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CEEK Price:
$2.2 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$15.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #CEEK today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest CEEK price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.057, and the exact current price of one CEEK crypto coin is $0.05710.

The all-time high CEEK coin price was $1.21.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of CEEK with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for CEEK crypto currency is also #CEEK.

CEEK is 5.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for CEEK is $15,452,308.

CEEK is ranked #599, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #CEEK.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for CEEK is $2,245,844.


The circulating supply of CEEK is 270,635,598 coins, which is 27% of the total coin supply.


CEEK is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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CEEK Metaverse: Significant Developments and Exciting Opportunities Ahead

Revolutionizing the Future of Entertainment, Social Networking and Virtual Asset Ownership📢 CEEK is listed on the @Binance #NFT Marketplace. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we finalize integration! Follow us here 👉🏽 We are thrilled about the most recent updates to the CEEK Metaverse, exciting capabilities and fun new ways to boost CEEK token utility. CEEK has an ambitious user growth goal which we are confident can be achieved through innovative token utility for our Ceekers, creators and partners. We are proud of the significant milestones, exciting partnerships, and innovative features to enhance overall user experience and CEEK token utility. Our continued focus on true ownership of digital assets underpins CEEK’s relentless commitment to providing creators with new avenues for monetization. CEEK is redefining ownership in virtual worlds and transforming the virtual economy by empowering people to monetize their real life experiences, skills, and creativity virtually thereby creating new economic opportunities. CEEK continues to open new economic opportunities and inclusion for creators in regions with limited access to traditional financial systems. We continue to reshape the way people play, learn and engage with each other and unlock new possibilities for creators and Ceekers alike. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been building to create strong demand for CEEK’s solutions and tech...

CEEK Metaverse NFTs

More than just digital collectibles. Own a piece of the Metaverse The CEEK Metaverse NFT collection empowers holders with abilities, VIP access and potential value growth. These rare and exclusive NFT’s offer real utility, such as boosting speed to collect rewards faster, access to exclusive celebrity virtual worlds, venues, fun P2E games, and real-world experiences. Gain advantage as you defeat opponents in the battle for $CEEK by unlocking amazing rewards in the world around with your CEEK Metaverse NFTs. CEEK has also joined forces with global superstars, iconic brands, and venues to offer epic experiences and unique opportunities to earn exclusive rewards. We believe Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the future of the creator economy. NFTs will be used for more than just digital collectibles. We are excited about how CEEK Metaverse NFTs could transform real-world applications. Owning these amazing NFTs not only give you a piece of metaverse history, but also the unique opportunity to offer these rare NFT gems to other players who will need these limited items as the metaverse grows.

Charting the Course for Mainstream Adoption of Web3

Highlights and Updates on CEEK Metaverse Expansion and GrowthCEEKLAND Battle Royal arena — Visit and for updates. Despite a challenging market, CEEK has remained committed to innovation, forging new partnerships, and staying optimistic about charting the course for mainstream adoption and utility of the Metaverse. Welcome to Q2 Ceekers!!! Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights and what’s on the horizon for Ceekers in the coming months. In Q1, CEEK generated a level of engagement and interest that was second only to tokens backed by Elon Musk. We are thrilled to see the community’s enthusiasm for our platform, and we’re confident that this is only the beginning. Moving forward, we anticipate even more growth in engagement, community involvement, and rewards for Ceekers. Impact Awards — We have completed a partnership agreement with Playing for Change Foundation (PFCF) which will include ongoing engagement and the highly prestigious Impact Awards. As part of this collaboration, we’ll also be offering exclusive NFT releases in the CEEK Metaverse featuring global superstars. These NFTs will provide VIP access to venues and events, giving millions of fans the chance to engage with our platform like never before. Meta — We’re proud to maintain a close partnership with Meta and are actively collaborating on projects under development. While we can’t discuss t...

Fueling the Metaverse: How CEEK’s Innovative Token Utility Model is Powering the Future — Driving Demand and Growth in the CEEK Metaverse - As the Metaverse continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a well-developed, in-world economy is essential in powering virtual worlds. Like traditional economies, crypto-based economies require their own currencies, supply and demand dynamics, and roles within the ecosystem that work together to enhance the economy’s overall performance and foster sustainability. The CEEK Metaverse is no exception, where the CEEK token plays a pivotal role as the primary in-world utility token that drives demand and fuels economic growth. To put it simply, token utility is one of the most critical factors that determines the success of a crypto-based economy. CEEK’s innovative approach to token utility drives the diverse and thriving ecosystem. The CEEK token’s value is tied to the goods and services it enables in the CEEK Metaverse, such as the purchase of virtual tickets to events, access to immersive experiences, land ownership, usage tracking, entitlements, access and much more. By leveraging the CEEK token as the primary in-world utility token, the team has been successful in driving demand for the token.The CEEK Utility Token Powers the CEEK Metaverse CEEK was created as an industry standard to make content distribution and monetization fair, transparent and equitable for creators no matter where they are in the world. Many Web2 platforms pla...

What is the Metaverse and Why You Should Care?

Experience the Next Evolution of the Internet Now: A Revolutionary Network of Virtual Spaces with Endless In the future, we’ll all be living in a virtual world that is as real as our physical world. This idea is called the Metaverse — and it’s happening right now! You should care about the Metaverse because it will impact all areas of your life, career, health, and more. The impact of the Metaverse will create amazing opportunities and we are all able to help define and build what it will ultimately become.The Metaverse is going to be overlaid on top of our physical world. The Metaverse is the next evolution of the Internet, enabling users to create their own virtual worlds and interact with other people from around the globe in real time. It’s like the Internet, except instead of browsing websites or messaging your friends on Facebook, you can enter an immersive world where everything exists as part of a single universe. You can walk down the street and visit buildings, meet friends at a virtual bar, attend concerts by your favorite artists — even watch movies together! The Metaverse allows people to interact and experience their everyday lives in computer generated virtual environments. People often use the term ‘Metaverse’ to refer to the interconnected network of virtual worlds known as Virtual Reality or 3D web. However, the Metaverse isn’t limited to Virtual Reality worl...

CEEK 2022 Highlights and What’s Ahead for 2023

New Partnerships, Strengthened Relationships, and a Bright Future Ahead for the Leading Celebrity Metaverse Builder Despite the industry-wide challenges of 2022, CEEK was able to build the world’s largest Metaverse community, secure new partnerships, and fortify existing ones. The CEEK teams have been hard at work collaborating with major players such as Meta, Microsoft, Draper University, World Music Awards and Miami Gardens (the host of FIFA 2026) to lay the foundation for future developments in the Metaverse and engage with global superstars, brands and creators. — Reflecting on the Highlights and Significant Achievements of 2022 - CEEK is the leading celebrity Metaverse builder, trusted by global superstars such as Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Ziggy Marley, and 3x NBA Champion Dwyane Wade to connect with their fans. With a community of over 7 million users worldwide and a focus on using the CEEK utility token to verify content usage and digital asset ownership on the blockchain through smart contracts, CEEK has established itself as a leader in the Metaverse. CEEK was the first to offer fully immersive Metaverse experiences with spatial exploration, even presenting the concept to Facebook (now Meta) before the Metaverse craze and has built a strong infrastructure that it believes will continue to be a cornerstone of the entertainment Metaverse for years to come. Last year, CEEK made significant progress to set itself up ...

Ceek Community Update

Thank you to all the Ceekers who were part of Phase 1 of the CEEK land sale! We are grateful to everyone who has participated so far. We are excited about building a new reality alongside the CEEK community. To optimize the process for future releases and keep the community informed, we have provided development updates and answers to the community’s frequently asked questions and feedback here. What is the CEEK land sale?CEEK land is ONLY available at The CEEK platform empowers creators with the tools needed to connect their digital worlds to the real-world economy. CEEK is the in-world utility token used to own, build, and monetize in Web3 and virtual worlds. The land sale is an important addition to the CEEK ecosystem in that it enables landowners to own, build or buy land and venues to create games and experiences or host events and creators in the CEEK Metaverse. Lands can be considered the App stores of Web3, which enable easy access and tools for building in various Metaverses. Land, once bought, will still need to be developed — the upcoming CEEK NFT Asset Marketplace will enable low-code and no-code opportunities to quickly build out lands.Metaverse land represents the next generation of App stores — Paul Barron Land ownership and venues are a crucial part of the CEEK ecosystem and economy; it enables CEEK to scale and the community to participate and be rewarded. Creators, advertisers,...

CEEK Land User manual

ONLY BUY LAND FROM BUY LAND FROM Welcome to the CEEK Land User Guide. Below is information to make the CEEK land buying journey easy. Login The main screen of an application. First thing is to login. You can Sign up and it will also take us to the site.ONLY BUY LAND FROM Main application screenONLY BUY LAND FROM Basic navigation To navigate on the map you can use minimap and the buttons on the edges of the map also.ONLY BUY LAND FROM Connect Metamask (optional) ℹ️ Connect to metamask is optional. All features will work with inbuild CEEK Wallet. First step is download the metamask by clicking on the button in the Navigation bar. After that Metamask page opens automatically and you can install Metamask in your browser.You can also download Metamask directly from Now you need to install and set up Metamask. Process is explained in the metamask instruction here After Metamask installation and set up. You need to click Connect button on the Navigation Bar. And after few more acceptance in metamask app — the CEEK and Metamask will be connected on this device.4. Buying Buying with Ceek is simple. You can do it after create an account and adding funds to your CEEK Wallet or basicly by selecting connected Metamask Wallet. Buying by Metamask requires additional acceptance...

Ceek Landowner Guide

CEEKLAND — Let’s Build TogetherCEEK LAND GUIDE CEEK is an all-inclusive Metaverse in which creators can own, build, and monetize their experiences in virtual worlds using CEEK, the in-world utility token for the CEEK METAVERSE. The CEEK community is always looking for new, engaging, and immersive content to explore in the Metaverse. The CEEK team hopes to see rapid growth as you — the community — create, host, and develop the events and experiences you want to see. Independent (or group) landowners will be able to create unique experiences alongside our partners, superstars and influencers and their fandom as we all define the Metaverse together. CEEK Metaverse already allows users to access content and experiences at and the CEEK VR App from the likes of Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi with future content coming from artists including Future, Kodak Black and J Balvin and more superstars.See more superstars already hosting content and live events here SALE DETAILS Phase 1 of the CEEKLAND Sale starts on July15, 2022 at 14:00 UTC. Prospective landowners may create CEEK accounts at ahead of the sale for seamless login during the land sale. * The land sale will be accessed from using the login information. CEEKERS can use MetaMask or their CEEK Wallet for purchases initially, with additional wallets to be a...

Welcome To Ceek Land

Let’s Build TogetherRegister at and be first to know In the past few years, CEEK has become one of the leading metaverse platforms used by many. We are very proud of the progress to date, and equally grateful for the 6.5 M+ Ceeker community that we’ve amassed to date. CEEK is a metaverse where creators can own, build and monetize their work in virtual worlds through shows, events, concerts, NFTs and other unique experiences. The CEEK Metaverse already features content and experiences from the likes of Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi with more content coming from the likes of Future, Kodak Black and J Balvin.CEEK Metaverse features experiences from the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment With the land sale, we are opening the CEEK Metaverse to creators, developers and ceekers to own, build and monetize their experiences leveraging what CEEK has accomplished to date. We can’t wait to see what you will create by enabling access to CEEK’s core utility and resources needed for distribution across multiple worlds, devices and apps. The possibilities are truly limitless. The CEEK community is always looking for new and engaging content and experiences, so we expect to see rapid growth as you the community create, host and develop the events and experiences you want to see, alongside our partners, superstars and influencers for their fandom as we all build toge...


Tim Draper's Draper University Teams Up With CEEK to Launch Virtual Hack...

    [PRESS RELEASE - LOS ANGELES, CA, 20th October 2022] Leading VR developer CEEK has unveiled a partnership with Draper University, founded by renowned bitcoin investor Tim Draper. The two organizations have joined forces to create The House of CEEK, the world’s virtual reality hacker house. The CEEK house will be used to accelerate the development of the CEEK Metaverse, with Draper University graduates vying to create destinations within the virtual realm. A prize pot of $160K in cash, tokens, and virtual land has been established to incentivize participation. Tim Draper said: “The Metaverse has the ability to completely change entertainment and education as we know it. At Draper University we are incredibly excited to partner with CEEK to both support their growth, with a first-of-its-kind VR Builder Hacker House and to launch our virtual campus, adding a new dimension to entrepreneurial education.” CEEK CEO Mary Spio added: “We are excited to partner with Draper University for the ability to tap into their network and expertise in accelerating blockchain ecosystems. The novelty of creating a hacker house style program for builders on campus with a truly vibrant cohort just made sense. In addition to building entertainment properties in the metaverse, we are excited about how learning experiences will take shape.” Set to run starting from October 17, the CEEK Virtual Hacker House will attract some of the best emerging talents in the VR and AR dev... read More

Retail Giant H&M Debunks Rumor of Store Opening in Metaverse, Collaborat...

    Major fashion company H&M has denied the rumor that it is opening a store in the metaverse. According to false reports, customers could walk through the store and purchase products in the Ceek metaverse. H&M Denies Metaverse Rumor and Collaboration With Ceek Several major publications reported Monday that retail clothing giant H&M has opened a 3D store in the metaverse, including the Economic Times and Mashable India. H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a major fashion and design company with 53 online markets and stores in 75 markets worldwide. One of the largest clothing brands in the world, H&M has 4,856 stores globally as of Sept. 30, 2021. Its largest markets are Germany, the U.S., the U.K., France, Sweden, Russia, Italy, and the Netherlands. However, the company has denied the reports that it is opening a store in the metaverse. When News inquired about the news, a spokesperson for H&M clarified: We'd like to confirm that H&M is not opening a store in Metaverse at this time. According to the false reports, the company said that customers will be able to walk through the store, choose the products they want, and purchase them in the Ceek City universe. Payments must be made with ceek tokens (CEEK). Ceek virtual reality environments are governed by smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), its website details. In addition, the false reports also claim that customers will be able to order clothes seen in the H&M metaverse store from its physical stores later. Th... read More

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