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The last known price of #CHART is $0.00240 USD.

Please note that the price of #CHART was last updated over 460 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #CHART statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest CHART price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00240, and the exact last price of CHART was $0.00239501.

The all-time high CHART coin price was $0.17.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CHART with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for ChartEx crypto currency is #CHART.

ChartEx is 2.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for ChartEx is not available at this time.

ChartEx is ranking downwards to #19962, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak during the past 24 hours for #CHART.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ChartEx is $14.00.


The total supply of CHART is 250,000,000 coins.


CHART is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


CHART has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Dogecoin Big Rally Ahead: Analyst Sees 'Most Beautiful' Chart Pattern

    Once again taking the stage in the crypto scene is the popular meme coin Dogecoin (DOGE). Renowned crypto analyst JD has lately revealed his very positive view of DOGE, which has excited traders and investors. Driven by what he labels as one of the most “beautiful charts” he has seen in his long trading history, JD claimed in a series of perceptive pieces on X that Dogecoin is about to experience a significant price spike. Even with the latest market downturn when DOGE dropped by 40% from its local high, JD remained unflinching in his positive view. He thinks that this dip prepares the ground for a strong comeback. 'DOGE is gearing up for something BIG,' JD said, implying the possibility for a significant price movement not too distant. #Dogecoin - One of the most beautiful chart structures I've seen! Dumb Money who got REKT will deny! Glad we called the 45% crash from Local top posted on Patreon/Discord! MAJORITY of my orders have been filled! #DOGE is getting ready for something BIG! $DOGE… — JD (@jaydee_757) July 16, 2024 Risk Control And Strategic Positioning JD's approach is to leverage Dogecoin's present price motion by using DOGE's consistent range and the development of additional support levels. This method shows his faith in the approaching upward trend. 'I'm betting,' JD said, stressing his expectation of a big upward increase. To further reduce any danger, JD has also wisely set stop-loss orders at lower lev... read More

Bitcoin Forms Double Top Pattern On 4-Hour Chart, Analyst Reveals Target...

    The Bitcoin recovery has not been as impactful as expected, failing to break $60,000 even after a return of bullish momentum. Given this, expectations of a bearish reversal have become the norm as analysts do not believe that the pioneer cryptocurrency has enough steam to sustain the current momentum. One of the analysts who believe the price is destined for a downturn is Finn Oakes, who predicts a return to the $53,000 territory. Bitcoin Forms Double Top Pattern In the analysis that was shared on the TradingView website, crypto analyst Finn Oakes explains that the Bitcoin price has now formed a double top. This occurred after the Bitcoin price crossed the $59,000 level two times and both times, the price had failed to successfully clear this level. This double top pattern is shown on the 4-hour hour chart, where there is a reversal pattern forming as a result of this. This double top is bearish for the price and could signal a continuation of the downtrend that began last week. In such a case, the bulls have a hard fight ahead of them. Breaking down the double top, the crypto analyst explains that it has now shown $59,000 to be a strong resistance zone. This means for any rally to occur, the price would successfully have to beat this resistance before it is confirmed. In contrast to the resistance level, $56,000 has now emerged as support for the Bitcoin price. This gives both bulls and bears a tight $3,000 room to fight for dominance and push the price either way. Otherwis... read More

Dogecoin Flashes Major Bullish Signal On 3-Day Chart, Here's The Target

    Dogecoin (DOGE) could be on the brink of a major bullish reversal based on a technical indicator recently flashing a bullish signal for the meme coin. While highlighting the bullish signal, crypto analyst Ali Martinez also hinted at how high Dogecoin could rise when this reversal occurs.  A Rebound For Dogecoin On The Horizon Martinez mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that the TD Sequential is presenting a buy signal on Dogecoin’s 3-day chart, thereby “predicting a rebound of one to four candlesticks for DOGE.” Based on the chart he shared, Dogecoin could enjoy a reversal to around $0.17, the area in which it began its downtrend in early June.  A massive rebound for Dogecoin will undoubtedly be a welcome development for its holders, who have had to deal with the meme coin’s bearish outlook for some time now. Dogecoin failed to make any impressive rally, while other foremost meme coins rallied following Roaring Kitty’s return.  Meanwhile, the meme coin took one of the worst hits following the recent avalanche that plagued the crypto market. Bitcoin led altcoins on a downward trend towards the end of June. However, with the flagship crypto reversing and back above $63,000, Dogecoin could also enjoy an impressive recovery from its current price level.  Moreover, data from the market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock shows a strong positive correlation between Dogecoin’s price and Bitcoin’s. As such, Dogecoi... read More

Bitcoin Analyst Says Coin Overvalued: Why Is This BTC Chart Super Bullis...

    Bitcoin is trending higher at spot rates, breaching $63,000 on June 30 before recoiling. Even though momentum is building, the action of the coin's price is a source of debate. Still, some are doubtful, thinking there is reason for a possible overvaluation. Analyst: Bitcoin Is Overvalued, Here's Why In a post on X, one analyst argues that the coin may likely cool off, extending the 18% drop registered in June. To conclude this, the analyst said the preview factored in several parameters, including time, the number of active Bitcoin addresses, and hash rate. Through this model, the analyst said there was reason to doubt the uptrend, dampening the spirits of optimistic holders expecting bulls to push on. As of writing, Bitcoin is back in the multi-week range with caps at all-time highs and support at $56,800 registered in May. From price action, it is clear that buyers are in charge, at least from a top-down preview. Despite the lower lows, especially in May when prices breached $60,000, bulls have a chance from a top-down preview. Notably, prices are inside a bull flag after gains in Q1 2024. However, buyers' failure to confirm gains in mid-March is slowing down the uptrend. Buyers have failed to breach $74,000 from the daily chart, and $72,000 is a strong liquidation line. In the short term, the trend could shift if prices break out decisively above $66,000, preferably at the back of rising trading volume.         Germany Selling As BTC Gains Versus ... read More

Is Now The Time To Buy Bitcoin? Latest Chart Analysis Says Yes – H...

    Bitcoin has recently been spotlighted due to an intriguing buy signal identified on its hourly chart. This indication emerges amidst a notable fluctuation in Bitcoin's price, setting the stage for potential short-term gains. Renowned crypto analyst Ali has highlighted a significant development on the hourly chart of Bitcoin, specifically noting a 'buy signal' detected by the TD Sequential indicator. This technical tool, developed by Tom DeMark, is respected for its ability to predict price reversals by analyzing exhaustion points in trends. Decoding The TD Sequential Indicator On Bitcoin Chart The TD Sequential operates in two main phases: the setup and the countdown. The setup phase requires nine consecutive price bars closing progressively higher or lower, depending on the trend's direction. Following a successful setup, the countdown phase begins, searching for a sequence of 13 bars that continue the trend but must close beyond the high or low of two bars prior. Completing this countdown typically signals an exhausted trend, poised for a reversal. Bitcoin's hourly chart shows the completion of this pattern, suggesting an imminent uptick over the next few hours. The TD Sequential presents a buy signal on the #Bitcoin hourly chart, predicting a potential rebound of one to four candlesticks for $BTC! — Ali (@ali_charts) June 11, 2024 This technical prognosis arrives as Bitcoin contends with downward pressure, recently dipping below $67,000, ... read More

Inverted Hammer Appears On The XRP Price Chart, Crypto Analyst Picks Fir...

    Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto has revealed a bullish pattern that recently formed on the XRP price chart. The analyst also revealed how high the crypto token could rise once it makes this move to the upside.   Inverted Hammer Forms On The Chart Egrag highlighted an Inverted hammer that had formed on XRP’s chart while noting how bullish this was for the crypto token. He claimed that last month’s candle formation showed a 75% Inverted Hammer at the bottom, which is “super bullish” for XRP. Egrag believes this is an “amazing sign” that the altcoin could rise to $0.75 soon enough. He added that July will be a “month of fireworks” for XRP.  XRP's possible rise to $0.75 is significant, as Egrag had previously highlighted that price level as a “critical breakout point” for XRP. Back then, he mentioned that XRP was “poised” to achieve this breakout in the coming weeks. He suggested an XRP breakout above that price level would send it to $1.5, and the crypto token could enjoy a further upward trend to $7.5.  Crypto analyst CasiTrades also recently provided a bullish narrative for the altcoin. She stated that the crypto token is maintaining its bullish momentum and bouncing off the 0.382 retracement level. The analyst added that XRP has finally flipped a trendline that had acted as resistance for months to support. Meanwhile, CasiTrades highlighted $0.54 as a price level to keep an eye on, stat... read More

Is ETH Primed to Take Down the $4K Resistance and Chart New All-Time Hig...

    Ethereum’s price has been gaining bullish momentum recently after experiencing a correction in the last couple of months. With the asset approaching its recent high, investors are hoping for new records, but breaking the $4,000 resistance seems tougher than expected. Technical Analysis By TradingRage The Daily Chart In the daily timeframe, the price blasted through the higher boundary of the large descending channel a while ago. The market has been consolidating since, but there is no sign of a deep correction. With the $3,600 area turning into a support level, the market will likely break through the key $4,000 resistance zone. In this case, market participants can be optimistic that a mid-term rally toward the $4,800 all-time high might begin soon. The 4-Hour Chart The 4-hour chart is also demonstrating some bullish signs. The price has been declining inside a bullish flag pattern this week. However, it seemingly breaks the flag to the upside, a classic bullish continuation signal. With the Relative Strength Index also on the verge of rising above 50%, the momentum is also shifting in favor of a bullish move. Therefore, if things do not change drastically, it could only be a matter of time before the price breaks above the $4,000 resistance level. Sentiment Analysis By Shayan Open Interest Ethereum’s price experienced a rapid impulsive surge last week, nearing the $4K mark. This uptrend has sparked renewed demand and heightened buyer activity as traders chase ... read More

Chart Whisperer Spots Algorand Breakout: Get Ready For A 50% Rally

    Algorand (ALGO), the blockchain platform known for its speedy transactions and energy efficiency, has caught the eye of crypto analysts. Popular analyst ZAYK Charts identified a potential paradigm shift for ALGO, pointing to a price breakout on the 12-hour chart that could propel the token 40-50% higher. Algorand: Breaking The Resistance Barrier Technical analysis, a realm where chart patterns and indicators guide investment decisions, has become a popular tool in the cryptocurrency space. ZAYK Charts noticed a significant development for ALGO – a breakout from a trendline on the 12-hour timeframe. This trendline resistance level had previously acted as a ceiling for the token's price. The successful breach of this resistance is seen as a bullish signal, suggesting a potential shift in momentum towards a price increase. $ALGO Trendline Breakout is Already Done,In 12H Timeframe Expecting 40-50% Bullish Wave#ALGO #ALGOUSDT #Algorand #Crypto — ZAYK Charts (@ZAYKCharts) May 25, 2024 Volume Speaks Volumes Breakouts alone aren't always the most definitive indicators. To strengthen the bullish case, ZAYK Charts emphasizes a crucial supporting factor – increased trading volume. Imagine a surge in trading activity like a crowded stock exchange. In the context of cryptocurrencies, higher volume during a breakout suggests increased buying pressure from investors, further bolstering the likelihood of a sustained price rise. The Technical Ar... read More

Will Bitcoin Chart a New All-Time High Before the Upcoming Halving? (BTC...

    Bitcoin’s price has been going through a consolidation phase over the past month, failing to continue its rally higher than $75K. Yet, things might be about to change soon. Technical Analysis By TradingRage The Daily Chart On the daily chart, the price has been forming a large triangle pattern around the $70K mark. Depending on the direction of the potential breakout, these patterns can signal a reversal or continuation of the trend. Currently, the market has reclaimed the $68K level and is moving toward the higher boundary of the pattern. If a bullish breakout occurs, a rally toward higher prices and a new all-time high can be expected in the short term. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart Looking at the 4-hour chart, It is evident that the price has rebounded from the $64K level and pushed above $68K. The market is approaching the higher boundary of the triangle pattern, and its reaction to it would determine whether a new all-time high can be expected in the coming weeks or if there is still more consolidation on the horizon. The Relative Strength Index also shows values above 50%, indicating that the momentum favors a bullish continuation. On-Chain Analysis By TradingRage Short-Term Holder SOPR A prominent reason for corrections during the bull cycles is profit realization by market participants. After Bitcoin made a new all-time high, many investors sold some of their coins to realize profits. This selling pressure is one of the main factors leading to the recent... read More

Can This Bullish Chart Pattern Propel Bitcoin Price To $75,000?

    The Bitcoin price has experienced a notable resurgence over the past week, drawing parallels to the optimism often associated with Holy Week among Christians. This renewed momentum has infused the entire market, leading to significant profits for other major cryptocurrencies in the last seven days. The resurgence of the Bitcoin price seems to be at its nascent phase, with a popular crypto pundit on the X forecasting a bullish trajectory for the premier cryptocurrency over the coming days. Bitcoin Price To Reach $75,000? In a recent post on the X platform, Ali Martinez put forward an optimistic prediction for the price of Bitcoin. According to the crypto analyst, the premier cryptocurrency’s current price action indicates that BTC might be ready for another run to the upside. This bullish prediction is based on the formation of an inverse head-and-shoulders chart pattern in the 30-minute timeframe. Considering the short timeframe, this projection, if it comes true, will likely play out over the next few days. Typically, a head-and-shoulders price pattern signals a bullish-to-bearish trend reversal and indicates that an upward trend might be coming to an end. In contrast, the inverse head-and-shoulders chart formation suggests the possible reversal of a downward trend, with potential bullish movement on the horizon. According to the highlighted chart above, the Bitcoin price is currently following a trend above the 200 exponential moving average (EMA). If the coin main... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Soars Past $69K to Chart 9-Day High, Liquidations Jump to ...

    The price of Bitcoin added more than five grand in the past day or so and over $2,000 in the last hours to skyrocket to a new nine-day peak of over $69,000. The altcoins have also turned green, with notable price increases from the likes of SOL, AVAX, and TON. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView Bitcoin had an unfavorable week in the past seven days, as reported earlier, and saw its price stall at around $64,000 during the weekend after a failed attempt to overcome $66,000. However, Monday started on a more positive note when the asset regained a few grand and went as high as $67,500. After another brief retracement mid-day, the cryptocurrency started gaining traction once more in the past few hours and blasted past $69,000 for the first time since March 16. Several altcoins followed on the way up, with some, such as SOL, AVAX, and TON, managed to double down on their daily gains. Others, like Shiba Inu (SHIB) have added over 7% in the past hour alone. This increased volatility has harmed over-leveraged traders, as more than 50,000 have been wrecked on a daily scale. The total value of liquidated positions has grown to $200 million within the same time frame. Interestingly, the single-largest wrecked position was on OKX and involved ETH, not BTC. It was worth north of $6.6 million. The post Bitcoin (BTC) Soars Past $69K to Chart 9-Day High, Liquidations Jump to $200M appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

AI Coins Chart Massive Returns in 2024, How Do Meme Coins Compare?

    AI-related coins have demonstrated a noteworthy performance in 2024, as the combined returns of such cryptocurrencies have surged by 76% since the year's commencement. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) coins market has experienced a 7% increase today, elevating the market cap to $19.8 billion in the past 24 hours. AI Coins Are Top Performers in 2024 Entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor Lark Davis stated on X that AI coins yielded the highest returns in 2024 among cryptocurrencies. AI coins have been pulling in the best returns so far in 2024. Collectively, AI coins have registered 76% returns since the start of the year. Which AI coins are you most bullish on? — Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark) February 29, 2024 AI tokens such as Worldcoin, Fetch.AI, and SingularityNET have experienced notable surges in recent weeks, driving the bullish trend in the market for AI-based coins. Several tokens have achieved double-digit gains during this period. Worldcoin, which aims to build a vast identity and financial network to reach a billion users, has seen its WLD token have an impressive bull run over the last four weeks, surging 222%. The AI coin reached a new all-time high of $9.449 on February 25. However, the recent lawsuit by Elon Musk against OpenAI has halted that run. On the other hand, SingularityNET’s AGIX token is inching closer to the $1 milestone in the weekly chart, marking the fifth consecutive week of positive growth. The coin is up 218.5%... read More

Solana Drops Below 100-Day MA On 4-Hour Chart, SOL Price In Danger?

    Having failed to break its previous high for the year, the price of Solana has continued to move downward. From the height of $118.88, the coin, which is currently ranked 5th in the crypto space with a total supply of 440,961,455 SOL and a market capitalization of $58.2 million,  has made a drop of over 25% and is not showing any signs of stopping. As of the time of writing, the price of SOL was up by 2.76% and trading around $102.63, below the 100-day moving average in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, in the daily timeframe, the price has dropped a bearish candlestick, indicating that the price is still bearish. The moving average indicator generally is used to determine the trend of an asset, which could be an uptrend or downtrend. Since the price of Solana is trading below the 100-day moving average, could this mean that the price has changed from an uptrend to a downtrend? Solana On The 4-Hour Chart A technical examination of the chart from the 4-hour timeframe and with the help of a trend line we can see that two resistance levels of $118.88 and $114.87 have been created by previous price movement. We can also see that the price has broken the support level of $103.57. Therefore, the price for the next destination might be the $92.84 support level.  This can be seen in the image below: Also, taking a look at the 4-hour timeframe chart with the help of the MACD indicator in the above image, we can see that the MACD histogram is trending below the MACD zero line.... read More

This Is How Bitcoin Will Reclaim $60K and Chart New ATH (Analysts)

    The price of Bitcoin seems to be losing correlation with ETF inflows and outflows, which is why BTC has remained on the sidelines for the past few days despite institutional adoption gaining momentum. This has become a focal point for investors and analysts. A popular analyst who goes by Titan of Crypto on X recently shared their insights into Bitcoin's current trajectory and potential future movements. BTC to $60K? According to the analyst, BTC is currently exhibiting a bullish flag formation with a target price of $61,000. The analyst points out that Bitcoin is undergoing a retest of the Tenkan indicator, observing that each time it approaches the $50.7k level, it experiences significant buying activity, as evidenced by candle wicks. #Bitcoin Bull flag formation: target at $61,000#BTC is retesting Tenkan at the moment. Each time it hits the $50.7k level it's bought back. Look at the candle wicks. - As long as Tenkan holds the potential bull flag formation is likely to play out. - If it were to… — Titan of Crypto (@Washigorira) February 22, 2024 Titan of Crypto emphasizes that as long as the Tenkan indicator holds, there is a high likelihood of the bullish flag formation playing out. However, the analyst warns that a downside break could lead to the next support level at the Kijun indicator, currently situated around $47.3k. What Will It Take For BTC to Reach New ATHs? The Tenkan-Sen, also known as the Conversion Line, represents sh... read More

Bitcoin To $34,000? Analyst Predicts Next Move For BTC With This Chart P...

    Bitcoin had a surprisingly underwhelming price performance over the past week despite the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approving the trading of spot BTC ETFs. The price of the flagship cryptocurrency almost broke into $49,000 at the peak of this positive news but has since retraced back below $43,000. Ali Martinez, a popular crypto analyst on the X platform, has offered insight into the current market climate of Bitcoin, highlighting that the cryptocurrency’s price may face further downward pressure over the coming weeks. Analyst Forecasts 20% Price Drop For BTC  In a recent post on X, the crypto pundit shared an update on his analysis of the Bitcoin’s price chart on the three-day timeframe. On January 4, Martinez initially identified an ascending parallel channel, which seems to be governing the Bitcoin price action since September 2023. In price analysis, an ascending parallel channel is a technical analysis pattern that features two parallel upward-sloping trend lines. While it is mostly a bullish chart pattern, the ascending parallel channel can signal a short-term bearish move or even a trend reversal. Martinez noted in his post that the current setup appears to be holding true after the Bitcoin price faced rejection from the parallel channel’s upper boundary at $48,000. Following this price correction, the analyst has predicted $34,000 at the channel’s lower boundary as the natural next stop for the premier crypt... read More

Epic Rally Alert: Solana Hourly Chart Reveals Bull Flag Formation, SOL T...

    Solana (SOL), the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has experienced a significant surge after undergoing a correction from its 20-month high of $125, reached on December 25. Following a dip to the $85 level on Monday, January 8, SOL reclaimed the $100 level again, demonstrating a 6.4% surge in the past 24 hours.  Moreover, technical analysis indicates a potential bullish continuation pattern known as a bull flag in Solana's 1-hour chart, which suggests the possibility of further price gains beyond the previous high.  Solana Optimism For Price Breakout Technical analyst Ali Martinez has identified a bullish pattern known as a bull flag formation on Solana's hourly chart. A bull flag is characterized by a consolidation period following a strong upward move.  In this case, the dip to the $85 level could be considered the consolidation phase. The formation suggests that SOL may experience another significant upward move shortly. As seen in the chart above, to confirm the validity of the bull flag pattern, SOL needs to achieve a decisive close above the $110 resistance level. Such a breakthrough could catalyze upward momentum and propel the price to new highs. If the bull flag pattern holds, Ali Martinez anticipates that SOL could aim for an ambitious target of $163. However, Solana faces multiple resistance levels that it must overcome to reach the potential target indicated in Ali Martinez's hourly chart analysis.  The $110 resistance, ... read More

Chainlink Bullish Chart Pattern Hints At $34 Target – But Can It B...

    As the calendar turned to 2024, numerous cryptocurrencies experienced a positive start, and among them, Chainlink (LINK) stood out. The notable highlight was the emergence of a bullish pattern on Chainlink's price chart, indicating a heightened likelihood of an impending bull rally. This positive momentum in the early days of the year hinted at favorable market conditions for Chainlink and garnered attention from investors and analysts alike. The formation of this bullish pattern added an optimistic outlook to the prospects of Chainlink, creating anticipation for potential upward price movements in the near future. Bullish Pennant Signals Potential Breakout For Chainlink The Chainlink platform, which is compatible with Ethereum and well-known for enabling decentralized oracles, is currently trading above $15, data from Coingecko shows. Ali Martinez, a popular crypto analyst, pointed out a bullish pennant pattern being formed on Chainlink’s chart. The chart shows Chainlink's price over the past few days. There is a bullish pennant pattern forming, which is a technical indicator that suggests a potential breakout to the upside. #Chainlink shows signs of a bull pennant formation. A decisive close above $17.2 could be the catalyst for a breakout, potentially propelling $LINK toward $34. However, keep an eye on the $14.2 level – a drop below this could invalidate the current bullish outlook for #LINK. — Ali (@ali_charts) January 1, 20... read More

Worldcoin's WLD Token Poised for 80% Surge, Bull Flag Emerges on 4-Hour ...

    Worldcoin's native token - WLD - surged by approximately 130% over the past year. The upward momentum proved short-lived, leading to profit-taking, and the rally appears to have come to a halt, with WLD witnessing a decline of around 20% from its peak of $4.68 within less than 10 days. Despite this downturn, data indicates the possibility of a massive rally soon. Worldcoin Targets $6.30 Rally According to popular crypto analyst Ali Martinez, Worldcoin is exhibiting signs of a breakout from a bull flag on its 4-hour chart. Should this be verified, it may open the door for the WLD token to begin an 80% surge, aiming for a target of $6.30. #Worldcoin shows signs of a breakout from a bull flag on its 4-hour chart! If confirmed, this could pave the way for $WLD to enter an 80% rally, targeting $6.30. — Ali (@ali_charts) December 25, 2023 Worldcoin has been a source of controversy since its inception. Despite gaining global attention, it wasn't until November that WLD began to gain traction. The token eventually reached its peak on December 18th at $4.68 during a broader market upturn. It has since retreated to $3.81. On the regulatory front, the journey has been less than smooth. As previously reported, Worldcoin quietly suspended its Orb-verification service in India, Brazil, and France shortly after expanding the eyeball-scanning device to those markets. This decision came despite Worldcoin's efforts, such as opening pop-up kiosks in various pa... read More

Is Ripple (XRP) Price About to Chart a God Candle? The Last Time This Pa...

    TL;DR Tony 'The Bull,' an XRP analyst, identifies a chart pattern on Ripple's price chart similar to 2017, suggesting a potential upcoming surge in XRP value, akin to the previous 900% increase. Recent large XRP transfers by anonymous whales imply possible market activity preparation, highlighted by multimillion-dollar transactions between unknown wallets. Ripple's price has surpassed its 100-day and 200-day moving averages, aiming for the next resistance level at $0.80, amid growing global adoption and successes against the SEC. The bullish XRP analyst recently spotted a pattern on the Ripple price chart that preceded a holy grail candle during the crypto bull run in 2017. The last time Ripple's price traced this pattern, it followed up with a 900% candle. By the time XRP prices peaked a month later, the blue-chip cryptocurrency had gained 1,600% in market exchange value. 900% Ripple God Candle Ahead? Tony 'The Bull,' a Level 3 certified Chartered Market Technician, recently wrote in a post on 'Imagine if it happened that fast, when everyone thinks they have months to years to accumulate #XRP $XRP has formed the same 1M Japanese candlestick setup as late 2017, right before a 900% candle Thin order books, unwinding of shorts, and FOMO can pack a powerful punch' Source: Back in 2017, the chart pattern preceded a rise in Ripple price from $0.16 on Dec 8, 2017, to $2.70 by Jan 5, 2018. With XRP trading at an average price of $0.65 on crypto exchange markets Monda... read More

Dogecoin Price Chart Described As 'Beautiful' By Crypto Analyst

    Dogecoin (DOGE) enthusiasts and investors are on the edge of their seats as prominent crypto analysts forecast an imminent breakout for the popular meme coin. Pseudonymous analyst Kaleo's recent remarks on the promising trajectory of the meme coin have ignited a sense of anticipation within the crypto community.  Kaleo's assertion that Dogecoin - calling its USD price chart 'beautiful' - could soon experience a surge akin to other thriving altcoins in the market has brought renewed attention to the coin's potential for substantial growth. Kaleo's optimism stems from the encouraging trends witnessed across the altcoin market, indicating a potential squeeze out of the current trading range for Dogecoin. With a confident outlook on the USD chart, Kaleo emphasizes the possibility of a consolidation phase preceding a significant upward surge for the popular cryptocurrency. This projection has prompted fervent discussions and debates among investors, with many eagerly awaiting the speculated breakthrough. $DOGE Honestly though - look at how beautiful the USD chart is. The way alts are starting to pop off, I find it hard to believe Dogecoin doesn't see a squeeze out of its current range. Long it with me here: — K A L E O (@CryptoKaleo) November 6, 2023 DOGE Draws Attention Adding to the mounting anticipation, esteemed crypto analyst Ali Martinez has also voiced support for a bullish sentiment surrounding Dogecoin's futu... read More

Founder Thinks The Ethereum Chart Is 'Gorgeous': Is It True?

    Raoul Pal, the CEO and founder of Real Vision, thinks the Ethereum chart is 'gorgeous' and expects the coin to increase in the months ahead. Though it is unclear when the coin will break from the current consolidation and extend gains of the recent few weeks, the endorsement from the founder can be bullish for the coin. Ethereum Is Bullish, What's Next? Presently, ETH is changing hands at around $1,800 but remains below the psychological $2,000 level and July 2023 highs of approximately $2,100. The failure of ETH to break above immediate resistance lines can be a concern, considering the exemplary performance of Bitcoin (BTC) in the past few weeks. At press time, BTC is trading near 2023 highs after easing past July 2023 highs in late October 2023. The surge of Bitcoin prices shifted sentiment, forcing capital back into crypto, which had been relatively restive, reeling from the brutal effects of last year's crypto winter, which spilled to 2023. Looking at the performance in the daily chart, ETH is up about 20% from October 2023 lows. Technically, the path of least resistance appears northwards, syncing with the general crypto trend whose trajectory seems reliant on Bitcoin.  As it is, the immediate resistance is around the $2,000 and $2,100 zone. If bulls build on the current momentum as Pal expects, breaking from the consolidation, ETH could surge to March 2022 highs of around $3,500. However, the leg up from spot rates largely depends on the strength of the br... read More

This Chart Makes It Clear: Bitcoin Is Bullish

    When Bitcoin price action is sideways and directionless for the better part of a year, bulls and bears argue over which direction will be ultimately chosen. However, considering macro conditions like rising interest rates, a sinking stock market, and mounting ting debt, bears aren’t ready to throw in the towel. But they might want to after seeing this chart. Bitcoin Price Chooses A Direction: Up And Away Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are normally notoriously volatile. But volatility has dwindled to next to nothing since the FTX collapse struck. Few have been willing to take the risk on BTC and altcoins while macro conditions are this on the edge of collapse. It resulted in a big move off the bottom, but also more than six months of consolidation and confusion. But after several months of sideways price action, Bitcoin appears to have chosen a direction and broke out to form a new trend. Bears, however, remain stubbornly short per market sentiment. Bearish traders might want to reconsider their positioning after taking a look at the Directional Movement Index. Bullish Directional Movement Is Anything But Average The Directional Movement Index is typically found bundled with the Average Directional Index, and consists of a negative and a positive directional indicator. The tool’s premise is simple: when DI+ (green) is above DI- (red) the asset is bullish and DI- is above DI+ when bearish. This technical analysis indicator is currently showing the DI+ soaring... read More

This Chart Is Pro-Solana: Is It Time To Sell ETH For SOL?

    For the last two years, Ethereum (ETH) has outperformed Solana (SOL), looking at the performance in the weekly chart. However, according to one technical analyst on X, this is about to change, especially considering the candlestick arrangement of the SOLETH chart on the weekly chart.  Will SOL Outperform ETH In 2024 And 2025? Sharing a screen grab, the analyst who goes by the handle 'CryptoGodJohn' on X is optimistic, saying at spot rates, this can be the 'right' time for traders to swap their ETH for SOL before the next leg up that will push SOL higher in the next two years. However, whether this will pan out remains to be seen. What's evident is that the path of least resistance appears northwards, looking at price charts. At the time of writing, SOL is up 71% versus ETH from June. Moreover, zooming in closer, SOLETH prices are teetering around critical resistance levels. Although trading volumes are relatively light and cannot be compared with those of late Q2 2023, sentiment is beginning to shift and favors SOL bulls. The sharp expansion in the year's second half could be a statement.  The SOLETH is at 0.0134 ETH level, a liquidation level that was last retested in July and January 2023. If buyers push harder, lifting the coin above the 0.0162 ETH level at the back of rising trading volumes, bulls of mid-July will be confirmed. In that case, SOL might stretch gains towards the 0.0265 ETH level and return to the September 2022 zone. Even so, although tra... read More

XRP Price Analysis: 4-Month Chart Dynamics Decoded By Crypto Analyst

    In a recent tweet, renowned crypto analyst, EGRAG CRYPTO, unveiled an intricate 4-month XRP price analysis which presented various crucial insights and predictions. This was encapsulated in his words: 'XRP Steel Foundation & Eye-Opening Insights: Behold the chart below, crafted from 4-month candles, revealing that higher time frames are less susceptible to deceptive signals.' The Steel Foundation Of XRP Egrag's analysis draws attention to two major price zones, zone A and zone B, each with its own ultra-strong support zone which he metaphorically describes as the 'steel foundation'. For zone A, which saw XRP trading between $0.00485 to $0.02483 from 2013 until early 2017, the steel foundation is identified by him as the price range from $0.00485 to $0.00596. The significance of this foundation is amplified by the fact that it remained untouched even during the harshest market downturns. On the other hand, zone B, with its price range spanning from $0.25939 to $2.00, is marked by a steel foundation between $0.25939 and $0.32630. This has acted as a robust support from 2017 onwards. However, the weight of a prolonged bear market combined with external factors like the SEC lawsuit did manage to push the price momentarily below this line. A critical observation by Egrag is that the price, when plotted on a 4-month time frame, has never recorded a close above the $2.00 mark. Drawing from this observation, Egrag speculates that breaking past this resistance is essential for XRP t... read More

Chainlink (LINK) Spikes 6% On The Weekly Chart As Market Sees Correction

    The crypto market cap has declined over 1% in the last 24 hours, transmitting losses across the market. Top coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken the hit, losing 3% and 4% of their past week’s gains, respectively.  However, Chainlink (LINK) resisted the prevailing bearish market forces amid this onslaught, holding 6.51% gains on the weekly chart. Also, the token has recorded a 1.68% price increase in the last 24 hours.  Amid the upturn, LINK has broken past the $7 price mark; could it ride the prevailing bullish waves to record new highs? Let’s find out.   ChainLink’s Daily Active Addresses Hits A 2-Month High  LINK’s price uptick comes amid a significant increase in active unique addresses on the network. Data from leading on-chain analytics firm Santiment shows that Chainlink's unique addresses exceeded 3,900 for the first time since July 21.  Furthermore, this uptick indicates increased network activity and engagement, reflecting the rising community interest and involvement. Moreover, increasing unique active addresses is often synonymous with increased usage and adoption of the network's native token, LINK. And this could be seen in the increase in LINK’s market value over the past seven days.  In addition, an update on Chainlink adoption shows four of the network's services integrated across six different chains. These chains include Arbitrum, Avax, BNB Chain, Etherem, Optimism, and Polygon.&nbs... read More

Analyst Explains How Shiba Inu (SHIB) Can Chart New All-Time High

    In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, expert analyst Javon Marks has recently turned the spotlight on Shiba Inu (SHIB), forecasting potential new all-time highs for the popular meme coin. Per data from CoinGecko, Shiba Inu is currently 90.38% off its peak value of $0.00008616 as of October 28, 2021. However, according to Marks, the meme coin shows signs of a significant upward trajectory. His forecast comes after a thorough examination of SHIB’s recent price movements and historical data, especially the patterns leading up to its past peak. $SHIB (#ShibaInu) may be ready to set new All Time Highs... — JAVONMARKS (@JavonTM1) August 29, 2023 A critical observation Marks made is the appearance of a 'triple bottom' pattern in SHIB's latest price chart. In technical analysis, a triple bottom is a bullish chart pattern that consists of three identical lows followed by a breakthrough above the resistance level. It is usually taken to signify a strong support level and a potential downward trend reversal. According to Marks’ analysis, the last time the price of Shiba Inu experienced a triple bottom was between June and September 2021, when it sank to $0.00000619, $0.00000593, and $0.00000592. Shortly after the third dip, Shiba Inu went on an impressive bull run from Oct. 4 to Oct. 28, recording its all-time high price. SHIB price chart October 2021 | Source: CoinGecko Marks claims a similar pattern has emerged in Shiba Inu... read More

BONE Coin Surges 11% On Weekly Chart Amid Crypto Turbulence – What...

    In the aftermath of the crypto market sell-off, BONE/USD currently trades at $1.31 in the last 24 hours, with a trading volume of $8.8 billion. This marks an over 11% price increase in the last seven days. If the Bone Shiba swap continues following the current market trends, the coin will soon hike to 20% next week.  A significant recent event that has piqued the interest of investors and enthusiasts is the relaunch of Shibarium, the decentralized exchange tied to BONEUSD. This relaunch has breathed new life into the BONE ecosystem, contributing to a surge in transaction volumes and a positive trajectory in its price. This development underscores the importance of ecosystem expansion and community engagement in driving cryptocurrency value. Technical Analysis: Decoding The Trends In the case of BONEUSD, most technical indicators are bullish on BONEUSD; the 50-day moving average (MA) is pivotal in assessing the mid-term trend. Currently trading above this MA, BONEUSD indicates positive momentum. Notably, the short-term 20-day MA has crossed over the 50-day MA, a potential harbinger of a bullish trend. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) hovers around 46.63 in the neutral zone, signaling that the market can go either way. RSI values exceeding 70 imply overbought conditions, while those below 30 suggest oversold conditions. The current RSI level indicates a balanced market sentiment. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) histogram is in positive territory, hinting... read More

Bitcoin Price Follows This 1930's Chart, Why BTC Could Keep On Falling

    Volatility is back for the Bitcoin price and the crypto market, but it currently favors the bears as value tumbles in the past few days. The nascent sector was moving sideways, but a liquidation cascade forced prices into critical support levels, but the worse might yet come if BTC fulfills a prophecy. As of this writing, the Bitcoin price trades at $26,100 with sideways movement in the last 24 hours. Over the past week, the price of BTC corrected back to $26,000 after its lost support at the high of its current levels. Is The Worst Yet To Come For The Bitcoin Price? Bloomberg Intelligence’s Senior Commodity Analyst Mike McGlone shared an analysis on social media platform X. Therein, the analyst classified Bitcoin as one of the “best-performing assets in history,” the cryptocurrency rose from $100 to around $70,000 in less than ten years. At the same time, McGlone pointed out the similarities between the Bitcoin price chart and the 1930s stock market chart. During this period, the US economy went through one of its worse history leading to a series of economic reforms. Comparing both sectors, McGlone forecasted a potential drop in the Bitcoin price once the US Federal Reserve (Fed) turns its monetary policy around. As seen in the chart below, the financial institution has raised interest rates to slow down inflation. As a result, BTC’s price has declined as liquidity leaves financial markets and uncertainty increases. Unlike popular belief, the Blo... read More

Bitcoin Weekly Chart Completes Double Top: Market Shifts Ahead?

    In the wake of the recent crash in Bitcoin's price, analysts have been rife with speculation about the market's next steps. The BTC price briefly dipped to a low of $24,800 last week, and with the Bitcoin fear and greed index plunging from neutral to 38 (indicating fear), market sentiment is palpable. Renowned analyst Rekt Capital weighed in on the situation, offering a thorough technical breakdown. 'BTC is officially at the base of the double top. The double top has completed,' states Rekt Capital. Highlighting the market's current vulnerability, the analyst continues, 'Downside wicking below ~$26,000 like in mid-June will occur. But a Weekly Close below ~$260,00 is what would validate the double top and start breakdown continuation.' Though the double top's completion has ratcheted up bearish sentiment, there's no definitive breakdown yet. 'BTC has completed the double top but still no breakdown confirmation as BTC holds ~$26k support,' Rekt Capital adds. The scenario becomes even more intriguing as 'seller volume has increased in recent days.' The analysis reveals that the 'seller volume would need to increase by about +30%' to match the sell-side volume Bitcoin saw during previous price reversals. Drawing attention to Bitcoin's volume dynamics, Rekt Capital elucidates, 'BTC formed its higher high at ~$31,000 on inclining volume. But price formed the second half of its double top on declining volume.' Even though there was a spike in selling volume during the recent cras... read More

XRP Price Chart is a Reminder the SEC is its Biggest Manipulator (Opinio...

    XRP price had fallen nearly 5% on the 5-day chart Tuesday. Just five days earlier, the Securities and Exchange Commission appealed a recent U.S. court ruling that mostly favored Ripple Labs. Ripple opened Wednesday morning trading at an average price around $0.61, after changing hands above $0.80 just last month. That was after SDNY judge Analisa Torres, ruled that XRP traded on crypto exchanges is not a security. Source: Binance via TradingView XRP Price Reactions to SEC a Coincidence? This is at least the fourth time the XRPUSD markets have made big swings on crypto exchanges with lots of volatility after a new development in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit. These developments are not directly related to the value XRP provides as a product. When the commission first filed its suit against Ripple Labs in Dec 21, 2020, the price immediately plunged. Then on Mar 22, 2021 when Judge Netburn ruled that XRP is a currency with utility value distinct from BTC and ETH, Ripple's price rallied from $0.52 to $0.55 during a week when BTC fell 2.8%. Altcoins were up that week, but the big blue chips were down on the charts. Ethereum fell over the period as well. So it might have had something to do with the SEC case. More recently this July, XRP spiked 72% after Judge Torres ruled mostly in Ripple's favor. And now the price is back own again after the SEC's appeal. It could be fairly argued the SEC is manipulating XRP more than any efforts made by Ripple Labs. Regulatory Ambiguity Hurts Small... read More

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