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CoinEx Token  


CET Price:
$91.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CET today is $0.049 USD.

The lowest CET price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.049, and the current live price for one CET coin is $0.04943.

The all-time high CET coin price was $0.15.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CET with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for CoinEx Token crypto currency is #CET.

CoinEx Token is 5.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for CoinEx Token is $139,219,777.

CoinEx Token is ranked #302 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #CET.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for CoinEx Token is $91,751.


The circulating supply of CET is 2,816,787,033 coins, which is 28% of the maximum coin supply.


CET is the native coin for the Coinex Smart Chain blockchain.

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CET is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #CET, and you can view them on our CET disambiguation page.



CoinEx6Raise:Standing Shoulder to Shoulder With Users to Build An Empowering CoinEx Ecosystem

December this year marked a significant milestone for CoinEx as it celebrated its 6th anniversary. At this memorable moment, the CoinEx team organized a series of unprecedented online and offline anniversary events, collectively reflecting on the development journey of the past six years. Throughout the anniversary celebrations, CoinEx and its dedicated community not only shared joyful moments but also delved into the future direction and plans together. In this festive atmosphere full of enthusiasm, CoinEx expresses gratitude for the continuous support from all users and commits to providing an even more outstanding cryptocurrency experience in the future. — “You Raise Me Up” 6th Anniversary Celebration - This December, CoinEx organized a series of wonderful online and offline events that attracted the active participation of tens of thousands of users worldwide. From offline gatherings to online celebrations, CoinEx and its users spent a rich and colorful time together marking the exchange’s 6th anniversary. At the offline gatherings, the CoinEx team visited 13 countries to interact face-to-face with users and jointly celebrate CoinEx’s 6th anniversary. The events featured exclusive prize draws as well as panel discussions with crypto KOLs to explore new industry trends and share insights, providing interactive engagement. We also presented CoinEx’s origins and future roadmap. Moving forward, CoinEx will con...

AMA Special With CoinEx CEO Haipo Yang

As CoinEx celebrates its sixth anniversary, we were thrilled to host an AMA session with our CEO, Haipo Yang on CoinEx Official Telegram. His insights into the cryptocurrency world and our platform’s journey were not only enlightening but also highlighted our commitment to innovation and user-centricity. Let’s take a look at what’s in store! — Q&A Between Host & CoinEx CEO - Host: Welcome, very thrilled to have you here, I believe there’s a lot of excitement to discuss, so let’s cut to the chase and get to the point. As an early pioneer in crypto, can you share about your personal journey and what motivated you to start CoinEx? CoinEx CEO: As a fellow early believer in crypto, I know many of you have been on this journey with me from the start that my entrepreneurial journey has been full of twists and turns. You witnessed firsthand the conviction required to pioneer this technology when few understood its potential. Blockchain is inherently financial at its core. Finance revolves around trading, and exchanges sit at the core of the crypto industry with the most mature business models. After being an early miner and trader, I saw the lack of secure, easy-to-use infrastructure as the biggest barrier to crypto achieving mainstream adoption. This inspired me to launch CoinEx in 2017 with the mission to make crypto accessible for all. We stay true to our user-focused values since then. Though eventful o...

CoinEx Research: A Study on Risks of the Sequencer

Relevant knowledge - If you already know something about why sequencers exist, please skip to the second part of the article. Let’s start with the Layer-1 scaling According to the impossible triangle of blockchain, it is necessary to process multiple nodes, broadcast transactions, and ultimately reach a consensus, which results in a low blockchain but ensures its security. Under this premise, scalability becomes the major challenge. There are two mainstream scaling solutions available. Layer-1 Scaling One well-known project is the EthStorage solution, which is aimed at storage scaling on the native chain. Layer-2 Scaling Layer-2 scaling focuses on separating the execution layer and implementing Data Availability (DA) solutions. Common solutions include Rollup (such as Op, Arb, and Scroll) and DA such as Celestia. By separating Ethereum’s execution layer and processing all transactions in a dedicated environment, independent modules can leverage optimized solutions to further enhance performance. Additionally, the design of Ethereum Layer 2 weakens the solution to the blockchain trilemma. In other words, while scaling its performance, it has also realized security equivalent to that of Ethereum to the greatest extent. Sequencers are vital to the security of Layer 2. Now, let’s get to know more about Layer-2 sequencers. About Layer-2 Sequencers In simple terms, a sequencer is responsible for publishing the state of Lay...

From Crypto Curious to Crypto Confident: CoinEx Has Got You Covered In Seamless, Secure Trading

In the ever-evolving crypto landscape, navigating the journey from being curious to confident has been a transformative experience for users. We, as a global cryptocurrency exchange, have stood out as a guiding force on the path as we are committed to fostering seamless and secure trading. Beyond the full suite of trading tools, we have distinguished ourselves through a thoughtful approach to crypto listings, considering various factors to align with users’ best interests. Core Principles: Security, Stability, and Efficiency To fully safeguard user assets, we employ comprehensive encryption technologies, two-factor authentication, and robust cold storage solutions. Regular security audits and continuous monitoring further exemplify our commitment to maintaining a secure environment for all traders and investors, ensuring that the assets remain shielded from potential breaches. Stability is a cornerstone of our operational philosophy, recognizing the critical role it plays in providing a seamless trading experience. We invested in a robust and scalable infrastructure, which mitigates downtimes with redundancy and failover mechanisms. We maintain stability by ensuring server uptime, scalability, resilience to cyber attacks, adequate liquidity, customer support, regulatory compliance, and more. “User first” is at the forefront of CoinEx’s mission, and the top priority lies in an efficient trading experience. We optimize ...

CoinEx Research: An Introduction to Common Vulnerabilities and Attacks in Smart Contracts

What Is a Smart Contract? - Ethereum has two common types of accounts: Externally Owned Accounts (EOA) and Smart Contract Accounts (SCA). EOA are very similar to the electronic financial accounts we commonly use to store funds and interact with applications. For instance, users deposit fiat currency through PayPal and interact with various websites, stores, and apps for payments. DeFi miners usually store cryptos in their EOA, interact with DeFi dApps, and deposit funds into dApps for profits. Yet EOA have a feature that electronic financial accounts do not possess: users must have their control over EOA verified through ownership of private keys — not your keys, not your coins. SCA are also an type of account that is essentially associated with a segment of executable bytecode (also known as a smart contract). The smart contract describes various business logic and serves as the backend for dApps. However, despite having more restrictions compared to traditional Turing complete development languages, quasi-Turing complete smart contracts have still been vulnerable to numerous attacks, dealing countless blows to the blockchain industry. — Common Smart Contract Attacks - — 1. Reentrancy Attack - The most common and notorious attack is the reentrancy attack, which was responsible for the Ethereum fork that led to the creation of Ethereum Classic. In 2016, hackers executed a reentrancy attack on The DAO contr...

CoinEx Fosters Wider Crypto Adoption to Reach Inclusivity with Full Suite of Products and Services

Blockchain’s decentralized, open, and transparent nature makes crypto one of the most inclusive spheres, providing equal trading opportunities and rights to all users. Inclusivity is a crucial ethos in crypto, spanning technology, social, policy, and real-world application realms. As a leading global crypto exchange, CoinEx’s “users first” philosophy is grounded in inclusive values. CoinEx builds an accessible, open ecosystem welcoming global user participation and education. By prioritizing ease-of-use and intuitive interfaces, CoinEx enables users of all backgrounds to securely explore the potential of crypto. CoinEx believes inclusivity is crucial for an exchange’s growth and the crypto industry’s sustainability. To embed inclusivity across its products and services, CoinEx provides secure, efficient, and easy-to-use trading. By optimizing for simplicity and seamless onboarding, CoinEx invites first-time users to explore crypto with confidence. In the meantime, ongoing multilingual community engagement fosters a welcoming, collaborative environment for users all across the globe. CoinEx also offers informative resources that empower users at all levels to increase their knowledge. CoinEx’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in its technological innovations. Prioritizing asset security since day one, the exchange consistently invests in its security technologies and infrastructure. CoinEx now offers a divers...

CoinEx Turns 6: A Toast to Our Users Who are The Wind Beneath Our Wings

This December, the veteran global crypto exchange CoinEx will celebrate its 6th anniversary. To commemorate this significant milestone, CoinEx will host “You Raise Me Up” themed celebrations, treating users to an exciting gala conveying CoinEx’s commitment and dedication. CoinEx has planned a series of exciting events, including Anniv Trivia, #C-Block1024 Game Challenge, Share Your “Raise” Art Campaign, as well as other giveaway events, to thank users for their continued support and showcase its innovative efforts and achievements in crypto trading over the past year. More than a celebration, the 6th anniversary events mark a new chapter for CoinEx and its users. CoinEx appreciates its users for their loyalty through all the ups and downs. The anniversary celebration is set with 12 on-site and off-site events scheduled throughout December, featuring diverse activities across social media to provide users new interactive experiences and ample rewards. During the celebration, CoinEx users can sign up for all kinds of SNS giveaway events and share their valuable opinions to shape CoinEx’s future and connect with the global community. Participants will win for a chance to receive exclusive merchandise and rewards. The off-site celebration includes eight events, covering both SNS platforms and user communities. On social media, CoinEx will fully engage with users through interactive contests, offering grand prizes. Th...

CoinEx Research|Solana Ecosystem Momentum: Unveiling Top Players and Next Wave of Opportunities

CoinEx Research|Solana Ecosystem Momentum: Unveiling Top Players and Next Wave of OpportunitiesCoinEx Research|Solana Ecosystem Momentum: Unveiling Top Players and Next Wave of Opportunities - — Breakpoint — A Huge Pump - Solana Breakpoint 2023 is the annual conference of the Solana community held in Amsterdam from October 30th to November 3rd. Many projects in the Solana ecosystem updated their project progress, technical improvement, and new road-maps at the conference. With Breakpoint as a catalyst, Solana welcomed a huge pump. As of November 21, 2023, SOL has risen 140%, and its ecosystem has also witnessed an overall rebound. Many people have begun to believe that the current Solana has shaken off the shadow of FTX , embarking a whole new narrative as an monolithic blockchain.Data Source: CoinMarketCap & CoinGeko, from 2023/07/30 to 2023/11/21 — What is the Secondary Market Hotspots for Solana Ecosystem? - According to the data from CMC and CoinGeko, we have selected 80 Solana native projects that meet our standards for trading volume and market capitalization to find out which Solana projects investors have focused on from Breakpoint to now (November 21). The following content only focuses on projects that have issued tokens in the secondary market. First, let’s assess the overall market condition of Solana ecosystem: The total market cap of the dePIN sector is currently the highest, mainly ...

CoinEx’s Six-year Journey: An Earnest Commitment to Users Through Thick and Thin

From 0 to 1: The Building Blocks of CoinEx by Users - CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange, is gearing up to embrace another annual milestone on December 24, 2023. This marks the 15th anniversary of the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper and also the sixth year of CoinEx’s adventure in the crypto world. At the height of the bull market back in 2017, CoinEx burst onto the scene with its formidable team, intuitive product experience, and attentive customer service. The exchange made a resounding debut in the crypto space. Looking back, CoinEx entered the industry during a time of great excitement but also uncertainty. The exchange provided a trusted venue for new adopters to access the burgeoning crypto markets. Today, CoinEx remains future-focused. Over the past 6 years, we have witnessed the rapid rise and fall of exchanges that emerged around the same time. Weathering the industry’s ups and downs, boom and bust cycles, we understand that in the long arc of crypto history, being first does not guarantee lasting success. With each passing year, diligent builders grew stronger and put down deeper roots. Rather than fixate on short-term glory, CoinEx remains focused on the long-term vision — cultivating a secure and diverse environment where users, projects, and the wider industry can learn and thrive together. CoinEx has been building for 6 years in the crypto space. We aspire to progress steadily and maintain sus...

Joint Promotion by CoinEx and Simplex: Buy Cryptos on CoinEx via Simplex to Enjoy 0 Service Fee!

To show appreciation for users’ support and trust and facilitate on/off ramps for more users, CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange, is thrilled to announce another promotion featuring 0 service fee in collaboration with fiat service provider Simplex. During the promotion, when purchasing USDT, USDC, BTC, and ETH through Simplex on CoinEx, users can enjoy 0 service fee! Simplex is the very first fiat service provider to be supported by CoinEx, and also the one that has the most frequent, extensive collaboration with the exchange. Founded in 2014, Simplex is a FinTech company licensed by the EU that provides guaranteed fraudless payment processing solutions and focuses on providing payment solutions for buying cryptos with credit/debit cards. On Simplex, users can purchase more than 130 cryptos with over 115 fiat currencies. With Simplex, CoinEx users can buy cryptos with nearly 100 fiat currencies using PIX, Apple Pay, Visa, Master Card, SEPA, ACH, etc. The details of the CoinEx & Simplex promotion are as follows: — I. Duration - 8:00 November 22, 2023–8:00 December 6, 2023 (UTC) — II. Participation requirement - All CoinEx users in countries and regions other than the UK — III. How to participate - 1. Go to the CoinEx [Fiat] page: (1) Web: Click [Fiat] on the navigation bar of the CoinEx website; (2) App: Tap [Fiat] on the CoinEx App homepage; 2. Select the fiat and crypto you need; 3. Sel...


KEKW Launches on Solana: A New Meme Coin with a Laugh

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, April 8th, 2024] The meme coin trend is notably active on the Solana blockchain, reflecting a growing market where meme coins are not only persisting but also flourishing. According to the team, this surge in interest and users is supported by the advantages of Solana's blockchain, such as its high transaction capacity and low fees, making it the most suitable platform for launching new meme coins. The rise of these meme-based cryptocurrencies underscores digital currency's volatile yet incredibly engaging realm, where humor paired with a strong community ethos can lead to substantial financial activity. Following the success of coins like $BOME and $WIF, the launch of KEKW marks a new phase in the evolution of the Solana Meme Coin ecosystem. KEKW, inspired by popular internet culture, is a deflationary meme token expanding the KEKW ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. The presale begins on Monday, April 8, 2024, at 1 PM Central European Time(CET). Meet KEKW: The Viral Laugh-Inspired Meme Coin on Solana Inspired by the universal symbol of laughter in the digital age, KEKW aims to bring together the Solana Meme Coin community with its distinctive blend of humor and communal engagement. KEKW ($KEKW) is set to deliver more than mere entertainment; it proposes a deflationary meme token with a suite of utilities in the burgeoning KEKW ecosystem. The $KEKW token presale presents an opportunity to engage with a leading meme coin on the Solana ... read More

Funtico Launches Exclusive Whitelist for Summoners NFT Sale

    [PRESS RELEASE - Gibraltar, Gibraltar, February 27th, 2024] The new gaming platform Funtico is thrilled to announce the launch of its whitelist for its first exclusive Summoners Collection NFT sale. In addition to providing access to the Summoner Collection, whitelist spots offer some big benefits on the horizon as the Funtico platform barrels full speed ahead to launch. Users can join the exclusive whitelist campaign starting February 27, 2024, here. Participants will have the chance to purchase one of each of the unique NFTs from the Summoners Collection gaining them access to a special NFT if a user has 1 of each NFTs in the collection. An exclusive tournament for a chance to win huge prizes. Funtico has prepared a massive prize pool tournament starting at $100,000 USDT with a first prize featuring a Pudgy Penguin and valuable NFTs from PG Godjira, Killa Bears, and more. 20% of the proceeds from NFT sales will be added to the prize pool - increasing the grand prize significantly. Summoner NFTs holder's benefits Rewards multiplier NFT holders will be able to improve their rankings on the leaderboard's periodic prize pool in the platform. The higher a user's ranking, the greater their reward will be when the Funtico Platform goes live. Grand Final & Semi-Final Tickets For ticket holders, Funtico will launch a guaranteed $100,000 USDT tournament when Funtico moves to open beta in the first half of 2024. How to secure a whitelist spot Players have two ways to secur... read More

Trezor Issues Security Alert Following Phishing Attack and Data Breach

    In a recent security alert, Trezor announced a breach in its support ticketing system, potentially exposing the personal contact information of over 66,000 customers and raising the alarm for possible phishing attacks.Trezor Alerts Users to Phishing Risk After Security Breach Satoshilabs, the company behind the popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor, has issued a critical security alert. On January 17th, 2024, Trezor identified unauthorized access to a third-party support ticketing portal, potentially compromising the contact details of up to 66,000 customers. The breach was first detected at 20:20 CET, and Satoshilabs immediately took measures to prevent further unauthorized access. While the security of users' digital assets remains intact, the incident has raised concerns over the potential exposure of customers' names and email addresses since December 2021. In response to the breach, Trezor has reached out to all potentially affected users, warning them of increased risks of phishing attacks targeting their recovery seeds. Although no recovery seed phrases have been disclosed, 41 users were directly contacted by the malicious actor via email, requesting sensitive information. Trezor's internal audit indicates that, in addition to the 66,000 potentially exposed users, 8 people who created accounts on their trial discussion platform might also have their contact details compromised. The company has emphasized the importance of vigilance and cybersecurity best pract... read More

New Crypto Listing to Watch Today – Burn Kenny Meme Coin is Backed...

    The crypto market has seen an array of new tokens entering the fray in recent weeks - and one of the latest players hoping to make its mark is Burn Kenny ($KENNY). This deflationary token Burn Kenny ($KENNY), is set to launch on July 24, following the conclusion of its wildly successful presale phase last week. With all eyes on $KENNY as its DEX launch nears, investors are now speculating that the token’s value could explode - setting the stage for it to be one of the breakout meme coin stars of 2023. Presale Frenzy Cements $KENNY as Breakout Meme Coin Star with DEX Launch Pending Burn Kenny sparked massive excitement in the crypto community last week thanks to its phenomenally successful presale. This presale, which allowed early investors to purchase $KENNY tokens at a reduced price, hit its hard cap within just 24 hours. Set at $500,000, this hard cap was deliberately low to speed up $KENNY’s open market debut. This strategy paid off as investors rallied to secure their position in this trending project. Now, all eyes are on $KENNY’s imminent decentralized exchange (DEX) launch, scheduled for 6 pm CET on July 24. This event will make $KENNY tokens accessible to a much broader range of investors – and given the success of the presale, many are speculating that the token could surge in value. With YouTube analyst Jacob Bury predicting that the token could be the “next 10x potential meme coin”, the stakes are high for Burn Kenny to deliver... read More

Baby Doge 2.0 Pumps Over 100% with Dogecoin Price Also Bullish – T...

    It’s been a hectic few days in the meme coin market, with Baby Doge 2.0 exploding by over 100%. At the same time, the original Dogecoin has seen an uptick in momentum, with the coin’s price breaching the $0.07 level. Traders are also turning to the brand-new meme token Evil Pepe Coin, drawn to its intriguing concept and potential for explosive growth. Baby Doge 2.0 Takes Meme Coin Market by Storm With Huge Pump Baby Doge 2.0 ($BABYDOGE2.0) is a new token that mimics the original Baby Doge Coin, itself inspired by Dogecoin. Like many of the '2.0 tokens' that have flooded the market, Baby Doge 2.0 has seen an impressive start to its life cycle, with the token's price soaring over 100% in the past few hours. In its first few hours of trading, data from DEXTools shows that the token has hit a market cap of $1.41 million, with over $100,000 locked in the liquidity pool. As the token continues to gain momentum, traders and investors are eagerly monitoring its performance – speculating whether it could match (or exceed) the gains made by the original Baby Doge Coin.  Dogecoin Rallies Over 5% as Social Media Hype Builds While the new Baby Doge 2.0 token is generating buzz, the OG meme coin that started everything is back on a positive trajectory. In the past two days, Dogecoin ($DOGE) has risen over 5% and reclaimed the $0.07 level. This surprise rally comes on the heels of a turbulent period for Dogecoin, which sank to a low of $0.0636 last week. However, $... read More

Burn Kenny ICO Launch Generating Excitement Following Success of Fellow ...

    An incredible 30% token burn has seen Burn Kenny ($KENNY) become the biggest name on the lips of meme coin buyers across Web3 ahead of its ICO launch this week. The newly launched Burn Kenny ($KENNY) has become one of the most talked about projects in the space as it follows in the footsteps of another South Park-themed token, Mr Hankey Coin. Not only did $HANKEY sell out its presale in just 10 hours, it then went on to pump nearly 200% after reaching exchanges. KENNY may well go one better and is shaping up to beat that record and sell out in even quicker time. Excitement Grows Over Burn Potential Token burns have long been an extremely effective method of increasing prices, sparking pumps and increasing the long-term health of a coin. The likes of Shiba Inu, Cronos, and Luna Classic have all employed token burns that had hugely successful impacts on their projects, and Burn Kenny is the latest to employ a significant burn. While LUNC, for example, has burned only 1% of its massive token supply, KENNY is set to burn 30% of its tokens. Furthermore, that burn will take place over just three days - which could see incredible volume and interest as buyers rush to secure their tokens. The total supply is 6,666,666,666 tokens, but 2 billion of those will be removed in 72 hours, with Burn Kenny to remove 10% per day for the first three days after launching on a decentralized exchange. This could not only spark FOMO from other investors but also incentivizes holding - with buyers h... read More

Exploring the Crypto World: Join the CoinEx Pizza Month for Multiple Giv...

    PRESS RELEASE. As Bitcoin becomes an increasingly popular payment option, we can now use BTC for quick ordering and online shopping in many countries/regions. You can even buy a car with BTC in some places. None of this would be possible without Laszlo Hanyecz, a Bitcoin pioneer who bought two pizzas with 10,000 bitcoins 13 years ago. This is the first time Bitcoin has been priced. Since then, this crypto has been attached with genuine exchange value. Nearly 13 years have passed since that 'pizza transaction'. To commemorate the occasion, Bitcoin enthusiasts have designated May 22 as Bitcoin Pizza Day, which has evolved into a major festival celebrating the advancement of crypto. As the crypto community prepares for the 13th Pizza Day in May 2023, CoinEx has also planned a 'pizza' feast with multiple giveaway events to help users review the history of crypto, experience crypto culture, and have fun during CoinEx Pizza Month! So, what events does CoinEx Pizza Month include? How to participate in those events? Let's take a look. Share Your Investment Story to Win Incredible Rewards! Date: 00:00 May 1 to 00:00 May 22, 2023 (UTC) Starting from 00:00 May 1, 2023, all CoinEx users can join the event by sharing their investment stories via CoinEx's official channels. Share your investment story on CoinEx or your experience with BTC to win mystery prizes and CET rewards! 2. CoinEx Vouchers for Grabs! Date: 00:00 May 11 to 00:00 May 22, 2023 (UTC) Event link: The event will soon be ... read More

Asian Traders Behind Most Of Bitcoin's Recent Gains, Report Reveals

    Data shows most of Bitcoin's recent gains since November 27 have been observed during Asian trading hours, according to a report. Bitcoin Saw The Most Returns During Asian Trading Hours As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, Asian trading hours saw positive cumulative BTC returns of around 16% between November 27 and January 15. The report defines the three principal trading hours: between 0 to 8 Central European Time (CET) for Asian hours, 8-16 CET for European, and 16-24 for the US. Here is a chart that shows the cumulative returns that Bitcoin got during each of these trading hours since 27 November: As shown above, Bitcoin has seen chiefly positive returns during Asian trading hours between 27 November and 15 January. This would suggest that traders in Asia have been participating in net buying throughout this period. The US trading hours mostly saw consolidation in this timespan, implying that activity might have been at a standstill. BTC's returns were also negative at the end of the year during these hours, while they always remained positive during Asian hours. There was one exception. However, the market reacted strongly to the CPI news last week, and BTC observed gains. Bitcoin's cumulative returns stand at 10% in the green during US hours, while they stand at 16% for Asian hours. European hours also mostly saw sideways movement, with BTC remaining at slight negative returns through most of the period, until the recent surge, which also saw buying ... read More

CoinEx 2022 Year in Review: New Slogan, Better Product, and More User-Fr...

    PRESS RELEASE. 2022 is an extraordinary year for the crypto industry, and it is also a year of struggle for both institutions and users. For CoinEx, 2022 was also a special year - quite a few crypto platforms collapsed overnight, and the panic continued as the market went through disruptive changes in Q3 and Q4 of the year. As a global crypto exchange, CoinEx is keenly aware that an exchange cannot survive bulls and bears, or achieve any progress, without consistent improvement of products and services. In 2022, CoinEx amassed 4.5 million registered users, providing services in 15 languages throughout 200+ countries and regions. Meanwhile, CoinEx set new records in terms of trading volume, the number of cryptos listed, product & service improvement, brand promotion and upgrade, charity, and investment in the last year. New Milestones: Record-Breaking Trading Volume and New Listings CoinEx keeps exploring outstanding, innovative crypto projects, and has now supported 600+ cryptos in 1,000+ trading markets, reaching an industrial top level in crypto listing. In 2022, the cumulative Spot and Futures trading volume on CoinEx reached $243.3 billion, and the daily trading volume reached $2.3 billion. As for value-added services, the highest average daily APY in AMM market peaked at 96.08%. During the year, CoinEx has saved over $4.22 million in trading fees for all VIP users, via fee discounts and CET deductions. This year, we have taken the application scenario and value of CET, ... read More

Central African Republic President Reveals Crypto Hub Launch Date

    Faustin-Archange Touadéra – President of the Central African Republic (CAR) – has announced that his nation’s burgeoning crypto hub will launch on July 3rd. The initiative (also known as the “Sango” project) is intended to make CAR the most “progressive” economy in Africa through the use of blockchain technology. The Genesis of Sango President Toudéra revealed the news through a tweet on Monday, in which he reaffirmed his commitment to establishing Bitcoin as legal tender. “With Bitcoin as legal tender & inspiration, our country opens a new chapter in its inspiring journey towards a brighter future via blockchain tech,” he said. CAR caught the world by surprise in April when the President signed a crypto legal framework into law, which also established Bitcoin as an official currency. This meant that the government would treat Bitcoin like the legacy CFA franc – exempt from the capital gains tax, and usable for paying one’s other tax obligations. A month later, the President also announced the Sango project – a plan to turn CAR into a so-called “crypto hub” that attracts investors worldwide. Some of its sub-projects will include establishing a crypto national bank, creating a state-sponsored lightning wallet, and exempting crypto exchanges from taxes. The project will also incorporate the “tokenization” of the country’s natural resources, according to a translat... read More

What Makes CSC an Exceptional Public Chain?

    May 2022 had been a heart-stopping ride for the crypto market. Most of you have heard about the recent meltdown of Luna, a cryptocurrency released by Terra. With a peak market cap of over $40 billion, the project suddenly slumped, and the price of Luna dropped from $90 to less than $0.00015 within a few days. The plunge of Luna, which was formerly one of the top 3 stablecoins, far exceeded the price drops of altcoins out there. Meanwhile, investors holding Luna also suffered heavy losses, and many have lost millions. In nearly a month since the Terra meltdown, Terraform Labs recently released Terra 2.0, a new version of Terra, and equipped it with newly minted Luna coins to make a comeback. Yet, will investors still trust Terra 2.0? Trust can dissipate instantly, but it takes a long time to build. At the moment, Ethereum remains at the center of public chain ecosystems. That said, Ethereum is also subject to multiple flaws. For example, due to its low TPS, a large commercial DApp in the ecosystem can slow down the entire network. Moreover, Ethereum users also have to pay expensive gas fees. During peak hours, a single transfer could cost hundreds of dollars, which hinders the large-scale adoption and growth of DApps. Though Ethereum has rolled out ETH 2.0, there is no specific date as to when the ETH 2.0 upgrade will be fully completed, and the upgrade process has not been all plain sailing. Undoubtedly, the boom of DApps is enabled by public chains that feature high performa... read More

What Makes Deflationary Tokens a Preferred Choice in the Crypto Market: ...

    In the crypto market, though most cryptocurrencies share similar underlying technologies, they are designed based on different economic models known as tokenomics. To be more specific, some cryptos feature a supply that increases over time, while some others have a fixed supply. Yet, a minority of cryptos come with a diminishing total supply that looks deflationary. Such tokens are referred to as deflationary cryptos. We all know that some cryptos with a fixed supply, such as Bitcoin, are generally deflationary by default. Most members of the Bitcoin community reject inflation because it often represents a loss of value. For instance, a real-world currency issued by the government often controls the entire financial system of the country. If a government frequently issues a large supply of currency via the central bank while setting low interest rates and buying a huge amount of foreign bonds, the country will be prone to a credit crisis and even worse an economic depression. Before publishing the BTC whitepaper, Satoshi Nakamoto had noticed that real-world currencies issued by the government are subject to inflation, which inspired him to develop an alternative store of value that’s similar to precious metals but is achieved digitally. Bitcoin’s flexible mining difficulty and mining reward mechanisms help it suppress inflation. Meanwhile, the unique design of Bitcoin continues to drive up its value. It should be noted that Bitcoin is deflationary not only because... read More

OneSwap Prediction Goes Live: Become the Best Predictor & Win Incredible...

    OneSwap, a decentralized trading platform, will launch a new feature called Prediction on April 29, 2022, and BTC/USDT will be the first prediction market where users can win prizes by betting on the price trend of BTC/USDT. Prediction comes with an initial prize pool of as much as 1 million CET. Meanwhile, OneSwap will also launch the “Win Rate Ranking Reward Game” that will allow users to receive double rewards. Predict to Earn: How Prediction Works Log in to OneSwap (, and select CSC; Connect to MetaMask, OneSwap Wallet, or a wallet that supports WalletConnect; Go to Prediction, pick an available module, and click on “Going Up” or “Going Down” to place a bet; Enter the CET amount of the bet (range: 10 CET - 10,000 CET per round per address), and click on Submit. After a bet is submitted, it could no longer be modified or canceled. Once a bet has been submitted, the user needs to wait for the current round to end. If a user bet on the right price trend, he will get back his bet and earn prizes (note: users may withdraw their prizes for multiple rounds cumulatively, and prizes will remain valid indefinitely); if he bet on the wrong price trend (i.e. he bet on the opposite direction or the Locked Price equals the Settlement Price), then the bet will be transferred to the prize pool. Here, we will illustrate how prizes are distributed via two examples: Let us suppose the transaction fee stan... read More

Earn Profits via PREDICTION: Tap into OneSwap's New Feature

    As the external factors become more uncertain since the first quarter of 2022, the crypto market has kept fluctuating. Recently, it is reported that the Federal Reserve might hike up interest rates by 50 basis points in May, and the crypto market would go through a sharp price correction along with the US stock market. According to, Crypto Fear & Greed Index has seen wide swings during the past three months and plummeted at 11 (0 means “extreme fear”). Generally speaking, market fears have increased over the recent period, and the excitement has been dampened, which is related to the recent volatility of the crypto market. Source: Many investors believe that the crypto market would witness a period of volatility if the Fed were to raise interest rates by a scale that exceeds market expectations in May. That said, couldn’t we profit from market swings? In fact, investors can still profit during market swings. PREDICTION, which is a new feature that OneSwap will soon launch, allows investors to bet on crypto rises/falls and win prizes. With PREDICTION, investors will be able to profit whether the crypto price goes up or down. Profit from PREDICTION despite market swings According to official news, OneSwap will introduce a new feature called “PREDICTION” on April 29. After the function is launched, investors who hold CET can easily win prizes by betting on the market trend of a certain crypto per round (every ten minut... read More

Supporting Multiple Cryptos and Public Chains, ViaWallet emerges as a Se...

    On March 3rd, 2022, ViaWallet, a multi-chain & multi-cryptocurrency decentralized wallet, organized a Twitter Q&A Session in collaboration with CoinEx Exchange. The questions centered on ViaWallet’s project ideas, unique features, security level, future development and partnership. Here are some of the questions asked during the session along with in-depth responses provided by the organizers. Overview 1. Can you briefly explain the main idea/purpose behind the ViaWallet project? ViaWallet is mainly designed to meet the demand for asset management. Right now, you can trade and store (short-term) crypto assets in any crypto exchange. Yet, we believe that the specialized storage and management of cryptos also matter, and there is strong demand for such functions, which is why we decided to launch ViaWallet. Compared to a crypto exchange, ViaWallet focuses more on the storage and management of assets. More importantly, the application is safer and meets the demand for asset security and management. The upgrades of ViaWallet have also been centered on such demands. To meet the demand for the management of different assets, ViaWallet rolled out a multi-chain/multi-crypto model. In ViaWallet, both the single-crypto wallet and the multi-crypto wallet are available. ViaWallet now supports 45 coins, spanning mainstream public chains such as BTC, ETH, CSC, TRON, Terra, Polygon, BSC, DOGE, and over 1 million tokens, covering most mainstream tokens, which meets the demand for the m... read More

Concordium Blockchain Officially Launches its CCD Token on Bitfinex and ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Zug, Switzerland, 10th February, 2022] Concordium, a public, proof-of-stake blockchain with a built-in identification layer to meet the regulatory requirements, is thrilled to announce the official listing of its native CCD token on Bitfinex and BitGlobal, two leading crypto exchanges. Bitfinex is the first exchange where users can trade the CCD token, beginning at 10:00 AM CET on February 10, 2022. Trading on BitGlobal will open on February 11, 2022 at 10:00 AM CET. Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is one of the world’s oldest crypto trading platforms. It offers a suite of highly advanced and diversified trading features, charting tools, and unparalleled support. BitGlobal is designed to enable every user to trade, participate, or contribute to the digital assets ecosystem with ease. It offers a user-friendly digital asset ecosystem with increased liquidity and tighter security measures of international standards. Both Bitfinex and BitGlobal users will be able to trade CCD against BTC, ETH, and USDT. The exchanges will initially support only spot trading of the token at launch. In the near future, Concordium intends on bringing CCD to more exchanges thereby increasing the liquidity of the CCD and enabling wider utilization of the CCD. As the native token of the Concordium platform, CCD is key to interacting with the blockchain. It can be used as a means of payment on applications using the Concordium technology as well as paying transaction fees to the valida... read More

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