shareholders who own shares in clubs or players will be able to propose club managers and player agents, and then vote on who they wish to fill the position in order to maximize profits using cryptographically secure methods. This will all be happening in one massive, persistent multiplayer game world — “The Elite Championship”, with an in-depth economy where hundreds of clubs compete against each other in leagues, shields and cups at set times every week. Blockchain technology enables this remake of a battle proven MMO to run in a persistent, decentralized and autonomous universe like never before seen on Earth. More than just a new name for ...

Xaya Names on Polygon

UPDATE 2022–05–17: The site is live for you to register your Xaya names at As part of Xaya’s expansion and evolution, Xaya Names can now be minted as ERC-721 tokens on Polygon on the 17th of May at 4pm UTC. Due to Xaya’s blockchain agnostic tech stack this opens up Xaya’s reach to millions of users across the Polygon ecosystem. Xaya names are unique NFTs and are similar to Namecoin and ENS names. Xaya names have a variety of uses with the top 2 being for game accounts and for use as a secure decentralized identity for authentication or authorization. As a game account, they can hold in-game assets and function however the game developer wishes them to. Xaya name purchases are permanent with no renewal required. This ensures that gamers never lose their accounts as long as they have their private keys. It also means that if the private keys for a name are lost, then it’s gone forever. (Pro tip: Always have multiple backups.) The price of names on Polygon has been set at 1 WCHI. This is to reduce spam or mass registration of names, however this cost can be changed in the future. The names follow the ERC-721 standard and the tokens are inherently non-fungible and allow for special ownership functionality. As ERC-721 tokens, they can also be freely traded on platforms such as OpenSea. This ability to freely buy/sell/trade names is an important feature for developing the Xaya ecosystem as one whe...

Xaya Q1 2022 Update

There’s a lot going on with Xaya, although much of it isn’t highly visible. This update goes over some of that, including some of those less obvious things. At the top of the list of questions we get asked about is Soccer Manager Elite. Under the hood, there’s a lot of infrastructure that will be completely transparent for end users, but that is necessary for the game. Some of the most recent updates include: Xaya integration for EVM-based blockchains (such as Polygon), Xaya Accounts Contract deployment on Polygon with security audit, Metamask working with Xaya games, Game Channels improvements and working on Polygon, Game Channels have been tested and working on Polygon through Xayaships, Rebranding of Soccer Manager Elite (including new website), New SME read-only web version now open to public, Treat Fighter, — Xaya EVM integration - Xaya EVM integration has been finalized and it is possible for developers to build games on EVM chains to take advantage of the various Xaya technologies to create their own fully decentralised game worlds. Xaya X also means that games written for any chain, e.g. those written for Xaya Core can be run on other chains without any code changes (except for wallet functionality of course). Xaya X acts as an interface layer between the blockchain and Xaya’s Game State Processors (GSPs). Xaya X is on GitHub here: — Xaya Naming Contract on Polygon - Xaya’s...

One Christmas Morning at a Tiny House in the Countryside

Sometimes life isn’t easy when you’re 10 years old, and that was particularly true for Jay and his family. Both mom and dad had long since lost their jobs because of Covid lockdowns. Nobody was hiring and it didn’t help that they lived fairly far outside of the nearest town. Dawn was breaking when Jay rolled out of bed. Everyone else was still asleep. The echoes of his mother’s tears that he overheard the previous night still rang in his ears. “Today will be different,” Jay thought to himself. For Jay, today there would be new hope. After all, it was Christmas morning. And even though there was no Christmas tree in the living room, no presents, and only a pile of unpaid bills in the kitchen, there would be hope. Jay grabbed a brightly decorated homemade envelope addressed to his mom and dad from under his pillow and quietly crept downstairs. For months Jay had spent as much spare time as he could on the computer. Most kids play games, and Jay wasn’t that different from others, but there was one advantage for him; Jay had found some play-to-earn “Human Mining” games. The months of grinding, quests, and adventures had paid off though, and Jay’s Christmas envelope was proof. One fully decentralised blockchain game had proven to be particularly profitable as it was a hit and Jay had started early. Last week he finished selling off the last few valuable items he had in it, and even managed to sell his accoun...

Give the Gift of Xaya Christmas Crypto CHI

Christmas always presents us with a gut-wrenching conundrum: what do we get people for Christmas? All too often there’s really nothing that our family or friends really actually need (or at least need AND is inside of our price range for a gift for them). Gift certificates are an easy out, but lack any degree of real thought, consideration or personalisation. But, there is an alternative! Give a Xaya wallet with CHI on a USB flash memory stick. Or a seed phrase. Or a paper wallet. Ok, so I can already hear some people out there mumbling this or that, but hear me out. After creating 44 personalised wallets like this, I can most certainly assure you that for that many people, it’s a LOT of work to do that many (I also did a LOT more than just what you can read in this article). A massive amount of effort and work for that many people. If nothing else, I hope that people appreciate the effort I went to for them this Christmas. We’ll see though. In 2015 I offered my relatives at Christmas $50 in Bitcoin when it was $417. Nobody accepted it. Not. 1. Person. Had they have accepted it, and sold at the recent ATH, they’d have over $8,000. How will people react this time around? Like I said, we’ll see… — WHY GIVE CHI OR CRYPTO FOR CHRISTMAS? - If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already sold on the idea of cryptocurrency or blockchain gaming. Not only is it a pretty cool gift that they’re unlikely to...

Xaya Teams Up with GeekyAnts for Soccer Manager Elite

Soccer Manager Elite (SM Elite) has teamed up with GeekyAnts to bring this premiere sports management game to the broadest audience possible. Work has been underway for a couple months now, so the next release will be coming soon. SM Elite is a sports management game and is a fully decentralised, trustless, permissionless, serverless, 100% pure blockchain game that features full DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) and DEXes (Decentralised EXchanges). More than that though, SM Elite is fun!Managers set choose teams and set tactics In SM Elite users can play the game in radically different ways, depending on their own preferences. There are 3 main roles that people can assume: Soccer club manager (runs a soccer club), Soccer player agent (negotiates with club managers for player wages and contract length, and sets the player’s mood), Trader (buys, sells, and HODLs shares in clubs and players)  — Scouting — Find upcoming players who may be underpriced now but expected to increase in value and ratings in the future  — Receive dividends depending on players and clubs performance, Each club can have only 1 manager, and there are only 300 clubs, so competition to become a manager will be intense. Similarly, each player can only have 1 agent, but there are many more football players (10,000+). People can be agents for multiple players. Managers and agents earn Soccer Manager Coins (SMC, symbol: ...

Xaya X is for Every Blockchain

In 2013 we developed Huntercoin, the first blockchain game, and in 2015 we began using all that experience and knowledge to design an entire platform to host almost any kind of game on the Xaya blockchain, all fully decentralized. Today in 2021, we’re delivering on our promise to be THE ONE, TRUE BLOCKCHAIN GAMING PLATFORM with Xaya X. Other than the Xaya Core blockchain, the technologies we have created are blockchain agnostic, meaning that it doesn’t really matter what blockchain you are using because Xaya can turn it into a blockchain game. In particular, the libxayagame library is the primary engine that powers true blockchain games. However, for libxayagame to run on other blockchains, it needs a little helper: enter Xaya X. Xaya X empowers developers on different blockchains to take advantage of the massive advantages that Xaya offers. Devs need merely point their GSP at Xaya X, and just like magic, they’ve got the most powerful blockchain gaming platform in the world at their fingertips. The possibilities for developers are endless. First out of the gates is Xaya X for Ethereum, which opens the doors to any Ethereum-like blockchain, such as xDai, Polygon’s “Internet of Blockchains”, or any of the upcoming rollups like Arbitrum. This open compatibility is a natural fit for Xaya’s blockchain agnosticism and clears the path for developers to build truly decentralised games and apps. Blockchain agnosticism...

Xayaships v0.2.0 Released

2 years ago we released a Game Channels technology demo called “Xayaships” to show developers how to create real-time true blockchain games. It is a simple implementation of an old board game popularised by Milton Bradley’s “Battleship”. (A very similar game, “Basilinda”, was first published in 1890.) Players take turns firing at each other in an attempt to sink each other’s naval fleet. We also created a basic front end (GUI) for the game. — UPGRADES - This latest tech demo v0.2.0 upgrades the front end for a much better, friendlier user experience. In particular, the new chat room lets players organise new games and banter between each other.Playing Xayaships The new secure chat system is based on Xaya names, XayaID (XID), and XMPP. (Soccer Manager Elite implements the same kind of secure chat system.) — XayaID (XID) - XID is a secure digital identity and authentication system first developed in 2019 and based on NameID, which was developed in 2013. Unlike some other decentralised digital identity platforms, XID uses human readable Xaya names, e.g. “Alice” or “Bob”, and not long strings of random characters. Although not yet implemented, End-to-End encryption will soon allow for this cryptographically secure system to guarantee that whoever you are authenticating or chatting with is really that person. — XMPP Broadcast - XMPP is a secure, decentralised, open source, and extensibl...

Xaya — Blockchain Agnostic — Polygon

Xaya — Blockchain Agnostic — Polygon - Since Xaya was launched you may have heard us mention about how the Xaya platform and technology is blockchain agnostic. So first of all, let us start with a short introduction to the core components of Xaya and how it has been designed. A Xaya game has 3 main components (assuming a full node setup): Xaya Core, Game State Processor (GSP), Game client / front-end, Here we will focus on just numbers 1 and 2. — Xaya Core - Xaya Core is a fork of Namecoin, a project we have maintained and supported voluntarily for over 8 years. Namecoin was the first altcoin and the only altcoin that had any of Satoshi’s input. For 2 years it was the only blockchain that provided a different use case than a currency until we created Huntercoin which itself was a fork of Namecoin and enabled a fully decentralized MMO to run on its own blockchain. The core blockchain of Xaya has raised eyebrows with questions such as: Why are you using an archaic Bitcoin fork? Why use PoW? There is better stuff out there. The answers boil down to: Simplicity, Robustness, Proven, It provides everything we need, In a nutshell, we use Xaya for creating decentralized unique human readable IDs for player accounts and for storing moves in fully on-chain (and game-channel) games signed by those “accounts”. Our work on Namecoin, Huntercoin and Xaya has provided contributions to Bitcoin Core itself, from ...


Polygon Expands Its Footprint As Evolving NFT And Gaming Ecosystems Seek...

    Built with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use, Polygon (previously Matic) is designed to let organizations and businesses create and deploy their own decentralized applications (dApps). The platform serves as a layer-2 scaling solution that addresses the scalability and rising gas costs of Ethereum and other EMV-compatible networks. Additionally, it also works as a fully-functional chain on its own, thereby cementing itself as a preferred choice for a diverse range of blockchain-based projects. The Polygon development team is also tapping into the NFT and blockchain gaming ecosystems to expand its offering footprint even further. As part of its efforts to bridge Web2 and Web3, Polygon recently launched Polygon Studios, a new initiative that will focus on NFT and blockchain gaming. As of date, Polygon has bloomed into a vibrant ecosystem with more than 100,000 active gamers on its network. More than 3,000 dApps are already harnessing the power of the Polygon network as the platform inches closer towards becoming the go-to layer-2 destination for blockchain gaming, DeFi, and NFTs atop Ethereum. Polygon’s multichain infrastructure offers many features, including one-click deployment, extended modules for developing custom networks, and interoperability with Ethereum and other individual chains. In 2021, Polygon announced its intention to leverage the growth of NFTs by investing in Colexion, Asia’s biggest NFTs marketplace. The platform also highlighted that it... read More

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