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Conflux Token  


CFX Price:
$2.2 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$90.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CFX today is $0.043 USD.

The lowest CFX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.043, and the current live price for one CFX coin is $0.04294.

The all-time high CFX coin price was $1.81.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CFX with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Conflux Token is #CFX.

Conflux Token is 1.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Conflux Token is $90,074,148.

Conflux Token is ranked #222 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #CFX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Conflux Token is $2,232,250.


The circulating supply of CFX is 2,097,534,903 coins, which is 40% of the total coin supply.


CFX is the native coin for the Conflux blockchain.

View the full list of Conflux blockchain tokens.


CFX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.



Monthly Progress Report — August 2022

Monthly Progress Report — August 2022 - — A look back at our progress for the month of August.. — — Public Chain - Released node version v2.1.0-testnet on Testnet and completed hardfork., Tested hardfork-related features on Testnet., Fixed issues about PoS chain catching-up and full-history state storage., Continued the work related to decentralized storage., — Scan - Added new open API for ABI decode., Added a new open API to aggregate user transactions and token transfers., Optimized deployment process to reduce 502 errors., Deployed new environment at BJ region and supported verifying contracts across regions., Supported IPFS gateway auto-detection to improve access availability., Supported clearing cached metadata in the NFT detail page., — Fluent - Released version v2.4.0, Quick entry to show/hide testnet., Allows modification of the default network’s RPC URL., MAX mode, send total token balance., Transactions are no longer allowed to be signed if the transaction is estimated error., — Confura - Supported WebSocket to access RPC., Supported pub/sub RPC for core space., Added new RPCs for the latest version fullnode., Conflux teamed up with Swappi to run a meme contest. The contest ended with over 100 submissions., Witnet held an AMA with Conflux on their Telegram channel. Our French ambassador Jerome was the guest speaker., Our LATAM Lead Ambassador Jose p...

Monthly Progress Report — July 2022

Monthly Progress Report — July 2022 - — A look back at our progress for the month of July.. — — Public Chain - Released Mainnet v2.0.2 and v2.0.3., Tested new CIPs, including DAO votes in the devnet, and fixed related issues., Optimized the node recovery time and reduced the extra space needed for recovery., Started to support Pubsub RPC in eSpace., — SDK - Added support to eSpace testnet faucet for ERC20 tokens: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC., Prepared documentation for DAO CIP., Wrote new documentation: Gas, Accounts, Space., — Scan - Supported import & export of user profiles., Added/Optimized charts for PoS and cross space., Optimized query performance for some open APIs., Fixed some bugs as the community reported., — Fluent - Added EIP-1559 support., Introduced Gas station, Improved transaction information., — Confura - Whitelist support to avoid rate limit., Re-constructed system monitor dashboard v2., Prepared documents and tools for deployment., Open source code on Github., Teamed up with Witnet to help run Witty Creatures NFT giveaway at EthCC., Coinhub has integrated Conflux Network eSpace., KPMG, HSBC report identified Conflux as one of the three crypto startups with unicorn potential in Asia., KPMG, HSBC report identifies crypto startups with unicorn potential in Asia Co-Founder and CTO Ming Wu was invited to the ZorooDAO community for an exclus...

Monthly Progress Report — June 2022

Monthly Progress Report — June 2022Public ChainTested and released node version v2.0.2.Completed the test and optimization for the whole-history state storage.Completed the implementation of on-chain parameter DAO votes.Finished other hard fork features and prepared related tests.Completed other decentralized storage-related work.SDKAdded Java-SDK support for Internal Contract PoSRegister, CrossSpaceCall.Added signer module for web3go SDK, support abigen.Optimized cfx_call field.Added contract verify function to the hardhat-conflux plugin.ScanAdded user profile support including address tag and transaction private notes.Added new charts for PoS and cross-space operations.Published contract verification open API for core space.Added support for diagnosing pending transactions.Improved the statistics for daily active users.FluentAdded Address Book support.Ledger in ETH / eSpace support.Removing added tokens support.ConfuraPublished Confura v3.0 to improve the system scalability and query performance.Support added for auto-migrate event logs of big contracts to separate partitioned tables.Optimized system metrics, logging, and rate limits via middleware.Optimized system metrics and improved the system monitor.Collaborated with everPay to open up the Arweave ecosystem. More activities and events to follow in July. everPay collaborates with Conflux to open up the Arweave ecosystemBoringDAO has integra...

Conflux + everPay AMA Recap

Hi everyone, on July 6th we hosted an AMA with everPay in our English Telegram channel. Here is a recap of our chat with Romain, everPay’s Marketing and Promotions Manager. What is everPay and how do NFT auctions work? R: Ah, good first question, everPay is a real-time financial protocol for the blockchain. What do I mean by real-time? I mean that whenever you make a transfer using everPay to a different address, it will instantly be delivered to the recipient. No gas fees, no waiting on blocks, and for now no fees on our side. All of this has been built around the Arweave blockchain. Our main selling points with everPay are our real-time transactions and 0 gas fees, that’s a fact. I want to point this out because I want to clarify that this doesn’t make us a centralized platform. Why? Because everPay is based on our SCP (Storage-based consensus paradigm). What’s SCP you may ask. It’s a new paradigm that’s pretty different from Ethereum’s narrative. It has a consensus thanks to permanent storage. If we compare both Ethereum’s to SCP, Ethereum is an on-chain compute whilst SCP is an off-chain compute. All-in-all Arweave and SCP can really create a trustless and permissionless environment. If you wish to know more about SCP, do check out our article where we go in-depth. Storage-based Consensus Paradigm Also, later on, we will have a lucky draw for users using our discord bot that also utilizes everPay in order ...

Announcing Our Developer Ambassador Program

Hi, Conflux community, It’s been a long time coming, today we’re so excited to announce our Developer Ambassador Program. With the help of Conflux Developer Ambassadors, we’ll be able to connect with and increase developer participation by creating technical content, organizing events, onboarding new developers, and having meaningful interactions (i.e. interactions that have some kind of utility) with developers.Program GoalsGrowing the active community of developers in Conflux.Funnel new developers and teams into the Technical Grants Program.Focused on English-speaking, English-writing developers.Developers can be located in any part of the world.Developers from any gender, race and any other type of identity are encouraged to apply.Developer Ambassador Profile — Is this you?Developers who are interested in advancing the mission of Conflux. ​Ideally, experience developing in Conflux (but experience in other chains is also welcome). ​Experience in other developer communities is a plus.​Must speak English fluently and be able to write correctly in English. ​At least 3 years of experience in software development. Experience with Javascript, Node.js, React.js, Golang, Python, C++, and Rust are a plus. ​Experience with DApp development and architecture is a plus. ​Good understanding of crypto network fundamentals. ​Familiarity with the Ethereum and/or Conflux architecture. ​At least 1 year of ...

BoringDAO Integrates Conflux eSpace

Conflux is excited to announce our new strategic partnership with BoringDAO, a DAO driven cross-chain bridge. The partnership will see BoringDAO integrate Conflux into their oPortal Bridge enabling Conflux native assets to be freely transferred between fourteen other L1s and L2s — including Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche — in a fast and secure way. The future is multi-chain and Conflux is super excited to introduce BoringDAO to our community. You can check out BoringDAO’s Conflux bridge here ⤵️ oPortal As part of the partnership, BoringDAO will also work closely with Conflux ecosystem projects to provide multichain asset transfers to their users and bridge their own BOR tokens onto Conflux, giving the Conflux community an opportunity to participate in the governance of the BoringDAO treasury. BoringDAO is a decentralized bridge operated by a DAO with total TVL at its peak of over $100MM USD. And with audits from both Certik and Peckshield is one of the most secure multichain bridges out there. We are super excited to partner with BoringDAO and expect the partnership to lead to great collaborations with other Dapps in the Conflux ecosystem, with some already in the works so stay tuned!Connect with us: Website /Github/Twitter /Discord /Telegram /Reddit/Forum Global Community Channels 👇 Conflux Network Linktree | Linktree BoringDAO Integrates Conflux eSpace was originally published in Conflux Network on...

Monthly Progress Report — May 2022

Monthly Progress Report — May 2022 — 🔸TD;LR🔸. — Conflux Network computing power ≈ 1.3tToken transfer TPS ≈ 340# of transactions on May 31st was 249k98.874k new accounts added30 new contracts were added in the past two days.PoS has a total locked position of 109.77mA total number of 158 nodes16.3% APY (theoretical calculation)Cumulative interest of 3.08mPublic ChainFinished implementing the whole-history state storage and started testing.Optimized the implementation of on-chain parameter voting.Fixed RPC and node synchronization issues.Optimized node running performance.SDKDeveloped a hardhat-conflux plugin, which enables developers to use hardhat develop contract on Conflux Core Space.Java-SDK released v1.2.0; added support to ERC721 and ERC1155.Optimized Go-SDK middleware.ScanAddded etherscan support, compatible open API.Optimized UI components for all charts.Supported amount property for ERC1155 contract.Supported IPFS gateway configuration.Developed statistics-related API for PoS and cross space.InfuraIsolated archive nodes for heavy RPCs.Added rate limit support for RPCs.Supported memory cache for high QPS RPCs.Completed development of store v2 for better scalability and performance.FluentReleased version 2.1.0 with support for multichains, as well as, Metamask absorption has been released.Some improvements and issues fixed.Conflux Foundation conducted the first airdrop to all...

Monthly Progress Report — April 2022

Monthly Progress Report — April 2022Public ChainCompleted the implementation of the internal contract for the on-chain system parameter vote.Started implementing the storage of the whole-history multi-version state.Optimized both coreSpace and eSpace RPCs.SDKCompleted development and testing of the Rosetta-API.Developed a Discord gasFee faucet bot to allow new Conflux eSpace users get their cross-assets.Added support to eSpace for PoS pool, enabled use of Metamask to participate in PoS.ScanSupported chars & statistics for eSpace.Added support for decode event logs and tx input data for proxy contracts.Supported detailed NFT browsing and allowed users to transfer assets.Compatible with etherscan open API (under development).Added token price and market cap support for eSpace.InfuraSupported WebSocket for eSpace JSON RPC.Improved scalability for event logs (under development).FluentReleased v1.6.0 - supporting transaction speedup/cancel.Delivered multi-chain to QA.The Conflux Foundation announced the launch of the eSpace Liquidity Incentive Program to help bootstrap and drive sustainable ecosystem development on Conflux eSpace.Token Pocket announced support for Conflux eSpace.Announced strategic partnership with BitMart.Swappi launches on Conflux eSpace and reached $75M TVL.Our CTO and Co-Founder Ming Wu sat down for AMAs with Kucoin & Binance communities.MetaLandscape together with ConfluxDao, MetaEsta...

Binance AMA with Conflux (CFX) — A Blockchain Without Barriers

Binance AMA with Conflux (CFX) — A Blockchain Without Barriers On April 26th, Binance hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with Ming Wu, Co-Founder & CTO of Conflux in the Binance Exchange Group. Project Introduction Conflux is a permissionless Layer 1 public blockchain connecting decentralized economies across borders and protocols. Fast, scalable, and solidity compatible, with zero congestion and low fees, Conflux is transforming how the world transacts and leading the transformation to a sustainable, borderless economy. Official Website: Whitepaper: Follow Conflux on Twitter and Telegram. Guest:Ming Wu — Co-Founder & CTO of ConfluxQ&A from Binance Q: Welcome to a special AMA with the Conflux team! It is my pleasure to introduce to you Ming Wu, who is the project’s CTO! Hi @sparkwoo, thank you for joining us today, would you please introduce yourself to the chat and share a quick overview of Conflux? Ming Wu: Hello, everyone. My name is Ming Wu, and I’m the Co-Founder and CTO of Conflux Network. Before becoming a founding member of Conflux, I was a senior researcher at Systems Research Group in Microsoft Research Asia, where I led my former team to design and implement large-scale and highly efficient distributed machine learning platforms which were applied in Microsoft products. And I have d...

BitMart x Conflux Strategic Partnership

Conflux is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Bitmart, a premier global digital asset trading platform. The overarching focus of this alliance is to cultivate a lasting relationship that can assist with projects that leverage what both platforms offer in a mutually beneficial way. BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital assets trading platform with over 9 million users worldwide and ranked among the top crypto exchanges on CoinGecko. BitMart currently offers 1000+ trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fees in the market. BitMart’s platform and expertise can provide added value to the Conflux Ecosystem in myriad ways, and we believe that listing Conflux Network’s native token CFX and other ecosystem tokens would benefit users from both ends profoundly. As Conflux experiences a surge in developer activity on the heels of a wave of new product launches and integrations, it is paramount to connect with BitMart to aid in its development. The Conflux Ecosystem is a growing alliance of dApp integrations and partnerships. By partnering with Bitmart, it ensures that Conflux-based projects receive satisfactory levels of exposure and support to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Swappi, as our very first DEX to launch on eSpace, is honored to be the first ecosystem project that receives support from our partner BitMart in both marketing strategy and future listing. As Swappi’s TVL surp...

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