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Conflux Token  


CFX Price:
$42.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.5 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CFX today is $0.22 USD.

The lowest CFX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.224, and the exact current price of one CFX crypto coin is $0.22410.

The all-time high CFX coin price was $1.81.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CFX with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Conflux Token is #CFX.

Conflux Token is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Conflux Token is $470,066,479.

Conflux Token is ranked #149 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #CFX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Conflux Token is $42,400,049.


The circulating supply of CFX is 2,097,534,828 coins, which is 40% of the total coin supply.


CFX is the native coin for the Conflux blockchain.

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CFX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Unveiling China’s NFT Landscape on Conflux — Part 2!

Unveiling China’s NFT Landscape on Conflux — Part 2! - — Let's further explore the dynamic of blockchain and NFTs, our journey continues as we show how China is setting the innovative applications of this transformative technology.. — Having established itself as a frontrunner, the country is demonstrating the vast potential of NFTs minted on Conflux, bridging the virtual and real world in unprecedented ways. In part two of our series, we invite you to explore the next four intriguing NFT case studies, unveiling how these digital assets are revolutionizing industries, creating new experiences, and shaping the future of digital ownership and interaction. — Running Man - “Running Man China” stands out as a formidable force in the Chinese entertainment industry, captivating audiences as a top-tier variety show. With a massive following of nearly 8 million on its official account, it’s a cultural phenomenon that consistently tops the viewership charts across the nation. In this segment, we explore an innovative endeavor undertaken by the show in its latest season. Running Man introduced an exclusive series of POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols) that celebrate the beauty of natural landscapes. These digital tokens, intricately designed and minted on the Conflux blockchain, showcase artistic finesse and have captured the hearts of fans, making them a hot topic in the community. You can catch a...

Unveiling China’s NFT Landscape on Conflux — Part 1!

Unveiling China’s NFT Landscape on Conflux — Part 1! - — Discover how iconic brands and world-renowned events in China are utilizing NFTs on Conflux, opening up diverse possibilities.. — In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and NFTs, China has emerged as a leader in pushing the boundaries of how industries can leverage this technology. From iconic brands to globally recognized events, the utilization of NFTs minted on Conflux has unlocked various opportunities for diverse NFT applications. Join us as we explore the first four unique NFT case studies in our series. — OREO’s Ink-style NFT Series - In October 2021, OREO China made history in the snack industry by launching an ink-style NFT on Conflux. Every user had the opportunity to claim an NFO blind box. Upon opening the blind box, users were able to click the “Twist” button, revealing an exclusive AI dynamic ink painting uniquely tailored for the owner. — Jinjiang Hotel - China’s premier hotel group and the second-largest globally, Jin Jiang is no stranger to innovation. In July, looking to redefine hospitality in the digital age, they introduced the “Infinite Hotel” initiative by launching its first-ever NFTs minted on Conflux to revolutionize guest experiences. This wasn’t just a digital keepsake — holders of this exclusive NFT unlocked luxury perks, from complimentary stays to exclusive breakfast vouchers and ...

Monthly Progress Report — September 2023

Monthly Progress Report — September 2023 - — A look back at our progress for the month of September.. — September was an exciting month for Conflux Network as we expanded our global presence. Our dedicated team traveled to four countries, where we organized five events, delivered keynote speeches, and engaged in insightful panel discussions. We took the opportunity to network, reconnect with old friends, make new acquaintances, and promote Conflux’s vision, setting the stage for partnerships that are poised to thrive in the upcoming months! — Public Chain - Successfully completed Mainnet v2.3.0 hardfork., Completed work on decentralized storage., Finished cross-chain-related tasks., — SDK - Started the design of the evm-tx-engine service, which is an open source high-performance on-chain service. This service supports Conflux eSpace and Conflux Core Ethereum., — Mobile Wallet - Supported Android development environment., Imported UI theme config., — Confura - Enabled access to core space data through the Ethereum SDK., — Account Abstraction - Researched ERC-4337., Set up bundler service., Dypius’ World of Dypians announced the integration of Conflux Network. With this integration comes new possibilities for players in World of Dypians; enhanced gameplay features can be expected along with improved transaction speeds and reduced fees., Announced a strategic part...

Monthly Progress Report — August 2023

Monthly Progress Report — August 2023 - — A look back at our progress for the month of August.. — — Public Chain - Released Mainnet v2.3.0 in preparation for the upcoming September hardfork., Released NeuraHive for Conflux Testnet., Worked on cross-chain related work., — SDK - Researched ERC6551 and planned its deployment in Conflux Core., Added support for new RPC methods introduced in v2.3.0 in Python & JS SDK., — Scan - Implemented support for the most recent CIPs., Optimized token price service for higher accuracy., — Confura - Incorporated support for the latest CIPs., — Congraph - Completed integration with Swappi to accelerate data loading processes., — MAP Cross Chain - Implemented support for public key verification to prevent data tampering., Successfully integrated with the MAP chain., — Mobile Wallet - Finalized the development of the database API layer development., Conducted research on various UI component libraries., Nulink integration has been announced. Currently in the testnet phase, Nulink brings privacy-preserving decentralized network power to Conflux. This partnership will provide enhanced encryption and protection services for projects within the Conflux ecosystem. Along with the partnership announcement, we have also introduced NuLink’s Grants Program, offering developers the opportunity to shine, innovate, and le...

Monthly Progress Report — July 2023

Monthly Progress Report — July 2023 - — A look back at our progress for the month of July.. — — Public Chain - Implemented CIP118 and CIP119 for the subsequent hardfork., Released testnet node version v2.3.0–3-testnet to test the hardfork., Fixed additional performance-related issues., Completed cross-chain-related work., — SDK - js-conflux-SDK added support for newly added RPC methods., Conflux-contracts added a new method, getAvailablePoints., Prepared documentation for Hardfork 2.3.0., — Scan - Optimized the query for historical CFX balance via full-state RPC., Supported the addition of name tags for EOA addresses in a centralized way., Enhanced the open API to allow clients to suppress NFT metadata errors., — Confura - Supported the latest RPCs on the testnet., — Congraph - Optimized the query for historical CFX balance via full state RPC., Supported the addition of name tags for EOA addresses in a centralized way., Enhanced the open API to allow clients to suppress NFT metadata errors., — MAP Cross Chain - Optimized the gas cost of the light node contract via assembly., Became compatible with the MAP protocol interface., Added support to verify the aggregated signature., — Fluent - New documentation was released at, World Mobile and Conflux Network had reached a strategic partnership to boost blockchain-based mobile ...

Monthly Progress Report — June 2023

Monthly Progress Report — June 2023 - — A look back at our progress for the month of June.. — — Public Chain - The testing of hardfork-related changes has been successfully accomplished., The testnet version v2.3.0-test net, which enables the hardfork as of 07.04, has been released., Crosschain and Sidechain-related tasks have been carried out., The code has been refactored to enhance its maintainability., — SDK - Support for the new RPC method, introduced specifically for CIP-107, has been successfully added., Support for EIP-1898 style epoch parameters has been successfully added to several core space RPCs, — Scan - Added token approvals in tools., Optimized token detection algorithm., — Confura - 1. Published new RPCs for the latest full node. 2. Optimized alerting service. — Congraph - 1. Released centralized managed TheGraph service: Mainnet: Testnet: 2. Optimized Ethereum-blocks sub-graph. — MAP Cross Chain - 1. Released light node contract: 2. Added light node APIs in Golang SDK: 3. Integration tested on MAP develop node, including PoS blocks relay and receipt proof verification. Smooth Labs is collaborating with Conflux on the development of a layer-2 solution with parallel execution capabilities., MetaPath has integrated Conflux eSpace to enable seamless cross-chain swaps between stablecoi...

Conflux joins Hong Kong’s new Web3 Institute

We’re excited to announce our new role as senior members of the Institute of Web 3.0 in Hong Kong.. — Further solidifying our growing partnership with Web3 advancements in Hong Kong, Conflux is pleased to announce that it has become a senior member of the Institute of Web 3.0 in Hong Kong. As the only regulatory-compliant public blockchain in China, Conflux holds a unique advantage for projects seeking to build and expand into Asia. Therefore, our decision to join the Hong Kong Web 3.0 Institute as a senior member aligns perfectly with our initiatives. We are honored and enthusiastic about collaborating with other industry players in the Web3 space and actively demonstrating our support for Web3 development in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is taking significant strides toward becoming a prominent hub for Web3 technology in the region. The Institute of Web 3.0 Hong Kong was established by Chinese institutions based in Hong Kong and local universities. Its membership includes legislators from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, university professors, fintech specialists, and other experts in technology and finance. The Institute’s objectives revolve around enhancing and advancing Web3 in Hong Kong through the exchange of research and resources, technical cooperation, and industrial partnerships. Additionally, it aims to foster a talent pool capable of supporting...

Monthly Progress Report — May 2023

Monthly Progress Report — May 2023 - — A look back at our progress for the month of May.. — — Public Chain - Finished implementing CIP107 and added relevant tests., Added interfaces for side-chains/cross-chains., Optimized the performance of snapshots., Optimized the confirmation time for PoS., — SDK - Added support for newly introduced RPC methods to the Golang SDK., — Scan - Implemented a new open API to retrieve daily PoW/PoS rewards., Arranged user assets to display in order of market cap., Optimized the ERC20 token price service., — Confura - Implemented support for the allow/disallow list., Optimized cluster quality through full node isolation., Added support for new RPCs in full node., China Telecom and Conflux unveiled the Blockchain SIM (BSIM) card on May 16th., Binance has completed its mainnet integration with the Conflux Network., The Korean Exchange Bithumb has listed CFX and integrated Conflux eSpace., Halo Wallet now supports Conflux eSpace with integrated dApps for an improved user experience., Biconomy and the Particle Network on the Conflux Network have entered a strategic partnership to simplify Web3 access for non-native users., Thanks to The Graph Protocol’s open-source industry standard, developers deploying on Conflux eSpace can now easily access and query data., Tenet and the Conflux Network have allied, enhancing our commitment to augment...

Technical Breakthrough and Implications for the Future of Blockchain — BTS Labs Twitter Spaces AMA…

Technical Breakthrough and Implications for the Future of Blockchain — BTS Labs Twitter Spaces AMA Recap - — A recap of our Twitter Spaces AMA with BTS Labs.. — Our Co-Founder and CTO, Ming Wu, recently participated in a Twitter Spaces AMA, hosted by BTS Labs, where he discussed the technical breakthroughs and potential implications for the future of blockchain. Here’s a recap of the AMA: As more and more data are added to the blockchain, how do you propose to manage storage and retrieval, and what are the implications for network performance? I think there are many ways that we can take to deal with different kinds of storage problems. And because storage is a big area, we might need to combine many mechanisms to handle the problems better. First, we know that many existing blockchain systems employ a Merkle-tree-based structure for the storage of blockchain nodes to provide the capability of authentication. This actually makes storage access very slow and costly. However, there is still much room to improve the access performance of the authenticated storage if we find a better way to redesign the data structure. We have a recent work that makes this improvement happen. And this work has been accepted by this year’s OSDI, which is the top system conference in the world. In this work, we designed some kind of vector commitment protocol to update commitment proofs in constant time, so we can significan...

Summer is heating up, and so is Conflux Network! ☀️

Discover the exciting world of DeFi on Conflux! Get ready for a wave of upcoming projects set to launch soon.. — Since the mainnet launch of Conflux Network in October 2020, we’ve witnessed significant progress and expect even more advancements on the horizon. The Hydra Upgrade in 2022 transformed Conflux’s consensus into a hybrid PoW+PoS consensus algorithm, marking the beginning of Conflux eSpace (CIP90) and the PoS staking mechanism (CIP43). This crucial shift bolstered the network’s security by introducing transaction finality and reducing the risk of 51% attacks. Conflux has consistently prioritized Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility and the introduction of Conflux eSpace has further solidified this commitment. By offering support for Ethereum tooling, maintaining identical hex addresses, and ensuring API compatibility with EVM chains, Conflux eSpace enables developers to build seamlessly without needing to adapt to new dev tooling. Meanwhile, users can continue to use their preferred existing products. In essence, the Hydra upgrade has endowed Conflux Network with two interoperable spaces: Core and eSpace. Although these spaces have distinct smart contract environments, they both exist on the same Tree-Graph ledger, NOT on separate blockchains. Conflux Network has consistently prioritized regulatory compliance, becoming the first regulatory-compliant permissionless blockchain network in China. In ...


Indonesia's National Crypto Bourse (CFX) Has Already Captured Over 50% o...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Jakarta, Indonesia, April 8th, 2024] PT Bursa Komoditi Nusantara (CFX), the world’s first national Indonesian crypto bourse, continues to strengthen the domestic cryptocurrency ecosystem. To date, there are 35 prospective crypto exchanges that have been registered with The Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti). To become a regulated crypto exchange in Indonesia, crypto companies need a Member Approval Letter (SPAB) from CFX. Four crypto exchanges, namely PT Pintu Kemana Saja (PINTU), PT Bumi Santosa Cemerlang (PLUANG), PT Kripto Maksima Koin (Kripto Maksima - GOTO Group), and PT Aset Digital Berkat (TOKOCRYPTO), have received SPAB from CFX. “The four crypto exchanges which received SPAB approvals from CFX, have contributed to more than 50% of Indonesia’s total crypto trading volume. Data from Bappebti shows a significant increase in overall transactions, reaching IDR 55,26 trillion for January - February 2024. This increase represents a 113% surge compared to IDR 25,94 trillion recorded in the same period last year.” said President Director of CFX Subani.  Subani added, “We encourage remaining crypto companies to complete the registration process. Becoming a regulated crypto exchange signifies a commitment to exceeding industry standards and adhering to Indonesia regulations. This aligns with CFX’s mission to foster a secure and well-regulated crypto ecosystem in Indonesia.” Indonesia's cryp... read More

Conflux (CFX) Skyrockets 16%, Bitcoin (BTC) Reclaims $27K (Market Watch)

    After slipping to $26,600 on Bitcoin pizza day, the cryptocurrency reversed its trajectory and shot up by almost a grand. The altcoins are also slightly in the green, with ETH, MATIC, SHIB, TRX, and AVAX jumping by around 3% daily. BTC Reclaims $27K The primary cryptocurrency has been stuck in a relatively tight range for the past week or so, which was also acknowledged by Glassnode yesterday. The analytics resource informed that BTC's 7-day price range had declined to 3.4%, which has happened just a few times in the past three years. Each time, though, was followed by a massive price move in either direction. As such, Glassnode warned that there might be a lot more volatility coming soon. As of now, though, the asset remains in this range. Yesterday was Bitcoin pizza day, and BTC dropped to the lower side of the range at $26,600. The bulls intervened at this point and pushed it north, driving it to a multi-day high of almost $27,400. Despite failing to continue further, BTC still trades above $27,000 as of now. Its market cap has neared $530 billion, while its dominance over the alts stands at the same position - 46.4%. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView ETH Defends $1.8K Similar to bitcoin, ETH also saw little-to-no movements in the past several days but was gradually losing ground. As such, it was close to breaking below $1,800. However, a 2.5% increase in the past 24 hours has prevented such a development, and the second-largest digital asset currently trades at $1,850. Similar ... read More

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