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Chain Games  


CHAIN Price:
$64.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$8.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CHAIN today is $0.023 USD.

The lowest CHAIN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.023, and the current live price for one CHAIN coin is $0.02306.

The all-time high CHAIN coin price was $1.06.

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The code for Chain Games crypto currency is #CHAIN.

Chain Games is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Chain Games is $8,054,025.

Chain Games is ranking downwards to #648 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #CHAIN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Chain Games is $64,080.


The circulating supply of CHAIN is 349,317,526 coins, which is 71% of the total coin supply.


CHAIN is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

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CHAIN is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #CHAIN, and you can view them on our CHAIN disambiguation page.



Aave Joins Binance's BNB Chain Ecosystem – Here's How Users Benefi...

    In a significant development for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, Aave (AAVE), one of the largest decentralized finance (DeFi) market protocols, has announced its integration with BNB Smart Chain. Aave joins prominent projects such as Uniswap, Ambit Finance, PancakeSwap, and Lista DAO. BNB Chain Welcomes Aave According to the announcement, this latest development opens up new opportunities for BNB Chain users, giving them access to what the protocol calls 'top-tier lending platforms' and enhanced liquidity. With the launch of First Digital USD (FDUSD), users can now leverage 'robust' liquidity, allowing them to explore different applications and opportunities in the Binance ecosystem. On the other hand, Aave users can now benefit from BNB Chain's fees and the ability to integrate with one of the largest DeFi ecosystems, fostering increased collaboration between the two communities. The announcement also noted the following about the Aave integration: This not only complements but strategically aligns with BNB Chain's 2024 outlook. Focused on mass adoption, high-frequency DeFi applications, and network efficiency improvements, the ecosystem is set for an exciting evolution. 2024 Goals Looking ahead, BNB Chain has set numerous goals for 2024. The introduction of opBNB - the Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for the BNB Smart Chain - aims to achieve a transaction processing capacity of 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) by doubling the gas limit to 200 M/s. Enhanced secu... read More

Study: Financial Losses on BNB Chain Due to Hacks and Scams Fell by 85% ...

    In 2023, financial losses on the BNB Smart Chain due to exploits or breaches fell by 85% to $161.1 million, according to the findings of a new Avenger DAO study report. The study data also shows that Q2 of 2023 was the costliest quarter, with approximately $69.5 million lost across 127 incidents.Scams Were the Costiliest Attack Vector in 2023 According to a survey study conducted by Avenger DAO and its partners, the value of assets lost to hacks and other security breaches on the BNB Smart Chain in 2023 fell by 85% to $161.1 million. In comparison, a little over $1.1 billion was lost in far fewer incidents in 2022. The study data also shows Q2 of 2023 to be the costliest that year with approximately $69.5 million having been lost across 127 incidents. On the other hand, the last quarter of 2023 had the least damages with $15.6 million from 86 incidents. However, unlike in 2021 and 2022 when hacks accounted for a disproportionate share of the financial losses, scams ($87.9 million) were the attack vector with the highest loss. In contrast, losses associated with hacks fell from $870.8 million in 2022 to $73.2 million in 2023. Hacking Incidents on the Rise While losses to hacking incidents were lower in 2023, the study data suggests that criminals are increasingly favouring this type of attack. 'By comparing the increased percentages, it is evident that Hacks are growing at a concerning rate as well. This is likely supported by the fact that tracing the hacker's real identity ... read More

BNB Chain Teams Up With Web3 Industry Leaders To Accelerate AI And Web3 ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - DUBAI, UAE, January 17th, 2024] BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem that includes the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, today announced its 2024 hackathon program which seeks to accelerate the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other notable sectors in Web3. The ‘Building Smart and Fully-On-Chain Applications’ hackathon not only incentivizes the next wave of AI innovation but also features additional tracks in line with emerging trends shaping the industry and has an impressive line up of industry leading sponsors including Polyhedra Network, Dora Factory, DEGO Finance, TUSD (TrueUSD), and THENA. 2024 is predicted to be a booming year for Web3 across multiple industries. In addition to AI applications garnering $25 billion in funding across 2023, projections show an astonishing growth rate of $922 million in 2022 to $7.1 billion by 2032 for the gaming industry driven by interactive AI-based games. DappRader data also showcases significant Web3 gaming growth with approximately 1 million unique active wallets (UAW) engaging with Web3 games in the past few months. In addition to these booming trends, DePin and DeSci have been highlighted as ‘crypto innovations to watch in 2024’. The growth of DeSoc is also at the top of mind. To that end, the BNB Chain hackathon 2024 has been established to offer developers the opportunity to build in the following tracks and make their mark: AI Track Inf... read More

CoinbarPay Introduces a Brand New Ecosystem Cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, January 17th, 2024]CoinbarPay unveils revolutionary ecosystem cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN with Exclusive Community Airdrop – Pioneering Web3 Retail Adoption London, 17 January 2024 - CoinbarPay, a leader in the web3 payments, is set to announce the upcoming launch of a brand-new ecosystem cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN, marking a significant leap in blockchain-based retail technologies. The newly launched cryptocurrency, designed as a utility token, with a new rewarding system for both users and merchants, will boost crypto payment adoption across the CoinbarPay ecosystem. Celebrating this milestone, CoinbarPay is conducting an exclusive airdrop to XDB CHAIN and CoinbarPay community members. This airdrop, featuring the new cryptocurrency, will be directly credited to XDB Wallets—the first non-custodial wallet built on XDB CHAIN. This inaugural airdrop signals both a thank you to the community for their steadfast support and a commitment to nurturing the ecosystem's growth. CoinbarPay's recent collaboration with Binance, integrating BinancePay into its platform, represents a critical advancement in the crypto payments domain. This strategic partnership propels CoinbarPay's merchants to an extensive user base of over 168 million Binance Exchange users, greatly enhancing the accessibility and utility of digital transactions. As part of this initiative, CoinbarPay will introduce the first Anchor gateway on XDB CHAIN with the goal to enhance multi... read More

CoinbarPay Introduces its Branded Cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN, Revolutio...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Grand Cayman, Cayman Island, January 17th, 2024]CoinbarPay unveils revolutionary ecosystem cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN with Exclusive Community Airdrop – Pioneering Web3 Retail Adoption London, 17 January 2024 - CoinbarPay, a leader in the web3 payments, is set to announce the upcoming launch of a brand-new ecosystem cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN, marking a significant leap in blockchain-based retail technologies. The newly launched cryptocurrency, designed as a utility token, with a new rewarding system for both users and merchants, will boost crypto payment adoption across the CoinbarPay ecosystem. Celebrating this milestone, CoinbarPay is conducting an exclusive airdrop to XDB CHAIN and CoinbarPay community members. This airdrop, featuring the new cryptocurrency, will be directly credited to XDB Wallets—the first non-custodial wallet built on XDB CHAIN. This inaugural airdrop signals both a thank you to the community for their steadfast support and a commitment to nurturing the ecosystem's growth. CoinbarPay's recent collaboration with Binance, integrating BinancePay into its platform, represents a critical advancement in the crypto payments domain. This strategic partnership propels CoinbarPay's merchants to an extensive user base of over 168 million Binance Exchange users, greatly enhancing the accessibility and utility of digital transactions. As part of this initiative, CoinbarPay will introduce the first Anchor gateway on XDB CHAIN with the ... read More

BNB Chain Launches Content Campaign, Offering $10K in Rewards For Creati...

    [PRESS RELEASE - DUBAI, UAE, December 21st, 2023] BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem that includes the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, today announced the launch of the ‘opBNB Technical Content Creation Campaign.’ Open to both experienced and junior Web3 developers, Web2 developers, tech enthusiast content creators and key opinion leaders (KOLs), the campaign is designed to encourage the community to showcase their flair for engaging content while learning about opBNB through opBNB’s dedicated technical resources. Participants can read the content campaign guidance and submit their entries here. Not only will the campaign provide a platform for developers to showcase their creativity, it also offers rewards to further foster their growth and knowledge-sharing within the opBNB community. A prize pool of $10,000 USD will be awarded to up to ten winners with the most creative content. Submissions can include: opBNB smart contract development tutorials In-depth analysis of opBNB features Creative opBNB educational material such as blogs and videos Technical whitepapers Thought-provoking opBNB theses A full list of content topic submission guidelines can be found here. Everyone with a passion for content creation is eligible to participate and prizes will be allocated as follows: First prize: Receives $3,000 of the total prize pool Second prize: Receives $2,000 of the total prize pool Third prize: Receives $1,000 of the total... read More

BNB Chain Closes Out Landmark Year of Lowering Barriers to Web3 Entry

    [PRESS RELEASE - DUBAI, UAE, December 20th, 2023] 2023 saw BNB Chain launch the opBNB and Greenfield blockchains and add support at all stages of the development lifecycle with its Builder Support Program Average DAU on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) increased by 126,000 in 2023, while opBNB exhibited the highest average DAU and transaction count among major L2s launched in H2 of 2023 BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem that includes the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, has launched its 2023 Year in Review Campaign chronicling a landmark year that saw new blockchains introduced and Web3 builder support initiatives added across all stages of development. The campaign kicks off with a video recap from BNB Chain’s avatar brand representative, “Nex”. Watch BNB Chain’s 2023 Recap Video In 2023, BNB Chain launched its opBNB and BNB Greenfield blockchains on testnet, before taking both through to launch on their respective mainnets. Doubling transaction speeds and reducing fees by 30 times, opBNB reached 1.2 million within three months of mainnet launch. BNB Greenfield is empowering users to control and monetize their data and is positioned to underpin the rise of decentralized AI. These platforms work interoperably with BNB Smart Chain (BSC) according to BNB Chain’s multichain and interoperability strategy to provide a streamlined user experience. Both opBNB and BSC hit all-time highs for transactions in late 2023. While opB... read More

Gelato's Rollup Platform Expands Support to Optimism's OP Stack, Launchi...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Zug, Switzerland, December 19th, 2023] Gelato announces expansion of its all-in-one Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) Platform. In addition to supporting Polygon CDK, Gelato now also services the OP Stack, the Optimism Collective's open-source, modular development framework. As part of this expansion, Gelato enables Lisk, a Layer 1 blockchain launched in 2016, to join the Ethereum ecosystem by migrating to an Ethereum Layer 2. Lisk will join OP Mainnet, Base, and other OP Chains as the first Layer 1 committing to Optimism’s Superchain vision. 'Gelato's expansion of support to the OP Stack underscores our mission to revolutionize the blockchain arena. By democratizing access to a modular blockspace, we're empowering a diverse range of creators to deploy their unique, ready-to-launch Layer 2 blockchains. This pivotal move will unlock the full potential of mainstream crypto applications, marking a new era in blockchain adoption.' - Luis Schliesske, Founder at Gelato Designed to alleviate the congestion problem of the Ethereum mainnet, the OP Stack is the standard, open codebase that powers the Optimism ecosystem and was built to support the Superchain. By leveraging Gelato’s Rollup as a Service platform, in addition to deploying, hosting, and monitoring of new Layer 2 chains, the OP Stack now gains native integrations with Gelato’s industry-leading Web3 middleware services including automation, off-chain data, and Account Abstraction to enable su... read More

26 Million Ripple (XRP) Transferred to Bitstamp, BNB Chain Unveils Green...

    An on-chain whale alert recently tracked down the transfer of 26 million XRP tokens to Bitstamp, a crypto exchange. In addition, BNB Chain unveiled its Greenfield technology roadmap, which targets mass adoption. Meanwhile, Meme Moguls, a new ICO, has become an interesting P2E memecoin in the market to watch. Ripple (XRP): 26 Million Token Transfer to Bitstamp Ripple (XRP) is a prominent token on the market, ranking among the top altcoins. Despite the bearish sentiment surrounding XRP, it remains one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. Also, a bullish price reversal is expected in the coming days. In the latest Ripple news, large volume sales by whales have contributed to the price decline On December 11, Whale Alert, a blockchain tracker and analytics system, reported an interesting event. 26 million XRP tokens, valued at more than $16 million, were recently sent from an unknown wallet to Bitstamp. This Ripple XRP news has been a bit disturbing, though, but XRP has also increased throughout the past 24 hours. BNB Chain: Unveiling of Greenfield Roadmap BNB is the utility token of the Binance exchange. It is among the top five cryptocurrencies on the market and also one of the best coins to invest in. In a December 12 announcement, BNB Chain unveiled the Greenfield technology roadmap. Strong performance, a larger multichain platform, and an improved user experience are all promised. Considering the uncertainty surrounding the ecosystem, this Binance news has been a welcome... read More

Cronos Labs Unveils Public zkEVM Chain Testnet to Foster Mainstream Adop...

    Cronos Labs, the web3 start-up accelerator behind the Cronos ecosystem, has launched a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) testnet blockchain network on top of the Ethereum Sepolia testnet. According to an announcement shared with CryptoPotato, the Cronos zkEVM Chain testnet is launched in an alliance between Cronos Labs, Matter Labs, engineering teams from digital asset exchange, and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms VVS Finance, Veno Finance, and Fulcrom Finance. Cronos Labs Launches zkEVM Chain Testnet The Cronos zkEVM testnet is a hyperchain using the ZK Scalable Transparent Argument of Knowledge (STARK) modular framework. As it is on top of the Sepolia faucet, the chain is secured by the Ethereum testnet from a final settlement and data availability standpoint. Cronos Labs claims the new chain is the first public testnet utilizing the ZK Stack framework. As a hyperchain, the zkEVM testnet runs alongside a common settlement on the Ethereum mainnet. By 2024, the network will adopt a shared native bridge to the Ethereum mainnet, enabling users to send tokens and messages while enjoying the latter’s security. Ken Timsit, Managing Director of Cronos Labs, said: “The Cronos zkEVM testnet represents an opportunity for Cronos Labs and our partners, including VVS, Fulcrom, and Veno, to experiment with ZK layer 2 technology in order to prepare the next phase of growth starting in 2024. Other Cronos apps are warmly invited to join the testne... read More

BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Experiences Transaction All Time High; Highlightin...

    [PRESS RELEASE - DUBAI, UAE, December 11th, 2023] December 7 saw BSC more than double its existing all-time high (ATH) record with more than 32M transactions. The BSC gas price remained stable during the period of heightened transactions. The surge saw BSC undergo rigorous performance testing, with 2K TPS being processed at the peak time. On December 7, 2023, BNB Chain’s L1 BNB Smart Chain (BSC) experienced its all-time high (ATH) for transactions. Transactions exceeded 32 million for the day. More than 7M of the 9.5M daily transactions were attributed to inscription minting transactions on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). During the ATH, gas prices on BSC did not fluctuate and remained stable at 3 gwei. Block sizes reached 100% due to the increased demand and the network went through a rigorous real-world stress test, processing 2,000 TPS at the peak. The majority of the critical infrastructure relating to BNB Chain scaled up and handled the surge well. BSC is continuing to work with explorer BscScan to improve performance, increase stability and maintain continuous communication with the community. BSC’s very large block size is what allows it to handle spikes in traffic smoothly while maintaining a stable gas price. On November 22, with TPS at around 200, the usage of the block was only at around 15-20%, meaning that the network still had plenty of space left to handle further traffic. Learn more about BNB Smart Chain here. About BNB Chain BNB Chain is a communit... read More

Binance Labs, BNB Chain Open New Founder-focused Track to Incubate 100 E...

    [PRESS RELEASE - DUBAI, UAE, November 24th, 2023] Binance Labs, in partnership with BNB Chain and CMC Labs, has introduced a new Founder Track to the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program. MVB, now in its 7th season, is an accelerator program jointly organized by Binance Labs and BNB Chain. The program was launched in 2021 with a focus on supporting builders and growing the BNB Chain ecosystem. This season, the organizers are welcoming CMC Labs to the MVB program as a strategic partner. The MVB program now consists of two tracks. The newly added Founder Track functions as a venture studio dedicated to incubating 100 innovative ideas that address real-world needs. This track sees projects receive backing from Binance Labs and support in deploying their ventures on BNB Chain. Since the program’s inception, the Startup Track has been integral in providing tailored support to early-stage startups. It provides a customized curriculum to assist Web3 startups on their journey toward long-term growth. Both the Founder Track and Startup Track run concurrently. The venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, Binance Labs recognizes that some of its most impactful ventures have resulted from in-depth, early-stage collaborations with entrepreneurial founders and builder teams. Early-stage incubations and investments have included Celestia, Injective Labs, Polygon, and SafePal. The Founder Track seeks to identify builders who are interested in working on ideas that addr... read More

'Proof-of-humanity' to Boot Bad Bots Off Chain and Digital Identity for ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 16th, 2023] Today, Australian company Blue Biometrics Pty Ltd (Blue) and Dutch Layer-1 Blockchain Network, LTO Network (LTO) announced their collaboration to deliver a cross-chain proof-of-humanity solution. Together, they aim to weed out bad bots and meet the growing need for identity and fraud prevention for crypto assets. Customers will soon seamlessly use identiblue by Blue for biometric recognition of people and Proofi by LTO for recognizing wallets to prove that a wallet is being operated by a unique real person, sometimes called 'proof-of-humanity.' Scalper bots can ruin an NFT drop or DeFi participation by making one-per-person rules ineffective and distorting the process. The EU's MiCA (Markets in Crypto Assets) legislation requires effective KYC measures provided by crypto companies and also imposes fraud prevention responsibilities. LTO COO Shawn Naderi said, 'Proofi leverages Chainlink to deliver the cross-chain identity solution that DeFi has been crying out for. Adding identiblue provides the link from a wallet to the real person.” Blue CEO Kenneth King said, 'Cybersecurity takes a network, and the combination of Proofi and Identiblue will give blockchain businesses, DAOs, and crypto companies a suite of options to stop bad bots ruining the experience for good humans. It will make compliance easier while protecting privacy and security.' While identiblue and Proofi are standalone identity solutions, combini... read More

RocketX Boosts DeFi on MicroVision Chain by Enabling Interoperability wi...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Saint Vincent, The Grenadines, November 8th, 2023] RocketX announces the integration of MicroVision Chain ($SPACE) into its platform, making it interoperable with over 100+ leading blockchains. This step enables users to transfer assets across various networks easily, aiming to streamline the DeFi experience on the MicroVision Chain. With this integration, users benefit from single-click transactions and a simplified onboarding process, reducing the need for complex liquidity management. It promises to increase transaction volume and network activity by connecting diverse blockchains and facilitating a more interconnected DeFi environment. RocketX provides a single interface that aggregates liquidity from over 450+ DEXs and top centralized exchanges, addressing the need for easier access to global liquidity. MicroVision Chain offers a scalable and secure platform for decentralized applications and with RocketX, aims to improve the user experience in accessing multi-chain ecosystems. 'We are witnessing the breaking of barriers between isolated blockchains, marking a significant milestone towards a multi-chain future,' said Davinder SIngh, CTO at RocketX. “This integration enables decentralized applications (Dapps) and DeFi users to transcend the traditional limitations of blockchain technology, fostering an environment ripe for innovation and growth.” About RocketX RocketX is a trailblazer in the DeFi space, renowned for its cutting-edge platform t... read More

Fiat Losses From Security Incidents on BNB Smart Chain 37% Lower in Q3 o...

    The financial losses stemming from security incidents on the BNB Smart Chain in Q3 2023 were 27% lower than in Q3 2022. When compared to security incidents on other chains, rug pulls, price and reserve manipulation events on BSC accounted for '4% of the total fiat losses across all chains in Q3.'Fiat Losses 37% Lower in Q3 The latest in-depth analysis of security incidents on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) has shown that the financial losses stemming from such incidents dropped by 27% between the third quarter of 2022 and 2023. According to a report by Avenger DAO and the crypto threat intelligence leader Hashdit, this decline, which has been ongoing, 'suggests that the security of BNB Chain has improved over the years.' When compared with security incidents in the second quarter of 2023, the 'fiat losses' incurred in Q3 topped $43.5 million or 37% lower than the $69 million seen in Q2 of 2023. The report, meanwhile, attributes the significant drop in the dollar value of losses suffered to the corresponding reduction in the number of hacks from 79 in Q2 to 45 in Q3. Commenting on Avenger DAO and Hashdit's findings, the BNB Chain Core Development Team said: 'Hashdit and Avenger DAO committees are at the forefront of crypto security and have seen a steady increase in users and integration with major ecosystem players. They are contributing greatly to the Web3 ecosystem and crypto community with these reports, empowering users and developers with essential security knowledge to make ... read More

BNB Chain, Ethereum Blockchains Suffer 20 Attacks in October, Taking the...

    According to the latest report from Immunefi, from January to October 2023, over $1.41 billion has been lost to hacking and fraudulent activities in 292 specific incidents. In October 2023 alone, losses amounted to approximately $22.2 million, primarily attributed to hacking and fraud. The most frequently targeted blockchain networks during the period were BNB Chain and Ethereum, accounting for 83.3% of the total losses among targeted chains. Immunefi disclosed that BNB Chain experienced the highest number of individual attacks, with 11 incidents, accounting for 45.8% of the overall losses among the targeted chains. Ethereum, on the other hand, experienced 9 incidents, representing 37.5% of the total losses. Layer 1 blockchain, Avalanche trails behind with 2 incidents, representing 8.3% in October. Polygon and Fantom witnessed 1 incident each, representing 4.2% respectively. Hacking incidents continued to be the primary cause of financial losses, surpassing fraudulent activities which resulted in a total loss of over $16.35 million for the month. 'In October 2023, hacks continue to be the predominant cause of losses as compared to frauds, scams, and rug pulls. An analysis of the losses shows that fraud accounts for 26.32% of the total losses in October 2023, while hacks account for 73.68%.' DeFi platforms continued to be the primary focus of exploitation in October, representing 100% of the total losses. Contrastingly, not a single major exploit was reported in CeFi platfo... read More

Supply Chain Zen: Ethereum Experts Touts Real World ETH Use Case

    In addition to surging in price on crypto exchanges last month, Ethereum mainnet recently reclaimed dominance over its Layer-2 chains in daily transaction volume, according to data from L2Beat. Bloomberg crypto analyst Jamie Coutts recently said, 'Public blockchains hold immense potential for empowering global citizens.' The most popular apps on Ethereum are for decentralized finance and trading cryptocurrencies. But that's not all Ethereum's hash-powered smart contract platform can do. Ethereum Powered Supply Chain Management Ethereum expert Paul Brody, the author of 'Ethereum for Business,' says blockchain can help optimize and de-risk supply chains. The peer-to-peer network's programmable, hashed tokens can provide an efficient solution for supply chain management. Here's how he says Ethereum can play a role: 'For most consumer products the value proposition around traceability is in the prevention of fraud and the verification of sources. For many other markets traceability provides additional authenticity and an ability for consumers to trace the history of a product.' For example, the peer-to-peer blockchain can efficiently and reliably keep track of order batches for the pharmaceutical industry: 'The case for traceability gets firmer as you delve into products like pharmaceuticals, for which counterfeiting are potentially life-and-death issues. In these cases, the ability to trace bad batches of ingredients down through the supply chain quickly is invaluable.' Using bl... read More

BNB Chain Q3 Revenue Takes A Hit: Fees Plummet By 40%

    In a recent report by Messari, the analysis sheds light on the developments and challenges faced by Binance Chain (BNB), the blockchain created by Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange regarding trading volume.  The report highlights the separation of BNB Chain from Binance and various events and allegations that have impacted Binance and its associated entities throughout the third quarter of 2023. Binance Chain Separation And Challenges The Messari report emphasizes that BNB Chain has distinguished itself as an independent entity separate from Binance despite its origins as a product of the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange. However, the market has not fully recognized this separation, leading to a lack of distinction between BNB Chain and Binance. During the third quarter, Binance encountered numerous challenges, including losing partnerships, shutting down lines of business, conducting layoffs, and facing accusations of violating sanctions.  These events coincided with a downward pressure on the value of BNB, which experienced a 25% decline compared to the previous quarter. In contrast, the cryptocurrency market dropped by 9% during the same period. The Messari report mentions that Binance, including its subsidiary Binance.US, was accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of engaging in unregistered offers and sales of 'crypto securities', including BNB.  These allegations further added to the challenges faced by Bin... read More

The dYdX Chain has Launched – Bridging and Staking Now Available

    [PRESS RELEASE - Zug, Switzerland, October 31st, 2023] The dYdX Foundation is pleased to announce the open-sourcing of software for a Bridge User Interface that, if deployed, could facilitate the conversion by users of ethDYDX to DYDX, the layer 1 (L1) token of the dYdX Chain. Three significant developments have happened in the dYdX Ecosystem recently: October 24, 2023 – dYdX Trading Inc. announced the release of the dYdX Chain open-source software. October 26, 2023 – The dYdX Operations subDAO announced that the mainnet genesis of the dYdX Chain occurred with Genesis Validators participating in the creation of the first block of the dYdX Chain. October 30, 2023 - The dYdX Operations subDAO announced that a Bridge User Interface has been deployed and made publicly available. Following the mainnet genesis of the dYdX Chain and the open sourcing of the Bridge User Interface software, the dYdX Operations subDAO has announced that a Bridge User Interface has been deployed and made publicly available. This development allows users to bridge their DYDX tokens from Ethereum to the dYdX Chain, thus enabling expanded utility for the DYDX token. To convert ethDYDX into dYdX Chain DYDX you can visit and/or use the bridging guide available here. A Staking guide should be published in the coming days. In a recent blog published by the dYdX Operations subDAO, three phases of dYdX Chain Genesis were highlighted: Pre Genesis, Genesis, and Post-Genesis. Current... read More

BNB Chain Launches Secure Multi-Signature Wallet Service

    In an effort to boost security, the BNB Chain has recently introduced a secure multi-signature wallet service known as BNB Safe{Wallet}. This service is built upon the Gnosis Safe protocol and is now accessible on both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and opBNB networks. The Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet The BNB Chain has recently launched a multi-signature wallet service called BNB Safe{Wallet}, built on the Gnosis Safe protocol. The latter is a smart contract wallet known for its high-level security features, robust access control, and sophisticated execution logic.  One of its standout features is the ability to allow multiple wallets to be controlled by one or more owners, adding an extra layer of security. Today, we're launching the BNB Safe{Wallet} Our multi-sig wallet is based on the Gnosis Safe protocol and now live on BSC + opBNB. It offers a secure way to manage digital assets! Create BNB Safe Account: Documentation: — BNB Chain (@BNBCHAIN) October 28, 2023 BNBChain's Safe multi-signature wallet service offers digital asset storage with user-centric security measures. Users can customize their security preferences, selecting owner accounts and specifying the minimum number of confirmations required for transactions. To get started with the BNB Chain multi-signature wallet service, users are required to create a Safe. Gnosis Safe is a protocol and platform that enables decentralized cus... read More

Atato Forms Strategic Integration with Cronos Chain and XRP Ledger for D...

    Digital asset custodian Atato announced a strategic integration with Cronos Chain and the XRP Ledger. The main objective of the partnership is to make a substantial influence through its innovative Bring-Your-Own-Chain (BYOC) feature. The integration is expected to boost both the DeFi and GameFi sectors while simultaneously strengthening the XRP Ledger's (XRPL) role in the blockchain ecosystem. Atato's Integration with Cronos Chain and XRP Ledger BYOC is a custody solution that facilitates the easy integration of any blockchain with just a single click. The broader goal is a future where multiple blockchains coexist seamlessly, ultimately driving widespread adoption, according to the official announcement shared with CryptoPotato. Commenting on the development, Atato's Co-founder, Guillaume Le Saint, highlighted the growing demand for users to secure their tokens over multiple chains and control them through one simple user interface. The exec added that this demand has surged notably with the proliferation of several Layer 1s, Layer 2s, and Subnets within various ecosystems. 'Thanks to Atato's 'Bring Your Own Chain' feature, we enable any project, venture fund, or institution to effortlessly add support for any blockchain and any token with a single click, a capability that was previously beyond reach.' The platform noted that the BYOC integration is designed to offer support to Web3 developers, startups, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) affiliated with the XRP L... read More

Dydx Chain Unveils Network Fee Distribution and USDC Trading Fee Allocat...

    The Dydx chain, a proof-of-stake blockchain network, has successfully launched its mainnet and introduced dydx as its layer one (L1) token. On October 26, at 1 p.m. EDT, the network’s validators created the first block, signifying the start of a new era for the Dydx chain. The introduction of dydx as the L1 token brings with it enhanced utility, including the distribution of network fees to validators and stakers, and the allocation of trading fees to stakers in the USDC stablecoin.Dydx Chain’s Mainnet Goes Live, Introducing Dydx as Integral L1 Token Located in Zug, Switzerland, the Dydx Foundation oversees the Dydx chain, ensuring a secure and efficient operation of the network. Utilizing the Cosmos SDK and leveraging CometBFT for consensus, the Dydx network requires validators to stake its native tokens, contributing to the network's security and governance. The development team’s announcement sent to News details that the L1 protocol token is pivotal in upholding the integrity and functionality of the blockchain. The distribution of network fees on the Dydx chain is designed to incentivize participation and investment in the network. Validators and stakers are rewarded with a share of the protocol fees, acknowledging a crucial role in maintaining network security and stability. This mechanism aims to ensure a fair and transparent distribution of rewards, aligning the interests of all parties involved. A unique aspect of the Dydx chain's fee s... read More

World's First Football Talent App 'One of Us' Enters the Web3 with the X...

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, UK, October 18th, 2023] One of Us, the trailblazing platform that supports football talents to become stars, is excited to unveil the launch of its branded coin with XDB CHAIN, the Blockchain for Brands. This launch marks a key milestone for One of Us and its incredible community of talents and fans as it embarks on a transformative journey to enable web3-powered interactions. The overarching mission is to redefine the paradigm of talent discovery and management within the football industry through the remarkable power of blockchain technology. The visionary approach of One of Us aspires to usher in an era of amplified participation from the global football community during the talent discovery phase, promising unparalleled rewards. Therefore, every football aficionado worldwide can now assume the mantle of a talent scout, nurturing the potential of future football stars. This exhilarating odyssey promises to enthrall millions of vibrant fans and thousands of prodigious players spanning the globe. This coin grants the owner exclusive access to the platform asset’s rights and it is ingeniously fashioned with a 'reward model'. This model confers tangible real-world advantages upon players through the medium of the token itself. To give a broader context the extraordinary potential of this initiative, let’s take for example Gabriele Natale, the most recent One of Us winner, who now proudly joins the colors of the FC Genoa football team. The O... read More

Flash Loan Attack on BNB Chain Nets $1.57M in Record-Breaking Profit

    The most significant flash loan attack in the BNB Chain was reported on Oct. 11 when an MEV bot made a massive arbitrage profit of $1.575 million. The attack, which passed through the Pancakeswap DEX network, only cost the perpetrating bot a fee of $4.16, leaving them with humongous profits. Large Single Flash Loan Attack on BNB Chain As per reports, the MEV Bot with address 0x216Ccf on the BNB Chain emerged as the record holder of the most significant single arbitrage profit in the chain’s history. EigenPhi, a leading blockchain data analysis firm, revealed the details, confirming that the enormous profit resulted from a well-planned price manipulation attack on the BH token. Essentially, the attacker exploited a shortcoming in the system for about $1.27 million, immediately transferring the funds to the popular mixer Tornado Cash. This attacker borrowed a large amount of USDT using the function ID 0x33688938 and added USDT to the contract. Under normal conditions, the liquidity ratios for the contract are around 1 USDT:100 BH. The attacker then manipulated the system by instantly swapping USDT for BH via pair and later removed the liquidity with the transaction ID 0x4e290832. This swap affected the ratio of liquidity removal drastically, changing to approximately 1 USDT:2 BH, allowing them to withdraw even more USDT. The series of transactions was later confirmed by Beosin, a renowned blockchain security company, emphasizing its deliberate nature. The attacker profite... read More

US Grocery Chain Trader Joe's Sues Decentralized Exchange Trader Joe for...

    Grocery chain Trader Joe’s filed a lawsuit this month against the decentralized exchange (dex) platform Trader Joe for trademark infringement. The suit, filed in federal court in Los Angeles, alleges that Trader Joe illegally copied the Trader Joe’s brand name and seeks to bar the exchange from using the name.Supermarket Trader Joe’s Says Dex Platform Causes Reputational Damage and Brand Erosion Trader Joe’s, the national chain of grocery stores known for its private label products, sued Trader Joe in federal court for illegally using its trademark. The lawsuit alleges that the dex platform, which launched in 2021, infringes on Trader Joe’s brand name. The grocery retailer outlined several instances of alleged illegal use, including Trader Joe naming their exchange “after the supermarket” without permission and using the exact “Trader Joe’s” trademark on their website and social media. Trader Joe’s sent multiple cease-and-desist letters demanding the exchange stop using the name, which were allegedly ignored. The lawsuit claims that the exchange’s use of a confusingly similar name causes reputational damage and erodes Trader Joe’s brand recognition. The complaint seeks an injunction barring further use of Trader Joe’s trademarks and domain names. “??Defendants’ ‘Trader Joe’ branding is designed to allow them to commercially profit from Trader Joe’s famous mark and... read More

SANDBOX GROUP Announces Move Into Web3 Through Partnership With XDB Chai...

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, UK, October 11th, 2023] XDB CHAIN TO POWER SANDBOX-BRANDED CRYPTOCURRENCY AND TO ENHANCE THE EDUCATION SECTOR’S TRANSITION TOWARDS WEB3 Sandbox Group, the London-based group operating a network of learning businesses, announced a partnership with XDB CHAIN, the easy-to-use open-source blockchain used to power digital assets. The collaboration will see the development of an exclusive branded-cryptocurrency that will be made available as a payment choice to users of Sandbox’s wide portfolio of digital products and services worldwide. The soon-to-be-released cryptocurrency will serve as a medium of exchange, enabling transactions, exclusive rewards, and incentives. Its secure, decentralised, and transparent nature will ensure the integrity of the ecosystem, aiming to address some of the most pressing challenges in the education sector’s digital transformation and growth. The launch of the new branded cryptocurrency represents a key development in the world of blockchain as it will be exclusively integrated into Sandbox Group’s portfolio of brands and services that include Kidomi, the all-in-one super app, and Code Kingdoms, online coding courses for kids. XDB CHAIN has lately introduced Branded Coins (BCOs) that allow multiple brands to collaborate across the same technology stack. This innovative concept will allow Sandbox Group to provide progressive benefits to its users with an enhanced user experience in web3, the decentralis... read More

TYRION Advances Decentralized Advertising with Strategic Move to Coinbas...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Toronto, Canada, October 2nd, 2023] In an exhilarating development in the world of crypto and blockchain, TYRION the trailblazer in decentralized advertising, announces its strategic move to build its advertising platform on Coinbase's Base Chain. This monumental announcement underscores TYRION’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer unparalleled advertising solutions, anchored in transparency, efficiency, community incentivization, and innovation. Base Chain, renowned for its robust scalability, security, and efficiency, aligns seamlessly with TYRION’s mission to revolutionize and decentralize the $377 Billion digital advertising landscape. By building on Base Chain, TYRION not only amplifies its technical prowess but also extends its reach, tapping into a dynamic ecosystem of builders, innovators, and users. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase and Base Chain recently stated that he believes decentralized advertising is one of the top 10 next large developments in the blockchain industry. “The best business model in Web 2 has been ads. It's a reasonable bet that some form of advertising will be big in Web 3. Developers and startups in Web 3 will increasingly be willing to pay for distribution, but can we do better than the traditional ad model? In Web 2, the big innovation was going from CPM (pay per thousand impressions) to CPC (only pay if someone clicks the ad). In Web 3, maybe we can go all the way to CPA (only pay when... read More

Polygon's Chain Development Kit Facilitates Canto's Transition to ZK Lay...

    Cosmos-based layer-1 blockchain - Canto - is migrating to a zero-knowledge layer 2 on Ethereum powered by Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). The move aligns with Canto's plans to build a blockchain dedicated to real-world assets. The development comes amidst a significant shift in the Ethereum layer-2 space. Migration to Ethereum ZK-powered L2 Canto is a layer-1 blockchain initially focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) and is now migrating to a zero-knowledge Layer 2 solution on Ethereum using Polygon CDK. This move aims to create a blockchain ecosystem dedicated to real-world assets. Canto, which was launched in 2022, offers an EVM execution layer and essential financial tools, with its development governed by the Canto Commons, an open framework. Once consensus is achieved within the Canto Commons, core devs will be able to build a ZK L2. With the help of a shared ZK bridge, Canto will eventually leverage the liquidity of a 'unified Polygon ecosystem' with easy access to Ethereum. According to the official blog post, Canto is set to integrate the Plonky2 ZK, proving implementation and maintaining its proof-of-stake validator set for decentralized sequencing. This transition will not impact Canto's validators or stakers, ensuring continuity for them while enhancing decentralization and trustless assurances for users engaging in asset bridging. Furthermore, Canto's developers will shift towards utilizing a shared ZK bridge for handling canonical assets. The migration to ... read More

BNB Chain Layer 2 Goes Live

    BNB Chain, the Binance-backed decentralized blockchain network, has announced the launch of Opbnb, its expansion layer built using the Optimism OP stack. The new network allows users to enjoy low-fee transactions in a high-throughput, high-speed transactional layer optimized for interactive applications such as games, with the BNB Chain chain serving as a settlement layer. Optimism-Based Opbnb L2 Launches Mainnet Opbnb, BNB Chain's layer-two (L2) network, has recently announced the launch of its mainnet, focusing on bringing a scalable tool to developers of BNB Chain. The scalability layer, built on the Optimism OP stack, enhances two aspects of applications on the BNB Chain: finality and costs. The new L2 has short block times, allowing developers to move assets and value quickly to and from the network. Also, Opbnb theoretically can manage more than 4,000 transactions per second, with transaction fees as low as $0.005. This means it is designed with applications that handle blockchain interactions in bulk in mind. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, called on developers to take advantage of the new features that Opbnb offers. He stated: Fast, scaleable, and super-low fees. Let's build real-world applications that require billions of messages/events per day. The network was launched via testnet in June, with more than 35 million onchain transactions completed and registering more than 435,000 unique wallet interactions. More than 150 app... read More

Ancient8 Launches a Web3 Gaming Layer 2 Chain on Ethereum

    [PRESS RELEASE - HCMC, Vietnam, September 13th, 2023] Today marks a significant milestone for Ancient8 as the Ancient8 Chain, a gaming-focused community-driven Ethereum Layer 2 built to onboard the next 100 million Web3 citizens is finally launched. Ancient8's journey is fueled by the spirit of innovation and unity. The team chose the Optimism Superchain as their leading tech stack to make Ethereum gaming accessible to everyone. The company offers a comprehensive suite of products that serve game studios, providing seamless access to launch, onboard, localize, market, and engage. Ancient8's chain is led by the parent company Ancient8 Collective, which comprises the entire core gaming partners. Together, the group fosters a decentralized community outlook that builds an inclusive ecosystem that empowers all. A Momentous Leap: Gaming Guild to Layer 2 Ecosystem In 2021, Ancient8 began a mission as a Gaming Guild to introduce users to Web3 through gaming. It partnered with over 100 games to assist 200,000+ gamers in navigating Web3. During the rigorous work with dozens of partners and gamers, the team encountered the same challenges in Web3 gaming – most blockchains fall short in providing the tech, tools, and community needed for gaming. Games need a blockchain that can deliver seamless, high-performance gaming experiences that players and developers deserve. Thus, Ancient8 is launching the Ancient8 Chain, a gaming-focused ETH Layer 2 chain that addresses these shortcoming... read More

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