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CELL Price:
$98.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$7.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CELL today is $0.24 USD.

The lowest CELL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.242, and the exact current price of one CELL crypto coin is $0.24183.

The all-time high CELL coin price was $7.23.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CELL with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Cellframe crypto currency is #CELL.

Cellframe is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Cellframe is $7,327,343.

Cellframe is ranking downwards to #586 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #CELL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Cellframe is $97,982.


The circulating supply of CELL is 30,300,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


CELL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the CELL Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


CELL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Worklog. Weekly update 19.09–25.09

Cellframe Update Hello everyone, friends! We return to you with results from the past working week. Follow our worklogs to keep up with all the hot updates! — Staking LP pairs - Staking contracts have been successfully audited: no vulnerabilities or bugs have been identified. — Staking site - Staking is on the way, so we continue to add improvements to the site! This week: We’ve improved the code on the staking site to make it simpler and easier to work with. The functionality for obtaining pair addresses (via smart contracts) and the balances of paired and single tokens (via smart contracts for paired staking and through our dashboard for single-tokens) was refactored., We also added a check for connecting the staking site to the wallet: if it is not there, a notification appears (after 10 seconds)., A check for connecting the staking site to the wallet In the updated Statistics section, bugs have been fixed. A list of single stakes, as well as a chart styling function have been added., We also continue to add new LP staking pairs (see our tokenomics)., — Cellframe Dashboard - We continue to perfect our dashboard. This week we fixed a number of small, but very unpleasant bugs. The improvements are: Now on the TX explorer tab, you can select a time-period for displaying the transaction history., The network selected in the settings is saved when changing the tab., The text in the input fields on the ...

Worklog. Weekly update 12.09–18.09

Hope you’re having a great week, friends! We’re back with our updates from the past week. The highlight of the last seven days was attending one of the most ambitious events in the crypto industry — the Blockchain Life 2022 forum. Cellframe team members went to Moscow for four days and returned with many inspiring new partnerships. While our team at the forum talked about Cellframe enterprise solutions, cases and services, the development team continued to make improvements to the dashboard and final changes to the staking site. Read more about it below! — Cellframe Dashboard - We are continuing work on the staking site. We want to make it as convenient, understandable, and visually attractive as possible by adding new functional elements and design details. The following steps have been taken in the last week: We have redesigned the pop-up window that appears when copying an address: now it appears on the top right, with smooth animation., A label was added to the top panel of the Settings page indicating the current version of the node., We developed a new graphic element — Custom Tooltip. It works like this: when you hover your mouse over a text field with the name of a wallet or the number of tokens, the full content of the line appears., We also added background highlighting to the selection menu on the site: it appears when you hover the mouse over the content of the line., — Staking ...

How to Run a Node, Participate in Testnet and Earn: Key Points

*Current state: Beta-version of Mainnet launch and testnet. — Requirements: - 1000 $CELL, Low hardware requirements (before service-providing begins in the early-ecosystem stage, you can launch a Cellframe Node even on a Raspberry Pi 2 Gb)., Profits from running a Node are dependent on the ecosystem stage. — Early Cellframe Ecosystem Stage - What is the goal of the early stage? In the first several years, the main goal of the ecosystem is to grow and improve its decentralization, because the system has a low decentralization rate at the start. What is the source of rewards? The rewards come from newly-emitted and locked funds, with the amount determined by community voting (the details are described in this Tokenomics 2.0 article). — Fully Operational Cellframe Ecosystem - What is the goal of the fully operational Cellframe ecosystem? The goal of the full Cellframe ecosystem is to replace currently popular cloud services with decentralized fog services. What is the source of rewards? Validators will earn by providing services using the Cellframe t-dApps library and their hardware and bandwidth resources. This way, master nodes earn rewards through providing services and getting the payment from service users, minus small ecosystem fees (Network and Author fees). How to run a Node (in testnet and in the future) you can find through the following links: How to run a node on Cellframe Dashboard, How to run...

Worklog. Weekly update 05.09–11.09

Cellframe Worklog Friends, hello! Today, as always, we are happy to share with you our news for the week. In this article, we will talk about our achievements in terms of development, as well as about events in the life of the company. — Staking Site - In the work on launching the site for staking, we achieved the following results: We added a new Statistics section., It allows: Displaying and managing immediate transactions (receipt of a reward, withdrawal from a stake at expiration, etc.) for each LP pair and single-token staking., Displaying general wallet statistics (how many rewards received / available to claim / blocked for staking, etc.)., Perfected UX/UI by creating new components and modifying existing ones.Statistics section 2. We also continued to refine the graphs in the Statistics section. They will display the dynamics of changes in APY and TLV for a specific pair, as well as data for a specific time period / date. 3. Added the functionality of claiming a staking reward, and added pop-ups with the status of processing a request to claim a reward. 4. Fixed several bugs: displaying data on a created stake;, mCELL acquisition algorithm;, display of information about APY calculations and expected reward, — Cellframe Dashboard - We continue to work on our dashboard: last week we restored the DOM averaging charts on the DEX page and implemented a smoother rounding process for them.Cellframe Da...

Worklog. Weekly update 29.08–04.09

Worklog. Weekly update 29.08–04.09 — Cellframe Dashboard - 🌟 We improved the dashboard interface: Fixed indents, fonts., 🌟 Added new features: The “Linked” feature on the Settings page rejects all connection requests from Web3 when activated., The “Trim amount” feature was added to the transaction histories on the Wallet and TX Explorer pages, as well as for the “Price” value on the DEX page. Now the full amount appears as a popup when you hover the mouse cursor., 🌟 Improved right panels: Corrected the animation;, Added new information to the right-side popup panels that appear when an operation is complete (such as creating a wallet or certificate): when an error occurs, its description is displayed;, Added two new icons which indicate whether or not the operation is successful;, 🌟 Changed the minimum height of the application to 720 pixels (the dashboard forms have changed accordingly). — Staking Platform - 🌟 The following features are now implemented: Connecting to the dashboard, Receiving all of the user’s wallets from the dashboard, Obtaining all single-token staking transactions for the selected wallet, Creating single-token staking transactions, Pop-up notifications about connection status and errors, Modal windows for interacting with single-token staking functionality (selecting a wallet, sending a single-token staking transaction), 🌟 We fixed a number of bugs and...

Worklog. Weekly update 22.08–28.08

Hello friends! Check out our updates to keep up with all the latest Cellframe developments! Cellframe Dashboard Last week we continued working to finish our dashboard: Fixed a bug in the Tokens tab in the private network: now tokens can be declared and emitted correctly., Tested the auto-complete feature for addresses of wallets, certificates, chains, networks, and tokens., Unveiled new design for the DEX trading tab., ConfCall We are rapidly building our new conference call tool based on fog computing technology. Currently in the works: Format for different call types: Round Table, Lecture (single speaker), Discussion (several speakers), and Meeting., * We try to make the service as convenient as possible: for example, in the Round Table format, even with a large number of speakers, the user can direct their voice in the audio space to address a particular participant. Text chat functionality., Blockchain Life 2022 The Cellframe team is preparing to attend this international forum about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining, taking place in Moscow on September 14–15 We took part in Blockchain Life for the first time this Spring, and were inspired by exciting conversations with colleagues and possibilities for new partnerships. Now, after three more months of intense work, we are ready to show the blockchain community our awesome new business services! See you at the Cellframe booth!Cellframe useful links:🧩 Ma...

AMA, August 11: Native single tokens staking, Dashboard, KelVPN, Cellframe DEX, Smart contracts…

AMA, August 11: Native single tokens staking, Dashboard, KelVPN, Cellframe DEX, Smart contracts, etc. - AMA, August 11 Hello everyone! I’m Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Demlabs and its subsidiary project Cellframe Network. Today is our regular AMA session… But it’s not quite usual, because this week our company celebrates five years since the founding of Demlabs as a product company. Anyway, today we will talk about the news of our development and our history. — DEX tab in Cellframe Dashboard - The first news block is about decentralized exchange. We have improved the DEX tab in Cellframe Dashboard: and the exchange works now! You can check it. Download the latest version of Cellframe Dashboard. The latest version of the DEX application already has the exchange tab. Now the logic of the DEX tab is like Binance’s logic for creating limits and market orders: There is a book with a list of orders sorted by price., There is a candlesticks chart where you can track token rates (resolution from a minute to a month)., There are all the usual functions of exchange with limit orders, as you can see on the centralized exchanges., — Quantum-protected tokens - We released new tokens for trading in our mainnet, and all of them are quantum secured: KEL tokens;, wrapped stablecoins USDC, USDT, DAI, and BUSD;, wrapped Ethereum, BNB., All these tokens you can place into our native network via the bridge and trade with ...

Worklog. Weekly update. 15.08–21.08

Worklog. Weekly update. 15.08–21.08 Hello, friends! We are ready to share our latest weekly news. — Cellframe Dashboard - We added the option to reinvest single staking through the Web 3 API. Also we fixed bugs, that caused a several second lag when launching the dashboard. — ConfCall - We are glad to say we continue working hard on our video conferencing app. We are now at the development stage of the project’s user interface. — AMA-session with O3 Labs - We held an AMA session on Twitter spaces with our partners — decentralized exchange O3swap. Now you can bridge + swap CELL from other tokens between chains and vice versa. — RiseVPN - Happy to finally announce the new project! We almost finished developing a corporate VPN service for companies and enterprises. Be patient! All the details in further posts.Cellframe useful links:🧩 Main Cellframe site 🧩 Documentation: Running node, SDK, Dashboard and DAP 🧩 Youtube Live 🧩 Run a Cellframe node on Raspberry

Worklog. Weekly update. 08.08–14.08

Cellframe worklog. Weekly update. 08.08–14.08 Hello, everyone! That is a summary of our main achievements from last week: 💡 We have improved the DEX tab in the Cellframe Dashboard 🔘 The exchange works now. You can check it: download the latest version of Cellframe Dashboard. Now the logic of the DEX tab is similar to Binance’s logic for creating limits and market orders: 🔘 There is a book with a list of orders sorted by price. 🔘 There is a candlesticks chart, so you can track token rates (resolution from a minute to a month). 🔘 There are all the usual functions of exchange with limit orders like you can see on the centralized exchanges. 💡 We released new quantum-protected tokens for trading in our mainnet. There are new tokens for exchange, and all of them are quantum secured: 🔘 KEL (our child project); 🔘 wrapped stablecoins: USDC, USDT, DAI, and BUSD; 🔘 wrapped Ethereum and BNB. All these tokens can be placed into our native network via the bridge and trade with the limited orders (not AMM), without market makings. 💡 We have made a conditional transaction mechanism: a no-code block for implementing staking mechanics Depending on your preference, you can see this mechanism in the master branch in our repository on GitLab or GitHub. It can be used for our staking and for your tokens (if you want to release them on our platform). Today, we have single tokens staking and pairs staking on...

Why Cellframe is worth your investment

Cellframe features Cellframe is a secure ecosystem with a user-friendly app and transparent and predictable policies. But why is Cellframe worth your investment? We answer the question, demonstrating some of the prominent advantages of $CELL: High security. Crystal Dilithium and Picnic encryption algorithms are robust and can withstand almost any attack. Significantly, Crystal Dilithium became one of the winners of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) competition, mathematically proving its potential effectiveness in resisting a potential quantum attack., * You will soon be able to strengthen the protection of your wallet in another way — by enabling simultaneous protection with two or more signatures (with the ability to change at any time). The Cellframe team is already working on implementing this functionality. Limited token circulation and limited annual issue. In practice, this means low inflation. $CELL will not depreciate from an excess of supply., Friendly service tokenomics. The cost of Cellframe’s services is appropriate for the situation on the market. When working with our service, the user will have no questions about where the income comes from and why it is., Low-cost transactions. Fee for transfer between wallets from 0.1 $CELL., The possibility of a simple transition to the exchange. Our DEX with orders, an order book, and a candlestick chart. Binance will not ban you if you...


How Scalable Quantum-Safe Blockchains Help Against Network Outages

    The blockchain industry is at the forefront of innovation, with new ways to harness this secure distributed ledger technology in various areas of traditional business. A key feature of conventional blockchains is the ability of any entity to verify the integrity of the blockchain ledger by executing the same algorithm that was used to generate it. What are quantum-safe blockchains? Quantum computers will be able to execute algorithms significantly faster than classical computers, enabling them to break most cryptographic algorithms. Attackers with a quantum computer might be able to break into any system that uses today's encryption algorithms and cannot evolve in time. The Post-Quantum Blockchain is the next step in blockchain technology, leveraging the power of post-quantum cryptography to ensure that data is stored securely and cannot be tampered with, so they can rely on the integrity and security of their data. In contrast to existing blockchains, which rely on the pre quantum RSA, post-quantum blockchain uses encryption algorithms like NewHope, NTRU, Frodo, SIDH that are more secure against current quantum computers. Why does the modern blockchain lack efficient infrastructure? While talking about the security of the blockchain we also have to look at the scalability of the blockchain in order to execute the smart contracts on it. Here comes the impossible trinity into play which says that every blockchain network is constrained by this popularly known Scalability Trile... read More

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