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CEEK Price:
$9.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$39.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CEEK today is $0.15 USD.

The lowest CEEK price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.147, and the exact current price of one CEEK crypto coin is $0.14700.

The all-time high CEEK coin price was $1.21.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CEEK with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for CEEK crypto currency is also #CEEK.

CEEK is 4.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for CEEK is $39,784,343.

CEEK is ranking downwards to #346 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #CEEK.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for CEEK is $9,510,413.


The circulating supply of CEEK is 270,635,598 coins, which is 27% of the total coin supply.


CEEK is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Ceek Community Update

Thank you to all the Ceekers who were part of Phase 1 of the CEEK land sale! We are grateful to everyone who has participated so far. We are excited about building a new reality alongside the CEEK community. To optimize the process for future releases and keep the community informed, we have provided development updates and answers to the community’s frequently asked questions and feedback here. What is the CEEK land sale?CEEK land is ONLY available at The CEEK platform empowers creators with the tools needed to connect their digital worlds to the real-world economy. CEEK is the in-world utility token used to own, build, and monetize in Web3 and virtual worlds. The land sale is an important addition to the CEEK ecosystem in that it enables landowners to own, build or buy land and venues to create games and experiences or host events and creators in the CEEK Metaverse. Lands can be considered the App stores of Web3, which enable easy access and tools for building in various Metaverses. Land, once bought, will still need to be developed — the upcoming CEEK NFT Asset Marketplace will enable low-code and no-code opportunities to quickly build out lands.Metaverse land represents the next generation of App stores — Paul Barron Land ownership and venues are a crucial part of the CEEK ecosystem and economy; it enables CEEK to scale and the community to participate and be rewarded. Creators, advertisers, and projects can decide where they host their events, games, airdrops and more. Likewise, venue owners can request to host existing content and projects. For example, a sports venue can request to host the Dwyane Wade Celebrity Sports Academy content featuring the likes of Lebron James’ trainer. Venue owners will receive rewards based on the total virtual tickets sold in their venue. Why was USD used as a reference for land pricing? What is the advantage of doing it this way? USD is a standard value reference used universally, we believed it would make the process easier, it was not used to deliberately accumulate CEEK as some people have suggested. The community requested use of CEEK as the reference for future sales. We listened; the dev team is working on making CEEK the reference for CEEK lansales. An announcement will be made once this aspect is completed. Will CEEK City be limited to the map we see, or is it just the first part? The initial map is CEEK City main town center where most people will arrive in the CEEK Metaverse in the future. 10,000 lands of downtown CEEK were allocated for the initial release, with a total of 100,000 that will ever be issued over the life of the project. To compare to other Metaverse projects, Sandbox has a total of 166,464 LANDs to be issued. Yuga Labs (BAYC) issued 200,000 plots of land in Otherside Metaverse. The purpose of the land sale is to attract developers, brands, creators and partners to build for the ecosystem. Limiting the total amount of land will also limit the scale of experiences that are created for the CEEK ecosystem thereby maximizing utility, value and users.World Music Awards to be broadcast in CEEK Metaverse Who are the partners and celebrities of CEEK Metaverse and when will they announce their participation? Several of the significant partners and allies that we are working with to realize the CEEK vision have already been announced. The caliber of CEEK’s allies and partners is a tremendous achievement and industry validation. This is the foundation upon which we are building the vision and scale. The work with partners is not a light switch to catapult the value of the project to 1000x. CEEK is a real project at the forefront of Web3. Some aspects are already in motion and built; what we’ve seen is not even the tip of the Metaverse iceberg. Here are what some of CEEK’s partnerships mean for the long-term success of the project. As Albert Einstein said, “Creating a new theory is not like destroying an old barn and erecting a skyscraper in its place. It is rather like climbing a mountain, gaining new and wider views, discovering unexpected connections between our starting points and its rich environment.” · Meta has supported CEEK VR since its infancy and continues to support the CEEK Metaverse Vision. The CEEK App was originally developed for the Oculus platform but there was demand to create an all-encompassing means for music fans to access immersive content in a variety of ways. CEEK VR thus expanded their distribution and tools for creators to other leading platforms. The partnership with Meta is aimed at creating mass adoption for the Metaverse. CEEK VR is currently working hand in hand with Meta to achieve that goal. Mainstream adoption is critical for the utility of CEEK, and what better partner to have than the largest social media company that started the entire VR renaissance. We are excited about what CEEK VR + Meta is in the process of building, and what’s to come. · World Music Awards is arguably the largest award show in the world operated under the patronage of his royal highness the Prince of Monaco. Past hosts have included Miley Cyrus (181M IG Followers) and attended by the likes of Beyonce, Kanye West, JLo and Rihanna. The show’s next event will be simulcast in the CEEK Metaverse. These types of partnerships have the potential to attract new users to the platform and increase utility for the CEEK token. This is not a one-time event, but an ongoing partnership to create and offer unique experiences by global superstars in the CEEK Metaverse. Again, the first event hasn’t occurred, nor do we expect it to be a panacea. All of these partners will contribute to the long-term utility and sustainability of the CEEK ecosystem. · Draper University, founded by Bitcoin billionaire and Elon Musk backer, Tim Draper has teamed with CEEK VR to create House of CEEK. An IRL Silicon Valley program that will train best in class developers to build for the CEEK Metaverse. The program will also help introduce CEEK to the Draper network of influential decision makers and VCs. · House of Aces — We recently announced an exclusive show with Billboard’s Carl Lamarre to bring more artists into the CEEK Metaverse, including the likes of The Game, French Montana (30M+ IG) and Fabolous. This is just the beginning of the relationship, as content is released artists will decide at their own discretion when, if and how to share. · The Playing for Change Foundation (PFCF) has partnered with CEEK VR for the Impact Awards which honors global music superstars who are positively impacting our world. This year’s honorees are Paula Abdul and Luis Fonsi. Past honorees include Pharrell Williams. The show also featured several musical acts including Ceelo Green (The Voice), Mau y Ricki, Kat Dahlia and much more. CEEK and PFCF are creating NFTs which will provide special access to the PFCF Metaverse in CEEKLAND. Content can be accessed by donations with a percentage of proceeds going to the PFCF. · 3x NBA Champion Dwyane Wade’s Celebrity Sports Academy teamed with CEEK VR to launch their long running camp on the CEEK platform. Past campsfeatured Dwyane Wade, Candance Parker, Cheyenne Parker, Cappie Pondexter, Monique Billing, CJ McCollum, Andrew Wiggins and Collin Sexton, Lebron James’ trainer and much more. · Apeswap, one of the leading decentralized exchanges on Binance Smart Chain is building the Jungleverse in CEEK Metaverse to engage their users and the CEEK community with access to events, farms, pools, airdrops and interactive gameplay experiences. · Exchange lounges in the CEEK Metaverse including Kucoin, Huobi, and more will offer community building, AMAs, trade to earn, learn and earn, airdrops, NFT drops and other interactive experiences. · Miami Gardens, home to Formula 1, Super Bowls, Tennis Open, Jazz in the Garden, FIFA2026 and other international events is building Miami Gardens Metaverse (MGM) in CEEK Metaverse. There are several upcoming projects with sports teams, ad agencies, music artists such as Future, Diamond Platnumz, Ceelo and much more that CEEK cannot discuss in detail, in order not to jeopardize the creators and partners. Demanding announcements from partners who are already supporting the project is counterproductive. Only partners will decide how they engage with CEEK. We ask that the community be respectful of partners, how and when they engage keeping in mind that we are building for the long haul, not a flash in the pan. Partners typically make announcements and interactions with content releases, specific developments, or milestones. They post at their discretion and at the right time, not just arbitrarily. Several significant partners have shared their involvement and continue to support CEEK. When will the previously mentioned influencer with 90m+ followers share about the project? Influencers will share projects with their communities based on their own marketing and promotional strategies. CEEK does not control their marketing plans. Many of our partners will be IN THE CEEK METAVERSE and will promote their events or experiences when they go live in the CEEK Metaverse. Others will choose to promote CEEK throughout the building phase. As creators, their goal is to engage their fans and generate revenue in the Metaverse. We must remember that influencers will share when the timing makes sense for them. Most will make announcements to promote events in their worlds (like Lady Gaga and others did.) How many companies have CEEK land so far? When will they announce?Several amazing partners have already announced projects in the CEEK Metaverse including Draper University (Bitcoin Billionaire and well-known Elon Musk backer), Huobi, KuCoin, City of Miami Gardens (Superbowl, FIFA 2026), ApeSwap and others.Like influencers, corporate partners will make announcements when it makes sense for them. We cannot make any announcements in advance or violate their trust or NDAs. When can we withdraw funds from our CEEK Wallets? CEEK wallets like gaming wallets were initially created to be used for in-game purchases. Adding transfer capability is in progress. With all the recent wallet hacks such as Solana, we are taking all precautions to ensure that the transfer process is secure. We are outlining the best strategy to secure the wallets for withdrawal, we will provide timelines as soon as we are certain. To make transfers now, kindly contact support with the relevant transaction information. Why isn’t there a penalty for bidders who didn’t pay for winning auctions? We have heard from the community that some people abandon auctions at the end. We are going to set the CEEK wallets for auctions to ensure that winners have enough to pay for auctions. With the use of CEEK wallets the funds will be guaranteed to be present at the end of the auction and ensure a smooth process for all. A hold will be put on the highest bid, ensuring that the final winning bid is automatically paid. This will avoid abandoned auctions and charge the highest bidder automatically. Currently if the highest bidder doesn’t pay for the auction, after the seller accepts the price of the winning bid, it goes to the next bidder. If that bidder doesn’t pay, the auction goes on the market for sale at the accepted price. Auctions with no bidders are returned to the original owner. Auctions can be canceled at any time. How many of the lands have been sold? Total number as of Aug 12th: 1639 CEEKLAND NFTS. Details regarding land sales can be found here: What are you going to do with the CEEK tokens that you got from the land sales? Can you explain with details? CEEK tokens obtained from the land sale will go directly to supporting the entire CEEK infrastructure, creator incentives and ecosystem. When will the staking feature be available? We will announce when the staking feature becomes available directly for landowners. In addition, our partners like ApeSwap will have upcoming opportunities. Are we going to list on any other T1 exchanges soon? When will CEEK be listed on Binance? Binance will decide and announce any listings on their exchange. Projects cannot discuss the listing process or progress as this jeopardizes the listing potential. We are in discussions with many Tier 1 exchanges and it’s CEEK’s goal to be listed on as many major exchanges in order to create maximum accessibility for everyone in the world. However, as we have discussed in the past, no information regarding a listing date can be discussed until the exchange itself makes an announcement. If we violate their trust, it could jeopardize a future listing. It is best not to push this issue too much and let the CEEK leadership team work on getting this done. Are we going to have CEEK VR stores around the world? It is CEEK VR’s goal to be the most accessible Metaverse in the world. They will evaluate potential brick and mortar stores and will act if it makes sense. Will CEEK VR products have an Amazon or Aliexpress partnership for sales? CEEK VR Headsets and 4D Headphones are already available on, Amazon and major retailers like Neiman Marcus and Selfridges. Future retail partnerships are possible, but we will assess on a case-by-case basis. When are we going to have blue verification badges to know which landowners are certified? Currently since CEEK has no influence on the choice of images used by landowners, we acted very quickly to make a clear difference between CEEK owed and land owned by others. In the near future, CEEK will offer KYC which will come with verification badges. We will share when this additional update is ready to go live. Does your property size define on how tall you can build on that property? How do land sizes relate to real world land size? (1 x 1 = 1 acre?) For Example: Could a parcel be like 2 story limit and Bay with 4 stories, etc.? We will not limit structures by height, but by length and width. Do keep in mind however that there will be polygon count limitations on structures depending on the size of the land. 1 Parcel = 100m x 100m so roughly 1000 Sq Meters Does land size limit the number of people we can have at a given time in our property? Yes the land size will limit the total people that can be on the land at once. For example 1 x 1 = 10,000 2 x 1 = 20,000 5 x 5 = 250,000 How will CEEK be integrated into “other” Metaverses. (I.e. will CEEK be directly connected to Meta’s version? How will that look in the future?) CEEK’s partnership with Meta is about accessibility; to enable their users to easily access the CEEK Metaverse and vice versa. We see their users accessing CEEK via Oculus VR products and helping grow our ecosystem. They already have millions of Metaverse and VR enthusiasts. In what version will we be able to visit CEEK City? Building of the CEEK Metaverse is already in progress, you can access many parts of it and more venues become available daily. The CEEK app is currently available on iOS, Android, iPad and Oculus. We are working on updates to Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and browser based access. We are working on a spatial explorer, so that you can visit your land in the future. We are also currently working on the ability to directly link to land and will announce this feature as soon as it’s available. Will Ceek City be a multi-player or only single player? You will be able to interact and explore together with other CEEKERS while in the CEEK Metaverse. This post is strictly informational, subject to change and updates and should not be construed as solicitation, promises, guarantee or commitment by CEEK, any affiliates, any team members, any companies, or persons mentioned above. Should anyone choose to take any action, it is that person’s full responsibility to inform themselves of and comply with, all applicable laws and regulations.

CEEK Land User manual

ONLY BUY LAND FROM BUY LAND FROM Welcome to the CEEK Land User Guide. Below is information to make the CEEK land buying journey easy. Login The main screen of an application. First thing is to login. You can Sign up and it will also take us to the site.ONLY BUY LAND FROM Main application screenONLY BUY LAND FROM Basic navigation To navigate on the map you can use minimap and the buttons on the edges of the map also.ONLY BUY LAND FROM Connect Metamask (optional) ℹ️ Connect to metamask is optional. All features will work with inbuild CEEK Wallet. First step is download the metamask by clicking on the button in the Navigation bar. After that Metamask page opens automatically and you can install Metamask in your browser.You can also download Metamask directly from Now you need to install and set up Metamask. Process is explained in the metamask instruction here After Metamask installation and set up. You need to click Connect button on the Navigation Bar. And after few more acceptance in metamask app — the CEEK and Metamask will be connected on this device.4. Buying Buying with Ceek is simple. You can do it after create an account and adding funds to your CEEK Wallet or basicly by selecting connected Metamask Wallet. Buying by Metamask requires additional acceptance in Metamask App.Parcel seen from buyer side — “Buy Now” to proceed.Confirmation dialog with picture and amount.Confirmation dialog — for buying. ℹ️ The next two steps are for Metamask users.Accepting transaction on MetaMask.View of purchased Parcel.5. Bidding As a buyer we see Parcels with a “Bid Now” button.Group on auction.Making a bid on an auction.Confirmation dialog — for bidding.After bidding we can Change OfferIf your bid was highest, then you may to ‘Pay The Winning Bid’.6. Edit Parcel If we have Own Parcel we can edit their details like Title, main picture and description.By Clicking on Edit button we can update the name and description.There is edited name and description window.Image we can change in the ’ Property’ tab.7. Selling Selling is one of three actions you can do in details tab when you have a parcel. Process is very simple, you only need to set a price and accept. ℹ️ Transaction fee is a part of price you set in the dialog box.Click the ‘Sell’ button to place it on the market.Set the price and click ‘Sell’.Confirmation dialog — for buying.Accepting transaction on MetaMask.Owner view.8. Starting Auction When we have a Parcel we can start an auction. At the beginning we set the End date and Minimal price.Start AuctionSet the End date and Minimum price.Confirmation dialog — for auction.Auction owner view.We also can ‘Cancel Auction’.Accept Highest Bid.Confirmation dialog — for Accepting bid amountAccept contract on MetaMask.Waiting for a payment winning bid. Join us for on with any questions and feedback.

Ceek Landowner Guide

CEEKLAND — Let’s Build TogetherCEEK LAND GUIDE CEEK is an all-inclusive Metaverse in which creators can own, build, and monetize their experiences in virtual worlds using CEEK, the in-world utility token for the CEEK METAVERSE. The CEEK community is always looking for new, engaging, and immersive content to explore in the Metaverse. The CEEK team hopes to see rapid growth as you — the community — create, host, and develop the events and experiences you want to see. Independent (or group) landowners will be able to create unique experiences alongside our partners, superstars and influencers and their fandom as we all define the Metaverse together. CEEK Metaverse already allows users to access content and experiences at and the CEEK VR App from the likes of Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi with future content coming from artists including Future, Kodak Black and J Balvin and more superstars.See more superstars already hosting content and live events here SALE DETAILS Phase 1 of the CEEKLAND Sale starts on July15, 2022 at 14:00 UTC. Prospective landowners may create CEEK accounts at ahead of the sale for seamless login during the land sale. * The land sale will be accessed from using the login information. CEEKERS can use MetaMask or their CEEK Wallet for purchases initially, with additional wallets to be added in the future.The land sale will be accessed from using the accountRegistering for a account is a necessary aspect of the process that gives prospective land buyers/developers access via the CEEK VR App once spatial exploration of land becomes available. Additionally, it will facilitate many functions and features for landowners and CEEKERS. ONLY CEEK will be used for the initial landsale, with BNB, ETH and other token integrations for other NFT marketplaces such as Binance NFT, Open Sea etc to attract more CEEKERS to CEEKLAND. Additionally ONLY CEEK will circulate in the CEEK Metaverse Some land will be available via auction while others will have a set price and will be available for immediate purchase. Auctions will span 24 hours and winners will be determined after the allotted time.PARTNERS & HIGH-PROFILE LANDOWNERSWelcome to CEEKLAND — Let’s build together !!! High-profile landowners, such as megabrands, cities, entertainers, educational partners and advertising agencies representing megabrands, will help drive users to the CEEK Metaverse. A few notable tenants include one of the world’s largest social media platforms, a prestigious university, skills academy’s by world-class elite athletes, many stellar superstars, ad agencies and much more. With CEEKLAND available for access through partner platforms, the CEEK Metaverse will offer exciting opportunities for landowners. For example, integration with Microsoft Marketplace will provide additional opportunities for live events, educational seminars, conferences and more.LOT TYPES There are a total of 10,000 Parcels in Downtown CEEKLAND. This is the first area that will be sold, with minting done in phases. There are 7 types of land within CEEK, each with varying rarity and reward opportunities.Percentages after transaction fees and allocations.FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING VIRTUAL LANDLOCATION The location of land creates varying utility and opportunities. For example, if you plan to build a game on water, then you should consider purchasing land near the ocean to take advantage of the water source in order to achieve maximum benefit.POPULARITY The popularity of a location depends on the events taking place there. For instance, celebrity villas, sports and concert arenas will be popular, given the variety of events that will frequently happen there. Additionally, celebrity venues can vary in popularity, depending on the celebrity’s fanbase. Land near these facilities will be popular to buy and will likely grow in value due to the traffic in their proximity.RARITY Venue rarity will depend on the location, size and popularity. Some lands will be rarer than others. Most venues are 1 of 1 and thus highly rare. The rarity is based on the total number of plot sizes that are that size (e.g., venues that are 1 of 1 are the most rare, followed by 20 x 10’s and so on.)SIZE Landowners will have certain benefits depending on the size of their land. In addition, most rewards are based on the size of the property.LANDOWNER REWARDS & BENEFITS CEEK landowners will have many opportunities to earn rewards by facilitating shows, events, concerts, creating NFTs, games and creating other custom and unique experiences.CEEK METAVERSE CIRCULAR ECONOMY ● A 5% fee will be charged for all transactions in the CEEK Metaverse, which will go towards community rewards, incentivizing creators and sustaining the CEEK ecosystem. ● Landowners will earn 3% — 20% of tickets sales for events hosted on their property depending on the size of the property. ● Additional Landowner rewards are determined by block type shown above.CEEK METAVERSE MECHANICS CEEKLAND will have many gamified systemfeatures and experiences that landowners may easily enable to continuously earn more rewards within their venues and land.Ceek NFT gems and MetaSwag will help CEEKERS unlock rewards faster CEEKERS may purchase gems, MetaSwag, tools, glow staffs, shoes, transport, fuel packs and much more from stores, which will enable them to unlock rewards faster. For example, during an airdrop, CEEKERS with certain modes of transport will be able to move faster to hot-spot locations and lock in more rewards than CEEKERS who can only walk to the location. Additionally, certain gems will enable CEEKERS to open treasure chests filled with coins throughout CEEKLAND. The time allowed to access a chest depends on the specific gem used to access it. Gems and MetaSwag will be released periodically in the CEEK NFT Marketplace to provide CEEKERS a variety of utilities within CEEKLAND.Light- emitting gems that enable CEEKERS to see dark areas they can harvest of ApeSwap Jungleverse farms. ACTION PACKS There are many actions that CEEKERS can take, depending on land size. Some of these actions such as Dance packs, motion packs can be sold in various venues. For example, users can run in bigger venues and areas. Running is only available in some venues. In sports arena for example. Running is not available for small venues (for example, in a small lounge or room etc. All these system functions can be easily enabled by landowners with associated opportunities to sell these action packs to users for utility in various areas.CEEKLAND TREASURES Treasure chests throughout CEEKLAND contain coins, rewards and swag that can be accessed with rare gems which can be purchased in the CEEK NFT Marketplace. Landowners may purchase chests for their venues and property, which will enable airdrops from CEEK and other tokens throughout the day and earn rewards from airdrops initiated by various partners. Landowners will also earn rewards from gems used at their facilities and land.TREASURE CHESTS There are 4 types of chests throughout CEEK City that can be accessed with Gems, tools and swag. Depending on the type of land size, owners can buy chests to earn rewards from airdrops and giveaways throughout CEEKLANDCEEK Metaverse Treasure Chest Types *Max Coin Size: Each chest contains gems with special utility and coins of various sizes (1 CEEK, 10 CEEK etc.) which will be randomized. Max coin size is the max coin denomination that can be found in a particular chest. Users can collect coins by using gems to open the chest.Available Treasure Chest Per Land Type Rewards will be distributed to chest owners depending on their ownership percentage. For example, Legendary chest owners will receive rewards from use of associated gems and MetaSwag in relation to their ownership of the total lot. Landowners can buy an unlimited amount of chests to host these giveaways and airdrops. The type of chest they can buy is based on their lot type as shown above.NFT Airdrops from CEEK and other partners● RAIN All throughout CEEKLAND there will be coins, NFTs and more raining down at both scheduled and random times at various locations. Rain will also provide users opportunities to collect airdrops at a given location.● STORES AND GALLERIES Landowners may display NFTs, products and services available throughout the CEEK Metaverse in their stores and galleries to earn rewards from sales.CEEK Metaverse Lounges, Stores and GallariesVENUES CEEK Venues will be available for purchase on an ongoing basis. Each venue will have unique features, games and much more. CEEKERS can obtain coins, swag and other rewards that are only available in Chests scattered all around CEEK Venues.CEEK Metaverse Venues Already Exist With More Being Built Daily Landowners will be able to buy and sell parcels of venues as they become available. Each venue will have unique characteristics. Some venues will have more coins falling from the sky when it rains (airdrops) giving CEEKERS the opportunity to enter these venues and collect coins. They may buy boats, glow staffs, and other gems associated with the venue or chest, with owners earning rewards based on their ownership percentage of the venue.ROADMAP — WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR CEEK Just as Rome was not built in a day, CEEKLAND will also take time to grow as we all create the Metaverse together. We anticipate the following timeline for additional updates and releases (all aspects will be ongoing):What’s Ahead for CEEKLAND ● Buy/Sell Land — JULY 15, 2022 ● Secondary Market Integration — Q3 2022 ● CEEK NFT Marketplace — Q3 2022 ● Metaverse Builders Academy- Q4 2022 ● Creator Studio — Q4 2022 ● LAND Spatial Explorer Q4 2022 ● CEEKLAND SDK/API — Q1 2023 ● Ad Space Team — Q1 2023 ● Ad Dash — Q2 2023 ● Meta Oculus CEEKLAND Integration — Q2 2023 ● Microsoft Marketplace — Q3 2023 This post is strictly informational, subject to change and updates and should not be construed as solicitation, guarantee or commitment by CEEK, any affiliates, any team members, any companies, or persons mentioned above. Should anyone choose to take any action, it is that person’s full responsibility to inform themselves of and comply with, all applicable laws and regulations.

Welcome To Ceek Land

Let’s Build TogetherRegister at and be first to know In the past few years, CEEK has become one of the leading metaverse platforms used by many. We are very proud of the progress to date, and equally grateful for the 6.5 M+ Ceeker community that we’ve amassed to date. CEEK is a metaverse where creators can own, build and monetize their work in virtual worlds through shows, events, concerts, NFTs and other unique experiences. The CEEK Metaverse already features content and experiences from the likes of Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi with more content coming from the likes of Future, Kodak Black and J Balvin.CEEK Metaverse features experiences from the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment With the land sale, we are opening the CEEK Metaverse to creators, developers and ceekers to own, build and monetize their experiences leveraging what CEEK has accomplished to date. We can’t wait to see what you will create by enabling access to CEEK’s core utility and resources needed for distribution across multiple worlds, devices and apps. The possibilities are truly limitless. The CEEK community is always looking for new and engaging content and experiences, so we expect to see rapid growth as you the community create, host and develop the events and experiences you want to see, alongside our partners, superstars and influencers for their fandom as we all build together. CEEK LAND CEEK Land is an ERC-721 standard non-fungible, traversable, transferrable digital property with advanced marketplace functionality. BLOCK TYPES CEEK land can be accessed via Users may use Metamask or CEEK wallet to buy land. Additional wallet integrations coming in future phases.CEEK LAND BLOCK TYPES After logging into the application, user can browse the grid of parcels and select the one that user wants to buy. LEGENDCEEK LAND ACTIONS · Land can be acquired via auction or fixed price. Each block type has a different starting price. · Landowners will have control of what they do with their land, creating a variety of experiences, apps and games. · Landowners can sell, rent and stake. · A huge differentiator for CEEK land is the upcoming marketplace to enable no code creation of turnkey virtual worlds, venues and more. In addition, landowners can host events by creators on the platform to generate rewards. · Landowners may also build custom games, apps and more. All properties will be NFTs enabling trading, selling and sharing assets in other worlds. · Landowners will earn 3 % of ticket sales for events hosted on their property. · Landowners can also stake on other venues for rewards corresponding to their contribution %. A 5% fee will be charged for all CEEK transactions in the CEEK Metaverse, which will go towards sustaining the CEEK ecosystem and community rewards. CEEK MARKETPLACE A marketplace to trade properties, goods and services will be launched for developers to sell venues, galleries, properties, apps, avatar accessories, worlds, cars, fashions and much more for CEEK landowners to easily build out their land. This will be a no code option for landowners, even though without developer experience to quickly build out their land and offer it for use.CEEK Venues enable users to teleport to various experiences Avatars are an essential part of creating one’s digital identity and customizing and making avatars unique in the metaverse is creating a whole new economy. Forbes indicates that “The world will embrace the Metaverse as a fashion capital.” Just as in the real world, people care about how they look when they step out into the virtual world; be it to the office, school, party or a sports game. We are excited for developers to help retailers, sport teams, and more build out their avatar wears for the metaverse. KEY DRIVERS FOR METVERSE WIDESPREAD ADOPTION Life Re-Imagined Virtually The Metaverse is a digital representation and extension of our physical world, thoughts, and imagination. It is how we visualize data, communicate, and interact digitally. There are levels of immersion when it comes to how we visualize the world. In Web 1.0, we had the technology to mainly communicate and interact through text and pictures, it was a 1-dimensional web. With technological advancements, Web 2.0 added video, easy content creation and social interaction, it was a 2-dimensional web. Now with advances in crypto, graphics and more, we are ushering in Web 3.0 adding more immersion with VR, AR and making the Metaverse 3 dimensional. The Metaverse is the next iteration of the web and comes with the opportunity for all of us to create and write the rules of engagement. As the world moves towards spending more time in the virtual world, your digital identity is the key to unlocking value, wealth and more in the next media evolution. Hallmarks of Web 3.0 is decentralization, ownership, value creation and transfer and inclusivity. 1. Utility — Creation and transfer of value with inclusive compelling content, experiences, and apps 2. Ease of Use — Accessibility to experiences without friction 3. Real World Connectivity — Duality of digital identities and real-world value 4. Safety — Ability to transact free of dishonesty, bias, and harassment UTILITY The CEEK utility token is built around well-defined custom features to support long term sustainability of the CEEK Metaverse for creators, developers, and consumers.CEEK Metaverse empowers creators to monetize content and unique experiences in virtual worlds. While many projects depend on hype, with no real basis for utility, demand, revenue or long-term sustainability and success; CEEK offers turnkey, streamlined metaverse capabilities, building real opportunities for the entire ecosystem to plug and play. Traditional platforms today typically generate revenue and derive value from creators with little to no compensation. CEEK was created to make content distribution and monetization in virtual worlds simple, fair and transparent no matter where you are in the world. The CEEK token makes content usage and tracking transparent for rights owners as well offer automatic payment via smart contracts. CEEK is doing exactly what the blockchain ecosystem needs to have the mainstream utilization it asserts will be created. CEEK VR teamed with Microsoft to offer content usage tracking on the blockchain along with automatic payments of rights owners via CEEK’s streaming token template. We plan to enable Metaverse for enterprise through Microsoft Marketplace. CEEK’s set of tools, SDK/APIs and infrastructure were created to sync across platforms and seamlessly enable utilization. CEEK SDKs are essential for key metaverse development, usage and processing tasks, such as asynchronous time warp, lens distortion correction, and stereoscopic rendering, power, thermal, and processing management in various hardware setups. CEEK will open SDKs to streamline and accelerate these key processing tasks for application developers. Additionally, CEEK will include an SDK with multi-language support, wallets and payment gateways that allow developers to customize their metaverse environments for multi-player functions, music, entertainment, gaming experiences and more. Interoperability and ability to easily create, share and transfer value across various virtual worlds is key to the growth and sustainability of the Metaverse. CEEK is currently ingesting 10+ feed types of varying content formats, sources, and sizes including content updates, rights changes, geographic entitlements, pricing management and more across multiple platforms and supporting various chains and others in the ecosystem.CEEK distributes various formats and experiences across multiple platforms CEEK has been awarded six patents covering the range of metaverse technologies including spatialized audio, environmental geometry, material data, and physics. This is all related to our content ingestion and distribution engine which provides an integrated content platform connecting multiple VR channels (Mobile VR, PCVR, Console VR, Desktop, and Web VR equipment such as Quest, HTC Vive, etc.). Our patents ensure that others do not copy and prevent the ecosystem from freely accessing critical marketplace solutions that CEEK will open to the ecosystem. EASE OF USE Many competitors are focusing on building niche games for a small subsect of users. Since launch, CEEK has focused on driving mainstream adoption through social networking, entertainment, media, and education. We have focused on building infrastructure, resources, and tools for anyone even without developer experience to quickly build, create and monetize experiences in the CEEK Metaverse. By reducing the complexities of building for and accessing the Metaverse we increase the speed of adoption so anyone with the talent, passion and desire can play, work and live in the Metaverse. Turning your content into virtual reality should be as simple as uploading your video to YouTube and sharing it with the world. CEEK Wallets are easy to use and tailored for mass adoption, we’ve completed integrations with various mobile operators, easy sign in with Facebook, Apple ID, and others. Most consumers are reluctant to use crypto because there are too many hurdles to jump over to get to the cash register. By making the experiences accessible via a simple wallet and various platforms, CEEK addresses the frustration of having to sift through various dapps and websites just to access a metaverse. CEEK serves as an on-ramp to the VR Metaverse, creating long term value for VR device makers who can shortcut their sales process by marketing to our users and vice versa. Without cross-platform interoperability and standards, multiple SDK/APIs must be supported to transfer assets across different worlds. The result is high development costs and confused users, thereby limiting market growth. CEEK makes VR content accessible and easy for partners, content creators, developers, and end users. CEEK Metaverse Explorer The ability for Ceekers to spatially explore their world provides a real-world frame of reference that facilitates easy organic discovery, interaction and seamless integration for advertising partners that are non-intrusive.Spatial Discovery in the CEEK Metaverse REAL WORLD CONNECTIVITY Bringing real life experiences into the metaverse is at the core of the CEEK metaverse. CEEK has always been about offering users experiences they can enjoy every day; from music to educational content, sports, and documentaries — fully immersed in the middle of the action and always with the best seat in the house. CEEK worlds are as close to real as possible, yet magical; to be enjoyed virtually. Metaverse residents will need content and experiences of mass appeal beyond games. CEEK ROLES Ceekers are the heartbeat of the CEEK ecosystem and will play many roles in Ceek City. By enabling CEEK land Ceekers can enjoy exciting premium experiences and possibilities. Ceek inserts users in a fully immersive VR world from start to finish, including organic integration of branded experiences and signage with environment, which can be targeted and activated by user interest. Developers increase earning possibilities by creating exciting goods and services for a preexisting loyal fanbase. Developers are the backbone of our ecosystem creating a wide range of applications driving a robust metaverse economy. Our goal at CEEK is to equip developers for the CEEK ecosystem with the tools SDK/API needed to build and monetize as fast as possible. Why reinvent the wheel, when you can simply re-position it? CEEK is teaming with one of the premier universities to educate and grow future metaverse builders and entrepreneurs Creators — Attracting top quality content, events, and experiences, along with easy spatial discovery in 3D Worlds will be key to user and revenue growth and offering creators opportunities for unlimited earnings. We believe every creator should be empowered with the tools and opportunity to scale and monetization in the metaverse. Content creators can offer shows, virtual concerts, AMAs, workshops, conferences, product launches and other events tailored to the interests of their fans, all hosted in different venues. Collaborating and leveraging partners and creators with existing audiences is vital to attracting and holding the interest of users. Music is the starting point for CEEK. Music is a gateway to Metaverse adoption and utility. Of the earth’s 7.8 billion inhabitants, you will be very hard pressed to find many people who hate all forms of music. Music is the universal love that we all share. With the land sale, we look forward to seeing the additional doors in sports, education and many other areas opened to the inhabitants of the CEEK Metaverse. Curators & Scouts — Curators are paid CEEK Tokens to find and submit a wide range of high-quality artists, talent, content, and experiences for CEEK city. Curators can build artist demand lists for live show approval, playlists for lounges and immersive educational courses and much more. Partners — CEEK boasts a growing ecosystem of world-class partners who are using the CEEK Platform to scale existing content in virtual reality as well distribute original experiences. CEEK’s solution for entertainment partners is to create new revenue streams to replace declining, traditional revenue sources. Partners enable audience amplification, global reach and extension. Governors & Vice Governors — Officials elected by landowners to govern their land, cities etc. Governors can apply to join the Blockchain Congress, add or remove voting members, issue executive orders, and have veto powers over the activities on their land. Revenue Streams 1. Virtual Event Tickets & Subscriptions 2. NFT Marketplace (Land Sale, Virtual Merch, Properties) 3. Transaction Fees 4. Brand Sponsorships 5. Physical products & CollectablesOrganic Brand Sponsorships and Integration in CEEK Metaverse Social Features Humans are creatures of community and enjoy the shared energy of watching their favorite teams, band, or conference together. The CEEK application enables many real-time social functions such as text chat, social mode and soon voice chat and scheduling to join others in activities in the CEEK Metaverse.Social events in CEEK Metaverse simulate the communal experience of being at a real event Realistic Synchronous communication with other users, allows people to enjoy experiences together from the ends of the world. You may look at each other during the event. Such features serve to simulate the experience of attending live events with friends. EXPLORE, SHARE AND LIVE THE MOMENT WITH FRIENDS. CONCERTS, MOVIES, SPORTING EVENTS AND MUCH MORE. SAFE ENVIRONMENT A quality metaverse experience starts with the ability for users to transact free of dishonesty, bias, and harassment. CEEK will use best efforts and measures to minimize bad actors within the CEEK Metaverse. CEEK will offer verification through an optional KYC process for landowners, marketplace sellers and the community. Users can join events publicly, limit access to friends only or remain completely private. CEEK user accounts are mapped to CEEK Metaverse directly to enable accessibility of user NFT’s while in-world, across partner platforms and allow rare perks in real time. VR Analytics CEEK’s backend analytics will provide deep insights, interaction time, heat maps and other visual telemetry on how users are interacting with our environments and media views for payments tracking, improved content discovery and organic non-intrusive advertising integration. The dashboard will also provide aggregated transaction and user reports across multiple platforms and VR devices.CEEK VR Heatmap Advertiser Insight CEEK is rapidly becoming a “trusted voice” providing a streamlined content monetization solution for the biggest names in music, sports, and entertainment.As the industry leader, CEEK has been covered by numerous publications The CEEK Metaverse is very well positioned to leverage the network effect of the superstars, partners, and influencers already on board and the many to come. Using the combined fanbase to accelerate user growth to millions and ultimately billions. We’re ecstatic for the future of the metaverse and the opportunity to build with together in CEEK LAND. Sign up now and be first to know when land sale starts. LET’S BUILD TOGETHER! Register at and be first to know This post is strictly informational, subject to change and updates and should not be construed as solicitation, guarantee or commitment by CEEK, any affiliates, any team members, any companies, or persons mentioned above. Should anyone choose to take any action, it is that person’s full responsibility to inform themselves of and comply with, all applicable laws and regulations.

Ceek Vr 2022 Roadmap

CEEK VIRTUAL REALITY Thank you Ceekers for your ongoing support. We continue to make great strides. Last year was one of our best years yet. This year will be a critical transitional growth year for CEEK. Building on the current success and momentum, we continue to invest the necessary resources, secure and maintain vital partnerships, all the while continuing to build and provide the unmatched products and breakthrough content our Ceekers expect and demand from the platform. It seems that the whole world has gone META!!! Morgan Stanley estimates that the Metaverse is an $8TRILLION addressable market. Metaverse an US$8 trillion addressable market, says Morgan Stanley CEEK is hyper focused on the CEEK Metaverse and is well positioned to expand engagement with consumers, creators, and brands. CEEK’s streaming platform already enables music artists and other creators to connect with fans in virtual worlds through virtual events, NFTs and other unique experiences. The CEEK Metaverse can be accessed via VR headsets like Oculus, HTC Vive and our own CEEK mobile VR headset and on CEEK features the biggest names in music including Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley and Demi Lovato. Highlights from 2021 include Ellen Show, Stephen Marley and Harmonize virtual concert. CEEK is a virtual community (Metaverse) where users can play, learn, and live together in shared digital spaces. CEEK utilizes an integrated approach to connect consumers, creators, and brands in one-of-a kind virtual experiences.$CEEK is the in-world utility token for the CEEK Metaverse Our growth strategy focuses on creating a cohesive approach that optimize and amplify various components of the CEEK platform, user experience and revenue opportunities. PARTNERSHIPS The goal of the various partnerships is increasing mainstream use and adoption of the $CEEK Token with a mission of becoming the defacto token for digital stream usage verification and global payments. We continue to engage retail stores for CEEK products, strategic partners and trusted exchanges that can enable access to our in-app utility token $CEEK. CEEK is currently partnered with Meta Oculus, Apple and Microsoft. Partnerships enable CEEK to accelerate user growth with well-established audiences. MEGA RELEASESCEEK Creator dashboard will empower artists with more tools to generate income from their fans and artistry. CEEK enables global superstars, iconic sports teams, and influential content creators to connect with their fans through virtual concerts, NFTs and other interactive experiences in virtual worlds.This year is no different, we have some of the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment coming to their CEEK Metaverse homes, Arenas and more. The CEEK Creator Dashboard, will further empower creators with the tools needed to easily and quickly build, distribute and monetize their artistry in digital worlds. INTEGRATIONS Partner integrations allow CEEK to easily automate and connect to millions of customers globally with trusted brands. CEEK has already integrated several mobile money solutions that enable users from anywhere the ability to access CEEK solutions at any time. We continue integration to grow our users as well ensure accessibility no matter your device or geography. BSC INTEGRATION The purpose of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) integration across the CEEK VR Metaverse is to reduce transaction costs particularly for micropayments for streaming content usage and tracking, artist payments and enable setting of custom packages for videos, live streams, channels and subscriptions. See more details here Prior to this integration, each $CEEK transaction required Eth gas price/transaction fees. For example, a $9.99 purchase would require a minimum of 148 gwei / $9.16–20/05/21) which didn’t make sense for the user to pay $9.16 on top of a $9.99 purchase. This is not a trivial task, it is a major investment in money, time and resources that impacts every aspect of the CEEK application from registration to livestreamed events to workshops and Avatar commerce. ENABLING USERS When users register on or the CEEK App, a BSC wallet is automatically assigned to his/her account. User can transfer CEEK to their account or purchase $CEEK for transactions. Alternately users can connect via Metamask or Trust wallet etc. PAYING ARTISTS Realtime and batched payment of artists via $CEEK is more efficient and cost effective with the BSC integration. System checks the number of views/streams the artist has accrued on its platform and pay the artist accordingly via smart contracts.CEEK Creator Dashboard NFT MARKETPLACE Batched payment of artists via $CEEK is more efficient and cost effective with the BSC integration. System checks the number of views/streams the artist has accrued on its platform and pay the artist accordingly via smart contracts. LAND SALECEEK Land Lots NFTs CEEK will be offering virtual land in CEEK City so that Ceekers can build, own, monetize and express themselves in a variety of ways. CEEK land parcels are NFTs that help verify ownership of the lots in the virtual world. Lot data is contained in the NFT block, which connects each NFT to a particular lot. CEEK non-fungible tokens (NFT) are ERC-721 standard with advanced Marketplace allowing for using NFT in context of the “CEEK Marketplace” with payment using CEEK token as well. Several token NFT functions will be realized in scope of the marketplace map component · Lot status and value monitoring, · Lot purchase, transaction process, · Lot monitoring through back-end mechanisms · Lot offering, special color selection and highlighting states · Lot sales · Lot reservation, for a specified period, the lot will be reserved due to the time needed to complete the purchase transaction BUILDING IN CEEK CITYBuilding in CEEK City Tools will be provided to enable renting, building and populating CEEK lots with amazing experiences that help increase the value of the lot. With virtual land poised to play a significant role in the Metaverse, we are excited to see what we will build together in the upcoming years. CEEK META OCULUS 3.0 The virtual reality and augmented reality markets are expected to grow to nearly $600 billion by 2025, according to industry research. The Consumer Technology Association predicts that more than 100 million Americans will become first-time VR users in 2022. Virtual Reality headset usage continues to grow with Meta Oculus leading the way. Facebook is now Meta. They are investing $10 BILLION in the Metaverse. It is without question that Meta’s commitment to the Metaverse had accelerated the growth of our industry. We have a complete overhaul of the CEEK application for Oculus Quest, Rift and Go this year. Our goal is to remain lockstep with Meta in ushering in Web 3.0 AVATAR STORECEEK Avatar store will be accessible through CEEK VR App and Avatars in the CEEK Metaverse are living 3D representations of Ceekers. It is your digital twin and extension of your real persona. CEEK enables the creation and customization of Avatars with a simple upload of an image. The avatar store is where you can buy fashions designed by different creators or from the retailers you already love and wear, buy art, accessories, cars, meta jets, meta yachts and any and everything you can imagine. Ceekers will have the opportunity to earn by building and designing for the Avatar store. FASHION IN THE METAVERSE The world has entered a new paradigm! Fashion is one example of an entire industry reinventing itself in the Metaverse. Overproduction, pollution and waste are out and sustainability is the trend dujour with Meta fashions. In the Metaverse, designers are shifting focus to creativity with technology. VENUE STAKINGCEEK Venues www.ceekvr The CEEK Metaverse is a collection of several venues, lots and experiences. This is where friends meet for concerts, workshops, discussions, dating, networking and more. Through land ownership and staking, Ceekers will be able to earn rewards by staking and maintaining venues within CEEK. Venues range from Arena, Sports centers to celebrity mansions and retail shops. Ceekers also get exclusive access to content, experiences and much more through Venue Staking. VIRTUAL CURRENCIES IN THE METAVERSE$CEEK is the in world coin for the CEEK Metaverse. More on Like the physical world, virtual currencies are the in-world payment systems for the Metaverse. These are used for making payments and transfers for NFTs, virtual real estate, avatar shoes, digital merchandise, and others. And each Metaverse has its set of coins. Virtual currencies serve as a link between the physical and virtual worlds. CEEK’s in-world currency is the CEEK utility token for ease of payment, efficient and seamless functioning in the CEEK Metaverse. $CEEK also offers transparency and usage tracking with an immutable digital ledger on the blockchain. With these, one can track rare digital assets. However, without these, a Metaverse will be dangled and dazed. LIVE MULTI-STREAMING The Metaverse will forge connections between content creators and their audiences in a whole new way. This offers significant opportunities for collaboration, networking, and impactful interactions. Through our Metaverse multi-streaming offerings users will have the ability to interact in many new ways. ENTERPRISE EVENTSCEEK VR Enterprise Events to offer VR Conferences and collaboration tools for enterprise The global virtual events market was valued at $94.04 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.7% from 2021 to 2028. The increased need for virtual training, collaboration and communication across various industries is a major driver for this market. CEEK’s aim is to offer VR Conferences and collaboration tools for enterprise through Microsoft Marketplace. While CEEK’s focus has been on paid entertainment virtual events; with the release of the creator dashboard in 2022, our aim is to work with Microsoft to offer enterprise clients the ability to create, host and monetize events directly on the CEEK platform. Benefits of VR events include removing physical venue and geographical constraints, allowing for greater revenue generation.Ziggy Marley Bob Marley Tribute Concert by CEEK attracted 9.4 Million Viewers in 24 hours CITIES, COMMUNITIES & VR CLUBHOUSES The ApeSwap Jungleverse is an example of one of the communities, where Ceekers can earn rewards, stake, farm, burn tokens and even participate in airdrops.VR Clubhouse — Access onCEEK VR APP A major US City is also building their city in the CEEK Metaverse. This city is home to a massive arena, motorsports and amazing tourist destinations that can be virtually experienced in the Metaverse. CEEK is quickly becoming a VR hangout for many. It’s a safe space for discussions using avatars, a retreat for others for a wellness and mindfulness break, and much more than what we anticipated when we launched the initial entertainment Metaverse.We look forward to continuing enabling people to enjoy and use CEEK in ways yet to be imagined. RECENTLY LAUNCHED · Channel and Artist Subscriptions · New UI for iOS and Android · Custom Code for iOS. Apple recently ceased support for various libraries, and CEEK has created custom code to continue VR support for Apple iOS features. · MTN Momo Pay · Paystack Integration Paystack was recently acquired by Stripe for $300M, opening key Stripe features globally. IN PROGRESS · All CEEK Payments and Transactions with BEP 20 $CEEK · CEEK Native Player · Live Multi-streaming · Direct Messages · Avatar Voice Chat · Artist Dashboard · Airtel Integration · Updated CEEK VR 4D Headphones for improved fit, lightweight and even better performance. MARKET TRENDSMetaverse Market is estimated to be worth $8TRILLION · Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion in the development of metaverse platforms’ · Microsoft — CEEK Founder Mary Spio Wants to Make Virtual Reality Universally Accessible · Facebook is now Meta LOOKING AHEAD CEEK is creating mainstream utility for the Metaverse by offering an easy to use, well integrated application that is accessible via a variety of ways and partners. Our vision is to offer a truly immersive parallel world for entertainment, education, and everyday experiences. Ushering in Web 3.0 interconnected virtual worlds and visualization of ways in which we play, learn and live. CEEK currently has access to the biggest names in music, major award shows, sports teams, creators, devs and brands ready to offer unique experiences and opportunities for the community to own, earn rewards, while enjoying truly unique experiences. We understand the tremendous magnitude of the undertaking. We are excited by the great progress and even more excited by the opportunities ahead. We know it will not be overnight, but we are prepared to continue the commitment to the long road ahead. Thank you for your understanding, patience and for coming along in making CEEK — THE NEW REALITY!!!Visit for more

Ceek Roadmap

VISION FOR A NEW REALITYThe Road to Billions — www.ceek.ioThank you Ceekers for this period of growth. We are deeply grateful for the continued support from our phenomenal community. What a journey it’s been to the top of the charts! We are the #1 virtual reality token and the #7 Metaverse token. CEEK has been extremely busy securing the world’s top music artists, sports leagues, crypto communities and industry partners, developing photorealistic avatars, venues, CEEK city, unique and exclusive events, experiences and creating rare, immersive NFTs for Ceekers. Welcome to the CEEK Metaverse CEEK is a fully immersive virtual community where users can play, learn and live together in shared social spaces, participating in everything from test driving cars to buying homes and attending concerts and sports games. The CEEK metaverse connects creators to their communities in shared virtual worlds and spaces. Using the CEEK token, community members and creators alike can earn rewards through unique experiences, NFTs, live events and much more. The CEEK Metaverse goes beyond entertainment, it encompasses opportunities to learn and play in all ways and forms.Learn more at CEEK is the utility token used throughout the network for transactions and interactions. It will be used across the network by creators, developers, and partners for the community-based platform of rewards and an ecosystem for sharing truly rare and unique NFTs, events, and experiences. CEEK is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. We are in the process of transitioning to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). See bridge here — Our aim is to ensure all CEEK marketplaces use smart contracts for all transactions. This open marketplace for creators and developers will allow for faster, efficient and secure payments. CEEK currently has over 200 Music Artists, Crypto communities, Major Award Shows, Sports Teams, Retailers and more ready to offer unique experiences and opportunities for the community to own, earn rewards, while enjoying truly unique experiences. CEEK is creating mainstream utility for the Metaverse and crypto by offering an easy to use, well integrated application that is accessible via a variety of ways and partners. Our vision is to offer a truly immersive parallel world for entertainment, education, and everyday experiences. Ushering in Web 3.0 interconnected virtual worlds and visualization of ways in which we play, learn and live. We are in essence building the VIRTUAL WEB for and with our partners; a series of interconnected applications that will ultimately create the Meteverse. The next steps in our journey to bring billions of people together is to complete features and milestones that will drive continued growth and value for $CEEK. ROADMAP Phase 1 — Payments Integration We are undergoing a complete overhaul of the CEEK mobile app and network to make it super easy for Ceekers to access and use CEEK no matter their device or geography. We’ll have many incentives for spending CEEK versus other forms of payment. Users will be able to buy from exchanges as well directly from all CEEK platforms. o BSC Integration — We are working on fully integrating several forms of payment including Binance Smart Chain (BSC) into our payment platform. See — Why CEEK is Moving to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) o Tier 1 Exchange Listing — CEEK is an opportunity for millions of people to have their first crypto experience, we are in discussions with top exchanges to make the process easy and seamless. o ETH Support — We will continue to offer support for Eth particularly in the NFT marketplace. o Mobile Payments — CEEK is a global platform with varying revenue streams to empower creators, developers, and brands in generating fair value for their work. An essential aspect of that is the CEEK token and integration with various mobile money platforms. o App Store Payments — Supporting all app store payments in securing CEEK for use on the platform. o Multi-Platform Support (Ongoing) — Multiple access points and formats including 2D, 360 VR, True 3D and interactive Virtual Reality o CEEK Wallet — Ability to connect to CEEK Metaverse using Metamask, Trust wallet etc and also send and receive CEEK directly. o CEEK City, Venues and Land NFTs — Personal galleries, storage and display of collectibles. Venue ownership, exchanges, staking, earn rewards and more. o Additional Partner Coins o Multi-Network Support (Ongoing)Phase 2 — A Creator Enabled EcosystemCEEK Creator Dashboard CEEK Creator Dashboard CEEK is building a toolset and guides for content creators to easily build, deliver and monetize unique experiences, virtual worlds, and rare digital merch (NFTs) — no matter where they are in the world. This aims to attract partners with tremendous communities. Partners can engage in richer experiences with their communities and Ceekers will have access to bigger and better experiences hanging out with their favorite music, sports or movie stars, visiting VIP areas, exclusive NFT drops and more. We believe the Creator Dashboard will serve as an excellent form of marketing. CEEK has already secured hundreds of music artists, sports leagues and major crypto communities to make CEEK their home in the virtual web. Hosted Events (Multi-Stream Engine) Enable music artists, DJs, Tech Talks, Award Shows, Fashion Shows, Crypto Summits, and brands to host live events and rich experiences for our highly active and enthusiastic community with game changing blockchain integration which offers event hosts transparency, faster payments and greater financial control. The CEEK Multi-Stream Engine has intuitive tools for scheduling events in various venues, cities, and worlds. Users create and distribute their event once, and CEEK makes it available to all supported devices and partners. Creators can earn more and faster payouts by creating events, owning and maintaining venues. These venues range from amphitheaters to futuristic spacestations and intimate settings for small group of friends to hang out. NFT Marketplace Web-based application that allows creators to upload, publish, and sell their creations as BEP 20 or ERC 20. Collections can be stored and displayed in their Metaverse spaces. CEEK Avatar Marketplace CEEK photorealistic avatars are virtual extension of Ceeker physical identities, and the avatar marketplace will allow offer rare and unique asses (NFTs) to customizecharacters. Phase 3 — Continued Global Expansion Our goal is to be on 100 million devices in short order and billions of devices thereafter. To that end we have partnered with leading headset makers, and building for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. CEEK for Enterprise o Microsoft — CEEK has been working with Microsoft on developing CEEK for enterprise applications. See announcement here from Microsoft CEO on some of the work we have been doing. o Brands — Retail brands are looking to engage their customers for shopping for clothes, jewelry and more through virtual twin stores. This will bring an influx of millions of everyday users of the CEEK network. Transaction fees will be charged for all transactions Phase 4 — Dynamic Social Experiences Equipping our current VR clubhouses, hangout spaces with voice chat and real-time multi-user interaction. Exclusive events and experiences, live social hangouts, chill space, and VR clubhouses where CEEK token holders can socialize, chat and interact with friends and their favorite stars in real time. We are also investing in development of AI language translations of the CEEK Metaverse to further engage our global communities. Phase 5 — Open Framework Provide a developer hub and SDK for open-source development of Metaverse experiences, worlds and more.CEEK Developer Hub CEEK’s platform is built on a proven scalable infrastructure and decade-long track record of stellar content creation and distribution for Microsoft XBOX, Facebook, Tribune News Company (parent of LA Times), Toyota, Clear Channel and over 200 radio stations. Analytics — CEEK’s backend analytics will provide deep insights, interaction time, heat maps and other visual telemetry on how users are interacting with environments and media views for auto reporting and other label services. Aggregated transactions across multiple platforms will be available through the CEEK block explorer. Future Milestones · VR Space Academy · CEEK Studios · Blockchain Metaverse Alliance Metaverse Market Overview We are excited by the recent developments such as Facebook now becoming Meta, Microsoft’s foray into the Metaverse and Byte Dance(Tik Tok) acquisition of Pico VR to enter the Metaverse. The global Metaverse market size is expected to grow to $829B by 2028. Today there are over 660M people with metaverse accounts, and CEEK is very well positioned to offer these account holders events and experiences well beyond entertainment. CEEK AN ECOSYTEM ENABLER Through our easy-to-use mobile app and products, CEEK serves as an industry partner and the on-ramp to the virtual world, driving growth and creating long term value for our partners who can shortcut their sales process by marketing to our users. Through our enterprise application we are offering media conglomerates and other content creators the opportunity to get into the VR marketplace and create high premium VR content through smart contracts which require CEEK coins WHY CEEK WILL CONTINUE TO LEAD THE WAY FOR THE METAVERSE Accessible — For the Metaverse to be successful, it must be easily accessible — that means on all devices, with and without a VR headset. CEEK’s Mission is to make the Metaverse universally accessible and useful for everyday use no matter where you are in the world. Interoperable — Creation of premium 360 VRAR Content is a difficult, expensive and multivariable challenge requiring both creative and technical expertise. The VR marketplace is highly fragmented, further compounding the problem. CEEK makes it possible for creators to build once and distribute to multiple virtual worlds without the need to invest millions or time and expertise building and maintaining multiple apps for different devices. Access and discovery of VR content is very challenging for consumers. Downloading multiple sizable apps is frustrating and impractical. With CEEK users can have the same experience, even interact with others no matter the device. CEEK is creating the Blockchain Metaverse Alliance which is a group of leading blockchain projects focused on metaverse with the intention of bringing blockchain integration to mainstream offerings, such as gaming, movies, music, and more. Think of it as a group of really good, vetted projects that are aligning to bring something great to the masses via the metaverse. Scalable — For widespread adoption of the Metaverse, users will need content to be inclusive and mass appeal. CEEK is about helping our users enjoy more of what they love by creating a world that is as close to real as possible, yet magical; to be enjoyed virtually. Today VR content availability is far and in between. By carefully creating original content, porting over compelling content, curating, and offering exciting content CEEK addresses the frustration of having to sift through various apps and websites to find VR Content. The CEEK world will be fully reactive, using AI and machine learning to automatically detect the video’s content to reflect elements in the environment. If it’s raining in the video, it will rain in the environment. We will also enable geo-spatial detection such as proper time of day. Sustainable — For the metaverse to be sustainable, it must offer motivation for everyday use. CEEK is well positioned to offer visually delightful social experiences in and out of the Metaverse. VR adds sensory engagement to the musical experiences. Music historically drives new platform use because of its universal appeal and frequent often daily use. CEEK aims to offer inclusive content that is owned and directed by the community along with social spaces that can be enjoyed every day Social — CEEK virtual venues create the communal experience of socializing and networking. They are destinations to meet with friends and be in the same shared space with new ones. Adding voice chat will enable more natural everyday interaction. To Infinity and beyond… Today, more and more people are looking for ways to permanently bring their virtual worlds into their real lives. CEEK is researching light field projection, so that in the not-so-distant future, your cryptokittie, can leap out of your wallet and acually walk around your Our long-term growth path is predicated on you our valued community, with that in mind, every step is aimed at reaching new audiences, creating new revenue streams and experiences to delight you. Imagine, we are just getting started. There’s a lot more in store to drive awareness and excitement of all things CEEK. We can’t wait to share, stay connected on our socials.

Why Cryptocurrency is the Future of Humanity

Today it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of bitcoin or NFTs, we are headed into a virtual future that is irrefutable.Visit for more on CEEK blockchain based streaming platform Cryptocurrency has two sides in popular culture. On one side there is the traditional financial system which has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo for the greater global economy. On the other side is an entirely new technological approach that doesn’t just stand to revolutionize finance, but to move human civilization forward in a new and exciting manner. Cryptocurrencies aren’t just the future of finance; they hold the key to unlocking an even greater human potential not yet realized.The Kardashev Scale In 1964, Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev created a system for tracking the advancement of civilizations. His scale was focused on energy usage and consumption to measure the progress of human civilization. The Kardashev Scale boils down to three main categories: ● Type I — Uses and stores all energy available on the planet (also known as planetary civilization) ● Type II — Uses and controls energy of the planetary system (also known as stellar civilization) ● Type III — Uses and stores energy on par with the entire galaxy (also known as galactic civilization) In short, the Kardashev scale measures how efficient a civilization is at harnessing the energy available to it. Currently, human civilization hasn’t even yet reached the Type I level as explained by Kardashev, as we are unable to utilize all of the energy on planet Earth to our benefit. Being able to harness more of the energy on our planet will cause human civilization to advance on the Kardashev scale.The question now is, how can we harness more resources to our benefit and where does cryptocurrency fit in all of this? While some like to claim that cryptocurrencies are bad for the environment and wasting energy, according to the Kardashev Scale, it is cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks that are leading to a more advanced human civilization. The good news is there are new advances in blockchain technology that enable environmentally sustainable networks which consume a fraction of what current networks take to mine.Technological advancements always have their opponents, but in the end we all agree that technology moves our civilization forward. Take the internet as a great example. Originally there were multiple internets on which users communicated and sent messages. However, it wasn’t until the internet became a universal highway of information and communication that it really took off as the most revolutionary technology of our time. Just like the internet is a universal information hub, it is believed that through universal mediums of exchange that money will be the next technological advancement to move us higher on the Kardashev Scale. The internet does not work efficiently with current monetary systems, and instead, will greatly benefit from the integration of cryptocurrencies as the economic layer of the web. We are in a highly digitized world, and a digital world needs a digital currency to be highly effective. Blockchain networks that underpin cryptocurrencies, when put into perspective, are more cost-effective and transparent than traditional systems.Serving the financially disenfranchised If the goal of Kardashev was to advance all of humanity, it must be acknowledged that the current financial system only benefits selected individuals and countries. Billions of people around the globe don’t have access to the financial tools and resources they need daily. Imagine how much more of the world we can open once payment systems are seamless globally? We integrated the CEEK token into our global streaming platform for virtual events and experiences, to solve for the lack of universal payments systems around the globe. The CEEK token reduces the need to integrate thousands of complicated payment systems needed in countries where PayPal, credit cards and banking are not easily accessible. You’d be surprised to learn that Ukraine for example doesn’t have PayPal. PayPal is also not available in various countries in Africa. Most of these places require mobile payment integration from a variety of mobile carriers. The issue with that is the number of API’s that must be integrated into an App, as well the issue that arise since many of the mobile carriers do not maintain their APIs. All these factors limit content creators and businesses from tapping into many of the global opportunities that the digital world has to offer. Cryptocurrencies have come to level the playing field and allow underserved populations the same financial access as the rest of the world. Cryptocurrency company Luno has already reached 7 million users, with most of them in Africa with Nigeria consistently has reaching millions in crypto trading volumes per week. Venezuela has the third-highest cryptocurrency usage in the world, even as its local economy continues to face challenges. El Salvador, a country that has up until this point used US dollars as its local currency, recently implemented Bitcoin as a form of legal tender. Cryptocurrency is creating opportunities for many underserved communities, which benefits human civilization.See for more infoOur role in the future of finance At CEEK, we truly believe in the power of digital currencies to change the world. I previously mentioned how there are billions of people around the world who are currently underserved financially by the current traditional systems. This is no different in the world of content. There are amazing entertainers, educators and other content creators living in many parts of the world with stellar content to provide but without the CEEK integrations mentioned above, they cannot monetize their content without jumping through a ton of hurdles. Traditional platforms like YouTube are unable to serve these global markets well since YouTube artist compensation is dependent on advertisers in the artist local country. This is one of the reasons why many global artists are poorly compensated for their work if at all. The use of CEEK ensures that content creators, can directly generate revenue from their audiences, regardless of their geography. How CEEK is using crypto is a simple example of what a universal payment system can do for progress in one industry — live streaming and virtual reality. There are many other uses of crypto currencies that are here today and in the works to democratize accessing the global power of our digital world, all while moving our human civilization forward at the same time.Visit for more

Why Facebook Wants to be like CEEK VR Metaverse

CEEK VR Metaverse — Mark Zuckerberg Just Announced He Wants to be a Metaverse Company like CEEK VR. Here’s why am excited!!! Back in 2015 I proposed the idea of the Metaverse to Facebook and entered the Oculus Mobile challenge. CEEK | Oculus' Mobile VR Jam 2015 It took Facebook a while, but they’ve gradually implemented features such as venues, avatars, social VR etc Mark Zuckerberg just stated that Facebook “WILL EFFECTIVELY TRANSITION FROM PEOPLE SEEING US AS PRIMARILY BEING A SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANY TO BEING A METAVERSE COMPANY”I’m excited about this because a rising tide raises all ships. Once Facebook brings billions into the Metaverse, there’ll be more people to experience CEEK both on Oculus and on our proprietary devices. For years I’ve been talking about the VR Metaverse being Web 3.0 — the 3D web! Where you can meet others in a virtual world from the comfort of your home. Thankfully, I haven’t just been talking, we’ve been building it :D The Metaverse is the evolution of the internet from Web 1.0 to 2.0 to now Web 3.0 — the participatory web, where I can walk into your virtual home, office or shop thanks to the power of VRAR. CEEK makes accessing the Metaverse possible on all devices including Smart TV, mobile, tablets, #vrheadsets and more. Excited for our continued worlds on Oculus VR and Facebook Oculus for being one of CEEK’s earliest backers. Here are a few articles on CEEK’s Metaverse on the blockchain CEEK Primer Weaving Blockchain Technology Into VR To Create An Entertainment Metaverse

CEEK BEP20 vs. ERC20

Your Questions After announcing our move to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we have received many questions as to how this move affects CEEK token holders, the differences between the CEEK BEP20 token and the previous ERC20 token, and other related questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions to help our supporters, gain a better understanding of this change to the CEEK ecosystem. As always, if you have more questions, please let us know! Why should I convert my tokens to BEP20? As we discussed in a previous post, the move to the Binance Smart Chain was born out of a desire to decrease transaction fees for our users and artists, while also ensuring transactions are processed quickly. CEEK BEP20 tokens will function identically to their ERC20 predecessors. The only change to you, the end user, is how much cheaper and faster transactions will become when you make the switch.www.ceek.ioWill BEP20 tokens display in my CEEK wallet BEP20 tokens will display in the same wallet you currently have. Your ERC20 tokens and transaction history will continue to be visible in your CEEK wallet as well. The two will be differentiated based on the network you select while connecting or accessing your wallet.Where can I sell my CEEK BEP20 tokens? Your BEP20 tokens can be sold on any exchange with support for the token. We are currently in the process of exploring exchange listings for our token and will update you when new exchange listings are available. You can also sell CEEK BEP20 tokens on any decentralized exchange that supports Binance Smart Chain tokens. This includes PancakeSwap, AnySwap, or any other decentralized exchange with support for BEP20 tokens.www.ceek.comIf I transfer from ERC20 to BEP20, can I transfer back? Yes, the bridge between the CEEK ERC20 and BEP20 token goes both ways. Meaning, you can move your tokens between both standards at any time, and as often as you’d like. However, keep in mind that the conversion process does come with a transaction fee.Why would I not want to transfer my tokens? For token holders that are likely to sell their CEEK tokens in the near future, using the bridge to convert to BEP20 might not be the best choice. That’s because to transfer between tokens you will have to pay a transaction fee. So, instead of paying the fee to transfer and then paying another fee to sell your tokens, it could be more advantageous to keep the CEEK ERC20 tokens in your wallet until you are ready to sell. Please note that this very much depends on transaction fees across both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, as well as any applicable fees you might pay when selling CEEK tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange.When will ERC20 tokens be phased out? Over time, CEEK will phase out ERC20 tokens so as to create a standard across the platform. However, we will give the community ample time to convert, spend, or sell their current ERC20 tokens and have no plans to start this process anytime soon. We will be sure to update the community when plans to phase out the CEEK ERC20 token become more clear.How will this affect Masternodes? CEEK masternode holders can still claim their rewards through Metamask. They will receive BEP20 tokens. All staked and reward tokens will be CEEK BEP20 tokens.When will the CEEK ERC20/BEP20 bridge go live? The two-way bridge between CEEK ERC20 and CEEK BEP20 to seamlessly transfer your tokens is n development now and will be live shortly. As soon as it’s completed, we will make an announcement via all social channels as well CEEK Bridge coming soon!!!It’s a new day for CEEK We are preparing for the next evolution of immersive and interactive content streaming and the impending mainstream migration to the metaverse. Our move to the Binance Smart Chain and conversion to the BEP20 token represents a more efficient and cost-effective way to provide the same high-quality experiences to you, the user. We understand that it might be a bit unnerving to transfer tokens with confidence, but we believe, moving to the new CEEK BEP20 token will benefit the entire CEEK

Why CEEK is Moving to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for more info We’ve worked tirelessly at CEEK to provide users with an incredible metaverse experience by partnering with amazing artists and creators. While we’ve been happy with how CEEK has operated on the Ethereum blockchain to-date, it’s clear we need a change. This year, as a way to lower user costs and transaction fees, CEEK will be migrating to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As such, we will be converting all CEEK ERC20 tokens to BEP20 tokens (more on that in the upcoming weeks). CEEK views a partnership with Binance as the next step in the evolution of providing the best virtual and streaming experiences.A Look at Fees When comparing fees between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, it’s a no-brainer. BSC provides a blockchain network that is more efficient, and less costly than Ethereum, making it easier for CEEK to scale our metaverse in ways we cannot yet even imagine. Let’s directly compare the transaction fees for both Ethereum and BSC to see exactly the difference between the two. At the time of this writing, the average cost of a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain is about $10.14, with an ERC20 token transfer costing $31.38. Looking at the Binance Smart Chain we can see how transaction fees are greatly reduced on this network. On BSC, the average transaction cost is 7.457 gwei, which, depending on the transaction size, is $0.01 or lower. In fact, as you can see in the chart, the transaction fees for BSC have been steadily declining over time.Who Benefits? It might be obvious that low fees are important when transacting on the blockchain, but this is even more amplified when it comes to CEEK. The CEEK platform runs smart contracts to pay artists directly based on the number of viewers that attend an event on the CEEK platform, as well as users who will purchase NFTs as part of their metaverse experience.Artists Smart contracts are a verified, transparent, and timely method of paying artists and content creators based on fan engagement, which is an important feature of the CEEK platform. Instead of waiting months for payment, artists are paid on regular intervals; be it daily, weekly or other based on the number of fans that purchase their content. High transaction fees would cut into the profitability of artists, thereby reducing their earnings. Let’s see how: Imagine if 100 artists are to be paid for fans streaming their content on the CEEK platform in one day. This means, there are 100 smart contracts that trigger payment to be released to each artist based on the number of fans that have consumed their content. Based on our previous calculations, the Ethereum blockchain would charge $1,014 daily (100 artists x $10.14 average transaction fee x 1 day) for these transactions and $30, 843 monthly extending to over $308 million monthly for 1 million artists. Alternatively, Binance Smart Chain would require a total cost of $1 (100 artists x $0.01 average transaction fee) daily and $30 monthly and $304k for the same number of transactions. This cost savings is enormous, not only for CEEK, but also for all the artists involved on the platform. You can see how this multiplies exponentially as users and artists increase. The other benefit is instant liquidity to artists. Artists will easily be able to sell their BSC-based CEEK tokens for other cryptocurrencies, or, convert into fiat for withdrawal.Users One upside is that we are able to transact in Realtime without delays when users make purchases. In addition, the cost savings doesn’t stop at artists. Consumers on the CEEK platform also stand to benefit from BSC’s lower fee structure. Ticket purchases, eventually NFTs will be a huge aspect of the CEEK metaverse. Users can purchase tickets to VIP events, new skins, accessories, virtual or even physical goods on CEEK. These are minted and secured through the blockchain, which requires smart contracts to be executed when they are bought and sold. Imagine trying to purchase a new skin for your CEEK avatar at a cost of $0.99, but the transaction cost to purchase the skin is $10 or $30. The transaction fee would cost more than the NFT itself! This is completely unsustainable. Fortunately, by using BSC, transaction fees are reduced to a negligible amount, making it easy for users to make purchases without having to deal with high gas fees along the way.CEEK + Binance = A New Mega-Metaverse The decision to switch blockchain network is never easy, and we thought long and hard about how this change would affect CEEK and our end users. After careful consideration, it’s clear that going from an ERC20 token to a BEP20 token is about speed, scalability, and improved network capability for our utility, and the Binance Smart Chain provides the best network for us to grow in user adoption without experiencing network congestion or increased transaction fees. We are currently working on completing the process of transferring to Binance Smart Chain. To help our token holders, we are building an easy-to-use interface where CEEK ERC20 tokens can easily be transferred to CEEK BSC tokens. Masternodes — CEEK masternodes are now on BSC. All masternode-related tokens are converted to CEEK BEP20 tokens and can be retieved via Retrieving Tokens 1) Install Metamask 2) Configure BSC as here: 3) Import old wallet via phrase, private key or by connecting Trezor/Ledger 4) Choose BSC Network 5) Use metamask for accessing Voting, Artist and Payment integrations and bridge UI will be available soon. We will continue to update you as these progress and give you ample information on how to manage this process in future posts. Thanks for your continued interest and support.


Retail Giant H&M Debunks Rumor of Store Opening in Metaverse, Collaborat...

    Major fashion company H&M has denied the rumor that it is opening a store in the metaverse. According to false reports, customers could walk through the store and purchase products in the Ceek metaverse. H&M Denies Metaverse Rumor and Collaboration With Ceek Several major publications reported Monday that retail clothing giant H&M has opened a 3D store in the metaverse, including the Economic Times and Mashable India. H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a major fashion and design company with 53 online markets and stores in 75 markets worldwide. One of the largest clothing brands in the world, H&M has 4,856 stores globally as of Sept. 30, 2021. Its largest markets are Germany, the U.S., the U.K., France, Sweden, Russia, Italy, and the Netherlands. However, the company has denied the reports that it is opening a store in the metaverse. When News inquired about the news, a spokesperson for H&M clarified: We'd like to confirm that H&M is not opening a store in Metaverse at this time. According to the false reports, the company said that customers will be able to walk through the store, choose the products they want, and purchase them in the Ceek City universe. Payments must be made with ceek tokens (CEEK). Ceek virtual reality environments are governed by smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), its website details. In addition, the false reports also claim that customers will be able to order clothes seen in the H&M metaverse store from its physical stores later. Th... read More

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