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ChainGuardians Governance Token  


CGG Price:
$46.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CGG today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest CGG price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.058, and the current live price for one CGG coin is $0.05770.

The all-time high CGG coin price was $4.30.

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The code for ChainGuardians Governance Token crypto currency is #CGG.

ChainGuardians Governance Token is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for ChainGuardians Governance Token is $5,770,217.

ChainGuardians Governance Token is ranked #695 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #CGG.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ChainGuardians Governance Token is $46,318.


The circulating supply of CGG is 99,999,877 coins, which is 83% of the maximum coin supply.


CGG is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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$CGG to be listed on MEXC Global

$CGG is coming to MEXC Global on April 19th. — $CGG to be listed on MEXC, The token will be available on MEXC Global and on the ChainGuardians website homepage, Watch for possible future collaborations between ChainGuardians and MEXC, ChainGuardians will hold an AMA with MEXC community on Telegram on 20/04 at 9am UTC, We are pleased to announce that $CGG, the ChainGuardians Governance token, will be listed on MEXC on April 19th. This listing presents yet another way to obtain and trade the token powering the ChainGuardians ecosystem. — What is MEXC Global? - Founded in 2018, MEXC Global is known as the exchange of high performance and mega-transaction matching technology. The team at MEXC Global are some of the first movers and pioneers in financial and blockchain technology. The exchange at MEXC Global is a high-performance trading engine developed by experts from the banking industry capable of completing 1.4 million transactions per second, resulting in groundbreaking efficiency and enhanced performance. User security is of top priority at MEXC Global, with servers hosted independently across multiple countries ensuring optimal data integrity and security. Currently, MEXC Global caters to more than 10 million users in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, offering localized language support for investors from different countries. With all that MEXC has to offer, the $CGG listing will brin...

Nakano Uta is the latest addition to the ChainGuardians’ Line-up

Uta, the defender of Oasys, joins the ranks of the GuardiansHeed the the #CallOfTheNightingale Uta, representing Oasys, joins forces with the Guardians in their ongoing battle against the formidable Gatekeepers., Uta NFT has utility in ChainGuardians, NFT Mining (Hashrates below), ChainBoost, and ChainArena, The highly anticipated inaugural tournament season of ChainGuardians, “Dawn of the Guardians,” will feature exclusive perks reserved for Uta NFT holders, There are several ways to win Uta including new Tile & Gleam competitions, Uta NFT is available through Dutch Auction beginning March 23rd at 17:00 UTC — participants can pay in $OAS or by credit card, Building on the success of the recent re-release of ChainGuardians, which saw the player base more than triple, the talented team behind the thrilling web3 blockchain superhero game is proud to announce the addition of Uta to the Guardians’ lineup. What’s more, the team has revealed an array of exciting incentives to accompany this epic new character, including Uta being the lead character in the upcoming seasonal tournament, “Dawn of the Guardians.” — Quick Links:. — View Uta Profile Enter Keepers Vault (Dutch Auction) Play Tile Game (win Uta NFT) Enter Social Competition (win Uta NFT) Join Live AMA (Starts on 21/03/23 at 17:00 UTC)Win Uta NFTs & more with prizes totalling over $500! — Who is ChainGuardians’ latest Guardia...

ChainArena and ChainGunnies Join Sakaba to Offer Quest Rewards

ChainArena and ChainGunnies join Sakaba to offer rewards for engaged players!. — Sakaba provides a digital ID for blockchain gamers, tracking and rewarding activity across multiple platforms, Gamers can earn rewards through completing quests on the Sakaba platform, ChainArena and ChainGunnies players can earn assets through Sakaba on Oasys, Collaboration inked to begin in late March / Early April — more details will be shared soon, ChainArena and ChainGunnies are proud to announce a collaboration with Sakaba to bring opportunities to users to earn rewards for playing the games they know and love. Sakaba is a platform that rewards gamers for their engagement through tracking their progress in games built on a growing list of chains. In addition to being rewarded for playing ChainArena and ChainGunnies, the ChainGuardians community can also join campaigns and earn rewards organized by other gaming platforms collaborating with Sakaba. — Who is Sakaba? - Sakaba is a gaming community centered in Japan offering rewards for cross-platform engagement. Starting with games deployed on Oasys, Sakaba will expand to include games deployed on Avalanche, Binance Chain (BSC), and Polygon. Players can earn experience points by completing quests and claiming rewards on the Sakaba platform. The player’s level increases as they earn points. This level will be used as one of the indicators to determine eligibility for...

Teasing ChainGuardians Season 1: Dawn of the Guardians

There’s a new way to play and win in ChainGuardians ChainGuantlet, the new action-packed tournament mode, is coming to ChainGuardians, By earning FIAT in ChainGuardians, players can select their team and enter ChainGauntlet battles and compete for exciting and valuable rewards, Rewards will be dished out based on how many battles you play & where you finish on the leaderboard, The first season of ChainGauntlet, Dawn of the Guardians, will begin on 20th February and feature plenty of unique rewards — which will be announced in full imminently, Join the action in ChainGauntlet, the competitive new tournament mode coming to ChainGuardians. In ChainGauntlet, players can use in-game earned FIAT to enter battles, fight against opponents and climb the leaderboards. By assembling your meanest dream team of 5 characters, you can select a live tournament and battle other players in the pursuit of glory and riches. Battles in ChainGauntlet are asynchronous, meaning you don’t have to play at the same time as your opponents — and you can attack competitors whether they are online or not. Whilst anyone can enter and play in a tournament, the best rewards are reserved for those with CG NFTs, with players being rewarded for both the amount of matches played, as well as how high they place on the overall leaderboard. The plan is to have a new mainline tournament (aka a “Season” with its own lore) every 6 ...

Chain Verse Assets Now Available on tofuNFT

Chain Verse assets are now available for secondary trading on tofuNFTtofuNFT has integrated Chain Verse — ChainGuardians private L2 blockchain built on Oasys ChainGuardians are pleased to announce that Chain Verse NFTs & Collectibles, including ChainArena Warrior Cards and ChainGunnies Access Passes, are now available on the secondary marketplace tofuNFT! tofuNFT is a full-featured marketplace integrating and verifying NFT collections on over thirty EVM-compatible chains, with a specific focus on GameFi. Using tofuNFT to trade Chain Verse assets is simple — we’ll step you through the process in the sections below. — Access Chain Verse Collections. — tofu.NFT allows for trading verified ChainArea Warrior Cards and ChainGunnies Red and Blue Pill Access Pass collections. Listing a digital collectible is accomplished through the following steps: Connect wallet (ensure that the ChainVerse RPC has been added first), Click on My NFTs under the profile button, Under My NFTs, select the NFTs you wish to list, Select Fixed Price or Auction, Click OK to verify the address through an on-chain signature, Enter the price for listing, then click Start Listing (listing is free, royalty fees are listed to the right), Approve the NFT for sale, Confirm listing by signing the transaction, Chain Verse Mainnet RPC: Token: OAS, RPC:, Explorer:, Website: chainverse....

ChainGuardians Establish Chain Verse on Oasys

ChainGuardians is thrilled to announce Chain Verse, ChainGuardians’ own gaming chain built on Oasys.. — ChainGuardians has launched its own Layer-2 gaming chain, Chain Verse, Chain Verse’s, which is built on Oasys, primary focus will be to drive the mass adoption of blockchain gaming, Multiple games have already launched on Chain Verse inc. ChainArena & ChainGunnies with more coming in the next months, ChainGuardians joins gaming giants Bandai Namco, Sega & Ubisoft in investing in and building on Oasys infrastructure, ChainGuardians is thrilled to announce Chain Verse, ChainGuardians’ very own gaming chain! Built on Oasys, Chain Verse joins Oasys Verse-Layer chains built by other blockchain gaming projects in taking advantage of the game-focused Oasys Architecture, facilitating frictionless on-chain gaming experiences. The establishment of Chain Verse represents ChainGuardians’ dedication to promoting both its own games and those of other gaming projects to a broader audience. In the following sections, we take a look at what makes the Oasys Architecture especially suited to gaming and at what the establishment of Chain Verse means for ChainGuardians. — Oasys: Fun for Gamers, Reliable for Developers - Built from the ground up to be the premier protocol capable of providing a fast, secure, and scalable solution for transactions involving gaming and Metaverse assets, Oasys balances next-level use...

ChainGuardians Selects Oasys as Blockchain of Choice for Games

ChainGuardians will also be building its own Layer2 Chain Verse. — 23 DECEMBER 2022 — ChainGuardians has selected Oasys, a gaming-optimised blockchain built by gamers for gamers, as the blockchain of choice for the development and launch of two blockchain games — ChainArena and ChainGunnies. ChainGuardians will also be building its own Layer2 “Verse”, Chain Verse, on which ChainArena and ChainGunnies are expected to be released by the end of 2022. Earlier this month, Oasys completed its Mainnet launch process as well as a strategic funding round in which ChainGuardians participated.Multiple ChainGuardians titles are coming to Chain Verse — ChainArena & ChainGunnies coming to Chain Verse in 2022. — ChainArena is an action-packed RPG featuring ChainGuardians’ own superheroes in their first mobile game appearance. With early access available now, the full release is expected by the end of the year. Meanwhile, ChainGunnies is a frenetic FPS Horror Survival game pitting everyone’s favourite rascally rabbits against their undead kin. Already available in early access with special bonuses for holders of ChainBunnies and Zombunnies, ChainGunnies will launch on 29th December in full and be available to a wider audience through free NFT play passes.RPG ChainArena is ChainGuardian’s first mobile game Idon Liu, Co-founder, ChainGuardians, added: “We are thrilled to be working with Oasys ...

ChainArena Launch Announcement

ChainGuardians presents ChainArena, a mobile game available on Apple Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android) based on the classic idle game. Official Website: ChainGuardians is thrilled to introduce ChainArena, the first Blockchain Superhero crossover mobile game. In ChainArena, defenders of the Cryptoverse have the opportunity to embark upon a new adventure, guiding select ChainGuardians characters through a mysterious world filled with unprecedented dangers and rewards as they battle their way back home. — What is ChainArena? - A mysterious portal opened in Cipherspace and sucked Bitsee and her crew into a dark and dangerous dimension. Now they must fight to survive and find their way back home…. ChainArena is a brand new chapter of ChainGuardians that showcases a world of interoperable gameplay in which users can use their ChainGuardians characters within the idle game and gain access to exclusive Champions through competitive gameplay. ChainArena plays as an idle adventure in which the player summons mighty heroes to form a team dedicated to defeating wave after wave of epic foes. The battle rages on even when the player is AFK, progressing through successive levels and to glory on the leaderboards. Players can strengthen their heroes against ever-more-powerful foes by evolving them with Magic Stones and enhancing their skills with Bone Fragments. Reinforcing and transcending weapons give team mem...

Zombunnies Utility Guide

All the details you need to know to understand your Zombunnies! Attention Boosters — here are all the Zombunnies details you’ve been waiting for! While Zombunnies are focused on amping up your digital identity with a fresh take on PFP culture, that’s not all they have to offer! These malevolent manifestations of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that a sometimes malign market inspires also offer utility across the ChainGuardians ecosystem, amplifying the effectiveness a user’s activities have when participating across the ChainGuardians, ChainBoost, and Cryptoverse platforms. There are several ways in which Zombunnies affect a user’s experience: — NFT Mining. — The ChainGuardians NFT Mining platform rewards community members for their daily participation with the chance of mining rewards based on their hashrate. This quantity is calculated by adding together the individual hashrates of up to nine qualifying NFTs selected from among those held in the user’s wallet. — BoostScore. — BoostScore is the means of measuring a ChainBoost user’s participation across the ChainGuardians ecosystem. ChainBoost rewards users’ participation with the chance to gain early access to the promising NFT and GameFi projects launching on its innovative incubator/launchpad platform. Zombunnies BoostScore will be a separate category from ChainBunnies BoostScore. It will have its own scoring mechanisms and it...

Guardians Ecosystem Update: September 29th

All the latest from the ecosystem that never stops innovating! Welcome Guardians, Boosters, and Versers to this Ecosystem Update! The past two weeks have been filled with detail-oriented DAO activity, progressive platform updates, globetrotting media appearances, and a barrage of energizing announcements setting things up for an action-packed autumn/spring. The ChainGuardians ecosystem continues to expand and deliver on its mission to bring NFT and blockchain-based solutions to the world through innovating decentralized solutions leveraging the most important element of all — our global community. With so much going on across the ecosystem, tracking it all can be difficult! So, without further ado…. — Zombunnies. Embrace the FUD. — Zombunnies delve into satisfying popular demand for more extreme ChainBunnies interaction, putting a unique and terrifying spin on PFPs with exciting gamification functionality. While joining their former burrow buddies in fulfilling NFT utilities, Zombunnies will be making an all-out assault on PFP culture with amped-up artwork, a sick new set of traits, and an emphasis on rarity and collectibility. Coming this Halloween, embrace the FUD. — NFT-Weighted DAO Voting. — We’ve dialed in a repetitive but imperative messaging framework — cgDAO represents a bottom-up approach to ideating and shaping the future of the ChainGuardians ecosystem through decentralize...

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