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CELO Price:
$4.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CELO today is $0.77 USD.

The lowest CELO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.772, and the exact current price of one CELO crypto coin is $0.77227.

The all-time high CELO coin price was $9.51.

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The code for Celo is also #CELO.

Celo is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Celo is $170,839,539.

Celo is ranked #161 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #CELO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Celo is $4,669,981.


The circulating supply of CELO is 221,218,561 coins, which is 22% of the maximum coin supply.


CELO is the native coin for the Celo blockchain.

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CELO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Celo Pilot Tests Whether Quadratic Funding Can Be Used to Encourage Donations to Build Financial…

Celo Pilot Tests Whether Quadratic Funding Can Be Used to Encourage Donations to Build Financial Inclusion - As part of its mission to build a financial system that creates the conditions of prosperity for all, the Celo Foundation supports the development of mission-aligned projects, including regenerative finance (ReFi) solutions like the poverty-alleviation protocol impactMarket. Launched on the Celo blockchain in 2019, impactMarket offers a global, decentralized unconditional basic income (UBI) system through which nearly $3 million in UBI has been distributed to over 46K beneficiaries in 226 communities worldwide. Since the start of the year, impactMarket saw user donations decline by nearly 80% amid worsening macroeconomic conditions. To help support people in need who benefit from impactMarket, the Foundation recently conducted an eight-day pilot program using a donation-matching model called quadratic donations. The model is based on a collective approach that can also be applied to voting and payments. The results of the pilot were encouraging — average donor pledges rose by over 84%. — The Quadratic Funding Model and Its Possible Benefits - Results of an informal survey of pilot participants suggest that one important factor when considering whether to donate is the perceived impact of those funds. The key question being whether the people in need will receive those funds.The quadratic funding model used...

Celo Network Integrated On Brave

Privacy-first web browser Brave has integrated Celo as a preloaded network in Brave Wallet, providing users access to on and off ramps for their Mento stable assets via Brave’s built-in DEX aggregator. This access means real-world use case/impact for the Celo ecosystem’s developers and builders. The integration also allows users to access Celo dapps, such as Ubeswap, Moola, impactMarket, and Cyberbox, through Brave Browser. “We are excited to welcome Brave to the Celo ecosystem,” says Celo Foundation President and Celo Co-founder Rene Reinsberg. “With its global user base and seamless experience for using dapps directly from the Brave browser and signing transactions with the integrated Brave Wallet, people everywhere can more easily participate in the emerging Web3 digital economy.”Image courtesy of Brave. — What Does This Mean for the Celo Community and Ecosystem? - The partnership with Brave furthers Celo’s core value to bring Web3 to every mobile device and expands the Celo ecosystem of founders and builders developing at the intersection of ReFi and Web3. In addition to furthering Celo’s status as the “home of ReFi” (regenerative finance), the relationship signals a strong move toward broader mainstream adoption of Web3 technology. Brave’s browser delivers an innovative web-surfing experience to the Celo community, more privacy for users, and a native wallet that provides access to digital as...

How the Climate Collective Helps Increase Liquidity, Transparency, and the Integrity of Carbon…

How the Climate Collective Helps Increase Liquidity, Transparency, and the Integrity of Carbon Credit Markets - By A. Nirvaan Ranganathan, Climate Collective Program Lead The Celo community believes the regenerative finance (ReFi) movement can help reverse the effects of the climate crisis and heal our planet. Currently, ReFi’s most prominent use case is carbon offsetting, which is the act of compensating for the harmful greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) of both organizations and individuals. Offsets play a crucial role in the battle against climate change, as recognized by the 2015 Paris Accord and its predecessor, the Kyoto Protocol, the first agreement to call for a reduction in greenhouse gasses. Today, blockchain technology is a driving force of this use case, as it tokenizes carbon offset credits and aids in overcoming several challenges that currently limit the effectiveness of Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs): access by individuals, insufficient liquidity, lack of transparency, and questionable practices. Integrating VCMs with Web3 will also help the Celo community realize its vision of a holistic regenerative financial system with natural assets at its heart. — What Are Voluntary Carbon Markets? - Before exploring the different ways blockchain technology can enhance VCMs, it’s important to understand what VCMs are and how the carbon offset credit supply chain works. VCMs enable carbon emitters to offset th...

DeFi’s Role In Creating a Regenerative Economy

By Nikhil Raghuveera, Celo Foundation The regenerative finance (ReFi) movement is galvanizing Web3 builders to create regenerative economies. As of late, the focus has been on addressing climate change. At the Celo Foundation, we are focused not only on climate change, but also on broad, positive social change. We believe DeFi can play a pivotal role in creating a regenerative economic system — a financial system in which capital (including nature-backed capital) promotes a healthy planet, addresses systemic social and wealth inequality, encourages shared value and ownership, and empowers people and communities to thrive. Today’s global financial system is extractive and exploitative. I came into Web3 because I, like many others in the space, want to help create a system that’s better. Wealth is abstracted by centralized financial entities, including banks and service providers, that profit from having custody over customer assets, high transaction fees and interest rates, and wielding monopolistic power, which only increases through network effects. The result: a system responsible in large part for economic inequality. These powerful centralized entities accumulate wealth at the expense of the people who turn to them for help and who should benefit most from their services. In 2020, the world’s richest 1% owned approximately 46% of global wealth and, from 1980–2020, captured 21% of economic growth. John Elliso...

StakedCelo Strengthens Participation and Engagement in the Celo Ecosystem

Since its launch, the Celo Platform has relied on consensus mechanisms in the blockchain space. It is a proof-of-stake mechanism that relies on community members to vote for responsible validator groups, actively engaging in the governance process and with applications and projects in the Celo ecosystem by staking CELO tokens. Until now, staked CELO tokens could only be used for those purposes. With input from the Celo community, cLabs developed StakedCelo,* an open source liquid staking protocol, to encourage stakers of CELO to participate further in the Celo community by engaging across other applications in the Celo ecosystem. — Liquid Staking - StakedCelo allows users to deposit CELO and receive receipt utility tokens — stCELO — in return. Active participants in the protocol can stake deposited CELO, which allows Epoch Rewards associated with staking to be received by the protocol as a smart contract. These rewards are shared equally among all holders of stCELO, but are not released to the participants at the time of staking. At any point in time, a user can choose to withdraw their assets from the protocol by returning the stCELO and receiving the corresponding CELO (including any accrued rewards). The protocol is completely non-custodial, meaning that no one can ever withdraw a user’s funds besides that user. stCELO is an ERC-20 compatible non-rebasing token intended to further encourage active user ...

The Celo Foundation’s New Africa Web3 Fund Helps African Startups Scale

As part of the Celo Foundation’s global mission to create a more inclusive global financial system, the Celo Africa Web3 Fund recently launched to help scale African startup projects building on Celo and aid in blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. The fund is open to all Africa-based startup applicants, but founders who are residents of the continent will be afforded preferential review. The new fund builds on Celo’s existing presence in Africa and targets various verticals in the financial innovation space: payments, remittances, savings, and lending to name a few. The Foundation engages in meet-ups and more with local developer communities in the region through ambassadors and pioneers pilot projects focusing on microwork and decentralized finance (DeFi) lending. Pilot partners include Mercy Corps Ventures, agtech farming ecosystem developer Cinch Markets, and African off-ramp Kotani Pay. “Africa’s crypto landscape is rapidly evolving, and there are a host of opportunities for traditional startups to respond to these developments,” says Daniel Kimotho, Kenya Lead at the Celo Foundation. “Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies can radically transform community access to financial products and services, driving wealth and inclusion by creating entry points for people to hold and own digital assets.” — Helping Startups Transition from Web2 to Web3 - The Celo Africa Web3 Fund introduces startups to ...

Toucan Protocol is Live on Celo!

After several months of hard work from the teams at cLabs, Abacus, Curve Labs, Bld.Ai, and the Climate Collective, the Toucan Protocol is live on Celo! This deployment means users have the ability to access high-quality, nature-based carbon offsets to hold, use across Web3, or “retire” to claim the underlying carbon credit towards their GHG reduction goals.Image courtesy of Toucan. The Toucan Ecosystem Toucan fosters an ecosystem of projects that incorporate tokenized carbon to unlock a range of use cases around climate action, including increasing utility for carbon, scaling climate mitigation, and generating on-the-ground impact. Toucan connects projects on the Celo ecosystem working on ReFi through programmable carbon, mainly NCT tokenized carbon credits based on nature-based solutions. For example, it connects protocols Moola and Ubeswap through the mcUSD and NCT liquidity pool on Ubeswap. Toucan supports builders and protocols taking positive climate action, including Spirals Protocol, which allows for carbon credit accumulation; Return Protocol, which embeds automatic offsetting for on-chain activities; and Senken’s carbon marketplace, which delivers a seamless experience for buyers searching for specific carbon projects to offset emissions. These use cases support the larger Toucan-Celo community goal to promote carbon neutrality in our daily lives. Built on Celo,flywallet travel booking platform, which allows u...

#CeloVie! — A Recap of the Celo Connect Salon In Paris

#CeloVie! — A Recap of the Celo Connect Salon In Paris Highlights:Stani Kulechov, Julien Bouteloup, Pablo Veyrat, and Celo co-founder Marek Olszewski explored how ReFi has evolved over the past year.Kevin Owocki, the founder of Gitcoin, sat down with the Celo Foundation’s Xochitl Cazador for a conversation titled Hyperstructures, Public Goods and ReFi, Oh My!#ReFi trended on Twitter! Last week, during EthCC-5 in Paris, France, Celo held its second Celo Connect Salon. The Salon venue, which was a short walk from the main event, provided two floors of intimate and larger spaces in which to meet, mingle, and learn. The first floor hosted panel conversations and workshops, as well as interactive experiences designed for developers; the ground floor facilitated community connections and creativity, with designated spaces for co-working and meetings. The Salon also offered fresh crepes and artisan coffee to keep everyone fueled. Overall, the Salon was a great success, welcoming over 700 people, who gathered to attend 25 sessions focused on conference themes that align with Celo’s mission of prosperity for all: regenerative finance (ReFi), social impact, financial inclusion, DAOs, and more. Here are just some of highlights of the week’s events at the Salon:July 18/Day 1: Open House The Salon kicked off with an Open House. Curious Parisians, EthCC conference attendees, and of course members of the Celo community, m...

EthicHub Joins DeFi for the People as Part of #ReFiSummer

EthicHub, a protocol helping unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates, has joined the DeFi for the People (DFTP) initiative. EthicHub connects lenders to small unbanked farmers. It also supports the growth of DFTP partners Ubeswap, a mobile-first DeFi exchange, and Symmetric, an automated market maker and a decentralized exchange (DEX). EthicHub users can swap and deposit assets into both Ubeswap and Symmetric. DeFi for the People helps to encourage regenerative finance (ReFi) projects. EthicHub’s focus on enabling unbanked farmers to access capital is an example of DeFi protocols dedicated to a regenerative economy.EthicHub Helping Farmers EthicHub allows users to lend directly to farmers’ agricultural projects from its platform.EthicHub platform UX. Please see EthicHub documentation* to learn more.ETHIX Staking Please see EthicHub documentation* to learn about ETHIX Staking.EthicHub staking UXExchange Asset Pairs The Celo Foundation will help seed liquidity to facilitate the exchange of ETHIX asset pairs on Ubeswap and Symmerics*: Ubeswap Farm: cUSD-ETHIX Symmetric Farm: CELO-ETHIXNext Steps The Celo Foundation will soon host a Twitter Spaces AMA with EthicHub. Please follow CeloOrg on Twitter to be among the first to learn the date and time. To learn more about EthicHub, read the technical documentation and follow its team on Discord. To learn more about DeFi for the People and the growing ecosystem o...

#ReFi Summer Heats Up: Uniswap v3 and Green Asset Pools Launch on Celo

Uniswap v3 and green asset pools have launched on the Celo blockchain. Thank you to the Uniswap community for approving this deployment on Celo. Celo users can now access the Uniswap DEX and pools. The pools, beginning with the Moss carbon credit token pool, will bring access and liquidity to the voluntary carbon market, paving the way for other protocols to integrate programmable carbon credits on Celo to accelerate climate action. To build decentralized financial (DeFi) products and services that advance a regenerative rather than extractive economy utilizing the pools on Uniswap v3’s pioneering concentrated liquidity architecture, the Celo Foundation’s DeFi for the People initiative has pledged funds to bolster regenerative finance (ReFi) liquidity.Dive Into #ReFiSummer The first phase of this green liquidity campaign led by the Climate Collective is the next highlight of #ReFi Summer — an effort to invite crypto enthusiasts and the crypto-curious to join the Celo community in leading a journey toward more collective planet-beneficial action. Together, we can create true change by harnessing the power of ReFi to make a lasting positive impact on the planet. The Celo Foundation and Climate Collective (and its partners) will help seed liquidity to facilitate the exchange of assets on Uniswap. The first pool will be the Moss carbon credit token pool — CELO / MCO2. One MCO2 token represents one REDD+ forestry...


Funds Are Safe But Celo Network Stalled Again After Briefly Resuming

    According to the tweet by the blockchain payments infrastructure, the validators of the network were working to identify and resolve the issue and asserted that no funds had been compromised. Celo block production did resume briefly before stalling again. The downtime does not appear to have affected the blockchain's native token, CELO, which is slightly in the green on a daily scale. In its latest update, Celo Network tweeted, 'Validators are working to restart the network. Block production resumed briefly, however, stalled again. Validators, please join the validators-operators channel on Discord and follow the posted instructions to update your node. As previously stated, all funds are secure.' While the team behind Celo hasn't mentioned that the deployment on Uniswap v3 could be the factor, the sudden downtime occurred shortly after the update took place. The Celo Foundation recently announced the launch of Uniswap V3 and green-asset pools after the community approved the deployment of v3 onto the blockchain. The main aim is to advance a regenerative financial (ReFi) system and currencies supported by natural capital on Celo. An initiative called 'DeFi for the People' by the Celo Foundation had pledged a sum of $10 million to support ReFi liquidity. The idea is to develop DeFi products and services promoting regenerative rather than extractive economy and spur adoption of the pools on Uniswap V3. In April, Celo launched an incentive program worth $20 million for the ne... read More

Huobi Incubator Partners Celo to Promote Stablecoins for the Masses

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Huobi Incubator, the project incubation arm of Huobi Global, today announced that it will co-host Celo x Huobi: Stablecoin in Web3 & Sustainability hackathon with Celo, a mobile-first blockchain that makes decentralized financial (DeFi) tools and services accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. The partnership aims to spur stablecoin development in the Web3 field in order to achieve long-term sustainability. This hackathon, to be held from April 27 to June 24, is offering prizes worth a total of US$1 million including a prize pool worth US$500,000 and US$500,000 in venture funding for all winners. As a mobile-first blockchain that makes decentralized financial (Defi) tools and services accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, Celo aims to break down barriers in the financial space by bringing the powerful benefits of Defi to the users of the 6 billion smartphones in circulation today. Celo hosted a 'make crypto mobile' hackathon last year, with more than 2,300 developers participating. Three payment dApps, 21yieldhe, EFFisend, and Xeggo showcased innovation and creativity to emerge as winners in last year’s hackathon. The upcoming hackathon aims to link stablecoins with dApps, DAOs, and DeFi in Web3. Therefore, three challenge categories have been set as follows: the first challenge focuses on building stablecoin related financial solutions on Celo, with a focus on expanding the use of Celo Dollar (cUSD) to emerging markets wi... read More

Biggest Movers: CELO, LUNA Higher, ZIL Moves Over 15% Lower

    Despite the global cryptocurrency market cap mainly consolidating on Tuesday, LUNA and CELO were some of the session's biggest gainers. ZIL, on the other hand, continued to fall following recent highs, trading over 15% lower during today's session. CELO ZIL fell for a fourth straight session on Tuesday, as prices continue to slip away from last week's high of $0.2313. While ZIL fell by almost 13% today, CELO gained by almost the same percentage, climbing to its highest level in almost four months in the process. Following a low of $3.68 to start the week, CELO/USD rallied to a high of $5.19 in Tuesday's market session. This is the highest level CELO has traded at since January 13, as prices continued to fall from a high of over $6.00. Looking at the chart, today's gains somewhat eased as prices neared the resistance level of $5.20, a level which has historically birthed a high level of uncertainty. CELO is also currently overbought according to the 14-day RSI, which is currently tracking at 76.31. This could give bears further impetus to enter the market at this level, in a similar fashion to the selloff that occurred in mid-January. Terra (LUNA) LUNA rallied to a new record high during today's session, as it moved past ADA to cement itself as the world's seventh-largest cryptocurrency. Following a low of $109.94 on Monday, LUNA/USD surged to an intraday high of $119.18 on Tuesday, which is its highest price on record. Tuesday's record high comes less than a week remov... read More

CELO Skyrockets to 3-Month High After Launching $20 Million Incentive Pr...

    CELO's price went up by more than 60% since the start of April to its highest point in over three months. This comes amid the project's latest initiative that plans to spend $20 million to incentivize the development of Celo on- and off-ramps. Celo's Connect the World Project The announcement from earlier this week informed that the Celo Foundation had allocated $20 million for the new Connect the World campaign. The main focus is to invest in teams and projects wanting to develop 'high-quality Celo on- and off-ramps around the globe.' Additionally, Celo also introduced an open-source API specification for payment providers dubbed FiatConnect. It aims to simplify the integration process. The campaign started with a $50,000 offer to the first payment provider in each country to incorporate FiatConnect and 'demonstrate an on- and off-ramp that meets the quality bar.' 'The Foundation will also subsidize on-ramp fees of up to $100,000 for all providers, making it more affordable for users to access Celo assets.' The new initiative will work together with the three stablecoins launched by the Celo Foundation - cUSD, pegged to the US dollar, cEuro - which tracks the value of the euro, and cREAL - which tracks the value of the Brazilian real. CELO Taps 3-Month High The price of the project's native cryptocurrency began the year on a high note by surging to and beyond $6. However, the market-wide correction drove Celo south, which culminated in a low of $2 registered in late February... read More

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