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CELO Price:
$5.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CELO today is $0.47 USD.

The lowest CELO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.466, and the current live price for one CELO coin is $0.46559.

The all-time high CELO coin price was $9.51.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CELO with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Celo is also #CELO.

Celo is 2.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Celo is $116,982,772.

Celo is ranked #187 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #CELO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Celo is $5,394,343.


The circulating supply of CELO is 251,258,047 coins, which is 25% of the maximum coin supply.


CELO is the native coin for the Celo blockchain.

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CELO is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 35 crypto exchanges.

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It’s Ultragreen Week!

It’s Ultragreen Week! Celebrating Celo’s Three-Year Anniversary on Earth Day - Did you know that Earth Day 2023 marks Celo’s 3-year mainnet anniversary? To celebrate, we’re excited to kick-off the official launch of Ultragreen Week! Created in collaboration with the broader Celo community, Ultragreen Week is a coordinated movement featuring five days of collective action on Celo inspired by Ultragreen Money and the various use cases that leverage web3 innovation to unlock climate action at scale. So why web3? As a powerful mass-coordination tool, blockchain can be used to accelerate planet-positive funding and solutions for the world’s mass-coordination problems, like the climate crisis, in order for us to reach the UN SDG’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Together, we aim to showcase the power of collective on-chain action each day this week to inspire ongoing and lasting change every day throughout the year and beyond. From Monday through Saturday, we’ll highlight a different call to action across Celo’s ecosystem, as web3’s “Home of ReFi” (or regenerative finance). It is our hope that you’ll join us in sharing these projects, diving deeper into our ReFi ecosystem, take meaningful action, and encourage your network to do the same. To get started, claim our custom-designed Ultragreen Week POAP via MintToast, digital credentials meant to show off your regen cred! For every POAP minted, the Celo...

UltraGreen Money

Ultragreen Money — Celo’s Expanded Sustainability Commitment - Blockchains cannot exist at scale without a commitment to sustainability. This belief contributed foundationally to not only the Celo mission to “reimagine money for the greater good” but also in its architecture as a leading sustainability-focused blockchain. The Celo blockchain launched on Earth Day 2020, with the focus on setting an example of what a green blockchain could look like, introducing the first major Proof-of-Stake, carbon-negative Layer 1. Celo went further than just eliminating Proof-of-Work. The Celo protocol was the first to automatically offset its carbon footprint since its first block. It does this by sending CELO every day to an on-chain Carbon Offset Fund. Over the past three years, sustainability has become a rapidly growing focus across the industry. On September 15th, 2022, the Ethereum community took a major step forward in completing the long-awaited “Merge” from Proof-of-Work (PoW), joining Celo and other next-generation blockchains in using Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. This event led to widespread coverage on the change’s impact in drastically reducing Ethereum’s carbon footprint but left the outstanding question of – “What’s the next chapter for sustainability?” Today, cLabs, a leading contributor to the Celo technology stack, is excited to introduce our answer to that question — “Ultragreen Mo...

Celo Foundation Announces Collaboration with Google Cloud to Help Sustainability-Focused Startups…

Celo Foundation Announces Collaboration with Google Cloud to Help Sustainability-Focused Startups in the Celo Network Build and Scale Web3 Applications - Today, the Celo Foundation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Google Cloud to bolster the growth of mission-aligned projects in Celo’s blockchain ecosystem and to expand the early adoption of Google Cloud services. Longtime Cloud Provider for cLabs As cLabs’ preferred cloud provider, Google Cloud’s secure and sustainable cloud infrastructure has underpinned the development of the Celo Platform since 2018. Building on the success of this collaboration, Google Cloud joins Celo Foundation’s robust founders’ programs by providing founders building on Celo with credits for Google Cloud and Firebase usage. “As the first Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain to be carbon-negative, Celo is known as Web3’s ‘Home of ReFi,’ or regenerative finance, with 1,000+ projects providing real-world benefits in over 150 countries,” says Xochitl Cazador, the Celo Foundation’s Head of Ecosystem Growth. “Our partnership with Google Cloud will help developers and Web3 founders building on the Celo blockchain build and scale their applications on the industry’s cleanest cloud.” Strengthening Celo Foundation’s Founders’ Program The Google Cloud core team will also provide guidance to the Celo Foundation’s Founders in Residence program, and the eight-week virtua...

Revealing Celo Camp Batch 7 Teams

Get ready to witness innovation in action! Celo Camp, the virtual acceleration and mentorship program launched in 2020 in partnership with the Celo Foundation and Upright, is thrilled to unveil the newest participants of its highly-anticipated Batch 7 cohort. We were in awe of the sheer talent and creativity of the 400+ applicants who hailed from 70 countries. After reviewing many competitive applications, we are proud to present the 30 shortlisted teams who will be taking Celo by storm. From enhancing the world of ReFi and DeFi to transforming the way we make payments, these teams are building cutting-edge decentralized apps (dapps) that aim to make a significant impact in the Celo ecosystem. But that’s not all — they’re also exploring exciting themes such as gaming, tooling, and NFTs. Get ready for their ingenuity, creativity, and commitment to making the world a better place through blockchain technology. Batch 7 participants will have access to top-tier mentors from various organizations, such as the Celo Foundation, NFX, Climate Collective, ConsenSys, Blockchain Founders Fund, Echo VC, Collider Ventures, Teller Finance, Valora, cLabs and many more; Celo Camp alumni, including Symmetric, Plastiks, Flowcarbon, Talent Protocol, and Kaala, have also signed on as mentors for this cohort! From refining their business and technology strategies to sharpening their technical skills, our talented participants will rece...

Calling All Founders: Applications for Celo Camp Batch 7 Are Now Open!

It’s that time of year — Celo Camp, an eight-week virtual accelerator and mentorship program, is now open for Batch 7 applicants! Founders in Web3 who are developing mobile-first solutions in regenerative finance (ReFi), decentralized finance (DeFi), payments, creators economy, gaming, and more are invited to apply. Launched in 2020 by Upright, in partnership with the Celo Foundation, Celo Camp offers founders support in building and growing their projects on the Celo blockchain and bringing their mission-driven ideas to fruition. Celo Camp Batch Seven will run from April 20 to June 16, 2023. The application deadline is March 13. Since the launch of Batch 1 in 2020, Celo Camp alumni have raised more than $120M from leading tech investors, such as Polychain, Davoa Capital, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Mercy Corps, Allegory, and Flori Ventures, and have processed transactions on the Celo platform valued at an estimated $1B+. Past Celo Camp participants include Plastiks (Batch 5), who recently partnered with Google to deploy AI-based fraud detection software to improve the traceability of plastic recovery, Moola Market (Batch 2), Impact Market (Batch 1), who recently partnered with Good Ghosting (Batch 3) by creating a pool on the GoodGhosting platform to engage beneficiaries to save their funds and make the most of their universal basic income (UBI), Cyberbox (Batch 4), Talent Protocol (Batch 4), who reached ov...

The Next Chapter: Introducing Celo 2.0 | by cLabs

In 2018, the Celo whitepaper set out an ambitious vision to reimagine money for the greater good. Five years on, we’re proud to see the Celo ecosystem thriving and delivering on that vision. Celo Mainnet, a carbon-negative EVM-compatible blockchain, was launched by the community on Earth Day 2020. Now, easy-to-use payments flow through the platform daily, sent directly to mobile numbers. Mento assets that track the US Dollar, Euro, and Brazilian Real make stable-value transfers simple, especially since they can be used to pay transaction fees. Community currencies like the Kolektivo Guilder and Resource Dollar circulate in communities. A growing number of these currencies are now backed in part by natural capital thanks to a growing Regenerative Finance (ReFi) ecosystem. Projects delivering UBI and social dividends including ImpactMarket and GoodDollar have disbursed $3.3M to 536,000 people across 26 emerging economies. All of this is coupled with a rich DeFi and growing NFT ecosystem that continues to thrive and attract builders and users to the platform. It’s now time to enter chapter two of Celo’s story! The Celo Evolution — For Builders At cLabs, we are the leading contributor to the Celo technology stack. Celo’s mission — to create the conditions for prosperity, for everyone — drives everything we do. More than ever, achieving this mission requires delivering a platform that unlocks builders t...

Progress Update: Celo Foundation, cLabs, and Mysten Labs Deepen Collaboration on Blockchain…

Progress Update: Celo Foundation, cLabs, and Mysten Labs Deepen Collaboration on Blockchain Scalability With New Multi-Year Partnership - The Celo Foundation, cLabs, and Mysten Labs are building on our collaboration, first announced in Sep. 2021, through extension to a multi-year partnership. cLabs and Mysten Labs will continue to collaborate on developing shared foundational components for the Sui and Celo blockchains. These innovations include Narwhal, a high-performance transaction mempool, and Tusk, an asynchronous consensus protocol, developed by Mysten’s founding team while at Meta. “As developers increasingly demand high scalability blockchains, Mysten Labs is excited to continue its partnership with Celo to develop and deploy innovations for the community,” says Evan Cheng, co-founder and CEO of Mysten Labs. “The Celo community has demonstrated their commitment to driving positive awareness for mainstream web3 adoption and its global, scalable impact.” Together these components expect to deliver transaction ordering throughputs of thousands of transactions per second. Led by the Mysten Labs team, the work to turn these components into production-grade services has significantly improved over the last year. Celo maintains close ties with the Ethereum ecosystem and the Celo blockchain is fully compatible with all apps built for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). cLabs envisages a future for the Celo blockch...

Building With Purpose: Year in Review From Celo Foundation President, Rene Reinsberg

Season’s greetings from the Celo Foundation! To our community of builders, founders, partners, and friends, thank you for your continued collaboration and dedication to the mission of creating the conditions for prosperity — for everyone. Suffice it to say, 2022 has been a year of unprecedented challenges, not just for the web3 industry, but for the world. While it’s no surprise that the path to transforming our global financial systems for the better would be hard, rest assured that our commitment to the mission remains steadfast. We have faced cascading crises from extreme weather events to the adverse, inflationary effects of a years-long pandemic, and while it felt like we were nearing a return to something resembling post-pandemic normality, the world woke up to a destructive war in Ukraine, which accelerated a global recession. A failure of institutions that could have been a shining moment for web3 was, instead, an ugly reminder that those same centralized institutions and power structures we sought to transform continue to rear their heads — 3AC, Celsius, and FTX’s respective collapses have shaken the foundations of what we have been building as an industry. (NB: While Celo and its ecosystem did not have any direct exposure to these events, our hearts go out to those who were and remain affected.) But it’s not all doom and gloom. Now more so than ever, we at the Celo Foundation believe in creating a...

The Votes Are In:  Celo Camp Batch 6 Winners

The Votes Are In: Celo Camp Batch 6 Winners - Celo Camp, the eight-week virtual acceleration and mentorship program created by Upright in collaboration with the Celo Foundation, is excited to announce the award recipients for the Batch 6 cohort. Out of 356 applicants, hailing from 65 countries, 30 teams were selected to participate, representing projects focused on real-world use cases in regenerative finance (ReFi), decentralized finance (DeFi), impact, payments, decentralized science (DeSci), DAOs, and more. “The Celo tech stack is empowering developers and founders to build novel solutions, collaborate, and bring their ideas to life,” said Alon Shavit, co-founder at Upright. “As apparent from this year’s Celo Camp cohorts, we’re seeing a great focus on ReFi solutions, the DeFi tooling around them, and cross-border payments, all with growing interest from institutions within these fields.” During the Camp, teams used Celo’s open-source tools to build decentralized solutions and mobile-first dapps. In addition to prizes in cUSD, teams also received entrepreneurship coaching and tech guidance, access to a fast-track for grants, as well as mentorship from leaders at organizations like NFX, Coinbase Cloud, Flori Ventures, and Climate Collective, among others! Celo Camp concluded with Demo Day on November 15th, when finalists showcased demonstrations of their dapps live to Celo’s global community. &...

Announcing Kuneco Changes & New Celo Block Party

Kuneco (“togetherness” in Esperanto) was born in July 2020 to create a virtual gathering space to strengthen the community spirit of Celo members while celebrating wins toward our mission and uplifting community voices. After logging 16 meetings — and some community feedback, we recognized a need to fork Kuneco. As a result, we are now announcing a new, virtual, quarterly event called Celo Block Party, with Kuneco evolving into a community-run town hall supported by the Celo Foundation. — Kuneco Evolved - Time: One hour Cadence: Monthly Engagement: Community-Driven Goal: To facilitate togetherness for the Celo Community Facilitated by: Celo Foundation Community Leads Anna Kryukova and Daniel Olarte This new Kuneco call will inspire togetherness for the Celo Community and deep dive into topics about the Celo ecosystem’s growth and development, ultimately serving the Foundation’s goal of progressive decentralization. Potential topics for discussion include: cLabs’ and the Celo Foundation’s respective roadmaps to support the Celo ecosystem, Governance and collaborating with CGP editors on pressing issues, Frameworks for decentralization, including applying for on-chain funding, Grassroots organization of regional ecosystems, providing a space for community builders to come together and exchange learnings, Independent entities that are growing to support the Celo Ecosystem, e.g., Prezenti, Climate Coll...


Celo Votes To Increase Minimum Gas Threshold

    Celo, a mobile-focused smart contracting platform compatible with Ethereum’s virtual machine, is voting on a proposal to increase the network’s minimum gas threshold.  Voting for Celo Governance Proposal 0066 started today, Wednesday, January 18, and ends on Friday, January 27. As of the time of writing, the turnout stands at 2.6% of the total supply, with 6,840,826 CELO locked as votes.  Out of this, 6,840,116 CELO supports the proposal, 620 CELO is against the idea, and 90 CELO are voting to abstain. CELO is the native currency of the Celo proof-of-stake smart contracting platform based on the PBFT consensus mechanism. The Celo Governance Proposal 0066 The proposal seeks to increase the minimum gas threshold to $0.001 for simple ERC-20 transactions. Unlike Ethereum, where gas fees must be paid in ETH only, in Celo, users can pay using ERC-20 currencies, not just CELO. Gas fees are paid to prevent Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. Like Ethereum, the gas fee structure in Celo adopts the proposals under EIP-1559. As EIP-1559 stipulates, there must be a gas price minimum that applies to all Celo transactions. This minimum fee applies regardless of the validator processing the transaction. It also fluctuates depending on demand. Celo has clarified that should the proposal pass, only the base fee will be impacted. Under the Celo Governance Proposal 0066, the validator rewards from the gas fee will not be affected. Celo added that though the base f... read More

Celo Sees 20% Gains In Last Week As The Broader Crypto Market Retreats

    CELO's price is currently at $0.6101, with a trading volume of $44,775,558. It is currently ranked number 97 on CoinMarketCap. The trading volume has decreased by over 73% in the last 24 hours. CELO shocked many market observers with a 33.51% price jump on Sunday and had a trading volume of $227,794,699.69. Although the token is still way off its all-time high of $10.68, it has shown signs of recovery. 2022 has been an eventful year in crypto circles, from XRP's lawsuit with the SEC to the collapse of Celius and FTX. Pessimism has also driven the prices of crypto assets down as the fear factor increases. CELO coin has defied the odds to go on a rally that has holders hopeful of potential gains. From its historical price movement, it remains to see how far this momentum can hold. What Is Behind CELO’s Recent Price Upsurge? CELO's innovative cryptocurrency system gives the project an edge in the prevailing bearish cryptocurrency market. CELO targets increasing crypto use among smartphone users.  With the number of smartphone users rising daily, it is easy to understand why it is gaining in the market. The proof of stake mechanism adopted by the project developers also makes it more energy efficient and future-inclined. The current value of the CELO network is directly proportional to efforts from network builders, the fanbase, and investors. Also, Bitcoin has recently seen a slow and steady increase in its valuation. Judging from history and Bitcoin's dominance, it ... read More

Funds Are Safe But Celo Network Stalled Again After Briefly Resuming

    According to the tweet by the blockchain payments infrastructure, the validators of the network were working to identify and resolve the issue and asserted that no funds had been compromised. Celo block production did resume briefly before stalling again. The downtime does not appear to have affected the blockchain's native token, CELO, which is slightly in the green on a daily scale. In its latest update, Celo Network tweeted, 'Validators are working to restart the network. Block production resumed briefly, however, stalled again. Validators, please join the validators-operators channel on Discord and follow the posted instructions to update your node. As previously stated, all funds are secure.' While the team behind Celo hasn't mentioned that the deployment on Uniswap v3 could be the factor, the sudden downtime occurred shortly after the update took place. The Celo Foundation recently announced the launch of Uniswap V3 and green-asset pools after the community approved the deployment of v3 onto the blockchain. The main aim is to advance a regenerative financial (ReFi) system and currencies supported by natural capital on Celo. An initiative called 'DeFi for the People' by the Celo Foundation had pledged a sum of $10 million to support ReFi liquidity. The idea is to develop DeFi products and services promoting regenerative rather than extractive economy and spur adoption of the pools on Uniswap V3. In April, Celo launched an incentive program worth $20 million for the ne... read More

Huobi Incubator Partners Celo to Promote Stablecoins for the Masses

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Huobi Incubator, the project incubation arm of Huobi Global, today announced that it will co-host Celo x Huobi: Stablecoin in Web3 & Sustainability hackathon with Celo, a mobile-first blockchain that makes decentralized financial (DeFi) tools and services accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. The partnership aims to spur stablecoin development in the Web3 field in order to achieve long-term sustainability. This hackathon, to be held from April 27 to June 24, is offering prizes worth a total of US$1 million including a prize pool worth US$500,000 and US$500,000 in venture funding for all winners. As a mobile-first blockchain that makes decentralized financial (Defi) tools and services accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, Celo aims to break down barriers in the financial space by bringing the powerful benefits of Defi to the users of the 6 billion smartphones in circulation today. Celo hosted a 'make crypto mobile' hackathon last year, with more than 2,300 developers participating. Three payment dApps, 21yieldhe, EFFisend, and Xeggo showcased innovation and creativity to emerge as winners in last year’s hackathon. The upcoming hackathon aims to link stablecoins with dApps, DAOs, and DeFi in Web3. Therefore, three challenge categories have been set as follows: the first challenge focuses on building stablecoin related financial solutions on Celo, with a focus on expanding the use of Celo Dollar (cUSD) to emerging markets wi... read More

Biggest Movers: CELO, LUNA Higher, ZIL Moves Over 15% Lower

    Despite the global cryptocurrency market cap mainly consolidating on Tuesday, LUNA and CELO were some of the session's biggest gainers. ZIL, on the other hand, continued to fall following recent highs, trading over 15% lower during today's session. CELO ZIL fell for a fourth straight session on Tuesday, as prices continue to slip away from last week's high of $0.2313. While ZIL fell by almost 13% today, CELO gained by almost the same percentage, climbing to its highest level in almost four months in the process. Following a low of $3.68 to start the week, CELO/USD rallied to a high of $5.19 in Tuesday's market session. This is the highest level CELO has traded at since January 13, as prices continued to fall from a high of over $6.00. Looking at the chart, today's gains somewhat eased as prices neared the resistance level of $5.20, a level which has historically birthed a high level of uncertainty. CELO is also currently overbought according to the 14-day RSI, which is currently tracking at 76.31. This could give bears further impetus to enter the market at this level, in a similar fashion to the selloff that occurred in mid-January. Terra (LUNA) LUNA rallied to a new record high during today's session, as it moved past ADA to cement itself as the world's seventh-largest cryptocurrency. Following a low of $109.94 on Monday, LUNA/USD surged to an intraday high of $119.18 on Tuesday, which is its highest price on record. Tuesday's record high comes less than a week remov... read More

CELO Skyrockets to 3-Month High After Launching $20 Million Incentive Pr...

    CELO's price went up by more than 60% since the start of April to its highest point in over three months. This comes amid the project's latest initiative that plans to spend $20 million to incentivize the development of Celo on- and off-ramps. Celo's Connect the World Project The announcement from earlier this week informed that the Celo Foundation had allocated $20 million for the new Connect the World campaign. The main focus is to invest in teams and projects wanting to develop 'high-quality Celo on- and off-ramps around the globe.' Additionally, Celo also introduced an open-source API specification for payment providers dubbed FiatConnect. It aims to simplify the integration process. The campaign started with a $50,000 offer to the first payment provider in each country to incorporate FiatConnect and 'demonstrate an on- and off-ramp that meets the quality bar.' 'The Foundation will also subsidize on-ramp fees of up to $100,000 for all providers, making it more affordable for users to access Celo assets.' The new initiative will work together with the three stablecoins launched by the Celo Foundation - cUSD, pegged to the US dollar, cEuro - which tracks the value of the euro, and cREAL - which tracks the value of the Brazilian real. CELO Taps 3-Month High The price of the project's native cryptocurrency began the year on a high note by surging to and beyond $6. However, the market-wide correction drove Celo south, which culminated in a low of $2 registered in late February... read More

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