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CELL Price:
$112.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$7.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CELL today is $0.24 USD.

The lowest CELL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.243, and the current live price for one CELL coin is $0.24311.

The all-time high CELL coin price was $7.23.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CELL with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Cellframe crypto currency is #CELL.

Cellframe is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Cellframe is $7,366,165.

Cellframe is ranked #622 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #CELL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Cellframe is $112,566.


The circulating supply of CELL is 30,300,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


CELL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the CELL Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


CELL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Worklog Update. 01.03–21.03

Welcome to the Demlabs Worklog Update, where you can find development news for all projects in the Cellframe ecosystem. Here’s the digest for the first three weeks of March: — Cellframe Dashboard. — We’re working to improve the Diagnostics tab in the Cellframe Dashboard app, which will show the following metrics: Node Version, Node Status, Memory Usage, CPU usage + others, This data will help the development team better monitor the network’s stability. Versions for Windows and Linux are already built, and we’re working on MacOS. — Сellframe Wallet. — Cellframe Wallet is our simplified new app for working with assets on Cellframe networks. It’s designed for users who don’t require the full set of Dashboard features. We recently launched the first release version (1.1.5) on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Some of the most important suggestions from our Beta Testing group have already been incorporated, while the rest were added to the app development roadmap. We improved the interface and fixed several bugs, including foggy images and a scrollbar display issue in the navigation panel. — KelVPN News. — The KelVPN team has released a new build of the app (7.4–6). The VPN service is now more stable. An updated version of Cellframe SDK helped to fix errors and and improve server connectivity. The dev team also smoothed out collection and display of traffic statistics. In addition, t...

AMA with CEO Dmitry Gerasimov: March 16, 2023

Hello! I’m Dmitry Gerasimov, C.E.O. Of Cellframe This is our traditional AMA stream, where we share company news and answer your questions. — These are the main news we will be talking about today:. — Development progress on Cellframe Dashboard and Cellframe Wallet, News from the KelVPN team, The KelVPN roadmap, The new KelVPN integration into Cellframe Wallet and Cellframe Dashboard, Launch of the KEL token staking program, — ‌And here are the other topics we will cover today:. — Progress on the Cellframe Mainnet roadmap, The launch of the first Release Candidate, The start of user beta-testing, Details about how Nodes work in Cellframe and KelVPN, The timeline for launching the Cellframe and KelVPN mainnets, So, let’s start with news from the Cellframe Dashboard project., — ‌Cellframe Dashboard. — ‌We are now working on localization of the app for different languages. We’re also building a diagnostics tab. This will allow users to track diagnostics for their node in real time. For example: The length of time the node, dashboard, and system have been working without interruption, How much total CPU and memory is being used in the system, How much memory is being used by the Node only, The current version of the node and node status, And the sizes of GlobalDB, chains, and logs., The load on the system memory is displayed as a percentage of the total volume. ‌...

Worklog Update: February

Welcome to our February worklog! Follow these posts for regular updates on all development progress and company news. — Cellframe Dashboard. — We released a new version of Cellframe Dashboard — 2.10–25. In the new version, transactions are processed significantly faster. We transferred the logic from JavaScript to C++ code and set up filtering for duplicate records. We also fixed a bug with incorrect display of transactions sent on the same day and redesigned the Tokens tab, making it even more user-friendly. — Cellframe Wallet. — On Cellframe Wallet, we worked extensively on improving the UX. We added interface scaling, so the app now adapts to any screen size. Plus, with a detailed transaction tracking mechanism, you will always know the status of your transactions at any given moment. — Cellframe SDK and Mainnet. — Our work on Cellframe SDK involved creating a JSON-RPC protocol handler with a method for obtaining transactions for the native Cellframe Dashboard/Wallet. This handler will reduce the load on applications working with the node and simplify data processing. As part of our preparations for the mainnet launch, we refactored the block consensus. The aim of modifying the consensus was to transition from proof-of-authority to proof-of-stake, allowing any participant who properly delegated their key to sign blocks. The refactoring was necessary as deep changes were made to...

AMA with CEO Dmitry Gerasimov: Feb 16, 2023

Hi Everyone! I’m Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of Demlabs. Welcome back to our AMA stream, where we share the latest company news and answer your questions. — ‌Here are the topics we will be covering today:. — A new direction for our software development team: a community-controlled API for decentralized AI applications, as well as research into how artificial intelligence can be used in the field of cryptoanalysis, A new project being launched in the Cellframe ecosystem, Development news from the KelVPN team and launching $KEL token migration, Expanding the Cellframe LP staking program, Development news for Cellframe Dashboard and Cellframe Wallet applications, Progress report on the Cellframe Mainnet Roadmap, — ‌New Version of Dashboard. — ‌Our first topic is Cellframe Dashboard. We released a new version of Dashboard — 2.10–25, with lots of new improvements: Transaction processing is faster now. To do this, we moved the logic of the operation into C++ code, and installed a filter for duplicate entries. We updated the Node version in Dashboard, and fixed a bug where transactions that were sent on the same day were being displayed incorrectly. The Tokens tab has been redesigned, and implemented a new logic for working with the node, and updated the layout. — ‌Updated Cellframe Wallet 1/2. — ‌Our next topic is Cellframe Wallet. Right now we are preparing the first release ...

AMA with Dmitry Gerasimov: Jan 26, 2023

Hello! I’m Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of Demlabs. Welcome back to our AMA stream, where we share with you the company’s most important news items, and answer all your questions. Today is the first stream of 2023. Here are the topics we will be covering: Launching the new V3 staking program, New LP positions, Development news for Cellframe and KelVPN, Progress on the Cellframe mainnet roadmap, Our plans for Demlabs and all our projects for this year, 2023, — V3 Staking on the Ethereum Network. — So, we are now launching V3 staking! V2 staking on Ethereum has been active on the Cellframe staking site for several months now. And now we have added the possibility of staking $CELL-ETH LP tokens, with a subsequent migration to the V3 protocol. Here’s how it works: When you create a stake, you select a range of price of $CELL per ETH for Uniswap V3 transactions. As a result, your LP tokens will trade only within the range you have selected. By doing this, you will reduce the potential amount of rewards for providing liquidity, but you also reduce your risk of impermanent loss. In addition, we also provide a way to migrate V2 tokens to V3 without LP staking, but with keeping all bonuses that long-term staking provides. This is important for old holders who staked a long time ago. By adding liquidity to LP tokens you are already staking, you improve your position in the pool. This increases the coefficient of your pa...

Worklog update. January

Welcome back to another installment of our worklog, where we talk about our development progress and share company news. Today we present to you the first digest of 2023. — Updates on Cellframe staking site. — V2 staking for new pairs on UniSwap We have added several new CELL LP pairs to UniSwap. CELL/DAI CELL/USDC and CELL/USDT are already available to create pairs and provide liquidity. And on the Cellframe staking site we launched V2 LP staking for new pairs. The awards for these items will total 300,000 CELL for one year of the staking program. Learn more about the program in the article “Tokenomics 2.0” Cellframe Tokenomics V3 Staking We have prepared for the launch of the V3 staking program. We launched the V2 staking program on the Cellframe site a few months ago, and now we have added the ability to stake LP tokens CELL/ETH, CELL/USDT, USDC and then switch to the V3 protocol. In addition, we added the ability to migrate V2 tokens to the V3 protocol and without the LP-staking, for users who do not plan to stake their LP tokens. — Post-quantum protection. — We are constantly working on strengthening Cellframe’s quantum security, so we are now adding a new post-quantum signature named Falcon. In addition, we have integrated a library of QApp’s certified PQLR post-quantum algorithms into Cellframe SDK. — Cellframe Wallet on Android. — We ported our Cellframe Wallet to the A...

Worklog update. 12.12 -26.12

Hello, everyone! In these worklog digests we tell you about the key outcomes of our team’s work over the past week or two and share our plans for the near future. And today we will report on the last two weeks of December 2022. — Updates on Cellframe Staking site. — We added the LP — CELLv2 — BNB pair. This is a recently created lP-pair on PancakeSwap. The site now has a special line for this pair. In addition, we’re getting ready to launch v3-staking functionality. In the statistics section, the token statistics display function was improved. Now general information about expected profitability is displayed regardless of wallet connection status. And, of course, some bugs were fixed: Removed $CELL Zero Balance Dashboard Wallet Restriction, Remove hover state on inactive buttons, Fixed input of numbers less than one in staking windows, — Updates on the Cellframe site. — Changed the order of the change list. The latest changes are now displayed first. Explorer: added a boot state for the search button and notification for the user when a search error occurs. — New Cellframe Dashboard. — At the end of December we released a new version of our dashboard — 2.10–18. The Cellframe team worked hard to stabilize the nodes on all systems and improve network synchronization. Most importantly, we have managed to stabilize Dashboard on MacOS. Now it works equally well on ...

Cellframe Year-End AMA Stream: December 29, 2022

Hello everyone! My name is Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe and Demlabs. Welcome to our AMA-stream, where we discuss the latest Cellframe news and answer your questions. Here are the topics we will cover: New developments from the past two weeks., The year in review for all projects., The year in review for our company as whole and then our plans for the future., Now let’s start with the latest news. — New version of Cellframe Dashboard. — We released the latest build of Cellframe Dashboard. This release includes the working build for MacOS, which you have been waiting for, and which we have been working hard on for a long time. We defeated an epic evil bug that we have been fighting since the spring. Now it’s ready. Our team worked for two months to stabilize the Node on all systems and improve the synchronization of the network. So, we are very happy to present to you the Cellframe Dashboard version 2.10–18 for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Download and enjoy. — Staking site news. — Moving on. On the staking site: We’ve added a new LP-pair: $CELL-v2-BNB. This is a pair with a new $CELL on PancakeSwap and it’s different from the LP pair that we’ve presented before. Just use it when you stake $CELL. So you`ll see an additional line on our staking site and you can use it. If you want to stake an old LP-pair, please select $CELL-v1., We are currently preparing v3 function...

Worklog. Update 05.12–11.12

Hello everyone! In these Worklog digests we tell you about key results of the Cellframe team’s work over the previous week or two and share plans for the near future. — LP token staking. — Last week we launched the long-awaited program of LP token staking for $CELL on both BSC and Ethereum networks. In the BSC network it is possible to stake tokens on both new and old smart contracts. As for the ETH network — here we have fixed a bug in the code of smart contract, so now stakes in this network are executed correctly. By the way, for those who are planning on staking: we advise you not to postpone it. The sooner you get your LP pairs, the bigger the APY you will get — not only because of less competition, but also because of additional rewards for early stakers. Read more about how the distribution of rewards works in our tokenomics: — Staking site. — We have improved the staking site by adding instructions for staking both single tokens and LP pairs. We also debugged the display of APY — now the values are issued correctly. Other important improvements to the functionality of the site include: Displaying token statistics on the homepage of the site: A block with general information about the user’s wallet and specific tokens: Notification of a running harvest request: Of course, several bugs were also fixed. Now the stats and unstake dates are displayed c...

Cellframe AMA with the CEO: 8 December

Hi everyone! I’m Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of DemLabs. Today we will discuss the main company news from the past three weeks, and answer your questions. Today we will talk about: The upcoming release of Cellframe Wallet, our new software, The news from the KelVPN team, Our new DevNet, its purpose and development progress, The mainnet roadmap (something you’ve awaited for a long time!), And we will start with the news about the long-awaited LP staking program! Yes, we have finally launched it. — ‌LP Staking - ‌We are happy to announce that our BSC-CELL and ERC20-CELL LP-pair staking program has been launched! Today, you can stake $CELL LP tokens on the BSC and ETH networks. This includes both those placed on the new smart contract and those on the old one. To stake your LP pairs and get liquidity rewards and bonuses from our team, follow the instructions that we will attach to this video. ‌We also remind you that it is not necessary to dissolve old LP pairs: the older the pair, the more bonuses you will receive! You can read more about this in our tokenomics. We will add links to tokenomics info in the description of the stream. We advise you to hurry up: the earlier you stake CELL LP pairs in the BSC and ETH networks, the higher your APY. This is because you have less competition at the start, and there are also additional bonuses built into the distribution of rewards for early stakers. — ‌Mainn...


How Scalable Quantum-Safe Blockchains Help Against Network Outages

    The blockchain industry is at the forefront of innovation, with new ways to harness this secure distributed ledger technology in various areas of traditional business. A key feature of conventional blockchains is the ability of any entity to verify the integrity of the blockchain ledger by executing the same algorithm that was used to generate it. What are quantum-safe blockchains? Quantum computers will be able to execute algorithms significantly faster than classical computers, enabling them to break most cryptographic algorithms. Attackers with a quantum computer might be able to break into any system that uses today's encryption algorithms and cannot evolve in time. The Post-Quantum Blockchain is the next step in blockchain technology, leveraging the power of post-quantum cryptography to ensure that data is stored securely and cannot be tampered with, so they can rely on the integrity and security of their data. In contrast to existing blockchains, which rely on the pre quantum RSA, post-quantum blockchain uses encryption algorithms like NewHope, NTRU, Frodo, SIDH that are more secure against current quantum computers. Why does the modern blockchain lack efficient infrastructure? While talking about the security of the blockchain we also have to look at the scalability of the blockchain in order to execute the smart contracts on it. Here comes the impossible trinity into play which says that every blockchain network is constrained by this popularly known Scalability Trile... read More

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